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(A lil different idea that i had...so no song this time... I am sorry if you find it a lil boringConfused)

Nidhi's POV

The day is still fresh in my mind. Me being 10 and my younger brother Suhaas, who was 7 about that time, got dressed up by our favorite Stella Nanny as we were about to accompany our mother Nandini Verma to the airport to receive the best dad of the world, Siddhart Verma. He went to France to sign a deal and it was the first time, he left for a month and hadn't took us with him. We pout, We argued, We got angry but he clearly stated that "Your final exams are more important than this trip...But i promise to took you both next time". And, he was right as always. Suffice to say that he promised us alot of gifts as compensation. We hugged him tightly as he rushed out from those glass doors and enveloped us in a big hug. We missed him and so did he. Later after getting back home, he showed us our gifts which were great but that day I realize that those gifts, can't replace or over-lap the feelings, I felt being away from my father.

It was the night. Clock struck 11. Suhaas was in a deep sleep on the bed right next to mine. What can i say. In-spite of having a room all to himself, he couldn't sleep there as he is afraid of the dark. But i liked his presence around me. Though he use to irritate me too much. Ok now that's an under-statement. Pulling my pony-tail, destroying my notebooks by coloring, spilling all the water colors i just got, on my bedsheet . But he love me and i love him too. I hate to see his scared face when he woke up from a nightmare and would slip in my bed to just hold me. I would like to show fake anger "Suhaas, Can't you let me sleep in peace..." I would try to distract him but all he would do is just hug me close and went back to sleep as quickly as i would hug him back. The feeling that i could comfort someone or someone look up at me to rescue them, make me feel great.

My father entered the room so quietly that i didn't notice him, till he was at my side and i look up at him. "Shhh" he made that sound putting a finger to his lips. Suhaas was clinging on to me as usual so i carefully turned around. "dad, you are still up?" I asked casually. "Yes...i need to see my daughter in private" He said softly stroking my hairs so lovingly as he sit beside me on the little space. "I miss you dad" I try to voice out my emotions, surprising myself as for the first time, i was letting him know that. "I missed my princess too" He said and bend down to kiss my forehead. Right then we hear a light snore beside me. We both chuckled looking at Suhaas sleeping with open mouth. "He is again in your bed?" Dad asked with an amused expression. "Yeah...he is such a chicken" I giggled. That was the recent word i learned that do explain a scared person in a trendy way. Ok not trendy. "Nidhi, it is not a nice word" Dad warning tone made me stop. "Sorry" I said sheepishly with a pout. " Its Ok...but never use that word for him...he is just a child...He will get over his fears as he will grow up" And i nodded. "Oh!! i just came here to give you this?" He took out a hard square box having a lock to it. Quickly grabbing it, i went through it and then as my father put forward his hand, a key resting in his palm, i grabbed it and open the box to find out a diary. It was quite a normal diary by its cover. I was disappointed as i anticipated something extremely special inside. And my father noticed that. "Nidhi, Just remember beta" He started calmly as he put a hand around my shoulder. "Never judge a book by its cover. I know its a plain simple diary but its your work to make it worth to look at" he said pating my shoulder and then again continued. "I want you to express your all thoughts, all your emotions that you so easily hide from us in this" I look up, shocked at my dad. How did he know this? I use to be a shy person as i am still now. I never would like or it would be just equaly great to say that i don't feel comfortable expressing my thoughts. I would like to keep my emotional chain just to musel. "I am your father for a reason..." He said with a smirk, answering my thoughts and a small smile lift up my face. "Now, go to sleep...or your brother will wake up due to our whispers" He said getting up with a chuckle and kissed my forehead once again and then Suhaas's and left the room, switching off the lights. That's the day, i got my best? friend, my diary, which i named Firstmarks then and as i turned around 15 and started dreaming of a romantic hero to be a part of my life forward, i renamed it as "Firstmark & Fantasies". Every single thing that attract me, or thought that first came into my mind...i will share it with her, and always like a good friend, she listened. Today i am going to show you my diary which i never even let Anjali, My 2nd best friend after this diary, too. She would frankly call it as her "Sautan".

Ok just see it now...that's the first page


Here are the entries.

3rd March 1998:
Hey there! My dad just got you home and he told me that you could be my best friend, will you? Hi my name is Nidhi Verma, 10 years old. My stupid brother Suhaas is still sleeping beside me even though the sun rays are peeking inside. You are the first thing, i am looking at after getting up, so i though to give you a proper name and i decided on Firstmarks as from now on, i will record my first's in you...Will you be my best friend?

