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21/3 Analysis Unit: Arpita ki Saaya?

Samanalyse IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 21 March 2012 at 10:50am | IP Logged
When I titled this thread for today, I promise I had NO IDEA  how literally it would come to pass!!!

Stern Smile

In one word, CREEPY.

So everyone wants Aarti to give up her identity and become possessed so to speak by the bhoot of Arpita? And she is supposed to be OK with this? I have heard that sasurals sometimes change a girl's name after marriage but this is really scary. I mean I was trying to put myself in that position, if someone told me I was from now on my new husband's dead wife. Oh Gawd, oh gawd. Wacko

You will just have to excuse me if my take is not very lucid today. I am reeling from the shock of the creepiness that humans foist on each other in the name of grieving and recovering.

Anyway, the episode was very emotional for me up until the creeps set in. I loved that they got Paridhi's mother to ask if Bua was going to put haldi. The bua's speech was just for drama, but I was impressed by the way they are using these characters. Paridhi's mother was the perfect person to question what the Scindias take for granted and that is what makes this prospective rishta so darn interesting. Similarly, the Scindias are there to represent the traditional ways, almost to a fault to people like the Khannas who seem to live in their own liberal utopia, where backward societal problems are a thing of the past. These two families present harsh realities to each other.

I found the entry of Arpita's parents very touching for some reason. There really wasn't anything to it but the weight of the situation they were all in and the expression in Yash's eyes was enough to grow a rather large lump in my throat. Just the thought of the lost Arpita, a young, happily married mother of two that hung between the three was palpable and made me mourn her untimely demise too.

And then Shobha lost her daughter one more time, now to Arpita's parents. More and more, the Dubeys are being characterised as being without a backbone. The fact that Shobha is impressed with one gallant speech by Yash is making her cave to all sorts of horrendous things that the Shobha from the first episode would have never tolerated. I guess it goes to show that even the strongest of principles falter when you see something you really want and here Shobha does see a way to happiness for Aarti through Yash. I don't think the Dubeys are desperate to get her married but they are desperate for a man as worthy as Yash and so they will bend backwards to make sure Aarti and the Scindias agree because they know that men like that don't pop up too often. And I can vouch for that as well! Ermm

Gah! And now to the creepies. Confused When Arpi's mom gave Aarti the kangan I was already apprehensive, thinking Yashu is not going to like that! And then! They gave her her frikkin NAME! I loved the paniced looks between Aarti and Shobha where Aarti was like, "did you know about this" and Shobha was like "no, I swear I had no idea!". What I did like was that Aarti made a sincere effot to speak out against it and was stopped deliberately by Gayatri. I was glad to see at least a hint of a fight in Aarti at that moment.

And then, aah. Just what I needed to soothe my frazzled nerves. BlushingWink

No but seriously I have to give it to the guy. He was basically naked as far as we could tell (actually I could see his pants) but it didn't really matter today. I felt like it was his desperation that sent him under the shower because he just had to cool down or he would explode. It was again a very apt use of his nakedness and did not feel contrived at all. That is good. His anger was brilliantly done and I loved that possessive hint in his voice about Arpita's memories. Very well done, GC!

Now I love the consistency they are showing in the flashbacks, where only Arpita and Prashant's clothes are coloured. The first time we saw Prashant in yellow, the second time, Arpi in blue and now we see Arpi in red. I guess in some ways it symbolises the state of mind of Yash and Aarti when they are having the flashbacks. Arpi was in blue when Yash had just seen Aarti playing in the rain with Ansh and was peaceful and today she was red, reflecting Yash's state of mind.

I also thought there was some interesting symbolism in the shirts and I was glad to get a little more info on Yash. So he has always been a bit OCD...good god, ironing your ironed shirt to get the creases from the cupboard out! ConfusedLOL And he used to wear plaid and now wears drab monochromes...interesting.

