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Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon
Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon

NL AK Droolers #24:My Dil Goes Mmm...

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Posted: 25 March 2012 at 4:34pm | IP Logged

ArHilicious Droolers #24: My Dil Goes Mmm

Gossip Girl

Shayam is again langda tayagi(remeber in strting he had fracture) as Khushi dropped heavy utensil on his foot.
Khushi published the book that how to make your husband's life hell and it was big hit between men as they wanted to know how there wife make there life hell

Arnav is getting insecure for his business because now soon he can see that his garment business taking twist intto halwai business

Payal and Manorama will take part in some 3rd grade fashion show to open the eyes of Manorama and to close the eyes of the audience with saas-bahu saga

  • Song of the week: --sunshine--
  • Poem of the week: Cute.Sadaf
  • Summary of the week: Tanthya 
  • Funny scene of the week: --sunshine--
  • Picture of the Week: DaShIng_GiRl
  • Filler of the Week: cindrella255 
  • Rating of the Week: --sunshine--
  • Videomix of the week: Deepali_88
  • Achari Scene of the Week: --sunshine--
  • Best Character of the Week: shobra
  • Most Irritating Character of the Week: Shiningstar18
  • Funny Character of the Week: -Ammie-
  • Video avi of the week: --sunshine--
  • Best FF of the Week, Best OS of the Week:-chinnu-
  • Message to CVs: --sunshine--
  • Siggy of the week, Video siggy of the week: minuu
  • Most Active Thread of the week, Most Active Member of the Week: -Fatz-
  • Blooper of the week: mazkachazka
  • Dialogue of the Week: -Ridzii-
  • Joota scene of the week: --sunshine--

Banner and animated logos: Khushix

Winning Siggies: -Fatz-

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--sunshine-- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 25 March 2012 at 4:36pm | IP Logged

Arnav pretends to have forgotten the confession that happened by the Pool, Khushi is left confused ... All refresh themselves after the Holi celebration..Maami is suffering from a Huge headache , Payal offers to help her , Maami sends Payal to get medicine for head ache ,  In a hurry Payal  mistakenly gets  Arnav's medicines to Maami...Maami notices this , creates a big ruckus  and is all set to throw  out Payal ..Arnav intervenes and stops  Maami and settles the  problem..Khushi thinks Arnav  deliberately created this  squabble  to establish his control over her, Khushi resolves to irritate to such an extent that he is compelled to throw her out..

 Khushi sets out to irritate him by various methods ...Khushi occupies the washroom just when he is going in...  Using Anjali as a front, Khushi  occupies  half the closet of Arnav, turns the decor of Arnav's room  into one of bling..Khushi further irritates Arnav by constantly sneezing on his face...Arnav  concerned for , orders Khushi to sleep n and he himself goes out to sleep ...Khushi is pleased at this development and decides to continue to irritate  Arnav ...

Shyam meanwhile has grown bolder and has begun to  openly ogle at Khushi and has begun to make physical advances ..Khushi is worried !!

Next day Arnav wakes up to a crick on the neck , which elicits few raised eyebrows but does not give raise to any intense speculation ..Khushi overhears Arnav  talking about some loan defaulter in a disparaging way , her conscience smites her and she resolves to  pay back the loan she had taken  from Arnav ...

Shyam meanwhile has begun to put his plans in motions, he tries to lull the suspicion of  Arnav , tries to fool Arnav into thinking that he has reformed for Good..Arnav maintains a silent front ..

Khushi to relieve the tension , decides to cook  as a stress buster,  realizing that she has cooked large amounts, decides  to share it with  AR staff !! ..The staff of AR are very surprised , enjpy the food  and compliment Khushi on her cooking..Khushi has a brainwave , decides to  enter the catering industry ... She begins a tiffin carrier service to the employees of AR and engages the former canteen owner of  AR as her partner to the displeasure of Arnav ...

Well O well how a wife feels when a husband silently cherishes the food by her for him and he completely finishes the food. For me that scene was like so pure and divine completely explaining my ArHi. And ohh by the way do you guys know that Sarun/ ArHi always get conncted through food only and on top of it we named this category on food only and than scene like that make obvious to get this award.

So now stopping blah blah and coming to the point. The scene when Khushi is finding the tiffin boxes comes to know that Arnav is silently having the food that was cooked by her and she admires him while cooking and in the background sweet and slow national anthem Rabba Ve playing made the scene EPIC and us go gagaga

I wished I could deliever all this joote to Shayam cheapo but its joota scene of the week not joota SCENES of the week so now lets get start well I hate the fact that how Shayam is torturing Khushi and is just trying to find single reason to touch Khushi.

