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Monday  26th March 2012

Chellammah - nalla kadhai irukkum endru
update thodanginOm
pazhi endrum kolai endrum
kadhaiyai kondraai - idhu
pOdhaadhendru engaL life-um
update-il thongudhE... ammammaa...

Beach with all the machines connected lying on a bed.  MA with her mother as the attender (idhu not attender but thunder)  in another room, eyes closed.  She recalls SS shooting practice session.  Almost jumps out of the bed shouting "ennanga".  Mummy asks her what happened.  Pearl frantic, asks for her hubby and child.  All of them are home, replies mummy.  She shot, I want to see them right now Pearl gets more frantic.  Mummy tries to pacify her, will go and see them in the morning, it is night now.  But she shot repeats an almost hysterical Pearl.  Mummy finally pacifies saying Pearl dreamt.  (next day won't Pearl get to know that Beach was shot?  nambaramaadhiri poi sollaNum, illaatti andha veLayaattukkE pOgakudhaadhunu indhammavukku theriyaadhaa)  Again Pearl jumps out asking for her kid and hubby, she did see her shooting.  Mummy calls for the nurse , the doctor and nurse come in to help mummy.  Pearl is injected a sedative and she doses off.  The nurse gets chided for having forgotten to medicate the patient (Ariya hospitalO soodaana hospitalO - me never going there)

Beach's machines beep.  The nurse comes, looks and runs out to call the doctor.  (No intercom in the ICU - man this hospital is giving me the creeps)  Garden is measuring the corridor.  Mrs. Garden occupying one  chair and Pearl's daddy another.  The doctor rushes into the ICU.  The nurse is asked how Beach is by Garden.  Treatment going on, no use pestering us, please be patient replies the nurse.  Mrs. Garden in thoughts (ivanga enna problem creationO)

Mrs. Garden comes to Pearl's hospital room and requests mummy to come out for a minute.  The nurse is asked to take care of the sleeping Pearl.  Mummy asks why both daddy and Garden look worried.  Garden replies that  Beach's pulse rate falling (last scenela monitor jammunu 90 kaamichchudhE)  so kneading.  Visalam confirms with her hubby and begins her ayyao...ayyaiyo... naan enna paNNuvEn (naan mattum enna paNNuvEn) What will she answer Pearl, who will create another scene once she is out of her slumber.  

AV and CM reach home, with Bharathy and KaNNamma.  They recall the shooting incident.   Full reel Otting because I do not watch it on any other day other than Monday.  CM looks at the blood on the driveway, recalls Beach begging SS not to shoot and saying sorry.  AV asks her not to cry, but joins her. Both mouth senti dialogues.  It is not just blood but her brother's sacrifice. CM decides no more bloodshed  (thanks Rads if this is true for this serial) 

SS is given a food packet in the lockup.  She turns her face, the police constable just leaves it there and locks the prison doors and gets out.  At home Thavasi opens his food packet remembering his daughter SS.  CM sleeping with the babies. AV mosquito bitten coughs , gets up to drink water.  Finds the babies on the bed but CM missing.

AV wonders where CM could have gone leaving the kids alone.  Finds her sitting in a corner of the living room crying.  AV tells not to worry - nothing would happen to Beach.  He has to light AV's funeral pyre (when is that??)  CM feels if she has done a mistake, earlier she used to be very confident, of late she is not sure if what she does is right.  When she saw the MMS she became emotional.  AV gives her a pep talk saying she is bravery personified.  CM regains her confidence  and sings I have confidence in confidence a la Maria of Sound of Music.  She would punish Thavasi & SS through the law (ippO pOi law padikka pOraangaLaa)



Updates by Shree



vadai eating vadai...sambhar no...calls kalavani and tells her to bring sambhar...karuppu comes there and shows the newspaper...beach sudapattar...suttavar sneha!!...kalavani shcoked...but beach no...he is busy eatig vadai ...again asks for sambhar...says sambhar la no salt...tension aa illainnu kaatrarama...karuppu and kalavani sad...