Anyway I want to compare this to the scene from Monday where he was in a similar position with Aarti. In both cases he was in a towel and was waiting for his shirt. However, while Arpita irons the shirt just the way he wants it and gives it to him, he has to go get his shirt from behind Aarti and is unable to do so because of her reactions to him. So I guess it shows that his relationship with Arpita was easy, things came naturally but with Aarti he is going to have to put in effort, communicate and get past her barriers to get his shirt, or sahara.

Again interesting symbolism with the sound of the kangan. It is really interesting that they show this because memories other than sight can be really strong but you don't remember them consciously. And then when you hear/smell them WHAM the memory hits you. I have had this happen with smells a lot. Anyway, Yash is searching for that sound he remembers so well and I guess that could signify the love and belonging he felt for Arpita, where he knew her every move and every detail about her. But what he doesn't know is that this feeling, this essence now lies with Aarti. It is not time for that to be revealed to him just yet.

Also loved that Aarti was desperately trying to detach her dupatta from the kangan. To me this symbolised her trying to detach her identity from Arpita's. But it was also interesting that while doing so she made the sound that attracted Yash. This could mean that ultimately, Aarti will attract Yash by separating herself from Arpita, and not wanting to take her place, but giving Yash the same feelings he once shared with Arpita.

I am so glad Yash finally spoke and he and Aarti were so in sync! If only they could manage that in the same room next time. Wink Anyway, Yash was protecting Arpita's identity while Aarti was protecting her own but I like how both said the same dialogue about how stupid this rivaj is. Good going!

AAAND just when I thought it couldn't get any worse, Garima (sorry she is Garima in my head LOL) turned the dial WAY up on the creep-o-meter. But one second, how does her logic make ANY sense? It is not like Aarti is going to come and live with them after marriage that they can feel Arpi's presence more than they do now. Just like her nishaanis, Aarti is also going to be with Yash. And who is Yash to khao a kasam to change Aarti's name? If he agrees...Censored

But I know he won't. Embarrassed

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Posted: 21 March 2012 at 10:52am | IP Logged

Today's episode was full of pointers to the future.  Yet it was all about a whole family - the Scindias - stuck in the hangover of the past!

