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ArHiliciousDroolers#25: Hum Tum Ek Kamre Mein Band Ho..

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ArHilicious Droolers #25
Hum Tum Ek Kamre Mein Band Ho...

Gossip Girl

  If someone really needs business ideas than RM is best place like these days senior citizens are planning to open nautanki businessROFL and Khushi is already working with dhabbe wala bhaiyaROFL 

  Lakshmi will be the judge of that nautanki fashion show as she saw maximum nautankis happening around herROFL 

   Soon Manorama mami will get advertisement for the Tata Sky learn englishROFL 

  Anjali needs some mind and Gossip girl officially declares her dumblet of the dumbletsSleepy

 Sethi brothers or rather to sa fake brothers are planning to replace Om Prakash and Hari Prakash to take there revengeStar

  • Song of the week: --sunshine--/khushix
  • Poem of the week: Cute.Sadaf
  • Summary of the week: tanthya
  • Funny scene of the week: the_rain
  • Picture of the Week: DaShIng_GiRl
  • Filler of the Week: cindrella255
  • Rating of the Week: ..first.rain..
  • Videomix of the week: Deepali88
  • Achari Scene of the Week: PurpleFairy
  • Best Character of the Week: shobrakapooor
  • Most Irritating Character of the Week: ShiningStar18
  • Funny Character of the Week: -Ammie-
  • Video avi of the week, Icon of the week: Miss-Pakiie-KMH
  • Best FF of the Week, Best OS of the Week: -Chinnu-
  • Message to CVs: --sunshine--
  • Siggy of the week, Video siggy of the week: minuu
  • Most Active Thread of the week, Most Active Member of the Week: -Fatz-
  • Blooper of the week: mazkachazka
  • Costume of the Week: PurpleFairy
  • Dialogue of the Week: -Ridzzi-
  • Joota scene of the week: shybabe
  • Rakshabandhan Scene of the Week: AquaBluez17

Banner and animated logos: Khushix

Winning Siggies: -Fatz-

Thankyou everyone for supprting us sooo much. Its all due to your support we have reached the 25th newsletter. 


