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AshNi OS#8: ~Stick With You~ (Page17) (Page 9)

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Posted: 18 April 2012 at 7:28am | IP Logged
Originally posted by Poojapange

Hey Ana di...
Lovely OS...After two years finally ashu confess his love...
Thanx for SWEET OS

hey Pooja
yup...ashu took time but he finally made the move to ask her be in his lifeEmbarrassed
am so glad you liked it yaraBig smile

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Posted: 18 April 2012 at 7:32am | IP Logged
Originally posted by busybee..

wooow what a lovely story . . . really nice . . . hatts off to you . . .

both d stories are related to d dream of every girl. i mean every girl wants a perfect begining n perfect ending of her love story just like ur story . .loved it  . . n a big hug 4 u . .Hug

plz keep writing such a lovely stories n plz pm me also  . . . Smile

thanku so much dearHug
so glad you enjoyed them...its just about dreams...more than fictional, i like realistic stories whom i can think to take place in real life...
and i will do pm you whenever i will write the next oneEmbarrassed
..oneOone.. IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 18 April 2012 at 7:34am | IP Logged
Originally posted by M.L.PriyaNaidu

wow nice post.It's so  romantic and curious about what happens next.you r  a wonderful writer.keep continue.we r eagerly waiting for ur postsClapClapClap

thanku so much Priya...Hug
so glad that you wait for my Os's...will try my best to not disappoint you guys in a single wayBig smile
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Posted: 18 April 2012 at 7:35am | IP Logged
Originally posted by monikaberwa

simple , short , sweet & soo...romantic

i loved it...

thanku so much MonikaEmbarrassed
thats what i want that tooo be...simple short and romanticBig smile
..oneOone.. IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 18 April 2012 at 7:37am | IP Logged
Originally posted by Blushsarika

It was so beautiful pure and romantic update.
I just can't forget your other OS javeda zindagi ,and now this one
you are really good at writting sweet romantic stories.

And your lovely poems add charm to it.
Really hope to read some of your other works in future.
Keep writing,and thanks for the pm

thanku so much Sarika for appreciation yaraBig smile
Am so glad you enjoyed both of these Os's and will try my best to come up with another soonEmbarrassed
they are the songs thats i m using in between...coz the whole idea of that OS comes to me from those songs...Tongue

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Posted: 18 April 2012 at 7:55am | IP Logged
Originally posted by harsha6

Smileawesum chap...thnkss..
eagrly waitng for anothr parts...
it was greatooo!!!Embarrassed

thanku so much harsha for the appreciation dear
hope you will like my work in future too...Embarrassed
..oneOone.. IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 20 April 2012 at 10:16am | IP Logged
Dilbar Shikdum Shikdum
OS | 4

Koi Nahin Hai Kamre Main, Kia Haseen Milla Hai Pal
Aj Shararat karne De, Kaam Baqi Karain Gay Kal

Ashutosh woke up lazily, stretching his arms out, welcoming the sun rays that were peeking from the open window and were striking, giving a warm feeling to his bare chest. He looked around to not found her wife beside himself. Right then he heard the voice of a running shower coming from the washroom. "She is taking a bath...alone?"A soft smile placed on his lips as he remembered the events of the last night. It was one of the hottest nights. Well he can't choose. Every night with his beautiful, Sexy wife is one hell of a night and every day is just a dream. Running his hand through his his hairs, he wrapped the sheets around his waist and moved to get his clothes which were placed irregularly onto the floor along with her turquoise sari which she was wearing last night. He smiled holding iit remembering the passion, the hunger and the thirst, they both were going through the whole dinner arranged by there friends just the next the day got back from Goa after there honeymoon and how hard it was for his to keep his hands off from her and her teasing flirty smiles and winks that he received from time to time throughout. And how he make her rush out from the venue, almost dragging her with himself and kissed her hard after getting away from everyone's gaze followed bye the frantic love-making after reaching home.

