Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee


Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee
Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee

"Two Broken hearts falling in love" THREAD 6

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Yayyy reaches thread 6!!!! thank u for all the love and support Hug

Story so far. . . 

Maan SIngh Khurana: A 26 year old business tycoon who is very wealthy and has a huge ego. He has a huge business empire but in reality he is a very lonely and quiet guy.  He hates woman after he finds out Sameera loved him only for his money.  He curses woman ever now and believes that they all have cunning and evil natures behind their beautiful looks except things start to change when he meets Geet Handa.

Geet Handa: A 21- year old girl who used to truly believe in love and always had. Always wishing from her babaji that she meets her raj kumar. She gets her wish and madly falls in love, except that person, Dev, breaks her heart because he trusted some other people over her( you will find out more details later in the story don't want to spoil everyething yet).

Maan and geet are two strangers placed in each other's life by destiny. They never had anything good to say about each other, but as they started to know each other their opinion's changed. They argue/fight with each other but more than that with their own self to distance and deny their feelings for one another. Both of them have been scarred from life's game called "love". There first love left them with such deeps wounds that now none wants to become vulnerable and drink the poison that comes with love again . . . 

To see if that day has finally come where they have accepted each other you got to read to find out Wink

Part: 58

Breakfast Naughtiliciousness

Maan comes down to the breakfast table and all three instantly just chuckle. He gives them all the death stare, and they all shut up. He goes right past Geet not even looking at her direction and sits on the chair.  Geet watched his body language through out and she could feel something was off.  He hadn't once even looked at her.
She brings out her arm to grab the pasta bowl saying, " Maan let me pour you some . . . "
" Koi zaroorat nahi hai . . . I can get it myself", he says interrupting her and grabbing the pasta bowl himself before Geet.
Again he didn't even make eye contact with her and just starts eating the pasta.
Geet was getting irritated now. "oh so Mr. Maan Singh Khurana khafa hai humse.  Mujhe avoid karna chahta hai. . . We'll just see about that", she slyly thought.
Vicky and Daadima were watching these two from the sidelines and were giving each other signals with their eyes as they softly chuckled at their antics.
Geet slowly takes her right foot out of her chappal and starts to rub it against Maan's lower leg.  Maan drops his fork with the sudden rush of sensations that were running through him.  He looks over to Geet who was putting up an innocent face and eating her food.  Daadima and Vicky give him a weird look and he blurts out a, " sorry" as he picks up his fork back up.  