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Shyam Manipulates Anjali and gets the luxury watch he always wanted , His manipulations are witnessed by the watch seller ..
Arnav and Khushi have one of their fights again  which is overheard by Shyam who tries to bring it out into the open through the medium of Anjali but his plans are thwarted when both Khushi and Arnav decline any rift between them , Anjali is not convinced by their flat denial , she leaves them alone thinking of ways to bring them closer ..Anjali decides to seek  Nani's counsel..The whole family decide to send The newly weds consisting of Payal-Akash,  Khushi -Arnav to Bali for their  Honey Moon. Arnav refuses to go citing a important business  deal in the office ..The disappointed family decide to bring Bali to Delhi
Meanwhile Payal- Maami relationship is on a upswing  as they  decide to participate in the fashion show
 Anjali and  Nani completely transform  RM in an exotic hotel of Bali and welcome the newly wed couples ..The Raizada's play act  as if they are the  hotel management much to the annoyance of Arnav. Arnav is further incensed when Shyam boldly offers the welcoming bouquet to Khushi and Khushi accepts it!!...Anjali  requests the Honey Moon couples to  freshen up and rejoin the staff downstairs.. The couples duly do so...The mood is set for dance , Anjali  urges  The couples to dance ..Arnav and Khushi , Payal-Akash  begin a slow dance ..  Nani pulls Anjali and Shyam into the mix..Shyam dances with Anjali, his eyes only for Khushi..Arnav notices Shyam ogling at Khushi, looks down and sees that Khushi  appears to uncomfortable dancing , Arnav misunderstands Khushi's discomfort , thinks that Khushi wants to be together with Shyam, Anger, Hurt, Betrayal pierces through him  and a desire to stamp Khushi as his own courses through his veins..He singlehandedly changes the tenor of the dance ... The slow waltz turns into a dance of rage, passion and  betrayal much to the bewilderment of Khushi ...The dance ends and the couples retire for the night..
Anajli has decorated the room in preparatory for a night to remember  and has  disconnected power supply to the lights providing them with candle light for more romantic ambience ..PAYASH have a more romantic night whilst Arnav makes a bee line for his Lap top, but fuming under Khushi's teasing taunts, Arnav blows off the candles cutting off the source of light  goes and switches on the light only to realize that power has been cut..Both Khushi and Arnav search for matchbox , Arnav finds it , lights  the stick and awaits for the candle , Khushi somehow manages to trip up and both fall on to the bed with the match stick still lit ..Khushi notices the burning matchstick and flicks it away from Arnav's hand before it burns him, Unknown to either of them the  flame has fallen on the bed and the bed catches fire...Khushi smells the odor of something  burning  realizes that the bed has begun to burn..A panic stricken Khushi quickly runs into the washroom, gets a bucketful of water and quickly douses the fire , in the process  turning the bed into one soggy mess.
Arnav and Khushi are left with no option but to share the recliner ..both spend the night on the recliner inhaling the  smoke emanating from the mosquito coil [lit by Khushi to ward off the mosquitoes and unknown to Arnav] ...Arnav wakes to a allergic reaction and discovers that he has lost his voice ..Anjali comes in and enlightens Khushi about Arnav's allergy to smokes...
The family assembles in the dining room where the family are astounded  by Khushi's ability to understand  Arnav's  needs and intentions even when expressed without any verbal words ...The Upshot of this is  Khushi ends up acting as the unofficial translator of Arnav in his office...
Arnav and Khushi leave for the office where they are due to meet  a important client  and  ink a deal..Khushi gets suspicious about them and discovers that the so called important clients are actually con men who are out to swindle AR !! Khushi promptly calls the police but has no time to apprise Arnav about the truth as he already is in the conference room with the swindlers..Khushi joins Arnav in the  conference room and engages the con men in a meaningless conversation much to the stunned surprise  of Arnav.. The con men  leave the meeting abruptly  and are met by Akash who comes to know about the truncated meeting..Akash is annoyed with Khushi , expresses his displeasure and  along with Arnav goes to meet the con men to manage the situation..The swindlers assure  Arnav and  Aakash that they know about the good will of the company and are willing to work with them...But Khushi firmly replies that AR is not willing to wrok with them much to the anger of Arnav ...Just then cops walk in and arrest the con men and reveal the truth to  a flabbergasted Arnav and Akash.. Akash realizes that Khushi saved the company from a huge loss, apologizes to Arnav for not doing a thorough back ground check ..Arnav reassures  Akash via Khushi...Both Arnav and Khushi leave for home  accompanied by their usual bickering ...
A doctor is summoned to Raizada mansion as Arnav's allergy has not gone  ..The doctor  informs  everyone that Arnav's room should be kept free of dust and that he cannot prescribe any medicines as it may affect Arnav's sugar level..Khushi feels  guilty, seeks some home remedies from Buaji and under her tutelage   prepares  a herbal concoction ..Arnav refuses to drink but is  forced to drink it after being  threatened that they will call up Anjali who will cancel her doctors appointment ..
After a lapse  of few hours , Arnav's voice comes back but he decides not to let Khushi know the truth and milk the situation to its full potential , A guilt stricken Khushi  redoubles her efforts to keep the room clean,  prepares hot water for him to gargle while Arnav  enjoys the attention being showered on him...Realizing  That the regular means is not working, Khushi goes into unconventional mode and tries to shock Arnav into speaking by brandishing a knife . A surprised Arnav  on seeing  that Khushi is trying to attack him with knife demands to know whether Khushi has gone off her rocker.Khushi is delighted to hear Arnav's voice and so are the family.. The family congratulate Khushi   on the success of her mission ... Arnav rains on this congratulatory parade by revealing that he got his voice back ages ago  which  makes Khushi see red ... A fuming Khushi demands to know why Arnav lied ..This in turns angers Arnav who grits out that he did not want to give any credit  to Khushi..Khushi is stunned..
In the shyam front , 
Shyam is very much puzzled to see Mr.Roy's  [ Family Lawyer]  assistant  coming to Shanthi Van, deduces that Arnav has soe game plan which may prove detrimental to him..Shyam notices  Arnav taking a file from  the Lawyer's assitant and telling  HP to place the file in  Arnav's almirah..
Shyam gets determined to know the contents of the papers.. Shyam enters Aranv's room  and begins to search for  the papers  but is interrupted by Anjali who is surprised  to see Shyam in Arnav's room..Shyam tries to control the situation and divert Anjali's suspicion but Anjali does not seem convinced ..Baulked for now , Shyam leaves with Anjali..
 Shyam  resumes his attempt to  acquaint himself with the contents of the papers, he finds the key to the locker , grabs it from Arnav's purse , inserts the key in the locker and begin to turn it when  he is interrupted by Payal who has brought in Tea for Arnav ..Shyam realizes that this way is fraught with danger  and resolves another way to find out.
In the Payal_ Maami front.. the relationship appears to be thawing with Maami grudgingly beginning to accept  Payal as her bahu ..

