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Monday 2nd April 2012  Episode -

paarappa pazhaniyappa
CM-mu serialappa
kadhaiyum thaan kolludhappaa
uLLam thaan eriyudhappaa...

Thavasi visits SS in abacus school.  Tells of his visit to CM to show the KaNNamma pappaa on the phone.  But the thugs - her brothers beat him and sent him out.  SS scolds Thavasi for having visited CM.  Visit Vadai and tell whatever you wanted to tell CM for he is the senti one - idea spark from SS.  Our work will get done soon.  Thavasi promises to do it right away, he wants his daughter out of school soon.

Vadai on the swing reading.  Art dusting.  Sethapps with some drink in hand comes, ponders on how to start the subject.  Begins saying he met his old friend in Manasarovar (idhu puNyasthalam anga ivarukku enna vElai) who runs a hotel and wants Seththappu to help.  He wants someone trustworthy like him (kilo enna vilai theriyumaa seththappu) Vadai says they are starting one soon, why going now.  Art comes in to say nowadays Seththapps is out of sorts.  He goes to the backyard and talks secretively on his phone.  Why teasing me ask Seththapps to Art.  Now Vadai asks who this new friend of Seththapps is - (He is saying old friend and vadai you are saying new friend - what dialogue writer - overslept??) Pat comes the reply from Seththappu "Padmini" and starts drinking from the glass.  Art & Vadai chorus - Padminiyaa?  Seththappu chokes on the drink.  Seththaps says it is Parandhaman and his daughter is Padmini.  When they pose so many cross questions he got confused.  Changes topic and tells that Beach fighting for life in the ICU and SS abacus school training.

Thavasi arrives on time.  The door is open as is in all serials.  Vadai saying nallaa vENum for both Beach & SS.  Thavasi calls Vadai,  He comes in and says he wanted to punish Beach for Vadai's sake but now SS in in the jail.  Art opens her thiruvaai and says where else would she be for attempting on CM's life (gnyayamaa paarththaa serial-lEndhu thookki irukkaNum) and adds that Thavasi should be giving her company in the jail.  Vadai shuts up Art for what she is saying is true.  Now what questions Vadai to Thavasi.  Thavasi says there were two witnesses for this incident.  One is Pearl who is of unstable mind now - so her witness would not be taken into consideration.  The other is CM - now she is in good relationship with Beach, so she is saying ulta pulta that SS shot Beach.  She must say the "truth" that it was not SS who shot Beach in the court and only Vadai can make her say so. 

Art feels that Thavasi has come with some plan.  If SS did not shoot Beach then CM will not lie. Seththapp feels this Thavasi is very shrude.  Seththapps does not want Art to support her aNNi.  Vadai too asks Art to keep quiet.  Vadai tells that CM is very adamant types, so it is better if Thavasi talks to her instead.  Anyways they have not procured the official divorce - that's all - their separation is permanent.  CM will listen to Vadai if he says that they would get back their lost child.  Thavasi knows the whereabouts of the other child.  Seththappu face changes.  Vadai is stumped.  Art observes.  Vadai asks if Thavasi is trying to threaten him.  Thavasi in no condition to threaten.  He did not abduct the child and that part is unimportant.  The whereabouts of the child and his daughter coming out is more important. Once SS comes out the father daughter duo will vanish from their sight.  Art doesn't look convinced.  

Asks Thavasi to get out.  Vadai with a crater (it has become bigger from a small hole) wants Art to keep quiet.  Thavasi says he fears only God (dhodaa...) and he promises on his schooling daughter.  Thavasi says the child is with Kamini who went to CM a month ago to tell stories.  Result of Bharathi being taken away from Vadai.  Seththappu calculates and says  if untrue then Thavasi would occupy the next bed to Beach.  He smooth talks.  Thavasi leaves Vadai in thought mode.  Art again reiterates that Thavasi cannot be believed.   Camera pans on Vadai's face.

