Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2


Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2
Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2

My best friend's boyfriend's best friend! - an os

mysticlover IF-Dazzler

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Hi friends! A small os from me! Please tell me your opinion!


My best friend's boyfriend's best friend!


"Arohi! Wake up!"  Anjali blasted into Arohi's ear. It was 10 in the morning and she was not up. They had planned an outing today and Arohi was showing no signs of getting up. Well, Anjali was used to this lazy side of Arohi. Arohi walked, talked and slept in laziness. There was not one thing she did on time. Even during their exams you could find her studying only on the eve of exams and still she always managed to score pretty good marks. Who are we kidding she was the topper. Anjali who was Arohi's best friend loved her so much that she would put up with all her laziness. Arohi and Anjali became friends during their college days and before that Shefali was Arohi's bestie. She still was but due to their different courses Arohi and Shefali couldn't meet often. All through their first year Anjali listened to Arohi going on about Shefali and all that time she wished she had a friend like that or that Arohi called her best friend. When Arohi said to Anjali that she was her best friend Anjali couldn't believe it. She never had a best friend before and the entire college knew being Arohi's best friend meant there was nothing that she won't do for you. Arohi was always the protective one. She fought with boys and all those people who said bad things about her friends. She was like a body guard.  That was one of the many reasons Anjali loved Arohi. Anjali smiled at her friend who was sleeping cuddling her teddy bear. All though Arohi was not very girly, her room resonated the girly feeling. There were wind chimes on her window and several golden stars above her bed. She saw it in one serial and on the next day itself she put those stars there. Her room was full of teddy bears and soft toys. On one side was a huge heap of music CDs and on the other side was a heap of books. She was a walking contradiction. Anjali again put herself into the work of waking Arohi up and finally she succeeded.


"What's it Anji! I want to sleep! Let me go to sleep!"  Arohi whined.


"No way! You are getting up Aroo! We are going out today! And do you want to meet my boyfriend?"  Anjali knew Arohi would wake up now.


"Wait a minute that idiot is coming? Then I am not coming! You go by yourself!"  Arohi retorted.


"Hey, my Viren is not an idiot!"  Anjali said back.


"I was not talking about your Viren! I was talking about his friend! I don't like that guy! You would go with Viren and I would be left with him. So I am not coming! Now let me sleep!"  Arohi got back into her sleep.


"No! No! My mom won't let me go if you don't come! Please Arooo..."  Now it was Anjali's turn to whine.


"Ok! Fine! Just don't whine!"  Arohi said while climbing out of her bed. What would she do with this girl? She won't go anywhere without her! But Arohi had great admiration for Anjali. When Shefali went out of country for her studies she felt so lonely and that's when Anjali became her best friend. Anjali now had the same place as Shefali. She was her best friend.


Arohi made her way into her bathroom to get ready. She came out wearing her favourite dark maroon red kurti with golden embroidery along the collar neck. She tied her hair in a high ponytail as it was summer. She took her bag and headed out with Anjali. Anjali while going down glanced at her friend. Arohi was a beautiful girl but she never gave much attention to grooming herself. If she had started giving attention to it, it was because of Anjali.


"Beta, eat something! Don't go out with empty stomach!"  Arohi's mom called out to them.


Arohi headed towards the breakfast table and took an apple and went outside waving bye to her mom. She was munching on her apple when Anjali asked her,


"Would it kill you if you wear some make-up? Leave it! Couldn't you at least wear your earrings?"


"What's your problem sweetheart? You should be happy at least I am wearing this chain you gifted me! And mind you I am wearing this only because you threatened me! And about make-up? I get Goosebumps if I put make-up! Anyways I am happy the way I am!"  Arohi told her funda to Anjali.


Anjali shook her head at her best friend. She was right. At least she was wearing the chain. That itself was a miracle. In 30 minutes they reached 'Royal Cafe' where Viren usually met Anjali. Now was Arohi's most hated part. She was sure Viren would bring his best friend and Arohi hated him.


"Hi girls!"  Viren greeted them. Arohi looked behind him. He was alone. She took a sigh of relief.


"Don't be so relieved Aro! He's coming!"  Viren said with a grin and Anjali smiled at Arohi's condition.


Arohi frowned and replied, "Why Viren? Why? Can't you just dump him? Why did you take his name? Now my entire day would go haywire!"


"Wow! Such high opinion of me! I didn't know you like me so much!"  Someone said from behind Arohi.


Arohi turned around to find Arjun smirking at her. She shot back a fake smile mocking him.


"I was thinking why Viren's chamcha isn't here!"  Arohi said in an extra sugary tone.


