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Weekend Treat 4 Virika Lovers- Virika OS!!!!

Amii90 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 31 March 2012 at 3:02am | IP Logged
Here is a little weekend treat for Virika lovers! Plz plz do comment! Enjoy :) Ignore spelling errors as I didn't proof read!


Jeevika was packing up Viren's suitcase as he was leaving for Delhi for 2 weeks regarding some case work. She finished packing his luggage and Viren told the servant to put the luggage in his car.

Jeevika: Viren, apki files maine suitcase ke peeche wale space main rakhi hain
Viren: Theek hai main dekh loonga, thanks
Jeevika: Apna khayal rakhiyega aur waqt par khaana kha lijiyega please aur...
Viren: Are bas bas main sirf 2 hafton ke liye ja raha hoon mahino ke liye nahi par anyways main apna khayal rakhunga aur tum bhi apna khayal rakhna and don't miss me too much

Jeevika blushed and Viren came closer to engulf her in a sideways hug and placed a kiss on her forehead.

Viren: Abh main chaloon, flight ka time ho raha hai?
Jeevika: Jee

Viren went outside in the hall and took everyone's blessings and wished them goodbye as he headed out with Virat. He was constantly looking back at Jeevika who waved him goodbye. It was around midnight when Jeevika's phone vibrated and she turned out to see Viren's text message.

Viren: Hey Jeevika, sorry itni raat ko msg kar raha hoon, I hope tumhari neend naa kharab huyi ho lekin maine bas yehi batane ke liye msg kiya ki main theek thaak Delhi pahunch chuka hoon aur is waqt hotel main hoon.
Jeevika (smiled): Nahi nahi Viren main abhi tak jaag rahi thi, apke msg ki wait kar rahi thi; abh apka msg aa gaya hai to mujhe ache se neend aa jayegi. Aap freshen up hokar so jayiye, kal apki meeting bhi hai. Goodnight
Viren: Jee bilkul abh aap sakoon se so sakti hain; goodnight to you too and I miss you!
Jeevika (shy): I miss you too!

Week has passed since Viren had gone and both of them had started to miss each other immensly; realizing each other's importance. Jeevika had just finished her work in the kitchen and retired to her bedroom after freshening up when her phone rang. A shy smile crept up on her face seeing Viren's name on the screen.

Jeevika: Hello
Viren: Hi Jeevika, kaisi ho?
Jeevika: Main bilkul theek hoon aur aap kaise hain? Apki meeting kaisi rahi?
Viren: Uhhh yea meeting to ho gayi lekin abhi aur thoda kaam hai to filhaal kuch khas outcome nahi nikli...anyways khair main... hello?
Jeevika: Jee Viren ...hello?
Viren: Jeevika I think yahan network nahi hai, main hotel pahunch kar phone karta hoon. Bye!
Jeevika: Ok bye!!!

Viren called her again twice but due to error in network connection, they failed to talk. Again Jeevika's rang and she quickly picked up her phone without seeing the caller ID.

Jeevika: Jee Viren kahiye
Manvi: Aye haye marjaawan, meri behan itna miss kar rahi hai Jiju ko
Jeevika (shyly smiled and embarassed as if she got caught): Abhi Viren Ji ka hi phone aa raha tha lekin network ki wajah se baat nahi ho paayi to mujhe laga ki unhi ka hi phone hoga bas isliye.
Manvi: Acha to isliye meri didi itni sad hai ki Jiju se baat nahi ho paa rahi; koi baat nahi jab dil ka network itna strong ho to phone ke network ki kya zaroorat!
Jeevika: Acha Mannu main tujhse baat main baat karti hoon, beech main Viren Ji ka phone aa raha hai
Manvi: Haan haan abh behan se kyun baat karogi jab saajan ji line par hon
Jeevika: Mannuu...
Manvi: Mazak kar rahi hoon baba, jaao yaar aish karo! Bye!

Jeevika smilingly shook her head at Manvi's mischief and comments and hung up to take up Viren's call who was on hold.

Jeevika: Hello
Viren: Badi der lagadi phone uthane main
Jeevika: Nahi voh bas Mannu thi doosri line par to usse baat kar rahi thi...khair aap pehle kuch keh rahe the, poori baat nahi ho paayi. Kaise hain aap?
Viren: Tumhare begair kaisa ho sakta hoon, really missing you and I am sure tum bhi mujhe miss kar rahi ho
Jeevika (smiled): Acha itna confidence ki main bhi apko miss kar rahi hoon
Viren: Acha to nahi kar rahi to theek hai acha hai; main waise bhi batane wala tha ki mera trip 2 aur week ke liye extend ho gaya hai so I won't be coming home this weekend

Hearing this Jeevika's smile vanished; she was just joking she thought to herself. She couldn't think of what to say to respond and Viren on the other hand was smiling to himsel sesning her sadness proving that she indeed was missing him although he also knew she was just teasing him but still he decided to play around a little.

