Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2


Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2
Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2

~||Colors Of Love||~ [OS]

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Hey Guys... Here is an OS on of course ARJUN and AROHI on holi. I know its been half a month since holi but I really wanted to write one. And since I have written it, I'm posting it. I dont know how it is, so you guys have to tell meD'oh Again its a long one; I have realized that I cannot write a short OS, it always become longLOL Anyways Check the next two post for the OS and let me know how it is and yea dont forget to hit the like button only if you have really liked it...And one more thing the name doesn't really matches the OS. I have randomly put up a point in itTongue


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He picked up the white shirt kept on his bed and wore it with his white jeans, leaving the top three buttons open. He then picked up the white vest jacket and wore it over his shirt leaving all the buttons open. He walked towards the dresser and set his hair with his fingers. He didn't apply hair gel today which he normally used to apply as it was of no use today. He looked at himself in the mirror and smirked, approving his white outfit which was perfect for the 'HOLI-day'. He looked at the time and then walked out of his room. He wore his shoes and walked out of his apartment taking his car keys along and locking the door behind him.

He came out of the elevator and saw the people from his building playing holi. He didn't want to face any of them. Not that he disliked them or anything it's just that he has to go to his friend, Rajvir's house for holi celebration and if he meets any of his building mates now they will surely apply color to him and he doesn't want any of it until he reaches Rajvir's house as his car seats will get spoiled because of the color and he cannot even think about it.
He quietly walked away from there and wished that no one see's him walking away. He thanked the builder of his society for giving him a parking space which was just a few feet away from his building. He almost ran when he was just a couple of steps away from his car and quickly sat down on the driver's seat. He sighed of relief and grinned, patting himself "Well done Arjun Punj" He said to himself. He reversed his car and then put it in 1st gear and left for Rajvir's house. He took the back door out so that nobody sees him and stops him from going.
He reached Rajvir's house and parked his car at an empty parking space. He got down from the car and walked towards the garden from where the sound of loud music was coming. There was a big tub filled with colored water. Few tables were there in the centre with plates full of different colors. There were buckets besides the table with pichkaari's in it. He smiled when he saw Rajvir, his wife Rashi, his father, his mother and his other two friends Jai and Salil along with their wives Shefali and Purvi putting colors on the other, making the other wet by putting a bucket full of colored water. They all were covered with colors from head to toe. It was difficult for him to recognize each one of them.
Whenever he used to see Rajvir and his family, he used to miss his family. The family which is now separated all thanks to his 2 elder brother and their wives. Because of them his father had to divide all the property among the brothers. His father's dream, Punj Construction and the Punj Mansion was taken away from his father by his brothers. Even he was given his share but he sold it off to both his brothers as he never wished to work with his brothers. They would never let him work the way he wanted and would always rule; while Arjun didn't wish to do that. For once, the thought of leaving his Dad's business with his brothers had come up in his mind. According to him his brothers will not be able to handle the business but when he had spoken to his parents about it they had told him not to worry about it. His father even told that he doesn't really care if his brothers take care of business well or not, he doesn't expect anything from them now. His father had told him that he should do what he had always wished to do; to start his hotel chain and that both his father and mother are always there to support him. That's what Arjun did he started his hotel chain with the money he got by selling off his shares. And now at the age of 29 he is the owner of two well known 7 star hotels in Mumbai and is on its way to start the third one in Goa. After the separation he had stayed with his parents until his brothers had had a problem with it. They didn't like Arjun staying with their parents and had created some or the other problems. Getting fed up of everything his parents had left all the 3 sons on their own and went to Chandigarh and he could not do anything to keep his parents with him but let them go. The only thing he can do now is that call them up and ask them how they are.
He looked around and spotted his 2 favorite persons. He smiled and walked towards them. They were the two persons who he loved very much and also respected very much, the two persons who never let him feel that he doesn't have a family like they have by telling him that they were his family, the two persons... "Daddu... DJ..." Arjun called them as soon as he reached there. "Happy Holi" he wished and bent down to take their blessing. They both kept their hands on his head and blessed him. He stood straight and hugged Daddu, the man who was like a coconut, very strict from outside but from inside he has a big heart full of love. He then hugged DJ, the coolest and modern Dadi anyone could have.
