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Monday 19th March 2012  Episode -

Ila in two plaits, salwar , goggles and Panchavarnam dancing to some dalda dabba song.  Ila wants Panchavarnam to help her copy that day's exams too.  Panchavarnam would help her copy from the book.  Vadivu comes in saying that would not happen because she is going to come as supervisor that day.  The principal had called her the earlier day and updated the blue tooth thiruviLayaadal.  She warns Panchavarnam that she will break his neck if he helps Ila.  Panchavarnam tries to talk for Ila, but Vadivu doles out a strict warning to Panchavarnam that if he does get out of the house, she would tear his wings.  Panchavarnam giving idea to Ila, to call Vadivu , mimic her appaththaa, and say that they are coming to see Vadivu.  Then Vadivu will not come as supervisor (but can't  Vadivu tell her appaththaa that she is going to work and not to come.  arivu kaLanjiams thaan ellaam inga)  Ila takes out her mobile, Panchavarnam scolds her for being an idiot, won't Vadivu find out if calling from Ila's phone, go to a PCO.  So both Ila and Panchavarnam make a trip to the nearest PCO. Panchavarnam reminds Ila to mimic appaththaa which she promptly does.  Vadivu tells the appaththaa to come in the evening, for she has to go to the tutorial.  Ila blurts out if she is going to stop Ila from copying, Vadivu asks how does appaththaa know this?  Ila manages to say that Ila's nature is that and it is Vadivu's nature to catch Ila.  Vadivu is getting late and wants to go but Ila insists that she is on the way and will come right away.  Vadivu accedes.  Ila and Panchavarnam are happy to have deceived Vadivu, to continue on their mission copying.

Ila and Manga go to the exam hall.  The invigilator checks on Ila, and Manga takes the bluetooth away from Ila's ear.  Once back to the seat she passes the blue tooth.  The person sitting behind Ila gets to see all this drama.  Vadivu calls her appaththaa because it is already late.  Appaaththaa answers the phone tells Vadivu that she did not call must be someone who mimiced her.  Vadivu gets to know it must be Ila and Panchu's act.  Calls the flying squad and informs them.  They come to the tutorials to catch Ila and arrest Panch.  When they come to the tutorials and ask for Ila to the invigilator, again Manga takes away the blue tooth.  The flying squad try to search for the blue tooth.  Another person from the flying squad spots Panchu reading out the answers for Ila through mobile phone.

The other members in the flying squad are informed.  They come down and see Panchu dictating answers over the phone.  Ila too follows them down to see what is happening. (did not know you can walk out of the exam hall like this - totally stupid - paarkkira naamum thaan)  The flying squad bring another talking parrot Latha to enact a drama as if in love with Panchu and catch him (super kEvalaamaa irukku).  Latha and Panchu begin their kadalai putting (enna kodumai saravana) Latha wants Panchu to change his name to Gopal which he gladly does.  Ila comes to warn Panch who does not pay heed.  Latha and Gopal sing duet - unnai ondRu kEtpEn .  After which Latha asks Panchu aka Gops if he helped Ila copy.  Ila tries to stop Panchu from answering.



Updates by Nithya

Tuesday Mar 20th Updates

Thangam Director..  RamNarayanan Sir assitanto..
intha mokkai seriala thaangamudiyalapa.. 

Parrot Latha manages to trap Parrot Panchavarnam aka Gopi and makes Panchu tell all the copying techniques and sathi thittas of Panchu and Ila.. Ila gets debarred.. Panchu is arrested.. Time for Panchu aka Gopi and Latha talking .. The famous dialogues of Sivaji Ganesan and Saroja Devi from Puthiya Paravai movie.. why did you  use love as weapon to trap me.. ennay manichudnga Gopal .. (Habba.. ennala mudiyala..) ..


Rasamma and Manga are waiting in some field for Ila to go and meet Subbu and kusalam visarchify her about her heath.. Ila walking on the a varappu and a big horned goat is running fiercely behind her.. R and M warn Ila.. Aadu di and the loose Ila thinks they are asking her to dance.. She keeps dancing while R And M keep saying aadu di.. Goat hits Ila and Ila falls into the well..


