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Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee
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It was another evening, another silence day, another lonely year… it's been 5 yrs, he have been living in his mansion quite, alone, sad…. The only thing which is left, is laments, remorse's… he have done whatever he can but the pain is still there, the lament is still there.. He tried hard to ease the pain but nothing worked…
Now he loves to live his life with these laments, guilt, sadness, loneliness, wait… these are the things he is living his life with for 5 years… he have done everything she wanted, fulfilled every promise he always had made with her.. he have lived his life the way she want, he did whatever she always wanted him to do… today the whole world know him, his identity is known all over the world… every single person die to get a single glimpse of him just as she wanted, but he wanted her to know him, to know what he did for her, that he did all those things she always dreamt for, but nothing came, she never came, never called…..
He was dying every second to get a single glimpse of her, to listen to her, to talk to her, to listen to her sweet giggles, laugh, to still save him from his mischief, to listen to his bak bak, to feed him with her sweet hands, to love him the way she always did…. He was getting restless day by day to find her, just to say he was wrong, he was always wrong to misunderstand her, actually he never understood her, her love, her care… she was always with her, each and every moment when he wanted her, when he was sad, happy… she always was present for him…
When it was the time, she needed him, it was my time to comfort her, to love her, to bring her to my embrace, but I failed… I failed badly…. He wants to undo all the things, all his deeds, all his rude words, his actions…. He wants to beg her for forgiveness, to cry in her embrace, to sleep peacefully in her arm, to ease the pain, the laments, which became his life….
He tried to search her, to find her, to bring her back in his life... but nothing works, she was nowhere to be find, she was lost, he went every possible place thinking she might be there, but nothing worked….. The only thing which she left to him was her picture. To which he talk with, laugh, cry, share every single moment of his life, beg her to come back as she was listening to him..
He became MAAN SINGH KHURANA from a simple dude Maan, as she wanted him to be, he owned whole his family business, as she wanted him to do always. He left all the things which she hated and accepted the things which she liked and wanted him to do. He struggled hard, very hard in his life, only to let her know, he have succeeded in his life, but nothing worked, she never came…
Picking the picture under his pillow, he kissed her lovingly, keeping it close to his heart, feeling her…a tear escaped from corner of his eyes…..PAPA… PAPA… a voice came from out bringing him out of his thoughts. There comes his lovely, cute 6 years daughter, KHUSHI... that's what she named her. Their khushi. Her Khushi. She looks like her, same cute face, same cute nose, same hair, same pouting and same like her always ordering him. Their daughter was the only one who can make him smile, because she is the soul of his love, his wife, his and only his GEET….
Khushi came running, and sat on his lap...papa look... I won the coloring competition... she exclaimed excitedly showing her drawing. He smiles kissing her both chubby cheeks. Congrats princess, mama would be so proud of you. She would really be happy to see her daughter today, she always dreamt of making her the best. He tried, tried his best to give their daughter all his love but was always failed to provide her, a mother love... papa mama would be happy to see this na. She said with tears in her eyes, remembering her mother, she always wants her to be with her. He picks her photo front of her. See geet, our Khushi has made such a good drawing... he turn to look at Khushi, she is really happy princess. Khushi pout her lower lip looking down sadly,you always show only her picture papa. I want to be with her papa, please call mama, I want mama. Please papa... his throat went dry with her pleading eyes, he could never answer her question. How could he tell her, he tried, tried all he can, but how can she come. He himself had sent her, told her to go away. Leaving her to lament loving him... he hug her daughter feeling her pain... he kissed her forehead, wiping her tears…don't you want to show you drawing to you dada and dadi? He said to divert her attention from her mother...yes papa, I will go and show it to them. With that she ran out shouting to her dada and dadi.
He sighed throwing his head on bed rest, keeping the picture on his heart whispering... please come back geet… I'm really very sorry... The word which he speaks thousand times in a day, wishing she could hear him and come back to him…
He enters his cabin; sitting in his chair he called his secretary…. She came after few minutes knocking his door… he gesture her to come in... She came with a note in her hand… did she came? He asked looking at the file, yes sir... she is waiting for you... he nodded and look to her... hmm... cancel all my appointment for today... call her now... she left nodding… after sometime a girl entre his cabin after knocking.. He gesture her to sit… hello... I'm Maan Singh khuranas... she smile and said...who can't recognize you sir, well myself sameera... he nodded only crossing his arm around his chest... so you know why I called you? She smiles again, yes sir, I know… I will try my best to help you; I have a good experience... I will surely will find your wife... the name of wife bring his memory back, he went in his deep thought…. Sameera felt bad for him, she was a very experienced detective, he hired her to find his wife but told her strictly not to tell anyone about it… she felt his pain, how can such a big business man be so helplessly searching for a single person, she knew that his wife must be someone so special to him…
Sameera... She cut him saying, Sam... You can call me Sam sir... He only nodded... Sam I want you to start your work as soon as possible...
I know sir... But I need to know each and everything about both of you. Your every meeting, the place you people love to go, you first meeting and every single thing...
Hmm... Fine... But you have to pretend as my friend in front of my family... They shouldn't know anything about you...
I understand sir...
They made their way at mansion where Khushi came running to him, he hug her tight kissing his cheek. Papa, you came early today? He smiled... You want me to go back baby?
No papa pleases...She holds him tight around his neck keeping her head on his shoulder... The moment she saw Sam, who is she papa? She pointed toward her, mom dad and dadi also look at her, Maan eyed her to come forward... She is Sam, my old friend... All others were hell shocked to see him calling a girl, even a person calling a friend... He never talks to anyone then how come this friend...
She came to them shaking her hand with all of them... Then she turned to Khushi, hey Khushi, how are you... She tried to touch her but she moved close to Maan looking at him with scared eyes... He kissed her forehead and look at Sam ... She doesn't mix with people so soon...
Sam only smiled thinking she might be like her dad...
He went to leave Khushi in her room and told Sam to wait in the study... He came after sometime to her, sitting beside her in the sofa, he gave her geet's pic... She is geet... My wife... My life...
she looks at the picture, tracing her finger on it she said... She is beautiful... He takes the picture looking at it lovingly, caressing it... She is... The most beautiful girl in the world... she looks at him, there was pain in his eyes, and he was looking at the picture as it was his world, his life... How you both did meet?? She said trying to divert his attention... We were together from childhood... From school, collage, every time, every moment, she was with me...
I didn't get you...
Our family was close friend... We were together in school. We were close buddies, best friend... She was the topper and I was the looser, she always scolds me for that... He smiled for a moment looking at her pic... You know something, once we were in collage...
Here the journey began….
It was usual collage time, when he went to his collage canteen only to find his geet engrossed in her notes, she surely is making them for me... He went toward her sitting beside her, hey geet... She turns to look at him, gave him a smile and again turns her attention to her notes... So, how was your trip? He cleared his throat, ahem... It was nice... We got to know many knowledgeable things... She finished writing and hand over him the notes... Here these are your physics notes... He kept the notes in his bag without even thanking her... Bell rang which make her run to her class not wanting to be late, Maan came as usual late with his friends... He sat with geet who was reading... They were disturbed by the voice, hey Maan...
Both turn to find, jia with her minni dress... Now Maan was scared like hell... He whispered... Hey... Trying hard to not to look at geet knowing what will be the next blast for him... Yesterday was so enjoying day... We all enjoyed, it's all because of you... Now geet turn to look at him with her blood angry eyes he dipped his head on book trying hard not show her his face... He thanked the professor who came at time, helping him... Uuufffhhh I was dead man today... He sighed in relief knowing her attention will now only be on her study...
She didn't talk to him... Avoiding him... He was getting restless now... She was in washroom when he entered there making all of them froze in their places... He turn to geet who looking at him angrily, he grab her arm and take her to changing room... Well this was not new to all; they all know he will go anywhere to find her, when she was angry he can't stand it... He pinned her to the wall putting his hand on either side... Are you mad, go from here...? She tried to move but he was way too fast, again pinning her... He kisses her cheek, which she wipes off... Crossing her arm she looked away from him... Uffhhh sorry yar... He put his finger on her chin to face him..
. Why did you lie to me??
Haan jaise main tujhe bolta aur tu, mujhe jaane deti... I know you would go and complain to dad and ruin everything... He said making a baby face... Maan I always do things for your better, you ruined all your day by watching a movie, and here left me to make notes for you... Do you even know, I was awake whole night just to make your notes...
So what yaar, it's not a new thing, you always do that... Now stop your lecture and let's go home... He holds her hand and start walking but she stopped him... No Maan... Today you will have a punishment, and that is, one week, one whole week you have to make your assignments and notes yourself... His eyes popped out, how she could be so harsh, oh god...
Wow... Sam exclaimed surprisingly... She blackmailed you... Her eyes were popped open, someone blackmailing the Maan singh khurana... He nodded in acceptance, yeaa... She always does that...
So you made notes for whole week yourself?
He chuckled which gave same another shock... No one in the world has seen him smiling even, and here... Oh god, this girl must be something...
Hmm... I was too scared of her that time, and that notes, they were like hell for me that time...
Then how did you convince her...
Well... We were on our way to home, our family was neighbor, and she used to come to my house for lunch breakfast or whatever... And that day...
Geet yaar plz listen... He said walking behind her when she makes her way to his house... Hey mom... Mom came and hugs her... Kaisi hai? She sat on dining table while Maan sat beside her... Theek hu mom... How are you and dad? Mom passed her the food saying...Theek hai...
Geet listen Na, I already said sorry, what else you want...
Mom tell him to shut his mouth, I'm already in bad mood because of him only... She said without even looking at him...
Maan, kyun pareshaan kar rahe ho usse han... He didn't pay any attention and turn to geet... Geet dekh, I will do whatever you say, but not these stupid notes... He said making an irritated face... Mom rolled his eyes and went to kitchen knowing his usual drama...
He holds her arm making her turn to him... Geet, sweaty look, look at my hands... He said forwarding his both hands to her, while she make a confuse face... Girls die to touch my soft soft hands, but if I waste my time in writing those notes, what will happen to my hands and those girls... He said making a fake sad face... She hit his arm very hard... Good, very good... I would be very happy to see those stupid, idiot, girls die... And you, I will be happier to see you working hard... Aur han, un nange larkiyon se door hi raho to acha hai...With that she turns to her food when she sees mom coming back... Please... He whispered to her, but she act as she didn't listen... Geet beta how was your presentation today? ... Crap... How could he forget it was her presentation today... It was just good mom... Thanks to this stupid, due to whom I was able to prepare only 2 hours... Mom frowned and then it hit her... Maan, you again went to movie last night? But you told you were on a trip? And I'm sure she has wasted her time in making you notes... Maan become nervous holding geet hand under the table tightly... Uhh... Woh... Mom... Actually... She was finding word to escape him...
 Mom actually I told him to go; it will be a good change... She said giving her a nervous smile... Mom rolled her eyes... Come-on geet, stop helping him... Just few moments before you were scolding him...
Because she is a sweetheart... He said kissing her cheek tight... She gave him a meaningful smile getting up and walking to kitchen... She came back and stood in front of him... Hmm... So ready for your notes? She said with a smirking face... Oh geet. Please, I'm really very sorry; I promise I won't lie to you again... He made a pleading face which made her melt, but she didn't want to melt so easily this time... Nop... You have to make them, for this week...

Oh god... Now what to do... He thought for a moment and then smiled inwardly... making a sad face he looked down... Ok... As you say... I will try to make them. Although I don't know anything, but its ok... Oh, I will have to stay whole day in home, because I'm a slow writer... Chalo, it's also ok... She looks at his face, unable to see him so sad she hold his chin, no... No need to do this, I forgave you... His face light up instantly, hugging her tight he continuously say, I love you, I love you, I love sooo much... He jumped hugging her tight... She laughs, moving back she kisses his cheek. Now don't make a crying face, and don't worry I will make all your notes...


He smiled widely, ok, now I will go, rahul must be waiting for me... With that he went... Mom came to her... Geet it's not fair, here we are trying to make him responsible and you are leaving no chance in pampering him... Then what's the need of scolding him, if you will do whatever he says you... She smile… mom, he is sweet heart... I can't see him like that… you know how much I love him like that... Mom rolled her eyes... You and you're so called love... Suddenly from now where geet receive a hug from back... Don't call it so called mom... She is my jaan... He kissed her cheek holding her tight from back... She only smiles at him... Geet I want you to take permission from dad, as I'm going to a party tonight... Mom shot him a glare... Maan... Stop going to late night parties... He looks at geet with his puppy eyes pouting, still hugging her... She put her hand o his cheek...owww... Don't worry; I will talk to him... But you have to come early ok... He nodded excitedly and ran outside... Geet, here his dad is wanting him to help him in our business and you are letting him go late night parties... She smiles holding her both hands... Don't worry mom... He will understand his responsibility soon... I promise you... Ok I'm going now... Maa must be waiting for me... Call me if dad comes...

