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Ways To Embarrass Yourself In Front Of Your Crush (Page 7)

angelani Senior Member

Joined: 23 January 2012
Posts: 204

Posted: 20 March 2012 at 8:13pm | IP Logged
awww..u r so cute,when i read i felt i was u..i'lltalk u after its my exam today from 11 am,,si i will comment later,,gr8 topic,,

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ACTywm Goldie

Joined: 26 January 2012
Posts: 2412

Posted: 20 March 2012 at 9:41pm | IP Logged
oki so da 1st part in blue if u guys choose to skip i wnt blame u as i kinda of ranted on there abt love, my embarrassing moments r down in pink. Smile

Firstly THANK YOU!!!! For pointing out, or more lyk reminding every1 dat KHUSHI IS 18!!! She is a teenager n dat too in love!!! She is in her teens, u know da place where our teachers n parents keep on telling us, da bridge btwn childhood n adulthood, ie. She is not an adult (well legally yes) so stop expcting her to be all mature n grown up, she isn't. N plus who says dat jst bcz ur not a teenager anymore u will be mature, im 21 n im far from maturity!! Maturity comes wid experience n time, n personaly speaking i think no matter how old u get, u will always have a little bit of immaturity in u, for one u learn something new every day n so u get wiser with each passing day, with a new knowledge, not with numerical age. Nyway coming bak to khushi she is in her teens, remember that ppl, u cant expect her to be mature all the time when she is still growing up, learning new things, whilst her hormones are still all over da place Wacko (n personaly speaking i dnt know abt guys as i am not a guy,Tongue i dnt think girls hormones ever settle even after teen years, i think they keep on completely going crazy every now n then making them crazy or maybe im jst 'blessed' wid retarded hormones who choose to make idiotic foreverWacko)

Nyway where was i...rite yeh one she is a teenager n two she is in LOVE ppl, n dat too for da very 1st time!! Love is not called irrational becz u do rational things in it!! Wink U by default do crazy things in love bcz it makes u do crazy things, often becz u dnt realise u r in love, for i mean it doesn't come wid a signboard saying i am love n now u r gonna fall in love,Tongue it jst happens wid out u realising,  u only realise when u have fallen deeply in it n may be not even then. Also when u r in love, n dat too for da 1st time u dnt understand wats happenin n so u deal wid all ur feelings in whatever way u can n they often end up making u do realy weird things, i.e. ignore the person u love o be outright rude to them...also if u realise u like some1 u instinctively play defence, u dnt want him/her, or any1 for dat matter to know u r infatuated wid them n so again u ignore them, or try to act totaly 'cool' around them but end up being ridiculous also u do the opposite to wat u realy wnt to do in order to hide ur feelings n so act like u dnt care wen u actually do...n u blush at da silliest things embarrassing urself...n this doesn't jst happen during teen yrs it happens everytime u fall in love, or hav a crush upon some1...bcz in trying to impress the person u like u often try too hard n find urslf in compromising positions!! Embarassing urself!! Embarrassed

Nyway enf psychoanalysis on love n its effects, Sleepy sorry i think my degree is slowly sucking all da fun out of me causin me to analyse everything i read rather than jst letting me respond in a simple manner so sorry for ranting. D'oh

This is a great post btw, had me in fits ROFL u hav done some very incredulous things infront of ur crush, but then havnt we all,Wink i'll share sum of mine, which ever i can remember off da top of my head, for i have tried to block those embarrassing moments out as everytime i thnk of them im lyk WAT DA!!! HOW CUD I HAV BEEN SO STUPID!! LOL

(my embarrassing moments r in da nxt post as dis post was getting to long Tongue)

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ACTywm Goldie

Joined: 26 January 2012
Posts: 2412

Posted: 20 March 2012 at 9:41pm | IP Logged

hmmm so lets see...