Everything that hapened today seems to be carrying great significance in the future of Yash and Aarti's marriage ... every sentence and every action was loaded with with a clear signal saying "This is going to become an important issue going forward".
Yet strangely every single incident was also about the unshakeability of past for the whole clan of Scindias.
Yash and his parents seem in almost total denial of the present ... and are living the present as a fantasy-projection of the past ... but Yash and his parents differ in the way they are trying to carry the past into the future.
This past fixation of the whole family could become very damaging to the future of the Yash-Aarti marriage ... it has the quality of a family-obsession ...and this is what I want to write about today.
Here's my take on all that I noticed as past hangover with ominous portents for the future ...
1. Yash said he hates to be told lies!
Considering that the whole marriage is based on a huge lie that Aaarti is not a widow but a divorcee, we were all fearing the wrath of Yash's parents and hoping Yash would be on the side of Aarti when the time for the bhandaphod came. But today has shown me a chink in Yash's armour ... he is hiself extremely vulnerable to irrational anger about anyone telling him lies. This is not a good sign for the future. This is one case where Aarti's past is going to affect their future. All the other signals today were about Yash's past affecting their future.
2. Yash said Arpita's parents were the most important people in his life!
What was very strange to me was not that Yash was very much in love with Arpita, but he seems to have transferred that love for Arpita into a vicarious bonding with Arpita's parents! He is keeping Arpita alive, it seems, by keeping her parents at the centre of his world. Can Aarti get into a shaadi where not just one set of in-laws (Yash's parents) hover over her life, but she has to inherit the phsyical or "psychological presence" of another set of parents (Arpita's) in Yash's life also haunting her future?
3. Yash is unable to be at peace till Arpita's parents arrive!
Yash was not just showing normal respect for Arpita's parents, but he also seemed very ill at ease till they arrived. It was almost as if he could not bear the ceremony going forward without them. It was not till they arrived with his brother that he started even wearing a reasonably normal facial expression. Is he that much fixated on them? What pressure will that bring on Yash as he starts life with another woman like Aarti? Will not only the memories of Arpita but also the blessings of Arpita's parents matter to Yash at every future significant moment in his life?
4. Yash greets Arpita's parents like they are his true in-laws!
In all these days of the sagai and the subsequent meetings, I never once saw Yash give the Dubeys the kind of maryada he gave these parents of Arpita. In fact I was looking at Yash's eyes to see what expression flits across them when he looks at his past wife's parents. He seemed to portray a mixture of guilt and respect. Most notably he had a different emotion for Arpita's mother whose feet he first touched. Does he see the daughter in the mother?
5. Yash's kids treat their old Nana/Nani as their true ones!
Now let's for a moment drop the behaviour of Yash to his ex-in-laws ... the kids ran to their old Nana and Nani with a fervour that suggests that the Dubeys will probably never become easily their new Nana and Nani! The children seemed too closely bonded with their mother's side relatives, and that suggests a future of great trauma for Aarti and the Dubeys to try and replace Arpita's parents from the childrens' minds and hearts!
5.Gayatri gets Arpita's mother to upstage Shobha!
Now that we have seen Yash and his kids vis a vis Arpita's parents, the behaviour of Yash's mother and father are no less deferential to their ex-samdhijis! In fact when I saw all this by-play between Gayatri and Arpita's mother (where she gave the first haldi applying status to Arpita's mother) I get the distinct feeling that the Scindia's are and trying too hard to cover up their ambivalent feelings about this Punar Vivah by giving Arpita's parents excessive bhaav in these celebrations.
6. Arpita's kangans go to Aarti!
I thought that was a terrible thing to do, giving Arpita's kangans to Aaarti ... it is not a gift or even a simple bangle. It is like a pair of handcuffs! It is a desperate attempt to keep Aarti submissive to the memory of Arpita, handcuffed and imprisoned in Arpita's belongings, always feeling like she has wrongfully usurped the place of Arpita. The kangans may be a gift from a mother of a dead woman to the new woman who is replacing her daughter, but it looked more like person marking out Aarti's space as that belonging to her daughter.
6. Gayatri changes Aarti's name to Arpita!
This was utterly disgraceful of the Scindia's. Are they getting a Punar Vivah done with a new bride or are they getting their son remarried to Arpita's ghost? I think of all the stuff that went on today, this was the most demeaning to Aarti. To tell her that her own personality is worth nothing, and that she is here in Yash's life as a "past-memory trigger" is a desperate insult to any human being, let alone a girl as independent and vivacious as Aarti. No wonder in the precap she resents this bitterly!
7. Yash wants to keep Arpita's memories to himself and not let his parents play with that memory!
Now here's a paradox. All through the episode Yash has done nothing but yearn for the parents of his ex-wife and rekindle the memories of his life with Arpita in the past ... he seems haunted by Arpita, the sound of her kangans, her parents ... but he sees the actions of his family to make Aarti into Arpita as intruding on his precious memories of the past. He does not realise that just like he has his own past-fixation, his parents too were only acting out their past fixation in their own way through their behaviour towards Aarti! To different degrees Yash and his parents do not seem to know how far to carry this "memory of Arpita". Yash wants his memories to be exclusive and precious and kept to himself, while his parents want the memories to wash all over their lives and even Aarti's.
At the end of this episode I have just one big question in my mind: Are the Scindia's collectively "guilty" of this Punar Vivah? Are they especially "guilty" in the presence of Arpita's parents that they want to show at every step that it is not a punar vivah of Yash with another woman, but a punar-vivah of Yash with Arpita's ghost?
And as for Yash, today for the first time I saw Yash in a strange new light. I wonder: does he even know what exactly he wants and doesn't want? He seems to want Arpita's memories to remain intact in his life, through her name, her kangans and her parents ... but he does not want these memories becoming a family free-for-all.

