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Send your opinions on this...................


well in the begginin everyone is worried where is p. then yash phones

on p's mobile and the inspector answers who found p and says he's in

the police station. yash comes and collects himn wid hiten

then they bring p home and there everyone is happy to see him and

worried so yash tells them everythin. then he gets angry and asks for

g. they say shes in the bedroom so he goes to bedroom and shuts the

door and locks it.

then he says that tumne mere sapno ko toda. tumne mere bache ko mar

dala so g says that u killed my child. so p says if u had not gotten

in to the investigation of hitn then everythin would be alrite today.

so g says that it was my child also and mere koak stomach mein pal

raha tha. so p says yehi to afsos hain ki tumhare koak mein pal raha

that mere koak mein hota to yeh sab nahi hota.

well then g says that now that u have killed my child why dont u kill

me also. and she catches p's arms so p throws her hands away sayin

jus shutup. so then they both stare at each otrher and walk away

then after the doors open and they go to diff rooms p's father goes

to p and says that u should not blame g she is also sufferin as much

as u r. then he says no i will never forgive her. so then yash comes

and takes p out of the house for a drive. then samay phones and tells

g that she will have to cum to the office coz he needs. she says no

but he forces here and she goes.yash takes p to a club and there they meet somke old frend. p is

feelin uncomfortable and he leaves. in the office samay thanx g for

comin and as she gets up to leave and walks she gets chakar as it is

karvachaut so she falls on the sofa and it ends.

2mrw's clippings are that they show samay talkin to someone. g in the

car. samay eatin somethin and g says no. p and yash look at g and








samay called a doctor in the office and he told gauri to immediately eat something......gauri asked samay to drop her home.....samay brought some food for her in the car and said.........tumhe meri kasam hai......ye kha lo.......so she ate that......pratham saw her eating from his car because he was passing by........ mittal's were discussing about them and sanjay chachu gave this idea to consult a MARRIAGE COUNSELLOR for them.......the marriage counsellor-excuse me for the spelling- he asked them to leave both of them alone.....if they'll stay away from each other for some time then may be they'll realize their mistakes and if someone will try to explain them something, they will start hating each other more..... karvachauth night- every couple is celebrating but pratham never arrived....he arrived late and till then, everybody went away........gauri was performing some pooja and when pratham raised the glass of water for her, he said khana to kha chuki ho, paani nahi piya.......and she said......meri tabiyat theek nahi thi......and he said..........to phir ye dhong karne ki kya zaroorat thi.......she shouted...tumhe is baat ki fikar hai ke maine vrat tod diya......is baat ki nahi ke tumhari patni ki tabiyet theek nahi hai.....he said.....tabiyat nahi, meri patni ka dimag kharab hai........after some more arguments, gauri threw that glass of water gauri's parents and natasha's parents arrived with some gifts......gauri's mom gifted pratham a chain and he said.....jab aapki beti ne rasmein hi nahi nibhayi, to ye gift kisleyi........he said.....jab aap pyar se laayi hain to main le leta hoon......and he accepted it and gifted it to gauri......saying that pati apni patni ko gift deta hai na...... gauri went to the room where pratham was there......it was raining and lighting was also there.....thunder and lighting........gauri said on the top of her voice.......tumne meri mummy ke saath aisa kyon kiya......and arguments followed......both were shouting at the top of their voices......pratham finally said.......tum divorse kyon nahi de deti mujhe......and shaadi ke shlok chalne lage background mein......and she said......tum jo chahoge tumhe milega......and lighting struck between them.....kkkrrrrrrrrrrr..... and there are no clippings for monday.......the picture OF GAURI AND PRATHAM FACING EACH OTHER FREEZED........ THANKS CHARU ------------------------------------------------------------ --------- 1) In the office, Gauri feels dizzy and Samay calls for the doctor. The doctor examines Gauri and says that she is extremely weak and advises her to have food. Samay says that he wud bring some eatables for her but she insists on getting home. On the way, Samay forces Gauri to eat. She refuses to eat since it is her vrat but Samay being CONCERNED forces her to eat by saying meri kasam. G releuctantly gives in coz she begins to feel dizzy once again. Meanwhile P and Y are goin in the car and Y consoles P and tells him to take care of himself. P then spots Samay and Gauri in the car and sees her having food. 2)In the house, all the elders are discussing about P and G(wonder why UM and GM were not present). Ajay chachu and Kavita chachi say that after this incident P and G have begin to hate each other. They don't even wonna see each other's face. Everyone is worried and wonder what to do. Sanjay chachu comes up with the idea of referring to a marriage counsellor. The others agree with his proposal. Ajay chachu and Kavita chachi go to the marriage counsellor and tell him about P and G. The latter advises to keep them separate for sometime on the pretext that they would atleast think about each other. But if they stayed together then there wud be more clashes. The two wonder how to keep them separate. Ajay chachu says that for some time G should go at her parents place unitil things were sorted. 3) Now comes the karwachaut scene. All the members of the house are present with the exception of P. The others finish their ceremony by the time P arrives. KC asks P as to why he is late. P says that he had gone to drop Y coz Rhea was alone in the house. KC tells him that he is bothered about Rhea but what about Gauri. The others leave askind G to continue the ceremony. G begins by looking at P thru that thali(donno as to what it is called). The other hubbies are shown feeding their wives. When the time comes for P to make G drink water, he says that why is she doing all this natak coz he knows that she has eaten. G says tht this is no natak. Dr advised her to eat coz she was feeling weak. She also says that he is bothered coz she has eaten but is not bothered as to how his wife is feeling. Saying this, she flings that glass of water and goes away. 4) Everyone is at the dining table(G is in the bedroom). P comes there and KC asks him to have his dinner. He says that he is not hungry. The latter yields asking him to eat later. Siddarth brings the pictures of Sanskruti's mehndi rasam and shows P his and G's picture. P takes it and looks at it.(In the picture, the two are standing far apart)Menawhile, G's and N's parents come and greeting are exchanged. G comes there and her mom says that she has brought gifts for. Saying this she hands over two jewellery boxes to her. Her mom also has brought gifts for the rest of the family. She tells P that she has brought a bracelet(I am not sure as to what it is) for him since it is G's first karwachaut. P refuses to accept the gift saying that jab aapki beti ne hi rasma nahi nibhayi to yeh gift kyon. He then says tht since she has brought it with love the will accept it and gives it to G. Everyone is just staring at the two in awkward silence. P goes away and G goes after him saying Praaatham. 5)Now the climax. (Amidst thunder, lightening and rain.) P is in the room looking at the picture. G comes after him and says that why did you insult my mom. P says that he din do anything as such. He just gave her mom's gift to her. And G says something like what if I had done this to your mom(not sure as to what she says). He raises his voice asking her not to bring his mom in between. She says something like tumhari mom ki izzat aur meri mom ki( I don remember clearly). Then they blame each other for the losing the baby. The picture falls from P's hand and drifts in the water. G says that tum kya pyar karoge, tum to nafrat ke kaabil bhi nahee ho. P screams saying to phir kyon tum meri zindagee se chali nahee jaati. Mujhe divorce chahiye. There is this lightening. G is shell shocked and says tumne kya kaha. P: jo tumne suna. G: to theek hain, tumhe divorce zaroor milega. The picture has drifted away in water. Then they are shown facing each other. It was a sad episode. I cried with them throught. No clippings were shown for monday.






