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AshNi OS#8: ~Stick With You~ (Page17) (Page 5)

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Pehla, Tera Mera Pyaar
OS | 3

Pehla Yeh Pehla
Pyaar Tera Mera Soni
Pehli Yeh Mulaqat Hai
Pehli Yeh Mulaqat Hai

Her heart beat was running fast as her cell phone buzzed. Excusing herself for a minute, she came out and holding her heart, she received the call. "You made it!!!!!" She could hear her friends loud screams through her mobile, that for a minute, she had to hold it few inches away from her ear to protect her this sense while giggling. The people passing by give her a weird look as she was standing in the corridor of the institute. "Really??" she too shout in excitement, not believing the words.  "Oh my GOD! Oh my GOD!!! Niz can you believe...You passed with 1st Division?" Nidhi smiled as she heard her best friend Anjali shout above her lungs. "We need a party...We need a party" Priyanka almost said in a sing-song tone that was followed by all of her other friends who adopt the same tone. "OK...Ok guys!!!" She said calming them down. Excited, thats what she was and her crazy friends too. The smile still lingered on her face. Her friends get quite to give her a chance to say. "I am still at my Institute to give afternoon classes, Can you guys pick me up till?" She looked down at her wrist watch "6pm from here as if i go back to my Hostel, Hitler willn't let me go out" She laughed as referring Hitler to the Warden of her hostel. Her friends giggle and said. "OK...Yippeee!!!!!" and before Nidhi could totally get dumb by the screams, she cut the call. A happy and satisfied smile took place on her face that reached her eyes. "I passed my Masters with 1st division" She almost told herself. Her hands were shaking now out from excitement. She kept herself immense busy today. Her finals result was about to come out and as always, her friends were given the responsibility to check that out. She was just dazed at the thought of her bright future which was broken by one of her students who came out to call her.

Jo Keh Rahi Hain Ankahin
Wo Keh Rahi Hain Baatain
Jaagi Tu Bhi Saari Raat Hai
Jaagi Tu Bhi Saari Raat Hai

"Oh Baby, Please don't deceive me?" She said making a puppy face. "You know how much i take care of you...have i ever give you a chance to complain?" She asked caressing the back and then again continued manofying her love. But when it didn't work out, she gave a great kick to that STUPID PINK SCOOTY of hers. "Crap of a piece" She said with anger moving her hand in her hairs. Her friends just dropped her at the Institute in there jeep as she had to pick up her Scooty which was ever so smoothly running before but now it seems she also become a traitor. The security guard of the Institute where she was teaching, came to her rescue but still the Scooty didn't work. "Madam, i think there is some problem with the engine" He said taking a good view of the scooty. "There is a garage nearby, it could be get fixed there but that can only happen in the morning as it must be closed now" Nidhi sigh. "Ok, can you please take care of it tonight?...In the morning, i will come and drop it to the garage" Nidhi asked and the watchman agreed and took the scooty to the far corner to park it in a safe place. Angry, frustrated she took? out her wallet from her jeans pocket and give a glimpse inside. "Damn, i only had these 20 Rupees and 3 coins left...can't even hire a auto right now" and that left her with no choice than to go to the bus station, that was on 5 minute walk from her institute. It was getting late at night. The roads were almost deserted around the area. She look at her watch and then on the road to wait for her Bus. It was just 5 minutes, she notice the presence of another person, standing atleast 3 feet away from her on the same bus station. She get scared. The firm look and those brown eyes, were mortifying her. She give him a glimpse as he too looked at her and then turn her gaze back on the road. She was tired after the party and the whole last night, she couldn't sleep properly with the anticipation of the result and now, when she just wish to get home as soon as possible, First her Traitor Scooty deceived her and now, the bus who seems to be passing by, every five minutes, was taking too much time. She again sneak a peak at the man beside her and thought, why not to pass the time, I give him ranks on the basis of his looks. She remembered that thing which she, Priyanka and Anjali used to do in there college days whenever they would get bored. "Oh!!!! so lets start" She took out the bubble gum from her pocket and after unwrapping it, she lazily put that into her mouth and throwing the wrapper away, She turn her gaze, showing that she is looking at the road while, she was actually looking at him. "Hairs...Ummm" She started from the above. "I think 7, they are stylish and kind of suit him, but could get better" She thought. Her eyes move down to his ever so deep eyes. "Nice almond shaped one's..." She smiled inwardly. The stranger look at her, feeling her gaze upon himself but right the moment, she averted her gaze making a balloon of her gum. When he looked on the other side, she smiled and again started giving his features, some ranks.