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jyoti06 Channel Moderator

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Posted: 21 March 2012 at 10:53am | IP Logged

My POV About the kids ..Ansh-Payal-Palak

I agree with majority regarding the fact that compared to Ansh ,we hv seen little regarding Payal-Palak's feelings or emotions till now and so we r still guessing regarding who told them that stepmoms r not good or what do they really feel about their new mom Aarti Confused...We hv seen Ansh sharing his feelings regarding his naye papa whom he feels is a superman in his life LOL  but we dunno what Payal and Palak feels about their naye mom especially after their first encounter in the shopping mall last wednesday Ermm  ..Here I would hv loved to see a scene where Payal or Palak r telling Yash about their experience with their new mom in the shopping mall ...but we never got such scene ...Ouch
But having said that ,I feel CVs hv shown some differences between Ansh and Payal-Palak's nature here ... Like in case of Ansh ,he is more than happy to see his mother doing the puja with his naye-papa Embarrassed but when it comes to Payal-Palak ,yesterday we saw both girls making faces to Aarti because they dint really enjoy their father sharing puja space with another lady WinkOuch..Its actually a girly thing where at a certain age one feels possessive about their father in case he is a single parent and if he starts sharing things with some other lady ,the girl kids start feeling insecure and the same we saw with Payal-Palak yesterday Ouch...Payal-Palak r fine with Aarti combing their hair or playing with them ,which we saw in shopping mall but the moment she becomes their stepmom and their father's wifey ,they will hv an issue unlike Ansh ...and I feel that was the purpose why the whole kids ka dhishoom-dhishoom was put in that puja scene Wink...
On the other hand Ansh being a boy ,will happily accept a new man in his mother's life as well as his father Embarrassed..Initially Ansh might feel a bit insecure of Payal-Palak claiming their rights on Yash but soon he will try to share the space with them because he dont hv an issue with step-father unlike Payal-Palak who hv issues with step-mom ,,
So this indicates even if Ansh lacks few basic manners ,but he has got more maturity  than Payal-Palak when it comes to sharing or making sure things r fair like yesterday the way Ansh pointed out to Gayatri that why only he should go out and play ,even Payal-Palak should do the same Wink...Payal-Palak on the other hand ,might hv all the manners because they r brought up under lot of restrictions but they hv not learnt sharing or playing fair yet Embarrassed


