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Chhal-Sheh Aur Maat
Chhal-Sheh Aur Maat

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[Logo Credit : Tumhari_Khushi]

Hello CSAMians...Welcome To The Archive Section Of Chhal-Sheh Aur Maat

Here You Will FInd Links Of All Important Posts Related To The Show

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'Chhal-Sheh Aur Maat' is an intriguing tale of a girl from Delhi, called Neha, who gets married to her prince charming, Rishi.

Everything was perfect in their marriage until one morning, when she wakes up, not with Rishi, but Kabir, who claims to be her husband, but is a complete stranger.

Who is Kabir?
What does he want?
Where is Rishi?

Watch this thrilling story of Neha unfold, as her life goes through a gamut of emotions filled with unpredictable twists & turns.

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1. Aishwarya Narkar as Vasundhara Jaiswal (Eija)

Kabir's Mother
; Head of the family. Loves Kabir and Aditi than any other family member. She struggled to bring the Jaiswal empire to top of all companies after Kabir's dad's death.

2. Avinesh Rekhi as Kabir Jaiswal

Avinesh Rekhi

Elder son of Jaiswal's. Loves his mom very much. To him her orders are finally. He is the no.1 business man.

3. Hunar Hali as Neha Shikhawat / Aditi Jasiwal

Hunar Hali

Rishi's fake wife / Kabir's wife; A happy go lucky girl, whose hubby gets kidnapped; she has to obey the orders of Kabir to save Rishi; But there will be lot of twists in tale.

4. Abhishek Malik as Rishi Shikhawat

Abhishek Malik

Neha's fake husband; he will be kidnapped by Kabir.

5. Dev Keswani as Karan

Dev Keswani

Friend of Kabir; orphan, brought up by Kabir n his family; he is very loyal to Jaiswal family and he will do anything for Kabir.

6. Aamir Dalvi as Abhinav Jaiswal

Aamir Dalvi

Younger brother of Kabir; a criminal and unpredictable person; He has wrong feelings for ladies

7. Rani Jaiswal (Real name Not known)

Wife of Abhinav. Though she is very good by nature, she is jealous of Aditi as all the attention of family members are towards Aditi. She doesn't get her hubby's care and she is scared of him and is unaware that he is criminal.

8. Gautam Jaiswal or Gattu (Real name Not known)

Son of Abhinav and Rani; He is the lovely kid and jaan of all Jaiswals.

9. Karan Goddwani as Ranveer Jaiswal

Karan Goddwani

Youngest brother of Kabir; he hates Kabir n Aditi; he does criminal drug activities and family members are unaware of it.

10. Raymon Singh - Lata

Kabir's Mami; funny character and always talks blah blah and unrelated proverbs.

11. Rajesh Balwani - Bhanupratap

Kabir's Mamaji and Eija's brother; An opportunist, waiting for a chance to grab the money his sister, he is more close to Ranveer

13. Jia n Pia (Real name Not known)

Twin Daughters of Lata n Bhanupratap. High 5 girls always talks SMS language.

15. Rohini Hattangadi as Guru Maa

She is a tantrik. Close to Jaiswals and they contact her in troubles.

14. Arya (Real name Not known)

15. Karuna Varma as Miss Gill

Business associate of Arya and a lawyer.

16. Sooraj Thapar as CID Dushyant Singh

Sooraj Thapar

CID officer who visits Dhaulganj to investigate the serial killer case; there will be twists in the tale later.

17. Arishfa Khan as Geetanjali aka Ginny

the kid with Super powers to see the things that are going to happen.

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Credits to Mimi (-mimi-) & Ayesha (Aish_Naksh) too Smile

Month Wise Summary

March, 2012

~* Opening Scene *~

A Car driving through a place and a bike was following the car. The man on bike shot the car and it fell in a water body.

*** 6 months later ***

A girl, Neha and her husband Rishi came to Daulganj for honeymoon and reached the hotel where they came to know the police is after a serial killer. Next morning Neha told Rishi to take a bath.. but instead of Rishi, Kabir came out of bathroom and called her Aditi and said he is her husband. She called the police and went everywhere she visited with Rishi but all tells Kabir is her husband.Soon after she came to know Rishi is kidnapped and Rishi told her to do what ever Kabir tells her to do.

Kabir described he knows she is Neha but she looks exactly like his wife  Aditi who died in an accident before 6 months.  She just have to follow his order to free Rishi if she disagrees he will kill Rishi. He said Neha have to act as Aditi in front  of every one . Kabir had to prove she is Aditi and she just has to sign some legal papers so he will be the owner of Aditi's  900 crore.  Kabir took her to his home and all were convinced she is Aditi except Kabir's mama and younger bro Ranveer.

Meanwhile CID officer Dushyant came to Daulganj and suspects something wrong in Aditi. He shaped out in this game Kabir is the king and Aditi is the queen..The mastermind is still unknown.

April, 2012

By following Kabir and Karan, Aditi's lawyer Mr. Arya came to know she is actually Neha but a man in black who was known to Arya  stabbed him to death.

On Kabir's birthday, Neha frees Rishi and ran away with him but it was revealed that Rishi is playing chhal with Neha. He planned everything with Kabir.. All he wants is money. Ranbeer went to Rishi's home at Delhi and discover Rishi's passport.

May, 2012

A few days later Kabir took Neha to Mrs. Gill {or Miss Gill.. confusion} [Arya's Partner] to sign the papers but she said it won't be possible till Arya returns.
Guruma said to Ija that Kabir and Aditi have to marry each other again cause the day they got married wasn't good. Ija agrees.