Probably the most UNideal honeymoon, one which we never desire for ourselves. But Arnav-Khushi had that kind. Whether darkness, bed of fire (and I mean that literallyTongue) or mosquitoes, they had everything NOT working in their favour. Yet, this one wins this week.
Reason? Well, not only did we see some awwwieelicious moments in the form of Arnav making Khushi comfortable at night and then himself becoming comfortable sleeping on her shouldersBlushing but the after effect in the form of an adorably worried Khushi and a speechles laad governor (like he can't speak), Khushi saving the day by preventing AR group from being conned and of course, cleaning the room just so that hubby dearest is not bothered by dust anymore. 
If not for anything else, then for giving rise to more Achari scenes, the so-called disastrous honeymoon night of ArHi is given the Achari Scene of the Week.

First of all there is something called Privacy and Shyam just feels free to make his way inside Arnav and Khushi's room and then opens the cupboard to search for the bank papers. I mean come on...not only he does that, when he gets caught red handed by Anjlai he first tells Anjali that he came to take the property papers and then tells anjali that he is joking and then to cover it up he says that he came to find his kurta in Arnav's cupboard. I wanted to pull my hair off Confusedwhen this scene was going on. 

He is suppose to be a smart villain and there ain't any smartness in this. He did it twice this week...How many times will he keep committing such stupid mistakes and how many times will Anjali believe all his lies.. I mean what were they trying to prove with this scene..that Shyam's plans get flopped every single time by his naive wife.Its really time to wake up.

Date: 27th March 2012
Day: Tuesday
Episode: 217
Scene: Honeymoon at Home
Reason: The goofiness of the whole scenario
The great Raizada Comedy Circus Clan decided to try their luck in honeymoon service, lead by their ring-master Nani. They altered their house to make it look like a hotel ( Thank God CVs showed it this way, otherwise if they'd have shown ArHi to go to real Bali, I'm sure they'd have used the same set even then..imagine!). The shock therapy for the 2 couples start when they notice Mama dressed in a valet's dress. More shocks are thrown in form of Mami's 'Mona' getup, receptionist Nani's ridiculous flower garlands, amazingly pretty Anjali and fuming waiter Shyam. 
Though it was a bit over-the-top and the scene and set both had an unpolished look about them, the sheer brilliance of the cast carries the scene well and the adorable awestruck expressions of the couples sets the whole thing pretty well.
Dialogue of the Scene: Mamaji: Who Mama? What Mama? Hum apke driver cum valet cum attendant hain Sir!
Performer of the Week: Arnav, for his expressions at Mama-Mami's costumes
Message from me: Yay! It's the 25th Edition of Arhilicious Droolers!

This week's best Rakshabandhan scene was the cute Arnav and Akash scenes all week long. I love both of their reactions when they see their Mama and Papa, respectively, treating them like they were kings. Both were sooo cute!!! I also found the office scene cute in which Arnav (silently) told Akash that it was all okay. People make mistakes. 

Honestly, I believe that this week, we might have two winners. Even Anjali and Arnav had very very cute scenes. Anjali trying to set up a perfect honeymoon was perfect for us viewers if not for Arhi. Her worry for him was also cute. I loved how Arnav drank that kardha when Anjali was mentioned but refused to do so before. That was soo cute!! 

