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NICE OS...BRILLIANTLY PENNED...PM me ur next updates plsss...

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Originally posted by DhwaniKS

Wat a start and wat a finish...excellent...
Bt u know wot I ll miss ur regular updates...y dont u start wid some new SS...i know u r already working on FORBIDDEN um sure u can manage a few simultaneously...

Well,tic tac toe has got a different meaning for me longer a childrenz game *blushing*

P.S waiting for a new SS from u soon...
Take care

Luv dhwani

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Originally posted by GodsEye

It was night now. Everyone were at the Dinning Table ready for Dinner. Arnav's eyes were searching for Khushi. She was in the kitchen busy in getting the cooked food at the table. She and Payal then started serving everybody. Arnav was served by Payal. Khushi purposely didnt want go to serve him. She knew this would irritate him more and may be in this frustration he drops the idea of playing the now famous "TIC TAC TOE" with her. She could still feel his intense gaze on her. That was making her nervous... more nervous.

After serving all Khushi sat beside Anjali exactly opposite to Arnav and started having her food slowly. This was heights Arnav thought. Anjali was noticing all this since evening and thus could notice that Khushi was upset from her chotte. She too could feel the heat rising as she could see the hot stare that he was giving Khushi. To cool up the atmosphere Anjali decided to discuss on the weekend outing with all.


Anjali: Toh Chotte.. Aap dono ke Tic Tac Toe ka kya hua? Kaun Jita?


The name of that game itself gave a smile on Arnavs lips. He looked at Khushi and said admiring her.


Arnav: Di we didnt play yet. And Off course Di only I can win it.


The thought of Arnav winning it made Khushi more nervous. She Started hiccuping. Anjali immediately gave her the glass of water to ease. Arnav was all this time understanding the fact that she was scared.. scared of him winning. He felt good.


After dinner, Payal and Khushi started arranging the plates back in the kitchen. Arnav came in to get some water. He saw khushi murmuring


Khushi: Pata nahi kya karvayenge humse.. Agar unhone humse woh karne ko kahan toh...!! Nahi Nahi.. Hum aisa kabhi nahi kar sakte... Aur unke liye toh bilkul bhi nahi.. Hey Devi Maiyaa... bus yeh nahi.. kuch bhi aur par bus yeh nahi... She folded her hands closed  her eyes and started praying.


Arnav came behind her and pulled her from her waist (Like the one he did in the song Teri Meri.. Same saree .. remember?)


Arnav: Yeh "WOH" kya hai?

Khushi: Aap?? Yahan?? Aur yeh kya kar rahe hai aap.. Chodiye hume... Jiji dekh lengi..

Arnav: Sshhh..!! Khushi tum bahut bolti ho.. U know that..??

Khushi was unable to move his hands from her waist.. She gave up.

Khushi: Haan hume pata hai ki hum bolte hai.. Aur yeh bhi pata hai ki aaj hum hi jeetenge. Samjhe?

Arnav: Dammit..!! Look at that Attitude haan.. Where did you get it from?

Khushi: Khushi Kumari Gupta SINGH RAIZADA.. Remember? Jaise aap waise hum.

Arnav: Hmm.. Tumne bataya nahi yeh "Woh" kya tha? What do you think I will make you do?

Khushi: Nahi .. Hum nahi batayenge.. Lekin yaad rakhiga hum WOH karegne bhi nahi.. Kyonki humse nahi hoga Arnavji.. Bilkul nahi..


Arnav absoultely had no idea what is that she is thinking he will ask her to do. May be she knows.. May be she is thinking what he is planning for... Yes Yes.. He was definately planning for something big tonight. Something which they both never did.. But can she even think about it and pray to her Devi Maiyaa to not let that happen? These girls are soo damm confusing. Reading their minds is like digging a well. So deep yet empty...


Arnav tightened his grip on her waist and didnt miss the expression on her face at that moment.. She was sweating now. How he wished he could take her there and then.. love her the way she wishes.. But.. his thoughts were interrupted by a voice.