7th July 2000: Oops!!! I am sorry. I forget you completely and just got a hold of you as i was clearing out the cards given by Anjali. My best friend. How stupid i was to think that she is my best friend when she make me cry infront of the whole class and called me self-righteous. How could she do that. I hate her. Now you will be my best friend always. I promise.

14th July 2000: yayyy!!! i am so happy. Anjali said Me sorry infront of the whole class and she also told them, that it was Mina, that short stupid girl, who filled Anjali ears about me doing back-biting about her. But i am so glad that mis-understandings got clear and now Anjali is back to me and promised me that she willn't let anyone come between us friends. I am so sooo happy.

OK now let just skip some entries. They are filled with the pranks me and Anjali
 planned and played on some of our group-mates and how much
Suhaas use to irritate me.
Lets move forward to my Fantasies topic nowDay Dreaming

28th May 2004: Its my birthday and i turned ever so dreamy Sweet-16. My parents arranged a beautiful party for me in the night and it was so much fun as my friends stated that But i could have said that if they just not had taken me to that Movie, we went after i gave them a birthday treat in a small cafe near our college. That movie or i must specified, its main lead actor Ashutosh Mathur, took all my excitement away from me. His hot looks, his amazing avatar, his catchy ever so deep eyes, his husky voice...made me drool all over him. It was his first movie as he is just 22 years old but his on screen presence is too enchanted. I couldn't concentrate or better if i say, dare look at any other person present in that movie all the way. I can't keep him away from my mind even during that blasting party. Dear, he is my First Official Crush.

22nd November 2004: Its been 6 months i saw him first, in the movie of-course as you know. But he doesn't seem to be getting out from my mind. I have watched the movie, his movie, Jab tum Milogi a thousand time now. JUST FOR HIM. The movie still on as i am now being alone in my bed, watching him on the small LCD i have in my room. *Sigh* . Glad that now Suhaas stopped sleeping by my side as he state it "I am a big boy now". Finally he realized that. But i miss my brother by my side. Damn, i am so used to him now that i almost felt empty and alone. Ok, back to my Ashutosh. He is been like that ever so romantic dreamy macho, stunning, handsome hero like SRK from DDLJ or KJ's KKHH. Not to forget his set face, his killer dimpled smile that can make you crazy and those killing eyes. That perfect body and the swift moments and actions display by them on screen. I am feeling like one of those crazy fans who would do anything for him. But not gonna give up my life in the least bit. Not that despo i am. I can't stop talking about him in college whenever the topic would be BOLLYWOOD and for me, its like bollywood is right now his home and Anjali and others will make fun of me. I can't talk about him to them anymore. It feels like its a SIN in there eyes if i just praise his work and his looks being just a normal girl. He has already done one more film along with 2 two are in progress, hopefully coming SUPER-SOON. What can i say...just can't get enough oh him. I surf internet to catch his latest interviews that would have been published by some online feature magazines.He was on the cover of latest edition of Filmfare for which, i practically had to have a run inside the bookshop to have it, and Lucky me, got the last copy...UFFF!!! that was a close call. But i was so happy as i get hold of it and read his biography, not something quite useful and new that i got in it as i have already read and searched all about him else than that Sizzling picture of him in that black jeans followed by just that leather jacket, unbuttoned, showing his perfect abs beneath itself. I was and still drooling over that picture of him and it became one of my favorites. He is now-a-days being linked with his co-star of Jab Tum Milogi, Nisha Khanna though she is elder to him about a year. People say they look cute together but i can't seem to find that. They are just pretty OK together. Ok, mom is calling me now...GTG. CUsoon super-friend. Ciao.