Daddu took a pinch of red color between his thumb and forefinger and did a tilak on Arjun's forehead. DJ took a little green color in one palm and yellow color in other palm and applied them on his cheeks. She then took a pinch of blue color and applied it on his nose making Arjun grin like a small kid. Arjun took a little color in his palm and applied on both their cheeks. This was a rule of Rajvir's house that the eldest member of the family will do the tilak and apply a little color first, after that only they can play holi, the festival of colors and the colors were not any color; they were called the 'Colors of LOVE.'
He first went towards Rajvir's parents and wished them taking their blessings and then walked towards his 3 best friends. They all were childhood friends, best friends; they were like brothers and were inseparable. They all went to school together, though they were separated during their college because they all had different dreams but were not actually separated. They would meet every day after their college. They were best friends then, they were now and they will always be.
"Happy Holi brother" Rajvir wished hugging Arjun and applying color all over his face. Arjun wished him back the same way as he did.
"So, the hotel king Arjun Punj finally gets the time to meet his boring friends" Jai said sarcastically.
"It's not like that Jai. Actually-" Arjun tried to explain himself but was cutoff in between by Salil.
"It's okay Arjun, we understand. We are not angry at you are we Jai?" Salil asked.
"No not at all" Jai said with a mock grin.
Arjun sighed and looked at Rajvir as if asking for help which Rajvir did happily.
"Come on guys we are here to celebrate not to fight, we'll punish him some other day" said Rajvir and saw both Jai and Salil agreeing to him.
"Happy Holi Arjun" both Salil and Jai wished together and applied color to Arjun the same way as Rajvir did.
Arjun was just about to apply color to them when suddenly...
And they were all wet and shocked. They looked at each other and then towards the side from where the water came and saw a group of girls standing there and laughing at them.
"Bura na mano HOLI hai" the girls said in unison and laughed again. The three of them were Rashi, Shefali and Purvi.
Arjun was looking at the girls when something caught his eyes; it was a pair of light brown eyes. It was the most beautiful pair eyes he had ever seen. And were also the most expressive eyes; her eyes told him how innocent she was; how her heart was pure. Her eyes were twinkling as she was laughing and giggling. He tilted his head a little towards his side to have a better look but the girls in front were blocking his way, all he could see were the pair of light brown eyes.
All the girls started running when the boys ran behind them. But Arjun was still standing there looking at the way he had seen the pair of beautiful eyes. He was lost in his own world, so lost that he didn't even notice that she had gone from there and he was staring into space for god knows how long. It was like he was frozen on the spot.
"OW!"Arjun yelled and rubbed his arm. He looked at his side and saw Jai, Salil and Rajvir glaring at him. One of them had just smacked him hard bringing him back to planet earth. "What was that for?" he asked annoyed, still rubbing his arm and making a face.
"What were you staring at?" asked Jai mocking Arjun's tone.
"I-" Arjun started and looked towards the other side where he had seen her. He left the sentence there and frowned, she was gone? Where? He thought.
"What I huh? You were supposed to run behind the girls" Salil scolded him.
"Exactly, the girls just threw buckets full of water on us and you are standing here staring into space" Rajvir said in the same tone as Salil.
"Sorry" was all Arjun could say, he couldn't explain anything them as he himself didn't know what had happened to him.
"Now think, how we should get the girls" said Jai.
"Yeah they'll have to pay for this" said Salil and Rajvir nodded his head.
"Hmmm" Arjun said, tapping his finger on his chin, thinking of something. Finally something came up in his mind, the 4 guys along with few others formed a circle keeping their hands on the others shoulder, while Arjun told them what to do. They high-fived each other and then went to different directions after making sure that the girls were not watching them.
The girls were at the backside of the house laughing at the guys' condition. They decided that it's time to face the guys as they cannot hide for a long time. They walked towards the front garden and peeked before stepping out but there was no one. The elders had already gone inside leaving the kids, the music was still on and the guys were nowhere to be seen. The girls looked around to see if they could spot any of the guys but they could not see anyone of them.
"I think they got scared of us" Shefali said laughing, making the others laugh as well.
"I think you are right" Purvi sided Shefali and they high-fived.
"But where are they?" Rashi asked as they reached the center of the garden.
"Looking for us" suddenly said a voice behind them.
The 4 girls jumped getting startled and turned to see Arjun, Rajvir, Jai and Salil surrounding them with evil grin on their faces. The other girls had already run when they had seen the guys coming from behind the tables. They shrieked as they saw the guys holding buckets full of water in their hands. The girls took a step back and looked at the guys and saw them looking at them mischievously. Rajvir was looking at Rashi, Jai at Shefali, Salil at Purvi and Arjun was staring again at the beautiful light brown eyes. This was the first time he could actually see her face which was covered with color. He looked away before he could get lost in her; this girl was doing something to him.