Payal: Khushi.. Arnavji.. Naani aa rahi hai.. (She gigled and started looking somewhere else)


Arnav and Khushi had totally forgotten that Payal was in the kitchen hearing their lovey dovey talks.. And the thought of Naani coming in the kitchen made him immediately withdraw his hands from Khushi's waist. Khushi embarrased and moved towards Payal. Naani came in and asked Khushi and Payal to come to her room as she wanted to give them both something. She also asked Arnav to join if he is interested. Without a further response Arnav promptly went to Naanis room with Khushi and Payal.


Naani opened her cupboard and removed two jewellery boxes. One for Khushi and the other for Payal. She never gifted her bahus anything after their marriage and hence thought of gifting them a diamond necklace each. They both took that as a blessing and walked back to their respective rooms.


Khushi went to her mirror in the room and tried opening the box to wear and see the necklace. Arnav hold her hand to stop her.


Khushi: Arre.. Kya hua ?? Hum toh bus pehnke dekhana chahte hai..


Arnav left her hand.. took the box and kept it on the bed.


Arnav: Abhi nahi Khushi.. Isse pehne ka mauka bhi aayega.. Par abhi nahi.. Its 10:00 now.. And we still have to start our game.. I dont want you to waste anymore time. Ok?

Khushi: Theek hai. Hum abhi change karke aate hai.. Tab tak aap apna laptop On kejiye..

Arnav: Nahi Khushi.. Abhi nahi.. Lets start first..


He started his Laptop and opened the Tic Tac Toe game on it. Khushi was just pretending to be fine.. But she could sense it.. something was wrong with him today. He has definately planned something..


He sat on the recliner and ask khushi to sit beside him. She was hesitant to sit there at first. She denied and said that she would sit on the floor beside the recliner. As soon as she was about to sit on the floor, he dragged her and made her sit on the recliner beside him. The room was getting hot now.. He started the game with a "X" mark at the centre. It was her turn. She put the "O" mark at the top and the game began.. Means the ROUND 1 began. It took only 3 more steps from Arnavs side for HIM to WIN the first round. And there came a Wicked smile from him. He looked at her. She was all flushed, scared and with started looking at Arnav nervously.


Arnav: So Khushi.. I won Round 1.. Get ready for the challenge now.

Khushi: Haan haan theek hai.. Boliye kaunsa gaana gaana hai? Yeah phir koi dance? Woh joh humne jiji ke sangeet mein kiya tha .. Woh kaisa rahega?

Arnav: No No Khushi.. No Song and No Dance. I want you to allow me 3 wet kisses on you anywhere..And I repeat "ANYWHERE" means "ANYWHERE"..

Khushi was like " WHat the!!!!!!!!!!"


To be continued..


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Originally posted by memyselfandrshi

Hey thanks for the PM...waiting for part 4...great story yaar...

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Originally posted by MOHIBMAHIR

Originally posted by memyselfandrshi

Hey thanks for the PM...waiting for part 4...great story yaar...

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Originally posted by blue.candy

OMG..that was 2 h0t.awsm.plz plz pm me wn u update..its a humble reqvst.

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Originally posted by GodsEye


Khushi: Hum chahte hai.. Ki joh kapde aapne abhi hume utaarne ke liye kahe.. Wohi ab aap hume pehnaaye..


Arnav was dumbstruck again.. WHAT THE..!! (He screamed)


Khushi: Haan Arnavji.. Aur yakeen kijiye.. Kapde Utaarna jitna aasaan hai.. Pehnana usse kai jyada mushkil..


Arnav: What the Hell..Khushi.. Do you even know what you asking me to do?

Khushi: Haan.. Kyon Aap nahi kar sakte? Toh koi baat nahi.. Zabardasti nahi hai.. Agar nahi kar sakte toh phir hum bathroom jaakar apne Kapde pehen lete hai aur phir sojate hai.. Aapko Good Night..

Arnav: Wait.. Wait.. I didnt mean I cant do.. But Khushi.. still.. Tum theek toh ho naa.. Tum aise kaise mujhe yehh...!!

