Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon


Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon
Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon

OS: "Not Bad for a Raizada"

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[Banner made by my beauty Anj<3 ^]

Hey Guys! Embarrassed
So I wrote this this morning from 7am on my ipod Tongue So I have NO IDEA how it is but I got this idea Anyway I hope you like it! xx Sorry for any mistakes!
This OS is dedicated to my Ektuu DI<3 She's been there supporting me through everything I love you Di! Heart

Love x
Saffy x
~"Not Bad For A Raizada"~
It's a new day at RM, the sunshine spilling through Arnav&Khushis room. Khushi is up and coming out of the shower, Arnav snuck in earlier because he has a special party with his clients first thing and so is just adjusting his waist coast and suit jacket infront of the mirror.

Khushi walked out gently wearing a dark red sari matched with red&gold bangles. Her hair is loose, her fringe out, she looks beautiful.

Arnav catches a glimpse of his wife in the mirror and almost dies, she took his breath away in a split second. The way the sari fit her just right, that too in red...her hair..those eyes...he thought to himself losing control.

Khushi stopped half way towards the mirror to catch her own breath, he was standing there, white shirt slightly tighter than usual outlining his muscles. And if his eyes weren't intoxicating enough. Khushi thought to herself.

They both tried to snap themselves out of it but couldn't help it.

"Areyy Khushiji..." Anjali said stopping realising the intense eyelock going on right now. She giggled awkwardly.

Upon hearing Anjali's voice they both lost attention and looked at her embarassed.

"ji Di?" Khushi said walking up to Anjali meanwhile Arnav turned back to the mirror giving his reflection an approving nod.

"You look beautiful Khushiji! What's the special occasion..your on early...and you wore red..Chotey's favourite colour. " Anjali giggle teasing a now cherry-red Khushi.

Arnav turned around swiftly upon hearing his name and couldn't help but sneak glances at Khushi.

"'s just Arnavji has a party going on at the office so..." Khushi said shyly.

"Chotey consider yourself lucky to have khushi as the woman on your arm, she'll take their breath careful!" she said turning to her brother, giggling and winking at him.

Anjali left leaving the beautiful couple alone.

Arnav turned to Khushi and offered his arm "Shall we?" Khushi accepted carefully threading her delicate arm through his and they made their way downstairs.

Suddenly everyone had their eyes on the couple, they looked stunning. Arnav looked handsome in his fitting white shirt and suit and the person catching most attention was the woman holding onto his arm. If the fact that they had come down holding onto each other wasn't enough.

She could feel his intense gaze upon her, if she hadn't been holding onto him she could have sworn she would have fallen down the steps.

She looked at Arnav who slowly guided the way down the stairs, both still lost in each other. Khushi now had both her arms holding Arnav's muscly one. When they reached he bottom of the stairs it took Anjali to interrupt them once more.

"Chotey! I know Khushiji looks beautiful and you can't take your eyes of her but how are you supposed to go to a party when you won't even be talking to anyone." Anjali laughed.

"Enough Di." he said turning to face his sister, there was no harshness in his voice but he couldn't help but feel embarassed.

Everyone stood their stunned still in awe of the couple, the best reaction was Shyam who was glaring at them, disgusted.

Arnav caught him from the corner of his eye and grinned, victorious.

Khushi hadn't taken his eyes of of him at all she couldn't help it. She felt the heat swelling through her body, she tightened a grip on Arnav's arm.

Arnav felt the change and smirked to himself, he directed his head towards the door to signal they were going.
Khushi nodded still looking at him unable to notice anything around her.

" haven't eaten breakfast.." Anjali said stopping them.

"Di we will be late, we can get something later." Arnav said used to his Di's morning worries.
Khushi looked at Anjali now and added: "Haan Di, don't worry main hoon na? I'll make sure he eats later." khushi smiled at Anjali.

It was Arnav's turn to get a chance to watch his beautiful wife, he stood their watching the way her hair moved when she talked, the way she looked in this sari, they way her eyes invited him, the way it was her hand holding onto HIS arm. Today he forgot every accusation, every moment of hate they had shared and focused on her, just her.

Payal walked up to Arnav and said; " Make sure she eats later please Arnavji, or else she'll become weak & faint like last time"

Khushi looked at her sister laughing nervously "Your such a drama queen jiji!" She could feel his glare on her now and she wanted to run away.

"Khushi, what does Payal mean last time? Why didn't you tell me Khushi?!" He said angrily.

Payal along with the rest of the family watched this scene awkwardly, she hadn't know Khushi wouldn't have told Arnav.

"Nahi..Arnavji...Wo..." Khushi said trying to find the words.

"Khushi..." He said in annoyance.

"Arnavji the truth is everyone was going to tell you, I said I would but didn't because I didn't want to worry you of make you have to come home because you had a deal to finalise." Khushi said calmly.