Ashutosh noticed the girl's gaze at himself or he just thought that. He don't know and right now, he doesn't care at all. He was hell tired to make his mind turn to such things. Being a marketing agent, is never so easy. He now kicked himself at times as why he decided to do his MBA in marketing and not in Banking or Finanace as his friends. There, they are enjoying office positions and here, he is, running on the street all day, looking for the clients, trying to acheieve his quota for the month. Soon to his pleasure, the bus arrived and he get in. The girl on the bus stop also followed him inside. There were just two seats available side by side. As the girl moved to the one with the window seat quickly, Ashutosh took a deep breath and move to take the next one beside her when another man stand up and sit beside her in a swift motion. "Hey gorgeous!!" The crappy looking man started as Ashutosh went to take that seat, that man was occupying before but stop in the mid-way. "You are alone...haan" He said moving his hand to her hairs trying to remove them from her face. Ashutosh looked at the girl, who seems irritated. His jaw tightened as he move towards the man and tapped his shoulder. "Kaun hai bay?" The man turned to Ashutosh to found his angry eyes looking dagger at him. "tera baap hoon main...Ye larki mere saath hai" He said as moving his hand up in a punch position. The man looked at from an angry Ashutosh to a terrified Nidhi but thought its better to get up as many others were looking at him angrily and moved back to his original position. Ashutosh took the seat beside her, maintaining a little distance. "Don't worry, everything is OK" Nidhi looked at her and felt secure seeing those eyes once again. She was trying to compose herself when she heard him again. "Its not safe, especially for girls to be out at such a night. Take care of yourself" his voice was genuine. Nidhi gave him a weak smile and slowly said. "My Scooty broke down and i just spent my whole money giving treat to my friends, so didn't have much money to go bye an auto" Nidhi explained her situation. Ashutosh slightly nodded and the journey continues, till Nidhi's has to leave at her stop. She get up slowly, holding her bag and look down at him with a soft smile. "Thank you" she said and left. A minute later, Ashutosh too followed her down and crossed the road to get a bus, going back on the same road he came from, as his bus stop already left two stops behind. But he didn't feel good getting off on his stop, leaving the scared girl alone, thinking may be that crazy man again will disturb her.

Next day, Nidhi arrived her institution a little early to give away her scooty to the garage and was back to give her classes. Everything was going on smoothly and the incident of the last night? was almost forgotten except the Rescuer. The amazingly caring one. The handsome one. If now she have to give him rank on his behavior, she will give ten on ten to him. Mostly when guys are seeking that kind of chance he had, while being all alone on the bus stop and than later in the bus too, sitting close by her. He didn't dare make a move towards her. Gentleman. Thats all he could say to him now.

Her classes for routine ended but she was informed that one of the teachers were on leave so she have to give two of her lectures for the day. She got a half an hour break and was again on her classes. On the other hand, Ashutosh was having a lucky day. For the target, he have to bring atleast six new customers in this month and he got four in this same day. He already had one in the list and that left him with one more. It just eight days passed by with this new quota and he was more happy and more relax now than in ages. He could leave early for the day and thats what he did, only to find the girl from the last night, standing there with her bag, carefully staying on her shoulder, munching her gum like last night. She was looking all sweet in the blue and white check shirt with denims and was talking on the phone.

