Bade Acche Laggte Hai


Bade Acche Laggte Hai
Bade Acche Laggte Hai

BALH:Written Update 02 April 2012

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                  Bade Acche Lagte Hain
                                     written update 02 April 2012

Episode begins with Sid & Aysha walking into Sharma House where Sudhir, Ships & Karthik are sitting glumly.Sid tries to take leave refusing Aysha's offer of coffee.Nutz walks in then glaring at Sid & is walking past the Sharmas without even acknowledging them.Karthick turns on her & begins yelling demanding to know what's with her latest nautanki.He says he is a middle class guy who expects a bit of peace & quiet at home after getting back from work. (As if the rich & the very poor have no use for  them.ha!) Nutz replies she too is trying to adopt that MC lifestyle.Sid who was slinking away now decides to stay back & watch the KN tamasha.He asks for some water of Aysha & she gets it for him.He then intervenes in the fight but Nutz asks him to back off.Karthick jumps to his Bro in Law's defense saying he is the guest of Sharma's & hence must be accorded due respect.Sid takes Nutz to a corner & warns her under his breath with his Cat grin intact that she should stay in her place & not interfere in his plans.Nutz walks off from there.Sid then apologises for his sister's rude behaviour with folded hands & also takes leave of them & ends the Good Boy charade with a "paon chuna" of the Sharma couple.Dead

Viks at his office with Harry.Neha keeps calling but he does not take her calls.Harry says it might be important so Viks goes out & begins yelling at Neha for disturbing him.ConfusedShe is a bit shocked & stammers the reason for calling but Viks keeps his rant on.He tells her he'll be home soon & cuts the call.Harry notices the tiff & ticks off Viks for his behaviour.She asks him to go home & pick up some flowers & chocolates by way of apology to his wife.Viks grins like a fool & accepts his boss's suggestion.He leaves saying his wife might punish him by dumping the morning chores related to the kids on him so he might be a bit late.Harry permits him a late arrival to office with a smile.Ermm

Ram sits glumly on his side of the bed & Priya walks out of the shower stiffly.She never glances at Ram even once & goes straight to bed & turns her back on him.Ram calls her but she stiffly interrupts him saying its okay,Mr Kapoor.I understand that I should have spoken to my sister first which I am going to immediately in the morning.Ram is sad at Priya's rebuff.He walks out of the room with his shoulder's hunched. Ouch (What a far cry this new Priya is from my "head firmly screwed on her shoulders" Priya of the olden days.Miss ya,Sweetheart!Cry)

The evil trio celebrating the victory with Mama heaping praises on his sister.Sid drops the tidbit about Nutz-Karthik spat.Botoxed Monkey (Thanks,MarisWinkLOL) is super pleased.She mouths some lines with words like Priya, aukaat, middle class etc etc...She says PriAm relation's foundation was Nutz-karthik relation which is crumbling.So they can very well expect PriAm to fall soon too.AngryDead

Ram standing forlornly alone somewhere in KM.Sid notices him & quickly morphs into Ram's chota bhaiyya Laxman.He asks him why is there at this time.He apologises for not replying to his earlier summons saying his mom had him out on an errand.Ram then begins his interrogation about the khichdi that is cooking between him & Aysha.Sid skillfully puts all the blame on Aysha that she is the one out to get him & he was merely being there for a friend in need.For a perfect act he admits to revealing Nutz name to Aysha as the mastermind behind the malfunction.He also admits to getting her shoots, interviews & meetings.Ram asks him if there is a hidden agenda behind all this favour.He reminds Sid firmly that Aysha is from a decent family besides being Priya's sister.That makes her a family too.He warns Sid against anything wrong against her.Sid skillfully uses this to make his case.He says that is exactly what he is doing too.Aysha was publicly humiliated by one of their own so he took it upon himself to set things right by her as is the duty of a family.He then drags Priya saying she is inkowingly or deliberately trying to tarnish his name.Ram is beginning to be convinced by Sid & says so.Sid once again fills Ram's ears against Priya.Ram assures him that he knows now Sid is right & he will speak to Priya if need be.Ram says he is proud of his little brother.Ouch (It was a perfect class act by Sid.Golu is not to be blamed for falling hook, line,sinker for all that glib talk.The arguments presented by Sid would convince anyone not aware of his true colours)