CM talking on the phone to someone saying she would be there in an hour.  Art comes to CM tries to take her aside.  CM wants to know what business.  CM is dragged by Art - Vadai under a banyan tree (adhu enna bOdhi maramaa??) and Seththapps with him.  CM looks at the nail biting Vadai and the leaning Seththappu.  Asks Art what now?  Vadai says something urgent - regarding the baby.  Art says the 2nd child has been found.  Art reel Ottufies Thavasi's story.  But all that would depend upon CM's witness stand.  CM asks if they would return the child if she says the untruth.  CM tells all that is emotional blackmail.  Thavasi knows whom to talk to to get his work done.  Vadai shouts that he wants his child, she should give wrong info.  CM says all this while he was only a moorkkan but now is proving to be a fool.  

Seththappu does his part of emotional blackmail saying CM has no love for the child.  Only Vadai is trying hard.  CM says she knows her child is alive but the people who are carrying the news are all wrong kind of people.  CM has already approached the police on this matter and she is confident that good things would happen.  If Thavasi knew the truth he should have told to CM when he begged the other day in the hospital.  Since the crater is becoming bigger Vadai assumes that only he is bound by love and CM is stone hearted - Thavasi came to him.   SS's life is important to Thavasi and Vadai's child to him.  

CM says that Thavasi is just finding a way out.  SS herself does not believe in Thavasi's words.   Art too says that it is important to lie for the child.  Did any of you see the child is a valid question by CM.  The child is with Kamini who is blackmailing Thavasi is Vadai's reply.   CM has been in pain since she knew the truth about the other child - she is willing to pay as much as Kamini wants.  But she cannot believe Thavasi - okay she would lie to the court...



Updates by Shree


Chellamma ...kadupodu...
CM updaters
update...illai...vayitherichal...vendam...enga thalaiezhuthu nnu vachukalam...


radhika madam
unga veetla ellarum sowkiyama?
enga nilamai
enna theriyuma?

unga serial parthudhaan loosu aanomae...
unga storyline dhaan usura vaangudhe...


CM says iam ready to give poi satchi...but i want to seemy baby's photo...if he shows the baby' s pic ...namma baby dhana nnu kandu pidikka mudiyuma?...kalavani says my husband can say...he knows the baby very well..CM tells kalavani to bring the baby's pic...after that she will decide abt poi satchi...

Vegatha vadai says...i'll come with the photo...our baby's photo...after that u should support thavasi...will ur anni accept this?...vadai asks kalavani...CM replies...i'll decide on thjis later...sethaps and vadai  says this will not workout...u will take the baby and will run away...we will not beleive u...

Vadai orders CM..i want my baby...for that u sould support thavasi...CM leaves the place saying enakku ver work neraiya irukku...

Vadai,sethaps and kalavani reaches home...karuppu asks abt CM...Ellarum kaduppa goes inside...kalavani says whatever CM said is nyayam...sethaps says we cant discuss nyayam aniyayam now...our baby is with thavasi...only solution is we have to agree thavasi's offer...

Karuppu asks...what? is with thavasi aa?...kalavani says is with some kaamini...Karuppu yosiching...kaaminiya??...

Vadai gets call from thavasi...thavasi asks their decision...vadai says he wants to see his baby first...thavasi says i dont know abt kaamini whereabouts...and also baby's ...vadai shcoked...thavasi says kaamini enakku 3 hrs time kuduthurukka...vadai mahupings...thavasi says ...CM enakku satchi sollala...unga baby aa neenga ponama thaan parpeenga!!Vadai shouts dei...

Vadai angry..;.karuppu tells him to maintain porumai...karuppu says he knows kaamini very well...he will find that kaamini and tha baby...he leaves;..

here...thavasi saguni act ellam vittings...

scene shifts to next thalaivali...kavitha tells abt beach-sneha romantic shootout to vasu's mom...beach is come says kavitha...bell calls kavitha...and tells her to prepare food for his fmaily members...vasu's mom tells kavitha to be careful...sneha vandhu unnaiyum un husband ayum shoot pannida pora...sneha thiru thiru...

comes in and asks bell...sneha nammala suttuta??...bell thittu goes in...

