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MG ff Love Blossoms, THD 1,THD 2 UPDATING MAR-17 (Page 86)

ChanandlerBong IF-Dazzler

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Originally posted by vanisasv

update sooonnn

its u vani akka ?????????

Im gonna kill u 

P.S : i re-joined FB

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Desigirls12 IF-Sizzlerz

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Spring Text

WinkAll ff writers i love u all ,u r making my day complete wit maaneet by ur writings.. i love u all.. inspired wit ur writings i falling in love wit maaaneet madly so for showing my feelings for maaneet i too started to write ff wit all ur blessings nd love.. if i hav made som mistake forgive nd support me...Embarrassed

Blossoms - 30

Maan enter km , at once he got a call, he smiles  wen he saw te callers name

Maan : hmmm Geet

Geet started to shout :   I know  u wont call me I know, wat  is tis, how  many  times  I say to call, but u, wont  care  any thing,  RAKSHASHAN,  wat friend u r

Maan : Geet  stop  yar,

Geet :  no I wont, wat u will do

Maan : Geettt

Geet :   wat Geet    im  here worrying for u, but u didt call me

Maan  in stern voice : CHUP EK DAM CHUP

Geet   kept  her   finger on her mouth , there was silence on te other side

Maan  : Geet  r u there, Geettt

Geet : hmmm

Maan : wat  happen

Geet : u only said  to be quiet so Im keeping my finger on my mouth

Maan :  good, now listen, now only I enter my home , and thought to call u but u called enough

Geet   nodes her head

Maan : wat Geet

Geet : ok, im sorry

Maan smiles at her : its ok

Geet : ok  say hai to ur  dadi and ur sis

Maan : hmmm

Geet : ok then bye, I will call u afterwards

Maan : hmmm and cuts te call

Maan   raise  his  head  to see  Dadi whose mouth was hanging to floor, and Ani was stood numb

Maan  (st) : all womens are like tis

Maan  tapped  Dadi's shoulder : Dadi how are u

Dadi came back to sense : hmm im fine  Maan, how are u

Maan smiles

Dadi : Maan  wat  magic is there in Chennai u r smiling

Maan  became  stiff : not like tat Dadi, ok I will freshen and cum

He goes to his room leaving his family in shock

After 2 weeks ,

Geet   came to home all sad

Prabu :  Geeta  maa  wat happen why u r so sad

Meena :  Geeta  wat happen

Geet :  maa  paa  they have posted me in main office for  6 months

Prabu : main office

Geet : yes paa in delhi  office

Meena : wat Delhi

Geet : hmmm

Prabu : why Geeta  maa

Geet  : I took 1 week  leave naa without informing te office, that s why

Prabu : for wat

Geet  :  appa  wen  Maan was sick tat time

Prabu : ohh

Meena :  wat oh how can  she go, no need say to Maan

Geet  tap  her  hand on her forehead  : maa  Maan  don't know  abt  tis,  as tis  things  are  maintained  by some  one in  his office  called shasha , she is in charge  of  fresher . If any fresher  have low attendance or insufficiency,  she will take them to delhi

Meena : then say to Maan to cancel it, I cant send u to delhi alone

Geet :  maa wat  Maan will think u  know abt him, he is very strict in his professional I don't want to take advantage  on his friendship

Prabu : yaa  Meena  Geeta  is  correct

Meena : ok but u cant go to delhi alone, then resign ur job

Geet :  maa  wat  is tis,  now  im  grown  up  girl I can go maa, pls  maa, tat  too  my  friend  Shahina  is there  I  will  stay  with her  and  Maan  is  also  there naa

Prabu : yes Meena allow her

Meena was thinking : ok wen u r leaving

Geet  :  thanku   maa  thank u so much

Meena  smiles at her : wen u r going

Geet :  2mor night my train maa

Meena : 2mor night

Karti : ok I will cum with u to delhi

Geet :  wat are u mad, with me 3 more staffs are cuming, and Krishna also cuming with me

Prabu : then ok 

Meena : ok I will   pack ur things,

They started to pack her  things

Geet   called to Maan

Maan : hai Geet

Geet  : Maan  im cuming to delhi

Maan : Geet don't joke   im little bit busy now

Geet :  Maan im serious I have transferred  to delhi for  6 months

Maan : why

Geet  : wat is tis question, always kc  will make to work te freshers in te main office for  some  time  naa, r u really te owner of KC

Maan : Geet

Geet  :  then wat

Maan : ok ok wen u r cuming

Geet : 2mor night my train, I will  cum after 2 days

Maan : Geet I will book flight tickets

Geet : no way , u know I cant travel alone in flight  and with me my  collegues are cuming

Maan : are u ok with train Geet

Geet : tat is not te problem,  but

Maan : but wat  happen Geet

Geet : actually maa  didt allow me she is fearing tat were I will stay , I said I will stay in my friend's house

Maan : then wat is te problem

Geet : my friend went  to dubai to meet  her hubby, she will cum after 1 month, im thinking were  to stay

Maan thinks

Geet  : Maan kc will  provide accomdation for us?

