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Madz Lab #2(C) Last Update- Pg 145!!

Madhura.. IF-Sizzlerz

Kundali Bhagya Banner Contest Winner
Joined: 24 August 2009
Posts: 14476

Posted: 21 March 2012 at 7:43am | IP Logged

^^Credit to the banner goes to Me!! Actually usually ppl put
their fav couples and ppl in a banner.Was planning to do it. But made a banner
on Sachin'he is just perfection. I respect him and like him a lot. He has made
every Indian proud'and am proud of him. Anything said abt master blaster is
less..1 gem of a person..he has attained so much success..but he is so down to
earth. Finally he did his 100 centuries..way to go!! So banner on him..This was
long. But u guys know I cant write short. Lol

Firstly was a bit busy and held up with some issues'like some people whom I considered good friends just backstabbed me..and it feels dam bad!! Sometimes ppl say somethings and themselves don't follow..but am happy ki finally I know my good friends. Happy I have them. Thank u to all who cheered me up..and were there for me. Love ya guys. But good new cos of delay cud make this banner. That was abt it. Thought u guys must know. Sanu so wanted me to open this 1..thanks girl!

333333">About me: I am Madhura., from Mumbai.I have experimented many photo
editing softwares but finally Photoshop se ab khush hoon. My hobbies are doing
crafts,loving nature,hanging out with friends,being there for friends and
supporting them thru their highs and lows specially'cos highs me all frnds r
there.I also love reading, cooking, photography,photoediting..so
this shop!!
I have other hobbies bhi..but these are my main'hehe..warna
uska hi essay hoga

. THis is my Shop 2, cant believe it still, :)My 1 was with my partner Leena..who is now inactive. So mostly waha I updated cos she got
busy after some updates.It feels so great to open a new shop. I so wanted to open
it..si ce a long time. Thought I couldn't. But thanks to you guys I could!!I would really like to thank everyone who encouraged and
appreciated my work and gave me feedbacks. Also to those people who have
commented once..still it means a lot. They liked my creations and gave me reqs.
Feels great.I would also like to thank those few people who gave me reqs
regularly ya sometimes'means a lot cos hardly ppl req. Lol

Some of my Special Friends:

">Varshu: I love ya loads Varshu. Srsly I cant say how much.
She is my bestie yaha!! I can share anything and everything with her..and she
always has an answer. Plus we both know..how Life is and how ppl are..and life
teaches u. How do u make ur place in life'am just so happy to meet her!! 1
person who is truthful, clean by heart'and so damn special to me!! Hugs!! She
deserves a 1<font size="2">st
spot in my shop..She is always there for me to
understand me and support me!! Love ya my sweety.</font></font>

<font color="#cc0066">Sanu: 1 who so wanted me to open my new shop. She comments
less but gives honest comments and criticism'and tips to improve. Plus we talk gen too..and love ya!

Priya di: She is less active yaha. But she is always there
for me and our thoughts match..as if we r twins. She is my elder sister. Love
ya di.

Doll: I love ya doll..to help me always..and for being

Some of my mast frnds. ..who have helped me. My other ol
frnds. Love ya guys too..wherever u are.

Would again Love to thank all my regular commenters: and ppl
who r new and become regular!!Love all ya guys..arnd 14 honge. I don't have a huge
following but happy with that..true and regulars.Iwont name them cos will miss some1.or will edit soon.Special Thank u to all my Swaron AT friends too:Nish,Sree,Srishti,Sammy,Shivs and others too: Thank ya guys!
Love ya.</font>

Then my Favourites

 love basically all S people

Sarun, Sajan,Sanaya, Sobti,Sachin,Srk,Swaron,Shilpa anand

Ok am also a fan of Farhan akhtar,Kajol,Virika,Virman.</font></font></font>

I love to make stuff on these people. But am very open with
my creations. So open for suggestions. Just give me caps. Follow just d3
nowadays. I love IPKKND and EHMMBH but the pace is slow..repetitive and with
college load currently am unable to follow all.But I love Arhi..sizzling chemistry..and Barun is just super damn versatile!! Love him a bit more than Sanz..I make stuff on everything..have tried cartoons,random stuff..etc

">Also many of my friends gave me lots of tips on how to use
PS!! I was kaccha at it. So am happy now with my results. I have improved lots.
Big thank u to my frnds for tolerating my bakwaas and continuous rants.

