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This Archive contains the Updates of Astitva Ek Prem Kahaani for the month of March 2005.


Update 1st March 2005



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All have come home from the spot where they got news about Astha. Simran is sitting and crying. All are there, Bua, Puaji, Harsh, Abhi , Kath and Shaguna.  Puaji says the information can be wrong. It can be possible that AStha may be alive. Hearing this, Shaguna falls to Simran's feet and cries. Kath sits near Shaguna and tries to console her. Puaji says Saurabh had called, but he did not tell him anything. HE has just told him that by the time, police went to the place, the lady had fled with the kid. Shaguna is still crying at Simran's feet. Simran suddenly says I want to go back. Harsh says its not yet proved and there is every possibility that the news might be wrong. Bua says the woman may have identified a different lady. But Simran very depressingly says i want to go back and she just leaves the room. All are stunned by her reaction. Abhi looks a very depressed man. Bua tells Abhi to go and talk to Simran and convince her. Abhi says what will I tell her? I also think Simran should not be here.


At Simran's place, Pranay is trying to contact Simran. Rashmi and Saurabh are decorating the entire house with coloured baloons. Rashmi very excitedly says she has decorated Astha's room with grand baloons. She looks very happy. Saurabh says poor kid, i just cannot think where and how she must have been? He asks Rashmi whether AStha's favourite dish Khichdi is made. Rashmi says she has made it and als oSimran's favourite dish too. All look happy. Pranay is constantly trying to call. He tells Saurabh that Simran's phone is switched off. Saurabh asks Prany to call the airport and verify whether the flight has come on time. Pranay says he has tried that too, but the lines are busy. Saurabh says why could not Simran just call before taking the flight? She did not even tell what was happening there. Rashmi says they are going to give us a surprise by bringing AStha back. Just then, the door bell rings. They all run very happily towards the door. When they open the door, all are shocked to see Simran is a very bad state, with her face swollen due to intense crying. They just don't know what has happened. Simran is standing near the doorstep holding Astha's shoe in her hand. Behind her, Abhi and Shaguna are standing. Saurabh sees the shoe in Simran's hand and then sees Simran's sad face.He then screams and asks where is AStha? Simran immediately goes inside without utteering a word. Saurabh is shocked and asks again to Abhi where is Astha and actually keeps seeing the gate if he can find Astha anywhere. Pranay and Rashmi also look dumbfounded. Pranay says let them come in and we will talk. Saurabh then gives way and Abhi and Shaguna enter. Simran goes inside and sees the baloons hanging in the hall. She gets very emotional and just sits on the floor near the baloons. Abhi and Shaguna also enter and see the decoration and show a depressed look on their face. Shaguna begins to cry. SAurabh, Rashmi and Pranay enter. Saurabh sees Simran on the floor, goes near her, holds her face up and asks her where is Astha? Simran starts to cry a lot and does not say anything. Saurabh yells at her and asks her again. Abhi then stops him and pulls his hand. Saurabh sees Abhi and Abhi just shakes his head and says Astha is no more. Simran cries bitterly. Saurabh feels like giddy and starts to fall and Abhi, Pranay hold him and make him sit in the chair. Rashmi immediately brings water and Pranay makes Saurabh drink it. Saurabh has not recovered from the shock and looks very dejected and pathetic. Simran is crying and she almost faints on Rashmi. Pranay asks Rashmi to take Simran in. Rashmi sort of lifts Simran and takes her inside. Pranay hugs Saurabh who is crying and tries to console him. Shaguna seeing all this cries and runs inside. Abhi is also in uncontrollable tears.


In the bedroom, Simran is holding a framed photo of Astha in her hand, kissing it and is sobbing. She is crying very heavily. Shaguna comes in with food and tells her to eat. But Simran never takes her face off the photo. Shaguna goes to the hall where Saurabh and Rashmi are seated. They too are crying. Shaguna tells Saurabh to go and talk to Simran as she is not talking or eating. Saurabh agrees and moves to Simran's room. Rashmi follows him. Saurabh enters the room, Simran is still hiding her face with Astha's photo and is crying. Saurabh holds her hand. She lifts her head. She is crying very badly. Saurabh asks Simran to eat. He says if she does not eat, it is not good for her. Astha will not come back. We have to learn to live without her. I know it is difficult but we have to start doing that. So he asks her to eat. Simran is crying a lot. Rashmi says just bcos she has not eaten, nobody has eaten. Simran then very pathetically says i will not eat and pleads with them with folded hands and says please and cries a lot. They all go away. Simran continues to cry.


