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MG ff Love Blossoms, THD 1,THD 2 UPDATING MAR-17 (Page 77)

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Spring Text

WinkAll ff writers i love u all ,u r making my day complete wit maaneet by ur writings.. i love u all.. inspired wit ur writings i falling in love wit maaaneet madly so for showing my feelings for maaneet i too started to write ff wit all ur blessings nd love.. if i hav made som mistake forgive nd support me...Embarrassed

Blossoms - 28


Geet   bangs to Maan's   cabin. Maan   who   was  busy in his files  was shocked to see  Geet carrying some bag with her

Maan : Geet wat is tis

Geet kept te bag on te couch and took a long  breath  : don't worry Maan , all staffs went to lunch , and im here to see my friend

Maan  smiles at her antics  : oh

Geet : wat oh cum  have ur lunch, maa gave lunch for u too

Maan : no Geet  its ok , why u disturbing maa

Geet : hello drama king,   don't over react so much, ur maa only gave u

Maan   was   happy  to  hear    ur  MAA

Geet  : but I think u didt like ok im leaving

Maan  : geet  im so hungry, stop ur  bak  bak and cum we will have

Geet   open her mouth : Maan 

Geet  served  food for both of them and   Maan was having it

Maan (st) :  till now no one   brought lunch for him in his office, but here , wat if I get addicted, before  he further continues ,

Geet : hello Mr. Dreamy have ur lunch, don't go to ur  dream  land

Maan : hmm ah Geet

They  both having  lunch , Geet   notices Maan's  eyes  which  look  so tired

Geet : Maan  I think u r not well

Maan : wat

Geet : yaa see ur eyes how red, u look like very tired, ur stressing so much Maan, working 24*7

Maan : nothing like tat Geet

Geet : I can see tat , better take leave for  1 week and take rest Maan

Maan : its ok Geet only for 1 week, I finish my work and will have to leave Delhi

Geet stops eating and saw Maan : DELHI?

Maan sense her sadness  : yes Geet I have to go to Delhi, my  office needs me

Geet : hmmm and playing with her food

Maan  : GEET  I will cum often to  see u and I will cal daily

Geet   nodes   her head , but Maan  know she is very sad.  they   had they lunch and Geet went to her cabin.




Geet came to  office  and saw Madu was pacing back and forth, feeling restless

Geet : wat  happen Madu why so tensed

Priya : yes Madu I have been watching u for past some days u not normal wat happen

Surya : how she will  be wen ..

Madu : shut up Surya

Geet : then some thing is there

Tat time Krishna came :  Geetu were is xy project file

Geet : its with  Madu

Krishna : ask her to give

Geet :  now both of u  stop , and answer my question, wat is happen between u

Madu started to cry,

Krishna : Geetu ask her to stop crying or else I will resign

Geet   was shocked now u both say wat happen or else im going

Krishna : wait Geetu , I will say, I LOVE  MADU

Every one was shocked,

Then Krishna  narrated ,

Last week he purposed her, but Madu rejected her. Krishna then didt feel for tat and  behave to her normally , but she started to avoid him, it irritates him, she is behaving like im a rogue . tat s why he is so much hurted.

Madu said abt her pov: wen he purposed I was shocked Geetu  , I like him  but I don't know its love or something else ,  So I was confused, to avoid my confusion, I need time so I avoided him, but he is shouting at me, yesterday wat I will do its hurts me.

Geet   thinks for some time and started to laugh .  Everyone   was shocked to see Geetu like tis.

Priya : Geet they both in pain, u r laughing

Geet controls herself :  Is n   it LOVE IS BEAUTIFUL FEEL, WHY  WE  SHOULD  FEEL  PAIN. they are in love,  so  they   should  feel  they  love ,  not to hurt themselves.this two are BUDDHUS

Geet  to Krishna : being a boy, u took so many days to confess ur love, how u expecting madu to say her feelings at once. If she rejects u,  u have to make her to accept u but u useless makes her believe u,  but wta u did she rejects u left. Is ur love tat weak 

Krishna : u asking me to force her

Geet : wen she belongs to u , u can do whatever u want she is urs. All is fair in love and war

Geet  : and u Madu being a girl I can understand, but u can asked him time, I know u love  him, but u still didt realizes

Both looks each other

Geet  : so u both sit and talk to each other , till then don't enter KC or don't talk to us . now u both leave

Krishna : how lovely u said, ur correct Geetu  ,  we will solve our problem

Madu had tears  and hugs Geet : thanku Geetu

Geet :  stop ur tears see Krishna ur girlfriend shedding tears and watching it, wat kind of BF u r

They both  smiled and left to solve they problem. Every one  started to laugh

Geet : wait wait surya u  know every thing  but u didt say to us, don't talk to us

Surya : sorry Geetu yesterday only Krishna said

Geet : we don't know tat but we need ice cream treat from u evening

Surya : oh gos my pocket money


Geet  was roaming around Maan's cabin to see him,  he is not there

Geet (st) : I know today till 3' clock he don't hav any meeting, then were he went,  Geet whom u talk abt , he is robot, 24 hours  wont enough for him.

At   tat time  Nar sir came : wat u  want Geetu

Geet : no sir, actually Maan sir called me to decuss abt Madurai  project

Nar :  Geetu he didt cum, his servant called to inform to cancel all meeting, he is taking rest

Geet (st) : Rest  or Maan

Nar :  Geetu

Geet : sir I  want half day permission

Nar : why Geetu

Geet : im having stomach  pain, she said holding her  head

Nar smiles at her : ok go

Geet runs to her cabin, but stops I middle  wen she heard Nar words

Nar : next time don't keep ur hand on ur stomach for head ache

Geet bites her tongue and pulls NAR  cheeks  and runs saying : thanku

Maan's GH

Geet  rushes  inside shouting : MAANNN MAANNN

Nakul : Geet baby

Geet : were is Maan

Nakul : he is in his room baby from morning he didt cum down

Geet : u left him like tat

Nakul : sir said not to disturb him

Geet : u can call me nan

Saying tis . she rushes to Maan's room and open it.

