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Bachpan ka pyar...part 1-32

freezie Goldie

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this is thread one, parts 1 - 32.  

thread 2: 

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part 2: page 3

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pat 10: page 30 (long)

part 11: page 35

part 12: page 40

part 13: page 45

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part 15: page 54

part 16: page 59 (PERFECT DATE!!! Big smile)

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part 18: page 70

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part 20: page 82

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PART 22: PAGE 95 and part 23 page 96

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part 32 : page 174


Hey guys, i'm back with a new series of
ff. Its called bachpan ka pyar. This one is close to my heart. So
please do be nice :) .hehe..


arnav: he is a quiet, smart,
intelligent guy, who only cares about his little sister. Anjali. He
has a younger brother askash. He is the eldest, and his the apple of
his parents eyes. He is eveyrones fav. But seems very quiet when
around others. He has always had a secret crush on khushi.
Playfully, he has always called her 'desi', because she was always a
bit too too desi for eveyrthing and everyone. :D I liked this more
than chamkili.

Anjali: same age as khushi. Is best
friends with khushi and they have always been in schools together.
Sometimes staying over at each others homes. But very very close.

Akash, is elder than khushi as well.
He also had a crush on khushi. And anjali believed that khushi had a
crush on him. So spread rumours of them liking each other. Also
started to call khushi desi,

Payal. Khushis younger sister. She is
just a year younger than khushi and is very very queit. She is very
patient but likes to play with anjali and khushi.

Khushi. Is the eldest of two
duaghters. Best friends with anjali. Has always had a small crush
on arnav. But never had said a word to anyone. Later the crush that
they both have,develops into unspoken love. And maybe... sacrifice
for the sake of the other. She refers to akash and sometimes arnav
as americans. They lived there, and are not much in touch with their
roots. They are religious. Speak fluent hindi, but were more
americanized than khushi.

Garima is khushi and payals mom. Fun
loving. Sweet and best friend with manorama. Their friendship
grows. You will see how in the first part.

Shahsi their dad. And regards arnavs
dad as his elder brother. A very respected man in society.

Manorama, is arnavs mom, she is a sweet
person. Fun loving nature. Always wanted khushi as her bahu since
she was a kid. So she would joke around about it with garima all the
time. And garima would joke about it as well.

Prakash is arnavs dad. Is very close
to khushis dad. Loves khushi as his own daughter.

Shyam: arnav's uncle. Prakash younger
brother. Not very educated. Smokes, and isnt liked much by many.
Is good friends with shashi. As they are the same age. Garima
doesnt like shyam. But puts up with him because of her husband and
the fact that he is parkashs' bhaisahbs younger brother.

Story starts when all of the kids are
young. Around the ages of 3-7. arnavs family lives in america. And
shashi just received his immigration papers. They were introduced
from family friends and prakash agreed to look out for shahsi and his
family. Prakash finds a nice place for them to stay near his house
before they arrive. Khushi is 4 and arnav is 7.

chapter 1:

khushi: baba, do we have to move to
america. I love life here. Dadi is here, nani is here, our home is
here. She pleaded as her mother packed their bags. Anjali who was
only three was sitting and playing with the dolls on the bed.

Garima quickly finished packing all of
the suitcases.

Garima: shashi, did yo confirm with ..
kya naam hai, prakash bhaisahab about the living accomodations. I
hope I have enough space to settle everything in.

shashi and garima kept on talking about
how nice it was of these strangers, manormana and prakash to have
everything ready for them before they arrived in america. They were
the friends of shahsi elder brother. So they now started to regard
prakash as their elder brother. Esp with how much they were doing
for them, without meeting them even once. They even went out to get
gifts for them. And their children.

Garima: suna hai kay unkay theen
bachay hain. The eldest one is three years older than our kushi.
But I heard he is a very intelligent kid. He loves to read and stay
within him self. Very well mannered. Their second son is a badmash.
I heard he loves to play pranks. And their daughter is khushi and
payals age. Acha hai, atleast khushi and payal will have a friend
once they get their.

Hearing all of this. Khushi started to
slowly say good bye to all of her things she was leaving behind. He
toys, her room, her friends, her life. She took her favourite doll
off of her bed, and hugged her tightly.

Khushi: guriya, tum tho meray sath
chali gi na. Mujhe kabhi akaila na chor na. (dolly, you will come
with me right, dont ever leave me alone)

the next day was their flight. Garima
quickely got both of her daughters ready. While shashi arranged for
a taxi. They bid farewell to family and friends and were off to
start a new life. And a new beginning.

Prakash and manorama were waiting at
the airport for them. They had never seen them in real life, but
knew what they all looked like. His friend, shashis elder brother
had shown them pictures. Prakash and manorama knew about their
family, and extended family back home. And were ready to welcome
shashi and his family with open arms.

As shashi came out, pushing the
suitcase trolly, he say a man, prakash run up to him.