Jao Baba Jao, Aise Na Behkao
Hosh Main Aa Jao, Pagal Na Bano Tum
Dilbar Shikdum Shikdum, Dilbar Shikdum Shikdum

He wore his jeans, zipping it up he went out to the kitchen to have a glass of water. The apartment he just bought about 3 days before his wedding was still need to be arranged. The boxes of books, decor pieces, paintings were still packed, placed at at side. He was just able to arrange a little of his room and the sitting area with the sofa's in the mean time after getting it painted in quick two days. "Today we should arrange this mess..." He said, almost promising himself and went back to his room only to be left spell bound seeing her wife, Nidhi standing in the closet in nothing just a towel that was covering her till her knees. The nail of the index finger was sandwiched between her teeth as she was confused to decide WHICH DRESS TO WEAR. The water dripping from her hairs, falling on her shoulder and tracing her delicate skin down till it was absorbed in the towel. Ashutosh's mouth got dry. Nidhi jumped up feeling the pair of hand on her waist. "Ashutosh, You scared me?" she said sighing. He nuzzled her neck, tracing it with his nose and said in a husky voice. "You are smelling so good" "Hmmm" Nidhi could only make that voice. Ashutosh's lips traced her jaw line moving up to her earlobe only to found her moaning. She was too lost into his touch that always burned her up. He moved her hairs onto her other shoulder and his fingers ran seductively on her exposed back. Nidhi only came into senses when she found his hand moving up from her waist to the upper edge of the towel that was holding it around her. She jerked herself and in a rush moment, pushed him away making him fall on the floor. "Not today..." She said in a warning tone. "We have lots to do..." Ashutosh's all romantic mood went into garbage seeing that warning in her eyes. "Nidhi, that's not fair yar...we are newly-wed" he could only complain that while rubbing his hip only to get a glare back from her. She quickly grab whatever first thing she got hold off and rushed back into the Washroom.

Khidkiyan Kahen, parde Gira Do
Is Tarhan Se Na Mujhko Saza Do
Chod Do Mujhe Janay Bhi Do Na
?Hai Kasam Tumhain, Youn Zid Karo Na

She wore her trousers and took hold of the shirt only to find it of Ashutosh's. In hurry, she took hold of his baby pink shirt. She went to open to the door to call Ashutosh so he can pass her on her shirt from the closet but reject the thought. "If i asked him now, he will just turn the whole thing back to his naughtiness..like last time on the honeymoon, instead of giving me the shirt, he get inside and..." She blushed with the thought as she remembered the hot make-out session in the washroom they had in Goa's hotel and wore the shirt. It was quite huge for her size and was falling down above her thighs. Closing the middle three buttons, she just hold the both lower edges of it and make a knot just above her belly button. A smirk appear on her face while looking at herself in the mirror. "He was in romancing mood, lets make it more hard" She smiled giving herself a last glimpse and get out. Ashutosh's jaw drop seeing her while looking at her from head to toe. "I never knew my shirt could look so ...sexy" He complimented moving towards her in a husky tone. "I myself never knew that" She said with a smug face. "Ahh!!! now that's something new...you mean to say that i never looked Hot, Sexy and Desirable in this shirt" He hold her from her waist with a hand and moved her closer to his face by pulling the collar from the other hand. Nidhi seductively ran her finger on his face tracing it to his chest. Ashutosh's sudden intake of breath make her proud. "You are...But to a limit..." Ashutosh grip got tighter on her waist. "May be, i could prove you how damn good your husband is?" He said moving back to the bed, taking her with himself. "may be but may be, i would like to find out that myself" Now it was Ashutosh's turn to smirk and he stopped in tracks. "Oh really, that's interesting? I would like to know the details...Please" He buried his face in her neck, inhaling her. " She just let his do his work for a minute and then pulled him back by his hairs. "Ok, then help me arranging this apartment and if you just work like a good boy...you will get your incentive" Ashutosh's face fell first but later got bright with the ending part. "Really...then i am really looking up for the incentive" His words make her blush but to hide it, she moved forward and after giving a chaste kiss to his chest, left for the sitting area. "I will make it hard for you to resist me honey..." He thoughts while going to the Washroom himself to freshen up