Viren: Acha abh itna udaas mat ho, main janta hoon ki tum mujhe miss kar rahi ho, main sirf mazak kar raha tha...cheer up!

Jeevika was surprised that Viren could sense her feelings and could tell that she became sad hearing his news of extending his trip, despite being so far away from her. Manvi was right- she thought that "jab dil ka network itna strong ho to phone ke network ki kya zaroorat".

Jeevika: Main bhi mazak hi kar rahi thi... I miss you too
Viren: Aye haye yeh huyi na baat, don't worry I will ensure I make it on time; aur airport se bahar nikalte hi main tumhara chehra dekhna chahta hoon, okay?
Jeevika (smiled): Hmmm
Viren: Hmmm? Sirf hmmm? Pati itne dino baad ghar aa raha hai aur sirf hmm?
Jeevika (laughed): Haan haan Viren ji main pahunch jaungi aap fikar mat kijiye, bas khush?
Viren: Now thats like my wife! Anyways, bahut der ho gayi hai mujhe abh sona chahiye, I will call you tomorrow before heading to the airport. Goodnight and I love you!
Jeevika: Goodnight and I love you too, Viren Ji! Bye!!!

Jeevika shook her head at Viren's tactics and went to asleep; she was eagerly awaiting for friday to come to go pick up Viren from the airport. Somehow the week passed and Viren ensuring to call her everday and it was finally friday night and Viren's flight was scheduled for 9 PM. Jeevika dressed up in a black sari with minimal makeup and simple silver jewellery; and red choora adding beauty to her look. She walked out of her room to the hall where Virat and Vanshika were waiting for her.

Vanshika: Chalein Jeevika?
Jeevika: Jee maa

Virat drove and within half an hour, they reached at the airport and were inside the terminal for Viren to come out. Jeevika remebered Viren's instruction of him seeing Jeevika the first thing as he walks out, she blushed remembering his wish. Virat decided to tease his brother so he told Jeevika to go back and sit in the car to surprise Viren then and that only him and Vanshika would go inside.

Virat: Bhai ka reaction dekhne wala hoga, bhabhi!

Jeevika laughed and blushed at her dewar's plan; she knew it would throw off Viren as he would be expecting to see her first. Virat convinced Vanshika to play along as well and she agreed. Viren walked out and scanned the area till he saw Virat waiving to him. As he walked towards him, he saw his mom next to him and he wondered, "Jeevika, nahi aayi"? Especially since he told her to come. He was puzzled and cnonfused and little upset not seeing Jeevika there.

Virat (hugging Viren): Kaise ho bhai?
Viren: Bas theek thak tu bata kaisa hai?
Virat: First class!

Viren's eyes were constantly scanning the area to find Jeevika which did not go un-noticed by Virat and Vanshika.

Virat: Kise dhoondh rahe ho, bhai?
Viren: Uhh nahi kisi ko to nahi

Viren then turne toward Vanshika and took her blessing and hugged her.

Vanshika: Jeete raho; kaisa raha trip?
Viren: Bahut acha maa, sara kaam bhi ache se ho gaya
Vanshika: Yeh to bahut achi baat hai khair chalo baki baatein ghar chalkar karte hain, chalo aao.

Viren walked along with them with a sad pout on his face wondering what kept Jeevika so busy that she couldn't come with them. Virat and Vanshika signalled Viren to sit first and Virat held the back door open for him; Viren without sensing anything sat inside and was shocked; he turned back to see Virat and Vanshika and then back at Jeevika; he was dumbfounded!

Virat: Kyun bhai kaisa laga surprise?
Vanshika: Tumhe kya lagta hai ki hum tumhari patni ko ghar chod aayenge

Jeevika just turned her face away blushing and Viren also smiled embarassingly being teased by his brother and mom. Virat and Vanshika came and sat in the front and Virat drove off. At the back, Viren was stealing glances of Jeevika; the wind blowing her hair adding more to her beauty- she looked equisite he thought to himself. He slowly took her left hand and held it with his right hand with no intention of leaving it. Jeevika turned to look at him; she missed seeing those eyes filled with so much love for her and his sense of touch. They were lost in each other's company that they didn't realized that car had stopped in front of their hand. Vanshika got out and Virat just looked back waiting for them to get out but they were just in their own world.

Virat (clearing his throat): Uhh bhabhi baki romance baad main kar lena abh to Bhai aa gaye naa, hes all yours now

That broke their attention and Jeevika's cheeks just turned tomato red hearing that comment from Virat; also thanking go that Vanshika hadn't heard that whereas Viren just gave him a stare. They all walked inside and Viren was greeted by others in the family; he took blessings from Dada ji and others.