I just hated the part when Khushi was giving champi to Anjali and he was looking at Khushi with his DIRTY eyes. But best part was Khushi using her mind and dropping utensils oon his foot and than making Anjali to open her eyes.

I hope next week we dont get too many Joota Scenes.

Whole week was filled up with funny scenes specially when Mrs. Raizada thought to make her Mr. Raizada's life hell but the best part was


What The What The What The

Jeee Haann Behno and unke bhaiyo Mrs. Raizada singing What The What The was the funny scene of the week. I literally had to hold my stomache while thatLOL

Hiya Fellow Arhi droolers!

 This week was kinda was almost a filler one ... 
 And the major one  was Mami's unwanted drama  for tablet exchange...V know dat she s luking out for a chance to throw Payal out of house since beginning, then dedicating almost half of the episode for loathing dialogues does not fit well...

 Looking forward to a filler-less n eventful week...


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Without a doubt the best character of the week is Khushi Kumari Gupta Singh Raizada, man that is a long name.  This week she showed that she will not just mope around and figure out why is got married to Arnav, but, instead, she took the initiative and she is getting herself adjusted in her new home.  She annoyed Arnav til no ends by her antic and in turn made him do everything she wanted him to do by making him think that it was his decision the whole time.  I am willing to ignore the fact that she was unphased by him spraining his neck while sleeping by the poolside, that seemed very unkhushi like to me but when she saw Arnav eating her food and licking his fingers, she felt happy...which shows Khushi is the has not changed.  But when she heard Arnav will send that person to jail for not paying him back...our KKGSR decided to open her Dhababa business to pay him back. And through this business we can she that she is slowly turning into Arnav...but drastically but in small wearing a Bluetooth set, saying what the..., and making sure everything is done with quality or kality.  This week Khushi truly stole the show!!!

Hey peeps!


The most irritating character of the week is one who annoys us like hell whenever he/she comes on our tv screens. This week it's none other than Mamiji. Frankly, it is quite irritating to see how she bullies Payal around all the time.  She made such a huge issue of the wrong medicine she accidentally got. On the other hand, I can't believe she felt suspicious of Payal putting something in her tea. That was disgusting! If her son is happy with her daughter-in-law, why create such a fuss ALL the time? On the other hand, Payal should say something to her to make her back off. The kitchen politics have eaten my head off!


Well, that's it for this week guys. Take care. Adios!Embarrassed

Hello hi everyone and yes WE ROCKED IT...!! m sorry for going off topic but i just can't get over the SPA..!! Our Arhi are officially the Prince and princesses of the Parivaar for me from now onwards...wat grace, wat chemistry, wat sense of humor...IPK team truely rocks and m proud to be a die hard Phan gurl..!! We sweeped five of the most important awards...This is magical...m still pumped about SPA..goshh!!Anyways coming back to my topic...without any further delay i would like to announce that the funniest character award for this week goes to KKG...!! yes KKG is finally back in her element and m loving this light hearted track and her determination to earn money for herself rather then depend on her busniess tycoon Husband's money...i think ASR should really be proud to have a wife like her..!If Arnav is serious and to the point Business tycoon then Khushi is the complete opposite...and hey oppistes are bound to attract! If arnav is missing out on the humor and fun in his life then KKG is there to bring it in his life and vice versa!All i can say is KKG just be urself and in no time ASR would be a smitten Kitten...(well he already is he just needs to acknowledge it) so this is it for now folks..i'll be returing back to ASR dream land and watching spa again and again...and yelling and cheering them on until my internet connection gives up and dies...!So till then Bye bye...and yes WE ROCKED IT!



This Weeks Special Dialogues

Well it did not take me a single minute to decided the DOTW.  I still remember this and Laugh away to glory.  Well this was this weeks funniest dialogue. This week was very special  and i guess there was no doubt that this would be the dialogue of the week.. Okay now enough of my bak bak.. 

*Kon keh sakta hai ki iss masoom se chehre ke peeche ek khoonkaar laad governor hoga*

and along with this dialogue, ASR's shaddap Khushi was like a cherry on the cake..  I loved this dialogue.. Anyway, have a great weekend to every reader of the NL.. enjoy IPKKND


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a Rabba Ve is A Rabba Ve; even if it is half because of SaRun! LOL

there are tons of SPA pictures i want to stick up; but i don't want to waste space LOL

the prince and the princess; cause they are the only ones in flawless white! Wink could anything make a better picture?