Khushi: Arnavji.. (She came near him still wrapped in that shawl whispered in his ears) Aap baatein zyaada karte hai aur kaam kam.. She bit his ear lobe and then looked in his eyes.


Arnav could not bare this slow torture Khushi had started with him. He just stood there.. with no words to utter. Khushi went near the bed and bent down to get the 2 pieces lying on it. The Shawl was actually short.. When she bent on the bed to get the things, he could almost see the upper thighs. If she would still bend further, he could see even more.. He thank God that she did not have to bend to that angle. He was sweating. Did she actually mean what she said.. No no.. This must be a prank.. Khushi was good in that he thought. She sat at the edge of the bed and showed him her bra.


Khushi: Arnavji.. Aap abhi tak wahan khade hai.. Aaiye naa.. Hume thand lag rahi hai... Hume yeh jaldi se pehnaiye..

Arnav: Khushi.. main..woh...

Khushi: Accha main samajh gayi.. Aapko yeh nahi balki yeh pehle pehnana hai.. Hai naa? (She kept the Bra aside and showed him her panty)..


Arnav was aroused to his last extent.. he knew she was getting naughty.. But he was feeling shy now. Though she has lost all the 4 rounds.. just this 1 round in which she Won was making her Boss him. He started walking towards her. Khushi on the other hand, tried showing off all the courage and naughtiness on her face but internally she was damm shy. But she was enjoying this side of Arnav. He came near her took her bra (as he had no courage at all in choosing the other one yet) and kneeled down beside the edge of the bed. The site in front of him was breath-taking. She was sitting on the bed staring in his deep brown eyes asking him to do the honors. She still had wrapped the shawl around her but it covered her from her neck barely till her lower feminine parts.. He held her Bra in his hands which were still trembling at the fact that he has to make her wear it.. She was surely playing with him. A naughty smile played on his lips and he whispered to her:


Arnav: Khushi .. you would need to take off the Shawl so that I can make you wear this.


He knew she would feel shy and deny and then may be pick her stuff and wear it on her own. But no.. to his surprise.. she flung open her shawl and  now once again she lied naked in front of his thirsty eyes for nothing but to get pleasured by him.. She didnt know what that pleasure will be.. But she knew that her Arnav is the best in that. If he can Hurt her to the depth then he can also serve her, pleasure her to the core. That thought itself was so comforting then what would be her state when he actually starts doing it.. She licked and bit her lip and closed her eyes in anticiaption of his next moves.


Arnavs eyes were soothed again to see her bare form. She was inviting him to invade her and he was not sure if he should move on. He had started all this by taking her Mobile phone from her and this was ending up somewhere else. He got up and was about to walk to the closet to get her mobile phone when Khushi opened his eyes and held his hand.


Khushi pulled him towards her and opened the top button of his jeans. She didnt knew why she did this. But she did not wanted him to move away from her and she knew doing this would stop him. She placed again a warm moist open mouth kiss at the start of his boxers and could feel Arnav Clenching his fists to control himself.


Khushi: Enough of this Self Control Arnavji.. I cannot bear it more now.. Either Do it or Deny.. (Saying this she bit him where she kissed him on his boxers only to hear him groan.)


This was limits.. Nope not limits.. but the end of Limits.. He pushed her on the bed and jsut bent on her to whisper


Arnav: 8 months Khushi.. since we met the first time, I waited for this night to come. You always have been attracting me in all your kiddish ways. Everytime I took you in my arms after you lost consciuosness, I have prayed to God for this day to come when you would actually fall unconsciously in my love, beneath me, craving for me and my soul to meet yours. Everytime you have hurted me, like the day you spilt the tea on my chest, bruising me, I have always wished to leave innumerous marks by my teeth on every inch of your body, Every time you have cried before me, I have prayed for the nights where tears of joy and pleasure would fill your eyes. Everytime you have bumped into me making me hold you, I have wished to pleasure you in all the possible positions we can try.. Trust me Khushi.. I needed you soo badly then .. and now..



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