New and Improved Rules: EVERYONE READ

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Hello Members of Uttaran Forum Big smile

I am sure you are all aware of the tension on the forum especially now with the exit of Veer's character and the leap on the horizon...that is why the Uttaran DT has come up with a completely new method of moderating the forum. Please read this post and attached links completely. This will help not only us keep up with whats happening on the forum, but it will also give you (the members) the opportunity to see what we're doing and why we're doing it. 

NOTE: Any/All posts/comments made prior to the posting of these rules will not fall under the same moderation rules, however, that doesnt mean that IF COC still doesnt apply.

Channel Moderator: gk09 (in charge of Color's channel)
Viewbie: jnawaz 
Moderator: Kruthika.N
Videobie: -Nipun97- 

*Rules for Uttaran Section*
Credit goes to SkyLight (CM for Star One/Life Ok Channels)

1. Moderation: Not everyone on Dev Team is a moderator. Coolbies and Videobies do not fall under the category of Moderation as they only provide updates. The Moderation chain latter as follows: Viewbie > Moderator > Channel Moderator. Your first contact would be the section's Viewbie or Moderator as they will take care of day to day activities on the forum. If you have complaints regarding moderation those can be sent directly to CMs, but any other issues must be brought to the attention of Viewbies first. In case if any members feels that a warning being given is not justified or there is an error then please pm the DT member, but do not argue on the respective post and cause disruption. If you are not satisfied with the answer then please direct the concerns to CMs.

2. Comparison Topics/Instigating Posts/Plotting: Firstly and foremost, emphasizing in any way or form that "one couple/one character is better than the other" will not be allowed henceforth. By now, we all know instigating topics and comparison on this forum are not allowed. Some members purposely instigate others and believe they can get by with it and some plan attacks in other places and decide to disrupt the functioning of the forum. Well, it will not happen anymore. Anyone posting topics/comments that instigate and cause others to get into "fights" will be warned as well.  

3. Name-Calling/Stereotyping:  Giving names to other fans will not be tolerated. From now on name calling, bashing other fans, or stereotyping will not be allowed. In addition, comment on the show and not the viewers. It seems like half of the posts are targeted at the viewers rather than the show. Do not pass snide remarks at viewers of the show just because their interest lies in something different from yours.  

4. Telling others what to do: I would prefer members to stop preaching on the forum. Let the moderators decide what is needed on this forum and what is not or what one member is allowed to do or not. You cannot stop someone from posting in any topic. Do not become a moral police on the forum.

5. Utilizing Report Feature: If anyone sees a thread/post/comment which is offending posted by someone, you will NOT take law into your own hands to teach a lesson to that person for insulting your favorite idol. That aggravates matters more and you also become liable for action for reacting thus. Instead you will simply make use of the "REPORT" button and report the thread by stating the reason clearly. When using the "report" button, what would be best is if you can show us which rule from this list the member has broken. As soon as the Dev Team comes online they would take the necessary action and try our best to resolve the issue. Keep in mind that just because someone may have said something directed specifically at you, that doesnt give you the authority to go ahead and attack them as well.

6. Language: A lot of members try to use code words and asterisk and try to get away with such language. Well, It won't happen from now on. This decision has been made by the Global moderators themselves.

Ex: W*F (What the Fish is a lame excuse so do not try)
F**K U
"Who watches this Shit?"

7. Bashing/Personal Attacks: Bashing and making personal attacks against any actor/actress/CVs/members/characters etc. is not allowed. Make sure members know the difference between bashing and criticism. A critic is one who discusses things in perspective, never loses objectivity and states things in a logical and constructive way. But a basher is one, who states the points a bit too heavily such that, it no longer looks like criticism but looks like a total attack. Everyone have their own point of view let's respect it. You have right to raise your opinion but one should see lines ain't crossed. Avoid making posts that are abusive, derogatory, insulting or sarcastic enough to affect the sentiment of another member. This is against IF COC and won't be tolerated.
Keep a control on your sarcasm. If the mods feel that your post is no longer critiquing, but is full of sarcasm/attacks... that will be held against you. 