Geet wanted to burst out laughing but she held it in, but then she got another wicked twinkle in her eyes. She takes her foot again and this time runs it all the way up his inner thigh.  Maan from the sudden shoot of pleasurable desire up his leg, got pasta stuck in his throat and started to cough.
Geet: Kya hua Maan!  Hear let me pour you some water.
She pours a glass full of water and starts to come over to Maan, but along the way she acts as if she trips and spills the glass of water all over Maan's pants. 
"Oh my God! I am so sorry Maan.  I will clean it right up".
She takes her dupatta and starts dabbing it around his thigh and then pretends to unintentionally move her hands around his manhood.
"Oh Sweet Lord" Maan screamed inside his head trying to suppress the moans that wanted to rip out from his throat.  He was getting bloody turned on! What the hell was she doing? That too in front of Daadima and Vicky?!?!
"Geet" he says trying to control and steady his voice so it didn't come out as a moan, as he grabs both her hands.
Maan: Leave it. Don't trouble yourself. I will just go change.
She naughtily whispers only for him to hear," Kyun? Kuch kuch hota hai. . ." ,she winks and goes back to her seat leaving a shocked Maan to fend with the desire flowing in him all by himself.
Maan clears his throat and says, " excuse me I am going to go change", while giving a glare to Geet.
Daadima: okay beta we are done with breakfast. Once you are done come to the mansion the pundit is here to tell us which date will be good to hold your wedding.
Geet's eyes enlarge with happiness and with the corners of her eyes she looks at Maan, who was also staring at her as if he was lost in her.  Geet just blushes and lowers her eyes.
Vicky: Bhabi are you blushing?
Geet nudges him playfully with her hand and then says, " CHup! Khabar agar tum mujhe bhaabi dobara kaha toh mujhse bura aur kohi nahi hoga".
Vicky does a dramatic, " NAAHIII".
Everybody looked at him surprised.
" Daadi as if Maan bhai wasn't enough of a zaalim singh khurana 'his future wife has already turned to a Mrs. Zaalim singh khurana that too before marriage.  Geet ki babaji please mera raksha karna there will be two zaalims in the house'.mein toh gayi!" Vicky innocently whined looking at the ceiling, but then bursts out laughing. 
Both Geet and Maan give him the death stare.
Vicky: See look! They are both giving me the death stare.  Rab ne bana de jodi!
" Badmaash. Chalo let's go", Daadi says while trying to control her chuckle.
Daadi: Arre Geet . . .You also go change as well . . .your dupatta is all wet and then both of you join us.
Geet: Jii daadima.
Daadi and Vicky walk out leaving Maan and Geet alone.  Before Geet could make any movement, she get's slammed against the wall.  She keeps her eyes closed as maan's breathe hovered over her collarbone and up her chin chilling her to the bone.
He moves the strands of hair that was blocking her face and pushes it behind her ear.  He brushes his lips over her cheek until he reaches her ear and whispers, " So Mrs. Zaalim Singh Khurana mujhe taang kar rahi ti! Itni himmat hai tumhari paas!"
Geet opens her eyes and slides her index finger down the side of his face until she reaches his chin and pulls it closer to her.  Her lips brushing around the edges of his lips and there breathes mingling into one.  She looks straight into his eyes and says, " Himmat toh bahut hai. . . apka zaalimy mujhse koi asar nahi karte!  If I were you I would be scared of this Mrs.Zaalim Singh Khurana.  You know there is still time to back out Mr. Khurana?
"Acha . . .is that so!" he says grabbing both her arms and slamming them against the wall as he plants kisses all the way up her neck and towards her lips.  Geet plays hard to get and moves her face to the side.
"Yeah" Geet giggles.
oh my god really? Thank you Geet! I will go tell my girlfriend the good news!", maan says while turning around to head out the door.
Geet grabs his hand and pushes him against the floor.  " Mein toh sirf mazaq kar rahi ti! But now the truth comes out! Kaun hai woh! How dare she! Mera naam toh Mrs.Zaalim Singh Khurana hai . . .I will cut her into pieces and feed her to the monkies!" she fumed on as she entrapped both her arms around his chest as they laid against the ground.
But in a split second Geet found herself rolling against the floor, and now Maan was on top.
Maan: Oyyee Soniye! Kya nakhre tumhari!  But tell me you wouldn't do anything to me?
Geet: I know she must have done something to you.  Some witch craft or something. . . because I know you would never hurt and leave me!  Maan and Geet are two souls but one body.
Maan was losing himself to her.  He couldn't believe the love and trust she had for him.

"Not even witch craft would be able to separate me from you. I love you Geet! I love you so much" he says kissing her forehead.
Geet: I love you too Maan!
Maan leans toward her plump pink lips as they were inviting him, except to Maan's surprise she rolls out of his embrace and Maan opens his eyes to the white ground.
He looks up at her , " What I don't even get a kiss? Not even after your zaalim torture session at the breakfast table?
" nope! We are already late. . . daadima is waiting for us" she giggles away up the stairs.
Maan looks up at the sky, " Geet ki babaji. . . you are laughing at me and enjoying  aren't you! Sigh!" he says going up the stairs but a naughty sexy smirk comes on to his face, " Mrs.Zaalim Singh Khurana. . . time to meet Mr.Zaalim Singh Khurana. You are going to have to pay up sweatheart" .


Hum tum ek closet mein band ho Wink

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Me first...yay...!!!
After a looonnnggg time...

Congrats for the new thread zee Clap   

OMG...Geet is becoming so naughty and bold Shocked Wink
Punjab ki sherni in her full form LOL

Bechara Maan... Wink

Loved it zee...amazing update. Clap

Maaneet ki marriage date fix hone wali!

Hum tum ek closet main bandh ho...aur kapde kho jayeee... ROFL    Wink
I naughty mind is going out of control...sorry darling cant help it Wink

Now you better update soon...intezaar nahi hota.

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it thanks for extanding this ff

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awesome part!

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awesomeee ... loved it... geet is sooo naughty...poor maanBlushing... future Mrs. Khurana toh sach mein bahut zaalim hai...EmbarrassedWink

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