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Devon ke Dev Mahadev
Devon ke Dev Mahadev

OS The Realisation-Knowing Mahakali-2 updt pg23 (Page 9)

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Sati: Which is the most important step in Yoga? 

Shiv: The Kundalini awakening. It is the energy lying dormant at the root chakra, when awakened,  uncoils and begin to rise upwards like a fiery serpent, breaking upon each chakra as she ascends, until the Shakti merges with Shiv in Sahastrara chakra.

As kundalini reaches each chakra, that lotus opens and lift its flower; and as soon as she leaves for a higher chakra, the lotus closes its petals and hangs down, symbolizing the activation of the energies of the chakra and their assimilation to kundalini.
 When it reaches the Agya chakra, 3rd eye is developed, one can see the past, present & future events. Then it reaches the Brhmarandhra where Kundalini unites with the Shiv resulting in their Union which opens up the Sahastrar chakra the region of divine.

Sati:  What are the chakras in a human body?
Shiv: The Chakras are energy centres of the human body, considered flower like, which opens & closes as well as spins like wheels. They are the receiver of the spiritual Universal energy & the centres through which human body deciphers energy. There are seven major chakras ,located along the central line of the body or the spinal chord, the lowest at the root of the tailbone. The Universal energy enters the body through these chakras & flows upwords from the lower to the higher chakras. The higher chakras are more spiritually functioning, related to experiencing  the union of the individual with the whole creation. Each chakra vibrates with different frequencies & have their individual characteristics.
                                 7 Chakras

1.       Muladhara Chakra or the root chakra, located at the base of the spine, develoes physical activities, is Red in colour, is a 4 petal Lotus.

2.       Swadhisthan Chakra is located at the navel region, is related to creativity, fertility, intimacy, reproductive ability & emotional balance is Orange in colour is a 6 petal Lotus.

3.       Manipura Chakra is located in bteween navel & heart is associated with self esteem, confidence & personality development is Yellow in colour

4.       Anahata chakra is located at the centre of the heart is connected to the feeling of love, joy, happiness, respect, compassion, generocity etc. is Green or Pink in colour.

5.       Vishuddha Chakra is located in the throat is related to speech ability & truthfulness, is light blue in colour.

6.       Agya Chakra is situated in the position of the 3rd eye, developes intuition & sense of vision is centre of wisdom is Indigo in colour.

7.       Sahastrara chakra is located at the top of the head, is associated with connecting to the Universal energy is a thousand petal Lotus. 


Sati: What is Shaktipat?
Shiv:  A yogi can draw abundant energy from the Universe & transmit it to others to help purify their body, emotions, strengthen their will power & help them to develop spiritually according to the individual's capacity & needs. This transmission of energy is called "Shaktipat". It this energy is transmitted through the eyes of a yogi to the eye of the receipant it is called "Drshtipat".
Sati: Is there any further Spritual development beyond the Sahastrara chakra?
Shiv: Yes, 8 to 12 are the Spritual chakras, gets developed as the jeeva developes more spiritually.

Sahasrara: Crown Chakra (Top of the head )
Traditionally one's connection to the divine (Atmic level of divinity), contains programs to be used by 8th chakra including the release of basic psychic skills - Telepathy, seeing Aura, Lucid Dreaming, Out of Body Travel, Healing

Chakra 8: Energy center of divine love, of spiritual compassion and spiritual selflessness, one's karmic residue, activates spiritual skills contained in the seventh chakra.

Chakra 9: Soul blueprint - The individual's total skills and abilities, learned in all the life times

Chakra 10: Divine creativity, synchronicity of life; the merging of the masculine and feminine within, unlocking of skills contained in the ninth chakra.

Chakra 11: Pathwork to the Soul, the individual's ability to acquire advanced spiritual skills. Travel beyond the limits of Time and Space, Teleportation, Bi-location, Instantaneous precipitation of thoughts, Telekinesis in some cases

Chakra 12: Connection to the Monadic level of divinity, advanced spiritual skills, ascension, connection to the cosmos and beyond.

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Minu thanks for a detailed info on Kundalini. Your knowledge is like oceanThumbs Up

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vow i just know about 7 chakras ..i have just heard about 8-12 as embodiments of Crown chakra ..but its seems more than that Tongue...thanks for elaborate explanation ...even some magicians using the Telekinesis method unknowingly to them bending  the spoon by mere eye sight etc  ...
people often feel freezed when they cross these kind of tamasas..funny guys . but they are trying and practicing it artificially ,which will not give any  inner gain and conscious to them .  

