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20/3 Written Updt+AnalysisUnit :ArYa's Ganesh Puja

jyoti06 Channel Moderator

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Posted: 20 March 2012 at 10:38am | IP Logged
 Ok I m giving a short update of the main points since I just saw this post of our main updater  Embarrassed
Written Update
  • Aarti-Yash and Pratik-Paridi together perform the ganesh puja ...While Paridi is more than happy to touch Pratik's hands while doing the aarti , on the other hand Aarti was a bit skeptical touching his hand but she touches him after the pandit tells her to do so Embarrassed..(Arre baba Aarti touch karo feel karoo...trust us ,Yash wont bite TongueLOL...his biceps r quite naram naram ...so touch touch LOLEmbarrassed)
  • While the Ganesh puja is going on ,few friends/neighbours start their comparisons and tell Gayatri how Arpita had a more smiling face and better complexion than Aarti Ouch ..Gayatri sort of enjoys the comparison Angry..(Someone should do a comparison chart of Shobha-Gayatri too ...I m sure Gayatri will go and doobofy in chullu bhar paani AngryLOL)
  • During the puja Aarti notices the shagun kept in the side which is given to Scindias by Dubey family and she is a bit upset and shocked seeing so many expensive gifts and a plate of cash Ouch..(Mittals r proving they never do cost-cutting Big smileLOL)
  • Payal-Palak and Ansh also come in during Puja and hv a dhishoom-dhishoom moments between each other when Payal says Yash is her papa and Ansh says Yash is his naye papa LOL..Gayatri asks the kids to go and play outside LOL..both Yash-Aarti looks embarassed Ouch..( Both of u after marriage your first homework is to teach manner to all 3 kiddos AngryLOL)
  • After the puja ,when Shobha and her husband r discussing about how to tell the truth to Aarti about the divorcee lie ,Gayatri comes there and indirectly questions them about why no relatives came from their side on which Shobha tries to explain about how Aarti is an orphan and so she has no relative from her side CryOuch ;Shobha also tells Gayatri regarding how they tried to fulfill all their demands in the shagun list but Gayatri still expresses a bit of doubt regarding why not a sinlge relative will come to attend this marriage from their side when they r doing such a big thing of getting their widow daughter-in-law married again Ouch..(Why is Gayatri interested in Aarti ka relatives ..Paridi ka whole batallion of relatives is not enough kya TongueLOL)
  • Aarti is shown overhearing half of the things and in anger she walks off to her room when Shobha and her husband feels that Aarti came to know the entire truth about how they kept the secret of her divorcee status Ouch..
  • Shobha and her husband goes to explain Aarti about it when Aarti blasts them off for keeping her in the dark and she assumes that they lied because they never considered her as their own daughter Cry ;Shobha tries to explain her that just how she lied to Ansh about Prashant's truth for his happiness because as a mother she cant see Ansh in pain ,same way she too fulfilled her mother's duties with this lie for Aarti's happiness Cry...(Shobhajiii u should know Ansh is a kid and so Aarti had to lie but Aarti is no kid baba Embarrassed)
  • Aarti after a crying sessionLOL is finally convinced about why Shobha and Mr.Dubey lied to her Ouch ;Shobha and her husband r now finally relieved thinking that Aarti knows the truth but still she understood their POV and is going ahead with the marriage ...(*bangs head*)
  • Vidhi comes and gives the haldi saree to Aarti and asks her to wear it and come downstairs ...Embarrassed
  • When Mansi asks Aarti regarding why she was so upset with Shobha and Mr.Dubey ,then finally Aarti reveals to Mansi that she was upset because they had hidden this truth from her regarding how much they r spending on her marriage with costly gifts and cash and so she is worried that after this marriage ,how will they live their life Ouch (So while Dubeys feel Aarti knows all about the divorcee wala lie they had told Scindias ,Aarti is assuming some other lie here Ouch Maha Confusion=Maha trps ...simple funda TongueLOL)...Episode ends


