Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2


Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2
Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2

New OS - "Who are you?"

AyushiSinghania IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 29 March 2012 at 4:12am | IP Logged

Hola! <33333 Whats happening? I know many of you are surprise/shocked to see me writing something here since it's been forever since I wrote something on Arjuhi...but guys they're my pehla pehla pyaar do here I am with an OS on them!

I genuinely hope you'll like it because today I'm writing after a long time on Arjuhi. 
Also, I've written certain stuff on the IPKKND and EHMMBH forum, the links to which are in the PM's I'm sending all the buddies. If you want to receive any PM regarding any of my work, just buddy me!

So yeah I think thats about it ...waiting for your comments and likes on this!

Arjuhi OS - "Who are you?"

""Bye aunty! Bye Jia!" I said as I shut the door behind them and leaned against the door. College was so hectic and I was so tired. Walking up to the TV room, I switched on the TV to a channel which usually played slow, romantic songs at night. That time too, it played a slow, sweet and melodious song, which just went with my mood. Leaning back on to the sofa, I rested my head on the headrest and relaxed. Songs were a stress buster for me. Stress burster? Ice cream, I thought ecstatic as I went to the fridge in my room and took out my favorite Chocochip ice cream.

Being too lazy to go to the kitchen and take a bowl, I grabbed a spoon from the holder placed at the dining table. I went back to the TV room where one of my favorite track was playing. It played, I listened to it and enjoyed and starting biting on the yummy ice-cream from the big ice-cream tub itself. Heaven, I thought as I shut my eyes, to feel the taste and the pleasure it bought to me. The ice cream started to do it's work and I felt so much more relaxed. Ice creams were always a stress buster for me, I thought as I took another big bite of my chocolate ice cream. I was then living in a PG in Vasant vihar in Delhi. I was doing my MBA then and my parents hadn't granted me the permission to live in a hostel until I was a little more familiar with Delhi so they'd looked out for people and found some far relative's friend, Nandini Gupta living in Delhi. She was an extremely sweet, middle-aged lady who lived with her 10 year old daughter, Jia! She was a sweet yet bold lady and was very caring. In a city like Delhi where no one really knows what will happen next and if they're safe enough to reach back home properly, safely and unharmed at night. I loved Delhi for the fun it offered, but otherwise Delhi was never me. In a city like Delhi you always need someone whom you can trust enough and call when you're in need and Nandini aunty was that person for me. It was my first year here in Delhi and in the six months that I'd been with aunty, she'd become a second mother to me and she too treated me like her second daughter.

Apparently, she had a son living on the U. K. for his university. I didn't know much about him because I was always too busy with my own stuff that I didn't bother about someone who wasn't a part of my life then. The little I knew about him was from the loud mouth Jia. Aunty never told me about him, nor did I ever ask. Aunty always loved me like a daughter and she was someone whom I trusted alot. She was an inspiration to me in many ways. Her strength and confidence about and in things, amused me. Her husband was a sailor and would visit for a few weeks only after 6 months. He was also a nice person like, however, I'd met him just once and that too for a short while. So he kinda stayed with his family just for a month or so every year. Weird, isn't it? How can two partners stay away from each other for such long times, I thought. I always knew that once I found my Mr. Right, he was always gonna be with me and I'd never let him go anywhere without me. That's when the doorbell rang bringing me out of my thoughts and moreover, making me shake with the loud sound of the bell.

The pleasure that I'd been taking in the ice cream reduced suddenly and I angrily put the tub and the spoon on the side table and moved out of the TV room towards the main door. As I opened the door, my mouth turned into a big O. There, right in front of me stood a god like figure. A man, No, a boy. A very young boy wearing Puma shoes and a jeans running along his long legs with a purple shirt with it's top 3 buttons open. I couldn't but gawk at the heavenly figure in front of me. The boy smiled, probably because this wasn't the first time a girl was openly gawking at him and checking him out.