 Even when we enter  Samadhi's of great sages ...vibration level of our body varies ,which is easily sensible to us ..from forehead to down spine ...

day to day life, our chakras are communicating with cosmic energy out of our knowledge ,but very few people ,notice the frequency change with in them ...but attaining the actual goal is tedious process...not that much easy to finish it  ...

The illusions are more inner then outer what true always ...a heart of vajra and vision of steadiness is needed hardly to accomplish it ...Thank you so much for enlightening update Smile 

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Originally posted by vanadhi

vow i just know about 7 chakras ..i have just heard about 8-12 as embodiments of Crown chakra ..but its seems more than that Tongue...thanks for elaborate explanation ...even some magicians using the Telekinesis method unknowingly to them bending  the spoon by mere eye sight etc  ...
people often feel freezed when they cross these kind of tamasas..funny guys . but they are trying and practicing it artificially ,which will not give any  inner gain and conscious to them .  

 Even when we enter  Samadhi's of great sages ...vibration level of our body varies ,which is easily sensible to us ..from forehead to down spine ...

day to day life, our chakras are communicating with cosmic energy out of our knowledge ,but very few people ,notice the frequency change with in them ...but attaining the actual goal is tedious process...not that much easy to finish it  ...

The illusions are more inner then outer what true always ...a heart of vajra and vision of steadiness is needed hardly to accomplish it ...Thank you so much for enlightening update Smile 

Good analysis VanadhiClap
In our day today life we see some people excels faster compared to the others or at times we call their talents God's gift, they are nothing but the result of their developed chakras.
8 to 12 chakras are above the 7th chakra, above the head.
A real yogi doesn't bother about the siddhis he gets by developing his Kundalini, he is concerned about his final goal that is attaing the Supreme consciousness, jeeva becoming Shiv, the dynamic fusion of Shiv & ShaktiSmile

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The Shakti
Sati & Shiv enjoyed very happy married life, living on Kailash& Himalaya, changing places in various season. When they were on Himalaya, Himavan's wife Mena came to meet her every day with the intention of getting Sati as her daughter. She did  a year long vrat, after successful compeletion of the vrat, Sati agreed she will be born as her daughter.

Daksh never respected Shiv, he decided to perform a big yagya. He went to Vishnu, asked him to be the protector of his yagya. Vishnu agreed. Daksh invited everyone except Shiv & Sati.

When the yagya started, he announced,

Daksh: whoever is not present in this yagya will not get his yagya-bhaga. I have not called Shiv & Sati but everyone present here need not worry because Vishnu is here, he will protect us.

The yagya strated.

Dadhichi : Why Shiv is not invited? Without Shiv this yagya looks like a smashan.

This angered Daksh,

Daksh: If Shiv creats any problem for this Yagya, Vishnu will stop him with his Sudarshan chakra.

Dadhichi: Vishnu is not a fool like you, you will see with your own eyes how will he protect this yagya.

Daksh: Get this Brahman out of this place right now.

Dadhichi leaves the place. Seeing this Rishi Durvasa, Vaamdev, Chyavan, Gautam & all the rishi who knew Shiv-tatva, left this yagya.

Daksh: Give the other Brahmins double dakshina & continue the Yagya.

Sati at Kailash comes to know everything. She starts thinking, in past Daksh had worshipped me to be born as his daughter, at that time I had told him,when you will stop respecting me, your punyas will get over, at that time I'll leave you. That time has come now. I'll go back to my Loka , then will be born in Himavan's house.

At that time Naradji arrives at Kailash. Greets Shiv.

Narad: Daksh is performing a yagya, he has called every one except you two. I left that place seeing both of you were not present there.

Shiv: What is the need for us to go there, he can do whatever he wants.

Narad: If Daksh compeletes this yagya with the intention of your insult, then even others will do the same, so do something that this yagya can not be compeleted.

Shiv: Neither me nor Sati will go there.

Narad tells Sati,

Narad: At least you being his daughter can go there, all your sisters have come there. Due to his ego Daksh has not called you, but you must try to destroy his ego.

Narad leaves.

Sati: We must go for the yagya, father wil surely respect us.
Shiv:Your father will not respect us. A SIL should not go to his FIL's house if he is not respected.