Prakash. hi.. im prakash. You must be
shashi. He quicekly gave him a hug. And manorama walked towards
garima. Garima was hold anjali in her arms. Anajli held onto her
moms neck tightly. Scared to see all of these new people around her

Mm: mm stands for manorama

mm: garima right. hi. And this must
be anjali bitiya. Right. She is very very adorable. Where is the
other daughter. Your elder one.

Garima tilted her head back.
Indicating that khushi was hiding behind her.

Slowly khushi stared to peek from the

Mm say these two beautiful big eyes.
They lit up with stars as she slowly blinked. Her face full of
innocence. Mm fell in love with that girl from the time that she
layed her eyes on her. She was just beautiful.

Mm: bohot pyari hai yeh. And mm gave
a soft smile. Mm kneeled down, and put her hand out to do a hand
shake with khushi.

Khushi slowly came out from behind her
mother, and held her doll with her arm and raised her hands politely
and joined them.

Khushi: namaste. Khushi smiled. She.
A four year old girl, could see love in this ladies eyes. Mm soft
smile was met with khushis soft smile.

Mm: garima, you are raising wonderful
daugthers. Their sasural walay will be very bhagishali.

Garima thanked her and smiled. She put
her hand on khushi's head.

Prakash helped shashi with the luggage
and they drove off. The house that prakash had booked on rent for
shashi and his family was very very close to his. So if they ever
needed anhything, ever, they they would be near by. They unloaded
the luggage. The house was very cozy. But big enough for them.
They thanked prakash and mm for all of their help.

Mm: garima, I have kept a few of the
essentials there for you, pots, pans, sheets, etc. if you need
anything, anything, just let me know. If you need any help unpacking
or with the kids. Do let me know. Also. I have prepared dinner, we
will come over in a bit and bring it over. I have to go and take a
look over my little devils. Hehe. Raising boys with one girl is just
too much for me at times. Hehe. My eldest one is an angel. The
second one is a devil in disguise. Hehe. You are blessed with your
lovely daughters. You know what. I am off, will be back soon. Its
bee quite some time since they have been home with my baby sitter. I
feel very sorry for her right now. Hehe. Will be back soon.

With that prakash and mm went home.

Arnav: ma, do we have to go to see
them. Can we eat here, call the baby sitter back please. If the
baby sitter doesnt want to come then fine its ok. Im a big boy now,
I can take care of akash and anjali.

Akahs. Yeah mom. Please please please.

mm. looked at the boys with one raised
eyebrow. Showing the signs of an up coming storm. Both of the boys
just went mum. And quietly got ready to go. These two were the best
of brothers. Never hid anything from each other. Were always
together. Were two opposite ends of the pole, but were always joined
together. Anjli was their darling. Their little baby. She was only
3.5. so she wsa still a baby.

Mm got the food out into dishes, and
packed a lot of disposable dishes as well. So garima wont have any
prolems with cleaning up afterwards. There was a real friendship
blossoming between these two. To have someone of your own, to call
your own, in an unknown place like america was always freshining.

As they went to go and ring the door
bell, the boys started to do some rough play. Laughing and punching
each other around. Anjli was fast asleep in mm arms.

Garima opened the door and welcomed
them in. she first saw anjali, she looked like a doll.

From behind mm, came this little boy,

Akash: hi aunty, you can call me ak.
My friends at school call me that. He put his hand out for a hand

Garima, shock his hand, and started to
laugh. You really are something, arnt you. Hehe. She laughed.
Akash went inside. Garima turned, all of a sudden she felt someone
touch her feet. She turned her head back around and say two hands
touching her feet. The kid slowly lifted his head, and said

namaste. It was arnav. She looked
into his eyes and saw right into this boys soul. It was pure. Well
cultured. Very down to earth, unlike his younger brother. Even at
the age of seven, he seemed very sensible.

Gariam: beta, tumhara kya naam hai.

Arnav: arnav she said with a smile.
Garima stroked her hand across his head. Aranv felt the love a

Garima: please come inside.

Everyone went inside and sat on the
sofas that prakash had put into the place before.

The parents were busy with their talks,
and garima asked the kids to go inside and play with khushi, her
elder daughter. Payal was also a sleep.

Akash ran in, to see what toys they
had. Mm hinted to arnav to follow akash and make sure he did no

Arnav quielty went after his little
bother. Akash ran in and scared khushi. Booo

khushi was petrified. Who was this boy
who ran in scaring her. She quickely covered her face with her doll.

Aranv ran after akash and held him back
by his shoulders. And gave him this angry stare.

Akash. Sorry bhai, fine I wont scare
her. Shes a girl. Who would want to play with her. She has
koodies. Look at her. Two chotis, and a duppatta. I mean, she
doesnt even wear anything like jeans.

Akash went away back to see what his
mom had made for food.

Arnav slowly turned his head towards
her. She looked like a little doll. Hiding her face behind her
doll. Arnav sat down beside her. And put his hand on her doll to
see her face.