He sighed still looking at her picture... Still image of Drashti Dhami as Geet
I didn't get something? Questioned Sam breaking his thought... He turns to look at her... Did you both love each others? He sighed again looking down... No... I never loved her, there was no name of our relation it was something out of limits... Even I was confused sometime, but she always asked me to not to think about that...
And what about her??
She was madly in love with me since childhood... She never kept it a secret, always exclaimed her heart, but never pushed me to herself... Everybody knew she loved me; she used to say me always but never wanted any love from me... When I used to ask her the reason, she always told that, if I would be her then surly will be her, but if not she doesn't have any problem... She will love me all over her life...
Sam looks at him with shocked face... She thought Maan loved his wife more, but here his wife was something which can't be explained... She was in love with this man and still never ever pushed him to her... Oh god these couples are so difficult to understand...
It was 12:00 am, when Sam made her way to khurana mansion...entering there she saw dadi, mom and dad sitting in the hall... she went to them, met all of them and sat opposite... mom spoke up...I'm sorry beta, yesterday we were unable to talk to you...we were actually shock to see Maan bringing a friend here...dadi spoke... yes Sam... Actually Maan never bring anyone after gee... She stops to see Dad giving her a glare... Sam smile understanding... Dad looks at her suspiciously... beta, how come you came now, after so many years... I mean, I never saw Maan speaking about you... this make Sam nervous... now what should she say, struggling hard she said the first word which came in her mind...actually I was in collage for a short time...that's why... she sighed in relief seeing them nodding in acceptance..
I also know about geet... she said to see their reaction... All were quiet for sometime looking at her and then each other' do you know about her? Dad asked frowning... ah... actually Maan told me about her... no one spoke a word after that... she was wanting to make them talk to her about geet... thinking a lot she spoke... geet was really a sweet girl.. All looked up to her...she was out heart...the heart of this house... she was my strength... dad sighed looking down, becoming emotional... mom put her hand on his shoulder... don't you people want her to come back... dadi's eyes were filled up not able to control more... we are dying every moment to bring her back... but we all know very well, she will only come if Maan will bring her...she frowned... Why?? Can't you people bring her? Mom said wiping her tears... no Sam... Its only because of Maan, she left us... all of us... even her own daughter... she was in so much pain leaving us, she cried so much... but she left, all of us, her daughter, even Maan.. Just because he told her to... Sam was shocked to hell... how she can do like this... how maan can say her to leave, he loves her so much, how can he... She opens her mouth to ask them but stopped by a huge voice from back...
DADI... DADU' main aa gahi... here comes Khushi running to her dadi and dadu's arm... dadu put her in his lap, kissing her both cheeks... how was your day at school beta?
It was fun dadu... she said opening her both arms widely... they all laugh at her... hi Khushi... said Sam to gain her attention...Khushi turn around but didn't reply her, instead turn to see his dadu... Khushi, say hi beta... you know, she is your mama's friend... Suddenly Khushi gasped, popping her eyes... REALLY... she know mama... she ran to Sam who smiled, Khushi stand a little distance from her... you know mama, aunty? Sam smiled nodding to her which make Khushi grinned widely... so you know when mama will come? Sam nervously look up to all of them who gave her disappointed look... she turn to Khushi who was looking at her with hopeful eyes... she was not having a heart to disappoint such a sweet girl...she will come soon...
That's what I am listening from all... frowning she ran angrily to her room... its ok Sam... She will forget it soon... she surely went to call Maan... said mom looking at Sam sad face... Khushi went to her room grabbing the phone she dialed Maan number... hello papa... Maan noticed her low voice, and very well knows why... hey princess... You came home...she didn't answer him his question but said'I want to be with you papa... he noticed her sad voice and knew well she was in urge of crying... baby... change your uniform than come soon, Sam aunty must be there, bring her with you, she nodded cutting the call...
Dadi, I'm going to papa, he said to bring Sam aunty too... Sam looks all others confused face... actually I need to give him a file, will meet you all later... Smilingly they went from there and went to khurana construction... Khushi ran to office but was caught by someone's arm... hey sweaty... how are you? She smiled kissing her cheek...I'm fine Sasha aunty... but put me down, I want to go to papa... with that she struggle, Sasha let her down, and she ran to his cabin as fast as she can... Sam smiled and made her way behind her..
PAPA... she entered his cabin where he was talking with his client... when he saw her, he gestured his client to go, and scoop her in his arm kissing both her cheeks...hey my baby... I missed you so much...he looks behind her finding Sam standing at door, he gesture her to come in... She just came and sat on a chair... Maan made Khushi sit in the table and sat on his chair... so what's so urgent Khushi? He asked keeping his all file aside... papa you know, Sam aunty, she knows mama...
Maan look at Sam and turn to Khushi, knowing exactly what will be the next question...papa, when will mama come? No one is saying me...I'm missing her papa' she said looking down pouting her lips... tears welled up in her eyes... Maan closed his eyes in pain... how long will he lie to his own daughter...cupping her face he lovingly wipe her tears...she will come soon...she jerk his hand in anger... you always say never call don't love me...looking at her crying face he felt his heart tear... how should he explain her, how should he tell her...he was finding himself helpless...suddenly he grab his phone and gave it to her hand... fine then... call her if you can... she pout more looking down... he sighed holding her little face in his hands...that's what I'm feeling honey...I also want her to come soon... I'm finding her... I'm also missing her too much... Khushi look up to see his moist eyes... she instantly hug him coming to his lap... I'm sorry papa...she move back, wiping his tears with her tiny face... you know na, mama don't like cry baby... he laugh a little, hugging her tight kissing her head... we miss you mama...she whispered in his ear, making his eyes become moist again...
Looking at Sam he saw her smiling with her moist eyes...He move Khushi back saying... Come-on now... Give me your smile... She giggled kissing his cheek... Sam came to them... Khushi, let's go, let papa work we will play outside for sometime... Khushi didn't reply her and look at Maan frowning, I don't want to go with her... Maan turns to look at sam and then her... don't say like that baby'...
But I want to be with you, not with her, tell her to go... Sam smile seeing her being same stubborn like Maan...Khushi, bad habit... you know mama don't like it... she twist her lips looking away... Sam giggles at her cute red face...she is so much like you sir... oooppss... now his mini geet was looking at her with killing look... PAPA... tell her I'm like mama, not like you... she become red in anger, Maan look at Sam ,Sam aunty, Khushi is same like geet not me... he take his wallet out which have geet small picture... he move it to Khushi face and turn to Sam... look, my baby is like her mama... haina sweaty... Khushi smile widely hugging him and kissing his cheek...He gave her a paper and pen and makes her sit in the sofa; soon she got busy with her drawing...
He went to Sam and took another chair beside her... Sorry... She smiles at him... its ok sir... I think she is like you, I mean; she is like you not mixing with people... Maan smile looking at her daughter was not like this... geet was like her... she don't like to have friends... She only has us in her life... I was only her friend' he sighed looking down...I have made myself just as she wanted me to be' he kept quiet for some time, lost in her memory' after a long time he look up to her...So, you talked to mom dad?
Yes... I talked with them... But didn't got anything special... she saw him little disturbed that moment and thought of discussing him about geet leaving topic next why did geet not like to be with others... she said to make him feel little well... she was like this ever since childhood... She only spent her time with me... I have lots of friend, she hate all of them...
Then where are all of them?
He looks down... I left all of them, as she always use to say me... She always uses to tell me but I shrugged her off... but when I recognized my mistake, I left all of them...
I still remember that day...

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It was 2:00 when geet sleep was disturb by a phone call... Picking it up, she say in her lazily ... Hello... She instantly sat up hearing the voice coming from phone... Geet, come to my room... She felt his sad voice, and instantly made her way to his house which was next to his house...

As she enter she find dad working on his file, she went to him keeping her hand on his shoulder... He turns around... Arey geet... You here... He laugh knowing the reason... Now what have your idiot done... She giggles sitting beside him...I don't know... He just told me to come... Why are you working so long? ... Dad smiled looking at his file... Then what should I do... I wanted Maan to help me on business, only due to this pressure... But seems like I have to handle whole company myself always... She looks at him sadly... Holding his hand she says... What if I help you... He instantly looks at her surprised... You? She smiled... Yea... Why not... Let Maan enjoy his life little more, until then I will help you in business after my exams... He put his hand on her head... Bless you my child... You always have solution for our problems...

Oh come-on dad... It's not solution ok... I'm also your daughter and it's my responsibility... He only can smile at her...

Ok now... I will go now; otherwise that cry baby will come out searching me... Dad laughed at her... She made her way to his room...yea, go fast... go and pamper him more... she heard dad voice coming from behind, giggling she went to his room...

Entering his room he find him lying on his stomach, sitting beside him she start to brush his hair… he turn to find her sitting, moving a little he keeps his head on her lap, closing his eyes… she play with his hair which sooth him…

I broke up with rahul… he is such a jerk… he fought with me in front of all our friendsshe smile about his same old stories, always makes friend and break up with them after few months… that's the reason I always tell you to not to keep any friend… see I'm so happy without anyone he open his eyes and look at her… I call you to solve my problem, not to give me lecture she smile kissing his forehead… ok fine… what help you need? He takes her other hand and start to play with her fingers… I don't know… I don't feel like going to collage again… he will again fight with me…

Maan, go to college… avoid rahul… he will find things to make you angry but be calm and ignore him… he again close his eyes to think and jerk open them… that was easy solution… smiling widely he sit and hug her… mom entre the room with the food tray… sitting beside she start feeding him… why did you skip your dinner? She said hitting his arm lightly… I didn't feel like… but now you here, so I'm feeling good she smile at his childish behavior… lovingly looking at him eating…. When he finish eating he again lie down to sleep but she stop him making him sit again…come on, let's go for a walk and then sleep…

No geet, I'm sleepy now, I need to sleep

No… let's go out for a small walk…

with that she drag him out…

Walking out dad sees both of them and smile at his lazy son… but looking at geet sleepy , red eyes it remind him of time she came here… geet… it is your exam tomorrow and you came here at this time… you should go sleep beta… Maan stop troubling her… Maan look at her twisting his lips which make her smile again… it's ok dad… we will go for a walk and then I will sleep… dad look at Maan with angry glare… it's all because of you she always will be in trouble… it should be you who should help me but here she is joining business after her exams… Maan turn to her shockingly… your joining business? But geet you are not studying business…

I know… I will learn it from dad… he really needs help and you are…. She hit his arm… acha ab chalo Nahe drags her to avoid this topic…..

They walk for few minutes in there garden… when Maan suggested to sit in the swing… keeping his head on her shoulder he hold her waist, she bring her one hand behind his back moving up and down… they sat in a silence feeling the weather… finally Maan spoke up…geet… why do you love me so much she frowned looking at him… why?... he hold her hand looking down… even knowing I don't love you… what if I never love you… how long will you wait for me…

she giggle pulling his cheek… I'm not waiting for you Maan… I just love you… even if you don't love me back; it doesn't matter to me… he look at her in great concentrationwhat if maa want you to get married? She looks at him with serious face… I can't marry anyone than you… looking forward she says… I love you and always will love you… she turn to him grabbing his collar…don't even talk to me about getting married… I can't do thathe put his hand on her cheek… you are destroying your life jaan… you may lament loving meshe laugh kissing his palm… I may not Maan… I'm lamenting loving you… but I can't help… I'm in love with this lament now… he hug her tight kissing her cheek…you always call me idiot, but you are a big idiotshe smile and kiss his cheek… I love you so much Maan… I really dohe felt bad for her, not understanding her feeling, her love… how can she love him unconditionally, what if he fails to keep her happy…..


He look up at sameera but find her looking at other side with popped eyes, when turning around he find Khushi standing with her hand on her hips and full red angry face… you spoiled mom sleep… he gulped down nervous looking at Sam who was suppressing a smile at his plight…aaahhh… Khushi…. Actuallythe person before whom every one become nervous to speak can only be nervous before speaking to his own child….. Khushi I didn't mean that… she came toward him and sat in his lap… you always did that papa… you were very mischief I wonder how mama use to handle you… she made a cute thinking face to which he smile kissing hard her cheek… oh my photocopy of geet… I love you so much… and you know what… only your mama was able to handle my mischief, she actually love me for that…

Sam took geet whole profile file from him and told him that she will try to find every single news about her… she wanted to find geet as soon as possible after seeing Maan and Khushi really missing her…she felt bad for Khushi, she is so cute, she deserve happiness… she started working in her profile and told Maan that she will try to find her as soon as possible…

Maan was working in his office when he heard a knock on the door… come in….. looking up he find Sam coming in… she come and sat in front chair keeping geet profile on the table…. Did you got something?

Can you first answer me few questions sir?


Did you asked about geet to her mother and brother?

He sighed… yes… after six months I went to hoshiyarpur where maa and brij live, but they also didn't know anything….

Hmm… after thinking for a long time she again speaks up….. Does geet have any other friend than you?

No… she only knew me…

Than sir I think we should go Hosiyarpur once again…

Maan look at her not understanding why she wants him to go there again, it's clear they don't know anything about her… what do you mean by again going there…

I think there is something which her family might know…

If there would be than maa would have told me… she definitely doesn't know anything…

Sir, plz…. One last time… trust me… what's wrong in a try… it will not harm you…

I can't leave Khushi…

Its better… we will take her… we will make an excuse that she wanted to meet them… I have a plan sir… but plz don't deny…

He nodded sighing a heavy breath… hoping for good… somewhere he knew there is no hope from her family but still he didn't wanted to deny Sam… there must be some reason she is doing it…

Fine then… I will book the tickets and tell you… he nodded only…


It was night time when Maan was sitting beside lying Khushi… it was more than two hour he was trying to make her sleep… but looks like her sleep was far away… she was playing with toys and continuously asking stupid question with him… he uninterestedly answer just in….. Hmmm….. Yes…. And no…. he was so tired with work and here his daughter….. Khushi baby sleep honey… you have school tomorrow….

Papa… I know… but I'm just not able to sleep….

You're not even trying honey…..

Uffhh papa… hush… let me draw this first…

He rolled his eyes tired of her excuses… when it seems like another hour she finally jump on bed hugging him tight and shouting…..



His eyes filled with tears… his daughter still remember their birthday…. She was waiting for the clock to struck 12… he never celebrates his birthday after geet, but it was only Khushi who will wish her on time reminding him of his birthday…. Tears rolled down remembering geet, how she would be excited for him this day… he would always demand for a special gift from her and she always do bring something very special for him…. His thoughts were disturbed by a sad voice…

Papa… looking at her he finds her too shedding tears…

I miss mama so much… she whispered in low voice and start sobbing….

Please papa…… tell… mama to… to come…… I…. I …. Really …. Miss…. Her papa…

He hug her kissing her head… ssshhuuu baby… don't cry… he couldn't even stop his own tears… I miss her too… I really miss her…

Moving back she cups his face with her two little hands….

Why mama left us papa? was she angry with you?... didn't she loved us?...

He looked down unable to answer her question…. How should he say her it was never her… it was him… always him… he never understand her… never give her the love, the feeling which she needed the most…. She needed him only; only his love, his care, his attention but he failed... he always failed…. His high ego has finished everything…. Every single happiness….

Papa…. Khushi whispered kissing his cheek when she looks at him lost in his thought….

I'm sorry baby…. I'm really sorry… your mama loved you're so much… she loved your above all the things… but the worse thing is she loved me more than you…. she was right… our relation always brought lament, pain, hurt, remorse's for her... and now for both of us…..

He breaks down totally holding her daughter who was numb seeing his father in this condition for the first time….. She was too small to understand his any words she become scared and move a little away from him… Maan become alert by her scared eyes… he brought her back in his lap wiping his tears kissing her forehead… I'm sorry baby… I'm sorry…

They hug each other's remembering geet… they prayed whole night to her to come back… it was only the wish he could make since 6 years… he was dying every moment… lamenting each every act, every words… wanting to embrace her in his arm, look at her angelic face all over again… happy birthday mama… Khushi whispered for the last time before going to sleep and let Maan to send another restless night in her thought…….

it was raining heavily, the weather was quite cold and sweet… she stood in the gallery to let the water drop on her, to drench her, let her burden be light… which she knew never happen… opening her arm closing her eyes she let the rain drop at her face, she was not enjoying it, what to enjoy, there is nothing left in life to enjoy… everything is finished, she don't have anything, any reason to enjoy, to laugh, giggle smile, even tears stopped from falling… the only thing which is left is pain, lament.. but she is not guilty, she always knew it will happen, she knew it will be gonna her destination… but still somewhere she is waiting, waiting for him to come… will he?... the question which is only left in her mind….


lora came from inside turning her making her jerk and come in reality…. What the hell are you doing here?... can't you see its raining so badly… I have been calling you for 10 mints…. Now come I will reheat them and you go and change….

Geet went quietly not even uttering a single word… coming back she saw lora keeping the food on dining table… lora… with whom she live…. She can't call her friend, she never make friends, her fiend is only one, she can't give his place to anyone else… she was just living with her because Lora promised… sitting in her chair she take the spoon but was lost playing with her food… Lora rolled her eyes with her usual act… geet; eat now… she ordered… she is tired of insisting her every day for everything… geet kept quite still playing not having a single bite…..

It's his birthday today… she said in a low voice… Lora look up instantly at her… it's your birthday too

I never celebrate it… Lora sighed looking at her… geet, forget everything dear…. Why don't you live your life… he must have moved on…

No… he didn't… he can never move on… he must be searching me…. lamenting…. Lora got up and sat besides her holding her hand…. If you love him so much then why don't you back to him geet…?

I can't… its better I'm staying away from him… the moment he will find me, he will leave every single thing which he achieved… he will again depend on me…

Only for this you are hurting yourself, him and don't forget my dear you both are not alone… there is a child, who must be waiting for you…

I can't Lora…. I really can't…. with that she left the table and went to her room…. Lora ate her dinner quietly and cleans the table…

She went to her room to see her looking out of window sadly… keeping her hand on her shoulder… geet turn to see her… here… take it… I know you are waiting for it… she handed her the morning newspaper, which have a big headline in front page with the picture…


She traces her finger on his picture to feel him…. Lora look at her, this is only the thing which she keep close to her… he's so changed… she heard geet saying still lost in his picture… hmm.. She sit n front of her… Maan Singh khurana… the name which I always wanted to hear… always wanted him to be… not Maan, the great Maan Singh khurana… Lora smiled at her sweet dream… she feels so bad for her… even loving so much to him and their daughter she still can't meet them, somewhere she is waiting for him to take her, and somewhere afraid to face all the things again….. she can't live without him for a single moment but still she is living… for long six years she is living far away from him, ust to make him realize his responsibilities, just to make him independence, to make him love her, to make him find her from bottom of his heart…..

She always wanted to tell maan that she is with her but stoppe by her.. she can't deny her… such a sweet girl, how much she face in her life… she wanted her to be happy, tried always to distract her mind… tried to make her move on…but nothing worked... her days are always started by seein g his picture or new news about him, and end remembering him and Khushi…

Its been six long year, but she never saw her speaking anything else than about them… they were her world…. She never cried, lora knew she wanted his maan to embrace her in his arm… he is the only one to whom sh express herself… but somewhere lora didn't wanted him to come… didn't wanted him to heart her again… she will not be able survive this time… she always hate maan, hate to see he never came to her in these si years, doe s it take so long to search for you wife, for your love, your life… he may not love her tha way she does otherwise he would have come way before….

Maan please, suno na…. mujhe sach main nahi jaana… Maan didn't listen and continuous to drag her to their birthday party…. He always claim a big party at his birthday... but today he made geet come with him too... she always used to celebrate alone with him only…

Nahi geet… aaj tujhe aana hi hoga… she holds his arm making him stop… he turns… Maan I really don't want to go… please understandhe holds her shoulder… geet please… just today… I want you to come with me… I want to give you something special today…she frowned… special?

He smile and says yea… a very special gift for you…. so come…. With that he drags her in the party….