Goat is tied to a pillar.. Ila scolds it for misbehaving and decides to punish it by handing it over to a butcher.. Goat goes on its knees and apologizes.. Ila agrees to forgive and shakes hands with the goat.. She warns the goat better listen to whatever I say illata you will be sent to the butcher.. Goat nods.. Ila releases it and takes it home.. Goat polambufies.. escaped from the butcher but got stuck with this Ila.. (First parrot.. now Goat.. RamayK .. ungallukku enga mela karunaye illaya..)


Ila brings the Goat Ramu to a temple, points to Vadivu and asks  him to hit Vadivu on her stomach.. Ramu runs .. Vadivu is sacred.. Ramu stops just in front of Vadivu and wonders how to hit a pregnant lady.. Vadivu calms down .. thanks Ramu for not hurting her an feeds Ramu with a banana.. She tells Ramu I know you are trapped by Ila.. Be careful with her. If you face any problem, don't hesitate to seek my help.. She walks off.. Ila is very angry.. She scolds Ramu non-stop.. Ramu brings her a stick to beat him.. Ila is moved by Ramu's gesture.. She cuddles him and wonders why he did not hit Ila.. Ramu wonders how to tell Ila that Vadivu is pregnant..


Panchu escapes from police and perches himself on a tree.. He calls a passing by Vadivu and updates his story of Latha trapping him in the name of love, police arresting him, he escaping from them and hiding.. Vadivu asks him to surrender.. He wonders what if police kill me in an encounter. He pleads Vadivu to bail him out.. Vadivu scolds him for helping Ila to pass by copying and cheating her. Panchu apologizes.. Vadivu says if you promise me that you will not help Ila pass by wrong methods I shall bail you out.. Panchu promises.. Vadivu agrees to bail him out.. Ila comes .. Panchu runs away to Ila and tells Ila bail me out and I shall tell you a secret about Vadivu when the right time arrives.. Ila agrees and takes Panchu away.. Vadivu is angry and decides to teach Panchu a lesson..


2 nurses form RM health care come to Ayya's home to collect details about pregnant women in each home.. they ask Vadivu if anyone is pregnant in this home.. Vadivu wonders if she should share the news that she is pregnant.. Ila comes asks who are they.. Vadivu updates Ila.. After some bandha.. Ila tells the nurses.. no one is pregnant here.. Come after 2-3 years.. One nurse feels by looking at Vadivu I am sure she is pregnant.. Ila turns around and asks Vadivu are you pregnant..         




Updates by Migan

Wednesday - March 21

Ila asks Vadivu are you pregnant. Vadivu poosi mazhuppifies saying no. They send them off. Then Ila tells her only I will be the first one to have a kid note it.

Vadivu decides to go talk to ganga thinking they can hide this anymore and Ganga will tell a solution.

Next - Ila looks for Vadivu in her room. Panchu the parrot tells Ila that Vadivu is pregnenet and she is gone to see Ganga. P also tells her Vadivu is 3 months. Ila gets mad. Decides to follow them to Ganga house.

In Ganga house Vadivu and Sara reach there. Followed by Ila. Ila hides and over hears. vadivu and Sara inform ganga that Vadivu is pregnant. Ganga is happy and asks how many months is it? Vadivu says 3 months and Ganga is shocked. Ila is shocked as well. She asks why didn't yo utell before?

vadivu tells it is all due to Ila Anni as she may feel sad. I feel sorry for her. I prayed for her to have kids first. But it is getting along and I can't hide any longer.

Ganga tells Ila is different now she is not the same, she is changed. In fact she will be very happy hearing this news only. You should have told them all about it.

Sara and vadivu hesitate and ask ganga to come and tell Ayya as they might be angry they didn't tell the news early. ganga agrees.  Ila cries and goes back.

In Ayya house, ila walks in crying. Both natchiyar and Ayya ask her waht happened. Ila keeps crying. Both Ayya and natchiyar force her to tell the truth. Ila asks them is she a bad girl. They say no.