13th February 2006: Its valentine day tomorrow but our college hosted a party today. As usual boring, Girls in red and Boys in black and only couple invitations. As i don't have anyone to called as my BOYFRIEND, i decided to go with Samar as he ask me to be his partner. Though all of my friends in my group are being in a relationship, as that what they say it. Anjali too is seeing Ranganath, one of our mutual friend and i can just say that they really look cute together. They would fight, argue or what not but they make-up as soon as they fight. They are really called as Tom&Jerry of our group and I am so happy for my Anji. Me and Anjali went for shopping and i choose a strapless red diametric arc dress that was falling till my knees. Anjali also got a pretty red sleeveless dress that has those straps which came around the neck. Not to mention, her long arched neck did fully justice to that pretty piece. Ranganath was stick to her throughout the party and not letting any other guy approach her. It was amazing seeing that possessive side of him. Gosh!! i just want one like him but a little more decent than he is. Ok ok leave that for now.? Lets come to the exciting part. Remember Ashutosh Mathur i was once so crazy about. Yeah Him...He made a special appearance with that new girl that is gonna be the female lead in his just gonna release film, Humrahi. They met the students and autographed were given by them. Media was all over covering their movements. Principal was introducing him to a couple of students and to my utter surprize, i was one of them. OMG OMG!!! can you understand and think how does that feel...his hand touching and shaking mine. It was one of the world's best sensation. His hand strong and firm holding mine soft and delicate one. Hayeee... *Sigh*  it will stay a great moment of my life. But the most un-describable feeling was when that stupid arrogant and idiotic Samar called me her Girlfriend infront of everyone. Oh hello. When we started dating?. I hold my anger for sometime but as soon as i get out, i didn't control it anymore and asked him. "What the hell was that Samar?". And damn he, shrugging his shoulder at my question as if he don't know anything. Not able to take the silence which occured for a moment i again asked. "Why did you called me your Girlfriend? when did i said yes to go out with you?" I was seething now. My eyes, i just hope were looking daggers at him. "Nidhi, i asked you today and you said yes" Huh...what an answer. He moved closer to me while i just put my finger on his chest and pushed him away. "You know that better that it was just for this party...I never said yes in that term which you supposed" "Yar, so what a big deal... now you can say yes to go out with me" I just want to kick that guts of him. Not wanting to discuss it anymore, i said in a plain tone, clutching my jaw "Its over Samar...this name friendship whatever we had, is over...I don't wanna see you damn face" I said and took out my mobile to call my driver. "Nidhi, just listen to me" I looked around and saw some of our friends now were too out behind us but ignoring them, i said in a loud voice, making it clear to everyone. "Its over...I was never and i do not wish to ever be your girlfriend Samar". Just in time, my driver was there and getting inside, not looking back at once...i got on my way back home. Now that is my firstmark as being called a girlfriend and as dumping a guy...

24th April 2008: Graduation!!! a long journey came to an end and now, i am  a graduate fashion designer. For some extra courses, Dad recommended me to go abroad and i think, its all worth. I will miss all, Mom, Dad, Anji and my idiotic brother Suhaas. Oh Oh...did i tell you that he found a girl. I mean, just at the age of 17, he got his first girlfriend. Poor girl. I hope she knows in what mess she got herself in. Hahaha :P but to tell you the truth, as i can right...Suhaas is a nice boy. Not favoring him at all and God save me, if he ever get to read this, he will never spare a moment to boost how i praised him. But seriously, he is. I am so glad i have a lil brother like him, who sometimes, do behave like an older one. But then, i love his attitude and possessiveness towards me. I love it when he put his arms around me today to congratulate me. I also love it when he rescues me from a guy who unwantedly try to get free with me. Thank God, we were in the same college. I love it too when he will say name to all those wrong numbers and tell them off. He is my super-brother.

26th July 2010: Getting back home after two years of study in London, i am now a professional fashion designer you know and yesterday, i had my first show along with other designers. And i m so so happy to receive positive comments about my summer-wears. i tried to keep the outfit light and comfortable, making it turn out to be trendy yet casual wear. As a show stopper, a young model Neha was approached who did her work, fabulously. My whole family was there to support me. Many TV actors along with some bollywood actors were there too who were called by some other designers. But they do came to me and appreciate my work. Many place orders of the one's pieces they like. I was all perky and sweaty before my turn of the show but as it got over, i could feel nothing but content. After completing my work in just 2 months day and night  time,  I am truly glad how it came out. Got late last night after giving a treat to Anji and my other friends so could told you all that, but now as sun is as its peak while i just get up. You are the first one to know i am telling all those feelings, i went through. Thank you for listening to me dear. I know i know, you always do. Thats what best friends are for. By the way, today there is a party to celebrate the success of last night show, hmmm...lets see what's new i am gonna experience and then, i will share it with you.
27th July 2010: OMG OMG!!! i just got back from the party and straight getting hold of you after removing my silver high heel sandals cause the thing i am gonna tell you, it totallu U-N-B-E-L-I-E-V-E-A-B-L-E. Ashutosh Mathur, again once again. I don't know why i am or he is getting back into eachother lives, but thats what happening. He was there in the party, with his co-star, looking as breath-taking as ever. Time only just made him more charming and confident. Ok thats not what i had to say. I need to tell you that he came to me after a while the party started. HE..HIMSELF...CAME TO ME. Doesn't that sound weird??...Above that he praised my work even though he wasn't there in the show. I remember his exact words. "Hey, your collection was, i mean is, superb just" His smile, ever so genuine. I couldn't say anything other than muttering a small "Thank You" in reply while he continued. "Though i had to came last night, but was a little occupied so couldn't but Lisa, my co-star just happen to gift me a shirt designed by you, and i really liked that. Would you mind if i came around your shop so you can show me some other pieces?" He said scratching his temple with a finger while holding a wine glass in another hand. I was stunned by his action and approach but still composed myself and said "Yeah sure. I am right now working with Rajesh" another new fashion designer and was my class-mate in graduation "We just opened a small boutique name RAYS...You are always welcome" He smiled and after a little more pleasantries, he moved ahead to greet some of his colleagues and friends. But just imagine, my work and he praised that. I must not be bad then cause i read somewhere that he only go for brands and trying a new one, mine one, really make me ever so excited. Lets see when he will come to our boutique. But i am so excited...just wanna dance in this joy...