Later, Dr. Brian and Janet come to Simran's house. Pranay and SAurabh are talking to them. Rashmi brings Simran there. Janet says Simran was so very happy when she went to London. Simran sits near them. Nobody is talking. There is complete silence in the room. Then Brian says we, as doctors see life from very close quarters. We see it till the last breath. But, when we see it on ourselves, we feel the pain more. Its easier said than done. But it is a fact that you have to learn to live without Astha, he says. Just then, Abhi's parents come. They sit near Simran. Simran is in all tears when she sees them. She falls over Abhi's mother's lap and tells her that she actually  failed in taking care of Astha. She cries lying on Abhi's mother's lap. Abhi's father says she has lost more than them. He asks her to stop crying and control herself. Simran says for whom should she live now? and starts crying uncontrollably. Pranay asks Rashmi to take her in. She takes her. SAurabh says he has no idea asto how to control Simran. Pranay says she has to soon change her focus to something else. Brian says its right.She has to start going to the hospital. She has to be kept busy so that she can deal the trauma in a better way. Saurabh says even if she starts going to the hospital, he does not see Simran getting alright. Pranay says we have to do something otherwise Simran is bound to have a breakdown. Saurabh says he fears only that as she has had that previously. All are silent and are thinking of a way out.


At Abhi's place, Abhi and ihs parents are thinking. Gudiya is in the cradle and Abhi is making her to sleep. He is silently watching Gudiya. Abhi's mother says Simran is in a very bad state. Abhi's father says she looked very helpless today when she said she sould not take care of their Astha. He cannot believe that this is the same Simran who was very confidant and helped people in need. Abhi's mother says Simran has been crying thr'out and looks very weak bcos of lack of sleep and food. She sasy Brian and others there were talking about diverting Simran's attention to something else. Abhi's father says Mathur saab is also very sad. He cannot see Simran in such a state. He is the one who can take care of Simran, if he breaksdown, what will happen?

Abhi keeps looking at Gudiya and is in some thought.


At Simran's place, Abhi's parents with Gudiya and Abhi come early in the morning. They sasy sorry to Saurabh for disturbing in the early hours. They enquire about Simran. Simran is seated in the hall sofa with her face completely covered with her hands. They come in. Abhi's mother sits near Simran. She tells Simran who has lifted her face, that Simran cannot ever live without Astha. She gives Gudiya to Simran and says this is her Astha. She asks her to take it. All are stunned. Abhi looks thoughtful. Simran takes the kid in her hand, sees it and then returns it to Abhi's mother saying  This is not my Astha. She goes inside crying. All are again stunned at her reaction. Abhi is broken. He first nods his head and then gets into thoughts. The screen freezes on a dejected and pathetic looking Abhi.




Update 2nd March 2005



Posted: 02 March 2005 at 10:35am |


The episode begins with Simran sitting and crying alone in her room. Abhi's mom enters softly with Gudiya in her arms, and Rashmi close behind. Abhi's ma pleads with Simran, "Ab yehi tumhari Gudiya hai! You are her mother! Please take her in your arms – you need each other so much! Where God gives pain, he also gives the strength to bear that pain. Please – don't think! I am leaving her here with you. Remember that this is also what Neha wanted…" Simran says fiercely that she CAN'T do it! She shrieks to them to take Gudiya away from her. It's a very poignant scene where everyone's eyes are wet with emotion. Abhi's mom begs Simran to reconsider but Simran tells them with folded hands to take Gudiya away. Abhi's mom drags herself away from the room while Simran cries out loud for her bachchi... this can't be my Aastha.. this can't be my Aastha! Rashmi hugs her sister and comforts her, both of them in tears… while Simran keeps repeating that this just can't be her Aastha…