The day before wedding all of the family members went to temple but some one tried to shoot Aditi. It was revealed the man is Dushyant.  In order to save Aditi, Kabir gets injured. When he was in hospital Dushyant talked to sarkar on phone and Dushyant said don't act like you are hurt cause Kabir get shot.. it's good, coz he was Aditi's protector and in his absence it will be easy to kill Aditi. He tried to kill Aditi again but Karan saved her.

On the night others left Neha with Kabir in the hospital. She asked  Kabir why did he save her? He answered only for 900crore..  she replied she can't marry him as she is already married. But he said if she wants Rishi alive she has to marry him.

Next day when mahendi ceremony was going on. Rani came to  know she is Neha.. she decided to tell it to others but her son Gattu was kidnapped by people of Dushyant. Neha rescued Gattu  but  when Neha asked who wants to kill Aditi, some one shot Dushyant and he managed to say Kabir and died.

On wedding ceremony it was revealed that Neha is actually Aditi who came back to take revenge from Kabir. Rishi was helping her in the mission. Before going to Delhi Rishi said to her if she needs any kind of help he is always ready. But it is also showed Rishi was helping Aditi for money.

June, 2012

Aditi started to play I'm spirit of Aditi - game to scare Kabir and make him say he is the killer of Aditi. But on 21st June she came to know Kabir didn't try to kill her.. He wants the money cause he wants to give it to Ananya, Aditi's elder sister who is the right owner of 900crore after Aditi's death. Aditi tries to say she is not Neha but Kabir's Aditi. But Kabir doesn't believe.

Aditi tells kabir that she is his Aditi but kabir doesn't hear anything. Kabir says that she is doing this for money. The girl who always had problem for touching her, who always sung the names of rishi  n neha. Kabir says that how can she changed so suddenly?  He gives aditi a cheque. Someone attacks aditi with a knife. Aditi shouts but kabir ignores.

The man tries to kill her but she runs into lawn. Kabir comes n asks that what happened? Aditi says that someone wants to kill her. Kabir says that its ur plan to escape from here. Next day, kabir tells aditi that they have to go n sign the papers today. Aditi thinks that the sarkar wants to kill that person who will get 900 crores, she thinks that first,he wanted to kill her, next kabir n ananya. She says that I will not let this happen.

Kabir n Aditi visit to mrs. Gill office. Aditi signs the paper n the signature exactly matches the computer records. When they were going to airport, aditi takes the car with her. Kabir thinks that aditi has gone n taken all the money with her. Kabir informs Karan to alert all his men so that Neha doesnt escape from Daulganj. Inspector Sharma comes to pick him up. Aditi goes to mandir n there she plans to prove that she is aditi.

Kabir comes home n he finds aditi already there. Aditi tells kabir that I have bought diamonds of 900 crores. She tells him the bank locker code. She asks him to remember this code.she says that go n check the diamonds n then change the locker code when u r satisfied. She says like all the time, she need not prove she is Aditi with whom he took Saath phere, saath nibhane ka vachan liye hain , for that saath kasam , she will stay in that house for next saath din. . If he trusts that her love is true, then he will believe after saath din that she is his Aditi. She shows him sindoor box n says that u will fill sindoor in my maang on 7th day n if u will still have a doubt on 7th day then I will leave this home n u forever.

Next day, kabir goes to bank n checks the diamonds. Then the manager says him to sign the papers if he wants to change the locker code but kabir says that I don't want to change. A nurse from hospital calls n tells aditi that ananya is slipped from the stairs n she is in critical position, may be she will go in comma. Aditi tells this to kabir. In hospital, aditi tells doctor that her blood group is O positive same to her sister ananya so that she will give her blood. Then aditi gives her blood. Kabir sees this. Then kabir feeds her with fruits n milk. Aditi goes to see ananya from outside the room.  She felt very sad seeing her. She couldn't control herself n hugs kabir.

July, 2012 Daily Summary

Abhinav asks for key from Rani. She says Ija had given it to Aditi. So Abhinav gets some jewelleries of Rani and goes away. On the way, Ija catches him and gives a tight slap. Ija and Rani selecting sarees. Rani looks lost and wonders why Aditi is happy when she needs to be sad. Aditi asks Kabir about not changing the locker. She says the code and Abhinav sees this from the window. Additi gets the meaning of the 4th vachan from Ija. She rekindles some of AdiKa's precious moments in Kabir by keeping letters. (Watch, Pen with which he signed the first deal, his most favorite photo of Aditi)

Kabir goes at some place where there is a beautiful glass house. He remembers who he gave the house as a surprise gift to Aditi on completion of two months of their marriage. Kabir recollects about how Aditi said that the best day of her life was two months ago when they got married and now she has got the best surprise from her beloved Kabir . Kabir and Aditi step into the house at the same time as Aditi requests. Both hug each other. Aditi n kabir spent a very good time with each other. There was a beautiful song sequence on saibo. Aditi n kabir was about to leave when they saw that the glass house is set to fire by someone.

Aditi doubts abhinav. She says to Kabir that the fire was set by someone for the 900 crores they have. But kabir doesn't believe her.  Aditi decides to collect proof against abhinav.  She searches in abhinav room, but didn't find anything, she thinks that she was wrong.  The man in black put a snake inside kabir's lunch bag.  Aditi goes to kabir's office with lunch.