Sati: Whatever you have said is correct. To go to any other place a daughter needs invitation but to visit her father's house an invitation is not needed. I'll go there, if father respects me the I'll get the yagya aahuti's for you, if he insults yout, then at that moment I'll destroy his yagya.

Shiv: You should not go there because he will insult me, hearing that you will end your life.

Sati: I'll go to my father's house, even if you don't give the permission.

Shiv: Inspite of my refusing again & again why do you want to go there?

Sati: I don't want to here insulting words for you. But I want to go because other Devatas & everyone else, who are present there are watching this. If this yagya is compeleted then no human will give you aahutis, faithfuly in any yagya.So I'll surely go, either will get your yagya- bhaga or will destroy it.

Shiv: Inspite of my stopping again & again, you are not listening, I have realized that you will no longer behave as per my wish, so do whatever you wish,why do you want my permission?

When Shiv said these words Sati's eyes turned red with anger. She thought, this Shiv has prayed to get me as his wife, now after achieving that he is insulting me. Now I'll show him my power.

Shiv saw very angry Sati whose eyes were red like fire . He closed his eyes.Sati now took a large ferrocious form, started laughing.

Shiv opened his eyes seeing very different form of his wife, he got scared, decided to run away from there. He started running in different directions.

Sati: Don't be afraid.

But Shiv continued running away. Seeing Shiv's such condition, Sati, to stop him appeared in all the 10 directions in her various forms. In whichever directions Shiv would go, he would find one form of Sati. Seeing her everywhere, he stopped running, closed his eyes.

When he opened his eyes he saw Mahakaali instead of Sati.

Shiv: Who are you? Where is my beloved Sati?

Sati: Why aren't you seeing your Sati in front of you? Mahakaali, Tara, Shodashi, Bhuvaneshwari, Bhairavi, Chinnamasta, Bagala, Dhumavati, Matangi & Kamala are the names of these Devis.

Shiv: O Devi you are running this world, if you are pleased with me then please tell me each one's speciality.

Sati: The dark complectioned & red eyed Devi standing in front of you is Mahakaali. Another dark complectioned Devi standing ahead of you is Mahakaalrupini, Tara. The one on your right, is a ferocious, headless devi Is Mahavidya Chinnmasta. On your left is Devi Bhuvaneshwari. Standing behind you is shatruvinashini Bagala. In South-East, the one looking like  a widow is Mahavidya Dhumavati. On your North-East Is Devi TripuraSundari. On your South-West Is Devi Matangi. On your South-East Is Devi Bhairavi. O Shambho, don't be afraid. All these are my various forms. These Mahavidyas, will bless her devotees with Dharma, Artha, Kaam, Moksha, including every thing he desires. Theses are secretive Mahavidyas. O Maheshwar their mantra, Yantra, worship, stotra, Kavach etc, will be told by you only, there is no one who knows them as well as you. This Shastra will be known as the Aagama-shastra.

Aagama & Veda are my two hands, I am holding this world through them. The one who disobeys it will be destroyed by me. My devotee should keep these Mahavidyas secretive only.

O Shiv, I have told you all these because I love you, you are my husband. To destroy Prajapati daksh's ego, I'll go there today. Since you are not going there, let me go.

Shiv:  NowI have known you as Purna, Parashakti. Whatever I have told you, was due to my ignorance. Forgive me for that. You are Aadya, Para-Vidya, resides in all humans & animals. You are an independent Param- Shakti. I'll not stop you from destroying Daksh's yagya. Forgive me & please do as per your wish..

Sati smiles hearing Shiv's words.

Sati: you stay here with your ganas. I am going right now to see the yagya.

Suddenly, all the Devi's merged in Sati one by one. Shiv arranged a chariot for her to go, Nandi was the charioteer. Seeing her as Mahakaali, everyone on the way to the yagya venue got scared. Meteors started falling on Earth, Nature showed many indications of a big calamity. The chariot reached at the yagya venue.

Curtesy Devi Puran

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Sati reaches at yagya venue, seeing her in this form people present there gets scared. She gets down from her chariot, meets her mother, Parsuti, who is delighted seeing her, complains of not remembering them after her marriage.

Prasuti: You are the great mother Adya Shakti, is born as my daughter, seeing you, all my worries have disappeared. But look at your father, who out of his ego & enimity for Shiv, has not invited him for the yagya. We all told him to invite Shiv, but he refused to listen to anyone.

Sati: All these Devatas who are present here are insulting Shiv too by being here, I have decided this yagya will not be compeleted so easily.