Abhi's ma returns to the living room with a heavy heart, where she tells everyone present that Simran doesn't want Gudiya. Abhi's dad is confused and wants to know what on earth Simran is thinking.. Abhi's ma weeps that she thought Simran would have been happy to embrace Gudiya as her own. Abhi's pa regrets that Simran is imprisoning herself within her worries. Saurabh is worried about leaving Simran alone. Everyone looks defeated. Dr. Brian announces that Simran is in no condition to listen to anyone, and that they shouldn't be sad – as this is definitely not an easy situation. Pranay then requests Abhi's mom not to take Gudiya away, to let her stay on at Simran's… maybe this is what it will take to give Simran her peace. Dr. Brian seconds that, but Saurabh hesitates, saying that he doesn't think Simran can forget Aastha's 'ghum', and besides - who would take care of her? Rashmi volunteers but Saurabh is not convinced, saying she is too young. Abhi speaks up – he says that Gudiya will be taken care of by the same person who took care of Aastha. He takes Gudiya in his arms while Saurabh tries to stop him in his tracks by insisting that Simran is in no condition to take of her. Abhi tells him firmly that he knows what he is doing. He goes into the kitchen where Shaguna looks askance at him, stuttering out loud if he needs milk for the baby… The others reach the scene and watch while Abhi tells Shaguna that he is giving her the responsibility of taking care of his daughter, that Aastha's departure has left a gaping hole in this house, and that once Gudiya starts staying there Simran WILL start loving her. Shaguna is overwhelmed with the faith and trust Abhi put in her and Abhi assures her that she is the only one who can raise Gudiya well. Shaguna is speechless and takes Gudiya lovingly, with tears in her eyes. Abhi tells her gently to bring up Gudiya the way she did Aastha. They arrange for milk bottles from Abhi's mom. Shaguna kisses Gudiya lovingly and holds her and stares at her like she can't believe what a treasure she's found.



Back in the living room, Saurabh and Abhi exchange a long, meaningful look. Saurabh looks distressed, as if he can't believe everything Abhi is doing for Simran, and is as usual, unable to express how grateful he feels. Abhi just looks back at him with equanimity, silently acknowledging Saurabh's emotional upheaval. Rashmi tells her father that Abhi has done what he did "dil pe patthar rakh kar"… and that we must trust God and leave it all to Him now.



Once again, when Simran is alone in her room, Rashmi brings up some food for her to eat and offers it to her gently. Simran just twists her face and looks away. Rashmi scolds her as to why she is doing this to which Simran says shortly that she isn't hungry. Rashmi tells her that she knows it's very difficult and that she can't even say anything to her.. but she must, somehow, muster the courage to live and move on with her life. Simran cries that she had only one goal in her life – Aastha.. that she wanted nothing else, and there was nothing left in her life.. Rashmi reminds her of Saurabh, and that Simran as his darling daughter is the purpose of her Papa's life. She tells Simran how much Saurabh suffers when she cries, and at his age, all that exertion can't be good for him – and that he had agreed to have his meal only when Rashmi had promised that she would make sure Simran eats too. Rashmi begs Simran to make an effort and offers to feed her. Just then, Simran hears Gudiya's high-pitched wails from downstairs and her ears perk up. She worriedly announces that a child somewhere is crying! Troubled by the cries, she follows the sound downstairs and meets Saurabh. She barely finished asking him who is crying when she rushes into the kitchen. Saurabh asks Pranay if he should follow her but Pranay says no. Simran enters the kitchen and sees Gudiya in Shaguna's arms. Astounded to see Gudiya and building up into a temper, she harshly rebukes Shaguna – What is THIS, Shaguna? What is SHE doing here??? Who kept her here? YOU??? Without waiting for a reply, she flounces out of the kitchen and confronts Saurabh, demanding to know who brought Gudiya back. Pranay begs Simran to make Gudiya her own, that the little child will cure her misery. Rashmi supports Pranay and says that it is God's will. Saurabh tells her it will give her peace of mind. Simran is enraged to hear this and asks Saurabh if she herself was dispensable… were she to die tomorrow, would he ever start loving someone else as his own daughter?… and the answer is NO, isn't it! Pranay interjects that Gudiya needs a mother, and Simran needs to love the little one… Simran cries out that life is not always about adjustments and compromises, and that her pain will NOT lessen, rather it will increase. She says that she will herself talk to Abhi's mom and dad to take Gudiya back and determinedly goes over to call them on the phone. Fortunately or unfortunately, the rings go unanswered. Simran bangs down the receiver and reiterates that she will NOT accept Gudiya. Pranay begs her again to let Gudiya stay, saying that this is also what Abhi wants. Simran says that whoever left her here should take care of her too, and that Gudiya is not her concern anymore. She leaves the room looking very upset. Saurabh lets out a deep breath and shakes his head, saying that he knew it, she would never accept Gudiya. Pranay says quietly that it is her pain which will be her salvation. He then cautions Shaguna and the others to be very "samajhdaar" and careful around Simran.