Great work team for the silver medal ! 

By Mya

Hiya fellow Arhi droolers 
This week was a mixed bag...v had comedy,angsty, romance n fillers too!
Thursday epi with fancy dress ke participants, Sethiji n Sethiji to establish single point aka truthfulness via malai kofta n lauki sabzi  and Payal's attempt 2 make mami a London ki duty free item  were really dragging
Luking fwd 2 an eventful week and less fillers...

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khushix IF-Stunnerz

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This week was a treat to all Arhi-ians as we were able to witness cute arhi nok jhoks nd superb scenes! so without any doubt d BC title goes to...

they r fixed to this title nd whenever i updte this arnav will also become a prt of this directly or indirectly.LOL i dunno wther im being partial to him or is it juz a coincidence? -jokes apart- Arhi was totally different this week. have to say khushi rocked!
When arnav told dat he is doin all this 4 his di, instead of keeping quiet she replied the same. i love this quality of khushi. whenever arnav talks to her angrily she alwys has something to speak against himClap nd khushi is very caring. she threw d burning matchstick in his hand nd was repeatedly asking him ''ru okay''. she understands each nd every small thing arnav says. have to say she's d best person who understands him. even his di failed to understand wat he wants. she made kadda for him nd cleaned his room to bring his voice back! nd she saved AR enterprise frm a loss nd prooved her intelligence by calling d police nd arresting d bad guys! she was so cute when she said she was missin his ''wat the''! [Seth nd Seth].  d funniest dialogue of khushi in this week's epi :
[seeing d black cats:] yeh bhi hoonge kissi shantivan ka laad governor. (khushi u rocked here)LOL
hum ek laad governor ko sambhal rahe hai. aaj teen teen ko sambhalengeLOL
nd khushi's best dialogue this week was : jhoote log nazar churathe aur sache aank aankh milakar baatein karthe! [i thought abt ASR wearing aviator glasses in this partLOL]
next abt my laad governor. he was playing d role of ''NATKAT NANDKISHORE'' i mean ''natkat laad governor'' this week.LOL arnav hurts khushi but d fact is dat he loves her. i lovd d prt where takes permission frm her dat he'll first change! nd when khushi was abt to fall frm d couch he made her head proper. hw sweet. arnav loves khushi when she is sleepingWink cz sleeping khushi looks innocent nd will nt react to him! he was thnkful to khushi when she saved AR enterprise frm a loss but his ego doesnt let him to thnk her!  
  so dats all for this week. see u again!

Hey peeps! 
The most irritating character of the week is one who annoys the hell out of us whenever he/she comes onscreen. This week's most irritating personality is surprisingly Anjali. I couldn't help but notice that she is a woman who seems to live in a fairytale world. Pardon me. I don't mean it in the wrong sense. But something tells me she refuses to see the bad in anyone, let alone her husband. 
It was pathetic to see her give the money to Shyam for the watch. Doesn't he mind taking the money from his wife? I thought these kind of things were not acceptable to a man's ego but this clearly doesn't apply to Shyam. Anyways, CAN'T Anjali see what's happening infront of her? In Thursdays' episode, when Shyam lied to her about checking his kurta from Arnav's closet, she believed him.
On the whole, it's annoying to see her like this. She'll seriously get the shock of her life when she finds out that her marriage is so not perfect.  
Well enough said for this week. Adios!

Hello hi everyone and welcome to the funniest character of the week section. This week was another fun packed week with little glimpses of anger here and there.
The funniest character award this week goes to none other then KKG. Her bubbly personality and amazing detective skills is what lit up the screen this week.
All we can say is keep smiling KKG...cause that's what makes you beautiful.

Hola IPKKNDians,
It took me a long long time to decide the dialogue of this weeks! Well i wanted a funny one and finally remembered about the Poolside wala Dialogue! 

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Khushi says,"Yakeen nahi hota ki aap wahi insaan ho jisse..." she stops..."Kaisa rahega.." 