Maan : Geet I will arrange everything u cum

Geet : no Maan  I  will arrange u just gave te details

Maan  got  angry on her : Geettt I said naa I will arrange or else I will  say to maa

Geet : ok ok 

Maan : I will cum to pick u at te station

Geet : no Maan its ok I will cum by self

Maan : Geet I said naa

Geet : Maan how will I cum with u, other staffs  will be there , if they see me with u wat they will think

Maan  : ok we will do one thing, after u reached say them tat ur friend is cuming to pick and wait outside, I will cum to pick

Geet   thinks : hmmm ok, but don't  say to maa tat im not staying in my friends house, appa will manage , he knows

Maan  smiles : ok

Geet : ok bye im feeling very sleepy

Maan : ok bye Geet

Next Day Morning, KM

Maan   and his family in dinning hall for breakfast

Maan :  Dadi  2day my friend is cuming , she will  stay with us for some months, if u don't have any problem

Dadi smiles (st) : I know which friend are saying abt

Dadi : friend ?

Ani : SHE?

Maan : yes friend and she, any problem

Ani : no

Dadi : ok Maan I will arrange te guest room for her

Maan : ok Dadi im leaving for office

Dadi : bye beta

Maan   kiss  Ayesha and leaves for kc

Ayesha   looks at Dadi

Dadi : Ayesha  ur  maa is cuming and  kissed on her forehead

Ayesha hugs Dadi


Whole  family  came  for Geet's send off

Meena : Krishna  look after her

Krishna : ok maa I will take care of her

Meena : ok   Geeta after u reach call us

Geet : ok maa

Meena : don't be careless , look after urself, I will say to Maan and Shahina

Geet : ok maa

They train was announced

Prabu hugs her and kissed on her forehead, Meena too hog and kiss her. Karti and rajji   hugs  Geet,  all had tears in they eyes

Karti : now every one pls stop  Geeta is not going to her in laws house tat ur crying, she is going for her work, tat too only for 6 months

Meena   wipes her tears : take care  Geeta

Geet  : ok maa, now I will go or else I will miss te train and run after  it like tat tamil  heroine in kanden kadhalai   ( jab we met in tamil)

All    smiles at her. Geet   went   inside te train and te train started to move

Te train started to move, all arranged   they   luggage on they seat and sat on they seats.

Geet  : Krishna  cum we will have our dinner, maa have given chappati fro every one, and they started to have and slep


Next day

Geet   was really bored and started to roam in te compartment and made so  many  friends  and her  2 days went so soon

Krishna :  Geetu we are nearing, I think in 1 hour we will be in delhi

Geet : really

Krishna : hmm ok were u are staying Geetu

Geet :  im staying in my friend's house and my friend is cuming to take me

Krishna : r u sure  I will wait for u

Geet  : no no I will go, u go, actually u have to look for  accomodation  and arrange everything , and 2mor   our 1st day naa,  so u take rest I will go with my friend

Krishna : ok them call me if u need anything

Geet : ok baba

They   reached   te station

Geet   was   searching for Maan and saw he was standing near a pillar. Geet get down from te train,


Krishan  : bye Geetu

Geet : bye krishna we will meet 2mor in te office

While   Geet  getting down, all te members in her compartment  wish her bye

Maan  was seeing everything : oh god she started here too

Geet   reached Maan  : hello Maan how are u

Maan : fine Geet how was te journey

Geet :  hmm fine, but im so tired

Maan : ok cum we will go

Geet : hmmm

Maan : Geet ur bid all ur friends

Geet : wat

Maan : I think they are searching u and showed some people cuming down te train

Geet  : no no they are then she realize he is teasing her

Geet :  Maan are u teasing me,

Maan : ok ok we will go

Te  driver  took  her luaggage, they sit inside te car

Geet :  Maan  were  we are going

Maan : to my house

Geet :  Wat  no way im not going to stay with u

Maan got angry  : wat problem u having in tat , u will stay with ur friend them whom im to u Geet

Geet : BUDDHU SINGH KHURANA  first listen to me

Maan : Geettt wat u said

Geet : then wat, if I stay  with u, if kc staff see me with u wat they will think tats why im denying

Maan   thinks : no problem no one cums to kc u are staying in mansion, I said to ma and paa also

Geet :  wat  wen did u call them

Maan : yesterday

Geet : any how im not staying tats it

Maan : we will see

They reached KM,

Geet   looks te  entrance and was mesmerized : Maan  were we are going, is tis any palace, are U taking  me to any  tourist place

Maan  smiles at her. Te   car  stops

Maan  and  Geet get down from te car,   Geet was shocked to see KM






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shri12 IF-Dazzler

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Fabulous geet moved to delhi and now in KM waiting for nxt

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tamanna1391 IF-Stunnerz

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it awsemmm

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lovesia IF-Rockerz

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ab maaneet ek saath rehnge delhi pe khurana mansion me

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Remya_Pillai IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 12 November 2012 at 7:48am | IP Logged
Lovely update...
yay!!geet s going to stay with maan..
i think daadi and geet s going to make a very good combination..

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PujaShree Goldie

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::Wooowww dear its wondrfulll update ...:):)..
Again shasha ne anjane mein hi sahi maaneet ki future luv stry ko track de diya..;);)
ahem ahem nw geet will stay in KM will be a fum..;);)
plzzz update soon yaar...

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