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NL AK Droolers #23:Two Hearts That Beat As One

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Posted: 18 March 2012 at 4:59am | IP Logged

ArHilicious Droolers #23:
Two Hearts ThaBeat As One...

Gossip Girl

Laad governor and Jalebi bai discovered that their dill ki dhadkan are directly proportional to each other when they are together.

Everyone in Shantivan is eating nimbu ka aachar so that they don't commit the same stupidity Sanka Devi did by telling Snake the truth about her marriage.

Snake has turned into a poor copy of James Bond only he is less hot and more annoying.

Mamiji had to take an off from her school of taunts as her taunt earned her a khushk twacha.

High on bhang, Madhumati confessed her love to Nandkishore. Mahendra is happy because now he is free to flee with Laxmi.

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  • Rating of the Week: ..first.rain..
  • Videomix of the weekDeepali_88
  • Achari Scene of the Week: PurpleFairy
  • Best Character of the Week: anita_21492
  • Most Irritating Character of the Week: Shiningstar18
  • Funny Character of the Week: -Ammie-
  • Video avi of the week, Icon of the week: PurpleFairy
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  • Costume of the Week: PurpleFairy
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  • Blooper of the week: mazkachazka

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Winning Siggies: -Fatz-

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--sunshine-- IF-Sizzlerz

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The day of Holi dawns ..
Anjali  is happily talking about  Holi and how  this will be Khushi's first Holi after marriage ..Shyam is determined to be the first one to apply the  Colors on Khushi stamping his authority on her ...
Khushi is dozing in her  open air Bedroom , murmuring sleepily  about the Holi arrangements , the colors to put on the members.. Arnav listens to her babble in indulgent amusement...
Khushi gets busy in Holi preparation ..She discovers that she has no money to purchase colors...Khushi decides to break open the Piggy bnk and get the requisite  RS.300 ...On breaking Khushi discovers that she is short of cash , demands Loan from Arnav , hands over a IOU ..leaving Arnav bemused with her antics ...
Khushi comes down , tries to placate a  irked Nani but is rebuffed by Nani..Anjali quietly lends her support to Khushi,  Informs Khushi about how Naniji loves to play Holi, shows the paraphernalia  of Nanji which Naniji treasure..Khushi gets an idea ...Meanwhile Khushi  offers  some sweets and applies colors to DM..  Shyam takes this opportunity  to apply colors on Khushi, Khushi smartly averts  ..while Shyam pledges that he will be the ONE to apply the colors on Khushi, which is overheard by Arnav...
The Holi preparation is on full swing, Khushi dresses herself as Nanaji , cajoles Nani , Naniji  relents and accepts  Khushi into the family...On this Holi , Khushi also gets forgiveness from The Gupta's family..There is a air of reconciliations all around ...Nani  looks at a pristine  white Khushi, says that Khushi cannot be without colors , Shyam grabs this opportunity   and approaches Khushi to apply the color on a  disturbed Khushi who does not want  Shyam to apply any colors ..Arnav who had been watching this interchangeapproaches Khushi from the other end ..Arnav intercepts  Shyam in nick of time, reminds Shyam that since He is the Husband, he will apply the colors on Khushi's face, much to the surprise of the onlookers, Arnav  applies the colors on  Khushi's face ...Anjali tells Khushi to apply the colors on Arnav's face, thinking that Khushi does not want to apply the colors  on him, Arnav prepares to leave..Anjali stops him , Nani commands Khushi to apply the colors on Arnav...Khushi  walks towards Arnav , with great hesitancy , she applies the colors on his cheeks ...Arnav feels secretly happy and walks away from the scene... 
Khushi changes her dress , joins the Holi celebrations again, she catches  some people preparing Bhang, Joins them  in prepartion, muttering quite audibly about not drinking Bhang cos that will bring out all the inner secrets hidden inside ..Shyam overhears it and is determined to get Khushi drunk on Bhang ...
Khushi prepares the Bhang, serves everyone but has not taken any herself..Shyam cleverly uses Anjali to get Khushi to drink Bhang ...A drunk Khushi is almost on the verge of revealing the truth to everyone in the family when she is stopped by  an omniscient Arnav from revealing the true affairs of their marriage ..Arnav steers Khushi away from the rest of the family and to shut her up..drinks the Bhang as Khushi wanted ...
A intoxicated Khushi is waylaid by Shyam, who tries to root out the truth from  her, Khushi refuses to say anything ..Shyam tries to force Khushi..Khushi yells out that she has got a foreign particle on her eye , begins to rub the eye ...Arnav comes in search of Khushi, A terrified Shyam runs and hides himself ..Arnav finds Khushi in the Gazebo puzzling about the mysterious feelings that  Arnav evokes within her ...Khushi turns , finds  Arnav standing beside her , poses the question to him in all innocence..Arnav realizes the significance of the question realizes that Khushi loves him... in turn confesses his feelings for her ...Khushi passes out...
Arnav lifts her , comes back into the pool, cleans her face ..Khushi awakens  , Arnav re affirms his love, their love for one another ... Both are lost in one another ...Anjali's voice interrupts them from the reverie..Anjali calls out for Arnav and Khushi to come down adn  have lemon to ward off the highs of having imbibed Bhaang..Both start moving towards  the hall...Khushi's duppatta slides down to the floor by the pool..Khushi  goes back to retireve it ..Shyam manages to snare her and gets her to reveal the truth about marriage ...Shyam is very happy on hearing this...he decides that  chances for Khushi  living with him are still high ...