Entering the party Maan got engrossed with his friends enjoying, laughing, joking… while geet sat at the corner admiring him and smile at his stupid activities… suddenly maans eyes caught rahul entering the party, his jaw tightened to see him but as geet told him, he tried to avoid him… who invited rahul?... he asked to his friend… oh chill Maan… lets enjoy today… forget everything… he nodded and again start talking…

Geet sat in the corner when she felt Maan behind her …so what's the surpriseshe said turning around… hmm... come…. He took her to one corner where no one was able to see them…

Close your eyes she simply closes her eyes…. Soon she felt him coming close to her, holding her waist and bringing his face near her…. she started to have Goosebumps with his closeness… its true she never show, but she always feel a ticklish when he come near her…. she tried to avoid the affect, knowing it will not have any meaning to him but nothing worked as he come more near to her ear….

He slowly kisses her ear and whispered….. I LOVE YOU…. geet jerk open her eyes to find his face mere inches away… he was smiling….did he just say that? No... He must be joking….. May be I'm imagining… no… why is he looking so serious…. is he just pranking on me? No no no……

There were thousand question running on her mind which Maan could clearly read… smiling at her plight he come nearer, she closes her eyes again by his closeness… he move to her lips, she shuddered by his breath on her lips still fighting with many questing but her mind stop, she froze, the world stopped working when she felt his soft lips softly kept on hers…. oh… my… god… its real… he just proposed me…. he just kissed me… he love me… there was a sudden excitement which she show him by kissing him back.. Their lips not separated… she moves her arm slowly around his neck while he brings her more close by waist…. The kiss become hard, he was losing himself… grabbing her hair he bring her more close to him nibbling her soft Patel lips… it was heaven… both forgot the surrounding , the celebration, the only thing which was to remember the most memorable moment they are leaving…. She loved him more than anything and to have back his love, it was heaven for her… she wanted to capture this moment… both were running out of breath but neither wanting to move away… she brushed her finger on his hair feeling him sucking her lips, entering slowly and feeling each and every corner of her mouth… holding her hair, bringing her face more close to have more… caressing her waist above her kurta….he find her struggling for breath that's when he slowly move away, but kept hip head on her forehead both breathing hard…..

I love you…. she smiles widely with her close eyes…. It was the moment she always dreamt for, Maan proposing her, her love win his heart… he finally fall in love with her, her love was stronger than his friendship, it was proved…. Hugging him tight tears of happiness rolled down her eyes…. I love you too… I love you too… I love you so much….

He smile and moved back kissing her cheek… wiping the tears…. Why are you crying…? It's a happy moment…. she chuckled hugging him again not wanting to be away from him now… I'm happy… very happy… these are happy tears…. You really made my day… they staid like this for long time… feeling the moment… feeling each other's heartbeat…. Moving back she kisses his cheek… while he wipes her nonstop tears… I... I don't know what to say…. He chuckled and brings her in his embrace….

Suddenly both hear a voice calling Maan… he turn to look at her… she sniff wiping her tearsyou go… they must be waiting for you… he nodded kissing her lips…. She smile and turn to bright red… he put his hand on her warm cheery cheek kissing her nose… I didn't know my geet can also blush she shied hiding her face in his chest hitting his arm lightly. its all because of you.

Geet sat in the corner thinking, what happened that he proposed her so suddenly… she never ever pushed him, never tried to show her feelings to him…. He was totally unaware of her…. she always knew he loved her, yes he love her….. But he doesn't know it, he never thought about it…. but she felt it…. many times…. Always…. She feels his love in his care, possessiveness, his orders and every small thing shows that he love her…. but the bad thing is this that he never knows it… he never understands it…. but what happened suddenly….

Hey jaan… Maan hug her from back, she jerks by sudden action but smile when he kiss her cheek… turning around she ask him… Maan… how come you came to know that you love me? he smile holding her waist bringing her close…. Well…. I was feeling some strange feeling toward you for many days, or you can say for about a month…. That's the reason I stayed away from you to know myself what's that feeling is…. When I was away from you, I never liked it… I wanted to be with you, take you in my arm and etc…. I took my frustration at my friends much time and when you were with me, it was like world is with me… I loved to be with you…. hmm… that's when ajay told me I'm in love she gasped putting her hand on her mouth… you told ajay about me?

No… I just him how I'm feeling… he suggest I'm in love. So I thought of telling you as you too love me alreadygeet smile getting all her answer… she chuckled at the thought, that her Maan will always be a idiot… he cannot know what he feels himself, always needing help…. She left it to him to decide he love her or not… but here he take help from his friend… what will I do with this idiot of my…..

He again went to his friends who were dancing crazily in some crazy song…. While she just watch them…. Maan was also busy in doing some random step to which she laugh a loud, holding her stomach…. He watch her laughing at him and made his way to her… holding her arm and dragging her to the dance floor… holding her hand he danced with her bringing her to him and then moving her away still holding her hands… she laugh trying to let go but he hold her tight holding her waist and dancing crazily moving left and right… he danced with her like this and she only laugh a loud… at the end holding he from hip he take her up in the air where she open her arm…. He slowly made her come down while she holds him from neck…. Reaching the floor , both look at each other's eyes… she become lost in his dark brown eyes… it was the first time she is looking him so closely, looking a little love for her… she know he needs time to understand his feeling…. He still doesn't love her that much… it's just the start, he is just attracted toward her, her heart ached in the thought that what if he will leave her, what if he tells he never loved her, what if his little love which only just started will be vanished by just a little mistake… no… she will not make this happen… she will make him love her as she love him… she will never let anyone come between them, not anymore, no more misunderstandings….

Her thoughts were distracted when she felt his lips at the corner of her lips… she smile looking at him… what are you thinking?... she just nodded negatively and hug him…..

It was late when Maan sat with his friend and geet went to order an orange juice for herself… she sipped her juice sitting at the counter…. Suddenly she felt a hand on her shoulder turning around she find a smirking rahul long at her…. she passes a forcefully smile to him… hi rahul… he smile and stood beside her… hi… must say geet… you danced well with Maan… can I have the pleasure… he forward his hand to her… she look around nervously searching for Maan… but he was nowhere to be seen…. She turns to rahul…I... I need to go…. With that she stood to go from there as soon as possible… but to her surprise he holds her waist due to which she fell on his chest… oh beautiful…. Not so easy…. Your Maan is busy now… let's give you a great company with that he grab her arm tightly and start dragging her… leave me rahul… leave me… she hit him, using her light fist… she tried to stop but he was way too strong… the waiter stood there watching the whole scene…. Geet was getting scared, she shouted for help but nothing goes in anyone's ear due to loud music… she start shivering in fear what will he do with her… her eyes were only searching Maan, but nothing came and she was dragged forcefully away from there… away from others….

She was scared, not knowing what will happen, what will rahul do… her heart was thumbing loud, eyes were only searching for Maan…rahul pushed her to one room, pushing her inside he turn to look the door… geet fell in ground, her head was hit on the corner of bed stand… wincing in pain she touch her head only to find blood in her hand… looking up at smirking rahul her eyes got teary… why are you doing this rahul…. What you want… please let me go… he laugh coming close to her and sat in front of her… grabbing her hair hard he moved her face near her…

your mistake is that you are Maan friend… oh wait… more than that… if I hurt you, it will hurt him right…

she winced holding her hair which he was grabbing tight… please leave me… she whispered in pain… ahaan… not so easily… you have to pay for what he have done to me… he humiliated me in front of collage… now see what I will do… saying that he throw her duppatta on the floor, holding her chin tight he bring her face close to her but was pushed hard on the floor by her… she tried to run but he was fast and came in between her and door…wanna play game… then let's start… with that he slapped her hard and she thud on floor, blood oozed out her mouth… coming to her he hold her harm and torn the piece of cloth from there… holding tight her… he make her lie down and lay on top cruelly biting her neck… she shout a loud in pain… maaannn…..




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Maan was talking to his friend when he remembered geet… he excused himself from there and went to the last place where geet was…. He looked here and there but she was nowhere to be found… he went to waiter and asked her where she is… and was shocked when he told him how rahul came and took her to the particular place… without wasting any time and ran… he was furious… how dare rahul do like this… he will not leave him when he will find him… he looked everywhere but don't find her… frustrated he hold his hair tight closing his eyes…. But suddenly he heard her screaming his name… he jerk open her eyes looking the way from where the voice was coming… moving there he looked the voice was from the door… without another thought her start opening the door… when it didn't worked he hit it hard to be opened… his hurt was thumbing with the thought what will be rahul doing with her… after many attempt he was successful in opening the door… when the door open her saw the most disgusting sight in his life… rahul was on top of geet furiously kissing her collarbone, while she was crying a loud and struggling to free herself…

His hand become fist, bending to rahul he pulled him up furious punching him hard on his face… how dare you… you b******…. You dare you touch her…. I will kill you…. you are so dead man… geet start to shiver moving in the corner looking at new side of Maan… it was first time she saw him in so much anger… he never ever was angry with anyone like this… she can say he will kill him if he will not stop….

Rahul was in his bad condition, blood full face... Maan didn't stop for a second… the moment he throw him down, he crawl out to escape from him… Maan started to run after him but was stopped by a whispered… Maan…. He turn around to find the crying geet sitting in the corner… he ran to her and brought her in his arm rubbing her back… she cried bitterly in his arm, sobbing hard… ssshhh… buss… its over…. Its over… carrying her in his arm he took her to the car, he make her sit the passenger seat, switching on the light he sat in front of her wiping her tears… he look at her forehead and corner of her lips which were bleeding, teeth marks on her neck... gritting his teeth he wanted to kill rahul on that spot… geet felt him furious, putting her hand on his cheek he make him look at her… please lets go… he saw her scared eyes and hug her tight bringing her close to him, kissing her hair… moving back he went to his seat and start the car…

Whole drive was in silence, which was not usual of them… Maan steal glances of her while she kept her head on window looking outside… they reached their house… she came out still looking lost…

Maan went to her and helped her in going holding her hand in his one and other was on her shoulder… he let her walk to her room.. thank god all were already went to sleep… entering the room he make her sit on the bed gently… he take the aid box and sat beside her on bed… applying the ointment on her forehead slowly and blowing the area… she winced first when it touched her skin but his sweet blow make her forget her wound and she only look at him lovingly…after that he applied it to her neck… finishing the task of bandage he look at her lip which was cut from the corner..

Moving close he gently gave her a warm and soft kiss there… moving back he kiss her forehead bringing her close to his heart…

He sat with her whole night, she changed her dress and came to bed lying down... he sat there caressing her hair lovingly until she fall in deep sleep…. Kissing her head he finally makes his way to his house…

Maan woke up in midnight remembering the night… how there life changed after that day… they were so happy… enjoying their loving life… they went to many dates, romantic dinners, beach everywhere… she tried talking to their parents but he always told her to not to tell now… She started working in dad business, after her exams… he still was busy in his life… she tried to convince him many time but he always rejected….

Not able to keep himself away from her dream he went to his daughter room to find her sleeping peacefully hugging her teddy… he sat beside her stroking her hair… she sleeps like geet, looking cute… smiling at her he kissed her forehead and lay beside her and brought Khushi in his arm… she snuggled more closer…


It was fine Sunday afternoon… Maan was in his study working in his file, when Sam made her way inside… he smiled, indicated her to sit and again look back to his file… Sam looks at him for some time and the file at her hand…

Sir… I have booked our tickets… it's after two days…

Hmm… lets go to my room… she nodded and followed her to his room…entering the room she saw full room was filled with his geet and Khushi picture… there was one picture which she looked going to it… Maan came behind her eye on the picture…

It's our wedding pic…
she frowned looking back to him…wedding pic… but it doesn't look like wedding picture…sighing he look down putting his hands on his pocket… we did court marriage…

But why?

Dad wanted to be a court marriage…she only look at him with confusion…. geet was three month pregnant that's why… Sam gasped with wide eyespregnant… you guys.. I mean… you… she was not finding words yea… we got carried out once we went for dinner… that night it was raining so we went to a hotel and then… he only look downit was my mistake… all because of me… she was happy with that… she never find our relation a mistake… it was a pleasure for her… and that night she told me that our relation have climbed a step ahead.. she tried to talk to our family about us but never got any chance… it was a dreadful day when our family came to know about it…


Geet was not feeling well for many days… morning sickness, vomiting and dizziness… brij took her to hospital for checkup… doctor told to wait for the report so geet and her maa went to Maan house, while brij waited for the report…

Geet.. what have you done to yourself… look you are looking so week… she only smiled nervously at mom worried face… somewhere she was afraid knowing what will be the report… she look to Maan who was engrossed in his mobile… suddenly brij came with worried written whole over his face… geet start to twist her dupatta confirmed to see his brother looking at her in disbelieve… maa went to him… kya hua brij… kya report hai… he remained silence looking at geet… while she stood up and look at him praying he wouldn't explore the report in front of all.

She wanted to talk to Maan before… she wanted things to sort out slowly not like this.. brij to her showing the report… what is this geet… everyone looked at them with confusion.. geet look down not able to face everyone… she only wanted Maan at that moment.. hope he shut all the question… dad spoke from all… brij what's wrong?... brij look at geet furiously for a moment and then turn to all…. Geet… geet is… pregnant… a loud gasped escaped from all… geet tears flowed down closing her eyes… she open her eyes looking at Maan… but was heartbroken to his him only looking at her blankly… not even uttering a word… maa came to her holding her arm tight… is it true?... she only look at Maan… still waiting for him… geet… maa shouted to gain her attention… she turn to her with tearful eyes… that's it… her maa didn't need any answer… she slapped hard her… shame on you… isi din k liye tujhe itna bara kiya ta… I always thought can never do such things but…. Another slap… how could you… slap…. Mom came to her holding her, controlling her anger… whole house was in silence… every one looking at her with disgusting eyes…. Who's the father geet… dad spoke up…

geet look at Maan to even answer this… but her heart ache to see him silently looking the drama… he not once tried to protest… not once he tried to protect her… how could he… just standing in a corner and watching all the things…it was not a mistake maa… she wisphere looking down… another slap… not a mistake… yes right… it's not a mistake… it's a sin… you did a sin… geet look up to her maa… maa please… but nothing worked… she got another tight slap… shut up…. Just shut your mouth… crying hard she hold her cheek which became bright red… brij and mom came to maa side holding her…

Dad came to geet holding her shoulder… geet beta... just tell us who is he… look here baby… cupping her face he made her look at him… wiping her tears he says… say the name geet… she look ahead to Maan for at least some hope… but was shocked to hell to see him turning his head down in fear… she gulped down with fresh tears rolling down hard… how could he… crying hard she hugged dad mumbling…

trust me dad…. Please… please… I'm sorry… I'm really sorry…

he hugged her rubbing her back… suddenly he felt her losing her hold, looking down he find her eyes closed… patting her cheek he called her… geet… geet beta.. open your eyes… brij ran to her holding her… mom spoke… take her to our room brij… he nodded and carried her to their room… making her lie down… mom sat beside her caressing her hair… maa went out not wanting to face her.. She was too angry with her….