 Episode Analysis
It was undoubtedly the second best episode after last wed StarStarStarStarStar ...awesome acting by Gurmeet  ClapClapClapClap...The way he had bottled up all his anger and frustation till now comes out today as Yash finally StarStarStarStar ...best part was Aarti standing up for her identiy and refusing to change her name ClapClap and then Yash too not ready to follow these stupid rules of name change and protests in full form ClapClapClap ..
One request to CVs plsss dont make Aarti change her name ...Arpita's mom hv no right to dictate her terms just to fulfill their own dreams by taking away Aarti's identity  Angry...Yash should not agree and fall in the trap of Arpita's mom Angry ...Overall a veryyy gripping episode which is making me think hard about the characters in deep Thumbs Up ..can I blame Arpita's mom ..can I blame Yash or Aarti ..I guess its the thought process and circumstances which has to b blamed here Smile..wonderful screenplay ..keep it up ...ClapClapClap
The moments which I loved in the episode
1) Yash's final outburst of anger when it comes to lie...point to b noted :Approve..Yash is a man who actually speaks less and bottles up all his anger ,emotions and frustations inside him but the day he has a outburst over something ,then God only can help that person LOLOuch..Thats exactly what was shown today in two scenes ..one where in the beginning he is mad at Pratik and Pankaj for forgetting the fact that Arpita's parents will b arriving today and second when he hears that Arpita's name will b given to Aarti which was hidden from himOuch...He cannot tolerate lies and injustice done to anyone Approve..This is a future indication that when he will come to know about Aarti's divorcee status lie which was told by Dubeys ,he is going to hv a huge outburst for it Ouch ;He might eventually support Aarti since she is innocent here but I doubt he will ever forgive the Dubeys here Confused ; Yash is someone who is quite unpredictable when it comes to his anger and he can never tolerate Arpita's name or belongings given to anyone else ...Awesome acting by Gurmeet here Clap...
2)Yash in Shower plus his flashback with Arpita Symbolisms : Yash was actually cooling his anger under the shower ...Those water running down from his face was cooling off his anger and since water has always stuck a chord in Yash's life in several cases starting from both Yash and Aarti in rain together to Yash seeing Aarti playing with Ansh in rain and realising he got a mother for his kids to Arpita-Yash's engagement happening in the backdrop of rain to right now in shower ,he is hving his outburst over how can Aarti take Arpita's place without his knowledge indicates that water is playing the main catalyst in Yash's life and is bringing all the changes in his life  StarStarStarStarStarStar ...Right after that he remembers his sweet moments with Arpita and that kangan ka sound keeps haunting him when Aarti was passing from there which again indicates that even if Yash is determined not to give Arpita's place to anyone but destiny has other plans this time EmbarrassedEmbarrassed...What was terrific about these two scenes was Gurmeet's variety in expressions StarStarStarStar..In the flashback scene he was all happy ,naughty and flirtatious WinkTongue while in the present shower scene and after that while roaming around in the house hearing kangan ka sound ,he was all frustated ,angry and devastated with the thought of someone else is given Arpita's place Ouch...Only an actor of Gurmeet's calibre can bring such variety of expression in past and present ClapClapClap
3)Both Yash and Aarti has same thoughts while protesting against Arpita's name :StarStarStarStar..Aarti does not want to take Arpita's name because she is today's woman and cannot give up her identity for stupid rules AngryClapClap and Yash does not want to give Arpita's name to Aarti because he feels noone can take Arpita's identity ever ClapClap..Both had different reasons to disagree but their thoughts somewhere matched StarStarStarStar..I m happy that both r strongly protesting against this stupid thought of Aarti giving up her own identityy just to fulfill the desire of Arpita's parents AngryAngry...I dunno if such rules exist or not ,but I hope neither Yash nor Aarti agrees to this stupid idea of changing names just to keep Arpita alive Angry...
4) Haldi Ceremany was well done :Even though it was a bit stretched out but I liked the detailing of how first the haldi was put on both brothers and then the bahus ClapClap...Also I liked the silent meaningful look exchange between Shobha and Aarti when Gayatri asked Arpita's mom to put the haldi first ...Also I loved for once Aarti does not just sit and cry but rather asks Shobha to protest against this name change fiasco and then later tells Shobha strongly that she is not giving up her identity ClapClapClap..I saw sparks of that old Aarti today whom we knew as the hockey stick wali Jhansi WinkEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed...
5) Arpita's Mom ..A victim or a culprit ?? : Even though we all r mad over Arpita's mom but if I see things from that woman's POV ,I can understand that she is not really a culprit but rather a victim who could hv been nicely brainwashed by that Gayatri regarding how Aarti is coming as Arpita and mayb thats why all of a sudden Arpita's mom is making such demand and request from Yash ?? Ermm...She wanted to keep Arpita alive and so its easy for Gayatri to brainwash such a weak soul na Ouch,..I really hope Arpita's mom sees the other side of the coin ..that is Aarti's emotions and then take a fair decision of whether its right to kill Aarti's identity to keep Arpita alive Smile
Some very important points to ponder Smile
1)Yash hates lies ..hmmm WinkOuch..In future will he hate Aarti for the biggest lie about herself ?? Ouch
2)Name change ..yes it happens ...among Muslims its common ...as per my friend ,its almost compulsary among Maharashtrians in Mumbai and even today in many rural places after marriage name is changed as per the Sasural's wish ..Ouch
Only debate is whether giving first wife ka name to second wife is fair or not Ermm...it is unfair and if Yash and Aarti successfully protests against it ,then CVs can actually send in a strong message to all those families who r actually following this rule in India to change a girl's name after marriage ...Smile
3) Kangan Symbolism  proves Aarti will remain Aarti forever :thanks to Samana ka superb take ClapClap ..I just noticed the fact that Aarti is trying to detach her chunari from kangan and is successful in the end which is an indication that Aarti will never allow herself to become Arpita's shadow but will maintain her own identity StarStarStarStar...Arpita's mom tried to bind her forcibly giving that kangan of Arpita ,but Aarti will detach herself from Arpita's shadow and will remain Aarti forever Big smile