Precap :Haldi of Yash-Aarti is going on ..Shobha was about to put the haldi on Aarti when Gayatri asks her to stop since someone else will apply the haldi first on Aarti ...Everyone looks at that person (its Arpita's parents I guess LOL)

Dont forget to comment in our IF video which is showing the AarYa Haldi segment ...More comments will make sure PV's CM rank is maintained at 2nd Spot next week too Embarrassed...Follow this link
Episode Analysis
Oh teri .,..what a huge maha dramatic confusion between Dubeys and Aarti  ShockedShocked ...Dubeys feel that Aarti knows about the main divorcee lie and still is fine with the marriage ,so they r relieved Ouch whereas Aarti is angry only about that costly Shagun wala lie and has no idea about the other main divorcee wala lie ShockedShockedShockedOuch...
Basically when Gayatri was interacting with the Dubeys ,Aarti only listens to half of the interaction and so she overhears only the costly Shagun part and not the widow part whereas Dubeys think otherwise Ouch ...
In future when Aarti will come to know the truth regarding how her divorcee status was hidden from Scindias ,she wont b able to blame Dubeys here since  Shobha and her hubby feels Aarti knows it all ...so Aarti will hv to take the blame with a hope that Yash will support her CryCry
So now the scenario is such that one cant blame Dubeys as well as Aarti here Ouch...From a drama POV ,this is a perfect build up for the later episodes post marriage when this whole suspense and curiosity in between Yash-Aarti bonding will keep the interest intact Thumbs Up...
Some of my favorite moments from the episode are ..
1)Yash-Aarti and Pratik-Paridi Ganesh Puja : Embarrassed...Even though the sequence was stretched for long with zoom-in and zoom-outs of hand and face but I still loved the contrast shown in each and every part of the scene between both the couples StarStarStarStar...While for Pratik and Paridi ,marriage is like one big party where Paridi was almost showing desperation to touch Pratik's hand during the aarti LOL ,we hv Aarti and Yash for whom marriage was like a nightmare and so Aarti had to think at least 10 times before touching Yash's hand during the aarti OuchLOL...But Aarti can just hv some self-realisation later that sometimes one has to touch by force like how during puja she had to touch Yash's hand ...Is Yash drawing a conclusion that Aarti is characterless ?? WinkEmbarrassed..So how can Aarti draw any such conclusion without even talking to him ?? Embarrassed...
2)Gayatri and that lady's comparison between Arpita and Aarti : Well scene might look irritating to some but I feel this scene is quite realistic as I hv myself witnessed similar comparisons in my own marriage regarding my skin colour and my sister-in-law's skin colour since she is quite fair LOLOuch..Here toh the comparison is more valid because its between Yash's past and present wife LOL...Such comparisons r unfortunated but they do take place at such events Smile
3) Gayatri-Dubeys interaction and Dubeys-Aarti confrontation resulting in Golmaal :LOLLOLLOLSo moral of the story is never use the path of lie to build up a relationship or such disaster golmaal  takes place LOLOuch...From a drama POV this golmaal was needed as right now the scenario is such that one cant blame Dubeys for hiding the truth since they feel Aarti knows it all and one cant blame Aarti either since she knows nothing yet Ouch...But one can guess Aarti's reaction to the lie in future if she could over-react so much with a just a costly Shagun lie then obviously she is going to completely loose trust on all and break-down completely once she comes to know about the biggest lie spoken by Shobha and Mr.Dubey CryOuchOuch...One comparison of Shobha I liked where she gave the example of how as a mother ,she had to hide the truth of Prashant in front of Ansh for his happiness and so they r doing the same as her parents Clap..But the only difference is Aarti had to lie because Ansh is a kid and he wont understand all this but Aarti is an adult in this case and she would hv definitely understood Smile...
Turn offs and Things I want to happen now ...
1)Were Kids needed there ?? : I dunno why but I dint like kids starting to do dhishoom-dhishoom with each other just before the puja ...I feel that scene was not needed ConfusedConfused...there will b many such moments after marriage where difference between the kids can b shown ...Smile
2)Can Yash-Aarti talk before marriage ?: At least once plss CVs LOLEmbarrassedEmbarrassed..I just want both to clear out the whole issue of touch LOLEmbarrassed
Coming to the precap ,,.,,I feel Gayatri will want Arpita's parents to put the first haldi on Aarti which I feel will b interesting to watch Embarrassed
Overall quite a happening episode with the game of lie Tongue

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Samanalyse IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 20 March 2012 at 10:46am | IP Logged
Today the episode was all about dichotomies and comparisons so I am going to elaborate on that idea.