Mom sat besides her thinking about the whole incident… her weakness... her face… suddenly she remembers how she was only looking at Maan… is it because…. Oh god…. She look at geet with shock… she knew geet loved Maan… than it hit her…. its then she stood up and went down to others for answering all others question… for

helping geet… she was not the one who could be treated this way… not anymore…

She made her way downstairs where everyone was standing quietly… standing in front of Maan she look at him angrily…did you know anything about it?... a simple question made him gulp down his throat… he look at his mom with fearful eyes… scared to face the situation… to face his dad… he was already afraid for this question and it came… seeing him being quiet his mom again asked him with raising her voice… I asked you something… where did your voice gone?... maa speak for him… why are you shouting at him… it's not his fault if she made a sin… this made mom more angry… she turn to her… no… it's not her only… and it's not her mistake that she loved someone and he used her… she told the last line looking furiously at Maan… he step back fearing from his mom eyes… where are you going?... answer my question… she is your friend… she tells you everything… she must have told you about this… he was quiet… not knowing which word to bring to escape from the situation… it was always geet who helped him from any scolding but she is no more here…

His thought were jerked away receiving a tight slap from her mom… everyone look at her in shock… what's his mistake if geet was pregnant… speak up… he look at his mom with wide eyes… dad came to her… why are you asking him… may be he really didn't knew this…

How can he not know it… *slap*… how can't he…. *slap*…. How the father will not know it's his child….*slap*… how can you just stand and look at her being blamed… *slap*… it's all you… it's all because of you… *slap*… geet loved you, trusted you, cared for you, protected you… and you…. shame on you… I feel shame of having such a coward… such a jerk…

Everyone was stunned… silence spread all over… all were looking at him in shock… Maan… brij whispered from all… yes…. Its him… he is the one… he made her pregnant… and now if she needed him the most he was just looking her being blamed…… I can swear it was all because of you Maan… its always you who is wrong… but that poor girl always suffered just for you…I just can't believe you… she turn her back to him… mom… he whispered stepping toward her but was stopped by his father… he look at him with furious look… *slap*… how dare you… how dare you do this to my daughter… *slap*… how dare you give her so much pain… *slap*…

Seeing the situation going worse brij came to him and hold his shoulder… all were silence not knowing what to do… rano sat on sofa not having any strength left after seeing too much in less time… mom eyes were only filled with tears… dad was looking at him furiously, wanting to kill him on the spot… brij was trying to calm him… while Maan was only looking down…

After it seems like half hour mom spoke… go from here… go to her… no one here wants to see your lustful face… she is the one who can bear you… she wanted him to go to her… she wanted him only in this moment…


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Maan made his way to geet and sat beside her on bed… she was lying unconsciously... holding her hand he gently kissed her back of hand… mom was standing at the door watching him… wanting to know more about their relation… after few moment geet frowned a little opening her eyes slowly only to find the Man she loved the most in front of her… she sat immediately and hug him hard crying bitterly…I hate you… I hate you… I just hate you… crying hard she hit him with her little fist on his back…. Mom was in tears to see her broken down… even after his cruel attitude she only could speech to him about her heart…

Maan hugged her back allowing her to hit him as much as she can… satisfying of hitting him she moved back only to find finger marks on his cheek… gasping a loud she put her hand on his cheek…what's this?... he look down…everyone slapped me hardshe look at him… good… you deserve it… he look up to her in shock…stupid… he muttered and again look down pouting… cupping his face she gently kiss the marks… kissing both the cheek… tears rolling down her eyes… why did you did this to me… I needed you Maan… I don't regret anything… but at least you should have supported me na… he kiss her cheek…I'm truly sorry jaan… I wanted to say... but I was so scared of mom and dad… you know how they hate me… she slap him lightly on his cheek…idiot… they don't hate you… they love you… they don't want you to be wrong… he look at her eyes filled with tears…wiping the tears gently kissing her eyesI'm sorry… hugging him hard burring her face in his neck crying silently…. They remained like this for long time… mom was watching them… they are so stupid… such a stupid love… how can she forgive him so easily… she smiled thinking, she always do this… she know him too well… she know Maan never have any courage… somewhere she must have been aware of the situation before…

Moving back she kiss his lips and hold his hand bringing it to her stomach…you're going to be papa… we are going to be parents… he smiled looking at her stomach caressing slowly…how should I feel… she chuckled at his innocent question… keeping her head on his chest, his hand still on her stomach…just feel the feeling of being a dad… the responsibilities… we will be parents… no more young girl and boy… moving back she put her hand on his cheek… I want you to be a good papa at least… I want you to be with my baby always… I don't want you to hurt my baby like you always do to me… I want you to make my baby always happy… be a good papa… she said in between her tears… he only look at her and then nodded his head… she sighed knowing nothing went to his small brain… looking at the slap marks she gently caress them.. her heart ache to see him like this… she always have kept him away from any harm… not wanting anything to even touch him… how much he have been gone through.. She should have been with him… kissing his cheek continuously she hugged him…

Mom entered with the tray of food and sat on her other side… Maan look at her mom but she avoided him… he turn to geet sadly… when mom was giving her the plate she hold her hand…can you feed both of us please… she look down… I don't want to feed any jerk… no one is here else than you for me… geet look at Maan and then to her, holding her hand she made her look at them… your son is going to be a papa mom… she turn to Maan looking at him angrily, he look down holding geet from back lowering his head to her shoulder…I'm sorry mom… he mumbled only starring at geet shoulder… I think there is someone else to whom you should be sorry… she said with stern tone which made his hold around geet tightened…please mom… don't speak like this… he said sorry…. You guys already hit him so hard… she turn to put her hand on his cheek while he look at her eyes… mom sighed looking both of them… I can't understand you geet…. Come… now eat… you are still weekshe told still avoiding Maan… can I feed you… he whispered to geet slowly… she smiled and turn to mom… mom… I want to eat from my Maan… my baby wants to eat from him… nodding negatively she left the food on bed kissed her head and left the room…

He lovingly fed her asking her about babies… she only smiled and answer his question… after finishing the food he took her to his room and lye her on his bed…

kissing her head he patted her head until she fell asleep… kissing her forehead he only sat beside her looking at her…

After three weeks dad suggested we should do court marriage… said Maan still looking at their picture… our life changed after our marriage… his words were cut off when he listened a loud noise… smiling at the voice knowing who it may bepapa… Khushi came running to his room… he hold her in his harm and she kisses his cheekpapa is it true that we are going to nani and mamu…he smile kissing her chubby cheeks… yes baby… we are… but first we have to pack our bags… we will leave after two days…

Papa… I want new dress for me…
making a cute face she asked him… Sam smiled at her and came to her side keeping her hand on her shoulder…Khushi… come… I will take you for shopping…but Khushi jerk her hand away and hold Maan tightly looking at him angrily… he smiled kissing her forehead…its ok baby… I will take you…he turn to Sam mouthing her sorry to which she smiled knowing Khushi nature…


Maan Sam and Khushi sat in car to start their destination… Maan and Sam sat back and Khushi in front watching outside the window … Maan was engrossed in his thought praying silently that this visit may bring some hope to bring his geet back… he can't bear any more to live alone… he need her badly now… her warm embrace her kisses, her love, her pampering him… he is tired of living this life… tired to live alone… to lie to his daughter… keeping his head on window, he wanted to cry, to let his tears flow down, but the need her, her embrace to come out fully…. He is dying to control his emotion… wanting to breakdown and cry hard… let all 5 years tear come down in her embrace… to hug her tight not letting her go away from him anymore…

Papa… he turns to his daughter jerking away from his thought… I want to come to you… he smile helping her to come to back seat…slowly baby… she came to him and sat in his lappapa… I'm so bored… when we will reach thereMaan turn to Sam… she said… Khushi it will take like two days to reach there…she frowned looking at Maan… what will I do till then papaSam touch her headcome... I will play with you…she move away from her and kept her head on Maan chest… he gently caressed her hair while she looks outside the window… Maan turn to Sam… why two days? there place is just one day away…

Sir… they changed their place… they are living in new house… I have investigated about them they are changing their home every year… I have found out thee address... and it will take two day…
whole drive went by Khushi nonstop talking and Maan only answering her and Sam only looking at both of their bonding… it was night when he look down to Khushi to find her playing with his button… baby… do you want to stay at hotel to night…she look up excitedly… hotel… yes papa… I want to go…he told driver to stop the car at any best hotel where they can spend their night

They stopped at the hotel… Maan carried Khushi… they got only one room and suggested to share it for one night… Sam and Khushi slept at bed and Maan stood at the window looking outside and still thinking about geet… how their life, their love have changed after their marriage… how geet used to wait for him whole night while he just spend his nights with his friends… she always tried to make him responsible but nothing worked… he was always busy with his friend and in that he never ever took care of her…

His thought were broken when he felt a tug on his pant, looking down he found Khushi standing and rubbing her eyes… he carried her in his arm, she keeps her head on his shoulder, making his way to the sofa he make her sit in his lap and she keeps her head on his chest.. Stroking her hair he asked…not feeling sleepyshe nodded her head negatively… and looks up to him... I want to see mama picture… he took out geet picture from his pocket and gave to her… kissing the photo she keeps it to her heart and again keeping her head on his chest… miss you mama… he kiss her hair gently patting her head… slowly she dozed off… he also close his eyes to take a little sleep…

He open his eyes when he listen Sam waking him up… sir wake up… checking the time he saw its only 11:00… what's wrong Sam…

Actually sir I was not able to sleep so I tried to find more information about geet family and I came to know something…
Maan look at her curiously… geet brother brij… he is engaged sir…now this was something very shocking to him… what? engaged… are you serious?... I mean… you must be mistaken… Sam shook her head... no sir... its true…
But why didn't he never told me…
he is engaged and they are continuously changing their home but never ever have told him… they never called him… thinking for long time he finally spoke… Sam I want you to find out who is his fiance… but right now you sleep… I will also keep Khushi in bed… she nodded and switch of her laptop…. Maan made Khushi lie down beside her… Sam strokes her hair looking at her and thinking such a cute child… Maan went to sofa and lie down…

The drive was long, Khushi was finding it very boring, sitting in Maan lap she only blabbered with him while he only nod his head. Sam looks at both of them and spoke. She speaks so much, is she like geet?Maan turn to her and smiled, brushing Khushi hair he says.No. I was like this, geet talk very less, I always used to talk and she very attentively listen to my each words, but now I wonder how she could listen so much, if I'm unable to listen by daughters little bak bak.Sam looks curiously.Little? He chuckled. In front of me Khushi speaks very little. Sam look down at Khushi and then him, she was desperately wanting to meet geet. The girl for whom everyone is so craving, there must be something special about her…..

They again stayed at hotel to spend the night, Maan didn't wanted to make Khushi sleep in car, even if it make him wait for long to go to their destiny but he can't make his daughter suffer. Looking at sleeping Khushi he remembered the day after their marriage….


Maan, please try to come early today, we need to go to hospital, you know today we will see our baby.Geet said excitedly passing him his mobile. Geet, how can you see the baby, if it's still inside?

Ufho budhu, its ultrasound. And in it we can have a glimpse of our baby. But please come soon ok... he nearly nodded and made his way out to meet his friends for the party.

It was evening when he received a call from her, hello, Maan. Where are you? Did you forget we supposed to go to hospital? I'm waiting for you.

Oh geet, I forgot about it. But I can't come, the party just started now and it's so fun, you please go with mom.

But Maan, but was cut by him. Please jaan. Love you. Bye. With that he disconnects the call without even listening to her….

He came home late at night only to find geet sitting in the bed and tears following down her cheeks,

how can you just ignore this day Maan. It was such an important day for us. Do you find your friend more important than your baby?He didn't reply and went to change his cloths. Coming back he lies down beside her. Maan I'm talking to you.

Geet I'm tired. And I already told you I was busy.

Yes busy, busy with you stupid party, you have spend all your day in the party, but not even once did you ask how I am and the baby is?

Why should I ask if I can see you are perfectly fine? He said irritatedly putting his arm on his eyes. I don't believe I fell for such a jerk like you, your good for nothing Maan.

As if I told you to be crazy for me... she look at him in shock, her love was nothing to him, how can he just take it lightly, it was their baby. If it would be her, she would never force him, but how can he just ignore their baby. Are you lamenting loving me Maan?

She said in low voice, tears were rolling down. Her heart ached by his such rude behaviors since their wedding; he is almost out of house. Rude with her all the time, there is not a single day after their marriage that he spoke nicely to her... Not answering her he gave her his back and sleep, leaving her alone, she cried all night sitting in the same position and finally slept for only two hours.




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He came out of his thought seeing Khushi sitting in front of him and rubbing her eyes. He made her sit on his lap and went to sofa patting her head. When she finally dozed off he again lied her down beside Sam. Sitting on sofa he takes out a letter from his pocket. A letter which she has written before going, the only thing which she left behind for him.

Dear Maan,

When you will read this letter, I may have gone, far away, so far that I couldn't reach you. I know Maan I have been a burden to you for this one long year. But not anymore, I'm going from your life, forever, and don't worry I won't come back again in your life. I know you will need me, in all your life, to support you, to love you. But not anymore Maan. I'm tired of this life. Tired of explaining you the importance of life, the importance of persons beside you. I know I can't live without you, but I can't help it. It's necessary for both of us. For me to live away from you, so i can have nothing to be worried about. And good for you for not having anyone to stop you from going anywhere.

I am leaving Khushi with you, because I know you always need someone beside you. You always say Khushi looks like me. So I'm leaving my soul behind me Maan. She will be with you, forever. Please love her Maan; please give her all the love which you have not given her in this one year. Love her like a good papa; I want my Khushi to be a special one. Just as you are for me. She is our symbol of love Maan; please don't take her lightly as you have always taken me.

You know something Maan; I think we were never meant to be together. We were so happy before, the way we were. You being my friend and me, lamenting loving an idiot like you. I still lament Maan. And I know you too. Because we are meant to be a couple. We don't have any similarities. And the biggest mistake of our was to love eacothers.

I'm really sorry for making this year miserable to you. But the only thing I wanted Maan to make you something. I always want you to be THE MAAN SINGH KHURANA. Not just Maan. I want you to take over dad business. He really has so much hope from you. Please be serious about you attitude, life and work. Friends never help you in need Maan. They are with you just for some time, and when you will need them they will leave you. Remember what rahul did. He was also you friend Na. If you ever loved me Maan, then please do fulfill my dreams, to take the business and make it huge, to make yourself something, that when someone looks you, they won't say, he is Maan, the most stupid boy. But I want you to be known as Maan Singh khurana. Make dad proud Maan, and I will be proud of you.

At last I just want to say, I love you Maan. And will always do. But I think we are not destined to be together. I don't want you to be depending on me all your life; I want you to live your own. To know the importance of life and people and most importantly our Khushi.

Don't search for me Maan. I don't want you to waste your time in me. Because I know the day you will see me, you will again depend on me. Which I don't want now…

Bye Maan. I love you and always will do. Please love Khushi always. I'm dying to leave the most important parts of me behind. You and Khushi are my only life, please don't destroy them. I will be happy to see both of you happy.

Your jaan….

He put the letter close to his heart, closing his eyes leaning against the sofa. Please geet, please come back. I can't live without you anymore. I'm really sorry jaan, for every pain I gave you. I'm truly sorry……

They entered the house, Khushi hugs both. Maan went and greeted maa, when he looks at brij he look at Khushi, picking her in his arm. Come Khushi. Let me take you somewhere. With that he went away without giving a second look. He turns to maa. Sorry beta, you know him. He smiles assuring her. Maa turn to Sam. Who is she Maan? Maan gesture her to come. She came and took her blessing. She is sameera, my friend, we are working together in a project, we have here for important land issue, and so I thought to also bring Khushi to let her meet you.

She smiles at Sam. They sat for some moment silently. Maan eyes were on door, desperately waiting for Khushi. Maa look at him and smiled. Maan, she will be okay. Brij is with her. He gave her a little smile, nahi maa woh, she don't like to be away from me for long. She smiles nodding her head. Don't worry, she will come soon. But Maan, its good you brought her here. I was really missing her. Maan look down. Why don't you both move to mansion, you will be with Khushi all the time.Maa shook her head, no Maan, you know brij. He already is enough angry with you. Living with you I don't want both of your relation to be in more complications. He chuckled.He never liked me maa, only the reason he talked to me was geet, but now' he look down sadly. Maa came to his side holding his shoulder. He takes her hand in his whispering, I really miss her maa, and I don't know what more should I do. She shook her head, with teary eyes, placing her hand on his cheek. You have done everything she wanted Maan. I know how you are feeling, please don't lose hope. You will surely find her.

He nod his head, I hope I will find her soon. Sam only looks at them quietly, that's what you are saying for 5 years. The voice came from outside. Maan look up to see brij and Khushi in his arm, he didn't wanted brij to talk anything about geet in front of her. Brij came in front of him, mom look at them terrified, knowing some fight will soon be going to come. It's been 5 years; you are saying the same thing. But nothing happened. You lost Mr. Khurana. You have lost her. And that too only because of your stupid acts. Maan hands become fist; he was controlling himself, not wanting any problem in front of Khushi. He looks at her, smiling at him, giving her a slight smile he took her from brij. And turn to look at him.

Look before you speak next time. And don't speak about our relation. You know nothing about us, about our love. It's our matter, it's better for you to not to interfere. With that he gave him a glare and turn to move but was stopped by his words. If your love is so pure, then you would have found her long before, but you didn't. Your love... he was cut by Maan, BUS. He shout out, Khushi hold him tight scared of his anger. Maa came in between both of them. Brij please stop, they just came. And don't forget a child is here. He looks down frustrated. Sam was looking both of them in shock. Maan again spoke up of all.