It is night-time. Sonu is sleeping peacefully in his bed, while Manas who is awake, is ruminating. He hesitates a while, then picks up the phone and calls Riya. We can only hear his end of the telephonic conversation, which goes something like this - "Hi!!.. Just like that… I have decided to come there to where you are… Yes, I will talk to Sonu…Yes I'm sure… That's it. I'll call you later… I love you too! Take care! Bye." The same night, Abhi is lying on his bed, thinking of Neha. His gaze rests on Neha's framed photograph on the mantelpiece. He stares deeply at it and sighs... "Where have you gone and left me and your daughter alone? Where have you gone? Where?" Meanwhile, back at Simran's house, Simran is weeping silent tears into her pillow. Saurabh stands at the doorway, knowing his daughter is in pain, feeling frustrated and helpless… he bites his lip to stop from saying anything and hesitates. Eventually he forces himself to leave the room as quietly as he had come.



The next scene is thankfully, a happy one. Shaguna is giving baby Gudiya a wholesome massage, with Rashmi sitting next to her and chattering away enthusiastically. Shaguna is obviously stirred by the presence of the new baby in the house and talks to her soothingly, "Gudiya baby healthy ho jaayegi! She is so cute, her little-little hands and feet!!" Rashmi chides her to be softer and Shaguna retorts that it isn't the first time she is massaging a baby, now IS it! The phone rings and it's Abhi's ma at the other end. She asks Rashmi about Gudiya and Rashmi happily answers that Gudiya is getting a wonderful massage. Then Abhi's ma asks if Simran has come around, if she has said anything at all, and that she couldn't sleep all night, wondering what was going on there… Rashmi tries to be reassuring, tells her that everything will be fine. At that moment, Simran comes in. Shaguna can't hide her obvious enjoyment and exclaims how much she and Gudiya are enjoying the massage. Simran gives her an old-fashioned look and reluctantly tells her not to blow in Gudiya's ear during bath-time. Shaguna says, "of course, I remember!! Just like Aastha! I remember how you scolded me for blowing in her ear once!" and tattles on, unmindful that Simran's face is getting redder and redder…"Gudiya loves this massage.. just like Aastha did.. and Gudiya loves it when I sing next to her face, just like Aastha did…" Simran explodes with anger and cries out passionately not to keep saying "Gudiya, Gudiya, Gudiya, and stealing away my Aastha from me!!!" and walks away heatedly… Abhi's ma, who has been on the phone all this while, hears the conversation and feels downcast, while Saurabh who has just entered the room, watches the scene with dismay




Update 3rd March 2005



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The episode begins with Abhi's mother keeping the phone down crying, after she has overheard Simran shouting at Shaguna. Abhi's mother then screams at Abhi and tells him we will immediately go and bring back Gudiya. Simran said she will never accept Gudiya as Astha and told not to steal memories of Astha from her. Abhi says simran will definitely feel like that. We have to be patient in handling her. She will ultimately accept Gudiya, wait and watch. Abhi's mother says who will take care of Gudiya if Simran is not taking care of her? Abhi says there are other people there who will take care of Gudiya, and asks her to be calm. He says we have sent Gudiya to her mother Simran . Once sent is sent forever. So there is no point in bringing her back. He also tells his parents to avoid talking to Simran if she calls. He asks them not to pick up the phone. Simran will definitely call asking us to take back Gudiya. Let Simran get used to having Gudiya in her house.


SAurabh is very angry at Abhi bcos he has left his daughter here without Simran's consent. He is yelling at the top of his voice that Abhi wants to return in Simran's life. So he is taking the help of his daughter. The kid needs a mother, so he is using Simran for it. He is pressurising Simran to accept Gudiya which he thinks is too early and is wrong too. Rashmi gets angry seeing her father's reaction and screams at him saying that even before,he was not comfortable with Abhi. Now when Abhi is trying his level best to bring Simran out of depression, again he is angry at him. She asks him what on earth does he want Abhi to do? Saurabh is not convinced by this and goes on saying, previously, Abhi used to come her just to see AStha. Now he will continue to come her for Gudiya. He is such a person who cannot even take up the responsibility of his own daughter. Rashmi says that was a different situation and this is another. Saurabh says he cannot tolerate the things going on. I can see what Abhi is planning for his future by keeping Gudiya here. Gone are the days when there was Manas beside Simran and he used to comfort and advise her whenever she was in need of friendly advise. I used to feel so relaxed about her when Manas was around. No whe is also gone. I don't have anybody to take help from. Rashmi says she also thought that if Manas wwas here, it would have been helpful. Rashmi says i am sure Manas has no idea of what Simran is going thro'. SAurabh says he is not here. Above all, even if he is here, no friendship exists between them. Rashmi tells Saurabh to call Manas and tell him everything. Manas might just forget what happened between them and come forward and help them in this situation. Saurabh agrees at once and calls Manas. Manas's cell is switched off. So Saurabh is disappointed.