Well, the episode started with Gauri pacing over the terrace or somewhere well after that she saw photos of pratham & her ripped apart all over there and she took the one which Pratham was holding the other day. Gauri then takes the picture in her hand and stares at it. Then she says something to her self, like "so Pratham did want to divorce me earlier." A few of the previous scenes come in the background then she ripped apart the picture of her and Pratham and while doing it her parents show up & she cries out and hugs her mom and asks her parents to take her from there. They take Gauri from there. Next scene is that Ajay cCachu comes to the hall and asks UM & gayatri for Gauri.They tell him that Gauri has gone to her mayka for somedays as she hadn't gone there for a long time. Then chachu tells them that there was a party arranged for Gauri & Pratham for the success of Samay's project and he then asks for Pratham. UM tells him that he is at the terrace. At the terrace Pratham is staring at the sky and chachu asks him what he was searching for. He tells him that he had heard that those who die become stars and blah blah and that he was searching for his unborn child. Then chahcu advices him that he should forget the past and move on or otherwise it will affect his future. He then tells Pratham to go and change and tells him that they are going out. Next scene is when Gauri was waiting outside a hotel or somewhere standing near a taxi, Pratham shows up there with chachu & and Pratham gets out of the car and stares at Gauri. Suddenly all the media people come there with bouquets and congrtulate them and one of the guys asks them to stand together as to take a pic. Pratham stands a little distance away from her. One of the guys says that u two stand like u don't know each other. Please stand a little closer and sir please place ur arms around ur wife. He does the same while staring at her. Then they go inside the place where the party was arranged. Ajay chachu goes to the otherside and Pratham & Gauri were left alone. They simply gazes at each other and walk to the opposite side. One of Pratham's girl friends, new character shows up and says to him "Hi Pratham how are u, it's been long since i have seen u blah blah." Prathatm tells her something that makes Gauri go nuts, i think he was hinting about the baby, anyway after that one guys anounces that the party is for Pratham, Gauri and Samay for their sucess and calls Pratham to say a few words. He walks over to the stage and give a bashan.He says that he is happy with the success of the company and he says that the credit goes to G and samay. And then says especially G who has worked so hard on this project. He then says that due to this project he had to loose so many thing, so many things which meant a lot to him but Gauri was deterined to do this project. He then says that the real credit goes to Gauri only. Gauri was really furious. Ajay chachu too was upset. Next scene, is Archana chachi and her husband talking about Pratham and Gauri. She says that they both have gone for the party and are concernet whether they will make a scene there. Then Gauri was shown standing with Ajay Chachu, Pratham was standing on the other side and he was talking to someone. Her eyes were fixen on him. Then this gril friend comes and asks him to dance with her. Pratham looks at Gauri and takes his girl friend to the dance floor. Gauri was looking at him angrily and he was having that devil kind of smile on his face. Then Gauri comes to him and tells him that she wants to talk to him. She goes to the terrace or somewhere and Pratham follows her. Gauri bursts out all her anger at him. She syas that why did he have to humiliat her. He then tells her that he was no humiliating her and instead wanted to appreciate her work. Then she strikes back that , everybody thinks that u were appreciating me but i know u were humiliating me...then Pratham uses the same words of "I am ashamed of having u as my wife and Gauri repeats the same words too. Then she says u thought that I would get jealous when I would see u with other women, u were trying to make me jealous but u yourself are burning your self. I meant that this is what she ereally said: "Tum khud aapne aap kho jaala rahe the. Then, she says asks him what are you going to do next, take her to a hotel and then u will call her your wife. Atleast I didn't do anything like taht. She walk s out from there without waiting for him to answer. Ajay cahcu was overhearing all this but was standing hopelessly there. Then, the next scene was Pratham recalling what Gauri had said to him and the scenes of them fighting. Then that background music (same as changing back to old Pratham Mittal music) was playing of PM. Then Pratham was shown in Gauri's house. He asks her mother that he wants to talk to Gauri and Gauri tells him that she doesn't want to talk about anything. tTen he says that it is abt their future and then they showed them driving near to the banks of a stream or river. then G asks him to what he wanted to talk. P turns around and explains to her that he was not against her working or doing anything else. All the frustrations that he showed on her was because of losing the child. and her appearance brought him their child's memories. And he couldn't control himslef. She then tells him that their ways are different, and their views are different. She tells him that they did love each other for sometime but their hate for each other out did their love for each other and the only way they cal leave peacefully is when they live separately. Then P turns around and stares at her P says something and G was also staring at him. then he says that we must start our life again, but not together. and she says yes seprately for the good of another. she runs away from there wiping out tears. the episode ends there without any clippings for tomorrow.