Dil pe chala na
jab jor koi
tu mere pass aa gayi
main tere pass aa gaya

"Dad, ya i know you asked me a millionth time to buy a small car for myself, but i am happy with my scooty anyways" She argued. "Listen Nidhi, you wanna make your self-identity, we respect and support your decision but you can't expect us to not support our own daughter..."Her father tone was a bit harsh but caring "I have transferred some of the money to your account, use it and buy a nice car for yourself...And anyways, i can't believe that stupid scrap piece anymore" She smiled at her father's comment and hold back a chuckle. "Dad, you know i love you right?" She said with a smile evident from her voice. "Ya, me too..."His tone get softer but again he get back in his grim mood and said "But that doesn't allow you to not buy a car" Defeating, not to linger that topic anymore, she sighed and said "Ok, Dad...will talk to you later...Pay my regards and love to Mom...i don't even mind you kiss her from my side" She said with naughtiness. "Me either" Hearing her father, she giggled and saying bye she cut the call. That's when she realized that two brown eyes, looking at her intently. She smiled seeing her rescuer who give a small smile in reply. "Hi" She said. "Hi" he replied with a pleasant dimpled smile. That's when she noticed how beautiful that smile is and hoe breath-taking that can prove. Holding herself, she extended her hand. "Nidhi". He look at her and then at her extended hand and said. "Ashutosh" Oh my God!!! doesn't his name so go with his persona. She thought and took her hand back. "So again, on your own...all alone?" He asked with a smirk. "My scooty is in garage and they said it something serious with it...so for now, i think its better to go through a bus" She replied. "And by the way, thank you for last night" Her words were genuine and he can feel them. "And whatever happened last night, you still are willing to go by a bus and not by an auto?" He asked admiring her braveness but left shocked with her reply. "I thought, may be someone will be there to save me again" Nidhi too noticed his reaction and quickly added to avoid the embarrassment. "I mean, there are so many people in the bus, so how could anyone would dare to do that...its scary to go alone in an auto on your own-self with nothing to protect you than the driver" Ashutosh smiled at his lame excuse. Though there were many people in the bus last night but the creep still made the move towards her. But his heart felt satisfied, that she trusted him. Its years later, someone actually seems dependent on him. Soon the bus arrive and they leave for there destination. As last night, he again first let her get out from the bus and later when he saw her, getting disappeared into the hostel, he got down and crossed the road to go back to his stop.

pyaasi hai teri saansein
pyaasi hai meri saansein
uspe yeh barsaat hai
pehlaaa hai pehla
tera mera pyaar

Getting into his apartment he shared with two other boys, he just removed his bag and throw himself on the bed. He keep playing with his fingers while his mind was in deep thoughts of the beautiful stranger he met two days back, name Nidhi. Its so long that he dated a girl. He was in final year of his MBA when he had an affair with a girl. And now after, one and a half years, he is thinking, just mare thinking about this girl. A smile formed on his face as he remembered how she was teasing her father while tucking back the hair strand behind her ear. The naughtiness was dripping from her face, the way she twitched her lips was so captivating and admirable.He do remember stealing glances at her while sitting beside her. The weather was suddenly so cold and in just about 5 minutes, it started to rain then. He remembered how she just moved out her hand to touch and play with rain from the metal rods of the window with a childlike smile on her face. It was a pure dreamy and angelic look. He suddenly sit with a realization. "Is it a signal?? I just met her yesterday and today i got the four customers while even getting one is hard now-a-days with the recession and above that, why i am so thinking about her look and imagining her here and there? WHY?" he asked himself still being deep in her thoughts. "IS SHE MY LUCKY CHARM?? MY LUCKY GIRL?" And a bright smile formed on his lips too that surly reached his eyes. "My Lucky Girl...My Girl" he softly mumble as a wave of satisfaction run through his body and he felt himself at peace. "Nidhi" saying her name, as softly as he could, he lazy moved his back as it hit the bed and closed his eyes with a grin on his face.

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ruk si gayi hain teri meri rahein
hum jo saat agayai, hai
munzil ke pass agaye

The day was really sweet. The sun was shinning but it wasn't harsh. Cool wind was blowing. The rain from the last night really made it a happy and soothing day to go out with the family and friends, to have some quality time. It was Sunday so taking advantage of it, many people were off to the amusement parks, botanical gardens, shopping or a long drive, doesn't matter till they enjoy this with the family. But indeed there were some, who were busy taking a nap, some being lazy wanna stay at home all by themselves. But there were two people who were neither interested in going out, nor in staying in. But eagerly waiting for the coming evening.