Ashutosh's POV

I saw her and today i had to talk to her. I was so attracted to her right from the first time she came infront of me in that college party. I remember, how i just made myself move towards her by meeting several people in between just to get close. And so i remember her sweet voice, her smiling gesture. Her skin glowing under those bright lights and matching perfectly with her skin. Her eyes, black, deep. Her full lips. But then i too remembered how i heard someone calling himself her boyfriend. It just broke me a little. I had to attend that fashion show yesterday but one of my director's called me that they have to re-shoot a scene just then and as the release date was quite near, i can't make an excuse. But later Lisa, my co-star came up with some pictures and a gift she got for me from last night show. I was stunned when she showed me HER picture and also told me that she designed the shirt she gifted me. I don't know why but i get a hope that may be, i could get to her and seeing her standing infront of me with a bunch of women, i couldn't loose this chance.

"Excuse me" i said to Akshay, one of the fashion photographer, and holding my drink, reached to her. "Nidhi" and she turned as i called her name, looking pure beauty. "Hey, your collection was, i mean is, superb just" I smiled to reassured her that my words are true.. "Thank You" She replied humbly. "Though i had to came last night, but was a little occupied so couldn't but Lisa, my co-star just happen to gift me a shirt designed by you, and i really liked that. Would you mind if i came around your shop so you can show me some other pieces?" I scratched my temple to get myself calm and over-come that stupidness, i was showing. I could see that she was taken back by my statement "Yeah sure. I am right now working with Rajesh...We just opened a small boutique name RAYS...You are always welcome" Though i knew all that but right now, i don't dare show my eagerness while having a conversation with her. After a few quick wishes, i moved ahead though my heart want to stay back a little longer, but i told it, that its too dangerous and calm it down by saying that we are gonna have another meeting soon.

?2 weeks passed on and still i couldn't got a single second spare for my own-self. My father, Akash Mathur and My elder sister Ashwani who is happily married with Ranchit and have a baby girl, Raniya called me numerous time, asking me, telling me and in the last, almost begging me to get back home in delhi for my birthday. But My Producer doesn't seem to understand that it's too long, I had a family time. I so wanted to get back home and locked myself in that house for atleast a week but these promotional campaign, not allowing my anything. Today is the last day of the promotion finally, i am just planning to go to my apartment and stay inside for the rest of the evening.