Well the episode starts with g picking up the phone. it was P.

he asks her are u ready and she tells him yes then he tells her ok i

will come and pick u up in a few min siddharth overhears this and

runs to the hall mistaking that P was going to bring G back.

Siddharth flashes the news to Tushhar and Samay. then they show P

coming out of the room dressed up to go. Samay asks him where are u

going? then he tells samay that i have some work to do and have to

go. then Samay asks them shall i help u and P instantly tells him no.

next scene is P & G driving to the lawyer's place.

In there, the lawyer ask P&G to fill the appli.. form to

apply for divorce and hands them two papers. P gives the other paper

to her and gives her the pen. both have a small moment and then begin

to fill the form. then they hand it to the lawyer.the lawyer tells

them that he will get the forms to the court today and will submit it

and will get the papers by evening to them. P interupts and tells him

that lawyer need not sent it to their home just to give him a call.

then they both leave from there. outside, G was walking ahead of P

and p called her and tells her that , " aaj Sanskruthi khi shaadi

hai. and u must be there as others think that u have gone to ur myka

only for a few days. she then tells him that she would have come even

if he didn't ask her to.

next scene was that, both of them enters the house like

the way they did when the last time they patched up. Um was extrmely

happy and welcomes G. G asks for everyone. UM tells her that

everybody is with Sanskruthi. UM says something to P. then G was

thinking abt how to convince the others abt their divorce. she was

thinking how they are going to react. MIL comes and asks her what she

was doing all these days and why she didn't call her while in myka.