You have no right to judge our love; it's between us, it's better to stay away. You know better geet hated it when someone would interfere between us husband and wife. Giving a dead look he went away to geet room, Khushi hold his neck tight, hiding her face in his neck, due to loud voices.

Entering the room he gently put her on bed and caress her hair, she only look at him quietly, he knows she was scared. That's the reason he always have put his anger to himself in presence of her. But he can't tolerate a word against his and geet love, no one. No one in this world have right to judge their love. He looks down at Khushi who was silently looking at him. Kissing her head he move back, and smiled. Where did you go? She remained quiet for some time and then moved to his lap, he smiled brushing her hair. Mamu took me to some park. She looks up,you know papa, and it was so fun. But I wanted to go there with you. He smiled; his daughter and wife are really something. Wherever they will go they always need him to be with them. Geet never went anywhere without him, Khushi also don't like to be with others for long. Even if it would be anyone.

We will go out tomorrow, then you can enjoy as much as you can. She hugs him smilingly. I don't like when you get angry papa, please don't fight. He smile kissing her hair,I won't. She moves back.Promise, he hold her face, I promise meri maa. She giggles kissing his cheek.I'm not your maa papa, chuckling he shook her head. Hmm. But you talk like a mother. She laughs softly putting her hand on her mouth.Yea, because I'm like you, always bossy. He laughs and starts tickling her. So you mean I'm bossy Han,he continuous to tickle her while she struggle lying on bed. Laughing her head off.PAPA... SORRY SORRY SORRY.. he stop kissing her chubby cheeks, lying beside her. So what is papa now? She sits on his stomach. You are the best papa in the whole world. She hugs him tight.I love you papa, moving away putting her hand on his chest for support, and I know. Mama is also the best mom in the world. And I also know she will come soon. Haina papa. He smile at her daughter assurance, she is the only one who have full faith on him after geet. They are the only people who are giving him support, and faith. Yes baby, she will. And yes. Your mama is the bestest of all. Both smile hugging eacothers.

Sam and maa stood outside seeing all the things there was tears in both of them eyes, I hope geet come soon. Sam looks at her. Everyone was in pain. She looks at Khushi. How can geet leave her own daughter, how can a mother leave such a small child behind. How can she be so cruel, so blind? How can a mother leave her own child? She did not like it; it was all because of her that all are in pain. And she must be somewhere living happily; away from everything... she wanted to find her soon, at whom all other lives are depending...

Papa, it's so good. Exclaimed khushi sitting in the swing. Maan smiled sitting in a chair and watching his daughter. He left Sam in home wanting to spend some time with Khushi alone and knowing Khushi won't like her to be here. He love this place, the place where he and geet played in their childhood, they have walked miles at night when Maan won't feel sleeping. Their little romancing session would hold here. He chuckled remembering...


Geet. Stop. Geet,he shouted running behind her while she ran laughing at him. After running long he caught her hand and turns her but both slipped and thud down the ground, Maan top of geet. Both breathing heavily. He moves to her face gently kissing her cheek to jaw. See, there's no point to run from me. You will lose. She smiles tightening the grip on his waist. I would love to lose anything for you. He smiles kissing her lips. Moving back she says. Now move, its village and someone can see us.

I don't care.

Really, hmm. What if maa sees us?

I don't care.

Fine then, let me call bhaiya.He gave her an angry glare. She giggles at him, why you bring your stupid brother between us? She chuckled, I just hate him. Always telling you to stay away from me. She smiled at him. He looks at her and melt instantly, moving down he start kissing her neck. Maan move, someone will come. He didn't listen but continuous coming down to her collarbone removing her dupatta nibbling her skin. She tried to stop him knowing they won't be able to hold themselves, and the place is not safe. Suddenly she spoke up. Bhaiya. Maan eyes popped up. He instantly moved away and stood, looking here and there, but there was no one. He turns to geet and finds her laughing at him. Geet ki bachi, tujhe main chorunga nahi. With that he ran behind her and she ran from him continuously laughing hard.


He smiled remembering their sweet moments; he wants to live them again. Looking up to Khushi, she was smiling just like geet. Going to her he stops her. Baby, let's go somewhere else. She pouts looking at him. Papa, it's so much fun here. I want to be here. He smiles kneeling down to her. Do you want to eat an ice-cream? She gasped in surprise. Ice-cream. Yummy, yes papa. Please. He takes her in his arm and went to give her an ice-cream. She ate ice-cream, putting it all over her face, if geet will see her like this, she will kill him. Khushi ate it making mess all around her and as well Maan, they remained out whole day, and he took her every single place where he and geet went.

He came home late evening; Khushi slept keeping her head on his shoulder. Sam and maa stood seeing both of them, maa smiled at him taking Khushi from his arms. What have she done. Ufho Maan. He tried taking her but even in her sleep she didn't let go of him and hold him tight, mumbling to be with him.It's ok maa; I will change her dress and make her sleep. Sam says. She can sleep in my room sir.

No Sam. It's ok. She will be with me.
With that he went to his, or says geet room. It was late when he heard brij voice from down, putting the blanket over Khushi he went out closing the door, not wanting to disturb Khushi sleep.

You know how much I hate him maa,
brij yelled to maa. Brij please, slow down. He will hear. She said trying to calm him down. Good. It's good he hear. I just hate him maa, how can you forgive him. After so much he did to geet, how can you. Maa eyes filled up. I know beta, but he too suffering. He loves her. He is changed brij.

I don't care maa, I really don't. I can never forget the day when he humiliated my sister in front of all of us. You can forget everything maa, but I can't. I just can't. I can't forget the tears of my sister maa. With that he pushes the lamp onfloor, going from there. Maan stood there listening all of it. He turns to his room and stood at the window. Brij was right; he shouldn't be forgiving so easily. He knows he have done wrong. He was right to behave like this to him.

Any brother will behave like this when someone will behave so harsh to his sister in front of him. His thought went to the dreadful day, the day which changed everything, which snatched his geet from him just because of his stupid ego. The day when he humiliated her, in front of all others. That day, what if he would have thought calmly, and could stop the things from happening.

Maan entered the mansion and saw all were sitting in the hall; he ignored all and started walking to his room when a voice stops him. Maan, where were you? I asked you to be home early today. It was naam karan of Khushi.He sighed turning to her, totally frustrated by her continues taunting. What's the need? I already know her name. Brij stood up and went to him. Don't you love your child, that you are doing all this to them. Geet come toward them. Please bhaiya, let us talk.

Brij look down shaking his head. Geet turn to maan. Maan why are behaving so weird since our marriage, what happened to you?

What happened to me? No geet. What happened to you? It's you who is changed, it's you who is now a day's always behind me, always taunting me. Not letting me in piece.

Geet stood there shocked. By his sudden outburst.Maan, my intentions are not to hurt you, I just want you to know your responsibilities. For god sake she is your daughter. Don't be so careless, at least toward her.

Oh, so you're trying to say I don't love you both. I'm running away. Wow geet.

Dad spoke up. Maan, don't forget she is your wife.Brij came in-between. Why are you saying this to him uncle, he will never understand anything. I knew it before he can never ever make my sister happy.

Maan shot an angry glare at geet. They both know, they never have let anyone talk about their relation. Mom came to Maan. Maan, you will not go out with your friend anymore. Geet cut her off. Please mom. Let us talk; no one will interfere between us now.
She known things was getting more wrong, if she will not stop they will get worse. Everyone is already angry with him, he was frustrated. Can do anything at that moment. She was having some strange feelings, Maan never have talked to her like this. Even if she tells him whatever he would never take it seriously. That's what she was afraid of; she knew things will get mess one day. But was not having any power to face it. She will die if anything went wrong. She can't tolerate his hatred. The thing, to which she was already scared of, scared to see him like this.

I'm not saying you to stop meeting your friends. The only thing I want is... but he cut her off. What Han? What do you want from me? What else you want geet.

It hit her very hard, how can he say like this. She never needed anything from him. Why is he behaving like this? Here she is trying to sort out things, but he is making everything more complicated.
Maan was enough with her words; he was fed up with nonstop words from his family. The thing which was suffocating him was the geet who always helped him. Supported him is now also against him. How can she say all these things in front of everyone?

Khushi started to cry a loud with all the noises. Brij came to geet. That's enough now. You will not stay here anymore.

Geet eyes popped out. Bhaiya. He cut her. No geet. Not anymore. Go and pack your bags. You will stay with us. I can't let you with this man anymore. She jerks herself away from him. How can you say that bhaiya? I love Maan, I can't live without him. He is my life. How could you.

But your life is not less mess with him. Dad spoke. Geet was shocked. How can they even think like this, no. she will never ever do anything like that? No dad. No. I can't leave him.

Maan stood there listening to all of them. His hand becomes fist, listening to them. So they want her to stay away from me, they want her to live happy. They think I'm making her life mess.

Go geet, go from here.
The voice made her heartbeat stop. Her heart shattered in two million peices, when Maan spoke most dreadful words to her. He knows she can't deny him. How can him. Holding his collar tight she asks him. What did you say? He looks at her eyes. Go from here. Leaving his collar she put her hand on her mouth, how could he.

She ran to her room not able to stand the moment anymore, even Khushi voice didn't came to her ear. The only thing she could ear was his voice, telling her to leave, leave him. Leave their house. Everything.

The whole night she cried, Maan came to their room late night. And silently slept in sofa. Her heart ache more seeing him sleeping away from her. She made Khushi sleep with her crying eyes.

When the morning light hit his eyes, he opened them. It took time for him to adjust the view. He was feeling something, like something was lost, something snatched away from him. With heavy heart he turns to see geet, say her sorry for his behavior. He was harsh last night. He didn't want to say that but things were so messed up that moment. But when he saw the bed, there was only Khushi lying on bed. Wanting to her he cares her hair, silently saying sorry to her. Suddenly his eyes caught the letter beside her. Frowning he took the letter and read it.

His hear founded out of his chest. Geet left him, she left her Maan. She took his words so seriously. He went mad searching for her in one long year, but then he decided to make himself what she always want him. It took him three years to hold the business. Now he is what she wants but the only thing is left. Is geet. When will she be with him...?



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Maan stood looking outside the window; it was dark, too dark, like his life. He lament the moment he told her to go away. He was frustrated that moment and all went out on her. He said the word which destroyed his life, not only his, but Khushi and geet life. Just because of him today geet is not here with her own daughter. How much she loves her, but still left her to him. Knowing he will not be able to live alone. The reason today he is still having hopes to bring her back is only Khushi.

His thought was disturb by Khushi voice, turning around he find her mumbling in her sleep. Going to her he strokes her hair. What happened baby? She rubbed her eyes mumbling. Water. He look around, there was no water. He again turns to her. Wait a mint honey. I will go and bring water for you. He went out to take some water from kitchen. As he was passing, he heard brij speaking with someone in phone. He avoided and started walking passes him his room. But was stopped by his words. No, he doesn't know anything yet. They are leaving tomorrow. Maan frowned. It was them who are leaving tomorrow. Who's the person he is talking. And what he doesn't want him to know. He came closer to his door to listen carefully.

Yes, I know. But make sure she shouldn't know Maan and Khushi are with me. Maan ears got alarmed. Why does he not want him and Khushi to know, the thing he is hiding? What's going on? Lora, take care of geet. I will call you when they will go.

His heart stops beating. Brij know where is geet. He himself has kept her away from him. His hand becomes fist. He was searching her like mad and here he have hided her from him, from her own daughter.

Brij cut the call and turn around only to find angry Maan standing outside. He suddenly become nervous, the thing which he have hided from five years, he finally came to know. He did not want him to know where she is. Maan entered his room and furiously held his collar jerking him back to the wall. You know where geet is. All the while you knew everything. Or should I say it's you who have took her away from him. His holds were hurting brij. He winced. Leave me. He holds him more aggressively. How dare you? Brij hold his. Hand tight and jerk him away. Yes I know. I kept her away from you. Because I don't want you to ruin her life more.

What? You ruined her life by keeping her away from me, from Khushi. From all of us. How can you think she will be happy without me, without Khushi?

Brij look at him. Maan was right; she was and will never be happy without them.

How can you? Her daughter needs her. How can you keep her away from her own daughter? She must be waiting for me, don't know how long. I'm finding her like anything in the world. But you always kept her away from me. Even knowing very well she can't live without both of us.

Brij went to long thought by Maan words. His every word was right. He knows exactly how geet is suffering even after not having any knowledge about her. Where was this love, when she left you? When you humiliated her every day, humiliated her feelings, her love, her care.

I know brij. I know I made a mistake. I'm suffering now. Lamenting every moment. But what you did is absolutely not correct. Can't you see how Khushi misses her? I can feel it, that geet is dying to see Khushi.

Brij look at Maan, he was someone else brij known. The Maan he knows was arrogant, egoistic Maan. This Maan is looking so helpless. Head down, eyes full of tears. He knows geet love him, unconditional. But he always thought Maan never loved her, he only used her. Brij always hated Maan for making her pregnant and not even being with her in the time she needed him the most. But now he can see the same love in his eyes for geet, which he always have seen in geet eyes for him.

Both were disturb by the sound on the door. Turning Round they find Khushi crying, rubbing her eyes. Maan ran to her and hugged her brushing her hair. Papa. WA. Watt. She couldn't complete due to crying. Maan kissed her cheek. Sshhu. I will get you water now. Don't cry. Brij look both of them. Seeing Khushi he felt bad. That's her mistake in all these. He felt sorry for whatever he did to keep them away even after knowing very well geet can never be happy without them.

He saw Maan passing out, Maan. The voice stopped him. He turns to him. Geet is in London. Maan look at him with so much peace in his eyes he smiled widely making his grip around his daughter tight. Brij move to the desk and came infront of him. It's her address. Maan look at the paper and then to him. His smiled only widened. His happiness was visible in his eyes, but didn't come out. They needed her to come our. She is waiting for you. He gave him a side hug, thanking him; he cannot describe how thankful he is. What can he get better than his geet? He has given him his life, his jaan back. He was so happy. Finally he found his geet. His life. He kissed Khushi head and went out. He was out of the world; his geet will be with him soon. Soon he will look at her, hold her in his arm. Khushi will meet her mom.

That night he was not able to sleep. He only wanted to run to her and hug her tight. Keep her close to him. He looks at the address, carssing the letter. Which turn his destiny. He will meet her soon. I'm coming jaan.


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It was early morning, Khushi was still asleep. Maan went to Sam room. She was packing her bag. The moment she saw him she speak. Sir, everything is packed. We will leave for Delhi so. He nods his head. We have to go somewhere else. She stop putting cloths and look at him curiously. Where?


London? But why? He sighed going toward her giving her the address. Geet is in London. It's her address. Sam eyes popped out. What? Geet. You find her address. But how?

Brij gave me. Now no more questions. After going to Delhi, we will drop Khushi and go to London. She nodded her head unknowingly but after getting his word she look at him. You mean you will not take Khushi to her?

No. I don't want to. I don't know what she will say? How she will behave. And there are many things which should be sort out first.

She nods her head looking down, finally she will meet geet, and the first thing she want to ask her, was her anger so big that she have to leave her own daughter. How can she live in peace leaving everyone restless? She was desperate to meet the person for whom the great Maan Singh khurana is so restless. To whom he loves so unconditional.

Maa was sad that Khushi and Maan were leaving. She wanted them to be there for some more time. But Maan excused for work. He was not willing to tell anyone about before he meets her and make things clear. They sat in the car; he booked his private jack for him and Sam. every passing second his breath word getting low. He wanted to meet her as soon as possible. His wait is finally finished. He will meet his jaan soon. He was not feared of her reaction. He wanted her to punish him. Shout at him. Hit him. Khushi slept in his arm. He asked the driver to speed up the car to get in Delhi soon.

Sam felt his restlessness. She knew he wanted to meet her soon. She tried to take Khushi many times but she clearly rejected. She was so shocked at her behavior. Normally Childs used to chatter with everyone but she is the only kid who only wanted to be in Maan arms, no one else. She thought it otherwise; maybe it could be lack of love she is getting.

They reached Delhi after one day due to speeding. He told Sam to get fresh and eat something while her take Khushi in her room. Taking Khushi he gently laid her in bed. But she stirred a little and opens her eyes. Papa. She mumbled again sitting on his lap. He smiled brushing her head. I need to go out country baby. She looks at him with her sleepy eyes and making big face. He kisses her cheek. Its important baby, I will be back soon. She keeps her head on his chest closing her eyes.Chocolate. She demanded. He chuckled kissing her head. Fine. I will bring chocolate for you. He sat there until she falls asleep again. Sam came and saw him with Khushi. He lied her down and went to her. Let's go to airport. Sam looks at him from up to down. But sir, at least get fresh. You must be tired. He shook his head moving ahead already. There's no time Sam. we have to go. I need to meet her soon.