Rajvir, Jai and Salil threw the water in the buckets over their respective wives. Arjun angled the bucket to throw the water on 'her' but she found an escape and ran away. Arjun immediately left the bucket down and started running behind her.
She looked back while she was running and shouted when she saw Arjun running behind her. He was coming close with every step he took. He had a benefit; he was very tall and was taking long steps. And she had this disadvantage she was very short when compared to him. She looked in front and ran as fast as she could but Arjun was very fast for her. He took hold of her wrist and made her stop. She turned around and tried to pull her hand out of his grip but, he was very strong for her. She tried a few more times but it didn't help. Finally annoyed, she looked up and gasped as her eyes met his, which were intense.
Arjun all the while was gazing at her, he could not move his eyes away from her, it was like she has casted some kind of spell on him. His eyes moved around her face slowly, capturing every feature of her face in his mind, in his soul, in his heart. His eyes met her beautiful ones when she looked up at him and he was lost in them again. She tried looking away but couldn't; his gaze didn't let her look away. They took hold of her eyes. He almost ripped his eyes away from hers and his eyes slowly move down. She was wearing white salwaar kameez which fit her body perfectly. His eyes were caressing her body with his eyes, taking in every feature of hers. His eyes moved back up the same way and stopped back on her face. He imprinted her in his heart.
A shiver ran down Arohi's spine when she felt him devour her through his piercing gaze. Her cheeks became warm and turned crimson when his eyes paused at her natural curves. She felt like running away from there but she couldn't. Wind blew making her duppata fall from one side of her shoulder making her neck visible to his hungry eyes.
He moved his eyes to her neck, when her duppata fall off her neck, it was like a reflex; the falling off her duppata caught his eyes and made him look down at her neck. His eyes fell on the black beads necklace tied around her neck, which he recognized as 'Mangalsutra' which his worn by married women's. He looked back at her face and smirked at her evilly making her gulp.
"AROHI" someone yelled.
She looked at her side and saw two of her friends calling her and gesturing her to come. Arjun followed her gaze and saw the same. Arohi looked back at him and saw him looking towards her friends. Taking the opportunity, she jerked his hand away and ran towards her friends.
He looked at her retreating back and whispered "Arohi" as if he was worshiping her name.
Arohi turned and look at him as if she had heard him call her and saw him standing at the same place with an evil grin. She immediately turned back towards her friends and went away from there. But Arjun stood there at the same place.



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"Wow Arjun, what an amazing plan" he friends came towards him and almost jumped on him for a hug. They squeezed him hard, making it difficult for him to breathe.
"I... can't... breathe... guys" Arjun managed to say and his friends left him immediately saying sorry. Arjun kept his hand on his chest and took a few deep breaths. "It was my plan, it had to be amazing" he said with a smirk after he composed himself.
All the 4 went back to the main garden and joined everyone in playing holi including the girls. They were throwing water from the pichkaari on one another, rubbing color on the faces and were also dancing on the beats of music.
All this while Arjun's eyes were fixed on Arohi, he had a faint smile on his face seeing her laughing and dancing with her friends. He was physically with his friends but his mind, heart and soul were with Arohi. He could not deny that she is one beautiful girl, not only beautiful from outside but also from her heart and he has hopelessly fallen in love with her. His smile grew wide, yes he is in love.
Arohi felt someone's gaze on her; she turned and saw Arjun looking at her ever so lovingly which made her shiver. She glared at him angrily and looked away which made Arjun chuckle. 'She looked so cute' he thought.
Arohi winced as a little color went in her eyes. She blinked both her eyes a few times trying to open them but she couldn't. She rubbed her eyes with the back of her hand and then opened them. She still had difficulty in keeping them open. She walked to the corner slowly and opened the tap which was there for the purpose of watering the plants. She splashed water in her eye and over her face. She then rubbed her eyes and her face, removing the color. She closed the tap off and stood straight placing her duppata back on its place which had fallen while she was washing her face.
Suddenly someone grabbed her and pinned her against the tree. She gasped in shock and looked up to see the person. She gasped again when she saw Arjun and the same instance look in his eyes. He had kept his hands on either side of her face trapping her in between and was just staring at her making her tremble. "What are you doing?" she managed to ask but he didn't reply and kept on looking in her eyes. "Listen mister leave me I'm married" she said hoping that he would move away.