Slowly he moved it down. And saw these
two big big beautiful eyes looking up at him. He was seven, and just
had his first crush. She wasnt like the other girls she knew at
school. She was different. She was special.

Arnav saw that she was scared. She
moved the doll, and put his hand out for a hand shake.

Khshi. Noticed that he wasnt the same
one who scared her. He was much taller. Much quieter. He wastnt
like the other boys that she always say back home. Running after and
bothering people. Getting scolded by their parents.

Aranv: hi, im arnav. You must be...
he tiled his head to the side to try to get a name out of her.

Khushi gulped. She held her doll in
her arm again, and shyly said namaste. She looked down. Scared. Not
knowning if this boy was going to scare her like the one before.

Arnav moved his hand back knowing she
was a bit scared.

Arnav: koi baat nahin. Main mm aunty
ka beta hoon. Daro mat. Mainay akash ko bhaig diya hai. Voh mera
chota bhai hai. He wont scare you anymore. Ill tell him not to.

She had this small smile on her face.
She felt safe. For a four year old to feel safe, in a new place, was
a big thing.

Arnav: im going to go and sit outside.
Do you want to come as well.

Khushi knodded her head. And got up.
She fixed her dupatta. Aranv couldnt help but notice. This little
girl was concered about how her duppata was on her. Girls at this
age that he knew were busy running around playing tag, or bothering
akash. He smiled. Pagal hai he thought. Hehe. They both walked out.
Seeing khushi with her doll held tightly, and arnav walking qiuetly,
both of the mothers had a sweet thought in their minds. Their
babies, if God willed, would walk together like this when they grew
elder. Both smiled. But didnt think much of it afterwards.

Years passed, the girls all were in the
same classes. Payal was a year younger. Akash was a badmash. He
kept on bothering khushi. And started to make fun of the way she
dressed. Preferred things the desi way. Loved bollywood music,
danced to it. She was full of life. She would ignore what the
others said about her. She would live her life with a smile. And
try to bring a smile to the face of others.

Akash would always bother her, desi
desi desi. And khushi one day got angry and started to call him
angraiz, angraiz. Hehe. Both the kids loved to bother each other.
But they would enjoy life.

The familes became very very close.
Always together. The girls would talk in their room, while the boys,
arnav would be in his room reading away, studying away. With his
room door open. Maybe, he would get a chance to see her walk out.
He smiled. With hope he would keep looking up and out side of his
door. But would get back to his studies. Arnav was always the silent
admirers. Never sid a word. Just looked at her from far awar.
Akash on the other hand, was always pulling pranks, bothering khushi,
making fun of khushi every chance he got.

Garima fell in love with arnav. She
always thought, that if she had a son, it would be like him. She
would never stop praisining arnav infront of others.

Once, anjali started to mistaken the
friendship between akash and khushi as more than that. They were in
high school together. And were always together. Laughing, making
fun of each other, and enjoying life. Akash started to develop a
crush on khushi. Anjali knew this. And she just wanted to know what
khushi thought. She came up to khushi and asked.\

anjali: so khushi.. I heard that you
like my brother.

Khushi. Just opened her eyes widely.
Why would anjali say that.

Anjali: I know you do. All the girls
and guys have crushes on each other these days. There is nothing
wrong with that you know.

Khushi. Hmm.. sahi tho keh rahi hoo..
but I dont.. I mean.. I dont I think. I dont even know what I crush
is to tell you the truth.

Khushi was a book worm. Always
studying away. Never into the whole girl friend boy friend thing.
First to answer questions, do her work, keep up with her chores. She
lived life, but lived it with responsibility.

Anjali, thought that khushi started to
blush so she told akash that she also like him. Akash was on cloud
nine. His good friend khushi also liked him.

Hearing this arnav got a bit worried.
He didnt want to lose his khushi. His girl, the one he liked since
the first day. But he didnt know what to do. He loved his brother
dearly. But he had to say it once. Just once to her. He knew her
eyes. He didnt believed that he would read those eyes this wrongly.
He didnt see any liking for his brother. He saw the way that she
looked at him. With her eyes ghuki howi. Taking slow breathes.
Twirling her fingers infront of her stomch. Making sure that her
duppatta was right. Never slipped. She.. would not like a person
like her brother. But she was always joking with him. She enjoyed
his company. And she didnt act shy around akash. But she was shy
around him. He needed to change this a bit. He would give it one
try. Just one...

precap. Khushi grandmother passes away
and her parents go to india. Khushi and payal cannot go because of
their school.


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It looks very intresting, plz plz do pm me waiting for the first part

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         sounds interesting can't wait to read 

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updated it. will send pms later on.  do leave your comments.  

spoiler:  khushi does like arnav, but will say yes to liking akash.  arnav will be the unsung hero.  

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wow...superb start..cant wait

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Loved it add me to ur buddy list and pm me wen u write again

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nice story

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loved it. once again a good nd awesome work by you. continue soon

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