The snake comes out from the bag n bites kabir. Kabir falls down. She calls the hospital for Ambulance. she thinks n then gets the idea of removing poison through mouth. Aditi too got effected.  Aditi leaves from the hospital.Kabir searches aditi , he doesn't find her there. He comes home n reads the letter of aditi.  Aditi writes she tried but couldn't make him believe him that she is his Aditi. She blames herself for all that. She says they were separated for that 900 crore n when they are on his name, someone is trying to kill him now. She asks him to be alert n she will always pray for him n cares for him. She ends with only n only urs Aditi.  Aditi sits in the bus. Bus is empty. The driver sits in the bus n drives it n stops it somewhere.

Aditi realizes that the driver is actually kabir. Kabir tells aditi that he knows that she is his aditi. Aditi n kabir hugs each other. Kabir leaves for delhi. Aditi goes to farmhouse n there she saw the man in black. Then after sometime ija comes there. The man in black sees ija  n says her "sarkar" Aditi is shocked that ija wanted to kill her.

Killer calling ija as sarkar and aditi gets shocked hearing this. The killer says that her son n daughter-in-law are lucky. Ija says fate doesn't favor all the time. Aditi cant believe this. She thinks that how can a mom who gave birth to the child can kill him?
Kabir comes back from delhi but aditi doesn't tell him anything as she know how much kabir loves his mom. Aditi messages ija using killer's sim card asking her to meet at 11pm in temple. Ija reaches temple. She sees the black coat guy standing.Aditi turns and ija shocked. Aditi calls her sarkar.

Ija and aditi challenge each other. Ija is confident that kabir doesn't believe aditi. Aditi says she will remove the mask of ija at any cost.Ija says that kabir is her puppet. Aditi decides to collect proofs against ija. Next day morning there was hawan going on. Pandit says that aditi and kabir cant sit together as kundali of aditi is reason for kabir's troubles and remedy is to separate for 7 days and no contacts. Kabir says he won't believe but for ija sake he will do it. Kabir makes aditi to agree.

Aditi challenges ija that in next ten days she will bring out the true colors of ija in front of everyone. Ija is also confident to throw out aditi in next 9 days. Kabir goes to guest room n aditi remains in her room.Aditi is restless in her room. She wants to confirm if kabir is alright in guest room. Aditi sees ija taking coffee for kabir. Aditi makes ija to drop the tray. Aditi says ija might have won the first round but she had foiled her second plan and will never allow the third plan to be made. She is confident of exposing ija in front of everyone.

Aditi tells everyone that ija kept vrat so she will not eat anything in next  two days and after that she will eat once in a day for the next  five days. Kabir was going to say something but aditi cut him saying ija don't want to talk about it. She is doing this for kabir and aditi. Ija went to kitchen to eat something but there was nothing except bananas. Ija was just going to eat but rani and aditi witnessed it. Aditi said that ija will help them in cooking today. They will make all favorite dishes of ija. Ija noticed box of sweets and took it with her avoiding others eyes saying she is not feeling well. Ija was going to eat sweets but aditi entered in the room.

Aditi calls everyone in ija's room n says that ija went to mandir n brought Prasad for them. Then ija gives everyone sweets.Aditi says to ija that u r like my mother. She says to ija that if u change then I m ready to forget everything. Ija starts laughing n says how many times should I tell u that I will not change n I will win.
Ija tells everyone that pandit called me n said that now kabir n aditi don't need to live separately. Kabir tells ija that its all because of u, now u can also eat food. Aditi comes In her room. The whole room was decorated with flowers and candles. Aditi wears green color dress which kabir gave her. Kabir comes n hugs aditi. Kabir tells aditi we r together so live this moment happily.The next day, ija goes to kitchen to make kheer for kabir. Ija mixes poison in kabir's kheer.

Ija serves poisoned kheer to Kabir. Aditi finds the poison bottle in kitchen and asks Kabir not to eat it as Ija has mixed poison in it. Kabir shouts at her n to prove Ija herself eats it. Aditi is shown down by Ija. Ija asks Kabir not to say anything to Aditi. Later Ija gives Aditi Bhagavat Gita and she says now Kabir's destiny is decided by her. Aditi is worried. Kabir says that he didn't like for what Aditi has done. He asks the reason but Aditi doesn't say. He says he knows she is worried n caring for him but if it comes to Ija, nothing is important for him than Ija and he can't tolerate anything against her.

Aditi determined to collect proof against Ija. Pia n Jia shows the old album and Aditi goes to store room and to she finds the marriage photo of Ija n Kabir's dad with a kid in between them.
Aditi goes to hospital to find the truth of Kabir's birth. But is in vain, then the staff stays abt the nurse who treated during those days. Aditi goes to the nurse and after long try, the nurse remembers the name of Kabir's mom ' Aparna Jaiswal. Aditi finally gets to know that Ija is step mom of Kabir and she is after his money.

Kabir bought a old house and he says to mamaji that he can pay anything for that as it is Ija's wish to own that house. Aditi is upset coz of that. She finally reveals the truth n shows the pic. Kabir doesn't believe her and shouts at her. Aditi n Kabir goes to nurse place n she reveals the truth and Kabir is broken down. He can't bear the truth. Aditi consoles him. He decides to meet Ija immediately. Both search for Ija and she isn't found in the room and her wardrobe is empty. Servant says Ija left to station with her bags packed. Kabir runs to station alone and Ija gives wicked smile seeing Kabir.

Kabir goes to Ija n asks her why she hid the secret. Ija says all blah blah with fake tears. She succeeds in convincing Kabir, with her acting, that none can be better than Ija. Aditi tensed thinking of Ija n Kabir. She was abt to go in search of them but she finds both of them returning home. Ija makes both of them to take her blessings. Later Ija says to Aditi that Kabir a gadha, and he won't believe anything against her even from god. She says that it is easy for her to kill Kabir now.