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

I burst out laughing listening to this.. Well thats only from my Side.. See u wonderful wonderful people next week!
-Ridzzi <3

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minuu IF-Addictz

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yep even before the friday's epi cause i a so sure nothing beats this..LOL

No words needed. no amount of AWWWs would do. just pure bliss!

the first one is a worth a 100000 swoons; but couldn't resist sneaking a few more.. Tongue

beautifully shot this! as if the intensity with which they look into each other's eyes was not enough!!

No one beats our Jalebi Bai when it comes to dressing creatively but this week is different. We have not one, not two but THREE people taking this crown!

Manorama's husband
^^Mamaji did an amazing job as a driverClap

^^Nani definitely makes the cutest doll ever. Age is just a number. She can give young girls a run for their money!

^^We might hate her for annoying us so much but admit it, a laugh can't help escape you whenever she's on screen!

Big tight jhappi Hugto all my fellow Arhian's! hope everyone's having a rocking weekend..i know its horrible without IPk..Nevertheless im so glad we've arrived at our 25th NL!yayyy! Dancingso lets get started..Big smile

As we've been observing so many bloopers off late on the ill try to post the ones which were'nt posted in the forum before..hope they weren't ..(waise toh frankly speaking the entire script seems to be a blooper for me.Confused)


Sabse bada blooper for me!!  ROFL! Khushi's still on with the pink dress and the same dress is hung in the wardrobe when Shyam's spying in there..!! I was like ShockedShocked myself!!itna wadda mistake!!and the next scene again she's still wearing it! have a look *notice the pom-poms*

if its not clear yet.. watch the epi. i say Wink


Well I don't know if this fits here, but isn't it strange..arnav- Khushi,payal-akash came into the house oops into the *delhi mein bali hotel* when it was noon I mean day time, they come in,nani garlands them and they're sent off to get ready na?! Wackowhoaaa they return all dressed and by that time its evening..i was like? Shocked how long do they take to get ready..LOL


Frankly speaking this has gotta be a serious issue.LOL.i swear I tried this that very day, how come the match stick's still on with the flame after Arnav-khushi fall over the bed??it has to go off man!!okay if at all id didn't? how come it didn't go off until their entire rabba ve got over..okay okay I agree that was a sparkling scene, but how on earth can that bed catch fire, when Arnav throws the matchstick in a complete opp. Direction??fine!!even if it does catch fire, how it that possible we didn't see any burnt/black spot on the beddd sheet later?????? aahhh I know that flame was just like ARHi ! all magical..ROFLL!! and c'mmon that wasn't even the bistar !! aag toh ASR ke laptop mein lagi thi!!na??Wink??see the pic! And how come all of a sudden everything's clear and visible for Khushi  in the dark, she manages to run into a pitch dark bathroom, fetch buckets of water? when few minutes ago she complains about the dark!! Phew *feel giddy* Pinch

Leaving it all to u guys..LOL


Yeh kya? Khushi had the black and white checkers cloth around the glass when she carried it to Arnav's room and when she enters the room, the cloth disappears and in fact the same cloth happens to be right behind ASR on the recliner!!! Hufff!! What the!!LOLWink


Okay this is not a blooper though I wanted to mention this..what yaar Arnav Singh Raizada ke ghar me itni cheap quality crockery ? i mean look at the glass tumbler 'ewwwOuch


That's all folks!! Enjoy the weekend ahead! Hope to have a fresh start from Monday!Big smile

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khushix IF-Stunnerz

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By Sid bhaaai ( Yulz)

Here is ur Gift

Made By - salha876 

Here is ur Gift

by ragii ! <3 

Here is ur Gift

Made By - fizzi_gurl

Here is ur Gift

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minuu IF-Addictz

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Pride and Beauty

" Dance of Divine Love "