Nidhi was sitting on the bed crossing her legs, still in her night suit, looking out from the window aimlessly onto the sky. She would look down into her mobile to check the time in between. "12:15" She sigh. "Why don't this time pass quickly" She mumbled and the laughed. "There were days when i would just wish for a off day so that i could spend it going out clubbing, partying, having dinner with my friends expecting to be it as long as it could. And now, i am just wishing for it to come to an end" She lay back in her bed, holding her favorite teddy. Sighing, She again look back on her mobile :12:25...God why the time moving so slow" She asked in frustration. Though she knew that today, he might not come there on the stop. Today, or tomorrow, he might not see that handsome captivating stranger anymore. But there was a hope, still ignited inside her that knew she will find him there

aye thay kahan se dono
jayengei khan pe dono
yeh to ab kise yaad hai

Ashutosh sighed, standing on the bus stop. It was off so rather than wearing a shirt and trousers, he preferred going with a casual look and wore a blue denim jeans with a half sleeved t-shirt. He was constantly watching his watch in between while looking on the road. He was waiting for her from the last half an hour but no indication of her. He knew, he might be behaving foolishly. She didn't said and promised meeting him here. There relationship was not such in which right now, promises could be make. She was still a stranger. Just knowing her name and her living place don't make her much of his friend but he still felt that it will be good. It was the same time, he found her standing on the bus stop yesterday but she wasn't here yet. "I am making  fool of myself" He moved his hands from his hairs and walked few steps away from the bus stop. He heard a horn sound from near him that made him turned to look back only to find his Lucky Charm looking at him with a breath taking smile wearing that helmet. He smiled at her as she removed her helmet and looked at him. "Hi...what are you doing here?" Ashutosh patted himself in mind as he already had prepared himself for this question. "Hi...actually i had to meet one of my friends who live here...and you??...Got your scooty??" He asked with a smirk as his hands tucked in his jeans pockets. "Yeah...just came to pick it up" She said looking around afraid to get caught but to avoid the embarrassment she asked. "You waiting for bus?? Mind if i give you a lift??" She said biting her lower lip, hoping for a positive response. "No its ok...i will get the bus" Ashutosh said holding himself back, not wanting to make anything obvious to her. "Ohh please...thats the least i could do for what you have done for me that night" Her hope died as she heard a NO but she wasn't the one to back out. "hmmm..." Ashutosh make a face like thinking. He wanted to make another lame excuse but looking at her pleading face, a smile broke on his lips. "OK" hearing him, she gave one of her brightest smiles as she put on her helmet and he? moved back to sit behind her. "Here we go" She said as she started her scooty and began with a very high speed that Ashutosh have to hold the back of the scooty for support. "GOD save me" he mumbled with a smile.

kabse the hum tum
tanha akele
aaj kutch chain mil gaya
aaj mujhe chain mil gaya

"So where should i drop you" She asked. "Just go to your hostel...and then...i will go forward by myself" To his surprise, she just parked her scooty to a side and get out. "Do you think i am a fool?" She asked. Ashutosh left baffled by her sudden out-burst and get off too. "What do you mean?" Nidhi look at his face for a moment "I know your stop comes before mine and you miss that on purpose...but the thing i don't understand is why??" She said in utter confusion. Ashutosh simply don't know how to explain his action. So abruptly he said in a go "I just wanna protect you. I just wanna make sure that you were ok" He said. Nidhi don't know why but he felt good to hear what he said. He was looking so cute while fumbling up with his words. If it would have been anyone other, she would definitely have argued that she is not a kid anymore who need protection, but feeling, no actually just thinking that he wanna protect her, made her feel so overwhelmed and so the smile was back on her face. "Now would you mind actually tell me where you live?" She said raising her brow. Ashutosh felt calmed seeing her smiling. "Yeah...lets go" Again taking there seats, Ashutosh lead her to his apartment. He was feeling so good as in between the ride, He could feel the softness of her hairs on his face which were blowing due to the cool wind. The moments he would bump onto her due to some speed-breakers, he would feel electrified with her touch. Nidhi was not immune to those feelings too. She was just glad that he couldn't saw his blushing face. His room-mates were inside the apartment so she just bid bye to him. "Drive safely" He shouted as she left and he went inside with a sly smile on his face