Ija says that she knew that the truth will be out as she saw Aditi being in store room and has preplanned everything. Suddenly Ija changes her tone and starts pleading Aditi not to throw her out of the house. Aditi confused and she says some harsh words to Ija. Then she is shocked to see Kabir there. Aditi says to Kabir that it is Ija who tried to kill them. Kabir doesn't believe and he threw her out of the mansion in anger. Ija gives her bag which she already packed and gives wicked smile saying she won the game and she is out of mansion as promised.

Aditi determined that she is not going to leave the mansion and Ija isn't won yet. She thinks she will wait in rain until Kabir takes her inside. Kabir sees her standing out and run to her. Ija too notices her and thinks she must do something before Kabir notices her but to her surprise Kabir already saw her n was going to get her in. Her words backfires her and Kabir gets Aditi in to the mansion again. Ija was surprised to see her and she is shocked when Aditi apologize her. Both leave from there are they are wet due to rain. Ija worried for Aditi's next plan.

Kabir tries to clean the mess in room but Aditi stops him. He apologize her for what he has done. But Aditi says he need not do so. Aditi finds that he hurt his hand and asks how it happened. He says he is fine but Aditi scolds him. There were some romantic talks btw them.
While Aditi was getting milk for Kabir, Ija stops her and smiles for her victory. Aditi corrects she has done mistake in bringing her back and now she will be careful enough to save Kabir. Next day Kabir says its off for office and they plan for romantic date. Abhinav shouts at Rani for not serving his fav. Breakfast and leaves from there. Few goons start hitting him badly and Kabir n Aditi shocked.

Kabir rescues Abhinav and they take him to hospital. When Ija n other gets to know abt that, Ija worried and asks Kabir to shift the hospital but he replies the treatment has already started. Ija worried as Abhinav was treated there before when he was in jail, so before anyone could recognize him, she want to free him from there. She steals the file and was going to destroy but she bumbs in with Kabir and Kabir gets to know the truth and so other family members. Kabir fuming with anger and asks why was that hid from them. He says Abhinav must surrender and he will do what all he can to get back Abhinav. Mami reveals the truth and Abhinav taunts Ija for treating Kabir more than him. Ija insists Abhinav to surrender.

Kabir explains Rani that its good for all if Abhinav surrenders. Later Kabir says to Aditi that he feels now that his family is breaking. Aditi consoles him. Mama taunts mami n he advices Ranvir not to fi8 with Kabir but to take advantage of the situation.
Ija calls the killer and gives him next task. She later says to Abhinav that she won't let him go to jail and he must control his anger and have patience. Next morning Abhinav over hears the words of Ija n Kabir n thinks that Ija will send him jail again. Kabir was abt to leave but he was stopped by phone call and then Aditi. Ija was watching all this from balcony. Mami apologizes to her n when Ija turns n sees, car leaves and Ija smiles wickedly saying goodbye to Kabir.  
Ija shocked to find Aditi n Kabir and asks who went in the car if it's not him. Rani says Abhinav left in the car n Ija shocked. She contacts Abhinav but he doesn't attend the call at first but later he talks to her. She reveals that she made the brakes fail. He is shocked n finally he met with accident badly. All reach hospital. Abhinav's condition is very serious. Ija is angry over Aditi n Kabir n blames them. She adds if he didn't wish Abhinav to go to jail again, then this wouldn't have happened. Later she blames Aditi too for all this and says now no one can stop her from killing Kabir and she is not going to melt for Aditi's words. She is going to destroy Kabir now. Aditi worried.

Ija confesses near Aditi and Aditi records her confession. Ija was shocked to know that. Aditi succeeds in consoling Kabir and motivates him. Doctor informs that Abhinav is out of danger but his lower part of body was paralyzed. This leads everyone to go into shock. Ija asks Abhinav to try to move his legs but goes in vain. Ija shows her fake tears and concern near Aditi n says that she changed and praises Aditi n Kabir thus leaving Aditi in confused state. Aditi determined to reveal the tape near Kabir n Ija is scared.

Ija continues her act of changing and also takes Aditi to Kabir to reveal the truth. Aditi sees a dream of Ija informing Kabir the truth. Kabir who in shock, takes the revolver and shoots himself. Thus Aditi stops Ija from revealing the truth to Kabir. Ija again praises Aditi for her love towards Kabir and asks her to keep the tape safe till she believes her. Later Ija smiles wickedly when Aditi leaves confused. Next day, Aditi accompanies Kabir n Ija to hospital. There Aditi meets with a little girl sitting alone.


August, 2012 Daily Summary


Aditi tries to know who the kid is but she doesn't speak up. Doctor informs that her mom is admitted and she is fine now. Aditi cheers up the kid but the kid says that her mom will die.  Aditi is concerned for the kid n informs the same to Kabir. He motivates her. Next day, Ija asks Abhinav how he is now. She asks him to help her in killing Kabir as Aditi got evidence against her. She says she can't play the game alone but Abhinav doesn't reply.  Aditi, who came with Rani to hospital, learns that the kid's mom is dead by slipping in the washroom. Aditi was shocked as the prediction of the girl came true. She hugs the kid n cries.