8. No thread on Dev Team working: No threads shall be opened criticizing the functioning of the Dev Team. If you have any issues contact the section Dev Team by PM and sort it out but do not create a scene by starting a thread here. As stated in rule #1, follow that chain of command until your conflict is solved. No personal attack 'direct/indirect, abusive/sarcastic shall be tolerated. If we see anymore instigating posts or snide remarks towards moderators of the forum. You will receive a WL.

9. No Stretching the Issue or Discussing the Matter After DT has Posted Warning: Though we urge you all to ignore and report, any of you ignore that and reply back. Also, despite DT posting warnings, members still stick to that incident instead of discussing the topic at hand. This stretches the issue. There is no need for you to reply back if the DT has already dealt with the issue. If people are so found of doing so, action will be taken.

10. Repeated Topics: Check a few pages back (at least 3) before making a topic on the same point. Repeated topics will be closed. Also there are way too many topics requesting CV's for some changes in the track or for any couple.  We need to keep the forum organized as well.

11. No Chatting/Spamming: Refrain yourself from chatting/spamming on the forum. Don't to start your personal chats in threads opened for various subjects/discussion topics. Please try to stick to the topic when posting replies. If you want to can create a separate thread in chat Club section & chat there but chatting in discussion topic is a big NO..

12. Updating:
If you want to do written/video update for this show any particular day then please PM the respective updater a day in advance & take their permission so that the updater's efforts don't go in vain. Anyone posting the updates without permission his/her post will be trashed. Also, when updates are not posted, DO NOT create new topics asking for the updates. The updater will get to it when they can. If there is an instance when it isnt up PM a DT member to see whats going on. 

13. No Advertising: Videos from other forums/websites containing the website logo are not allowed. If found doing so the topic will be trashed & a PM will be sent. If you continue to do so even then your warning level will be raised.Also posting links from IF in other forums is strictly prohibited.

14. Picture topics: We have a picture gallery to post pictures. Please do not make anymore topics on episode pictures or normal pics from the show. If you have pictures for a particular special occasion that you want to post on the forum then you may post. We will allow picture topics on special occasion. Otherwise please post all the pictures in Picture Gallery.

15. Emotions: Do not type message or post reply full of emotions only. Emotions are used to emphasize how you feel when words alone aren't enough. They serve as 'add-ons' to your message BUT it doesn't mean that you are to type a whole line of Emoticons alone, without a single word or phrase (e.g. '')! Messages containing only emotions will be deleted. If all you want to do is add an emoticon, the better option is to hit the "like" button. 

16. Posting Articles: Before posting any article please check to make sure that the article has not been posted before. IF has launched its own news hub Telly Buzz. We are now in direct competition with IndianTelevision & Telly Chakkar. See to it you do not post articles from these two websites. Do not post articles from Telly Buzz directly on forum. Provide link/source of the articles.

17. Organizing Contest/Activities:You may not post Contests/Activities/Games/Appreciation-FanThreads without prior approval from the moderators. If you have ideas, share them with the DT and get their permission first.

18. Promotions:  I know some of you all are very excited that you have become senior member, goldie, IF dazzlers, IF rockerz.. and we are truly happy for you all, but since this is Uttaran forum those topics need to go in Congratulations Post or Meme4u Forum.  

19. Using Signatures: As per the rule a member is allowed to use three signature of which one can be animates small. Do not use wallpaper size signature in your signature. To know more in details you can read ATTN: Signature/Avatar Size - Guidelines of Avatar & Signature Section. Signatures bashing actors/members will not be tolerated. If the signatures are not removed at the moderator's request then the signatures will be removed by Moderators themselves and will count as one strike.

20. Use Like Button: Every often we see members posting thanks or tfs or one liner instead of using the Like button. The Like feature has come in place of Thank You feature so that spamming could be alleviated. Saying thanks, tfs, etc constitutes to spamming. If you have nothing more to say apart from thanks then you can thank using Like button.