Overall I cant find any real turn offs from the episode as the drama was quite powerful and I feel in the end her name is not going to change as both Yash and Aarti r going to protect against it for their own valid reasons Smile...A very powerful episode indeed StarStarStarStar

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-Misek- Viewbie

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Posted: 21 March 2012 at 10:53am | IP Logged
I m  sooo lookin fwd for it too Smile

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-Deepzz- Moderator

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Posted: 21 March 2012 at 11:02am | IP Logged
Res for pics Cool

Have heard about wife's changing their last name post marriage ..not their first name Confused..
This is utter bull... Aarthi becoming Arpita ..What sort of crap rule is this???Angry.Was Aarthi even consulted first? This is such a huge thing...giving up her Identity as Aarthi...Did Dubeys know about this asinine demand ??Confused   Arpita ki mummy kaun hoti hai aise name change demands karne waali...and Did they even consult anybody...The person whose whole identity of 35 years is about to be erased and the husband Yash whose permission even they did not seek :/ Did Mr.Suraj Pratap know about this? Angry

 If Aarthi gets to be Arpita ...Yash should become Prashant Angry...PrashPita  will duet as Jo and me speculated yesterday ROFL

So to cool my anger ...

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@ Jyoti
  seems lyk I m stalking you Jyo first in DEK forum and now here Wink LOL.. Well its just tht I m off frm Uni for Easter and having my break on IF Big smile..

Right coming back to the business of Childerns in PV.. I don't knw much abt them but I have a deep feeling that in future its gonna be Ansh who will suffer among the three.. I knw he's all super duper happy abt having new papa and all but Gayatri just gives me a ill feeling regarding the innocent Ansh.. Hope Guru comes as a saviour for him as Ansh has expected him to be one.. Regarding the sisters, As you've mentioned Jyo.. They sure don't seem to welcome Arati very much.. Hope all goes well with thier relationship.. 

And the highlight sharing or playin (thts ur words, just copied it).. i'd love to see the bit among the childern..Smile

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jyoti06 Channel Moderator

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Posted: 21 March 2012 at 11:18am | IP Logged
Gayatri announces Aarti is Arpita from now on
Yash under shower like a angry bull protestinggg ShockedShockedShocked
woww what an acting from GC ClapClap

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Okaaay, what a way to introduce Arpita's parents.  Since the Aarti to Arpita thing is basically what this whole episode is about, I think that is what I will focus on today.

So, whose bright idea was it to change Aarti's name to Arpita?  Her mother?  Really?  She wasn't by chance encouraged to have this fabulous idea of how to bring her daughter back by the lovely Gayatri, was she?  That's what it felt like to me, anyway.  The way the camera kept focusing on Gayatri's pleased face, I couldn't help but feel like it was all her idea somehow.  Really, this Gayatri is one weird lady, and very underhanded too.  I'm sure she knew that Yash would never agree, and so she arranged to have it done without his knowledge.  What did she think, that after the fact he would just go along quietly, without any protest.  I wonder if she really has any true understanding of her children at all.

I doubt that Yash will agree, even with the MIL's kasam EA.  Actually, I think this whole scenario was cooked up by the CV's, along with increasing Aarti's MU about Yash, just so that when he angrily tells her that he can never give her the place of his wife, it will be a big dramatic moment.  I can totally see Aarti confronting Yash angrily, complaining that she will not change her identity for him, and he just finally bursting out all of his frustrations.  At least I hope that this is dealt with between the two of them, and not the families.  I think it would be great if this issue with Aarti's identity is the first family problem that the two of them solve together.  It would really start off the marriage right, with them declaring to the family that they are the ones who set the bounds for their own marriage and relationship, not anyone else.

Waiting to see how Yash and Aarti finally have to have some real communication so this issue can be sorted out.

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