Swamini: Viren, chalo dinner ka time ho raha hai aa jao
Viren: Nahi badi maa actually maine flight ke pehle hi dinner kar liya to abh bhookh nahi hai
Inder: Are chal khana nahi to kam se kam humare saath to baith, aaja

Everyone was eating and Jeevika was serving everyone whereas Viren only had juice to drink; he was constantly looking at her waiting for everyone to finish, so he can finally spend some quality time with her.

Kadambhari: Jeevika tu to khana kha baithkar
Jeevika: Nahi Chachi maine bhi shaam ko kuch kha liya tha to abh bhookh nahi hai

Within half an hr or so, everyone retired to their rooms after having dinner and it was only Virat, Viren, and Jeevika at the table when Jeevika's phone rang. It was Manvi and seeing that, Virat took the phone and received the call.

Virat: Hello
Manvi: Tum mere didi ke phone ke saath kya kar rahe ho?
Virat: Oh hello voh meri bhabhi hain to main unka phone use kar sakta hoon; ek min ruko speaker pe daalta hoon; bhai aur bhahi yahin hai

He put the call on speaker so everyone can hear and he decided to update Manvi on the airport scene.

Manvi: Hiii Jijuu!!!!
Viren: Hello sali sahiba, kaisi hain aap?
Manvi: Bilkul first class, acha batao aapka kaam kaisa raha aur aap mere liye kuch gift shift laaye ke nahi?
Viren: Kaam bilkul ache se ho gaya aur rahi gift ki baat to ji bilkul main sabhke liye gift laya hoon aur apka gift bhi apka intezaar kar raha hai, jab chahe aakar le jaao
Manvi: Thank you, you are the best Jiju!!!!
Virat: Aakhir bhai kiska hai! Waise aaj na bhai ko acha jhatka diya humne, kyun bhabhi?

Jeevika smiled and Viren looked at both dewar bhabhi knowing what they cooked up earlier.

Manvi: Kya kiya tum logon ne?

Virat explained how he convinced Jeevika to remain seated in the car to throw off Viren and how Vanshika also played along to tease Viren; and how shocked Viren was seeing Jeevika later in the car. Narrating this,Virat and Manvi shared a huge laugh and Manvi commened Virat on his plan whereas Viren and Jeevika were just embarassed to talk.

Manvi: Wah partner kya solid plan tha, clean bold kar diya Jiju ko!
Virat: Are tumhe wahan hona chahiye tha aur bhabhi apko bhi; bhai ka to chehra dekhne layak tha, bhabhi ko naa dekhkar bhai ko to fuse hi udh gaya tha!
Manvi: hahaha I can imagine, waise di kamaal hai aapne badi jaldi party badal li, dewar ke saath itni bonding!
Virat: Aise hi hai phir, bhabhi kiski hain
Jeevika: Abh mera dewar hai hi itna pyara ki mujhse naa nahi kaha gaya
Manvi: Wah wah; itni tuning!

Shortly after, they finished the call and Virat finally left them alone after wishing them goodbye! It was just Viren and Jeevika sitting on the dining table and they were both engrossed in each other.

Viren: Umm Jeevika, mujhe bahut bhookh lagi hai yaar, kabse control kar raha hoon
Jeevika (surprised): Apne to kaha tha ki bhookh nahi hai aur apne pehle hi dinner kar liya tha
Viren: Abh agar aise jhooth nahi bolta to sabhke saath khana padta aur phir mujhe apni beewi ke saath akele uske hathon se khana khaane ka mauka kaise milta?

Jeevika looked up at him pleasantly surprised at his reasoning and was in awe of him that he lied just to have dinner with him; she blushed and gave him a smile.

Jeevika: Aap rukiye main bas do minute main khaana garam karke laati hoon
Viren: Main bhi chalta hoon tumhare saath kitchen main, tumhari madad kar deta hoon
Jeevika: Are aap waise hi thak gaye hain, main kar loongi bas aap 2 min wait kijiye
Viren: Its ok aur waise bhi yahan akela baith kar kya karoonga
Jeevika: Theek hai, aayiye

Viren took off his coat and walked along with Jeevika to the kitchen folding off his shirt sleeves. He sat on the kitchen counter admiring Jeevika; just constantly looking at her doing the chores. Within few minutes, she heated up the food and took it to the table whereas Viren followed her holding dishes in his hands. They both sat across each other and Jeevika served him and he noticed that she had brought another plate for herself meaning she also had not eaten till now.