"Damn man" turning around in my bed for the umpteenth time, hugging my pillow i slightly cursed. After days of work, i am totally not feeling like resting. Its feeling to odd. But what else i can do. "May be a small walk will do any good" muttering to myself, i got out from my bed and wearing a casual shirt and jeans, and putting my eye glasses ON i left my apartment. The geeky glasses hardly make me look like Ashutosh Mathur the star. No one know about my this look else than my family and close friends. And also it provide me a little peace and calmness from those flash lights of the cameras and chattering of journalists. Roaming around a bit, i hired a cab and went to Step Road which holds the most trendy brand shops as i need to buy something for my family. Getting out, i went to a few shops getting a thing or two till i reached the place, i would never like to turn from. RAYS small shop was on my front. Getting up the stairs slowly, i braced myself and entered to find the place small, but beautifully arranged. Ladies set of clothes hanging at a side along with displayed accessories containing bags and jewelry on above rows with shoes on the lower ones. Men and Ladies belts hanging in two different stands, side by side. While on the other side placed men shirts along. I moved inside a little to get a warm welcome by a man who i assumed is Nidhi's partner and later, i also spotted Nidhi coming out from the trial room along with a girl. "I think, this one is looking nice...the other one is a little loose from the waist but if you want, i can get it fixed too" She said holding two kurti's in her one hand talking to the girl, while removing her hairs slightly softly with the other hand, which were falling freely on her face. She was looking stunning in jeans and half sleeved baby pink crisp shirt while a chain belt was loosely wrapped around her waist. "Oh my God! Ashutosh Mathur" The girl shouted in delight as i realized it just then that i have put off my glasses to have a good look of her. She turned to me and i noticed the nose ring that looks amazing and suits her the best. The girl came rushing to me and put her hands to cover her lips in amusement. "Are you real?" and that made me chuckle and i pinched her a bit. "OMG!!!OMG..." She said. "can i have the autograph?" She said after a moment in a teary tone. On my nod, Rajesh quickly grabbed a paper and pen and i signed the paper and give it to the girl. "Thank you so much" She said once looking at the paper and in the next instant at me. "You welcome...can you do me a little favor?" I asked. She looked confused. Even Nidhi and rajesh moved towards me to know for what i have to ask. "Ummm...don't tell anyone that i am inside this shop...I want to have some personal time for myself as Ashutosh, a normal casual person, not Ashutosh Mathur a star" She smiled and nodded and left after confirming her dress. "Hmm...Nidhi will you show him things, i need to caught up with our tailors for a bit" and Rajesh too left after a bit. "ummm...so How are you?" i asked ruffling my hairs. I felt myself spell-bound in her existence. "I am fine" *Pause* "So what would you like to see?" She said moving her hand a little around showing me around. "Shirts, T-shirts, belts..." I cut her in between. "Long ladies dress" She quickly looked at me narrowing her eyes. "For my sister" i like to specify so that she don't think something else. And i don't know, if its just me thinking or what but i found her relieved. "Ok..." she took me to the ladies section and show me some amazing pieces. I ended up buying three dresses for Ashwani. She was seriously so good in her work and keeping in view even the tinniest details of the work. "If you want me, i would love to walk the ramp for you some day" I was amazed by my self-expression and her facial expression was een more worth-watching. STUNNED. She didn't even blink for sometime. I snapped her out from her dazed look "Are you there?...Nidhi...Am i a bad choice?" She gulped down and then stammered. "No..No..no...I..its absolutely Unbelievable" her eyes widened and i chuckled. "Nidhi" I hold her from her shoulders. "Will you like to have a cup of coffee with me and don't turn stunned by it? too..." She rolled her eyes and smiled. "I am just about to close the shop...then ..." I cut her in between "You have to take me to the shop as i didn't bring my car" And she nodded. She locked the shop after switching off the lights and took me to the nearest Starbucks. We shared a nice chat between and got to know a little about eachother. She told me about her family and her log lost crush on me. She didn't feel embarrassed about it but i didn't dare tell her about my feelings for her. She later drop me to my apartment and went off. I also got her boutique card which hold her number too. Smiling inwardly, i saved it on my mobile and her name was on top of my contact list.

After spending a few days with my family, i was back home. It was fun. I celebrated by belated birthday with my family and give them the gifts, i got. Ashwani was literaly drooling over her dresses while little raniya's frocks and maxis make her look like a real princess. We went to camping in a nearby forest and had gala time. But I missed her. Nidhi and Ashwani was the first one to notice. "Who is she?" She asked suddenly. "Who?" I was confused. "The one who steal your heart" and i smiled foolishly remembering Nidhi's face and Ashwani quickly commented. "Hayee Blushing blushing Ashutosh...Now for sure i wanna meet her as soon as possible whoever she is" She said excitedly sitting beside me. "I will make you meet her, as soon as i get to know if she feels the same about me" and she hugged me. "She will...my brother's charm is hard to resist" She boosted. "But this time sis, i am bowled over by her charms..."Dreaming... "you know sis, she is so simple yet so stunning...its too hard to take my eyes off her" Ashwani pulled my cheek a little and said. "You are so badly hit Brother" and i know, its the truth.

So finally, i am back and i am again got trapped between my shoots and directors. I hardly got time to myself once again or to think about her or my feelings about her. But the day was surly the best when i received a call from him. "Hello, is that Ashutosh?" she sounded so unsure but i didn't like that. I want her to be sure, 100% sure about me related to everything. Even if it had to deal with taking my name or calling me. "Nidhi, its surly me...how are you?" "I am fine" she like always, replied in as minimum no of words as possible. A waited for a minute to let her say anything but when she didn't i asked. "You had to say something?" And i think she was in dazed on the other side that on my question she just stammered and said. "ya ya...Oh ya...i have to ask you something" I had to hold back my laugh just not to embarrass her but on the other side, i felt good thinking that i had some power over her. "Ya what is it?" "Will you be able to take out time in between your shoots just an hour or two weekly. Actually Style fashion week is about to come in next month and we, i mean...me and Rajesh wanted you...to..." I heard little whisper behind her as it felt like she got a lump in her throat. But clearing it she said "We want you to be our show stopper please" she almost sound pleading. A chuckle escaped my lips as i said. "You sound scared. I am not that bad or arrogant yar" I wanted her to feel comfortable with me and that was my first step. "So you mean you can do that?" She asked hold breath, I could feel that. "Ofcourse i can...Didn't i tell you i would love to walk the ramp for you" Did she doubted my words? and she answered "I thought that was just a statement" Oh man! Nidhi, please start trusting me. I prayed in my mind "Well i never say what i don't mean...i mean it when i said i loved your work...just tell me the time and day and i will be there" and she did that. Promising to be on time, i put the phone away. "Ashutosh, you need to make her show that she is special to you and i will just do that" promising myself, i get out from the make-up room to shoot for the next scene.