The drive to the airport was quiet fast. Sam was getting a bad feeling for him. He looks so happy, but what if she doesn't accept him? What if she is moved on? Keeping her view in mind she finally asks him. Sir, what if geet doesn't accept you? He looks at her for some time and then smiled. Sam. you will know her the moment you will see her. Now let's go. He went out of car. Sam confusingly went behind him.

His restlessness only increase when the time passes. He wanted to land this plane as soon as possible. But that can't be. It will take time. The moment the fight landed her hold Sam hand and drag her out fastly.finishing all the formalities he went out where the driver was already waiting for him. Both sat in the back seat. The driver put their luggage or say only Sam luggage, Maan didn't even bothered to bring his bag. He gave the address to him. The driver drives the car to their destination.

It was late night when they reached their destination. He smiled widely. Coming out of car he took Sam bag and walk fastly. Sam has to run seeing him speedily climbing the stairs. He didn't even bother to stay for few second for lift. She sighed running after him. When they reached the floor both stood taking their breath. He sighed a long breath and rings a bell. Waiting out. The door opened after few bells. He moved ahead. Geet. Where is she? Sam holds his shoulder to calm him but nothing worked. The lady who opened the door look at him curiously, not wanting them to come inside. Why did you come? He didn't even bother to answer. His eyes were over her shoulder, searching for her. Sam looks at him and then the lady. Please let us in. we came for her. Sighing he shook her head finally allowing them in. he entered the house looking here and there finding her. He could feel her presence. I'm Lora. Brij told me that you are coming. But it's late now. You can meet her. She was unable to complete seeing him glaring at her. He shot her a dead full glare and turn to a door which was closed. He could feel she was there. Her aroma was all around there.

Slowly her went and opens to the door. Lora tried to protest but Sam stopped her. Please let them talk first. They stayed outside.

He entered the room. It was dim. He looks ahead and his heart missed a beat, his geet was there, in front of him. Sleeping peacefully.

His life came back, his smile didn't stopped, walking slowly he sat besides her looking at her closely.
Admiring every nice of her. She looks so pale. Ever so gently he put his finger on her soft cheek. A smile crept on his face, he finally touched her, his tears flowed down, and his geet was with him. Moving close he gently and softly touch his lips on her forehead.

She felt him, but thought it will be another dream as always. She knots her eyebrow feeling his soft lips. On her skin. She never dreams of him touching her. Slowly opening her eyes, she took time to adjust the view; she saw his smiling face, teary eyes few inches away from him.hey jaan. He whispered caressing her cheek looking at her eyes. She blinks little time not knowing weathers its dream or not.

He know what she is feeling, kissing her eye he whispered. I'm here. I came to you jaan. She gasped slightly resting her back on bed rest. He only looks at her, there was no change in her behavior, but her eyes were shocked


He waited patiently for her to react, to yell at him, to cry. But nothing happened. She sat their quietly watching him. Hiding her emotion to show him as always, making her eyes blank to not make him know what's going in her mind. Cupping her face is again whispered. I missed you so much, you have no idea what went in me without you.

She just watches him, not knowing what to do, what to say? The moment she feared have finally came, he finally found her. On the other hand she was so happy to see him. After many years. He looks so matured, totally business man type. She wanted to hug him hard and cry. But didn't want to breakdown in front of him. She didn't want to lose that easily. Whatever he did was not so easy to forget. She was scared; he will again be depending on her and leave everything he earned. Now if he found her he will only want to spend her time with her, which she didn't want. She wants him to continue where he is. He was looking at her eyes, as if searching something. She knew he was searching for an answer, for the same love. No, not so easily. She gave him her famous blank look which she does. Whenever she will be angry with him.

He was not able to hold himself anymore. Hugging her he cried all his heart, showing all his pain, removing all the loneliness. She didn't hug him. He knows there are many things he has to sort out he was ready. But now he wanted to keep her close to him.

He only hugs her crying. She didn't like it. She never likes to see him like this. Wanting to comfort him, but afraid to speak, scared the word which will come in her mouth will be something sweet, she didn't wanted to. Keeping quite she let him pour his heart.I love you. I love you. I love you so much. He mumbled holding her tight with every word.

After like an hour he moved back facing her. She gently wipes his tears. Still my crybaby. He chuckled with his teary eyes and kisses her softly cupping her face. Why are you not yelling at me?

Did I ever? He smiled hugging her, keeping his head on her chest holding her waist.How is Khushi? He looks up to her, she looks down at him, he wanted to see her love, but she was hiding it. Sighing he look down. She is fine. Missing you. They sat in a silence, words were never important for them. They can hear each other's heartbeat. Maan knows she still love her the same, but didn't wanting to shown. I am scared, I don't trust you anymore. He sits straight and looks at her. Holding her hands he says.I know. But I will make you trust me again. She just looks at him in awe. Her Maan never have spoken any words to her like this. He never cared. Moving her hand she gently touch him. Wow, it feels so good. She missed the feeling so much. How much she loves this man, but scared to show it.

Suddenly there was knock on the door. She moved her hand and sit straight. Lora and Sam enter. Sam looks at her. She expects a hot discussion to be held. But both seem to be so relaxed. Geet look at her and turn to Maan. He understands. She is Sam. sameera. She actually. Ahh. He was finding it difficult to tell her, knowing she will be angry to know he took help finding her. She helped you. She said looking at his eyes. He gave her a pleading look. She shook her head. Still the same. Always need help. No. but I found you myself. Seriously. He said making an innocent face, she fell on it, wanting to smile, pull his cheek but hold herself. She looks at Sam.

Geet. You must sleep, it's late. She said looking at Maan. Asking him to leave. Maan didn't like it. He looks at geet.You both go and sleep, we are fine. Lora stormed out, she did not like it. How can she be so calm to him? He just came like that after many years. Not even giving any explanation.

Sam stood there looking at geet in confusion. Not knowing the reason of her so weird behavior. You can also go and sleep. Geet said her finding her lost. Sam again was shocked. She didn't ask her who she is. Why she came with Maan? Nothing. With her confuse mind she made her way to Lora room.

When they went out Maan keep his head on her lap. She starts to brush his hair. They were in peace, close to each others. Why didn't you bring Khushi? He played with her finger. I wanted to spend some time with you.

Still greedy. He chuckled looking at her. We missed you. She didn't say anything. He close his eyes finally feeling relax; a heavy burden is removed from his shoulder. His geet came to his life. Slowly he drifts to sleep. First time after so many years he was sleeping peacefully. When geet felt him sleeping. She gently kisses his forehead, finally smiling. Tear flow from her eyes. She missed him too. A lot. But he has to do a lot. I love you.

She whispered lightly not wanting him to hear her. Keeping her head in bed rest she too slept peacefully.

She stirred by some ringing noise, opening her eyes she saw something blinking in his pocket. Slowly m

Removing it she saw his mobile. There was a mail from office. He has to attend a meeting tomorrow in London. Scrolling down she checks all his mails. A smile spread on her face, her Maan is handling so big project. She looks down to his sleepy face. The person who never liked to do his notes is holding so many projects, she smiled proudly finally he is responsible. But her smile faded soon. What if he left everything now?

Her thought went to Khushi, she was desperate to see her, hold her, hug her and kiss her. Give her the love which she missed so many years. Their little angel have suffered a lot in-between them. She wanted to see her, how she looks like. What she likes and what not. Hope so Maan didn't made her stubborn. Caressing his hair, thinking of Khushi she again close her eyes and sleep.


Sam and Lora woke up early, going out they saw geet in the kitchen. Sam look at her, she look so calm, as if nothing happened. Going to her she tried to ask her the reason she left. Good morning. She turns morning.

Again went to her task. She didn't even smile. Sam was so confused by her behavior. She is behaving just like Khushi. Not interested at all. What are you doing? Lora asked her. Making coffee for Maan. He has a meeting. Lora rolled her eyes while Sam looks at the coffee.Sir doesn't like so hard coffee. She didn't reply, just give her a glimpse and again turn to coffee. Did you asked him where was he all these years? Lora asked geet even knowing she will never ask him. Sam look both of them, wanting to tell how he was but stopped remembering Maan word that she don't like when someone interfere between them.

Geet you will not go with him. Sam couldn't digest the words.Why not. Khushi is waiting for her. She should go. Geet poured the coffee in the cup, turning to them she said in a warning tone. Enough. It's between us. With that she went in her room. She is weird. Sam made a face. Lora smiled at her. Yes she is. It's been so long she is with me, but I still don't understand her. How can you. They both are something else.

She enters the room, at the same time Maan came out from washroom, a towel around his neck. He took the coffee and drinks it. Hmm. i missed it. Going to her he gave her half hug. Only my jaan can give me what I want. He never drinks this hard coffee, because only she knew his taste. She always has made for him. But after her he quit drinking it. He saw geet, she looked down immediately. I have a meeting. She nods her head keeping the tray on table. He saw her avoiding to look at her, he smiled inwardly knowing whenever she used to control herself she does it. She gives him shirt without looking at his eyes. He goes near to her, she look down. He takes the shirt and forwards it to her. She knows what he wants. Without questioning him she takes the shirt and start making him wears. Going back she guides it to his hand, slowly moving up her hand brush his skin giving Goosebumps to both. Moving to other side she slides his shirt to his arm. coming in front she start to button the shirt slowly controlling herself, not wanting to show him she still is effected by his touch. But Maan knew her too well. He knows she is also having the same feeling as he is having by her touch. Bringing her close by holding her waist, she continued to button the shirt.

Suddenly his phone ring. He moves away to take the phone from the bed. A smile crept on his lips seeing the caller id. Turning to geet he says. It's Khushi. An excitement came to her eyes, she ran to him, almost snatching the phone. He smiled moving it away. She gave him a glare. He smiled and came to her back, hugging her. Don't talk. He whispered putting the call in speaker, still hugging her with his one hand. Morning papa. A tear escaped from her eyes listening to her daughter, her voice is so sweet, and she smiled. For the first time after so many years he saw her smile, not for him but he will make this smile for him too. Kissing her cheek he says. Morning princess. How are you? Geet take the mobile in her one hand and with another holds Maan hand which was on her stomach. I'm fine. But missing you so much.

Missing you too baby.

Papa, you remember Na you promised for chocolate. He chuckled again kissing geet. I know. I will bring it. And yes we are coming today. He said wiping geet tears. She turns to look at his eyes, gently kissing her lips he moves away. Bye baby.

Bye papa. Love you. Geet tried to say something but Maan hang-up. She turns around. Why didn't you let me talk? She said pouting her lips starting to button his shirt again. He holds her waist. Because I want to give her surprise. Finishing the button she fixes. His collar.And yea. I want you to pack your bag when I come back. He smiles. I'm taking you back home. She looks into his eyes.What if I deny on going with you. He smiles cupping her face.You can never deny me. Kissing her forehead he says. I will be back soon. He moved to go, but was stopped by a hold.

She holds his hand seeing him going away. Be turned around to her. She hugs him keeping her head on his chest holding his waist. He smiled holding her back. She was so much longing to be in his arm, for him to hold her safe. I'm missing her.

He kisses her head. You will see her soon. But she didn't move. Staid there closing her eyes.


Geet was packing her bag, Lora and Sam entered. Geet think again. She didn't reply but continued to pack. Lora sighed; no one can change her decision now. She knew well the day Maan will come she will not think twice and go with him.

It was evening, trio sat in sofa watching TV. Geet was engrossed in her thought. Maan is so changed, the person who hates to wake up early, woke so early for his meeting. Even in this important day he dint left the meeting. He sounds so soft with Khushi. Khushi was so happy. He must have really kept her happy and much pampered. She speaks like Maan, demandingly. She was so happy to see all these. So happy that she will soon see her daughter. She remembers the morning incident. it was the first time after their marriage she have seen so much love in his eyes, infact it was first time this love was seen. The warmth of his embrace, she felt so good. Like her world is there, and yes it is. But she can't just show him now. She first has to make sure that did he really change? Will he really be able to be same now? She will not be weak this time. Not until she will be sure that Maan is enough responsible. He will have to face her silence, ignorant. Although she can't ignore him but yes she will not love him openly, the way she always did. She will not support him until her trust will be back


Her thought were broken by the door bell. She knows who it will be. Running she opened the door, while Sam look at her curiously and Lora rolled her eyes. Maan smiled seeing her. She didn't smile back but took his file and mobile. Giving her a kiss on her lips he says. Ready? We have to go to airport fast.

She nods going inside the room. Sam are you ready.

Yes sir.

Maan gives the luggage to the driver. Geet hug Lora. Take care. She move back and smiled. Maan came and say her bye. Thanx for everything you have done. She smiles nodding her head.

Trio sat in the car. Geet in middle. The drive was longer than usual.

Enough geet. Give it to me. Maan snatched his mobile, in which she was engrossed checking his office mail. Maan, I was just checking. She tried to take the mobile but he put it in his pocket. She made a face at him. Sam looks both of them curiously. Who will say that these two people were away from each others? They both are so weird when together. Geet. She is so difficult to understand. It's been two days they are together but she didn't saw her talking with her or Lora, the only person she speaks with is Maan. Lora will only get the answer of what she asks. She was so confused by her behavior, she expected someone really high ego, stubborn person who left Maan when he love her so much. But seeing her. She is so different from others.

Geet grab his wallet from his pocket checking it, but Maan snatch it away. Geet. You will see her after sometime. She made a face and keeps her head on his chest hugging him. I want to see her. He brings her close.Geet we will be there soon. Sam said smiling at her trying to make her talk. But geet look at Maan angrily. Why have you brought her here? He put his hand on her cheek. She wanted to see you. She moves close, holding his waist tight. I don't like her. Maan kissed her head moving her hair from her face. He looks up at Sam and mouth at her sorry. She smile and nods her head. She chuckled looking out of window? She was wrong. Khushi is not like Maan nor is her behavior because she was not receiving love. It's just she is like geet.

Geet was restless in the plane too. Maan sat in-between Sam and her. Geet hold his arm and keep her head on his shoulder. He played with her finger kissing them several time. Sam could only admire their love. After sometime geet dozed off. He looks at her only bringing her in his embrace caressing her cheek with his thumb.Khushi will be so happy. Sam said finding him lost in his wife. Hmm. she is going to get her mom.

His eyes were fixed on her, moving his thumb to her chin caressing her skin. My job is complete sir. You have found your wife. He softly kisses her forhead then cheek ever so softly. I have found my life. He turn to Sam. you can come home whenever you like. She chuckled looking at geet. He turns to her again carrying her face. She will not like it. He smiled. She will. She just needs time mixing with people. He kisses her lips softly removing her hair from her forehead.

They reached Delhi. Driver was already present there. She was getting restless as time passes. During the whole drive she hold on Maan hand tight. Oh god. Will she recognize me? He smiles squeezing her hand. She will. Don't worry. She nods.

When they reach little nearer. She keeps his hand on her heart. He could feel her rapid heartbeat. pitting his other arm around her he rub her arm. He also called maa and brij. no one knows the reason except brij that why he strictly told everyone to be present.

finally they reached the mansion. her eyes were stuck on it. it is so changed. so big. Maan held her and took her toward the door. Sam simply walk with them. geet give a worried look to Maan, he kiss her forehead. ringing the bell geet hold him tight. he chuckled and bring her behind him. Maan. what are you doing? he hold both her hand in front of him, not letting her to move. ssh geet. I want to surprise her. she hold his shirt tight when the door opened. he smile looking all of them already waiting for him. giving him confuse look to see a big smile in his face.

KHUSHI. he shouted, still holding geet behind him. no one could see her. baby come fast. Khushi ran down. papa. she shouted from upstairs running down. geet shivered by her voice holding Maan tight. when Khushi was little away he gesture her to stop by his hand. wait their honey. she frowned putting her hand on her hips. he smile moving away so all can see geet. a loud gasp came out from all seeing her. but her eyes were stuck on her angel. tears rolled down continuously. she leave Maan hand and run toward her hugging her tight. Khushi. my baby. she cup her face kissing her both cheeks forehead. mama. she whispered in low voice and bring her little fingers on her face. mama. you came. geet nods her head smiling widely, hugging her kissing continually, tears of joy didn't stop.I missed you so much baby. Maan stood at the door seeing the site which he dreamt for so long. all the family came near her. rano put a hand on her shoulder. geet look up taking Khushi in her arm she stood and hug her maa. rano kiss her head. all were in tears. she hug mom and dad. I'm so happy that you came. dad said kissing her forehead.