1. ArYa - PraDhi
The difference between the two couples was once again highlighted today. While Prateek and Paridhi were all smiles and stolen glances, ArYa were trying their best not to look at each other. I think this was also symbolised by the colours they were wearing. Prateek and Paridhi are wearing adjacent colours of red and orange, showing the unity of their minds at this moment. On the other hand, green is the opposite of red on the colour wheel and Yash and Aarti were wearing lighter versions of these two colours showing the distance between them. But the fact that the colours were light could show that they were subduing the truth of their feelings. On the other hand, it is these contrasting colours that make for the most interesting contrast combinations, and that is what ArYa are. Also, Aarti did everything deliberately and slowly, and did it right. However Paridhi was in a hurry and often had to correct herself. This shows the future of their relationships. Aarti's will be slower but she will also make fewer mistakes.

It was a nice touch that Prateek nodded Paridhi towards Vidhi tying the band today. It shows that he will be there to teach her the reigns.

2. Arpita - Aarti
This was a very interesting scene with Gayatri's friends/relatives making comparisons between the two brides. Leave Yash, it seems that Aarti can't measure up to Arpita even in their eyes! But Aarti is not here to be the fairest, happiest or most beautiful bride. She is here to be a mother.

3. Aarti vs. Bua
Again it was interesting how the issue of widow remarriage was brought up and they saw it as an unbelievable indication of Bhopal's size and changing mindset. I like how they once again showed the Bua's sense of injustice at the situation. It shows the hypocrisy and ambivalence of both the Scindias and society.

4. Ansh - PayLak
Oh dear, for the first time today we saw Gayatri favouring her own grand daughters. But Ansh seems to know just how to deal with her and get everybody on his side, including the nosy, disapproving aunts. Finally Gayatri was forced to give equal treatment to all the kids. I also thought that PayLak's clinging to their dad gave Ansh the permission to do so as he was sitting quietly until then so it was not fair of Gayatri to call him out. And I think he also felt a little defensive of Aarti when Payal stuck her tongue out and claimed Yash for his mother and himself in the best way he knew how.

5. Yash's family - Aarti's family
Here we see that Yash has both his parents, and his previous in laws (which I guess we will see tomorrow), as his support system while Aarti only has the Dubeys. This is rubbed in excessively by Gayatri who sees physical quantity as the be all and end all of any situation. She doesn't seem at all concerned with quality and the fact that the Dubeys are an excellent family to be joining with. However, her words are not unfounded. It is strange and suspicious that the Dubeys have no other relatives present, especially to someone other than the audience who has no idea why. Her words were tactless, yes but not untrue.

6. Aarti's truth revelation vs. the Dubeys' truth revelation
Oh dang! They added a level of drama to this whole secrecy thing that I had not ever seen coming. My head is spinning with the complexity of the situation. Wacko Shobha and Dubey are under the impression that Aarti knows the truth about them not clarifying her marital status when all she was talking about were their expenses. Aarti is in for a RUDE shock later when she discovers they hid much more than that from her! IT was nice to see Mansi being a real friend and listening to Aarti's problems for a change. I am glad they gave her that scene as she is going to be the only one to stand by Aarti when she even cannot face the Dubeys after she learns the BIG truth.

But I have to say this adds an interesting dimension to the whole thing. How will Shobha and Dubey now act? I assume they will be much more relaxed, considering they have a huge weight off their shoulders. It is actually quite clever from a drama perspective because from one climax of Aarti finding out about the lie, they have made three climaxes, ie the Dubeys finding out Aarti doesn't know, them telling her (again) or her finding out some other way.