But I still have a long way to go..since I believe learning
is never complete

Would like to thank some people for helping me in photoediting:

Doll: She taught me all basics of Potoshop and almost
everything!!Thank u Doll..and I love u. She gave me honest criticism..but then she loves my crappy stuff too.Lol..haina?

Sanu: Honest comments..and idea of using coloured borders
and styles..though it may be started by some1.Plus how to do..and all.

Sri her tuts

Many more friends..gave me help. Cant note all!!U guys know
it. Thank u and love ya

2 thread in this section

Questions and queries corner</font>

Post all your tutorials here.</font>

">My Resources:

I use adobe photoshop>

Google(cos cant recollect all sites..lol)


What can I make

Siggies - Both non animated.</font>

I know how to make animated stuff..but its long I made it


My Copyrights


I would like to have at least 2 lines comments than just 2
words. Put in a lot of hard work.

Am going to pm abt updates only to ppl who are intrested. Ao
new pm list. Don't want to bother u guys if u r not intrested to see my updaes.

Please feel free to use all my creations unless they aren't requests

Don't crop or claim my work as your own.

Don't resize my work

If u use my textures or psds credit me..and will appreciate
if u guys show me results

mostly experiment a lot. I don't copy any1. So if u guys
feel a certain thing is copied just pm me or post here than to reach
conclusions.As Sanu said sometimes colourings and way of style can turn out same
unintentionally. Also the fonts and brushes used can be similar cos afterall
they r free to use. If something is inspired by any1 I do mention it..so pls
guys try to understand this

Phew am done!!

Thank u for reading all this. Would like to know what u guys
feel. Love ya


As Promised am opening my shop.



Edited by Madhura.. - 31 January 2013 at 5:25am

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Madhura.. IF-Sizzlerz

Kundali Bhagya Banner Contest Winner
Joined: 24 August 2009
Posts: 14476

Posted: 21 March 2012 at 7:45am | IP Logged


If u want to receive pms regarding my updates..when I update my shop, pls like this post. I am making a new pm list. So like this post if u want my pm.
Thank you..and if am not in your buddy list, pls add me..so it becomes easier for me to pm.
..Anj..RIYANSH_AUDREY,anne156, Srishti_SwaRon, -Nia-, supreet..KaranWahi5,Sanugr8fan WooHooHaha21, swaron95, zaryaabJuhi1b8, Eowyn, The007Shivani, nish22, Mysterygirl_me, -krazyriya-, -.Aisha.-, Sunshine Girl, sizzysehrish, --Mahi--anu93,-Akriti-,-nautankidollz,-Zeenat-,pratsy,zaryaabJuhi1b8,
Link to my earlier shop: Shop 1
Pg 1: Virika,Virman,Arhi,Sarun,Sanz,Swaron,gunur,arnav anji,Random stuff.
Pg 10: Swaron,Tanha
Pg 11:Sachin bday siggy
Pg 18: SwaRon,TanHa,Sachin,HP,Reqs
Pg 22:Hapyy bday Srishti. SwaRon/TanHa HP,VirMan,Kryan,Arhi,FM,Anushka
Pg 34: KT,SwaRon/TanHa
Pg 46:photo,Nature,TMK,VD,Anushka,Arhi,kriyansh,kash,asr,khushi,swaron!
Pg51: SwaRon, Requests.
Pg59:SwaRon,Sharey,Reyam,Shareyam,Arhi,Virika,Virman,Sarun,Random stuff.
Pg 66: Ps I love u, Kiya,RaHi,Sarun.
Pg 70: Mixed couples, TBP, KK, Random.
Pg 78: Arhi,SpN,Random,BS,Tmls,SwaRon.
Pg 90: SwaRon, Random stuff.
Pg 99: Sanaya Bday siggy.
pg 104: Priyanka Chopra, Sarun, Louis-Eleanor, SwaRon VM, Requests.
Pg 112: Random, swaron, Balh,hhl, ishaqzaade, barfi, soty.
Pg 123- Arhi, tmls, SA-Barun,requests, Note.
Pg 129- QH, random.
Pg 137- SA Bday.
Pg 141- bhph,arhi,sarun, SA,Kash,MB,Arsha,tbp,Random,requests.
Pg 145- Qh,Swaron, Taarey, RA, Random,Requests,final note.