Viks brings flowers & chocolates for Neha.She after some initial nakhras makes up with her hubby.She asks if Ram suggested the gifts & Viks has the grace to blush.He admits "Harry" suggested it.neha is very impressed & heaps praises on his boss. (You'll be heaping something else on her once you know the gender of "Harry"D'oh)

Early morning at KM.Ram wakes up to find his wife's side of the bed empty.He calls out to her.Priya hears him & turns but is all ready for work & walks downstairs without stopping.OuchDadi accosts her & asks her why is she leaving so early & where is Ram.Priya lies that she has some early classes & that her Golu puttar is still sleeping.Dadi insists she eat something but she refuses.Dadi then begs her to have a bit of juice but Priya firmly asks her to understand that she isn't feeling well & doesnt want to eat.She promises to eat something at the class.Ram comes out then & Priya gives him a tight look & leaves.leaves.Niharika watching all this happily.

(Priya's attitude amazes me no end.She is angry that Ram didn't fall in line with her wishes to straighten out his brother? In my opinion she was very wrong to summon him that way to complain about his brother without first admonishing the other equally guilty party,Aysha.In the broader picture Ram will be proven wrong &  will grovel for forgiveness but as of this time he had a point when he ticked her off.Ram loves her to death but she should understand Sid is Ram's bachcha just like Aysha is hers & was present long before she came into his life.I was hoping she'd realise she had jumped the gun & we will have a lovely PriAm moment.But making Ram feel like its all his fault was so off putting!Ouch)

Aysha on the phone with Sid thanking him profusely for all that he has done.Nutz hears this & smirks.She thinks I am done trying to save you.You want to be ruined by Sid, be my guest.LOL

Priya comes to Sharma House & greets everyone.Nutz & Karthik are leaving for work.Priya & Karthik banter for a while & then Karthick asks Nutz if she is ready.Nutz goes out the door rudely pushing off her hubby's hand which he was trying to put on her.SleepySudhir sees this & is disturbed.

Priya takes Aysha to her room to have a heart to heart & Sudhir nods to himself.Priya then interrogates her about currying favour with Sid.Aysha says he is just a friend & he is helping coz he is a good person.Priya asks her what sort of a person will rat out his own sister.Nutz herself thinks Sid stinks.Hearing Nutz name Aysha goes ballistics.There is a long scene between the sisters each putting forth arguments like I am your sister, I mean well & Its my life, its my choice etc etc.I loved the line where Aysha says so what even if Sid is out for her with an agenda? Zyada se zyada kya ho jayega? LOLLOLLOLExactly my point,Baby! She wails why is her own family making her life hell? She wants freedom to make choices, to make mistakes, to fall & to get up again.The argument escalates with Beauty Queen finally showing her old colours.She accuses Priya of being jealous of her success & she ends it with a very cruel,"If I become famous,do not expect anything from me." Priya is shell shocked & is in tears.She gives a final piece of advice of always following her heart & leaves there very heart broken.Episode ends on Aysha's angry but determined face.

(Was it worth it,Priya Sweetie? You should stop trying to become your sister's chastity belt at the expense of hurting the man who loves you the most..She is right when she says she knows what's right for herYour sister is as rotten as your villian devar & not worth putting Golu through the grinder)
Precap:Ram calls Priya as she is leaving her class but she does not take it.Ram is sad that Priya does not want to talk to him.OuchCry

Seeds of dissension sowed between PriAm & Priya leaving no stone unturned to nurture it.Hope better sense prevails & the couple come out of it unscathed.

Please do comment.Would love to hear your thoughts.

See ya next week.