I don't think we need Einstein to guess what the Achari scene this week is. No doubt, this has to be one of the most memorable holis ever shown on TelevisionDay Dreaming
Arnav and Khushi both are high due to the bhang and unknowingly, they pour their dormant emotions and confusions out to each other.
Could this get better? Such poignancy and intensity only ArHi could've managed. After all, when they're near each other, their heartbeats collide, right?Day Dreaming

The one character in this show who deserves all the jootas in this world is of course Snake. I mean, how DARE he touch Khushi like this?Angry Really, I felt like shutting off the TV when I saw what he was doing with her. And not to mention, his plan succeeded and Khushi told him the truth about her marriage with Arnav. Now if that doesn't deserve a joota then what does?Ouch

Date: 12th March 2012
Day: Monday
Episode: 206
Scene: Oh Loan?
Reason: Khushi Kumari Gupta Singh Raizada, back on action!
No, it's not about a San-sanati Holi, or a Mughal-e-Azam reprised Mamiji, or self-mocking Payalji-Aakashji or the adventures of a Talli Khushi Kumari Gupta Singh Raizada, it's about the completely 'in sense' KKGSR and a completely in control and sober Arnav Singh Raizada! To throw a brilliant opening of the week, Khushi decides to buy some Holi related stuff as a starting of her aspiration to win everyone over in Holi. However, she finds her piggy bank fund a little too short for the payment.
Not to loose heart, she decides to ask for a loan from her husband (Yes, the one who's supposed to be a business tycoon ) of 300 rupees. She mocks him a little on his attitude and takes the necessary amount from him as a loan, after finalizing the 'deal' and signing the contract papers (where she 'accidentally' puts his name as Laat Governor ;) ).Her "I'll pay it back to you" and his sarcastic "Thank You" not only brings in a wave of laughter but also reminds us that Bhaang or no Bhaang, intense, cute or funny, it's their scenes that ultimately wins over hearts and minds.
Dialogue of the Scene: Khushi: Aapko business business khelna bohut achcha lagta hain na? (You really like to play business-business right?)
Performer of the Scene: Khushi Kumari Gupta Singh Raizada, obviously!
Message from me: Come on guys, comment more on the Newsletter thread!

Hey guys!!

This week's best scene was definetly the hug! iT was so cute between Arnav and Anjali. I loved how Anjali recored her Chotey drinking and the big fat smile she had while she listened to her Chotey talk about his wife. IT was all just adorable and so so sooo sweet!! Gotta love these two! They are just amazingg!! 
That was it guys!!
Hope you loved this week as much as I did!

Hi fellow Arhi droolers!
This week was so emotional one...kinda of confession...
Loads of Arhi! so guess wat!...though there were few fillers, no complaints...
Kudos 2 IPK CVs team n Our beloved BArun-Sanaya for such lovely week...

Looking fwd 2 next week

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Without a doubt the best characters if the week is Arnav and Khushi.
  I say Khushi because eventhough she married a big business tycoon, she could ask him to give her money but instead she used her money that she was saving for a sari on her 25th birthday. Eventhough she was short of 300 rupees he asked Arnav for a loan and promised to pay him back showing that she stands by her principles. She also got nani ji to forgive her by dressing up as nana ji...come on how can anyone forget that song sequence.  This girl has a gift of manofying people.  Clap
Oh and she mad Arnav drink bhang!!!! Buts he was adorable with bhang telling people,her dil ki bad she told Shyam why she and Arnav got marriedAngry
Now ArnavDay Dreaming I just loved him this week for many reason...not just because he look delicious in that white shirt and jeans with gulaal on his face and that stubbleDay Dreaming...back to the point...he was civil towards Khushi this week he did not mention how she is cheap and how she hurt him and did not bring up sending payal back home...that is a complete 180 degrees change this week.  Instead this week he was amused by Khushi and he was sweet to her (Arnav style).  He stopped Khushi from getting hurt from his bed which was very sweet.  And he was on bhang and dancing...I don't think I need to explain...I just wish he was on bhang more often...he was like a little kid...he told nani and Anjali how 
Pretty Khushi is...also he told Khushi that when they are together their heart beat cute and romantic was that???
To cut the long story short arnav and Khushi stole the week