 Aditi traveling back to home come across with the kid n her dad. She saves her from her dad n takes her to mansion. Kabir supports her. Kid doesn't speak a word n Aditi says her fears to Kabir. He consoles her.  Mami bumps on kid during her sleep walk n the kid was introduced to all by Kabir. Ija too supports them to become mahan in front of Aditi n to make her believe. They decide to handover the kid to police next day.  Aditi accompanies the kid while sleeping when she preferred to sleep on the bed that was arranged on the ground. Kabir says ok. Kid pretends to sleep but when Kabir n Aditi go to bed she again opens her eyes n is in deep thoughts.

 When Kabir n Aditi along with the police goes to the kid's place, a woman asks abt her mom. She informs abt the kid's dad who is a drunkard n very cruel. They fail to find her dad. Aditi n Kabir decides to take the kid with them.  She predicts that Doctor will be arriving soon and all r shocked. Mama fells ill and they are shocked. When Aditi tells her suspicions reg. the kid, Kabir says it may be just a guess.  Later, Aditi succeeds in talking to kid and spends some time with her. The kid alerts mami that she is in danger but mami doesn't believe. The kid saves mami and they both are shocked. Aditi thinks it can't be a coincidence n the kid has got some powers.

Kid saves mami from getting hurt. Kid's dad creates a scene n Kabir warns him. Ija manages the situation n makes a deal with kid's dad. In the hospital, Abhinav throws the plate of fruits Rani offered. She vents out all the frustration on him, which she has undergone till date. In the night, Ija opens door n asks the kid's dad to finish the task given to him n she will handover the amt she promised.

Kid's dad steals the mobile of Aditi, n few other things n goes down. Kid gets the instinct and wakes up. She points to the blood stains on the floor n hints of thief. Kabir n Aditi goes to find the truth. Ija gets the mobile of Aditi n she handovers the money to him. But seeing Kabir n Aditi, she turns the table n shouts thief thus creating a scene. Later Kabir n Aditi talk abt parenthood n they decide to bring up the kid as their own. The kid reveals her name as Gitanjali n asks her to call Ginny. Aditi announces Ginny's name to all and Ija gets a call from hospital reg. Abhinav's discharge. Ginny sees Abhinav's photo n predicts his death.

Aditi n Kabir rescues Ginny from Ija's anger. Aditi gets to know that Ginny is getting same intuition for Abhinav as she got for her mom. She informs Kabir reg. this. Ija too gets scared when mama, mami raise the topic of Ginny's prediction. They all rush towards hospital. Ginny predicts that he has danger with water n Aditi warns Rani to keep him away from water. Abhinav was frustrated as the AC was leaking and water drops keeps falling on him. He was moved towards side. Abhinav doesn't wish to give a test but he was insisted n he agrees. As the test goes on, Ginny gets the vision of what's going on there and she was scared n sitting helpless in the mansion. Some water drops passes through the electric wire n reaches the spike.

After a tension full scene of tests, Abhinav was discharged n Ija takes his chair towards a side place n goes to see for the driver. While doing some electric work on the top of the building, the person drops the hammer down which leads to electric wire break n fall into the water there. Abhinav who moved into the water pit slowly to escape from the sparks is dead due to heavy shock. This leads everyone going into shock. Mai is doing some tantrik work and helps some parents in talking with their dead son who wasn't willing to neither talk to them nor return to them. Later Kabir informs Mai abt Abhinav's death n she says she will reach soon.

On the day of Abhinav's funeral, Kabir finally brings Ija out of the room. Rani couldn't explain to Gattu abt his dad. Aditi comes n consoles them. She says to be strong so that she can bring up Gattu well. They all are with her. Ija fumes in anger when she sees Ginny n throws out of mansion. Kabir n Aditi tries to stop her but all in vain. Then Mai enters and Ginny hide herself behind Aditi. When the pundit was chanting mantras, Ginny says he is spelling them wrong. Mai asks Ginny to chant n finish the rituals. Ginny does so n this left all the people over there to get shocked. Mai asks to bow to Ginny who is in Pandit's place n all does so, except Ija who remembers the words of Ginny abt Abhinav.

Ija bows to Ginny but she is taken a back n Ginny folds her hands in front of her. Aditi takes Ginny to her room n says not to worry for anything n entire family will accept her soon. Kabir apologize her for not believing her words. Ginny hugs Aditi. Ija says she can't accept Ginny and it's difficult to forget all. Mai says Ginny is the protector of this family now n her presence in this house is a must. Ija insists that she need to talk to Abhinav as he was indicating something to her while he was dying. Aditi n Kabir joins Ginny in the school. She was asked for 2 table n Ginny sees there written one on board. When they go to talk in private, Ginny writes down till 13 table n asks where to continue from here. She was admitted in the same class of Gattu. Though at first Ginny insists not to go but she will for sake of Aditi n Kabir.

Ginny's predictions help Gattu in winning the match. He says the same to the family members. Mai finds Ginny's date of Birth with some excuse. She checks the girl's birth forecast through a book of black magic. Ija doesn't want to listen to Mai reg. Ginny and she was waiting for a chance to get rid of the girl. Mai is excited as Ginny can control the situations with her power n she can be helpful in growth of Jaiswal's wealth. Kabir n Aditi along with Ginny goes out to shopping. Kabir goes to bank to close the account of Abhinav while Aditi n Ginny were leaving for shopping. But Ginny gets some vision again.

Ginny predicts danger of bomb n they both run into the bank again. The goons fire the gun and every one start running but helpless. They were asked to raise their hands n kneel down. Kabir try to save kid but didn't succeed. Later after the goons leave locking them in n fixing the bomb to Kabir, people call the police n the bomb squad says until they see the bomb it's not possible. Ginny goes n tries to help n Kabir says he believes in her. Ginny succeeds in diffusing the bomb. Ija reveals her intentions towards Kabir to Ranveer n he promises her to support here after.