Kaisi Yeh Majbori, Kiss Liye Hai Doori
Ho Bade Deewane, Hai Mujhko Yeh Maloom
Dilbar Shikdum Shikdum
Dilbar Shikdum Shikdum

Nidhi did all the cleaning first and get on with arranging the books on the shelves in the corner. Getting done with that she arranged the Cd's and Dvd's in the small mahogany wooden table's rack and also placed the DVD player. She then adjusted the Sofa's in accordance with the wooden table on which they have to arrange the 32' inch LCD they both agreed on buying with the savings. Though her parents had arrgued with her and Ashutosh alot that they want to gift it to them, but they both were content with what they have already done on the wedding. It was neither a big event but not to small either. Her parents had made sure everything right from the decor to the food menu was Classic and the Best. Ashutosh's parents joined just on the wedding day as his bhabhi just delivered a beautiful baby girl 5 days back and so had missed the wedding. But all in all, it was the best event of there life as there love story got complete and along with that, they also got the blessings of their parents. The sofa was way too heavy to move for her single-handedly. She could moved the single one's but the 3 seater was way more of a work. "Need any help?" She heard his voice from behind. "Yeah, help me moving this monster of a sofa" She said without looking up at him and felt the sofa moving as he put his force. As they were done with it, she looked up, wide-eyed. He was standing in just his casual trousers, bare chested. She gulped down her saliva to provide some rest to his throat. Her heart was beating faster. She looked Gaw-Gaw at him, lost. "Now that reaction surly proves how Hot i really am, am not I?" He said raising his brow, making her snap out of her wild thoughts. But to hide her embarrassment, she faked an angry look. "Can't you wear a shirt or atleast a vest? Height of shame" She turned around, rubbing her heart trying to calmed it down. "Shame? Now why would i feel shame for being exposed for my wife..." He came closer to her, holding his hands at his back together, just to avoid touching her. "You have seen me even without anything on" He said bending? down to the level of her ear, hoarsely. His hot breath caressed her rose cheek and flinched back. He hasn't even touched her and she was feeling herself on fire. "As...hu...tosh" She stammered and took a long breath. "You promised to be a good man". Ashutosh just left amazed with her reaction to himself and said with a baby face. Oh, i haven't broke my promise. I didn't even touched you" He said with a winning look. And so right he was. She just moved passed him to get to the box of paintings and said. "I need your help with nailing the wall..." She said in a loud voice and he turn on his heels to the room to bring the drill machine, hammer and nails to perform the task.

Na Sato Tum, Youn Muskurake
Choom Lo Sanam, Bahoon Main Aake
Accha Lo Chalo, Haari Main Hari
Maan Liin Sabhi, Baatain Tumhari