Suddenly, he clicked his fingers in front of my face bringing me back to reality. Telling myself to stop being a despo and easy person, I quickly pulled up my shoulder and with a confident look on my face, asked, " Who are you? " The facts that he was a stranger, this was the most unsafe city - Delhi and that I was alone in the house kept running through my mind as I started to think of ways to get the knife that was lying on the dining table with which I'd opened my ice cream tub, back in my hand so that I'd some protection and the stranger wouldn't consider me to be very vulnerable. He smiled as though he could read my mind as I kept shifting my eye balls from right to left and then back again thinking of ways of self defense. "Isn't this Mrs. Nandini Gupta's house?" he asked pushing back the travel bag hanging on his shoulder. " Yyy.. Yes, it is! But I asked, who are you?" " I'm Arjun! " he said matter of factly with a smile. " Arjun! Who Arjun? " " Arjun Singhania!" " Uhhh... Who Arjun Singha... Oh wait! Oh you're that guy whose come to check the Air conditioner!" I said moving my head up while the guy gave a confused look first and then smiled, " Come in! " I said forgetting to see his identity card maybe because I was still a little lost in his handsome body and face.

He walked in and I started, " Waise to you guys are pretty fast. I mean I just called a while back and you're already here. No other company actually gave us this fast service. Like just in an hour you're already here. Wow! And btw, you know this AC is such a freaking khatara AC, it doesn't work. If you've been in Delhi for a few months Atleast, then you'd know how extreme are the summers here. It's so freaking hot in here and top it all up, your AC doesn't work. Instead of cold and fresh air, it gives warm air which is just like the loo blowing outside. Uhh... And the AC of the guest room couldn't be defected. It was the AC of MY room which had to stop working well. The whole day I've to work and study. My head which is already burning doesn't even get some sleep because of the pathetic heat. This is just one of the reason I don't like Delhi. The climate is just too extreme at all times. In winters you become a frozen ice cream and in summers you become boiling water!" I said out of breath. " Huh! Huh!" I took deep breaths as I'd said all things in almost one breathe. Arjun phewed and then looked at me as if I was an alien. "Wait, who are you? " Arjun asked now. " Aren't you a little late in asking that? And who am I does not matter! Get to work. I've already told you how much problems does this defected AC give me, unless you want to hear more!" I said with a smile, a smirk instead. "Shut up! Who are you?" he asked, his voice a little more firm, harsh and controlled  and in a no-non 'sense tone, now. "I'm Arohi Ahluwalia!" I said confidently, my shoulders rising up as I said so. "Who Arohi Ahluwalia? Where is Mrs. Nandini if this is her house? he asked in a tone which meant I'm-not-interested-in-your-non sense! " Uhh what's your problem. Did I ask you ' who Arjun Singhania?' I asked mimicking him when he'd asked me so. " I didn't na? I know Arjun Singhania means Arjun Singhania, just like that Arohi Ahluwalia means Arohi Ahluwalia, what do you mean by who Arohi Ahluwalia? I, Arohi Ahluwalia! And anyway why are you taking my interview here. Get to work. It's already late and I'll throw you out of my house as soon as the clock strikes 9. Also what do you have to do with Mrs. Nandini? She ain't here rightnow, but I am na! So WORK! And if she'd be here na, she wouldn't tolerate all the nonsense you're doing and why do you need her anyway, you think she'll help you with all this technical work? Haha, no way and you know what..."

"Enough!" he yelled, cutting me off mid-sentence, holding my shoulder tight and hard and jerking me, a little towards me. And words can't describe how scared I felt when he did that, pulling me a little close, holding my shoulders hard. It was so harsh and it pained. He was a stranger after all, no matter how good looking he was. And when he was angry, I could be dead on the floor, seriously. " Why don't you und..." he started but was cut off with Nandini aunty coming back. "Arohi! Arjun beta?" "Arjun beta?" I thought. I'd not closed the door because I was alone with him and the door being open was a better option, so that atleast my scream would reach the neighbour's house and they would come to and help me. However, he didn't look like that kinda guy. He seemed decent and gentleman like, but still I couldn't take risks in a city like Delhi where you can't judge a person by his looks. However, he could be judged by him handsome looks and my judgement was right, in a way. He didn't do anything wrong even when I was alone. Except the bruise on my shoulder and a little below that. Yeah, so the open door worked and Nandini aunty entered. I rushed towards her, moving out of his hard grip on my arm and shoulder. It was difficult to do so because he was strong and so was his hold and grip on my arms and shoulders. "Nandini aunty!" I rushed towards her, as I hugged her with a little sob. "What happened beta?"