    1- O yeh there was this guy back in grade 12 i used to crush on, who i think lykd me bak too, as he wud always wait for me after class to walk wid me to our nxt one, as i wud always be da last to leave da class for i took da longest time to pak all my things up i duno y...meh but it wud always take me time, nyway so i was a lil chubby bak than (actually still am, have gained again, but hey dis not a post to talk abt my weight or any1 elses for dat matter) so yeh, he to be nice to when we were walking out (dat was da last class of da day) he said 'u hav lost weight' n smiled, n me da idiot insted of thanking him for noticing i ended up saying 'I will take dat as a compliment' (what i meant to say was 'thank you for da compliment' but u can see how wat i said insinuated something completely diff) so when i said dat he was completely taken aback n was like 'ummm, most girls take it as that...' n i cud see da confusion on his thinkin 'uh it was a compliment, y r u offended' n me da idiot who shud of cleard it to him dat i was not offended in da least bit, n told him wat i was trying to say...or shud o jst stayd quite...wat did i do i open my mouth n say...'im not most girls' n den put my head down n walk past him... stupid or wat?!!

    2- Oki another time, this is wid another guy, my neighbour actually, i want over to their place one afternoon, n found he was wid one of his friends, n when i entered he hadn't realised i had come in n so initially i was jst standing ther trying to figure out wat to do i listened to wat they wer talking abt, its was eco n i was like egh (dnt like eco), by this time he had realised i was there n but hadn't said anything to me so getting annoyed i blurt out 'OMG U R SOOO BORING, TALKING ABT ECONOMICS HAVE U NOTHING BETTER TO TALK ABT!!' n den he n his friend wer jst staring at me, n me bak at dem n i was like o crap, i wasn't supposed to blurt dat out n so turned around n stormed bak out widout waiting 4 a response...

    3- O n this one time back in year 6 or was it 7, there was this guy i had a crush on n my science teacher decided to change da seating arrangements to boy-girl-boy-girl in order to stop all o us one from sitting only wid our friends n then not pay attention in class n two more importantly to stop all da guys sitting together n jst goof abt rather dan work, so lo n behold who does he make me sit nxt to da guy i like, n not only me but half da school has a crush on this guy, n i mean it cuz man dis guy was HOT!!!! N so haf da girls in school crushed on him n he knew it n so most girls wud wana b in my place n sit nxt to him, but wat do i do in my excitement?!! I blurt out to my teacher 'NO!! I dnt want him to sit nxt to me!' n now every1 in da class is staring at me like ummm wat is wrong wid u, n he is also looking at me lyk WAT? Not in d aim so hot/cool every1 wants me nxt to them but more in da uh y, do u hav sum prob wid me, hav i hurt u in any way n my teacher to make matters worse he takes it in completely different direction thinking dat it has something to do wid my religion or whatever as im muslim so he goes 'wats the matter, r u not comfortable to sit next to a boy?' n im like ahhh the ground open up underneath me n swallow me up...but then i manage to mumble 'no nothing...jst forget it' but my teacher still presses on he is like 'no Abeer tell me if there is a prob, then tell me' n im like 'no nothing its oki' so than he leaves it n goes on wid finishing da seating arrangements but than 'is like none of u have any discomfort issues do u wid whom ur sitting nxt to' n im like kill me now!! N to make matters worse this happend at da beginng o the lesson so i had to endure da nxt 50 mins wid him nxt to me, gawd dat was one crappy lesson, i cud not concentrate at all, even though my eyes wer on da damn blackboard da whole time!! I thik i tried to say something to him trying to explain i had no issue sitting nxt to him but i dnt remember anymore...

     4- O there is this other incident, dis happened when i was around 17/18 during da summer when i want bak home (cuz i live in SA, but am from PK so went to PK for da summer) n da guy across our house i had a crush on, n we used to spnd a lot of time during da day out side playing cricket n wat not in da afternoon, so on one of these afternoon, he got into this realy huge fight wid one of his neighbours, n when i came across him he was completely steaming n i look at him n try to think of da best way to calm him down n i cnt n im oki wat to do wat to do, so i go up to him n im like 'Irfan, calm down, jao ja kar pani peelo (go drink water)'  n he looks up at me n is like WT* 'pani?!!' (water?!!) n im lyk 'yah, useh ghusa thanda hoja tha hai' (yeh, it cools down ur temp. as in anger) n than he jst looks at me bursts out laughing he is like 'pagal larki' so yeh wel even at my expnse i managed to make him laugh n 4gt da dis wasn't embarrassing but it also kinda was as he thought i was being ridiculous so yeh...