And time flew on jet speed. I started meeting her on weekly basis with the reason in my hand. The show. She showed me my outfit and it was gorgeous. The thigh length light skin color uchkin along with black patiala trouser. The outfit has amazing work on it and i was stunned with its beauty. I used to take Nidhi and rajesh out for coffees or sometime will get them on our practice location whenever i wont have much time. It was great. I got to know so much about her and her family. Sometimes i got to meet her little brother who will pop up just to tease her but they had cute bonding.I also got the answer of my biggest question and was surprised to know that she didn't have a boyfriend. God! how can such an amazing girl didn't get a guy. "cause she? deserves you Ashutosh" i will tell myself again and again that she belong to me and i will make sure, that it will happen. A month got over and so did the show and it was amazing. Walking the ramp was such a thrilling experience and i loved it. Later getting back on the ramp, holding Nidhi's and rajesh hands was fun. The media reporters got hold of us as soon as we were off the stage and i couldn't get the chance to talk to her. Rajesh moved to another side while i kept holding her hand. "So how was the experience of walking the ramp Ashutosh?" a journalist ask. "It was amazing. It was just thrilling. i am sad as why i didn't thought of doing it before" I stated. "But Ashutosh, why you choose RAYS...i mean many other well established brands would have like to make you a show stopper?" I felt angry. Did that meant that RAYS weren't capable enough but i had to stay calm. Anger could destroy everything. I felt Nidhi getting stiff by my side so i moved my arm around her back and rubbed it a little, trying to calm her down. "First of all, RAYS is definitely a brand that ensure comfort and trend and i would have loved to make myself walk the ramp for such a commitment rather than going for brands. And secondly, no one asked me before. Nidhi and Rajesh did and i was more than willing to do it for my friends." Nidhi looked up at me..The reason still unknown. Is it cause of my feelings, or to called her a friend but i just blink my eyes once lightly, to ensure her. She smiled and turn back to answer another reporter.

"Nidhi" she turned around to look at me with questioning eyes. After the show's hustle and bustle , we both need some calmness so we turn up on the beach. She was standing there, crossing her arms wrapping them around herself. "Will you go out for a lunch with me before we went to the party tomorrow?" i crossed my fingers at the back and asked her, hoping she will say yes. "Ummm..." she started thinking. "What's the matter?" Moving closer to her, putting my hands in my jeans pockets, i asked. "Ashutosh, don't mind it please but i don't want any stories related to us. If we go out, people will start thinking what they usually consider" i looked at her confusingly. "The relationship they consider between a girl and a boy...We both will reject the news and they will say we are making excuses. I don't want anything, not such a story atleast to get between us...i would really like to stay friends with you" and i wish much more. Looking at her face for sometime, reading her thoughts, i moved forward and hold her from her shoulders. "There will be no such story Nidhi. I promise...and we will go to a place where no reporters, no journalists can follow us...trust me" Oh i so badly wanted to erase those doubts from her mind. "And if you do trust me a little, than you will come" I warned. A soft smile played on her lips "That's now blackmailing" I too smiled hearing her words. "Is that a YES?" raising my brow, i asked. "Y-E-S" she spelled the alphabets and we smiled broadly. Walking on the beach in silence for sometime, we get back home and i asked her to be ready till 4 as we will directly go to the party after the lunch.