At her statement his eyes moved towards her forehead where he saw a faint red mark which adorned her 'maang'; another symbol of marriage 'Sindoor.' He looked back in her eyes "So?" he asked, smiling mischievously.
She looked at him as if he's grown two heads "So?" she mocked him. "So my husband will beat you up if he see's you so close to his wife" she tried to scare him but all in vain.
"Is it? Then where is your husband I'm in a mood to get beaten up" he said, the mischievous look was not leaving his face and was scaring Arohi.
"You are crazy" Arohi said, trying to act normal.
"For you" Arjun said huskily leaning closer to her. His eyes were now fixed on her lips, wanting to kiss her sensuously.
Arohi tried to push him but she couldn't. She heard someone call her and the voice was coming near. She pushed Arjun with all her strength making him stumble and bringing him back to his senses. She moved her hand towards her neck and clutched her duppata there and was glaring at Arjun angrily.
Arjun just stood there looking at her, he looked towards the side when he heard someone say his name and saw Rajvir and Rashi walking towards them.
"What are you guys doing here?" asked Rajvir and looked at Arohi. He noticed the angry look on her face. He then looked at Arjun who was looking at Arohi and sensed the tension. He walked towards Arohi and stood beside her. Rashi was already standing on the other side of Arohi. He turned towards Arjun and asked in a concern voice "Were you troubling my sister Arjun?"
Arjun saw the concern look in Rajvir's eyes for his sister. "No" he said shaking his head. If he wanted he could have implemented the plan of troubling Arohi which cooked up in his mind at Rajvir's question but he didn't feel like doing it. He felt like kissing her and telling her how much he loves her.
"Let's go then" Rashi said and they all went back. They played for a little while more and had a late lunch. Everyone left after telling their bye's and how much they enjoyed their day, to Rajvir and his family.
Arjun was the only one left. He chatted with Rajvir for some time telling about his hotel in Goa and then he went inside with Rajvir to say his bye's to the elder. He walked towards Daddu and DJ and said that he was leaving.
"Stay here for the night Arjun. Rajvir arrange some clothes for him" Daddu said in a stern voice making both Arjun and Rajvir nod. Arjun couldn't stay no to Daddu, he respected him a lot and he didn't want to hurt him. His eyes met Arohi's who was standing across the room. From her face it looked like she didn't like the idea of Arjun staying here but for Arjun it was an amazing idea. He gave her a wide smile and then walked behind Rajvir.
The rest of the day went with the whole family sitting together chatting, laughing and cracking jokes; with a little mischievous and lovable looks from Arjun towards Arohi and angry glares from Arohi towards Arjun.
Arohi was in the kitchen cleaning the left over's after the dinner while her mother was making almond milk for everyone.
"Arohi... Go give this to Arjun" Arohi's mother told her handing the glass of milk to her. Arohi wanted to say no but she didn't have any reason. She covered the milk with small plate and walked up to the room given to Arjun. She will hand him the glass and will leave from there, she told herself.
Arohi entered the room and saw Arjun sitting on the chair by the coffee table. She kept the glass on the table and walked towards the door. Just when she was about to walk out of the door Arjun pulled her by holding her hand, he then closed the door locking it and pinned Arohi to the door covering her mouth with his hand before she could scream.
"Shhh" he whispered huskily. He pressed his body against hers and felt her gasp on his palm. She breathed heavily as she felt his body pressing hers. Arjun could feel her chest move up and down over his making him go wild. He looked in her eyes loosing himself in them again. He leaned near her ear and stopped just an inch away. He inhaled her sweet sent deeply and exhaled after few seconds making Arohi shiver. He finally covered that little gap and kissed her ear gently and heard her gasp which made him wilder. He removed the hand from over her mouth and moved to her other ear kissing and biting it, while Arohi was completely lost in his touch. Her head rested against the door, her eyes were closed and her hands were over his shoulder clutching his shoulder tightly.
He removed the duppata from around his neck and threw it on the floor as it was blocking his way. He placed kisses on her neck moving towards her shoulder. He pulled her kurta a bit down from her shoulder and kissed her there not leaving a single space.