Sati then proceeded to meet Daksh. Seeing the fair beautiful Sati in a dark angry from everyone present there felt she will finish this world in a second. She has surely got angry, have come to punish us. They all greeted her. Daksh saw his daughter

Daksh: who are you? Whose daughter & wife are you? you look like Sati. Have you come from Shiv's house?

Sati: Father, you are nort recognizing your own Daughter? I am your Sati.

Daksh: when you were in my house, you were fair & beautiful, why have you come like this here? Is this due to getting an ayogya husband? I haven't called you here because you are Shiv-patni. You look very unhappy.

Sati got angry, she thought, I can destroy this place including everyone present here in a second. But fearing Pitru-hatya, I'll not do so. But can put all of them in Moha. She immediately created her Chaya (shadow), who looked exactly like her. Sati told that Chaya-Sati,

Sati: Listen carefully, destroy this yagya, talk a lot to my father & burning with anger you enter the yagya kunda. I am his daughter that's why Daksh is doing Shiv-ninda. When Shiv comes to know about this he will come here, defeat Vishnu & kill father. After this that smiling Mahakaali disappeared . Everyone present at the yagya were under her Maya, so couldn't see this.

Chaya-Sati: Father, out of ignorance you are insulting me & shiv, control youself or I'll cut your tongue for doing Shiv-ninda. You will get result of all you shiv-ninda today. Daksh: Don't talk like this infront of me, you have yourself chosen Shiv as your husband. I am prajapati Daksh, all Devi, Devatas know who I am.I can't hear Shiv's praise in front of me.

Chaya-Sati: I am telling you again, it is in your own interest, you give up your prejudiced thoughts & worship lord shiv or that Shambho will destroy you & your yagya.

Daksh: Go away from here. The day you married Shiv, you were dead for me. Seeing you I am burning with anger for that Shiv. Do not praise your husband in front of me.

Hearing this Chaya-Sati took a Vikaral roop, laughing loudly she said.

Chaya-Sati: I will not only go away from your eyes but from this body also given by you.

In front of everyone Chaya-Sati immediately entered the Agni of the yagya. Everyone was shocked, various bad omens stated happening. The Fire of the yagya kund  went off. Daksh felt sad, but after some moments started the yagya again. Devatas & rishis present there started discussing what will Shiv do now. Narad immediately left that place, went to Kailash.

At Kailash with tearful eyes he told Shiv

Narad: your Sati hearing you ninda, got angry & left her body. Daksh resumed his yagya & Devatas have stated accepting the aahutis.

Hearing this Shiv was uncontrollable

Shiv: Sati, how will I live without you. Have you left me because I stopped you from going to your father's house?

After sometime he got very angry, his eyes were burning with fire. Everyone feared what will happen now. The Earth started shaking. From his eyes very bright fire came out, from that appeared a man, with huge body, looked like Yamaraj, was glowing with fire, had 3 eyes, body covered with ash, had cresent Moon on his head like a crown, was as bright as many Suns in the afternoon. He greeted Shiv, did his pradakshina thrice, asked him

Veerbhadra: Father, order me what should I do. I can destroy this Brhmanda in a second, can drag Indra & the great Devatas here, can kill Yamaraj. Tell me to finish anything you want, I'll do it right away. It can be even Indra or even Vishnu helping him on your order I'll destroy his weapons.

Shiv: Your name is Veerbhadra, you are the leader of Pramathgana. You go to Daksh's city & destroy his yagya. The Devatas, who have gone there & are helping Daksh, you destroy them also. Cut the head of Daksh, who was doing my ninda. Son you go immediately, don't delay anything.

Shiv then threw a deep breath, due to that thousands of Shivgana were created, who were expert in all the war-arts. Veerbhadra again did Shiv's 3 pradakshina & left surrounded with all the Ganas. They reached Daksh's city immediately.

Veerbhadra to his ganas: Destroy this yagya right now, throw all the Devatas away from here.

All the Ganas ransacked that place destroying the pillars of the Yagya kund.

Vishnu: Who are you all? Why have you destroyed this yagya. Tell me immediately.

Ganas: We are the Pramathganas sent by Lord shiv.

Veerbhadra: Where is that Daksh, who was always prejudiced about Lord Shiv? Where are the Devatas who were accepting the aahutis get all of them in front of me right now.