So yeh these r a couple of my crazy moments wid ppl i hav crushed on, there r many more but these r da ones dat wer on da top of my head so shared them wid u, hope dey give u a laugh as they do me now...o n yeh lately der is dis other guy i think i mite hav a crush on, cuz now dat i am away from him i kinda miss him, or may b i jst miss fighting wid him...see we r always at each other lyk tom n jerry, cuz he annoys da crap out of me pushes all my buttons but than again i drive him up da wall too, n yeh wid him i hav jst too many moments where i hav acted lyk a complete idiot, im alway abusing him, hitting him, n telling him i hate him, but than he does da same, althou he doesn't hit me but he does one worse, he always tickles me...i am crazy ticklish n he knows dat n so whenever i annoy him too much he uses da one weapon he has his fingers!!Big smile

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Raisa- IF-Dazzler

Joined: 23 November 2011
Posts: 3351

Posted: 20 March 2012 at 10:36pm | IP Logged
one of my moments with my crush was it was raining cats and dogs and i slipped and he caught me and it was embarrassing and after that he was walking me to my class and i was going up the stairs and he said bye to me and he turned back around and tells me next time u wanna fall call me first...and i was like :O  

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Serene.. Senior Member

Joined: 02 March 2012
Posts: 477

Posted: 20 March 2012 at 10:51pm | IP Logged
it was hilariousROFLROFL..
and i am enjoying arnav khushi's part...

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e_enigma Senior Member

Joined: 08 January 2011
Posts: 482

Posted: 20 March 2012 at 10:52pm | IP Logged
LOL. This is too cute.
No such experiences. But man..this is too adorable. 

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Bibliobibulus IF-Dazzler

Joined: 07 February 2012
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Posted: 20 March 2012 at 11:11pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by arisai

Originally posted by JuS**LameAHolic

aww I'm Indian, live in Leicester :) 

arw okayy! but then you never knoww what the future holds might meet him again ;) and awesome cambridge to study what? And true, was he Muslim as well? Smile

This is wicked stuff. I freaking love Leicester. Especially if you go there when there's an Asian celebration like Eid or Diwali going on :)

My friend's going to Leicester to do Medicine. And hehe, I'm being a stereotypical Asian kid... I'm also doing Medicine :)

Yeaah he was. :) Hahah I'll just roll with it and let the future sort itself out. 
Sorry to butt in, but I went to Leicester Uni! Love that city.. Best 3 years of my life.. Big smile  Being another sterotypical Asian (Bangladeshi) I did law..
Arisai: Your post was hilarious.. Really takes me back.. I've done some pretty embarassing things around crushes too.. Oh, and congratulations on Cambridge!

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uniquebluerose IF-Dazzler

Joined: 12 August 2010
Posts: 3692

Posted: 20 March 2012 at 11:18pm | IP Logged
Wow!!!! that was really very brave of you and Sanaya too I should say!!!!

I have had quite some sillly and totally embarrassing moments myself...and still worse even after my marriage i have managed to some things like that at even two years back!!!!

-- I remember on day after tiring walk with my hubby round a book was late night and we were waiting to catch the bus home and the stop incidentally was just outside the compound of or near a mental asylum and a bus came speeding by and to stop the bust i just went to the center of the road and waved both my hands in totally Bollywood filmy way like they stop the train literally waving around my arms ... Is till remember the curios looks the conductor and the driver keep giving me till i got down!! And only after getting down did i realized where i was and how is reacted,...and what it would have looked like!!! and i saw my hubby whose eyes were brimming with tears due to controlling the laughter!!!

-- In my younger days...after completing my graduation in women's  college in entered my office filled with young people of both sex around me and i had this huge crush for my trainer best friend who used to often come and sit and chat with my trainer...he was the star performer there and one day he was sitting and talking with my boss and my trainer just asked me to signal him to come after the meeting with boss...and i like silly stare and stared and stared till her turned in midst of the conversation and i signaled him to come...My poor trainer she was embarrassed of my antics...He came and after he finished hie conversation with my trainer...I like very well mannered person called him back and said sorry...i shouldn't have stared at you erm... called you when you were in meeting but i could's help...and then bit my tongue like gosh what did i say now!!!...he obviously aware of all that i blabbered just looked at me one moment and said...yeah...I completely get it!!!

many such instance but well these two i very well remember!!!

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