"Arjun" Arohi moaned as he bit her shoulder and place a few kisses over the bite he gave to her. Her knees were going weak, she was glad that he was holding her otherwise she would have fallen down. "Arohi" she heard his husky voice as she felt him trace kisses over her Mangalsutra.
"I love you Arohi" he said as he placed a kiss over her forehead where the Sindoor adorned  and then kissed her all over the face not kissing her at the place she wanted 'her lips.'
She pulled his head back by holding his hair and smacked her lips on his. They both gasped as their lips met. They had missed this so much, they had missed each other so much... their kiss was telling it all. They were kissing each other fiercely; biting each other, moaning and groaning in between. He was 'HER' Arjun and she was 'HIS' Arohi... 'Mrs. Arohi Arjun Punj.'
Arjun and Arohi have known each other since childhood. He would always see her whenever he would go to Rajvir's house and it was same with Arohi, she would see him whenever he used to come to meet Rajvir. They would never speak to each other, other than saying hi and bye. When Arjun was in 6th grade and Arohi was in 2nd she had come to Arjun, tears spilling from her eyes which had worried him, he had immediately asked her what had happened and she told him that there was a boy in her class who was pulling her hair and was teasing her. He had suggested that she should go to Rajvir but she denied sweetly by telling him that he looks much stronger than her brother, which made Arjun's chest grow wide with pride. He had taken hold of her hand and asked her to take him to that boy. Few minutes later he stood in front of that boy and warned him low yet firm voice that he should not harass Arohi or else he will beat him up and had told Arohi that if anyone ever harasses her she should come and tell him. That was it, from that day Arjun and Arohi had become really good friends, whenever she used to have any problem she would go and tell Arjun rather than telling her brother Rajvir; she always sided him in his mischievous pranks and she would always consider his advice as she trusted him very much and knew that he would never break her trust. They had been in love all along but hadn't realized that until the day Arohi had come back from U.S after completing her studies; she had come back after 5 long years and he had gone with Rajvir to pick her up from the airport. The moment he had spotted her he had realized that she was no more a little girl, she had grown big; she had grown into a beautiful woman. That was the first time Arjun had looked at her eyes and had found them the most beautiful pair of eyes he had ever seen and the moment their eyes had met he had lost himself in them. It was the same with Arohi when she had seen him at the airport, she had realized that he didn't have those boyish looks anymore, he now looked like a man; who was the most handsome and most charming, who could make any girl go weak on their knees and the moment she looked in his eyes she was lost in them. At that moment they both felt something for each other, they had felt a kind of attraction towards each other.
After a few months they had finally named the attraction as love as they confessed to each other. For a long time they hid their relationship from everyone. They would go out with everyone on dinner's, pubs, movies etc but as friends and never let anyone suspect that they were madly in love with each other. And whenever they would get time alone they would sit hugging each other and would steal a few kisses in between. They cared for each other, they were possessive about each other and they never hide anything from the other. It was Arohi who had been with him all the time during the separation of his family and even he had found comfort only in her arms. Finally after staying in a hidden relationship for almost a little more than a year they both decided to take the next step that was marriage. They had first spoken to Rajvir and told them about their love for each other. Rajvir had slapped Arjun hard across his face and then had hugged him tightly making both Arjun and Arohi confused. When asked about it Rajvir had explained that the slap was from Arohi's brother and the hug was from Arjun's friend; and Arohi had punished him hard by not talking to him for two weeks for slapping 'HER' Arjun, it would have been longer only if Arjun wouldn't have told her to forgive her brother. After talking to Daddu, DJ and Arohi's parents who were more than happy to have Arjun as their son-in-law, they got married. They had a big marriage ceremony and a bigger reception. Arjun then took Arohi to Paris for their honeymoon for 2 weeks out of which they spent most of the time in the room loving each other and the little time they went out they visited various places like Eiffel Tower, Louvre Museum which is one of the world's largest museums, Paris Disneyland, Notre Dame Church and a few more places. That was the best time of their life.