Hospital...Nurse says patien kku pulse rate decresing...makkal tensed...pearl goes inside with ratna...leaving tha other baby outside...somebody calls "pappa"...azhagu pappa turns...

Doctor comes...todoying todoying bgm comes and sends everyone outside...AV calls baby bharathi...bharathi missing...AV , bell ,pearl's dad round katti searching...

CM reaches hospital...



Updates by Selva


Updates by Nithya

Thursday  Apr 5th Updates


CM in AC SR cabin.. CM polambufies about loosing both her babies .. CM is confident that Thavasi is he kidnapper.. She updates SR about Thavasi's blackmail.. SR says your baby is safe till the time you testify in the court and we can trace the baby by that time.. Please don't bow down.. She instructs the inspector to intensify the interrogation Thavasi.. SR suspects someone else too in the loop and assures CM that she will save the baby..


At the hospital, Valli updates about Thavasi's thiruvilaydal to MA's parents.. Visa worries what Sneha will do to them if CM does not support Beach and succumbs to the blackmail.. Visa declares no more relationship with CM if she testifies for Sneha..


Vadai brooding.. Art consoles.. At the other end, CM worried.. AV asks will they find the baby and hand over to your before you testify.. CM says I hope so.. AV says what if they don't find the baby before the case begins.. Will you testify against Sneha.. Had Beach been in a state to talk he would asked you to support Sneha and get your baby back.. I want my granddaughter.. Please testify that you did not see Sneha shooting.. CM says I saw.. AV says forget what you saw and lie for this one time.. Nobody is going to be harmed by your lie.. He falls at CM's feet and CM stands thinking ..


Vasu is packing to attend a meeting at Kanchipuram .. Amudha pleads him to come to the court and be a moral support for CM.. Vasu says this is CM's urgent job to be catered to.. She has asked me to go adhan I am going.. At the other end, Bell wants to leave to the court.. Kavi fights.. He snubs her and walks away.. Amudha gets ready to go and Visagam taunts her to roam around with Bell as she has successfully packed Vasu .. Amudha cries bitterly and locks herself in her room..


At the jail, Sneha is recollecting the past.. she asking Beach to tie thali at the house warming function, CM and Co chasing her out, she getting hurt, She shooting Beach, CM and MA witnessing it, police arresting her, she telling her dad at the court that I will come out for revenging CM, Judge refusing to grant her bail.. 




Updates by Swash

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Hi Eclat. Thank you. One word...


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enjoyed all the comments in the song tunes

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Thanks Shreenithi

marupadiyum kuzhandhai vechchu kadhai  - i am grrr...
smuharram Newbie

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Now Barathi kidnapped?!...habba ippave kannakatuthe...Radhika Mdm, if u don't have any storyline, kindly end the serial...mudiyala Cry

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nithya.. Channel Moderator

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Thanks Shree..

First Kannamma kidnapped and tortured.. Now Bharthy..

If they are going to do another round of baby torture..  Lets stop updating friends..

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Intha nasama pona serial innuma mudiyala.Thaanglada saami.
Intha Radhika madam like 2 husband story, baby kadathal, husband and wife being enemy, suspecting husband.Itha thavira intha serial start annathairunthu nothing she has showed.And seriously  why so much issue about video ?Inime Vada iruntha enna pona enna.Please Thavasi kill Vadai and chethaps.Let Beach die in hospital for sleeping with second women. That way Sneha and Thavasi go to jail. C and Beach's wife can live with just kids.Anyway both of their husband no use to family/society.The kids will be better of without dads like them. END

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Thanks Nithya for the update, such a useless serial, realiy irritating to even read the update, don't know how you guys are watching it and updating for us. Hats off guys...

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