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thanks 4 the update Smile

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res Tongue 2ndEmbarrassedEmbarrassed will come tomorrow and commentBig smile
edited: uh oh i came and reserved my spot but seem to be the last to update commentsConfusedOuch...chal koi nahiLOL will serve u something totally differentWink Mrs.D, Maris, Avi and everyone else that is on Mr.Kapoor's sideLOLLOLLOL what's with the patronizing Golu and crucifying PippuOuch.  Sure she made a mistake of not talking to her sis first but when she had damning evidence through Nutz and Neha, I guess she had no option but call Ram. Notice, she did not summon Sid directly and give him a dress down, but true to her word* she confided her fears to her hubby and expected justice to prevail.  (*she had warned Sid that next time she would tell his bro if he crossed his limits). Now what does Golu do on his part, fall for his mom's glib talkDead, called ayesha and just hearing that she was the one who invited Sid outConfused removed his assuring hand from Pippu's shoulderAngry I think there, that very moment Pips felt let downBroken Heart he pushed the button further saying she needed to talk to her sis more than he needed to what was thatDead.
"The Ram Kapoor" has forgotten what a sleazebagDead of a broAngry he has, the slime ball who framed his best friend of theftShocked, the rogue who never missed an opportunity to swindle himAngry and the bum that would lay any girl he set his eye onPinch . I don't blame Pippu for reacting like that cos he did not assure her that he would talk to both of them and resolve the issue nor did she overhear him advising Sid, (that duty of "Door keeping"LOLLOL in the KM belongs solely to the sis-bro duoSleepy). All she expected was a lil support from her golu instead she was rebuffed by him and also had to bear the taunt of her MIL.Angry i guess that is why she decided to heed to his advice and talk to her sis first but Ayesha being who she is showed her true colours and now Pippu is the one left totally distraughtCryCryCry so please don't be so hard on herOuch she will not hold any gurdges against golu for this am sureEmbarrassed and will in her own way make him understand...after all he is a MANDead men need to see things to believeWacko...hope he does not need to see a CC TV recording of Sid scrCensoredg AyeshaShocked to realise what his lil bro is uptoROFL yeh koi stolen necklace nahin haiD'ohbhai...aur voh kya tha...telling his bro to continue to help AyeshaSilly...bhool gaya uske saare khaandAngry
Zuby all said and done I agree with you on Pips trying to be her sisters chastity beltROFLROFL Oh God only U can come up with something like thatLOLLOLLOL i fell off my chair sweetheartEmbarrassed anyways seems like Aysha does not need a belt of any kind as of nowWink. Am loving Nutz these daysApprove as u rightly said loved her "Be my guest" wala expressionThumbs Up at Aysha's stupidityLOLLOL.
Karthick D'oh  when nutz was wrong he supported her and when she is right he lectures her on his MC values and asks for peaceDead ...again MENWacko...and yes if one more time the CVs use MC (middle class) i am going to SCREAAAMLOLLOLLOL on looker for most of his lifeDisapprove having granted the mantle of "nattamai" to his eldest daughter Big smile now left with being ruled by all the women in his life Shocked he has only himself to blame...hmm MENLOLLOL
so there u go Mrs.DEmbarrassed have given my take on Pippu's behaviour, hope it made senseConfusedLOL. Love ya and thanks for the hilarious update.Tongue
haaye another long comment...sowwie hope people don't mistake it for the WULOL

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Great Update Zuby! Clap thanks!
And She's just giving him silent treatment... Its always better to keep ur mouth shut when u r hurt!

And I feel, this will bring a very very cute make up scene for us! Embarrassed

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Zuby yaar your every single word is just what i am feeling right now.thanks alot for writing it down in the best way.
why to Dard EK DIL for an unworthy person like ayesha?why is priya putting herself at stake for a person who's dying to gain an experience by losing her 'self'.just chill priya ram doesn't know ayesha.she may be your sis but he trusts you and only you not some 'in law' that too when the accused is his should leave your zid and talk with never punishes or wants to hurt priya just go to him.he is your destiny and his love is the essence of your life.

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Thanks for the update...Smile

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Her silence is killing me and am totally off more than ram not even a smirk was shown.its troubling priya just come back to our beloved priya the sherni.

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Thanks for the update.
I am hating Ayesha for talking rudely to priya. she thinks she is some sort of beauty queen but soon her ego will break.
Ram and Priya not talking. Priya showing attitude. Trio are celebrating. But soon Ram will manaofying spree for priya.

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