Next day, i was honking outside her house standing out from my Pajero when she came out from her home wearing a strapless purple plated wrap around dress that was falling just above her knees. matching earings and bangle with those silver high heels adding charms. In other hand she was holding her clutch. She left her hairs open just as i love them. "Sorry, i got a little late" She said biting her gloss lips "No problem" I love her little gestures. "But why you changed your car?" She said getting inside and look at the back seat and gasp. "What's all that?" she asked looking at the loaded stuff in the back. "You will see...just wait" I said as explaining her will destroy my plan. And she kept quite till the time we were on the way to a nearby mountai. "Are we going to hike?" she said. Did she actually believed that i will make her go hiking in such an amazing dress she is wearing. "No" i replied. "Then?" Another question came my way" I give her a look and said "Nidhi, you will see yar...don't stress" and she blabbered a bit and start to look out, enjoying the scene. Sometime later, as i stopped and get out from the car. Opening the back door, i pull out the wooden camp table with two camp chairs and placed them just a foot away from the edge of the cliff we were on. Next, i took out the red satin sheet and pulled that over the table. She was looking amused by the scene. I took out the packed food i ordered from a near by hotel and pull them on the table along with two plates and cutlery. "Ashutosh...what is all that?" She finally asked. "Our lunch..." the clock was almost striking 5 now and the sun wasn't that? burning now. Cool wind was blowing making the atmosphere, pleasurable. I moved the chair behind and hesitantly first, and sit on it. Moving it forward a little i moved away and took my seat. "So what we have here?" she looked inside the boxes. And to my surprise, she loved my choice of food. We enjoyed our lunch. Later, i put aside the garbage in a bag and arranging our chairs side by side, we look forward for the sun-set that was about to occur. "Nidhi, i don't know why but from the first time i saw you, you been over my mind...i didn't know you or your name" I pull her hand in mine, not to dare look at her face. "The time Lisa showed me your picture, i thought i got another chance...and i had to use it...so i will not regret ever in my life that i like a girl and didn't give that beautiful relation we could share even a chance. So i get to the party to meet you. The thing is i wasn't attracted to you just, i love your work...I seriously do...I never faked or lied those words i said about it yesterday" I just wish she understand that. "then yesterday what you said about all media and stuff, i understand that but i want to tell you, that i so wanted that to be true" She moved my face towards her from the other hand, making me look at her. "Not that rejecting part, but make them know that we are together...and i also want to make them know that its not a fling...I am serious about it" Holding her other hand in mine, i pulled it down "I want to date you, know you...the feelings i have, i can't call them Love now but i assure you they are not less then that. Its just not a mere attraction and i want to prove it to you slowly. I want you to take your time" and with a trembling hand, i pulled out the small ring i had got. "And this will make it official" I showed her the ring while she looked at me wide-eyed. "Ashutosh..." she said gasping. "Nidhi, just give me a chance...i will not disappoint you i promise" I look pleadingly at her. Moment later, i felt her pulling her hands away and i felt heart-broken. Her face not portraying any emotion. We kept looking out at eachother for sometime when she said. "If you don't want to slip that ring then tell me...i am tired holding out my hand" Bewilder i look down at her extended hand and look back up to found that mischievous smile on her face. Smiling, not believing my luck, i slipped the ring and moved up her hand to kiss her knuckles while she blushed. That crimson color making her look more stunning. "You will not regret this decision" I said as she moved forward and hugged me taking me by surprise. "I know i willn't" We stay in that position, looking at the beautiful sun-set together.

later in the party, it was evident to everyone that we are in a relationship and we both accepted that to media. Not to mention, next day, all the magazines and newspapers were filled with this gossip. Thankfully, her family didn't object and mine too. I remember receiving Ashwani's call "little brother, she is absolutely stunning" She said making me blush. "She is much more good by heart sis...you will love her when you meet her in person" I stated. "For sure...i know i will...not more than you though" and i blushed more. We started dating. Going out whenever we get time. Involving just our close friends a part of our outings. And soon we found ourselves in LOVE. and we didn't took much time to express it. My father along with Ashwani and ranchit went to her house with the proposal and after getting Nidhi's consent, they approved. We were on cloud nine. Everything was done in hurry as it was impossible to stay awy from eachother after 8 months of our courtship period after that dating proposal i made.

I moved in my bed, extending my hand to hold her, Nidhi Mathur close to myself but found her sitting in the middle of the night, nearby the lamp of her side. I wrapped my arm around her bare waist, engrossing my face in her bare back. "What are you doing in such a night honey?" She looked down at me lovingly, caressing my hairs with a hand. "first-marking my first day as Nidhi Mathur" She said, closing her ever so dear diary she refer as her bestest friend. "Don't you think you should get it marked in the arms of your PH means poor husband rather than sharing it with your BF means best friend" I heard her musical giggle and the next moment she gasp, feeling me giving her a love bite around her waist. "Let me help you remember how superb the day was and how special the night is to you for the rest of your life" And pulling her down i, pressed my lips tightly to hers. I heard the sound of her diary hitting the floor after slipping away from her lap. Wrapping her inside the satin sheet with myself, i just did what i had promised and i? also know, she will never forget this fantasy of mineBlushing


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M.L.PriyaNaidu Groupbie

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Posted: 14 May 2012 at 11:50pm | IP Logged
well written post ClapClap

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.Harshita. IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 15 May 2012 at 2:43am | IP Logged
u r simply Great dii...
Very well written...
ClapThumbs UpClap
Thumbs Up

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Blushsarika IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 15 May 2012 at 3:41am | IP Logged
Clap Mindblowing OS , it was soo...
Beautifully written,
loved each and every word of it.
Great Idea,
fantastic, wonderful, awesome- every Adjective is so less to describe its beauty.
It was so romantic, childhood crush changing into lifelong love.
This is destiny- this song fits on them:- kismat walo ko milta hai pyar ke badle pyar.
Both of them were attracted to each other for so long, ultimately destiny brought them together.
Loved it.