Anyway the precap throws back to the second comparison of Aarti vs. Arpita. I am eager to see what exactly gives Arpita's mother the right to put haldi on Aarti before her own mother..Confused

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skanda12 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 20 March 2012 at 10:51am | IP Logged

I must say today my antennae were up ... when I saw Aaarti looking at all the shagun stuff - all the clothes and jewellery and money - I was just thinking "Now she is going to have a fight with the Dubeys on why they spent all this much money from their savings which they themselves would need".

What I did not realise is that this expected bhandaphod of the "vidhwa vs. talaaqshuda lie" will actually be an anticlimax ... and this Aarti will fight with the Dubeys about these shagun expenditures only!ShockedShockedShockedLOLLOLLOL
Anyway, the episode more or less went along expected lines for me ... the Ganpati rasam was a contrast of the easy familiarity of Pratik and Paridi, while Aarti and Yash were shown having a lot of sankoch! I was expecting that ... (Yash looked good in green!EmbarrassedTongue)
The fight between the kids was totally unnecessary today, I feel. I did not enjoy that part too much and I was relieved to see the kids running off.Confused
Meanwhile there were some moments which I felt are important for the future:
1. The Dubey's think Aarti knows about the "vidhwa/talaaqshuda lie" so in future whenever that bhandaphod comes up, Aarti is going to be caught all alone in the mess. The Dubeys will just say they thought she knew what they had done!
2. The way Pankaj and Vidhi had that moment when he wanted to say something to her after the Ganpati puja but she just didn't notice and slipped away ... their relationship was under the spotlight for that moment showing a glimpse of things to come?
3. Gayatri ended her questioning of the Dubeys (on why there were no rishtedaars) by saying "Who can remember what you said during the engagement?". Clearly her amnesia is getting worse by the day! Point to note ...
4. Yash's discomfort at Aarti's discomfort about physical touching was very clear. I think very very soon he is going to have to say what's on his mind, otherwise he will start feeling like an untouchable!
5. The precap suggests that Arpita's parents are going to do the first bit of the haldi ceremony! I am wondering here whether in future they too will become a thorn in the flesh of Aarti and Yash ... sometimes characters start on a friendly note as they may in this punar vivah ceremony, but who knows how they may shape up later? Wonder if they will have any future role or their cameo is only for this shaadi?
Though there was the anticlimax of the "lie bhandaphod" expectation, and instead there was this "shagun fight" between Aarti and the Dubeys I felt that scene was too much elongated and made to cover at least ten or twelve minutes of episode time. It was a bit too much!Ouch

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jyoti06 Channel Moderator

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Posted: 20 March 2012 at 11:16am | IP Logged
GC looked delicious in green kurta ..ufff EmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed

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-Deepzz- Moderator

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Posted: 20 March 2012 at 11:33am | IP Logged

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jyoti06 Channel Moderator

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Posted: 20 March 2012 at 11:35am | IP Logged
Oh teri .,..what a huge maha confusion ShockedShocked
Dubeys feel that Aarti knows about the main divorcee lie and still is fine with the marriage whereas Aarti is angry only about that costly Shagun wala lie and has no idea about the other main divorcee wala lie ShockedShockedShocked
So now the scenario is such that one cant lbame Dubeys as well as Aarti here Ouch
Off to edit my take Smile

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whatthewhat IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 20 March 2012 at 11:41am | IP Logged
huh? such a big fuss for a shagun wala lie? Confused

Really disappointed that the makers of this show haven't dared do something totally radical ...like...uh...have the truth come out...

not more of the same ol' same ol' Unhappy

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SecretKhabri420 IF-Addictz

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Posted: 20 March 2012 at 11:50am | IP Logged
Aarti kya kismat hai touching the hottie, If it was me not only touching, I would sit seedha on his lap LOL Embarrassed

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