then G replies that she was busy with some work and mil taunts her

that u are always busy and always have some work to do but u were

needed here badly but u didn't show up. on the other side P was over

hearing it and was thinking the same thing as G was thinking. he was

talking to himself for why the councellor didn't call him and was abt

to call him when Tusshar intrupts him saying that he needs some help

for choosing a suitable tie for his suit.

then P takes him to the room and gets him one of the tie's

and walks hurrily out of the room and forgets to take his mobile,

which was lying on the bed.next scene is that of the baratiya coming

and UM welcomes H to their house. u know what both P&G were looking

extrmely attractive. G had a new look and she looks really beautiful

in it. she had her hair tied fully to the back, the way her MIL ties

hair na. then there was jasmine tied around it.then the function

begins, the pandit asks who is going to do the kanyadaan and um tells

him that he will do it. the next part shocked the hell out me. they

showed half of what i had written in my story.P & g were standing

close to each other. they were looking at H&S. and when they started

doing the Pheras they began to have flash backs about their marriage

and when H put the mangalsutr on S , both( P&G)had tears in their

eyes and they were staring at each other.

then was the vidhai scene S &H leaves home and everybody

was crying. P was looking over at G and she turned to his side. he

walks to his room and was searching for his mobile. then takes it,

there was one missed call in it and he was trying to call the lawyer

back. but the line was busy.G enters the room and calls him. she says

to him that she is leaving.P comes to her side and tells her, it's

very late, i will drop u home. now the last scene was really

confusing, i really don't remember the dialogues.

G had a small bag with her and P was behind her,

everybody was present in the hall, looking shocked. G tells everybody

that, i am leaving the kutumb, i can't live here anymore. UM tells

her that he had received the divorce papers from the lawyer that

evening. then mil calls her name but she interupts that, mummyji,

don't. if u ask me to stay here, i will, not only u any member of

this family ask me to, i will but i will never be happy here. then

tells them that, we (P&G) both have understood that we can't live

with each other. what all happened is not the fault of anyone. not

mine not Pratham's also.she then tells that their monument of love

was never strong. it was strong only because of the members helping

them all the time to patch up. then tells that, they did love each

other but they hated more than they loved. but if they would have

tried to do the same all the time, they would have been called as the

best couple ever but in reality, they would never have understood

each other. then she tells them that,if she would have stayed, her

first "maksad" would be for P.she walks out of the house slowly

leaving all P's gifts behind. everybody was weeping and P's eyes was

filled with tears and he was weeping inside. After she walks out of

there all others, go to their respective rooms unable to see

her go. P stays there and follows her. while closing the door, he

sees the teddy and their photo. there was a note also. he picks it up

and reads. g wrote to him that. "i was sure u will come to the door

way either to see me off or to make me stop. i wanted to leave this

gifts here as a sign of good bye gift.she then writes that, how

different aren't we? u always have a changing character, the P who

loves me,who taunts at me who yells at me, who slaps me blah blah.

then writes further that the teddy was my dream which has been broken

now. the photos are my memories now, i am leaving it to u as my the

sign of good bye from me.that's all . the episode ends there.








Gauri's mom woke up in the morning and found gauri crying. When she

tried to talk to her, she said that she'll get the tea for

her........gauri's father talks to her mom and said that Pratham and

Gauri's relationship has reached a point where there is no scope of

understanding so they should leave everything to God. And they should

accept whatever is happening.



Pratham was there in tehe office early morning. When AC asked him

howcome he is here, he replied that he had some pending work to do. A

girl calls him up and says that his appointment with Mr. Shah has

been fixed. Pratham tells her that he doesn't want to continue the

divorse proceedings and he doesn't want to meet him. She says that if

he doesn't meet him then he'll get the appointment only after 3

months. He agreed to meet him.



Anita's fiance was telling Gauri that there is some guy Rahul (Neeraj

of Koshish ek aasha) who is a very good lawyer and he is fit to fight

this case. Rahul and Mr. shah met in the court. Rahul had won a case

and shah was congratulating him. Pratham met Mr. Shah and told him

that he doesn't want this divorse and he is confused. Shah told him

to believe in yourself and he was talking nonsense frankly. He told

him to think about it because till now, he had only submitted the

terms and conditions and not filed the case.



Gauri was thinking whether she should divorse Pratham or not because

ladai jhagda, alag hona is a different thing and  divorse is

different. but she sees some notice or something and she decides that

she is going to fight a case against him because Pratham does not

care (I don't know why she is thinking like this). Gauri and Raj went

to rahul pandit. he refused to take the case but when he discovers

that Pratham's lawyer is shah, he took the case. Gauri said that she

wants a simple divorse. Pratham is telling the same thing to shah and

tells him that he doesn't want anything should happen that will ruin

their families reputation. Shah tells him that divorses are not

simple cases.