Slowly they started meeting. Sometimes on bus stop. Sometimes on the road. In the last minute caught buses. Nidhi started taking extra classes to match the timing he leave. They exchanged there numbers. Ashutosh took the initiave and asked her out for coffee which she agreed. They became fast friends. On weekends they would go out clubbing, dinners and movies together. Sometimes Nidhi's crazy friends Priyanka, Anjali, Rohan would join them.

bahon main meri tum
bahon main teri hum
aur yeh jawa raat hai

"Anji, thats enough now...why are you guys working so hard to get me ready?" Nidhi almost cry seeing Priyanka tucking the sari neatly around her waist and Anjali giving slight curls to her hairs. "Shut up Niz...Be quiet and let us do our work" Anjali said hiding the exciting smile as Priyanka was done with the sari and was now helping with the jewellery. "Why am i feeling like getting ready for a photo-shoot guys?...its just a casual dinner like we always have" Nidhi said not getting why her dinner with Ashutosh suddenly became a mission for her friends to make her look EXTREMELY beautiful. "Niz, what we asked you yar...just keep your mouth shut" Now Priyanka was giving her a glare. Suddenly her friends were looking more like DEVILS than her angels. After half an hour, when they were done, Nidhi give herself a last glance. In that royal blue net sari having light silver work on it, she was looking elegant. Her hairs from the front were? nicely tucked in a small silver clip while leaving the others nicely falling above her shoulders. The light blue silver bangles and silver ear-rings adding charms to it. With the minimum amount of make-up used, kohled eyes and light pink glossed lips. She was looking decent. "You looking superb" Anjali hold her from her shoulders and said in a dreamy voice. In the mean-while Rohan came "Ashutosh is here" Don't know why but today she got blushed with his name. Its been two years to there friendship. Not just friendship but it was more than that. But they both didn't confessed but it was getting over the edge and Ashutosh after getting some courage thought to take a step further now. Nidhi come out to find him looking as handsome as over with a casual denim jeans, a white sleeved shirt with a black coat over it. "You are looking beautiful" He said complimenting. "Awww" Anjali and Priyanka??? said from behind in a dreamy tone and Rohan whisled. There love was evident to everyone but they just need to express. "Thank you" Nidhi said with a breath-taking smile. "I think...we should leave" As Nidhi nod, they get out and moved towards Ashutosh bike, which he got just few months back. Wearing his helmet, Nidhi shyly smiled taking her place behind him, keeping her kegs to one side. Slowly her hand moved around his waist to hold him and she could feel his slight intake of breath. She was glad to know that her touch could effect him the same way as his do to her.