Happy winning guys!!IPK team rocked in the event yesterday! So hoping for many more rocking days ahead! Coming to bloopers, as usual we had a few..!uff infact I believe almost the whole week was in itself a blooper! with story going haywire!


Well the most prominent one has to be with Khushi' invisible money .lool..she doesn't have money to return it to Arnav but she has money to buy vegetables, buy a stove, gas cylinder, to pay the auto fare, to pay for the plastic boxes, to pay for the printing of her buisnesscards,to but a headset..ahhh CV's get sooo illogical sometimes!ah actually most of the times!!


ASr's bathroom has to be one of the biggest blooper again! And you all know what it is.!That bathroom has to be of a servant acc. To Raizada's! ewww totally spoiled the scene for me!and wonder where's the old staff of AR Sim ,Pam and all those crappy people..huh! well they were anyways of no use, as if the present ones are!!all the time spotted talking about lunch, bhabhi ji's tiffin,ghar ka khana!ughhh


And what's with London delegates joining AR Company as an employee??yess im talking about mr. oberoi or whatever from London!who was spotted among the other AR employees!..


*PS::excuse me for the snaps this week guys..:)


So long fellows!! Have a great Sunday!

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Made By - aishhh.

Here is ur Gift

Made by: Fizii_gurl

Here is ur Gift

Made By - cooldude10

Here is ur Gift

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Pride and Beauty

" Love is a Bumpy ride with happiness, darkness and craziness  "

The fight , crawls as they bear empty hearts together,
There is no-one who can take his place
For she have stitched his heart with her love's lace
Captured in it is the memoir of her face ,
For he would never find again this beauty and innocence,
What she means to him is his heart knows ,

She's his lucky charm that he can't describe her 
Someone he loves her for who he is ,
Silent and mysterious that's what he is ,
Some of her qualities that take his heart away ,
Twinkling in her eyes , smile on his lips ,
She's the last person who makes him feel bad,
She's the first person who him experience something new,
She's the only one he wants to spend her whole eternally,
A partner , a friend , and a lover in one , yet so faraway,
When he sees her everyday; look into his eyes, 
All he could see is the reflection of her sweetness,
How come whenever she fell close to him, 
A smile on his face always came to be? 

With a Goose bump infested hold they grab on 
Tighter as their breath was taken away,
The wind passed by playing with their flesh 
As the breeze made her hair sway,
Parting she looked into his eyes 
Deep flow of love touches their skin and hearts,
They want a place where they can run to 
And fill their hearts with joy doing everything they want to do ,
Where they can turn their hearts inside out 
And lie together gazing at the stars,
A place where they can stay for eternity 
Breaking down any strong bars,

A whispering touch from the outside
Wishing they'd hear them inside the hearts,
Not knowing difference of bitter-sweet ,
As the butterfly tastes the wood sticks in the lands,
But like their love, the light is enclosed in
Will always burn on through the lantern of dreams, 
Through the day, through every night
That may win over each others heart one day.

Runner Up
Rest For The Wicked by anjaani07
Here is ur Gift

Amnesic by Sharneil92
Here is ur gift

Runner UP
Caged Hues by livelygal
Here is ur gift

Short Term Shaadi by --Nannalicous-
Here is ur Gift

Here is your Gift

Here is ur Gift

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Alright everyone this  week enjoyed the teasers of ArHi scenes and there few Khatte Meethe scenes but when it came to story the story was standing there like some building. Now we really need a move in the story as we are not here to watch some kinda commedy we are here to watch Love Story, a bonding between ArHi not some childhood fights between ArHi. So this week I will give 2.5 Jalebis out of 5 JalebisStarStarSmile(2.5)

Well CVs this time I have huge list, you know we love this show thats why we are addicted but now we need few changes on your part
> Please move the story instead of making  it commedy show
> Please dont pakao us with Saas_bahu saga
> Please show something going against Shayam before I dont start feeling like that Shayam is HERO, dont move the story around that mch

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editorial note

We are about to reach 25 editions and this is really a proud moment for the whole IPKKND Forum that we people are going so strong and this forum undoubtedly rocks. ArHi/ SaRun rocks.

Do leave your comments and feedback

On behalf of whole NL team
minuu, Khushi, Neetz and Sanjna

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