Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2


Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2
Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2

OS-Love just happen's(chapter 3->pg 23)

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Chapter 1-page 1

Chapter 2-page 12

Chapter 3-page 23

Chapter 1

Arohi looked at the calendar and a small smile creeped up into her face unknowingly.It was
the 9th of December .6 long years had crossed since that day.6 years
since the last day of her school and still it just looked like yesterday.She
still remembered how much she had cried that day.That day where she was leaving
a place which she considered to be her second home.Her home were her whole life
was there.The place which gave her the bestest of friends ever and someone else
too'But still she was smiling thinking about all the wonderfull crazy days in
school which gave her life''.

        "Arohi come
on wake up!!!!Don't you have any other job other than sleeping here??" Shefali
was shaking at a all too deep in sleep Arohi.Shefali was trying her best in
every way to wake Arohi up but Arohi was Arohi.She just fidgeted in her sleep
and mumbled "Shut up Shefali!!give me five more minutes and I will get up and
get ready for school.You go if you are getting late!!" Saying this she turned
her head to the other side and again went off to sleep''..after a few minutes
Arohi understood that Shefali had gone.Phew!!!finally Shefali had gone off
without disturbing her more!!!!!But after a few minutes again someone was
tapping on her shoulders.Arohi grumbled in her sleep an turned again to the
other side saying "Kamini Shefali tu gayi nahi ab tak??"But Shefali was just
not stopping to shake her as if she was in a mission to wake Arohi up.Finally
loosing the game Arohi got up and turned the other side and her eyes grew wide
in shock.She was not in her room.She was not sleeping in her cozy bed.Infact
she was in her uniform sitting in her class and to add it she was sleeping in
her Physics class since the last 45 minutes using her school bag as her pillow!!!And
to add it the physics teacher was standing in front of her and he was the one
who had been shaking her since the last 5 minutes.Her face tuned pale in fear
when she could clearly sense the angry look in the teacher's face.Arohi used to
hate that teacher.He was a complete asshole.Always searching for reasons to
shout at Arohi.She turned towards Shefali who was sitting beside her and glared
at her as if to say "Why the hell didn't you tell me he had seen me sleeping?"Shefali
showed back a sorry face and said under her breath "I tried telling you." Arohi
turned back to the teacher and said "Sir I am sorry.I was just'umm'."She could
hardly bring out with some solid reason to tell Sir when he himself asked her
to stand outside the class for the rest of his class.Arohi was shocked to hear
that.She was a class 12 student.She had been punished many a times but to stand
outside the class.Oh gosh no..that would be so embarrassing'and if her juniors
would see her punished???No no that couldn't happen.But she knew that she had
no other option too rather than standing out.She glanced at the watch and saw
that 30 minutes was left for the class to get over.30 minutes was far better
than 1 hour.She got up o go out of the class wen she saw Arjun with a smirk in
his face'

           Now what to
say about Arjun.He was the guys Arohi used to hate the most.All they used to do
was fight with each other from the very day they knew each other.And that day
was 14 years back.They knew each other since nursery and from that day all they
remembered was fighting with each other.But he was the only person who used to
understand Arohi the most,more than Shefali.But still Arohi never liked him.He
was so irritating.Every time he used to come to her he had no other reason
rather than to fight with her.There was not a day that she and Arjun never had
a fight.And both of them were famous in school for that.Arohi and Arjun both
were the prefects in school so almost everyone knew them.But truth to be told
she used to enjoy the times spent with him.She always got restless when he
never tuned up in school even is it was a single day.They were partners in the
practical classes and Arjun had always been of trememndous help to her as she
was pathetic in practicals specially with physics.She infact used to like him.Not
like him actually but she was in love with him'. but wait a minute'she was
definaltelly not going to say that to Arjun.He would start making fun of her
and make it a news through out the school that Arohi was in love with him.He
would embarrass her in front of everyone.She wouldn't be doing that at any cost.

        She was
standing outside the class lost in thoughts of Arjun when the bell rang.All the
students started rushing here and there .Finally the teacher came out and gave
her a stern look and said "Make sure that you don't repeat this from the next
time." "Sorry Sir."Arohi said with her head down.She was actually not sorry but
if she wouldn't be doing that then That teacher would be getting another big
reason to shout at her.But evrything of that sort wanted to be avoided by Arohi
at that time.The teacher without saying anything more just turned and went
away.As soon as he turned Arohi rolled her tongue and said "Kamina teacher kahi