Khushi saw Maan standing. she gesture him to come. he come near and kiss her cheek. she hold geet locking her little arms around her neck. papa, you brought mama. both geet and Maan smile. geet kiss her cheek. yes princess, I finally brought her. geet was only admiring her daughter.

geet beta. go rest for a while. you must be tired, we will talk later. mom told her. she nods her head moving a step she stop, where should she go, which room should she go? she look above at their room. should she go there? have Maan still kept that room foe her too.

Maan understood and went to her he whispered. go to our room. she look in his eyes, he smile and assure her. she move and goes to their room.

Maan told everyone how he found geet. brij told that he wants to trust Maan this time. Sam bid a bye to everyone knowing they might need private time.

as geet entered the room she was shocked. Whole wall was decorated with her and their pic. There was also some Khushi pic. She smile thinking Maan has missed her so much that he tried to keep her close by seeing her everywhere. Tracing her finger to every picture she looks at them. How much she missed all this. Her Maan. Her daughter. How much she wanted to hold her like this. To see this family again. Maan have kept everything according to her wish in the room. It was clean, beautiful just as she wanted.



Geet sat on the bed with Khushi on her lap. She traces her little finger on geet face, her cheek, chin and eyes. Wiping the tears. No cry mama. She smiled hugging, kissing her head. Maan entered the room seeing both his love ones he smiled and sat behind geet hugging her and keeping his chin on her shoulder. Papa. Mama looks like me. Both chuckled at her innocence. No baby. You look like mama. She smiled widely kissing her mama both cheek.I missed you so much mama, me and papa really missed you a lot. Tears rolled down her eyes. Geet felt her shoulder getting wet; I think I have to handle two cry babies. Khushi giggles hugging her while Maan hug her from back kissing her neck. Khushi, tell your mama to promise that she won't leave us again. Khushi look at her with pleading eyes. Mama promise karo Na. geet turn her face to Maan, he look at her with teary eyes. You're blackmailing me. He smiled. Of course. She turns to Khushi. Kissing her forehead she replied. I love you baby. Suddenly Khushi moved back. I have so much to say you mama, you know... she started off saying everything thing to her while geet listen to her with a smile on her face. Maan kiss her cheek every now and then.

After a long time Khushi dint even stopped a while. Geet whispered softly. She is just like you. But she chatters more than you. He smiles kissing her cheek and whispering. I'm afraid you have two to handle now. They sat their listening to their daughter. Maan felt geet getting tired. Bus baby. Enough now mama is tired. You should also sleep. Saying this he takes her and made her lye on bed knowing she will not go to her room today. Mama. She extends her arm for geet. Geet smiled lying besides her patting her back. Maan went to change.

When he return he saw Khushi sleeping peacefully on geet arms. Smile he went and lye behind geet hugging her from back.I have been waiting for this for so long. Khushi was in deep sleep, kissing her forehead she turns around. Maan bring her close holding her waist. Her hand move to his face, cheek admiring him. Only she knows how much she missed sleeping with her family between her daughter and her life. Her fingers trace his stubbles. I'm so happy you are back. I was feeling so suffocated, so lonely. I needed you so much. She comes close, giving him a light feather kiss on his lips. He sighed holding her, keeping his lips on hers for longer. Bringing her beneath him. Slowly bring her lips in his mouth.

Both start to nibble each other's lips. How much she tries but she couldn't be away from him. Going out of breath he moves away keeping his forehead on her, both breathing heavily. Khushi stirred keeping her hand on geet stomach moving close to her arms. She turns around and hugs her hiding her smile and blush. Maan lie down and hug her keeping his cheek on hers. Playing with her fingers which were on Khushi waist. Both laid in a silent. Geet smile was not stopping she hide her face in Khushi neck not wanting to show him. Not at least now.

I'm tired geet. Very tired. I can't hold so much alone. Please. I did whatever you wanted. Whatever you said. But now I'm tired. I want to leave everything and be with you only. Please.

Her smile faded, breath was caught on her throat. The moment she feared finally came. The thing due to which she was hiding herself came in front of her. Every hard work went in vain. She jerks his hand away from her. He again holds her.Please jaan. She jerks it again. He holds her shoulder. After a long time she turn around. He put his hand on her cheek looking at her eyes. If you said that again, I will leave you again. And this time for... he put his finger on her lips not letting her to complete. Please. Don't say that. I really need you geet. Cupping his face she whispered softly. I will be. Always. But only if you continue where you are. He looks at her eyes. It was hard for him now. If geet is with him he wants to spend more of his time with her. But he can't let her down like this. Sighing he kiss her forehead. I promise. I will. She moves forward hugging him. Her nightmare was still there. She can't trust him so easily. He have to work harder now after this.


Slowly opening her eyes she smiled sleepily seeing Khushi sleeping in her arm with one arm around geet neck. She kiss her chubby cheeks admiring her closely, she truly looks like her. Same eyes, same lips, same cheeks and same hair. She chuckled remembering her chatters. Just like Maan. Turning around she didn't find Maan. Where is he?

Getting up she goes to cupboard hoping for some cloths. Opening it she was shocked to see her dresses were neatly hanged. Maan have kept everything so nicely. Taking a white dress she went to take a shower.

Coming out she saw Khushi sitting on bed rubbing her eyes looking here and there. Going to her she kisses her forehead putting her in her lap.Good morning. She smiles kissing geet cheek. Morning. And keeps her head on geet chest closing her eyes. She pats her sometime but she didn't sleep. Moving back she just admires her mother.Today mama will make breakfast for you. But before that let's take you for a shower. She excitedly nods running to her room.

Giving Khushi a bath she went to kitchen to make her a breakfast. Khushi went to living room to sit with dad and dadi. Geet enters the kitchen and find mom there. Mom. She turns around giving her a smile. You wake up. Good I was waiting for you. Geet smile standing beside her. Where is Maan? Mom could only smile. She is not changed. The first thing she always wants to see in morning was always Maan and now too. He went to office beta. He has a meeting. He told me to tell you. Geet look at her mom. He is changed geet. He is not the Maan you left. Sometime we feel so good with the change, but sometime so bad. Geet knot her eyebrow. Bad for what?

He has become so rude. He has no friends. No one geet. He never talks to us like before. He never smiles. The only time we see him smile is when he will be with Khushi.

Geet look at her in shock. Maan changed so much. But she didn't feel it. He was same with her. Like before. Why he have no more friends? She remembers his words last night. I felt so suffocated, so lonely. The pain. She knows how it feels to be alone. To laments you're every deed. How much he went through just to make her happy.

Keeping the thought for later she made breakfast for Khushi. Mama you will feed me. She jumped on her lap. Geet smile feeding her lovingly.

After that she sat in living room with all.You are not going to office dad. He smiles looking at mom. No geet. I quiet. Maan is handling all very well. So he suggests me to sit home and rest. He said with a pride in his face which geet was dying to see. She was so happy that finally Maan have made him proud. He handled everything so good. Office, home, Khushi. Just for her. Only her. But still somewhere last night his word scared her to believe him so easily. Yes she loves him but she will not show it so easily. She has to be confirmed first that he will never change.


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Geet entered in khurana construction with Khushi. The whole office is so changed, so big. She couldn't even recognize Maan cabin. Going to reception she asked. Excuse me. Maan ka cabin kaha hai? Before the receptionist could reply she heard a voice from back. Geet? She turns around to find Sasha. Sasha. How are you? She came and hugs her. Oh my god geet, I don't believe its you. Such a long time. Where were you Han? Geet smile. Yea long time.

When did you come back?

Just yesterday. Sasha hugs her again. It's so good to see you. We really missed you. Geet smiled looking at her and then look at Khushi. I don't know where Maan cabin is.

Mama, I know. Come. She drags her. Sasha stood behind smiling both of them. She was the old worker here and knew everything about them.

Geet entered Maan cabin, he was busy in his laptop. Papa. Khushi yelled running to him. He made her sit in his lap and kissed her cheek. Looking above he saw geet standing at door. Geet come Na. he stood up taking khushi in his arms. You came so suddenly. He said guiding her to his chair. She sat their looking at him.I just wanted to. He grabs a chair and sat beside her. You should have told me. I could bring you with me. Khushi went to the sofa taking her drawing book which is always present there.You came here without telling me. He smile, geet takes the file from the table and start reading them while Maan just adore her.

There are so many projects.

Hmm. he takes the file from her hand and keeps it on the table. Taking her hand he kissed them. Why don't you join me? She look at him confuse. What should she say, she was not sure why Maan asking her this question? Does he want her to handle everything or just wants to spend time with her? Maan read her look. Kissing the corner of her lips he says. You will be with me 24 hours.

Khushi will be alone. I want to be with her. She said looking at Khushi. He looks at her for some time and then spoke up. I don't have a meeting for some time. Why not we have a drive. Khushi ran up to Maan hearing his word. Yay, yes papa lets go. Whooommm. Both chuckled.Let's go. Maan took her in his arm. There was a knock on the door. Sir, Mr. Manchanda has come. He is waiting for you in conference room. With that the receptionist went out. Maan turn to geet and then look at khushibaby just wait for some time, I will come after this meeting. She holds her tight. No. no waiting. We will go now. He looks at geet for some help. She came forward and takes Khushi in her arm.

Khushi is a good girl. She will wait for papa. Haina baby? She makes a big face. Maan come and hug geet from back smiling at Khushi but she turns her face away twisting her lips. Geet smiled and look at Maan. He sighed tightening her hold on geet waist. Keeping his chin on her shoulder. Hmm. jaan my baby is so angry with me. Khushi move his face away from geet shoulder. He again put it. Arey she is my wife. She makes a face looking at geet. She smiles, typical Maan angry face. Ok how about an ice cream? She looks at him from corner of her eyes. You will buy ice cream for me? She asked looking at him with her big red face. He nods smiling. She suddenly gasped kissing his cheek.Yay. Ice cream. Mama ice-cream. Both laugh at her. Maan kiss geet cheek and ran out to conference room.


When he came back, he slowly opens the door to find Khushi busy with her drawings and geet with setting his file in shelf. Smiling him slowly went and hugs her from back kissing her neck. These file are kept so badly, who keeps them. He smiles kissing her jaw line. No one is here to keep them in order. Why not you keep them up to date always. She turns around knowing what exactly he wants. Moving her one arm around his neck and another on his chest. She look at Khushi and then to him.

Khushi needs me now. I can't just leave her and join business. He sighed looking down making a sad face. She knows he is doing this on purpose. God she have two people now. Putting her hand on his cheek.I will come here for some hours always but for some hours. He smiles widely hugging her. I love you sooo much.

Still you have much to do?

I can do everything when you are with me. Both look at each other's eyes. Suddenly Khushi scream. Papa? You came. She runs to him. He picks her up. Hmm. lets go now. Holding geet by waist they went out.


In the car Khushi was continuously disturbing Maan, pulling his cheek, ear, or tie. He only smiles tickling her while driving. Khushi stop disturbing papa. He is driving baby. She giggles trying to hold his hand but geet pulled her and keep her head in her chest. Bus, let papa drive. She laughs looking at Maan. He glances at her and start tickling her. Both laughs when geet move his hand. Maan stop. Don't forget your driving. Both laugh again while she rolls her eyes.

They reached the ice cream shop. He ordered two ice creams and one coffee. Papa why two ice cream? He smiles looking at geet. Your mama always eats from my cup. She eats only little. Not understanding anything Khushi turns looking out of window. Geet look at Maan. He still remembers she love eating from his cup and she always drink coffee after ice cream. Maan look at her and smile, she instantly look down. Ice cream came, Khushi jumped on backseat eating her ice cream. Maan gives the ice cream to geet and keeps the coffee on holder. Starting the drive she asked him to eat but he just opens his mouth. She looks at him for some time and then finally feed him with her hand.

They reach at mansion little late. Khushi slept in geet lap. Geet took Khushi in her arm and take her to their room. Maan parked the car and went inside room. Changing their cloths they slept on either side of Khushi. Maan move his hand on hers which was on Khushi waist. Good night. She closed her eyes entangling her fingers with him. Good night. Kissing Khushi forehead both slept.


It was usual morning, geet wakeup early and makes breakfast for all. When she entre her room Maan come out of washroom. Geet my clothes?

Haan aik minute. She goes to cupboard to take his office dress but hear a voice from back. Mama. Both Maan and geet turn to find Khushi in her night dress. You will dress me. She said stubbornly sitting on bed. Geet sighed and go to Khushi room taking her uniform she comes back. Sitting in front of her she starts to dress her. Maan, take your shirt from cupboard. But in spite of taking shirt he come and hugs her from back.I will not wear it until you will give me. He kisses her cheek. Acha, if I will not give you shirt you will roam shirtless. Khushi giggle covering her mouth. Maan come to her ear whispering. I love to roam around you cloth less. She gasp looking at Khushi she was busy with her doll. Sharam karo kuch beti saamne hai. He laughs kissing her neck. Jaldi karo Na. im getting late.

Papa, I also want to go to school. You are big. Wear your cloths yourself. Both giggle looking at him. He looks at geet angrily and bites her cheek. Owww. Khushi move his face. Papa. Danav.

What? What did you said? Wait a minute. Grabbing her he starts to tickle her. Geet try to separate both while Khushi laugh a loud. Sorry papa sorry. He stops kissing her cheek. Geet take Khushi and comb her hair. Now stop it both of you. Uuffhh. She combs her hair while Maan only hug her playing with Khushi.

When Khushi gets ready she goes out for her breakfast and geet help Maan. He holds her waist tight kissing her neck. Maan move. She moves his face. Ufho if you will hold me so tight how am I going to button your shirt. He smile losing his hold but still didn't stop to kiss her again and again on her lips. Maan. Please let me do. Both of you are getting late. He again kisses her.I was thinking. Why not make Khushi sleep in her room today. She stop and look at him with knotted eyebrow, but his mischief smirk made her blush and look down. Softly hitting his chest she starts again. He giggles again kissing her.


Both Maan and Khushi were in breakfast table, geet sat between both of them. Dad was in living room reading newspaper and mom having breakfast with them. Mama I don't want milk. I need juice. Geet take orange juice and give to her. Geet you have to come to office remember? Khushi look at geet and Maan. Mom also looks up to her. No papa. Mama will come to pick me up from school.

Well, there is driver to pick you up. Khushi make a face sitting on geet lap. Mama dekho Na. geet give a glare to maan. Arey, you promised me. You have to come. I don't know anything. Mom suppressed a smile looking at them. Dad also hides his face in newspaper. But Maan. He cut her.Ok fine, go with your daughter. I don't need anyone. Making a face he starts eating. Geet look at him for some time and then spoke. Theek hai. I will pick Khushi and then come to office. Kush. He smiles widely kissing her cheek.

Finishing the breakfast they were leaving when geet pick Khushi kissing her forehead and cheek. Bye baby. She smiles kissing her cheek. Bye mama. Suddenly Maan come from back hug her kissing her cheek. Bye mama. All laugh a loud. Making Khushi sit on car she turns to Maan fixing his tie. He kisses her lips and goes to his seat.

Sighing a long breath she enters only to find mom and dad laughing at her. Good. Laugh. Only I know how these two devils are. Khushi is a baby but Maan. Uuffh. She sits beside dad. We really miss this Maan geet. And you know now we love to see him like this. Geet roll her eyes grabbing the glass of water.Yea why not. You people only have to see. It's me who has to handle them. Both continuous to laugh at her.


Geet pick up Khushi from school and goes to mansion. Changing her cloths both of them went to khurana construction. Entering Maan cabin Khushi ran to him.Papa. We came. He smile making her sit on the desk and calling the reception to not to let anyone in his cabin. Geet come to him but he suddenly pulls her to his lap hugging her. What are you doing? She struggle to let go. Khushi come to geet lap and hug her. Maan pull geet to make her comfortable in his lap.Both of you are impossible. Maan let me go someone will come. Maan and Khushi giggle at her. Khushi kiss her cheek. Mama papa already called. No one will come. He kisses her cheek and rubs his stubble in her neck. Maan please. She rubs her neck. Khushi start to pull his cheek. Papa, you know there is a park near. Maan smile kissing her little hand. We will go there whenever you want. She smiles kissing his cheek. Yay. You're the best.