"If Anjali's chamchi is here then how come I won't be here?"   Arjun also said in the same sugary tone.


Viren and Anjali gently laughed at this cat and mouse fight and moved to their usual table. The entire cafe knew these four. Viren and Anjali were the sweet couple and Arjun and Arohi were the fighting friends. The owner of the cafe smiled at these four and ordered the waiter to bring them their usual. The sweet couple was lost in their world and the fighting pair was going forward with their never ending fight.


"Aro I heard you throw water at your senior? Bravo girl! Your seniors are not very brave, are they?"  Arjun asked Arohi.


Arohi could sense the hidden mocking tone. "Oh I did! And will do it again! If someone tried to harass my friend in front of me I will do exactly the same! I don't care whether he is my senior or not!"


For a moment Arohi thought she saw admiration in Arjun's eyes. She shook her head. She knew that was impossible. Arjun Singhania to admire her! Who was she kidding! The entire Chandigarh knew that they won't admire each other!


"Well, Arjun I heard your girlfriend dumped you? Is it true? My poor baby!"  Arohi said grinning.


"Oye! She didn't dump me! I dumped her! So don't you say that?"   If there was anything Arjun don't like it was saying that a girl dumped him!


Arohi laughed heartily at Arjun's irritation. She didn't like him but liked his irritated expression very much. Actually she loved how his forehead would wrinkle slightly and how his eyes would squirm and how his lips would form a pout. If there was anything she liked about him it was this. He looked like a small baby while doing that.


Arjun was looking at a laughing Arohi. If there was anything he liked about her it was her smile and laughing face. She looked so innocent while laughing but once she started fighting she was a wild beast. Then Arjun caught Viren's eye and Arjun nodded. He quickly told Arohi to get up and come with him.


"Hey, get up and come with me!"  Arjun told Arohi.


"Why? I am not coming with you!"  Arohi said without getting up.


"Idiot, come with me! Viren is going to propose to Anjali! We are going out so with that excuse Viren could get your friend to the place decorated for that purpose!"  Arjun explained to Arohi while pulling her along.


On their way out Arohi asked Arjun, "Why is Viren proposing? Anjali is only 20! And he is only 22!"


"I don't know why but I guess people in love do crazy stuff! Now come! We are going to the city park!"  Arjun replied to Arohi's silly question.


While in car she again asked, "Would you do that if you meet your dream girl? What if she said no?"


Arjun stared at her for sometime like she was a lunatic. "I know you are a lunatic but never thought your condition was so critical!"


"Oh! Shut up! Just tell me would you do that?"  Arohi again asked him.


Arjun shrugged his shoulders and told her, "I don't know! May be I will! May be I won't! How can I tell now?"


"Hmm..." Arohi hummed and looked outside.


After some five minutes Arohi again asked him, "Arjun tell me should a girl say yes to a good boy who proposed her? When I say good boy I mean a boy who is good in his studies and is a good friend."


Arjun looked suspiciously at an eagerly waiting Arohi. He said, "Why do you ask?"


"Just tell me!"  -  Arohi


"Why do you ask?"  -  Arjun


"Don't tell anyone, ok? Do you know Sid? The cute guy in our college? He proposed to me! And I don't know what to say to him! He is a good friend and I like him but not like that! So I am confused! So tell me what should I do?"  Arohi said while her big eyes became bigger.


Arjun stared at her for some time. Someone proposed to her? Ok! Not good! What! Why should it bother him? No, he was not bothered! Arjun said in his reply, "I don't know! If you like the guy, then say yes! But if you have a speck of doubt then say no!"


Arohi looked at him and then started thinking. She then said to him, "I think I will say whatever comes to my mind when I meet him!"


