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Monday  19th March 2012  Episode -

Updates very brief - sorry - am in a hurry..  going to see friends at the zoo..

SS wants Beach to tie the thaali right then (what visheshams going on??)  Beach says all that later.  Wants to get up but the Iyer stops him from getting up.  Garden and Bell do a sky earth jump wanting SS to clear the seat next to Beach (savaal kursi kaa)   AV tells Beach not to tie the thaali.  Thavasi teases AV.  CM intervenes (adhaanE - avanga show - how can anyone else hog the limelight) She says this function they are all happy to conduct and the siblings have forgotten their unhappinesses to partake in this function (enna function nE enakku innum theriyala)  CM does not deny that Beach has lived with SS, some decision would be taken soon but on another day.  SS refuses to listen to CM.  CM does the famous thing - slaps SS.

SS at the hospital with the smallest band-aid on her forehead.  The doctor injects tells Thavasi it is because of falling down, should be alright in a couple of hours.  Thavasi dotingly looks on his daughter who is fast asleep.  Thinks back on SS getting thrown out of the house.  SS's phone rings, Thavasi answers asking the caller to call the next day for SS is sick.  While putting the phone on the desk he recalls the recording of Beach's vaakkumoolam - to kill Vadai.  He decides on something and goes out.  

Black arrives.  Beach and Garden welcome him, Vadai refused to come says Black.  It will take time for him to understand replies Beach .  The grihapravesam over, adoption ceremony to begin.  The Iyer calls for the baby, Poetry is asked to bring the baby with CM.  Black asks Garden from whom they are adopting the baby.  Garden elaborates on how the baby was found in Beach's car one day and how Pearl is doting on the baby.  They have named this baby too as Rathna.  AV, CM and Bharathi, Kannamma in the room.  Poetry goes to the room and says both kids look like CM (aahaa... 4 roles in one aa.. thaangadhunga pls) Carries Rathna to the Iyer asking CM to compare both kids' photo.  Iyer wants the party who is giving in adoption to have the baby.  Beach calls for CM.  In the mean time CM sees the phone of Beach which Rathna was playing with(??) and sees the recorded version of Beach's vaakkumoolam, Comes to the hall and asks Beach what is it, playing the vaakkumoolam.



Updates by Shree


Updates by Selva

Wednesday March 21,2012
The scene opens with CM with Bharatahi in Sea shore with sad BGM.
Then Vadai and Thavasi come to meet AC SR to file complaint against Beach. Vadai tells he is scaring that Beach will try to kill him again and shows the video evidence. AC SR orders one inspector to investigate Beach about this. They leaves.
In hospital Sneha opens her eyes and finds that she is in hospital and recalling the incident happened in Beach house like Solai hitting and CM slapping her. She gets furious and shouts that she is going to start her revenge mission from CM and leaves from the hospital like a Puyal.
In Beach's home inspector comes and asks about Beach. Solai asks about their sudden arrival. Valli tells Beach has gone to meet CM. Inspector then leaves to CM home. Solai taunts Valli for revealing Beach's whereabout to Inspector. MA's mom tells CM might have complained as she is angry with Beach.Solai and Mani consoles them and start to meet lawyer for getting bail.
In CM's home Beach and MA waiting for CM. CM comes and turns her face against Beach. Beach asks apology and tells he said that when he was angry at that time and asks her to forget the past.CM goes inside her house. Beach also ready to go but CM stops him and says if he has VMR(vekkam,maanam,rosham) he shouldnot enter into her house. MA asks Beach to leave from there as CM is very much angry on him. Beach tells 'Paasam' is greater than VMR and enters the house. CM confronts Beach that she is struggling for MA to join with Beach but Beach doesn't bother about her life and thought of killing Vadai. Beach asks her what he should do now so that CM will console. He says he is ready to fall in Vadai's feet to ask apology and he is ready to die also now for CM. He continues that he did many illegal things in the past but he has reformed from the day the siblings gave thavasam to their mother. He says he didn't hear anyone's advice but he thirunthified after CM adviced him. Thats why he invited Solai and Vadai also for house warming ceremony. CM gets shocked and asks whether he invited Vadai also. Beach nods and tells its CM who said relations are more important than anything and we should forget and forgive when coming to relationship. CM taunts why Beach has gone to Vadai's house. MA comes in support of Beach and confronts CM that why CM is changing her words. She asks CM to forgive Beach as he has reformed now. CM shuts her up.
CM tells she cant bear Beach's words against Vadai and says she feels like she wants to die now. There comes Sneha "Sethu po". She asks CM to die and then only she can lead a peaceful life. Beach goes and tells that he cant marry her. Sneha shouts that he is not a manmadhan to marry and says she never thinks of marrying him anytime. But she thought of marrying him now to destroy his whole family by being the member in the family as per her father Thavasi's wishes. She thought of destroying AV family as per her father's wish but couldn't do because of CM. CM,MA and Beach stunned on hearing this. Sneha continues that she can fulfill her father's wish only when CM dies and points the gun on CM.