        She then
entered the class and asked Shefali "Why didn't you tell me that he had seen me
sleeping?"Shefali was about to answer when Arjun came and stood in front of her
and said "Don't shout at shefu.It was I who told Sir that you were sleeping.Now
come on don't expect me to let you sleep peacefully when I am here in class
with you."saying this he started laughing "And trust me Aroo your face
expression was worth a million dollar when you saw Sir standing in front of
you!!!!!!!" Arohi's jaw opened in shock.Had she heard the exact thing what he
had said? "Arohi said-"What?You'you complained
to Sir?What is you problem huh?I was sleeping na'Not trying to strangle you or
steal anything from you na.What was the need to tell Sir?Are you a child that
you complain to the teacher for these small reasons?You know for you I was
punished outside the class alone and I was getting bored an had nothing else to
do other than thinking about you!!!!"Arohi was so very much in rage that the
last sentence just slipped from he mouth before she could shut herself up.And
then when she realized what she had said she could fell herself turning
red.Arjun stopped laughing as he heard her say the last sentence and raised his
eyebrows and asked "Did you just say
that you were thinking about me for half an hour?"Arohi-"I umm' ah'.No!!!please
don't think that I think about you anytime..Now tell me fast why did you tell
the teacher?" she quickly changed the topic. Arjun gave a wicked smile and said
"Tit for Tat dear!!!!remember I had to take my revenge and I took it now.Now
the scores are level."Saying that he winked at her.Arohi was confused and asked
"Tit for Tat ?what did I do?" Arjun showed a all too innocent face and said "Oh
you are so inncocent na Arohi.You to don't do anything.It was definatelly
someone else who had pushed me into mud last week early in the morning before
even the school started.I still remember how you were laughing the whole day at
me.Say thank you to me that I didn't push you into the mud and just made you
stand outside the class for half an hour."Arohi' face again was turning
red.this time it was out of anger.She took her bag from the desk and looked at
Arjun and said "You are just unbearable!!"and turned and left'.

        Arjun looked
at a angry Arohi leaving the class which brought a smile to his face.She was so
cute and innocent and he loved it whn her nose would turn red when she was
angry.They were the ones who always used to fight with each other but Arjun
never knew how and when that he had fallen for her.And it was not just
something like school crush or likeness but it was something much more.But how
was he going to tell her?Every time he used to stop the fight between them she
just used to do something or the other again and bring back the fight and then
offcourse he was in no way gonna back up from the fight.Just a little while ago
when he had heard herself say that she had been thinking about him then his
hopes had risen a bit but then it all fell like glass pieces.He had started
imagining a lot these days!!!!!!!!He didn't noe whether he would ever be able
to tell her what he actually felt for her.

      Ok guys now I
don't noe whether you guys like this school wala love.So will continue only if
you guys want.Now which update do u want nest this one,or ishq vishq or my new
ff hum tum where I had given only the introduction????Will do wat you guys want

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Arjuhisis IF-Sizzlerz

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cant believe my eyes - whats happening here - are we getting a new SS of FF - My God -
Sreeja - thank u so much for this SS/FF or whatever it is - lemme read it now

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haha.. awesum.. arjun is soo cute yaar.. he made hr stand 4 30 mins.. haha.. btw pata hai yeh read karke bhattu ka class yaad aaya.. m missing hr phy cls a lot... i want u 2 continue dis as well as d ff..:)

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Originally posted by Arjuhisis

cant believe my eyes - whats happening here - are we getting a new SS of FF - My God -
Sreeja - thank u so much for this SS/FF or whatever it is - lemme read it now
hahaha priya this is only a os of maybe 2 or 3 updates onlyWink

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Arjuhisis IF-Sizzlerz

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haha very very very cute sreeja -
the first part where aro was caught sleeping was damn hilarious - i laughed my heart out - luved it
so both have feelings for each other but are not able to tell it out - aaah so sweet
pls continue with this ff - dont stop it in 2 or 3 updates - we want to read more about their fights, nhok jhoks and cuty school romance

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DarkDove Goldie

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Hey Sru!!!!!!

I really love it!!
it read the whole part! 
Its really adorable!!! Cute cute cute!

Love how you transformed a sleeping arohi in her bed to her physic class! I hate this class, thank god i dropped this subject! 

Omg, he made her stand outside the class for 30 minutes! 

I love the bickering between arjun and arohi! Aahh school love is really sweet love! They both love each other but are afraid of telling each other, because they think the other one will insult them!!!! 

Arohi seems like a cool girl in this!!!! Hhahaha i love arjun's revenge! 

Aawn i really liked how you showed arohi's thoughts about arjun. Anf then arjun's thoughts and feelings about arohi!  They really love each other!!! 

Will arohi take revenge?? What will arjun do?? How will they confess their love for each other??? 

Will you continue this!!!??? 

and most important... u liking my comment!!?? Embarrassed

p.s: next update must be your new ff wala update! 

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mysticlover IF-Dazzler

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continue dear... i really love school fights.. they are so cute.. 

awwie.. my arohi is sleeping in class.. and got caught.. doesn't she know how to sleep with her eyes open.. bring her to me for tuition.. i will teach her.. i use it every time..

as for arjun... stupid boy she likes you that's why she fights with you... if we girls don't like someone we don't talk to that someone.. we fight with the ones we love.. at least i do...

hey sree update soon my exam starts on 3rd april and after that i will be totally crazy and don't know when i will come here...

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Originally posted by Jerryberry

haha.. awesum.. arjun is soo cute yaar.. he made hr stand 4 30 mins.. haha.. btw pata hai yeh read karke bhattu ka class yaad aaya.. m missing hr phy cls a lot... i want u 2 continue dis as well as d ff..:)
and didnt u catch d date 9th december??thanx btw :)

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