Your brown eyes, Your almond eyes, 

Sometimes, in the night, when sleep

Seems to hide aroung the corner,

I look off at you, and remember, t

the way you look as a sleeping princess

When I close my eyes at night,

I see you in my dreams then I'm filled with so much delight

You make me smile when I look in your eyes I see the real you,

I see your soft side, that you usually try to hide,

And I see the passion in your eyes,

The look that tells me you love me 

But touches me with a sudden fire, you set my heart ablaze

And you make everything around you go into a vague,

Open your arms and hold out your hand

With one single motion strike up the band

In this moment all I want to do

Is share one simple dance with you

The moon shall be our disco ball

Swaying to the sound of the robin's call

Allowing music of our love to be our band

Holding fast of your body in my hands,

You're always in my mind,

And in my dreams that's where you are are tonight

Even though we are far apart,

I can forget about our last depart,

I'm your holding hands and tell you sweet things,

With you i reach to the top knowing you are be with me,

The darkened sky is dark no more

Fireflies begin their twinkling galore

Lighting up our pathway so we can see

If only for this moment between you and me 

First careful step stepping at the dance floor

Lifting your arm placing my arm at my back, 

I love you with a passion so great and deep

I love you so much that I sometimes begins to weep

I had high hopes for us in the future

For some bright day we will then be together one day,

Your fragrance,  is hitting my nostrils,

It makes me feel inspired, first tune is hitting my ears,

As we take the first step with the lights,

Dancing like this, is like making love,

In thin air, exciting and demanding

Swirling around weightless motions,

Hearts pounding to the internal rhyme  

Let me know just how blessed I am, 

Your love I have each day

Let me be without you, our life will be a forever dance 

Runner Up

At Last Together by DarkDove
Here is ur Gift

 Zilch by sharneil92
Here is ur gift

Runner UP

Untamed Waltz by livelygal
Here is ur gift


Highway To Hell by madmaxine
Here is ur Gift

Here is your Gift

Here is ur Gift

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khushix IF-Stunnerz

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This week was CUTE. Who agrees? This week was full of ArHi sweetness, pranks and gussa included, but still sweet. Disliked how Anjali got sweetened by Shyam again in the beg of the week. Angry But then she start noticing it as fishy and not satisfied. Approve About time a change comes!!! Shyam as always annoying but for first in the week, I found the episodes filled with ArHi. Embarrassed Khushi at best and Arnav too. Clap The ending the week was great with his voice back and not wanting to accept. Know the best part? The way Khushi knew each and every thing going on inside of Arnav. This week deserves 4.5/5Star Star Star  Star  Smile. Oh, forgot, it's good they are showing Manorama and Payal getting along ROFL And and and, there was a flashback scene for Arnav's past!!! 


Okay CVs lets get to real business this time. I know we people only demand for ArHi scenes but but we demand some change now. I mean for how many days you guys will drag this pathetic thing.
Since last 2-3 weeks we are watching misunderstandings and Shayam truth not coming out. We are done with this dragger now its time to bring the change soo can we expect soon a mahaepisode and Shayam's truth coming out.

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.Jane.. IF-Stunnerz

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Heeyyyaaa, Droolers!Hug

Ok, I have SO much to say to you guys but I dun know where to start from. As cliched as it sounds, when we'd started with the NL, I had honestly never thought we'd reach a 25th. Not that I'd seen so much into the future but nevertheless.
It is not just about whether you guys would continue reading it or not. It was also if we would continue working on it or not. But every week seeing the overwhelming response and the hardwork the team puts in, we got motivated to make the NL better with each edition.

@Team: Special mention to the team who's only form of recognition is the credits we give but you guys deserve so much more than that! You work no less harder than we do and we love you for helping us make it till here. 4 people are not enough to make something like this a success. You guys are our BACKBONE!Heart

@Readers: What do we even tell you guys? Every week when we read how much you enjoyed the NL and how it has helped you survive without the show through the weekend, it makes all those hours we spend every Saturday working on it worth it. THAT is why we worked for 25 weeks and THAT is why we will continue to work...for you guys..for our mutual love for this show...

Love you all soo much! You guys are the BEST, IPKians!Hug

Finally, CONGRATULATIONS, Droolers! Our NL made it till it's SILVER JUBILEE!!Party.Dancing

P.S. Please do turn to page 2 and read messages left by Sanju, Minu and Khushi as well. They also have similar sentiments to share with youEmbarrassed

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