"Arjun Bhaiya!" I heard Jia scream as she rushed towards the stranger. He bent down on his knees and pulled Jia into a warm hug with Jia saying that she missed him and him saying that he did too. I was dumbstruck and completely unable to understand what was happening. "Aunty who is he? Why did you call him 'beta'?" I interrogated but before aunty could say something, he came smiling towards her and hugged her, "How are you Maasi?"


Ahh. That's when reality struck me. He wasn't the company official, he was aunty's nephew. Damn you Arohi, I thought rubbing a hand against my bruised arm and shoulder. He turned towards me with an evident smirk as I looked at him sheepishly. "Ohh! You both don't know each other, do you? Well, Arohi this is Arjun, my nephew, he's like a son to me though and Arjun beta, this is Arohi, she lives here as a PG!" I smiled at him, even though I didn't want to and said, "Hi! It's a pleasure meeting you!" I said with my fingers crossed. Sorry god for lying. "Same here!" he said as he put forward his hand as a move to shake his hands with mine. A didn't move my hand to shake with his, instead with a toss of my hair, I started moving back inside.

*Ting tong* the doorbell rang. "Madame! I'm here to check the Air Conditioner!" a person from the door said. I rushed back to the main door, "Why are you so late!" I heard Arjun chuckle. I turned to him and said, "You look more like an electrician!" I said turning to face Arjun Singhania. With a fake smile and I loud "Maasi! I'm tired and suffocated here'" he said looking at me. "I'll just go to the cool guest room and rest! I've heard the AC there cools within seconds!" he said giving me a look as he said so staring at me and stretching his arms as if he was sleepy and with a fake yawn, he moved inside. UHHH' Irritated I looked back at a smiling electrician, "You want an invitation to come in? Get in and fix my AC! And stop smiling!" I said frustrated, I don't know at what!


Haha, and today I smile at that day, that was the first day, the first time I met your father, Khushi!"

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AAKMH2 IF-Rockerz

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welcome back ayushi!

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cooljaya11 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 29 March 2012 at 5:40am | IP Logged
omg its superbbb
so arohi told her first meeting with arjun to her daughter khushi!!hmmm
just amazinggg
i like it hahahahah 
arohi bahot bak bak karti he sachhiii hahahahahaahahahha
sreeja_rox IF-Sizzlerz

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res..welcm bak ayushi.i noe u m8 nt be knwing me as i had cm 2 d forum wen u had disappeard and i hav read sum of ur previous wrks and hav jst luvd it
Arjuhisis IF-Sizzlerz

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Welcome back ayushi - its been a long time
Super coool OS - enjoyed reading it -
dazedworld Goldie

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wow !!
awesome... by god kitna bolti hai ye... haha arjun AC wala lol... superb ahhh i wanna read what happened next... pls continue soon yaar awesome work!! totally loved it !!

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Lmfaao at everyone liking the chattery Arohi!
Actually... Honestly, I got the hint to write this from an incident that took place this weekend. I considered my friend's cousin as an electrician and I said almost the same things that Arohi said to him and the guy was like "W*F! Who are you?" and I was like, "Oye! You tell me who are you?" It still makes me laugh and feel embarrased on my stupidity. So yeah, that's how I got the hint for this and about the talkative Arohi, well that's just me and ALSO, more importantly, I wanted to bring back the original chattery Arohi Ahluwalia's feel and that charm admist all of the different Arohi's!
Ahaa, I'm glad you guys are liking this though!  =)
Thank you so much!

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sreeja_rox IF-Sizzlerz

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Ahh luvd it!!!!!!!Arohi thought that Arjun was a electricianROFLROFL Do update soon ayushi!!!!

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