Manas is seated in Sonu's school talking to the principal. He is there to get the leaving certificates of Sonu. The principal says Sonu is a very bright child and the school will definitely miss him. She says he will have a bright future. Manas says since they are migrating to the US very soon, he wants Sonu's school leaving certificate along with other certificates soon. The principal says she has already informed the Administration Department about his urgency and he will be getting all the papers today itself. Manas is very greatful to her. Manas then tells her that since the preparations are going on for migration, it will take some time for them to actually go. He asks whether Sonu can keep coming to school till he leaves  India. The principal agrees to this and says he can take Sonu's school leaving certificate today. She then says keep us informed about Sonu's progress as they will want to keep in touch with Sonu.

Manas wholeheartedly agrees and leaves.


Rashmi and Shaguna plan to put Gudiya on Simran's bed thinking that this is the way to make Simran pull her attention towards the kid. They slowly place her on the bed and leave bcos they hear Simran coming. They just stand outside the door to see how Simran reacts. Simran enters the room and sees Gudiya there. The kid is cute and is smiling and is looking like a doll. Simran at once remembers AStha. She starts to cry and calls for Shaguna. Shaguna who is standing out tries to go in when Rashmi stops her. Simran keeps shouting for Shaguna. Simran then goes near the kid. She thinks to herself  that Gudiya you are very pretty , i was the person who held you for the first time after you were born. But you cannot take AStha's place. I can't do that. I am sorry , she says. She again yells for Shaguna. Shaguna and Rashmi slowly enter. Shaguna asks what the matter is? Simran says why is Gudiya here? I know what you both ate planning to do. But she cannot stay here. Rashmi says if Gudiay is here for few minutes, what's worng? Simran screams at Shaguna and tells her to take her out immediately. Rashmi says Gudiya is in this house just to be with her. Simran says ask the person who left her here to take care of her. She orders Shaguna to take her now and then asks her to give her milk. Shaguna takes Gudiya from the room. Simran says i will call Abhi and ask him to take her away. She calls .


At Abhi's place, Abhi and his parents are eating. Just then, Abhi receives a call on his mobile. It is from Simran. Abhi notices it and does not answer the call. It goes on ringing. He tells his parents that it is Simran. Simran is very restless to talk to Abhi. Rashmi is near her and she pleads. Simran screams at her and says please.

Simran then tries Abhi's landline. Abhi's mother gets up to pick up the phone, but Abhi stops her and says its Simran. Abhi's mother does not like this behaviour of theirs and tells Abhi that they are actually hurting Simran by not responding. She says Simran will feel that we have left Gudiya there just to wash off our responsibility. Abhi's father asks Abhi how long will he be doing this? Abhi says let her think whatever she wants to. She will realise later that this is for her good only . Abhi's parents are in deep thought.


Manas is trying to call Riya. But her mobile is on voicemail. Manas gives a message saying I am sorry .You must be with Chavi now. I called to tell you that we have decided to come there and i have started preparing for the same. Actually i have sent all papers regarding Sonu's schooling and it will reach you in 3-4 days time. We will come there soon. Love you and miss you,love to chavi too, bye.


Dr. Brian and Janet are at Simran's place. Simran is there taling to them. Brian says your hospital is missing you very much and you have to start your work. Janet says hospital is another Astha for Simran and she should start caring about her patients. Janet says life has to go on .Simran says she is trying her best and probably she will even succeed in living. She says she cannot work. All my hopes are dead and my life has become meaningless. Brian says sometimes the meaning of life changes with time. Just then, Gudiya begins to cry and Simran hears this. She immediately calls for Shaguna who comes there. Simran is upset to see Gudiya cry. She tells Shaguna to make her quiet. Shaguna says she is not stopping. Janet says i will take her. Janet lifts Gudiya in her hand. Brian is telling Simran that he has appointed a new paediatrician. All the way thro, Simran is quite anxious about Gudiya and is constantly watching Janet handle the kid. She tells Janet to be careful. Simran looks restless as she feels Gudiya is not that comfortable with Janet. Brian then starts to tell that he has postponed the board meeting. Again Simran is not listening to this as her complete attention is on Janet holding Gudiya. She asks Janet to hold her properly, then Simran feels uncomfortable and asks Shaguna to take Gudiya in. Shaguna does the same.