Hey peeps!!Smile

The most irritating character of the week is one who annoys us like hell whenever he/she comes onscreen. Though this week was amazing because of ArHi, I didn't find any such irritating character so this time it again goes to Shyam aka snake.  

Firstly, I hated the fact that he was so desperate to be the first one to put colour on Khushi. What will that prove? Honestly have no idea. Putting colour on her might satisfy his disgusting thoughts but the truth is that she married to Arnav and no one can reality. Not even these stupid things.

Secondly, he really pissed me off when he caught Khushi today and kept interrogating her about her marriage. Thank God she didn't answer his questions. He has exceeded levels of sickness time and again. He even went in ArHi's room to check! Which was, again, quite disgusting.

Shyam really needs to stop with the whole obsession with Khushi but obviously, he will learn this the hard way.  Anyways, that's it for this week. Btw ArHi rocked this week! Three cheers to that! Embarrassed


Hello hi everyone and welcome to the funniest character of the week section. I hope u are all doing well after the arhilicious week...AHH...wat a week it has been, one of the best in the history of IPPKND and need i say things are going to get a whole lot exciting and amazing now!! I just hope the Cv's don't torture us with kitchen politics after showing such an amazing arhilicious week..!!
Now coming to the funniest character...this week i decided to take a break and hand this award to a new character..yes u heard it right this week its not Khushi, Mami or NK..this week's funniest character award goes to our very own mama Ji...!
Lately i have noticed that he does a great job in lighting the situations up...No matter wat the conversation or the issue he is always there to ligth things up...his come backs and remarks for hello hi bye bye and his amazing dance moves in Holi is wat made me hand this award over to him..! everytime the camera focused on his dance i couldn't help but roll on the floor with laughter..!!
I only gave the award to mama ji but i was more than tempted to hand the award to all the raizadas and guptas this week...! the sense of humor and lighthearted jokes are wat we viewers want to see...and this week everyone was at their best...arhi made the week droolsome and made our heart beats go wild meanwhile the rest of the family also gave their best and kept us glued to the screen no matter wat the scene..therefore a shout out to all the Ippknd actors for their amazing job...u guys rock and always bring smiles to our faces...keep rocking always!!

Jab tum mere paas hoti ho, toh tumhare dil ki dhadkano ke saath saath, meri dil ki dhadkane bhi tez ho jaati hain...humari dhadkane..ek ho jaate hain, jo tum mehsoos karti ho, wo mein mehsoos karta hoon..


I think there was NO DOUBT that this would be the DOTW! Well, I was like just drooling at them, they were so sweet,  this holi track made me happy, It had many sweet, sweet dialogues, but this was the best! that too from Arnav's mouth.. 

See you beautiful beautiful people Next week 

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what an arhilicious week! so much dhak dhak. it almost traveled through the screen! LOL

just love this shot! head to heart connection! Heart

defining moment of a man's life, when the heart is full, the eyes overflow! Embarrassed

and this.. Heart

hamaare dhadhkane ek ho jaate hai Day Dreaming aur viewers ke bhi ROFL

Koi shaq? :P

Okay fellooow beings!!! Aww im in suchaaa supa dupa mood! Cant hold my excitement for next week's ARHI and Sanaya's interview!Big smileAs if this week was less exciting! Hats off to the whole team for carrying forward this show with such great efforts and without a hussle!love ya IPKKND ROCKS!!


So coming down to the bloopers,(frankly feeling bad to write them down, poor actors working the hell out to get the episodes done, sigh) well since its my job and its just for the purpose of fun!! So ..ya! enjoy guys..yess uve guessed it right,ill be talking less and the pics would speak..