Vadivu comes there and Ila says she is the reason for me to get upset. I heard what she talked in Ganga house. Ila tells her if you had told me I would have been only happy. Ila blurts that Ila is pregnant. Natchiyar is very happy. But ila says it has been 3 months already. She never told the truth. Ayya asks wh ydid you hide it? Vadivu tells it is all due to ila as she may get upset, that's why we didn't tell. Natchiyar tells Ila only looks like that but she is gold. Ila als otells you have how many babies and I will bring them all up. Ayya and natchiyar says who ever bears it they al lare our grand kids. they ask Ila to forgive vadivu. She says Ok for you. Ayya asks Ila ok what punishment we can give as she hid the matter. Ila cryingly tells them no punishment, vadivu has no parents so we have to do everything for her. Vadivu hearing this melts.

(Appa inikku atleast not bad - Not too much RR stuff)



Updates by Migan

Thursday brief update

Vadivu feels senti hearing Ila's talks. Manga tries to talk ila that she should be the first one tocarry Ayya varisyu and abort Vadivu baby. Ila scolds her saying her or Vadivu's it is Ayya varisu. Manga praises her.

Next Ila goes to Subbu house, Muthu comes there as well. Ila says she came to give sweets and tells the news about Vadivu pregnant. Vadivu comes there as well and she also gives sweets. Subbu eats it and tells she doesn't feel any sweetness at all. She tries some salty stuff and tells she doesn't taste anything at all. Muthu worried only people having poison in the body people will not taste anything.

They worried and call the same Dr Amma.

She cjhecks and tells to herself the poison has spread even to the tongue and she thinks Subbu may die in few days.

She gives some medicine and asks Subbu to have it and tells Ayya she is waiting for a special medicine. She tells them let Subbu have the normal medicine now and in the morning she will come to check. If she is not better than they can admit her to the hospital. She leaves.

All are worried.



Updates by

Friday, 23 Mar 12
- Jothi goes to Gangga house with her chittapa again for the same reason, to get supporting docs for shop auction. Jothi ask Gannga to sign the letter or she will cancel the wedding as , they re mapley house and they have give so much for them... Gangga thinks a lot and finaly sign the paper despite her FIL protest. Gangga said she signs the paper coz of some nilamai... (something in her mind) Jothi is very happy as she manage to make gangga signed..
- at tasilthar office... jothi goes there with the supporting letter ...She tells officer that gangga is her sambathi and they respected her very much.She with bantha demands the officer to allocate 3 shops and throw the letter on the table, Officer pissed off with her bantha and read the letter and smile. Officer tell that gangga madam has rejected the letter and throw the lette back to her. Jothi is angry and scold gangga infront of the officer. Officer jump on her  saying he will throw her out if she ever admonish his higher officer in his office.. Jothi leaves the offie in anger..
- Illa and Vadivu are walking and illa is holding umbrella for Vadivu.. both are talking and praises each other romba santhosama... Suddenly Jothi's car stop in front them.. Jothi ask them to move aside as she wants to meet Ayya and nachiar to cancel the wedding.. both Vadivu and iila shock...
Jothi tells them that gangga insulted her and wants to take revenge. She said she wont this wedding happen even ayya falls to her.. Both marumagal get angry and beat Jothi nicely. Jothi and her chitappa run from the place...

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Idhu mahaa kevalama irukku!

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Thanks Eclat.
Kodumaiyo Kodumai - Kilis konjing and Loving???? Creatives completely taken it as anti creatives.

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Originally posted by jayashs

Idhu mahaa kevalama irukku!

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Thanks Eclat, oh my!!!  enna orru kevalamana kathai? Totally insane...
Poor the updaters, have to watch this crap for us... 

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Originally posted by Vani19

Thanks Eclat, oh my!!!  enna orru kevalamana kathai? Totally insane...
Poor the updaters, have to watch this crap for us... 

Vani.. sathiyama ennlaya mudiayala CryCry Just pulling it along for you guys..

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CarynSue NairVani19

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why .. why.. why...
why this kolaveri towards us director.???Cry

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Thanks Nithya

sirikkavaa - azhavaanE theriyalappa.  aadu maadu manushan ellaam pEsaraanga.  

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JanuSue NairVani19

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