21. Help topics: If you have any queries regarding the show then please post it in Help Desk. We will definitely try our best to help out there. After posting the question give it a few days to see if anyone responds, if not, PM a DT member and see if they can help. 

22. Typing in CAPS LOCK: Please do not write in Cap Locks. When you write an entire comment/post in full CAPS its considered yelling. If you continue to do so it will result in a WL increase. Everyone now and then using CAPS to emphasize a word is acceptable, but keep in mind not to go overboard with it. 

23. Regarding AT threads: There are Appreciation Threads for all the Jodi's. Please do not create individual threads over little things that can be discussed in AT. Please remember to not chat and stay on topic. All the Physical attributes of the Actors(eyes/nose/Hair) should be discussed in the AT's of the respective Actor. Please avoid opening separate Topics for them.  Also, stick to the character/jodi that the AT if made for, do not begin discussing others in it. 

23. Morphed Pictures: We do not allow this on IF. So please refrain from posting such pictures.  MERGING/MORPHING - NOT ALLOWED  

25. Promo Updater's:  We appreciate you all posting new promos, but if someone has already posted a promo do not make a new topic on the same promo. If you have a higher quality than post in the topic that is already opened. We will make sure you get credit for uploading better quality.

26. Quoting Posts/Members/Creations/Pictures: Don't quote long posts especially when it messes up the coding which makes it look bad. If you want to reply to someone use the @ format like @A: , @B: & so on. Only up to 3 quotes are allowed in a post given the fact they are relatively small quotes and not page long essays.

27. Bashing on Celebrity Fan Page: Celebrity Profiles are monitored so please do not bash there. It will result in a warning as it is against the rules. 

28. Creating MIDS: Creating MIDs (another account) on IF is not allowed under any circumstances. Wrong usage of creating a different account will result in a WL increase without any warnings as this is a serious issue. If the behavior continues accounts will be banned. 

29. Discussions on Actor's Personal Life: You have right to comment on actors, their acting & their style while not crossing the line but to comment on actors personal life & people who are part of their personal sphere won't be appreciated here at IF. What any celebrity do in their personal life is their Personal Matter. Its their life & they have complete freedom to live it the way they wants to. We are no one to interfere in it. 

Warning Level Procedure: Please read this for full details on the warning procedure:New Warning Procedure. Dev Team will keep a running list of members, who will continue to break rules.  

1. Verbal warning  (on the thread where it happened)
2. PM warning from Dev Team
3. WL Increase.
4. Lead to possible Ban.

If for some reason you do not agree with the warning you have received in your topic then you need to PM the moderator/viewbie who warned you instead of starting an argument in the forum. If you are not satisfied with the reply given by the DT members then you may take up your issue with the Channel Moderators. However, absolutely no arguments on the forum as that will lead to a direct increase in your warning level. If you have any doubts/suggestions/objections regarding anything then feel free to PM me jnawaz.


Uttaran Dev Team

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Thanks Jaz!
This was very much needed!

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Hey thanks a lot yaarThumbs Up. The additional links where really helpful & thats the thing i was looking for..Big smile

Edited by Strawbella - 23 March 2012 at 1:59am

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@jnawaz: please open a general discussion thread n make it sticky(or tell me if i can)..many new members r opening new threads fr asking small questions n it makes d forum luk very unorganised, n smtimes imp threads get lost in d process..
Plz do smthng in dis regard.

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Originally posted by guglu-baby

@jnawaz: please open a general discussion thread n make it sticky(or tell me if i can)..many new members r opening new threads fr asking small questions n it makes d forum luk very unorganised, n smtimes imp threads get lost in d process..

Plz do smthng in dis regard.

there is already a Help Desk on pg 1 of the forum where all questions can be posted. If anyone simply posts a question as a new topic, hit the report button and it will be handled. 


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If you think this is an error please Contact us.

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yeah priyanka even i lik this forum very much..

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yes mee too

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