It was almost 2 years to their marriage now and they had had a biggest fight they had ever had. It was not exactly a fight; it was just that Arohi had been very angry with Arjun. Arjun had been really busy with his new hotel these days and could not give his time to his wife. That was fine with her, she understood that he was busy and she didn't complain about it. The problem was that he went to Goa without her for a whole week; she was angry because he did not take her, so what if he would have been busy the whole day, she would not have disturbed him and let him work. She would have been in the hotel room and at the max would have gone to the beach which was there in the hotel he was staying and then the night would have been theirs, but Arjun didn't understand that. She had never been to Goa before and she really wished to see the beaches out there but because of Arjun she had missed this chance. She hadn't spoken to him the entire week while he was in Goa. When he had gone to leave her to her parent's house just before leaving for Goa, she hadn't kissed him good bye, hell she hadn't even said that; when he had tried to get close to her she had just shoved him off. At that time he had shook his head and had left for Goa, thinking that he would call her from there but whenever he would call her, she wouldn't pick up his call, she wouldn't reply to his messages. At last getting tired, he had called up Rajvir and had asked him how she was. They both had missed each other terribly but Arohi had been stern that she wouldn't talk to Arjun and Arjun had decided that he would never go anywhere without Arohi, he would take her with him.
He had comeback early morning today as he didn't want to miss the festival and make his lovely wife angrier. And the moment he had seen her he felt as if the scene from the airport was replaying again and he fell in love with her all over again. And the moment their eyes met he had come back to present when he noticed the anger in her eyes. There was only one way by which he could make his wife forgive him; that was to pull her in his arms and kiss her. He knew that she would melt the moment he would hug her. That's what he was trying the whole day teasing her a little bit and trying to find a moment alone with her but he didn't get one. And now that he has got the time alone with his wife, he would not leave her until she forgives him and she forgave him the moment she slammed her lips on him.
Kissing each other fervently they landed on the bed, unknown to themselves, with Arjun on top of Arohi and Arohi pressed against him. Arohi's hands were in Arjun's hair, ruffling and pulling it while Arjun one hand was below Arohi's head supporting her and the other was under her kurta, moving carelessly over her stomach.
They broke the kiss when they were out of breath. Arjun leaned his forehead over hers, both their eyes closed and they were trying to bring their breathing back to normal.
"I missed you Jaan" Arjun said after a few minutes breaking the silence and opening his eyes to look at Arohi's face.
Arohi opened her eyes and looked in his. She didn't say anything instead she hit him lightly on his back making Arjun chuckle. He knew exactly why she had hit him for making her forgive him this easily.
He rolled over her, pulling her against him. Arohi kept her head on his chest and was drawing circles with her finger while Arjun was moving his fingers in her hair. They both kept silent for a long time, enjoying the closeness after an entire week.
"I'm sorry Arohi, I promise never to leave you again and go. I'll take you with me wherever I'll go; I cannot live without you, not even for a single day" Arjun said, explaining her in a way that he'd missed her so much.
Arohi placed a kiss on his chest where his heart was placed which had her name written on its every beat. "I love you Arjun" she said snuggling close to him.
Arjun closed his eyes as he heard her say those words which he had longed to hear from her. He hugged her tight and placed a kiss on her head as they lay in the same position until Arjun sat up and removed a plate full of colors from under the bed which he had kept there just before Arohi had come in the room. He took a pinch of red color and applied it in her maang over the Sindoor.
"What are you doing Arjun? Holi has been over a few hours back" Arohi said as Arjun applied a little color over her cheeks.
"I know, but I didn't have a chance to apply color to you" Arjun explained.
"You act like a 5 year old sometimes. Come on Arjun its just colors" Arohi said.
"No, they are not just any colors; they are the 'Colors of LOVE'" Arjun said immediately.
Arohi smiled, 'he was right' she said in her mind and applied a little color over Arjun cheeks. Arjun kept the plate on the nightstand and turned towards Arohi.
"I have a wish" he said pulling her on his lap and holding her by her waist tightly.
"And what is it?" she asked making herself comfortable and playing with his hair.
"I wish to have our little princess before the next holi" Arjun answered.
Arohi leaned forward and brushed her lips over his. "Wish granted" she whispered looking straight in his intense eyes.
And soon they were in the world where only three things existed... LOVE, LOVE and more LOVE...

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Res..hey wil cmmnt tmmrw evng pakka having my xam tmmrw.please dnt mind.promise i wil read and cmmnt tmmrw aftr xam:)


     Ok i noe i hav been a bit late 2 read d os..finally got 2 read it and should say that i totally luvd it...arohi was so angry dat she didnt evn rply 2 hs cals and msgs!!serves hm r8,kisne bla tha apni biwi ko na le jane..and d holi day part was also gr8.evn i was feeling 2 play!!d way arjn made her forgive hm was soo lovely...and arjn's wish was soo sweet!!!

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beautiful os totally luvd it x

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