Everyone "aweee-d" at that moment.

Without realising he was actually saying everything he felt rather than the "act" he supposedly had to put on, he realised that was the day they fought, she hadn't eaten because she was so upset after the had fought. His stomach twisted inside, he felt sick. he said to Khushi; "Khushi damn the stupid deal, your health comes first. And anyway I'm allowed to worry I'm your husband."

Khushi was shocked at what was coming out of his mouth, she thought he was acting at first but then she heard it, the realness, the edge in his voice.

Meanwhile Shyam was fuming, he wanted to walk out but he refused to leave them be.

The whole Raizada family was stunned. Was this the Arnav who only made time for work, time for his laptop and office? The only ounce of love they ever saw was between him and his sister but never for anyone else.

Khushi couldn't help but look up at him with loving eyes, she was touched.

Everyone else had started to make their way to the table to eat breakfast. To Khushi's shock Arnav changed course and walked towards the table.

Arnav unwillingly untangled her arm from his and made her sit down. "EAT." he said firmly.

The whole family was Watching them again, they were too cute. Anjali was so happy that her brother loved Khushi so much, that he cared the way he cared for her.

Khushi stood up surprising everyone, "If I have to then you do too." Arnav rolled his eyes and sat down next to her with a smirk on his face.

Anjali laughed happily "Nice work Khushiji" she said winking at her. Khushi laughed lightly and ate quickly yet still delicately. Anjali watched Arnav who was gazing at Khushi's infinite beauty.

"Khushi are you done?" Arnav asked looking at his watch.
Khushi nodded quietly. "Let's go." he offered his hand to her this time, she accepted and she intwined her hands with his.

The family looked at them as they were perfection.

They walked towards the car, leaving Shyam brewing with hatred.

~At The Office~

At the entrance Arnav put Khushi's hand in his only looking at her. Khushi was shocked but didn't decline, she held onto it like her life support, she was nervous enough as it was.

Everyone at the entrance was grinning at the sight...Mr&Mrs Raizada.

They walked through the doors carefully and with him leading the way they made an huge entrance, cameras flashed at the couple, a huge chatter started up.

Khushi squeezed Arnav's hand nervously, he stroked hers trying to comfort her making her blush. The chatter was hushed by an announcement "Welcome to the party everyone, the party is in celebration of the deal between AR & our company being finalised. I want to welcome Mr Arnav Singh Raizada & the beautiful Mrs Khushi Kumari Gupta Singh Raizada!"  Everyone clapped, Khushi lowered her head feeling nervous and slightly shy.
People came to meet the couple and greeted Arnav with "I'm impressed" looks but the girls who greeted they did this with looks of "Your damn lucky" and the  occasional girl would give her a genuine smile.  The men on the other hand most of them looked at Khushi with lust& Arnav picked up on this. Khushi squeezed his hand almost worriedly, Arnav hated the way other men looked at his wife.

~ 1 Hour Later~

Khushi & Arnav were sat at the side, still holding hands. Khushi  needed him more than anything, Arnav was looking at Khushi with intensity and love, he couldn't take his eyes of her.

Meanwhile most of the parties' guests are drunk & are beginning to get out of control.

Khushi noticed the girls throwing flirtatious smiles at her husband and felt a knot tying inside her. Arnav seemed so oblivious to it but Khushi could see it and she hated it.

The host of the part invited the couple to the dance floor. Arnav offered his hand to Khushi to get up and dance, just as Khushi was about to place her hand in his someone else beat her to it.

"WHAT THE?!" Khushi said finding herself having a very "RAIZADA MOMENT"

Arnav pulled his hand back and scowled at the girl.

"Come on Arnav baby lets daaanceee..." Said the drunken woman unable to control herself.

Khushi stood up unsure of what to do, she wanted to slap this girl for even thinking about touching Arnav but she had more dignity than that. 

Arnav was shocked, he looked at Khushi's face burning, she looked so beautiful when she was mad. He smirked to himself his eyes on her.

"Forget about her...who is she to you anywayy??...Come onnn I said dance" Said the drunken woman referring to Khushi as if she were nothing.

Tears spilled down Khushi's face, jealousy and anger taking over.  Arnav looked at her worriedly, he hated her tears.

Then he understood. She was jealous. He had to admit she looked even better jealous than angry and that too for him.  He loved it, that he had that much affect on her she didn't want anyone else near him.

"HER HAS A NAME. I'm HIS WIFE GOD DAMN IT! Don't you EVER Try and get close to him again." Khushi shouted making the whole room hushed. She ran outside, her heals tapping on the floor as she left.

Everyone looked at Arnav, he didn't think twice before running after her leaving a very shocked Drunken woman by herself.