Hayiin?? In one frame khushi's sleeping on one pillow and the immediate next frame she's on two pillows? waaah kya adla badly hain..Wink check out the difference in her head positions Big smile



Yeh kya? One second Arnav's sleeves are half-folded up to his elbow and in the other the sleeves are open up to his wrists??or wait a second that is not even Barun, coz the other hand is so fleshy! it cannot be Barun's!//*sigh* body doubles..:))



Ek pal mein , Khushi has this green spot on her kurta and immediately the next step it vanishes! Hawww :O :O !!


What the!!shyam comes with a full loaded plate heaped with Gulal,and when he's about to apply it to Khushi, the plate is half empty! Like howzaat ?okay hawa se udh gaya hoga!and of course not to mention Arnav,Khushi's and everyone else's holi marks kept changing positions…



So basically I loved putting this donw..Arnav's clean shaven when he comes to the Holi Ground,and whoa!!the stubble grows right on the same day..ROFl!! I know I know they shot that sequence over a period of few days..but still it was kinda funny and struck me..hence posting here..EmbarrassedLOL

man i ended up drooling over him when i had to click a snapshotEmbarrassed and had to hit myself to continue with this blooper thing ROFL


And yes the clearly visible bhaang tray blooper which vanishes when Khushi hugs Anjali,the tray's positioned in Khushi's hand just before she hugs anji and disappear when he hugs her..!!infact that isin't even Khushi's who's offering her thandai,see khushi's holding a tray full of glasses and this shot shows someone offering her one glas!huhh!Confused


So long guys down with this week..hope I didn't miss any! If so im sorry..well my job's done coz you've already spotted

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Here is ur Gift

Made By: Jungli Billi 

Here is ur Gift


Here is ur Gift

Made By: fizii_gurl

Here is ur Gift

Made BY   SweetFarwii

Here is ur Gift

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Pride and Beauty 

" Because our heart beats as One
Confession of Love "

You make me fall in love
From the first time I met you
You make me follow wherever you go
Your great smile makes my day complete
Your beautiful voice makes me happy
Your existence makes my existence complete
I feel in heaven every time I'm with you
I feel a prisoner every time I'm alone & wandering of you
Because I can't stop of thinking of you

Even in my dreams you are always still there
My heart beats for you and you alone
My heart beats in my chest so slow,
We move a little closer and our bodies entwined,
You whisper that your heartbeats drums in my soul ,
Because we confess our heart soul and mind are one ,

There is something about the night that brings my heart to you,
I gaze upon your innocent, pure face; I bring my love to you.
I touch the warmth where your heart beats and know that I rest in you
My heart beats faster every time you stare at me
My knees get trembling every time we're together
I can't talk every time your talking at me too
I can't get off my eyes from you

Every night thinking of you 
Wandering if your thinking of me too
How really sad to be away from you 
I want to be your side forever
Every seconds past I'm thinking of you
Every minutes has gone I'm always waiting for you
Every hours that lost I want to hear your voice
Every days that ends I wants to see you
Like the stars in the sky, I am calling you
From the heavens above, I am looks you
In the depths of my soul, I will live and breathe for you,

Our heartbeats beat as one till the eternity,
My soul yearns for your pure everlasting love,
You're the sonnet of my rhyming melodies,
If you look in the mirror, confused at what you see
Do not be afraid but feel safe and secure
What you see is a reflection of me,
A true companion which makes me complete,
I confess I can't let you go ever , I confess you're my rhythm ,
I confess we are the need of each-other eternally
Our heartbeats are entwined as one. 

Runner Up
A Secret by mommamia

Here is ur Gift

Our Business by arhi01 
Here is ur gift

Runner UP
Bodyguard by AquaBluez17 

Here is ur gift

Where Happiness Lives by ccuteangel 

Here is ur Gift

Here is your Gift

Here is ur Gift

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This week, need I say, has been fabulous? Packed with ArHi scenes and almost confession. Embarrassed If not for today's episode, I would have given it 5 on 5. Approve But I cut off points, again, due to Shyam. That ill minded person! Can't he come back to senses even after seeing that his wife is pregnant?Stern Smile ********* I feel like saying so much to him Angry This week gets a 4.5 out of 5. Their acting was just adorable and really deserves it. Star.5 Tongue Tata Hug

This week CVs I can say one thing that u people were just wonderful and amazing. I mean ArHi scenes were out of the world. Dhadkan se Shadkan now just waiting for another festival and mahaepisode

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Editorial Note

This week making NL was such a pleasure as we almost got a confession, now we are seriously waiting for the day when there will be REAL confession.

Guys feel free to leave ur comments, we people alws adore ur comments as they are so amazing and motivate us to make NL better with every edition.

Thanks and Regards
Minuu, Khushi, Neetz and Sanjna

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