Brian notices that Simran was very uncomfortable and says it was not right on part of Simran to send Gudiya in. In the same way, one day, Gudiya might go out of this house. He then begs Simran to accept Gudiya. Simran says sorry, i cannot do that. Janet says she had once told her fight with illness. She then asks Simran to fight her sorrows. Simran is feeling uncomfortable , Brian notices thia and stops Janet from advising Simran. Brain then asks Simran where his father is, and says he has postponed the board meeting and he wants her father's signature. Simran very reluctantly says she does not know where her father is.


Saurabh is at Abhi's place. He is screaming at Abhi that whatever he has tries is all useless. Take Gudiya away. Simran gets restless on seeing Gudiya and this is not good for her. He tells Abhi that his plan has failed miserably. Abhi gets angry at this and says this was not my plan. Pranay, being a psychiatrist had advised them to do so. Abhi says you have never ever placed faith in me, now atleast have faith in his son-in-law. SAurabh is taken aback at Abhi's reaction and says he knows to take care of Simran and he does not need his help. Abhi again retorts saying he thinks he is the only person who is concerned about Simran and can take care of her. All others according to him are good for nothing. I have undertaken such a painful act by sending Gudiya to Simran's place. I have put my daughter to all humiliations just for Simran's sake. He says Saurabh has to tolerate all this till Simran gets ok. SAurabh gets all the more angry and says in the process, if something happens to Simran, he will not tolerate this. He leaves, with Abhi growling with anger.


At Brian's place, Janet is making a sketch. Brian is there. Janet says such a confident woman as Simran is finding it hard to believe facts. Brian says she is a mother after all. Janet says i hope having Gudiya at Simran's place is correct. Brian says Simran will slowly realise that this kid in future is going to be Simran's support.


Simran is desperately trying to call aBhi. But in vain. She says Abhi why are you not picking up the phone, damn it. She is very musch frustrated. She can hear Gudiya crying in the background and tells Shaguna to make her stop crying. Suddenly no sound is heard from Gudiya. Shaugna comes screaming and asks Simran to open the door. Simran does so. Shaguna is crying and says to Simran see Bhayi, Gudiya has become unconscious. Simran looks at the kid in fear and is shocked. 



Update 7th March 2005



Posted: 07 March 2005 at 10:02am |


Shaguna and Simran are very anxious and keep looking at Gudiya. Simran then asks Shaguna what did  she give her? Simran takes Gudiya from her and puts her in the bed. shaguna says she gave her milk. Simran asks whether Gudiya vomitted. Shaguna says she vomitted twice. Simran gets very angry at Shaguna and scolds her that she did not tell her about it. Saurabh also enters the room. Simran tells him that we have to take Gudiya immediately to the hospital. Saurabh also looks concerned. Simran tells him to call Abhi immediately and inform him.


Abhi is in his bed. He is looking at Neha's photo and is just telling her that he is very sorry bcos he has given her daughter to Simran. Gudiya is needed to cure Simran of her depression. He tells Neha in the photo that she also wanted Simran to take care of her daughter. So he has done the correct thing, he says to Neha's photo. Just then, he receives a call on his mobile. It is from Simran. He sees it and does not receive it. Simran is driving the car. Shaguna with Gudiya, Saurabh are there in the car. Simran is very restless that Abhi is not answering her calls. She gives the mobile to Saurabh and asks him to keep trying. Simran says how can they give this little child here and enter into such a big risk. How can Abhi trust anybody here and saying this, looks at Shaguna in the mirror. Shaguna who is in the back seat feels very dejected. Saurabh tries Abhi's landline. Abhi's mother comes to pick it up when Abhi stops her from receiving the call and says this is from Simran. (Sorry friends, here I had some blinks in my cable for a few seconds, so pardon me if i have missed something).The phone keeps on ringing. Abhi's mother says its not wise to be silent. It can even be important and Simran might really want to tell us something. Abhi says don't pick up to which she agrees.