By then they have reached the park and Arohi get out of the car and ran towards the swing. She had always loved the swing. She started swinging and playing with some kids who were there. Leaning to a tree Arjun watched her eagerly. A smile playing on his lips seeing her happy. Just like that a scene of Arohi with another guy passed through his mind. Arjun stood frozen for some time. He knew he was attracted to her but thought it would go away with time but now he knew it hadn't. Then he remembered what his ex-girlfriend had told him while breaking up with him. "Arjun you don't love me! You love someone else! I don't know who it is but I know you love her! Every time I speak to you, you are in some other world thinking about her! So it would be better if we broke up!"  Arjun knew lately he had been thinking a lot about Arohi. He still remembered their first meeting. He knew Anjali from school time. She was his junior and Viren and Anjali were old neighbours. That's how they fell in love. When Anjali joined college Viren had to come to another part of the city to meet her. First few times Anjali came alone and Arjun was always left alone to roam about. Then on her fourth visit Anjali had company. Arjun could see her walking beside Anjali. Arohi was wearing a blue jeans and a white kurti. Her hair was tied in a high ponytail and he could see that she was not wearing any jewelry. She only had a watch around her wrist. A red shawl around her neck was obstructing his view. There were few strands of hair which were falling onto her face and she was combing them behind her ear. Only when she came near that he saw that she had no make-up. Having innumerous girlfriends had taught him one thing that how to identify whether a girl was wearing make-up or not. Arjun still remembered how she smiled at Viren and at that time she even smiled at him. It was later only they started fighting. And he loved their fights. Once in a week Viren met Anjali and that meant Arjun met Arohi once in a week and for the entire week Arjun would reminisce about their meeting. Arohi's laughter brought him back to present and his smile widened seeing her swinging ever so high.


Arohi had come back home and she was talking to an enthusiastic Anjali over the phone. Anjali was going on and on about how Viren proposed and how surprised she was. Arohi smiled hearing the happiness from her friend's voice. Anyone who looked at her now could see that she was genuinely happy for her friend. That was one peculiarity of Arohi. When mostly people became jealous of their friends Arohi was the kind of girl who smiled more genuinely at others' happiness. Her face lit up whenever her friends were happy. Arohi said bye to her friend and turn around to find Arjun climbing through her window. Arohi was shocked. She hit her head with her hand to check whether she was dreaming.


"Hey! Give me a hand! I think I will fall down!"  Arjun said to a stunned Arohi.


Arohi stared some more at him and then as if getting what he said she helped him. The moment Arjun's legs touched the floor she started her questions,


"Why are you here? Are you mad? What if my parents see you? What if my neighbours see you? What if..."


Arjun was looking cutely at Arohi. He smiled to himself and then as if to her questions' answer he moved forward and kissed her. Arohi's eyes widened and she stood stunned. Arjun pulled himself back from her and grinned at her anticipating a slap but Arohi was still in shock. Arjun shook her and she came back to her senses. Arohi looked at Arjun as if she had seen a ghost. She once again shook her head to clear everything.


"Was that real? Or did I imagine it?"  Arohi asked confused.


Arjun moved closer to her but Arohi didn't move back. He smiled at her and cupped her face and told her, "Hey sweetheart that was very much real! And I guess you now know what to tell Sid tomorrow! You tell him there is someone else in your life. Someone who loves you a lot and would do anything for you! You tell him that you are already taken! Will you tell him that?"


Arohi nodded her head as in agreement and Arjun kissed her forehead.


"You are not going to tell me what you feel for me? No problem you can tell me whenever you want! We have lots of time! Just tell that Sid to stay away! Now bye! Got to go! Would love to stay but these dogs in your street are so menacing! Bye sweetheart!"


Arjun went out through the window and Arohi stared after him. Then as the realization hit her she smiled. She always had a thing for Arjun but she thought he would never like her so she never revealed her feelings. And today when she told him about Sid his response made her believe that he didn't like her. But now she knew he surely did like her! She smiled more widely now and said in a small tone,


"I love you too idiot!"


Arohi turned around to go to her bed but whipped around when she heard, "I heard that! And I love you too!"  A smiling Arjun was holding onto her window rail. He threw a flying kiss at her and went down through the pipe. Arohi moved to the window and saw Arjun making his way to his car. He turned around and she waved at him. A new journey was beginning...


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Will read and edit by tonight

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Posted: 25 March 2012 at 5:17am | IP Logged already in luv wid d name of d os!!


Yipee am 2nd for d 2nd tym..first ur ff and nw ur mission 2 cm 1st starts here.hehe
   Abt d update nw..hmm it was jst freaking awesum!!totally luvd dis arjun arohi.fighting arjuhi to lovers arjuhi..luvd arohi's charactr of helping out her friends even if it meant 2 take panga's wid hr seniors!!arjun climbing up d pipe 2 say hw mch he luvd hr finaly was jst aww..superb!!and arohi saying ilu wen she thought he had gne bak bt he was dere still clinging 2 d pipe!!!
Superb superb superb achu!!luv u.mwuaah!!

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res woman!!!!!

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Thumbs up achuuui...awesome os

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Awesome!!! absolutely loved it!!! their relationship was really natural! It would have been wrong if they did not end up together!

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Awesome!!! jst lovd it.. u guys write stories soo wel.. hats off 2 ul!!!

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loved dis part..plz continue soon Smile

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