Edited by Madhura.. - 31 January 2013 at 5:26am

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Madhura.. IF-Sizzlerz

Kundali Bhagya Banner Contest Winner
Joined: 24 August 2009
Posts: 14476

Posted: 21 March 2012 at 7:46am | IP Logged


Pls follow them.
C is closed and O is open. Request me only when am open.
Please post your requests here.
1 request per person.
Give HQ caps only. Thats High quality caps..if the quality of caps is good, then siggy will look good, otherwise it will be bit blurred and not look good tbh. So ur choice, dont blame me.
You can give maximum 8 caps ie pictures.
Give me the text you want on your siggy. No essays.
Whether you want your name on it.
If you are requesting just icons, u can request 10.
If u r requesting a siggy, then u can request a siggy and 5 icons.
You can give matching icon req or other pics for icons, your choice.
Earlier I took more, but this decided to go with 8..still big.
I work hard on your requests.
So please use it for 2 days.
Any1 can request me, I get few reqs, so my regulars...or new members. But then try to be a bit regular here.
If u dont use your request I will simply not take your request next time, as I put in loads of hardwork in it.
Only if its a birthday pm me your requests.
Be patient for ur requests, I may be busy sometimes.
Pls follow the rules.
Happy Requesting.

Edited by Madhura.. - 23 March 2012 at 3:40pm

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Madhura.. IF-Sizzlerz

Kundali Bhagya Banner Contest Winner
Joined: 24 August 2009
Posts: 14476

Posted: 21 March 2012 at 7:48am | IP Logged
SHOP STATUS: OPEN. You guys can request. Just read the rules above. Hope I get some reqs at least. :)
All is Free to use!! Be free to use all my stuff. Just dont claim it as your own. I dont give copyright to my icons..cos it kills the beauty of it. So if possible give credit. If any1 wants anything stacked let me know..
My favourites..my fav siblings. From shows what I saw..so made icons.
Swaron: Just love them.
^Style Inspired frm Dangelz..text style in Kash too inspired frm her!!
Made a quote siggy.
Thats it. Comments and criticism is welcome. Pls bit long comment. At least 2 lines.

Edited by Madhura.. - 04 April 2012 at 6:47am

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-krazyriya- IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 03 January 2008
Posts: 16981

Posted: 21 March 2012 at 7:48am | IP Logged
*finally edited...phew

omggg... my sweetheart opened her 2nd shop... wowww i'm so happy...yet couldnt believe...its like we met yesterday...she opened her shop...we became best of friends...i commented...she made best of her creations...n see her shop got completed...n she z back with her super rocking brand new chamakti hui SHOP No. #2...yayyy yuhooo !!!

i'm just sooo happy for you jaan my sweetypie...loveliest sweetheart... my sweetest heartiest

C.O.N.G.R.A.T.U.L.A.T.I.O.N.S to you on ur new shop...m super excited...happyyy...even so dancing when finally u opened this shop n i gotta res. too...!!!

and u really touched my heart...when u told me ki want me to res. first... that was super sweet of you yaar...n i just love u for this...mwaaahhh !!! u r the first one who gave me this opportunity...n this made me feel really special...by god !!! thankuuu endless times dear...!!!

i'm really so happy for you jaan...n proud of you...this shop is the result of ur fab creativity...n ur immense hardwork n efforts that u put in each n every single creation of urs...!!! its an achievement for you...finally its ur own independent shop...n many congratz to you for this jaana...!!!

u r my bestie...n above all a very sweet...humble...awesome person in genuine...whom i just love to the core n feel really lucky to be friends with...!!! u r super talented yaar...i just love each n every creations of urs...not only bcoz they look good but because of the love n efforts u put in each of them n thus they came out so beautifully...!!!
i have seen ur creations from the very beginning...when u started posting in MJHT CG...frm then i saw something simple yet so different in ur creations...which attracted me towards them...n i started commenting on them...though i comment on every creation.  But i must say jaan...u have come a long way since then...have improved so much...enhanced ur creativity even more...!!! really...i salute ur ever learning spirit dear...i have seen that learning spark in you n that has really helped become more versatile with your work na...n m really happy for you...!!!