After a nice cozy dinner in a small restaurant, they went to the beach to have a walk. They both walked bare-footed for some time, holding there shoes in there hand. "Can we just sit for a while?" As Nidhi asked, they both threw there shoes into the sand and sit down. Ashutosh looked at her for sometime while Nidhi enjoyed the atmosphere closing her eyes. The beach and its smell always make her feel at peace. "Nidhi" Hearing her name, she looked forward at him as he was sitting infront of her on his knees. She raised her brow asking him as what happened. He smiled meekly and said. "Form the day, i met you...You are haunting my dreams, my thoughts" Nidhi's heart started to beat fast as she realized what was he upto. "Its your face, i always have in my mind...You are the voice that sooth my chaos. My peace. My friend. My Love and i would like to add you in my life as my Wife...will you allow me?" Nidhi looked at him shocked. "Will you allow me the honor of being my wife?" He said with a loving face. His eyes truly depicting the sincerity of his words. She moved her hands forward and took hold of his in hers. Slowly caressing them with her thumb, she looked into his awaiting eyes. With a soft smile, she replied "I will" Ashutosh smiled brightly and not being able to holding himself back, he moved forward in a swift moment to hug her. Suprised, not being able to hold herself, Nidhi fell back onto the sand along with him. For a moment, they look at each other and then giggled. Nidhi's hands come around his neck as his one hand was holding her waist while other come up to caress her soft skin. "So??" After holding back there giggles, Ashutosh said rubbing her jaw-line with the back of her fingers. "So...???" Nidhi said in the same tone, raising her brow as if asking What-Now. "Say it..." Ashutosh said being imapatient. "Say what??" Nidhi thought to play a bit. She fairly knew what he want to hear. "You don't know what to say???" He asked frowning. "No...What am i Supposed to say???"  Nidhi said holding back a giggle seeing his face but she wasn't able to hide it completely from Ashutosh. "Oh so i have to have my ways to make you spill it out...don't I???" Ashutosh said with a smirk. Nidhi narrow her eyes fairly knowing what's coming her way. "No, don't you dare Ashutosh" In the last two years, Ashutosh has pretty much know now what her strong and weak point is. Not taking her warning a bit, his hand come down to tickle her tummy while other was securely holding her from her waist. Nidhi laughed as Ashutosh too. "Ashutosh stop that..." She pleaded. "No, till you say it" Ashutosh said. Nidhi tried to push him away but no use. He keep on tickling her making her breath-less and pleading. Nidhi somehow get to make them roll on and now she was on top of him. Ashutosh use his power the next very moment and they rolled again. They keep on rolling above eachother till Nidhi was not able to take it anymore and said. "I...hhaaha...I am sayi...i...nn..g...hahaha...it..." Ashutosh stopped then to let her get back in control. "Now please say it" shaan said lovingly, holding her close to himself. Nidhi lost herself into those deep eyes that were looking at her, intensely, passionately. "I love you Ashutosh" Ashutosh smiled hearing her and moved forward to kiss her forehead. "I love you too"? He said backing off while Nidhi not able to take there proximity any more, pulled him down to have a kiss. Ashutosh first remaind stunned but later, give into that kiss that was doing magic to him. Her lips moving on his. Taking, devouring, loving each and every bit. Nidhi's hand move up to ruffled his hairs as he groan and deepened the kiss. Her slight soft moans adding fuel to the already burnt fire. In these two years, Ashutosh never tried to get too close to her but today, he knew, she belonged to no one but him. Breaking the kiss the looked at each other, content with there life. Nidhi smirked and again put a little effort to pull him off her and standing up rushed away. Realizing her quick moment, Ashutosh smiled widely and ruffled his hairs. "You can't escape me now..." He got up running behind her and caught her within few minutes from her waist and twirl her around. Nidhi keep laughing in the mean time. Lowering her to the ground, Ashutosh hold her one hand and push the simple white gold ring in her ring-finger. Nidhi smiled seeing that metal resting against her skin. It felt heavenly today. Being in each-other arms, unaware of the world. They felt blessed. Ashutosh kissed her shoulder lightly, sending shiver down her spine and making her put her bare feet on his, he moved forward into the water to enjoy and wish for a happy coming life.

pehlaaa hai pehla
tera mera pyaar


COMMENTS PLEASE along with LIKE...Embarrassed?

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Wow... Nice beginning and really nice characterization. Next update awaited eagerly. Rock on...

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Awesome one...
really curious to know what gonna happen next.. you should not keep us waiting for OS also.. :D
come soon..
thanks for the pm.. love ya..

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thnkss for dis love-ly OS Sk_Cool..
its like "pehli nazar mai kaisa jadoo kr diya"
AshNi r feeling gud for ech othr..pls update ASAP!
good nyt!

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hey awsome story really liked it pls do continue ,

i like ashu feeling & softness for nidhi EmbarrassedEmbarrassed


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Good beginning, liked the concept, interesting , curious to know how the story will proceed. Waiting for the next update.

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