Kabir reveals abt Ginny helping them from bomb attack. Abhinav plans for dinner n Mai stays back for some tantrik activities. A thief steals Aditi's bag n Kabir kicks the thief n Ranvir n Ija are shocked as their plan got flop again. When Mami questions why Ginny didn't predict, Ija thinks she has no powers while rest will be in dilemma. Mai does some black magic thing n finds that Ginny's power doesn't work on New moon day. She says the same to Ija and Ija thinks that might be the reason for Ginny not predicting abt the theft thing. Ginny finds her doll missing and finds it in the pool where Ija has pushed it in anger. She goes to pick it but slips in the water and was unable to come out.

Ginny slips into pool n Kabir saves her. Mai's desi nushka helps Ginny in getting better. Ranvir drops Aditi's mobile into the pool which disappoints Aditi n thinks of danger for Kabir as there aren't any clues now against Ija. Ija n Ranvir have a victorious talk. Aditi in thoughts abt Ija n her plans n fail to give attention to Ginny. Later she thrashes it off. Ija gets again Abhinav's dream and she insists Mai to do pooja n bring him. Mai does so n Abinave blames Ija fr his death n his soul leaves. Mai says now hw won't return. Ija plans fr Kabir's death.
Ija n Ranveer discuss their plan to kill Kabir. Kabir challenges to make Ginny laugh. They have a very good time with story telling by Kabir. He hangs the story by saying that he forgot the end. They all insist to finish the story but he enters the lawn n sprinkles the water on them. Finally it ends with Kabir n Aditi falling on ground with romantic eye lock n Ginny smiling. Later they change n start playing chupa chupi. Ija sees Ginny approaching an old wooden chest n thinks of locking it.
Ija thinks that she locked Ginny in the chest n feels happy but when she sees Ginny with Aditi she is shocked n learns tha she has locked Gattu inside and even flushed the key in the bathroom. Ginny says that Gattu is in the chest. Aditi tries to open the chest but fails. Ginny has a vision of the flushed key and also of one spare key in the store room. Gattu is saved. Ginny and Gattu are coloring while Ginny has made scenery. Kabir picks up Ginny to put her to sleep. She hugs him tight and has a vision of a clown performing, blood and the the clown dies. She says khoon but does not know who it is.
Kabir and Aditi were cutting cake with Ginny. Ija entered their room to say they are gonna celebrate Ginny's birthday with a party. Next day Aditi went to shopping with mama, mami, Jia, Pia, Gattu and Ginny.. When Ginny was not with Kabir ija gave him the black magic wala dhaga so that Ginny won't get vision of anything. Ginny came back and gave him a small Ganesh. Next day classmates of Ginny gave him a gift she opened it and a clown popped out of the box. Ginny got scared remembering the vision of joker and blood.
Ginny is scared seeing the gift she was given. She insists to see Kabir immediately. She was taken home by Aditi n Kabir and they both assures to all family members that everything is fine. Aditi assures that she will always be with Ginny and they are a team. Kabir too was included in the team. B'day arrangements were going on well and Ranvir instructs Ginny's dad abt the plan. As the clown dress wasn't fitting mama, Kabir decides to become the clown for the day which will be the surprise for Ginny too.

Kabir dresses up in the Joker dress n comes down. Mama says to Ija n Ranveer that some waiter became joker. Kabir entertains kids n Ginny sees the mask n becomes nervous. She goes n sits on steps. Kabir approaches her n she makes him change the dress immediately. Aditi decides to disguise herself as joker for the day and she dresses so.

Ija was searching for Kabir in the joker dress. She finds that joker is giving gifts to the kids n is near the table side way. Cake cutting starts n kids run there. As Ija's gun was dropped off, she stabs the joker with knife and was shocked to see Kabir near Ginny and all. She removes the mask n it was Aditi. She drags Aditi to the room and throws her away. While Aditi was shouting, Ija hides the knife n go away. Later it was Aditi's spirit that was speaking. Aditi was shocked to herself. Kabir finds Aditi dead.

Kabir shouts as he sees Aditi's dead body. Family members join n were shocked. Ija takes her bangle which was lying near the body. Spirit Aditi was shouting at Ija but all goes in vain. Ginny saw n was shocked. She insists to go near her but Rani takes her away. Ambulance arrives n Dr. declares her dead. Mai finds the black magic thread falling from Aditi's body n was surprised. Mami n Rani wonders how can't Ginny predict this death. Kabir was broken down completely n was in tears while SA was sitting in front of him n weeping too.

No Telecast on Thursday Ouch

Kabir in his room remembring all the moments with Aditi n broke down n SA was sitting beside him n was helpless. Ranvir asks Ija how did Aditi die when they planned for Kabir's death. Ija says its fate. Mai comes n asks abt the black magic thread fallen from Aditi. Ija says it doesn't matter as they want both to die. Now soon Kabir will also die due to this. SA was listening to them n was shocked. Mai could sense something in that room. Later when SA passes through Aditi she was confident. Later Ija pretends that she is ready for police investigation n family members too will cooperate. Kabir too want the culprit to be caught as Ginny predicted it but couldn't see clearly.

September, 2012 Daily Summary

Aditi's last rituals are done n everyone bids to Aditi's body. Kabir gets the flashback he spent with Aditi n broke down. Mai senses Aditi's spirit n here SA says she doens't want to come right away as she need to protect her hubby n daughter. So her Spirit is left away there itself. Ginny could hear SA's voice but couldn't see. Mai senses the presence of Aditi. SA consoles Ginny n they promise like before but their hands couldn't touch. Mai comes to Ginny n she was shocked.