chalo...i think i'm taking just so much space... toh pehle update pe comment kar deti hoon...rest u know my feelings...n i cant stop once i start...so abhi ise break de rahi hoon...ok.

your sachin banner is totally mast yaar...u know mjhe pehle hi lag raha tha may be u wud do something different with ur banner since its ur new shop...n see u hv done it...wowww it looks amazinggg...n i'm happy u have made it urself...thats originality...n i loved it...!!!

as i already told u...i loved ur intro...its so simple...genuine...direct dil se...which really touched my heart...n those special wordsw which u wrote for me...awww thank u so muchhh jaan...my comments meant so much to u...i'm happy...!!! i too share everything n anything wid u...n u r always beside me...thanks for ur immense support n love always dear...love ya too...!!!

okay so i knew abt all ur favourites...but didnt knew u like farhan akhtar too...so its new for me...gr8...ur intro helped me to know u even better...!!! ur way of writing rules really impressed me...gr8 job done there yaar...good going !!

now the U.P.D.A.T. E.

its mermerizing...awesomy blossomy...simplyyy amazinggg meri sweetheart...!!!

all the siblings icons are fultoo mast...cuteee...amazinggg... lovely dear... but among all i loved nupur-gunjan, last manvi, jeevika ones the most...found them most cutest actually !!!

random icons are omggg so pleasantly beautiful yaar...where did u find such beautiful pics...they are so gentle looking cuteee...(sorry dont know more different words so using d same ones again n again LOL).

all arhi/sarun siggies are beautiful...nice colouring n text on them...second one is the best...that pinkish colour in between...n i liked that "aqua magic" text on the first...!!

virika siggies are most gorgeous ones...super perfect...they came out so very beautifully...by god...the blending n colouring is so unique n refreshing...just love love love them alot...here ur talent is at peak...it can be seen very well...!! fab job on these ones n swaron too...!!!

wowww...ur first kash siggy...its marvelous yaar...n i'm too loving virman these days...their siggy is super adorable...actually i find their jodi even cuteeer...gr8 work here too...!!!

and swaron one...oh my goshh...its killing...lovely...a breath-taking cute moment...u captured it really well in ur creation...its heavenly beautiful...looking so elegant yaar...!!! saving n gonna use this one !! actually saved almost whole of ur update...its so yummylicious...n that candle one is b.e.a.u.t.i.f.u.l !!!

rocking update sweety...keep it up...keep progressing...my u get to open much more shop like this one...!!! n remember i'm always there with u...for you !!!

PS : see my comment is colourful too na...WinkLOL

love u lots forever...Hug
varshu Heart

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Sanugr8fan IF-Rockerz

Joined: 28 August 2010
Posts: 5273

Posted: 21 March 2012 at 7:52am | IP Logged
mee 2nd (: 

Edited by Sanugr8fan - 21 March 2012 at 7:53am
-krazyriya- IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 03 January 2008
Posts: 16981

Posted: 21 March 2012 at 8:03am | IP Logged
Congooooo on ur  2nd shop meri sweetheart...Party

though i'm going to unres. my first spot...but dont know still felt like spamming here...LOL..i should be the first one doing this here...hai na...Wink

and i know my sweetheart madhu...will allow me to do anything here...right...LOL...bcoz she is such a sweetheart...n we both love us endless...mwaaah madhu...HugHeart

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-krazyriya- IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 03 January 2008
Posts: 16981

Posted: 22 March 2012 at 8:20am | IP Logged
wowww madhuuu i just read ur intro...its simply "awesomeee" in one word...!!! ClapStarBig smile

and i love youuu so muchhh for those special words for me...Hug..beyond everything...really touched my heart..CryDay Dreaming..!!!

i'll say everything in my first post only..Smile...but abhi apne aap ko rok nahi payi so thought to say atleast something...n waise b i'm gonna spam here lots now...LOL

chal i gotta go...read my scrap ok...byeee tk cr...Embarrassed

love u lots...Hug
varshu Heart

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