In the hospital, Shaguna and Saurabh are standing out. Shaguna is in tears and is telling something happened to my Astha. Saurabh immediately corrects her and tells her that it is not Astha, but it is  Gudiya. Shaguna then says After losing Astha, Gudiya has taken her place. I committed the same mistake again and bcos of me, Gudiya is in the hospital. Saurabh asks her to stop lamenting. Just then, Dr. Brian with Simran come out. Shaguna asks him how Gudiya is and what happened to her? Brian says she had got dehydrated. He tells Shaguna that if the kid vomits, she has to supplement the kid with water at regular intervals. He tells her to take care in the future. Shaguna says Abhi saab had so much faith in me that even after Astha's incident, he gave her the responsibility of lokking after Gudiya. Brian says don't worry, Gudiya will be alright by tomorrow. Simran says she will stay back and asks Saurabh and Shaguna to go home. She will be here and in any case, she has the hospital staff with her. Brian says you are irght , staff is her, i am here, so nobody need stay here. You all go home and come tomorrow. Saurabh says somebody has to stay here with the kid as it is somebody else's property and they have to take care fo the kid well. Brian says if someone has to stay back, I think Simran can stay. All agree. and Simran says yes. Brian then asks whether Abhi has been informed about this. Saurabh says he has been trying but cannot get them. He says he will go to their house and inform them. Simran says her father not to do that. She says tomorrow when Gudiya gets alright and is discharged, I will take her there and leave her. Brian and Shaguna look worried.


Abhi is in bed. He checks his mobile. Abhi looks as though he has not slept the whole night. In the hospital, Gudiya is kept in an incubator. Simran is near it, caressing the kid gently and putting a thin blanket over the kid. Brian comes into the room and wants to talk to Simran. But when he sees Simran caught in an emotional moment with Gudiya, he sinply walks away. The night passes with Simran loitering in the room. Then Simran sitting on the floor just puts her head on the bed and is sleeping. Brian comes in. He sees Simran sleeping and without disturbing her, he goes to the incubator and with the steth, checks the kid. Simran gets up by then and worriedly comes and asks Brian how Gudiya is. Brian says she is fine. Simran says she was very much worried and did not get sleep. Brian asks her whether this is bcos of worry for the kid or bcos of the feeling of responsibility. Simran says its bcos she feels she is answerable to Gudiya's people. Brian then takes this occassion to advise Simran and tells her that if a person tries his level best to make her happy, she should readily accept it. Simran says for her, happiness can never come back. Brian says the kid has lost its mother and it needs you. If you cannot give the kid what it wants, then she should be telling Gudiya that. Simran wants to cut this conversation and asks Brian about the medicines she has to give Gudiya. Brian says she does not need medicines, all she needs is..... and pauses. Simran is upset. Brian says she can take her home now. Simran says she will inform her father about this. Simran moves away. Brian looking at Gudiya tells God bless you my child.


At Abhi's place, the door bell rings, Abhi's father opens the door. Simran with Gudiya accompanied by Saurabh are there near the door. Simran enters , goes near Abhi's mother. She tells her that she is very sorry and she cannot take care of Gudiya. She says i cannot see anybody else in my Astha's place. She gives the kid to his mother who accepts the kid. A very emotional moment, Abhi is also there. But Saurabh gives an expression to Abhi which is like him telling see, i was right and you were wrong. Saurabh says just becuse you people were adamant in leaving Gudiya with Simran, today they had to face so many things and then tells them that they are coming from the hospital where the kid was for the whole night. All are worried. Abhi's mother asks what happened? Simran says she got dehydrated and now she is fine. Saurabh says see, you have pushed my daughter to such amental state that she does not have peace. Simran just walks out without saying anything. Saurabh then hands over the kid's bag to Abhi and gives him  the same look as though he has won a big battle and Abhi has lost it.


Simran comes home. She sees all dolls arranged in the sofa. She is upset. Saurabh also sees this. Shaguna asks Simran where Gudiya is. Saurabh tells her that they have left her where she belonged to. He then tells Simran to go and rest. He scolds Shaguna for arranging the dools in the sofa. Shaguna says she did this for Gudiya. Saurabh warns her not to do thi sagain and take care of Simran carefully. Shaguna says Abhi had done this for good. Saurabh replies this was a failure. Shaguna is sad at the way Saurabh speaks.


Simran is at home, lying in her bed. She is having restless moments. She keep sthinking of AStha. But whenever she thinks of AStha, she gets reminded of Gudiya which upsets her. She tries to sleep , turns this side and that side, but she sees Gudiya's face all over. She keeps Astha's photo in her hand and keeps thinking about Gudiya. She gets up, sits and keeps thinking. She is very restless and is crying.She thinks of Neha's last wish, then Abhi's mother giving Gudiya to her. She comes out. Saurabh is there sitting in the dining table reading the papaer. Seeing Simran, he asks her whether she slept. Then he offers to make tea and calls Shaguna. By then, Simran has left the place. Saurabh without noticing, keeps talking and then he sees that she is not there. He calls for her. Shaguna enters and asks what the matter is. They keep talking asto where Simran is when they hear the car sound. Saurabh is frustrated and tells Shaguna that Simran was not feeling well and he has no clue where she has gone. SAurabh says i told Abhi not to experiment with the baby but he would not listen. Simran is very upset bcos of that.