Ashutosh was standing onto the chair, drilling the wall. Nidhi was standing on the floor, hold the chair from one hand, providing the shaky chair some support while putting forward her other hand that contained the nails for him. He was focused on his work while she can't help but stare at his bare chest. His abs all in places, making him look so appealing. The brownish color of his body, so pleasing to eyes. His chest firm and so in shape. Ashutosh look down to get the nail only to find her checking him out. She quickly averted her gaze from him and look ed away. "So its working" He patted himself and without showing any reaction, he turn back to put the nail but he was distracted now feeling her hungry gaze on himself and in the moment, the hammer instead of hitting the nail, crushed his thumb. "Ouchhh!!!" He screamed making her worried. She quickly make him get down from the chair and took hold of his thumb which he was pressing hard with his other hand to lessen the pain. "Ashutosh...Show it to me?" She asked but he couldn't do that. Instead he just whine for sometime, making her more worried. Later as he felt the pain a little less, he opened it to found a swelled thumb. Nidhi reached for it to examine the damage. Thankfully blood doesn't oozed out. But the swelling was not looking good either. "Can't you work properly?" She scolded him only to left him mouth-opened. She looked up at his face "Now what?" She said in the same angry tone. He just couldn't do anything but pull her from her waist with the better hand and said. "How can you expect me to concentrated on that damn nail rather then seeing my Wife checking me out?" The naughtiness again make his face so charming. Nidhi just realized what she was doing. "I a..am ...sorrry" Her voice quiver as the tears which had already took place in her etes seeing him in pain, were now tracing his cheeks. Ashutosh just moved his thumb to wipe them only to get flinched with pain. "Ahh!!" Nidhi was on alert once again holding his hand carefully not to get in contact with his thumb. "Now tracing your cheek is only my right, I don't want these awful tears taking its place" He said worriedly. Nidhi wiped her cheek and said with a glum "So what can i  do now for you?" Ashutosh thought a minute. "You can kiss it better?" He said showing his thumb with a frin oon his face. Nidhi smiled at his naughty ideas. He is naughty but she so loved his these acts. "I could do better than just kissing it." She said as she moved forward her face and kissed his thumb following by making her lips took hold of it and suck it a little only to make him moan. Her lips running seductively, sedulously on his thumb, teasing it with her tongue. With the other hand Ashutosh took hold of her hairs, making her leave his thumb and crushed her lips with his, doing the magic moments back on her as she was doing to his thumb.

Baaton He Baaton Main, pal Guzar na Jain
Aao Ik Duje Main, Hoo Jayein Kaheen Gum

Breaking the kiss, leaving each other breathless, he moved towards her neck, kissing it, rubbing it up and down with his lips. She ran her fingers on her chest and back in order to feel the velvety touch of his body. Her nails dig into his shoulders as she leave a love-bite after moving her shirt away from her shoulder and slowly licked it, teasing her with his tongue. She twirl around and moved his face back to her to kiss him hard once again, closing her eyes. The passion rises as he hold her from her waist, lifting her up a little without breaking the kiss and moved towards there bedroom. Moving near the? bed, he put her down as his hands make way to unbutton her shirt to exposed her luscious body for his eyes. Her hands too reached to the button of his pants. "So did i behaved good?" He asked in between his kisses to her ears. "Hmmm" She could only say that. "So my incentive?" Nidhi opened her eyes. A shinning glint was visible, moving a step back, her hands reached upto the knot of her dress and open it only to make him know that she wasn't wearing anything underneath. He quickly reached her bringing her back into his arms and pressed his rock hard chest against her soft one. "What about the arranging the house?" He asked just randomly as she kissed his shoulder. "We have whole day for that...Right now, just shut up" She said pulling him down while kissing his neck. He got hold of her from her hips and make her lay down onto the bed without saying a single word. He unzipped her trousers and left a trail of kisses down till her toe. Just as he took her, She could feel nothing else then being loved by the man. Her Man.

Dilbar Shikdum Shikdum
Dillbar Shikdum Shikdum

Later as they lay side by side, her head on his chest and he was running his fingers through her silky hairs, He asked. "So now are you going to give an answer to my question?" She looked up. "What question?" She forget about that totally. "Am i being Sexy, Hot and Desirable?" She chuckled moving up him, carefully wrapping the sheets around themselves. "You are, the most sexy, the most hottest and the most desirable man...But just for me...Just Mine" She said with a possessive tone kissing his chin. "Just your's baby...Always yours" He said wrapping his arms around her, feeling nothing but blessed.

(First time wrote anything like this...Embarrassed.do tell me if i got over the board and should remove some content or not...DeadOuch)

Long CommentsWinkBig smile

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Ana dont even dare to remove anything...very well written...Clap

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