CM sogama sitting in her room ...babies  playing...scenes shifts b/Cm house...court where sneha giving vaakkumoolam and beach's ICU room...sneha n court...she says...when there was no one for me...beach helped me so much...he is a niceman ...but his wife is a mental...he was not happy with his he stayed withme...we decided to dad and i went and talkedto herparents...they agreed...he promised me ...that on the day of their housewarming fn...he will marry me and my dad went there...but  anga  CM and her fmaily members ennai velaiya veratti vittutanga...

Then i went to CM's house to ask sorry...not to shoot her...and also i fought with beach there...Cm and beach ennai rombha kevalama thitinanga...Then after that i went to CM's house...Beach wasalso there and also eparl...i begged him to accept me...He took a gun and threatened to kill me...suddenly CM gun  aa vaangi beach aa suttutanga...The she went near that time police came and arrested me...CM dhaan kolaikari not me sir...i love beach ..and iam very shcoked to see him in hospital...adhaan naan silent aayitten...ambuttedhen...

Pols bring sneha outside  and thavasi waiting for her ...Thavasi says he is happy see her...sneha says she will come out from the case very soon...atleast for CM i'll come...Polstakes sneha...


Pearl comes to CM's house...goes in na dlays with ratna...CM tellsvisa to come in...CM tells visa not to blame the baby for beach's says sorry...CM tells her to stay quiet abt the the baby...for teh sake of says ok...pearl comes out of the room with ratna and leaves with visa...

Cm comes to meet AC SR...SR gets a calls and shouts...en thambhi kku no enemy...she cuts the call and asks CM abt beach...beach nilamai same dhaan...SR says we both rin same borther gone...ur brother is in hospital...Inspector comes and gives sneha's statement...SR reads the stament and says...ur statement and sneha 's statement la neraiya difference irukku??...CM shcoked...


sorry for the msitakes..


Updates by Selva

Wednesday 28th March,2012

The scene opens with inspector giving the statement given by Sneha to AC SR. AC SR reads the statement and tells CM that the statements given by CM and Sneha differs and explains CM about Sneha's vaakumoolam. CM gets furious and SR cools her down. CM tells that Sneha doesn't have mind to marry Beach but to take revenge on entire family. She continues that this is not a fight between two persons but its between two families AV and Thavasi. She explains all the problems to SR in mute. SR tells CM that CM should take action in the beginning itself by stopping Beach's affair towards Sneha.She then informs CM about Vadai's complaint on Beach regarding the video accompanied by Thavasi. CM tells its all Thavasi's plan and even Beach's statements in that video is not from his mind but its Sneha who made Beach  tell like that. SR asks CM to leave and take care of Beach. CM leaves and SR orders the inspector to collect info of Thavasi in the jail he was in before.

Danam's mama and chittappu fights for who is the best pair of Danam. Danam's mama asks him to settle 3 lakhs so that he will not interfere in their life. Chittappu promises he will settle the money soon.

The scene shifts to hospital. All are waiting outside to know Beach's condition. Doctor checks Beach and comes out. MA's mom asks him whether they can see Beach now. Doctor gives permission and asks them to go one by one. CM starts but stopped by MA's mom that her daughter should go first and both MA and MA's mom goes inside. Outside CM enquires about Beach's condition. Doctor tells he is in coma. Everyone shocked on hearing this. Inside MA's mom put some oppari while MA carries Ratna silently watches Beach. Nurse asks MA's mom not to cry or shout but MA's mom shuts her up.Then they goes outside and MA's dad tells them that Beach is in coma. Another round of oppari by MA's mom. Then CM goes in to see Beach. She cried her heart out by recollecting CM and beach's happy moments in the past with title song BGM for 2 mins.