Maan and geet smile looking at her. Suddenly geet eyes popped out feeling his hand under her kameez. Maan. She whispered trying to remove his hand. Khushi look at her. Kya hua mama? Maan laugh caressing her waist kissing her cheek. Han geet kya hua? She glares at him still struggling to remove his hand. Khushi why don't you go and play with your coloring book. She smile jumping down and went to her drawing book getting busy in it.

Geet remove his hand and try to get up but her lock his hand around her. Behave yourself Maan. He kisses her neck and shoulder. I'm behaving good Na. she turn her face a little looking at him he smile kissing her lips making her gasp and look at khushi. She hit his hand and stood up straightening her cloths. He chuckled taking his file. Hitting his shoulder she goes to shelf and start keeping his file in order.

After an hour she finishes her work and loom at Khushi who was busy drinking her juice which Maan ordered. Maan entered from his meeting. He smile and kiss her cheek.I need to go now. Khushi have her homework. He turns to Khushi and smile. Fine. Kissing her forehead he called Khushi. She ran to him and he hugs her kissing her forehead and cheek. Papa will be little late today. So finish your homework and sleep well ok. She nods her head. You will bring chocolate for me? He smiles nodding his head.Bye papa. Love you. She kisses her cheek getting down. He turns to geet, hug her and kiss her head. Coming to her ear he whispered.Bye jaan. I love you. You can sleep with your daughter today. But I will make sure soon she should be in her room. Geet blushed looking at Khushi and at him, he wink at her moving back. She kisses his cheek softly going out.


It was Sunday morning. Dad and mom were in their room. Geet was sitting in living room while Maan was lying keeping his head on her lap and Khushi sat on his stomach. Both were playing while geet brushing Maan hair and caressing his cheek with other hand. Papa, it's Sunday. Let's go to parka Na. maan and geet smile. Yea baby, we will go in evening. She giggles kissing his cheek and lying on top of him. Papa, why mama is so quiet, she doesn't talk. Geet chuckled looking at Maan. He smiles kissing Khushi head. She talks honey. Bus less than both of us. She smiles keeping her head on his chest playing with his collar.

Maan look up to geet, cant I at least get a smile? He said with sad face. She wanted to open up to him. Wants to be with him the way she always used to. She is longing for him. But she should control, however it's very difficult for her but she have to. Just a little more. Caressing his cheek with her thumb she says. I also want to trust you. But I can't. He sighed looking down at Khushi. He was dying for her smile. She is good with all. She talks to them, smile laugh. But not with him.

It's been a month now they are together but not once he saw her smile a little at him. He was sad, very sad with her attitude. It hurt to see her cold only with him. But that's what he should get with what he has done to her. He has completely lost her trust and he will surely gain it again.

Khushi look up finding both of them quiet.Now you also become quiet in Mama Company. He smiles a little brushing her hair. Geet felt bad for him, she can't see him like this but what can she do, she really doesn't trust him. How can she be sure that Maan can be responsible for whole his life. She didn't saw him like that. Leaning down she kiss his forehead. He looks up to her. Don't be sad please. I hate to see you like this. He smiles taking her hand and kissing it. But both turn with a voice. Hello? I'm also here? Both laugh looking at her cute angry face and hand on her hips. Maan pull her down kissing her head.I love you my baby. He look up you geet.I love you. She didn't reply but keep her head on Khushi which was on his chest. He traces his finger on her cheek.

Suddenly there was a bell sound. Geet sit straight. Nakul open the door and Sam was standing there. Maan look at her and smile sitting straight taking Khushi in his lap. Hey Sam. good morning. She smile coming and sat on sofa. Good morning sir. Actually I was passing so I thought why not come here. Maan smile and turn to geet who was looking down. Her usual self when she sees someone. Hey Khushi. Won't you greet me? Khushi look at Maan frowning. He smile, his two ladies are something else. Honey, say hi to Sam aunty. Khushi look at him and slowly turn to Sam. locking her arm around maan neck and said with pout on her lip and frown on her face.hi. She mumbled and hugs Maan. He turns to geet. Geet? She look down and then to Sam. hi sam. Hmm. i will bring something for you. With that she stood up and went to kitchen. Khushi too ran behind her.

Sam smile and look at Maan.I think I shouldnt have come here. Maan chuckled. No Sam, don't think like that. Geet have never been with anyone, she was always like this with my friends too. And Khushi took it from her. She smiles. Khushi must be happy now.

Yea, she is.

They talked for some time when geet come back with a tray. giving the coffe to Sam she sat beside Maan, he bring her close so she lean to his chest, Khushi sat in her lap keeping her head on her shoulder. You know Sam; geet is also helping me in business. Sam smile taking a sip. That's really good. Geet smile, than She look at Khushi, she was blinking her eyes slowly. She smile kissing her forehead and patted her back so she could sleep.

Maan and Sam talk to each other's while geet sat quietly, slowly Khushi slept in her lap. She smile kissing her eyes and caressing her face. Her daughter is most beautiful. The mixture of her and Maan. Maan got a call so he excused himself. Sam look at geet but her eyes were on her daughter. Sam smile happily to see her finally back with her family. I am so excited to hear your side of story. Geet look up by her voice.Sir told me about you and him. But I want to know your side. She looks at her for some time. She always hated to share her and Maan relation. But somewhere she didn't feel bad for Sam words. She doesn't look like others, she was the one who helped Maan and Maan surely needed someone to pour his heart. She feels nice by Sam gesture, she never have forced her to talk as all do.

I love Maan since childhood. But I realised it when I was 12 years old. Sam looks at her with raised eyebrow. Geet laugh softly which made Sam smile to. It is the first time she is talking to her. Maan realized it when we were 16. He never liked it, because he hates to break my heart but I never used to stop loving him. And it was not easy for me too, I lament every moment to fell in love with such a jerk. She chuckled looking down. It was heaven for me when he proposed me. There were no limits of my happiness. Her smile fad away. But I lament receiving his love. Everything would have been like before if he wouldn't love me.

She looks at Khushi sadly. Khushi. Wouldn't have paid for it. Sam stood and sat besides her holding her hand. Don't say that. Maan sir really loves you a lot. He is lamenting for all his deeds. And see all is well now. Maybe destiny has written that for both of you, geet look up to her confusingly.For sir to realize your importance, for you to have him back the way you always wanted and for Khushi to receive both her parents love. Geet look at Sam for some time and finally smile, she smiles back to her.

Maan came back and sat beside geet.I should leave now sir. She stood up to leave but was stopped by geet. Why don't you have a lunch with us today? Sam looks at her with shock expression. Did she just ask her to stay more? She looks at Maan who smile and indicate her as see. She smiles nodding her head.



All were having lunch, Sam was also there. Geet was having difficult time serving Khushi. She would reject everything only by tasting them and now her eyes were on Maan pasta. Khushi eat what is in front of you. She frowned and looks at Maan. He clears his throat to defend his daughter but geet give him a glare. What? He gulped down and starts eating. Nothing. Pasta is good. All suppressed a smile while she turns to Khushi. Mama, I don't like this paratha. It's so oily. Geet rolled her eyed putting pasta in the plate and moving the plate in front of her. Here. Eat now. Khushi took a spoon in her mouth.Yuk. I don't want it. Geet look at her angrily.

You are eating this Khushi. She put her lips moving back crossing her arms. Khushi eat. She didnt reply. Maan again tried to speak. Geet, WO. She turns to him with raised eyebrow which shut him. Sighing she grab a bowl and pour a cereal. If you said one more word, you will see the worst side of me. Khushi look down sadly and start eating little. Why is your mouth moving slowly? It moves really fast while talking. She pouts eating. Maan look at Khushi, he didn't like to see her like this. He has always given her what she wanted.

Baby, what do you want to eat? We will get it. Geet turn to him. No. she will eat whatever is given to her. She turns to Khushi. And we have to go to park. Khushi look up instantly.But if you didn't finish it fast. I will cancel the trip. She instantly put the spoon in her mouth. Geet smile patting her head and turn to Maan. Eat fast.

Finished. Khushi yelled and sat in geet lap. Can we go to park now? Geet smile kissing her cheek. Yes. We will.

They reached the park; Khushi went to play area while geet and Maan sat on bench watching her. He remembers the evening incident and say. You shouldn't be so hard on her. Geet turn to look at him. What do you mean? He looks down. Geet. Khushi is small. Looking at her he continues. Let her enjoy her life. Please don't force her in everything. Geet look at him. She should know Maan that she couldn't get everything.

But she is just a baby. Geet look in front at Khushi. And this is the age for her to learn. I don't want her to be like you. She curses herself the moment that word slipped her mouth. Instantly turning to him she sees his shocked and hurt eyes. He looks down for sometime then looks at Khushi. Sighing he chuckled. Oh yea. Standing he went to Khushi, geet tries to stop him. Maan. But he went to Khushi. She was guilty by her own word. She didn't mean it. How could she make him understand now?

They stayed for long in park. Maan was quiet all the time. Geet tried to talk to him but he just stood silently. The way back in car also he silently drives the car. Khushi slept in geet lap. She looks at him continuously but he didn't look at her.

When they reach home he simply go to his room. Geet change Khushi cloth and make her sleep. Going to her room she sees Maan lying changed in his night suit. Sighing she too change her cloths and lied down with heavy heart. After sometime when Maan felt her sleeping he went to Khushi room. Sitting beside her he brush her hair but geet words were taunting him again and again. A tear fell down. Is he really that bad that she didn't want Khushi to be like him? Keeping his head down to her hair crying silently.

After sometime he feels a touch on his shoulder. He knows this touch is geet. Wiping his tear he turns around but only look down. Geet sat in front of him.I'm really sorry Maan. I didn't mean it. He didn't answer but hold Khushi little hand in his. Tears were rolling down. She cups his face. I'm. Really sorry. I didn't mean it. I just don't want Khushi to be pampered the way you were.

He sniffs. She wipes his tears.You were the one who made me like this geet. You always loved me like that. You were the one who have pampered me a lot. Who always saved me from dad anger? Then why do you hate me so much now. Her throat went dry by his word. Tears flowed down moving close she hug him. I can never hate you Maan. Don't ever think like that. I know it is only because of me you were like that, moving back she wipes his tears holding his cheek. But I don't want to repeat that mistake. I don't want Khushi to be pampered and lament like you. Lament like me. He looks at her sniffing.

I was thinking something else and the word slipped from my mouth. But I know no one can be a better dad than you Maan. He looks in her eyes surprisingly. Yes Maan. You have given all your love to Khushi when you yourself were so alone, you had so much to handle but still you gave Khushi both mine and your love. He smiled happily by her word. It is the first time she is as speaking about his good dead. You are the best papa. Kissing his cheek she hugs him. He holds her tight crying in happiness. Sach? She kisses his neck. Sach.

After sometime they hear a voice. Papa. Both turn to find Khushi sitting and looking at both of them frowning. Are you both crying? Maan bring her in his lap kissing her cheek.No baby. It's just like that. She turn toward geet, she have never seen her crying. You made mama cry. Geet smile at her wiping her tears. No honey, it's me who made papa cry. Maan shake his head wiping her tears. She moves forward keeping her head in his chest and Khushi on other side. He kisses both of their head.


Geet was dressing Khushi while she was continuously chattering. Mama, kal school function hai. aap ko aana hai. She smiles. Yea baby, I and papa will come. Khushi pout her lips. Papa never comes. Geet frowned grabbing the comb. Why? Khushi give her back so geet could comb her hair. He is always busy mama, always in work. Geet comb her hair but suddenly Maan voice came. GEET. He yelled from their room. She turns around. Aayi. Leaving Khushi hair she ran to their room. Where Maan was searching something with his towel around his neck. Maan, you are not ready yet? He looks at her and says. Geet where is the file which I kept here?

It's there Maan.

No its not. She goes and takes his file. Here. He takes the file and checks it. She takes his shirt and tie out keeping them on bed. She wanted to talk to him about Khushi function. Maan.

Han geet, Khushi will go with driver today. I have to rush in office. Today the new project will start. He said hurriedly and wears his cloths in a hurry. Geet look at his hurry form. the lazy man is in no hurry, he always fight with Khushi to get ready by geet and now in so much hurry that not giving her a second look.

Maan got ready and ran out which bring geet out of her thoughts. She ran after him. Maan at least eat your breakfast. He didn't stop. No, I have to go. Turning he hug her kissing her lips. Bye will be late in night. You don't need to come to office. With that he went out.

She stood there looking at his running form. Mom came to her. Geet. She turn around and looking at her. Mom understood everything and smile. Don't worry beta, he always is like this.

But I have never seen him in so much hurry mom, he didn't even drop Khushi.

Yea, because he was not having any project in these months. Whenever he gets any new project he just forgets everything.

Mama. Khushi yelled from behind with her incomplete hair. Geet just forgot about her. Going to her she hurriedly Make her ready. Today, mama will drop you. She drop Khushi at school and return home.

Whole day was past he didn't called, geet was now really worried. He didn't ate anything from morning, he would always call her thousand time in a day but now not a single ring. Is he again going away from her? The day went like that. Maan return really late at night and slept beside her due to tiredness.

The whole month went like that. He didn't made-up for Khushi function. Geet didn't even have time to talk to him. She would only see him in morning when he would be sleeping.


She sat in her room thinking deeply. Everything changed. The thing she was afraid of. Maan again is busy in his life. In his work. He talks to Khushi for sometime or rarely but he is not getting time to talk to me. He even told me to not to come to office. He is again going away from her. Sundays will go with him and Khushi. Looks like he forgot about me. A tear escape from her eyes. He was so changed when he brought me, so loving and caring toward me. But now he is the same Maan who was when I married to him. Is he fed up with me? Does he really forgetting me? She sniffs lying down hiding her face in pillow. Why did you bring me Maan if you really like to spend your life without me? It looks like I'm almost lost for you. I don't want to see this all. I was afraid of these days and here they are. She again is left far behind in his life. He is again taking her lightly. She cried whole night and slept there. Maan came late, changing his cloths he laid beside her.


It was Sunday. When she wakeup with a heavy headache, all these thinking and stress making her feel exhausted. Slowly opening her eyes she fined herself alone in her room. As always he would be with Khushi. She went to washroom; take a bath and goes down. All were sitting in hall. Maan and Khushi who always use to wait for her now days are finishing their breakfast before her. With heavy heart she sat alone in dining table, which has become a routine for her in this month to eat alone. Her eyes burned with tears feeling again lonely in so many people. Sniffing she wipe her tears and went to her room leaving the breakfast untouched.

Dad noticed her leaving form. Sitting in her bed she takes Maan and Khushi photo. That's what left for her. Caressing the photo she remembers all moment when these two people were always around her. Not leaving any chance to irritate her, to be close to her. Always kissing her, but nothing is happening now days. Khushi is just behaving like Maan. She would go to school, after coming she will stay in her room playing with her toys. She talks with her a little.

Geet. Looking above she saw dad standing beside her. Keeping the frame she look up to him and tried hard to smile, but couldn't. Dad sat in front of her. He could read her eyes, she is lost now a days. He is not seeing them all together from long. She is always away from Khushi and Maan. He knows her habit. She always will stay away from people if they show little harshness to her. No one can know her as he know; he is more than a dad to her. Caressing her hair he asks softly. What's wrong baby? He always knows something is troubling her only by looking at her eyes. And there are so much there now.

Not able to control herself. She hugs him crying hard. Dad is the person to whom she always shares her heart.I want to go away dad, I don't want to stay here, please dad please, and let me go. I don't want to be here anymore. He holds her tight, not able to speak a word listening to her. It's the same voice which was once she married to Maan and he always avoided her. His throat went dry. Her tears didn't stop. The tears which she hided for many years, from so long. She can't hide them now. Her dad arm couldn't atop them. Beta kya hua? She holds him tight. Please dad. I can't see more, I really can't. He moves her back wiping her tears. She looks down sniffing. Whole face becomes red. He cups her face making her look at him, but she still look down. I feel as. I'm nothing here, my being here doesn't matter. They are really happy. Maan just wanted to find me and keep me beside him as always. I hoped I would live with Khushi, but she loves Maan more dad, I think somewhere she hates me to leave her. I. I. I really feel like a Stanger dad. He hugs her rubbing her back. His eyes become moist. He hates to see tears in her eyes.


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