Updates by Janu

Thurs - brief update
- beach and wife pacify Chellamah on the vakumollam said during anger time
- sneha comes there to shoot chellamah for ruining all her plans to destroy beach family with her father help
- in the shooting incident, cellamaeh and anni saved but beach was hurt... seeing her husband being shot, anni fainted..
- police arrive in time to catch sneha and took the gun. 
- Chellamah send annan and anni to hospital for treament. Beach is in serious condition.
- beach in laws rushed to hospital and labbo thibo shouting... beach ML accuses chellamah for beach condition... she souted at chellamah
- chellamah daddy shouted back at beach mil for accusing his daughter who helped all in the family... they shoud throw away sneha from beach
- mil said, they know sneha, thats why they let sneha to marry beach, but chellamah opposes that and sneha gets angry and leads to shooting incindet...
- shena brought to police station and wating for FIR to been issued
avalo than


Updates by Nithya

Friday Mar 23rd Updates


Visa continues accusing CM for MA and Beach' state.. CM stops her and says well you were the one who thanked me for saving MA's life.. Now why talk the other way.. Why did you give consent to Sneha to marry Beach.. Visa says to prevent her from complaining to police.. CM says without rights she danced so much.. Wife ayitta.. Imagine your plight.. Your daughter wouldn't have been alive.. You have hurt me a lot.. It would been better if Sneha would have shot me dead.. I strived to save my brother and anni's life.. My bro tried to save my life and is battling for his life now.. I am tired mentally.. Please don't hurt me.. Let pray for his speedy recovery.. Visa hubby tries to console CM.. Valli asks about MA.. CM says she fainted seeing Beach being shot. Visa does another round of labo dibo and the crowd rushes to see MA.. Nurse chases the crowd out..


Thavasi comes to he police station to meet Sneha.. He polambufies why did you do this.. Sneha says I could not tolerate humiliations beyond that point.. I wanted to finish off all.. but I couldn't.. Thavasi says I too wanted to see them destroyed but this is not the way.. We should sit back relax and see them suffer.. He falls at her feet and pleads her not to tell anything during interrogation.. Sneha agrees.. He walks off saying he will come back with a lawyer..


Beach is operated.. Solai wants to kill Sneha.. Valli stops him on the name of her life and her kid.. Bell too wants to take revenge.. CM says why getting tensed .. Sneha is arrested.. Solai wants Sneha to be hanged.. The duo run to meet MA..


Thavasi updates his lawyer about Sneha arrested for shooting Beach.. Lawyer asks if any eye-witness was there for that incident.. Thavasi says no idea.. Lawyer decides to meet Sneha in person and assures no problem to Sneha if Beach is alive..


ACP SR comes to the hospital to meet CM.. She updates CM about Thavasi and Vadai complaining against Beach and she sending her team to fetch Beach and they witnessing this incident.. She consoles CM that things will be fine and walks off..


Lawyer and Thavasi come to meet Sneha at the station.. Lawyer says just maintain that you did not shoot Beach.. Sneha says How is it possible, CM and MA were there when I shot.. Some muted conversations between the trio.. Sneha says just bring me out and I have a job to finish and angrily says andha Chellamava... Lawyer says be patient and clam otherwise you will be in jail for your life.. Thavasi too asks Sneha to be patient and not blurt out anything in anger..


At the hospital, Ratna aka kanamma is crying.. CM tries to console it.. Visa curses the baby for being an ill-luck to her daughter and SIL.. CM gets pissed off.. She supports the baby bringing charm into their family.. Visa goes on giving non-stop curses to the baby and its biological parents.. CM says stop it.. You don't know the value of this baby.. Can you dare to talk like this in front of Beach and MA.. Visa says we don't want this baby.. Just dump it in some orphanage.. CM says why should I.. I treat this as my brother's baby and I will bring it up with my child.. Visa says bring it up.. we don't care.. Visa's hubby tries to console CM but CM walks off with both babies saying I will give this baby back only when anna and anni will ask ..



Updates by Swash

Friday updt

Chellams paces with two babies in two hands inside the hospital, measuring the corridor length while AV watches.  Seashore is undergoing surgery.   The first round of battalions  come in the form of Pearl Beauty's parents,  Solai's wife and Kavitha. They demand to know what happened and of course, when Omni tells them the story, she gets blamed fair and square by mommy dear.  Veettu poNNu kenja kenja pOnadhaala dhaan ippadi. Omni has had it. She says I am not responsible for this in any way and I struggled to bring my brother and his wife together and that was fine then and you approved. But now u say that I should have left brother marry snake. How can u talk differently now? AV yells at all and tells them they cannot stand here if he lists the truth. (then why don't you?)

The mention of Muthazhaghi prompts a fresh set of Qs and amma labodhibOs hearing that Muthazhaghi fainted and is admitted in a ward. All traipse down the corridor to labOdhibO at her bedside. Nurse shoos them all out.

Brothers Garden and Bellking come in search and hearing abt Snake'n'gun they want to go finish her off.  Mrs.Solai demands that her husband settler her in life first and then make a way for her and son and then go kill Snake. Chellams yells at them and says Snake is in custody.

AC comes and enquires Chellams and offers platitudes.

Thavasi goes in search of Snake, finds out abt her arrest, begs the inspector and speaks with her and goes to a high profile lawyer. Both lawyer and him come to the maanans veedu to talk to the inspector and Snake. I was too bored by this time to pay attention to what they talked.

At the hospital, PB's mom starts cursing ratna #2 saying, enna kulamO, gothramO, the minute they brought her home, troubles started. ennavO adhukku munnadi, pramaadha vaazhkkai maadhiri pEchu. Chellams again has had it. Stops her and says I am going home with 2 babies and I will only give her back to either brother or wife and walks off.



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OMG!!!  Correct time-la vaakkumoola has come out! Darrnnn it!
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Thanks Eclat for the update...

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Thanks Selva for the update. CM won't die.
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Thanks eclat and Selva for the updates!  Of course, CM won't die - she is invincible after all!!

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Thanks Eclat & Selva for the updates.
Come on Sneha Kill CM and in that process kill the serial.  Not that it will likely to happen!

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Thanks Selvalakshmi

The police will arrive in time to take SS for kambi count.   Hope they have recorded her statement on the cell phone.  

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