In court Sneha's jaamin case hearing. Sneha is called. She tells judge that she is not the one who shoot Beach but its CM who does and put some drama. Sneha's lawyer tells the gun belongs to Beach and he submits the proofs. He tells CM doesn't like Beach and Sneha marriage and so CM only done that and put blame on Sneha. Public Prosecutor(PP) supports CM and tells why Sneha has gone to CM's home instead of Beach's home to marry Beach. Sneha and Thavasi shocked. Then he tells Sneha doesn't like CM who is against of Beach and Sneha marriage and thats why Sneha went to CM home to kill CM but unfortunately Beach available at CM's home at that time got attacked by Sneha. He then asks the inspector who was present on that spot to tell what he has seen. Inspector explains what he has seen and leaves. Judge asks for MA who is also present in that spot. PP replies MA is mentally affected and she cant come to the court. Then Judge asks for CM and PP tells she is taking care of Beach. Judge orders that CM should be present for next hearing. Sneha's lawyer then submits the bail order to the judge. Judge orders that the case needs investigation and so he can't give Jaamin for Sneha.

The screen freezes with Sneha and Thavasi's shocked face...


Updates by Nithya

Thursday Mar 29th updates


At the court, Judge dismisses Sneha's bail petition.. Sneha yells at her lawyer who assures her that in next hearing he will bail her out.. Outside the court Thavasi wonders how his daughter will manage in the jail.. lawyer says our side is weak.. We need to play carefully.. Solai comes and irritates Thavasi.. Thavasi tries to hit him and threatens to kill him.. lawyer drags Thavasi away and advises him be patient your anger will turn the case favorable for them.. your daughter will be jailed permanently in the murder attempt case.. If Beach is dead your daughter 's life is doomed.. Thavasi is shattered.. Lawyer says CM's witness is a very strong point in this case.. If she says I just heard the gun shot and did not see who shot., bright chances are there for your daughter to escape for this case.. So better approach CM and beg her.. Thavasi is reluctant to fall at CM's feet.. But lawyer says if you wants Sneha to be acquitted this is the only way.. Thavasi  thinks..


MA wriggling in pain.. Kavi says I tried my best to save.. but.. MA did not listen.. CM scolds Kavi for taking an child-like anni to temple and burning her hand in the name of praying to God.. Kavi taunts CM if praying for long life of husband is wrong and only those living with husband can understand this.. CM says I agree I am separated from my husband.. But that does not mean I do not understand the meaning behind these rituals and beliefs.. This belief will work only for people who know why and what they are doing.. Anni is not in her senses and doing venduthals like this is like making a child do it.. Will you do the same to your son and keep watching him suffering. Kavi speechless. CM drags MA away to apply medicines in spite of protests by Visa and Kavi..


At CM's home, CM applies ointment on MA's hands and asks her why she lit the camphor in her hand.. MA says Kavi lit the camphor on my hand and asked me to pray for the long life of my husband.. MA worries about Beach.. CM consoles her saying Anna will be soon hale and healthy.. MA shares her experience of often seeing a grown up Ratna.. CM brushes her off by saying I too feel sometime like my mom calling is calling me.. MA shares her agony of everyone yelling at her, shooing her away while discussing matters and terming her as a mad.. She innocently asks CM I look well dressed and well behaved unlike a typical mad.. Why are people calling me names.. CM says everyone is mad in one or another way.. People brand me too as a mad.. MA says nope you are a very good gal.. CM says you are the only soul who calls me good.. She feeds MA.. While CM is away, MA keeps looking at kutti Ratna and again gets flashes of grown up Ratna..

hope I did not miss anything.. 



Updates by Swash

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thanks for updates... no one dead?  CM serial formula... house

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thanks for the update eclat
sure this snake and her dad is going to put all the blame on CM so CM would be prisoned even pearl is shouting ava suttala not mentioning snake why??? so i feel defenetly CM would be prisoned for 90% since CM had been prisoned before in this serial so for 10% there is no chance of CM kambi counting.

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Thanks Eclat, I liked your updates more than the episode.Clap

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Thanks for the updates eclat..

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Thanks eclat. So CM getting ready for her next avathar - lawyer ?

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Thanks Eclat

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Thank you, Eclat.

God knows what is going on in Head of Creatives' head. Not very creative, is she? Or perhaps she is, at creating irritation and frustration.

I give up. Perhaps Radhika Madame is aiming for those who don't have brains but I find Thangam more interesting...and I don't watch Thangam that often!

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