Viren: Tumne abhi tak khana nahi khaya?
Jeevika: Apko kya laga ki main apke begair khana kha loongi; main wait kar rahi thi ki jab aap ayenge tab apke saath hi khaungi aur main jaan gayi thi ki aap jhooth bol rahe hain to maine bhi chota sa jhooth bol diya ki maine kha liya hai. Mujhe maloom hai ki aap zaroor baad main khana maange ge warna apko bhookhe pet neend nahi aati

Viren was speechless hearing her words; she was truly the one for her who understood him in such little time that she can tell when he is lying. He was happy to know that she loved him equally and that she waited to have dinner with him as well. He smiled and took the first morsel of food and fed Jeevika who in return fed him the first morsel as well. They had a quiet dinner in each other's company, holding each other's hands and stealing glances in between. They headed to their bedroom after finishing dinner; finally they were alone and together in each other's company after 2 weeks.

Viren stood there admiring Jeevika; how stunning she looked in that black sari with her hair open. He pulled her towards her and Jeevika placed her arms around his neck looking at him.

Viren: Tumhe pata hai aaj tum kitni sundar lag rahi ho, absolutely beautiful

Jeevika lowered her head and he lifted her chin slowly and placed a kiss on her forehead; and Jeevika in return engulfed him in a tight hug; he reciprocated by tightening his grip around her waist and hugged her tightly.

Viren: Oh I missed you so much Jeevika!
Jeevika: I missed you too!

They stood like that in each other's arms and slowly broke apart holding each other's hands.

Viren: Waise main to almost bhool gaya ki tumhe punishment to di nahi maine
Jeevika: Punishment? Kis cheez ki punishment?
Viren: Apki us gustakhi ke liye jo apne airport par ki apne dewar ke saath milkar; main wahan itni khushi se bahar nikla ki apni sundar si beewi ka chehra dekhoonga lekin biwi ji to car main hi baithi rahi.

Jeevika laughed and blushed remembering Virat comments that Viren sulked not seeing Jeevika there.

Jeevika (laughing): I am so sorry Viren Ji yeh Virat ka idea tha par it was fun; anyways main punishment ke liye tayar hoon, kahiye kya karna hai mujhe?
Viren (coming close to her): Pakka sochlo jo main mangoonga voh dena padega?
Jeevika (blushing): Pakka soch liya

He came more closer and pointed his finger on his lips telling her to kiss him; Jeevika smiled and blushed at his request. She looked at him and his eyes and moved more closer to him; Viren was wondering if she would really kiss him this time unlike their honeymoon trip where she fell asleep as she was drunk. Their heart beats raised and Jeevika slowly touched her lips with his; advancing slowly, deepening the kiss and Viren responded back with equal love and passion and deepend the kiss. He was surprised and happy at her bold move and his hands traced her back whereas Jeevika's hands moved around his neck. After few minutes, they broke apart and Jeevika blushed at her own move that she actually kissed him making the first move.

Viren: Mujhe nahi pata tha meri beewi itni romantic ho jayegi aur mujhe aise welcome karegi; aise to mujhe har mahine kaam ke silsile se bahar chale jaana chahiye.

Jeevika laughed at his comment and he hugged her sideways as she rested her head on his chest.
She then instructed him to go freshen up and change whereas she changed in the room. She sat on the bed waiting for him; Viren came next to her on the bed and laid his head in her lap taking huge sigh of relief. Jeevika stroked his hair as he rested in her lap.

Jeevika: Kafi thak gaye haina?
Viren: Hmm par abh tumhare saath hoon to sari thakawat door ho gayi

They sat like that and talked to each other for hour or so, telling each other how much they missed each other and how they have become so used to each other that they feel empty without each other's company. Jeevika could not be more happier seeing that she has found someone like Viren in her life who would love her so much. She bent down and placed a kiss on Viren's forehead; who placed his hand on her neck lowering her head till their lips came in contact with each other; they broke the kiss and laid down next to each other turning off the lights. Jeevika rested her head on Viren's arm who brought her closer putting his left arm around her waist; they snuggled in closer and doze to sleep in each other's arms, in each other's company making up for the absence of last few weeks, making their love grow stronger day by day!

Plz do comment :)

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jenna_p Goldie

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Posted: 31 March 2012 at 4:49am | IP Logged
Loved it!!!

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-Tinu- Goldie

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Posted: 31 March 2012 at 7:10am | IP Logged
amazing!! please can u do another os based on virika?? pleasee please pleasee!

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Daniaax3 Senior Member

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Loved it ; you're an amazing writer u should continue this or start another one on Virika

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pinky.padda IF-Rockerz

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absolutely brilliant

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absolutely brilliant work!!!! Superb!!!! 

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Amazing, really nice OS, please do continue!!! 

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