At his order all the Ganas started beating the Devatas. Brahmins with fear greeted them. Ganas: Do not fear, just leave this place right now.

All the Brahmins took their gifts & left. Indra acted smart, he took a Peacock's form, went to a mountain, started watching all these hiding behind the mountain.

Vishnu started thinking, out of this enemity for Shiv, Daksh is doing this yagya, he has to get such result. Being prejudiced against Shiv is like being prejudiced towards me. Because I am Shiv & Shiv is Vishnu. We are not different. I am prayed by Daksh & I am only abused in form of Shiv. Now in Vishnu roop I'll protect & in Shiv roop I'll destroy. This way I'll participate in this war, will get defeated & kill Daksh, there is no doubt about it. Then with the other Devatas I'll finish this yagya. Vishnu then stopped all the Pramathganas.

Veerbhadra: You are the protector here.. Where is that Daksh,get him in front of me or fight with me.You are the leading Shiv-bhakta but you seem to protect his interest.

Vishnu: I'll fight with you. Defeat me & take Daksh, I want to see your bravery.

There was a fierce fight between both of them. In the end Vishnu sent his Sudarshan-chakra on Veerbhadra. He remembered Shiv,  the chakra stopped there only. In the end Veerbhadra got hold of Daksh & cut his head.

Brhma went to Kailash.

Brhma: Why are you doing this? Jagat-mata Sati is Sanatana. Her takig birth Is an illusion. She is Mahamaya, she had only made her Chaya-Sati enter the Yagya kund. The Goddess is right now in the sky. You know this secret then why are you doing all this? We are the protector of the destiny, so please come & complete the yagya.Then we will pray to Goddess.

They both came to the yagya place.

Shiv: Veerbhadra, calm dow now & rearrange this yagya.

Brhma: Now make Daksh alive.

Shiv told Veerbhadra to do so. Intelligent Veerbhadra joined a Goat's head to Daksh's body, thinking those who abuse God are like dunb animals. Daksh gave aahutis to Shiv & compeleted the yagya. He then prayed to Shiv, about his greatness, asking him to forgive him.

Shivji again started crying like a  human, remembering Sati.

Brhma: You know Sati's Chaya had entered the yagya, not Sati. She has disappeared through her Maya-Shakti.

Shiv: Whatever you have said is true. She is my Para-Shakti, she is Brhmaswarupa,she has not only left her body but also me. Where is she?

Brhma, Vishnu: We all will pray to her.

All the 3 Gods prayed to Goddess Aadi Shakti. Hearing their prayer she appeared in the Sky.

Aadi Shakti: Mahadev you calm down, I'll be born as Himalaya & Mena's daughter, will get you again. I've not left you, you live in my heart as Mahakaal & I am Mahakaali.

Due to your pride of superiority, you had told me something. Due to that, I'll not be with you as your wife for some time. But I am showing you a way. You take my Chaya-sharira & roam all over the world. Where ever my body parts will fall, over there, big Shakti Peethas will come up. Doing penance there will remove great sins. The best among them will be where the yonipart will fall. You do penance at that place to get me back.

Then Goddess Aadi Shakti disappeared.

Shiv started dancing holding the Chaya-Sharira. Humans, birds, animals everything on the Earth was affected. To protect them Vishnu sent his Sudarshana-chakra, which cut the body into 51 parts, wherever they fell on Earth, Shakti peethas were created. The Yonipart fell at the Kamrupdesh, known as Kamakhya today. Shiv did penance for several years at Kamrupdesh. Goddess Aadi Shakti appeared.

Aadi Shakti: What is your wish?

Shiv: Like earlier you be my wife & live with me again.

Aadi Shakti: Soon I'll be born as himalaya's daughter. Will come in 2 forms in front of you. You had carried my body on your head, so as my Ansh-avatar, will be jalarupi Ganga, will be on your head & as my Purna-avatar, will be Parvati & will live in your house.

 curtesy Devi puran

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Thanks SamanaSmile
Nepal has 2 Shaktipeethas. If you have detail info about them & the Pashupatinath temple, please add them to the Temples thread.Smile
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Really a soul catching update ,i feel relief after reading ur update Minu , These Cv are messing up sati 's character , If they consider Devi puran for Sati's wedding why not for Yagna part , hell on them ...

Ur update is very informative ,really feeled very blessed to read such things in my life , i had a doubt what is the exact meaning of "Adi" ya Shakthi.  ADi means Beginning or Half ? 

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