Khushi was sat on top of the car hugging her knees cry deeply. She had her eyes closed while the tears splashed down her face.  Even like that she couldn't have looked more beautiful Arnav thought.

Arnav walked up to her, she saw him, wiped her tears and gently slid off the top of the car.

Khushi threw her arms around him nuzzling into his chest, he wrapped his arms around her hushing her cries. The hug felt perfect, the first time they had been so close and genuine since their marriage. Khushi felt dazed in Arnav's cologne she nuzzled deeper into him.

He cupped her face, wiped her tears & caressed her soft cheeks. He was grinning. Khushi hit his chest lightly in annoyance "Why are you laughing?!" the tears started filling her eyes once more.

"what happened hmm? Khushi were you jealous...?" Arnav said playfully.

Khushi nodded weakly, he hadn't expected her to give in so easily "I hated the way that girl touched you, flirted with you..your MINE ONLY MINE. Only I can...I can handle a lot but never this..." She wept laying her head into his chest.

Arnav stroked her back comfortingly although he couldn't help but grin. "Khushi, why does it annoy you so much?" he said provoking her.

She hit this chest and pushed him away irritated. "I told you. Because YOUR MINE MINE MINE. I don't ever want anyone to touch you or hold you...I hate it. It should be me. HAPPY?!" she shouted.

"Very." he smirked.

She scowled at him "Why are you so happy?!"
"Come on lets go home you need to rest." he said taking her hand.

She pulled her hand back and crossed her arms "I SAID why are you so happy?!"

Arnav grinned thinking to himself 'I really have made her in Mrs Raizada..she's so stubborn like me'

"Because...Mrs Raizada..." he said provoking her again.
"Tell me!" said Khushi becoming impatient.

Just then a heavy rain showed dawned upon them Khushi was drenched already "Ahhh!!!" she screamed. She started dancing in the rain loving it. Arnav watched his wife dance in the rain: Could she get anymore beautiful?

Just then he realised the whole party had almost been moved outside, everyone joined in the madness. Arnav watched Khushi intensely.

Suddenly one of the men from the party went up to Khushi from behind and wrapped his arms round her waist. Khushi first thought it was Arnav but the owner didn't have the same touch.

"Come on baby..." Said the drunken voice.

Arnav's eyes widened "What the?!" he shouted.
He stormed upto the man "HOW DARE YOU TOUCH MY WIFE?!" Khushi's eyes flung open shocked, the man gripped on tighter "Oww let go!" She shouted digging her elbows into the stranger. Arnav's eyes switched he wasn't just angry. He was FURIOUS, AGGRAVATED AND NOW DISGUSTED.

He pulled the Man away from Khushi and punched him, one powerful punch to the nose. Most the guests were to drunk to even realise or care. "That's what you get for touching boss mans wife." said one of the other men who dragged the drunken idiot away.

Khushi stood there horrified. "Khushi are you okay?" Khushi nodded quietly. Suddenly satisfaction filled inside of her, payback time darling. She thought to herself.

Arnav grabbed her hand holding onto her tightly.

"Arnavji.." It was her turn to smirk now.
"What the?! Why are you smirking damn it?!"
"What happened hmm? Why are you so annoyed? What difference does it make to you?" she grinned.

Still in the heat of the moment he couldn't think straight and ended up spilling the truth just like his wife had done.  "WHAT HAPPENED WAS THAT BLOODY IDIOT TOUCHED YOU..HELD YOU. THAT'S WHAT.  IM ANNOYED BECAUSE NO ONE HAS THE RIGHT TO TOUCH YOU LIKE THAT EXCEPT ME DAMN IT. YES IT DOES MAKE A BLOODY DIFFERENCE TO ME." He screamed letting the truth flow like water.

Khushi grinned. She had never been so happy in her life, it was like none of the pain or games or hate had ever happened.

Arnav looked Khushi now seeing how she felt. He couldnt help but Grin at the mischief in her eyes. He leant over to her & whispered in her ear "Nicely played Mrs Raizada, nicely played." She winked at him giggling.

Khushi held her pounding head, she felt weak; she held onto Arnav for support who realised she had only eaten once today. Their whole day had gone at the party and she hadn't eaten a thing! Khushi felt to weak to stand and fainted falling into the arms of her husband.

Arnav caught her lovingly watching the way the moon shone on his wifes beautiful face.  He picked her up and placed her in the car.

"Not bad..for a Raizada" He thought replaying what had just happened in his mind. "Not bad at all."
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superb loved it
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Superb Os.ClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapStarStarStarStarStarStarStarStarStarStar
I simply loved it. Arhi were so awesome.
The dialogues were perfect. Well done.
Thanks.Big smile
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Awesome.. both are well into the character.. I love it
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superb yaar.i loved it.when this moments are gonna occur?let us hope it would some dayDay Dreaming
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loved it Clap
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aww this was soo cute :D

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