You are a very good writer, I like all your work, waiting for next OS.

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DikshaBaluja Groupbie

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Posted: 15 May 2012 at 3:59am | IP Logged
Hiii Ana...how are you.??...Thanks for this wonderful OS...It was quite a mysterious and exciting one...curiosity kept increasing as I started reading it..good plot...and a very nice beginning...Flashback was nicely descripted...Nidhi is a small girl of about 10 and her younger brother Suhaas  around 7...must say they share a lovely relation...Suhaas playing pranks on her all the time but still very loving towards her and snuggling up onto her while sleeping..how sweet...really this feeling of comforting someone does make one feel great...Nidhi's father is quite understanding...truly Diary is a person's best friend...you can share whatever you want to share with it... vent out your frustrations as well (I also used to write one..and it really felt nice..and relieved at times )  ...must say,the front cover of diary is very beautiful...nice name too " Firstmarks & Fantasies"...Enjoyed reading the incidents mentioned in her diary..very natural and true to life stories...her relation with her sweet brother Suhaas...her fights and patching up stories with Anji( whom she calls the diary as her soutan..hehhehehehe )...her school days...her fantasies (which every teenager has)..her attraction towards the sexy,hot and handsome hero Ashutosh Mathur...watching his movies, finding his interviews.etc.(.just like I do...finding interviews, videos. latest information and all about many celebrities )...I can very much relate myself to the Nidhi in this OS...but never imagined that I would marry one some day...and from here begins the curiosity...Nidhi fantasizes him and he is big celebrity..how will they meet each other...how will their love story start..and many other things...!!

Then comes the big day in Nidhi's life...She finally gets to meet her hero..."Ashutosh Mathur".(the man whom she always met her in dreams..her fantasy)...and is going all the way gaga when he shakes hands with her...what a lovely feeling it would have been for Nidhi...can imagine how dreamy she would have felt !!

Then she goes to London for some extra courses..comes back from London..and becomes a successful designer...and then again Ashutosh enters in her life...quite impressed by her work...and also in love with her..he asks her if she could help him with some more pieces...!!

It was really a big surprise to me that Ashutosh too loved Nidhi and admired her but earlier didn't expressed his feelings due to that guy Samar...but maybe..This is what we call as " Love at the first sight " :):)

Ashutosh's family is also very loving..and her sister Ashwani is indeed very doting and naughty...!!

Then they started meeting each other through the fashion show..he got to know about her family..her crush on him..and many other things about her..!!

Finally one day he proposed to her...told him about his feelings..and I really liked the sincerity with which he expressed his feelings towards her...!!

"Nidhi, i don't know why but from the first time i saw you, you been over my mind...i didn't know you or your name" I pull her hand in mine, not to dare look at her face. "The time Lisa showed me your picture, i thought i got another chance...and i had to use it...so i will not regret ever in my life that i like a girl and didn't give that beautiful relation we could share even a chance. So i get to the party to meet you. The thing is i wasn't attracted to you just, i love your work...I seriously do...I never faked or lied those words i said about it yesterday" I just wish she understand that. "then yesterday what you said about all media and stuff,

"I want to date you, know you...the feelings i have, i can't call them Love now but i assure you they are not less then that. Its just not a mere attraction and i want to prove it to you slowly. I want you to take your time" and with a trembling hand, i pulled out the small ring i had got. "And this will make it official" I showed her the ring while she looked at me wide-eyed.

Nidhi, just give me a chance...i will not disappoint you i promise"

Then everything went on peacefully..they started dating each other..got to know each other...and finally Mrs. and Mr. Ashutosh Mathur became one after their wedding and lived happily ever after :)HeartSmile

It was indeed a very nice OS...thanks for informing...love to read many such more..keep up the good job..and keep writing and informing..!!
Love ya
Diksha !!

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SwastikAshNi IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 15 May 2012 at 5:27am | IP Logged
Very Nice story.

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Shee_xaan IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 15 May 2012 at 6:10am | IP Logged

Awesome Roses

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jyothi_cool IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 15 May 2012 at 7:17am | IP Logged
wow ana amazing fic loved it

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