Rahul calls up shah and tells him that he has taken Gauri Mittal's

case. Shah calls up her secretary and asks her to type the notice.

Her secretary told him that Pratham Mittal has not agreed to any of

these points and on this notice, Pratham's signature is required but

shah said that he will get his signatures because now the fight is

not between Pratham and Gauri but between Shah and Rahul Pandit.

Rahul shows a notice to Gauri and Gauri tells him that Pratham has

not done anything like what is mentioned her,. Rahul shows him

Pratham's notice and asks her to read it. And he tells her that it is

not possible that he is not aware of this. Gauri says Pratham can't

do it. She agrees to send that notice to him.



Mittal's were discussing that they should stop both of them to get

divorse.  Pratham gets the notice that gauri's lawyer had sent. She

has accused him of physical torture and she has held him responsible

for the miscarriage. Pratham got so angry after reading that and he

was saying to himself that when gauri were leaving him, he thought

that she still loves him but now he has realized that she never loved

him or his family. Yash comes in and asks him to go for an outing. He

refused but then he agrees.....He was very angry and the song again

changed to 'chain se...'



and it's confirmed that this was all lawyers game and not Pratham and

Gauri have not done anything. There were no clippings for tomorrow.







Yash came out in the drawing room and everybody asked him 'did pratham refused to go?'....he said that he would have refused if I wouldn't have asked him but now he is ready to go.........kavita was saying that now pratham and gauri can get closer......but who will bring gauri to the party.......there, preeti and her fiance are asking gauri to come to the party with them....she refused but then she agreed but she said that she will leave early........... gauri, neeraj and preeti come to the party...someone calls up neeraj and neeraj tells gauri that his friend had an accident and he has to leave....preeti and neeraj went away saying that they will join her in half an hour........hiten and yash thank preeti and neeraj for bringing gauri to the party and they tell them that there is no need to come back and pratham will drop gauri.......pratham came to the party and he saw gauri......he was coming towards her when rahul pandit came in and started talking to her.......pratham was getting jealous........gauri asked rahul 'kya aap sabhi se itni achi tarah baat karte hain' and he replies 'bas, kuch logon se.....jo bahut pyare ho.....jaise aap'........he asks her to dance and she started dancing with him.......pratham was standing on the side and getting jealous and angry also........ shah came in the party and started talking to pratham........he was looking towards gauri and rahul......shah was telling him that this is gauri mittal's lawyer....he is a bachelor and he gets involved with his clients very much.......shah was looking towards rahul and gauri dancing and said....'nice couple'......pratham looked at him angrily and told him that she is his wife and went away........shah called someone and asked him to click a photograph of rahul and gauri dancing.....the photograph was clicked......yash and hiten came in and they were discussing that they did a good job to bring pratham and gauri together........they saw gauri dancing with rahul and thought that if pratham sees gauri like this......... they went to rahul and gauri and told rahul that someone was looking out for him in the parking.......rahul went away and pratham came to gauri and said 'bahut acha dost maloom hota hai' and she says 'acha dost hi nahi wo acha insaan bhi hai' and he says.....'ache bure ki pehchaan nahi hai tumko'....and she says......ache ki to pata nahi par bure ki pehchaan zaroor ho gayi hai'..........she left and rahul said that he will drop her......she says that she will manage but rahul asks her to trust him....so she went with him......... shah came in mittal house and met his three chachu's...chachu's were saying....subah subah kiski shakal dekh li' ....shah told them that he has to get pratham's signatures but they told him that he can take it anytime today or tomorrow.......but Pratham appeared from the window and threw the keys towards his chachu and saw shah......he asked him to come inside.........shah told him that he want his signatures but he said that he has already signed on all the documents........shah said that these are routine papers just for formality.......someone calls up pratham and he was busy talking to him......shah told him that he is getting late ......pratham signed the papers without going through them.........shah was happy that pratham never read it.... gauri came in rahul's office and rahul told her that he knows that shah can stoop to any level but her husband can do this, he can't believe it........rahul tells her that pratham has accused her of having an affair with him......gauri having an affair with rahul......he told her that pratham says that she is a woman of low morals.......gauri says that pratham can do anything but he can't do this...........rahul shows her the papers and gauri gets sad after reading it and starts singing.....jo ho raha hai usmein dosh tumhara hai....




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