She was shocked to see MAAN, lying  in his bed  and coughing. Geet went near him and touched his forehead , its was burning like  hot iron

Maan   wakes up  , feeling some one touching him and opens his eyes to see fuming geet standing there with her hands on her hips. Maan  tries to get  up

Geet : dare u get up or u will see GEETANJALI'S REAL FACE

She covered  him with his duvet properly : I will call dr

Before Maan could say anything

Geet : Nakul bhaiya

Nakul  came : wat baby

Geet : call ur dr immediately

Nakul : I called him, he is on te way

Maan   glared at him

Geet  : hello mister don't glare, better u sleep till  te dr  cums

Dr came and checked him : Geet he is having viral, he hav to take rest  for 1 week. Now I will inject him , then ask him to take his medicines properly

Geet : ok dr

Maan : its ok dr I will have medicine , I no need injection

Dr : no Mr. Khurana,  I have to give tis injection

Maan : no

Geet : Maan  why u  making it a big issue, its small injection

Nakul whispered in Geet's ear : sir is scared of injection

Geet : oh so MR.MAAN SINGH KHURANA scared of injection

Maan glares at Nakul : no who said it, I will have it. Dr inject me

Dr inject MAAN, Maan screamed : ahhh

Geet : wat happen Maan

Maan straighten himself : nothing

Geet : attitude

Then dr wents, Geet calls to her home and said abt Maan's illness

After some time, every one came to see Maan

Meena : how are u Maan

Maan was shocked to see  Geet's whole family standing there

Maan : nothing maa, its just im tired, Geet is making big issue of  it

Geet : wat tired, maa he is having viral fever, dr said to take rest for 1 week

Meena : oh god wat happen, wait

She took a packet from her pallu,  and opens it, took te god's Prasad and  applied it on Maan's  forehead

Prabu :  Maan wat  happen suddenly , did  u eat something outside

Rajji :  Geeta were is te dr's  pescription

Geet gave her

Rajji : yes mama u having viral fever, u should not get from ur bed for 1 week

Maan  was shocked and was like child sitting there and every one saying they opinion

Nakul was also shocked to see every one, who showering they love to his Maan babu

Geet sees Nakul : Bhaiya, I for got, and she intro everyone to him

Meena : I will make soup for u, were is te kitchen

Nakul : maa cum I will take u

Meena went to kitchen to make soup, prabu sits near him and started to massage his legs

Maan got shocked and get up and holds his hands : paa wat is tis, ur elder than me

Prabu : so , ur my son, if karti too not well I will do te same thing

Maan was overwhelmed and had tears but hide it from them, but prabu sensed it

Prabu : Maan take rest , till then ur  maa will bring ur soup, Geeta  go and see wat  ur  maa is doing

Geet   went to see her maa

After som time , Meena and Geet  came with soup and his lunch

Geet : Maan u hav so big kitchen, wow its so lovely

Maan smiles at him,  Meena feeds te soup, and he took it. After some time, Geet gav his medicines and he slept. Every one sits besides him

Maan woke at evening to see every one watching him

Maan :  why u all looking at me like tis

At tat time Nakul came with coffee . every one had it

Meena : Maan I will make  soft food for to eat  for dinner

Maan : maa u all staying here

Prabu : any problem

Maan : no no I will be happy if u all stay here, but I disturbing u all

Geet : maa leave him, he is big drama king, u go and make te dinner

Meena smiles and leave to prepare dinner

Maan : paa u can take rest , in next room

 Prabu : no Maan I will be there, I just will get freshen and cum

Maan : hmmm

The dinner was also light, Meena feed him and every one had dinner with Maan

Rajji : mama u r GH  was so lovely, nice taste

Karti : yes mama

Maan : thanku

They had their dinner, geet gave medicines

Maan : u all can rest in other rooms, Nakul show them  te rooms

Nakul : yes sir

Meena : no Maan I will stay here,  others will rest  in other room

Geet : no I will be with u

Meena : ok then u all go and rest

Prabu, Karti and Rajji went to other room to take  rest,  Geet was sitting in te couch and Meena sits  near Maan and massage his legs

Maan knows tat wat ever he says , she wont listen, so he closed his eyes. Thinking how lucky he is to get them in his life even though they are not his blood relation,  but they treating me as they own son,  and he went to his past , how he suffered due to his own blood relation. with this he drifted to sleep, peaceful sleep.







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Wow..superb update
Love it

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meettu IF-Rockerz

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Loved it
truely awsome
geet ws toop goood
my stomach is paining
keeping her hands on her head
it ws sooo funny
nd maan feeling lucky after seeing love of geet family
update soon

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_Jyothi_ IF-Rockerz

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wow awesome part dear...
loved it so much...
i love geet's family a lot... the way they took care of maan is very lovely.
aww geet became sad when she came to know that maan is going to delhi.. and then madu issue was nice...
and maan's fever geet angry for not telling her and then the whole family in GH and taking care of maan... wowww...
such a lovely family...
continue soon dear...

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so sweet update
geet is such a buddhu
saying having stomach pain nd keeping hand on head

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awesome part.maan going to delhi oh my god how wil my geet be alone without him

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wow awesome part 
Thumbs UpThumbs UpClap

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