Ginny says she was talking to her doll n later Rani takes her to bed. Mai talks to Aditi's photo n says she sensed her presence n she will see to it that she will be in the place where she must be. Ginny scared of a bad dream n Aditi asks what happened? But Ginny couldn't hear her voice n Ginny runs in entire home in search of SA but fails. SA worried n suspects Mai for all this. Mai tries to take Ginny into confidence n says she can make Aditi to talk to her like she did previous. SA shouts not to believe Mai but Ginny couldn't hear her.

Mai convincingly tells Ginny that she can make her to talk to Aditi. Ginny agrees. SA was helpless. Kabir goes to Temple n pledges to punish the culprit. Mai says to Ija that Aditi's spirit is still in home. and she can't enter this room as she has spread some white powder with some spells which stops Aditi from entering into this room. Before sunset she need to trap SA into her spells. Kabir handovers the business and resort matters to Ranvir. Mai arranges for the pooja where she plans to get SA into the triangle n she says the same to Ija.

All family members leave to Temple except Mai. Aditi couldn't cross the main door and thinks how can bad win over good. Ginny prays to talk to SA. Mai traps SA in the triangle and spells some words which makes SA weak n trapped. Ginny insists to go home and When they reach home, Ginny starts calls SA to talk. SA couldn't speak.

Mai performing the pooja to get rid of SA. Ginny with the help of Devi maa's blessings could hear SA's voice n reach the room of Mai. God's magic happens SA is saved from Mai's tantrik process. Ija scared as SA is some where around them and ask Mai to do something. Mai ploting to separate SA n Ginny. SA instructs Ginny to be alert she could only hear her voice during night times.

Kabir makes Ginny drink milk n also sings song so that she can sleep. SA continues song as he forgets in between n Ginny sleeps. Kabir inquires the police reg. the case. Ija gets scared of SA and goes to Mai who accompanies her. Police arrives next morning n says they will find the culprit soon. Mami suspects Puru n search will begin for Puru. Ranveer plans to meet Puru n Ija thinks it might be risky but Ranveer assures her. SA want to tell Ginny that Puru is innocent. Ranveer leaves saying that he is going to office n assures Kabir that everything is fine. Ginny hides in the car n SA worried.

Ranveer leaves n SA was helpless. Kabir n others find Ginny missing n complains to police. Ranveer reaches to the place where Puru was n he says that he is in danger n so he must not move from this place. He makes him drink n gets unconscious. Later he makes finger prints of Puru on the knife n throws over the cupboard so that police might think that Puru is the culprit. Ginny was watching all this from window. But later Ranveer sees Ginny n tries to kill her but she will be found by Police n takes her to Jaiswal mansion. Ija warns her not to reveal their truth or else she will kill Kabir. Ginny gets scared.

Kabir tries to find what happened n where did she go but Ginny remains silent. The Police say that she was found near Circuit house alone n scared. She was followed by a masked man. Kabir later tries to find from her but couldn't. Ija prepares her next plan. She says some cock n bull story to Kabir n says that Ginny needs a psychiatric help as she was behaving odd these days. Later she thinks all she needs is to prove Ginny mad.

No Telecast of Chhal on Thursday

Ginny reveals to SA reg. the things happened. SA was abt to say not to say this to Kabir she says it all. Kabir asks Ranveer to show the hand where had Ginny bite. But it all proved wrong. Ija comes n instigates him to send Ginny to a Dr. SA explains to Ginny not to say anything to Kabir n he too won't believe. Ginny apologize to Kabir n goes to bed. Next morning when Kabir thinks everything is fine, Ija again brainwashes him n insists to see the Dr. for Ginny.

Kabir decides to take Ginni to Doctor. But Ginny insists she wishes to go to School. But Kabir takes her to hospital. SA gets the power to go out of the house. Kabir n Ginny leaves to hospital after rain stops. On the way Giny says abt Aditi n all incidents but Kabir thinks she has power to know the things happened. Ginny refuses to meet Doc. Mai gets to know that SA went out of the house. Doc. asks few questions to Ginny. SA asks Ginny to concentrate on what Doc. asks.

Dr. ask Ginny few questions for which Ginny answers very well. They were abt to go home but Dr. excuses to get medicine n goes to call Ija. Mai does blackmagic for which Ginny feels pain in her hand. Dr. Says her condition is worse n admits n hospital n Kabir leaves to home as per Dr.'s advice. He breaks down n Ija consoles him. Later he talks to Aditi's photo n Rani comes n consoles him n also motivates him. Her words strike Kabir reg. Ginny n to believe her words. Ija n Ranveer gives Puru amt to Kidnap Ginny.

SA apologize to Ginny for not able to do anything. Kabir too gets a night mare abt Ginny. Then SA sees Puru coming n she gets the Ija's plan n ask Ginny to hide in the cupboard. Dr. n Puru start searching for Ginny n Puru finds her in the cupboard n was abt to make her unconscious but then Kabir reaches there n Dr's create a scene n Kabir takes Ginny home. Dr. lets go Puru after Kabir leaves from there. Later Ginny ask Kabir if he really believes her or not. She says she really can talk to SA and she says all the FB's of Kabir n Aditi. Ginny says SA told her all these things. When Ginny goes to Ija n say that she wanna go to hospital as Kabir won't believe her. Kabir says he believes her n they both hug. Ija n all gets tensed.

Kabir n SA talk to each other through Ginny but she doesn't reveal abt Ija. Later SA alerts her to be careful during day time n take care of Kabir n herself n Ginny promises. Kabir says Ginny is fine n she doesn't need any medical help. Mai suspects SA getting visible to Ginny soon n plans to separate the trio. Mai goes to Kabir n asks him to mix the ashes in the Ganges n he agrees. While having breakfast, Ginny sees that someone is going to kill her by pillow over her face. Rani asks why is she scared. Ginny goes n hugs Kabir. She was abt to say but Ija stops n diverts the topic. Ginny asks Kabir not to go.

Ginny asks Kabir not to go. Kabir pledges to catch the culprit soon n then mix the ashes in Ganges. Ija is scared. Ranveer plans to finish Puru n he calls him. Ginny over hears their convo. Later she says this to SA who asks to inform to Kabir. They decide to follow Ranveer. When Kabir reaches to the place where Ranveer is, it was some manager who wasn't well. Kabir, Ginny n SA were surprised. Kabir makes some excuse n they leave. FB where Mai n Ija say to Ranveer to break the trust of Kabir on Ginny. And hence they plan this fake call n meeting.

Ginny warns Ija n Mai that she n SA will expose about them near Kabir. both gets scared. SA tells Ginny the plan to be implemented. In the night, Ginny makes foot marks as if some one has entered the house. Next morning, Ginny acts as if she is scared and directs them to the window. Kabir instructs them to check their things. They say nothing has been stolen. Mai shouts n informs that rudraksh is stolen. Ija ask Ginny if she saw the face of the thief but she says no. Ranveer suspects Puru n decides to meet him to night who was hidden in the warehouse. SA thinks its the right chance to make Kabir believe Ginny's words.

No Telecast on Tuesday

Ija stops Kabir from giving complaint reg. the gold rudraksh mala. Ranveer goes to meet Puru. Ginny also takes Kabir to the same place. Kabir was shocked to see Ranveer n Puru n their convo. He confronts Ranveer. Ija worried abt Ranveer. Kabir n Ginny reaches home. He was abt to talk to Ija but Lawyer comes n informs that Aditi has opened FD of 25crore on the name of Gattu, Jia n Pia. All were shocked. Ija n Mai thinks of securing their place. Ginny reveals the truth to Kabir abt Ija. Kabir was shocked.

Kabir gets to know all the truth through Ginny from SA from the start. He was shocked but determined to expose the Ija's truth. He promises SA for that. Mama too supports them n decides to help them. Ija worried for Ranveer. Kabir says to mama that Ranveer is in prison. Ija goes to check for Ranveer n Kabir follows her. Ija smells something fishy as Ranveer has switched off the phone. Kabir goes to Ija who was taken aback to see Kabir there. She says some excuses for which Kabir too talks to her cleverly n asks her to return home n he will follow her. Ija nods.

Kabir talks to SA that and hopes he could listen to SA. Ginny prays to Devi maa. Kabir could listen to SA. Kabir n SA decides to break the trust of Ija on Mai. SA says the rudraksh mala will do the work as it has no more spells of Mai on that n it will give reverse effects on her. Next day, mami implements the plan n throws the mala in the plant pot n acts as if she got it in that. Ija was more excited than all. Mai n Ija goes to their room n Mai checks if there are spells left over on it or not n asks Ija to wear the mala in the evening to see the effect. Ija agrees.

Ija wears the rudraksh mala and thinks now she is safe. But SA talks to her n says its not true. Ija gets scared. Ija goes n says the same to Mai who says its impossible. Ija chides on Mai for not doing anything successfully. Later mami pretends that she can listen to SA n makes a scene. Mai was confused n thinks to do something. Mama in disguise comes n says that owner of the house (Mai) has talked abt selling the mansion n he too paid 25lakhs in advance. Ija was shocked.

Kabir asks Ija if she got to know anything abt it n Ija says no. As mama's mustache comes out, Ginny diverts Ija's attention on her. Mama gives his no. n goes away. Ija all confused. Ija shouts at Mai as she finds the amt in her box n ask her to leave he mansion immediately. Kabir records the convo of Ija n Mai as a proof against them. He later reveals the truth to Rani and they all pledge to confront Ija n get her punished. Mai does black magic on Ginny which makes Ginny to go into statue mode n SA all confused.

Mai's black magic makes Ginny go away from home without any senses. SA instigates Ija that Mai is doing some black magic which makes her powers strong n by early morning Ija will become mad. Ija destroys the thing Mai was doing. It gives reverse effect on Mai herself n she goes unconscious. Rani saves Ginny n brings her home. SA asks Ija to accept what she did. But Ija keeps on saying only one word that she didn't do anything wrong. Some one knocks the Door n Ranveer calls her n she goes out but no one was there. She goes to the lounge n finds the same knife with which she killed Aditi. She picks it up n says the same n there Ginny was recording the video n rest all watching her.

Ija finally confesses in her madness that SA wanna kill her in the same way as she killed her. All were shocked. Ija tries to kill Rani in disuguise of Aditi in that Joker dress. Later she doesn't accept her defeat n tries to kill herself but Kabir stops her. Ija completely lost her mental balance. Police arrests her n take her to pyschatrist. SA asks permission to leave now. Ginny wishes to see n hug SA n prays Devi maa. Both Ginny n Kabir could see her n they all hug n promise to be happy n take care of each other ever after. Aditi's spirit finally leaves this world leaving Kabir n Ginny in tears.

***The END***

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