Simran comes to Abhi's place. Abhi's father opens the door. She goes in, Abhi's mother is sitting on the floor with the kid. She goes to the kid. Simran starts to cry and says meri bacchi , meri astha. I never knew when you entered my life.I am sorry that i left you. I will hereafter take care of you. I will be your mother. She takes the kid in her hand and starts to cry. Abhi also comes there. All are relieved. Abhi's father says you have all the right to take care of Gudiya as it was Neha's wish. Simran says i will be ever greatful to neha for giving her some meaning to live. She sees Abhi and tells him ,this is my astha. She thanks him profusely. Abhi hugs her and the kid. She keeps repeating thanks you abhi. Abhi looks very relieved and satisfied and hugs her.



Update 8th March 2005



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SAurabh and Rashmi are waiting for Simran to come back. Saurabh is loitering in the hall impatiently. Rashmi tells him that Simran will come and not to get anxious. It will increase his BP. SAurabh says she has not gone to the hospital and there is no emergency in the hospital. Where is she then? Just then, Simran with Gudiya in her hand enters. Abhi is also there. SAurabh sees her and asks her where she had been. Simran then shows Gudiya and tells him that she has brought her Astha back. Shaguna who is there, is excited and asks her is this true? Simran says yes. Shaguna volunteers to take the baby with tears of joy. Simran gives it to her and asks her to handle her carefully. She asks Saurabh whether what she has done is correct. Are you happy, papa? Saurabh asks her whether she is happy. Simran nods her head. SAurabh is also overcome with joy. He says your happiness is my happiness. Rashmi hugs Simran. Simran tells Shaguna to give Gudiya water. Shaguna with tears says yes and goes inside. Simran says she will arrange the bed for the kid and goes in. Abhi who is there seeing all the happenings comes near Saurabh. Saurabh , for once, says with full gratitude- Thank you beta. Abhi is filled with tears and he in returntells him Thank you. Saurabh asks him you have done everything for Simran. Why do u thank me? Abhi says he thanked him bcos he called him his beta. Saurabh is touched and he puts his hand over Abhi's head, blesses him and again says Thank you beta. Abhi cannot believe what he is hearing and is in seventh heaven.


Manas and Sonu are sitting in bed. Sonu is reading a book when Manas says he has to talk. Manas tells him that he has decided not to stay here, they are moving to US and will be with Ria aunty. Sonu at once reacts negatively and says i won't come, if you want to go , you can go. Leave me with Mama or leave me with Simran aunty. Manas tries to convince him but Sonu gets very wild and throws the book and lies down. A worried Manas goes out of the room and starts to think. Sonu is also thinking in bed. He then gets up , goes to Manas and tells him that he will come bcos mama has told him not to trouble papa. Manas is happy. Sonu says before leaving, i have to meet mama and AStha. Manas says he will definitely take him to both places. Sonu says he will call Simran aunty and tell her. But Manas says it is too late and we will call tomorrow.


Simran is in bed holding Gudiya in her hand. Shaguna comes in with milk and makes a noise. Simran scolds her and tells her that just now Gudiya slept. Shaguna says sorry. Shaguna then tells Simran to give Gudiya to her, bcos she might disturb Simran in sleep. Simran says will a mother get disturbed by her kid? Shaguna is in tears. Shaguna says I will leave mother and kid peacefully and starts to go. Simran asks whether she is using olive oil for massagaing gudiya. Shaguna says she is following all the instructions that Simran gave her for Astha. She tells her not to worry. Shaguna is going out of the room when Saurabh stops her and asks her why Gudiya was crying. Shaguna says Gudiya is with her mother and is enjoying. Simran has accepted Gudiya as Astha. SAurabh is in tears. Shaguna goes away. Saurabh stands putside Simran's room and watches her. Simran is lying near Gudiya who is fast asleep. She is just caressing her. She then takes a photo from under the pillow. It is Astha's. She kisses the photo. SAurabh sees this and cries.


Next day, Brian is talking to SAurabh over the phone. He is congratulating Saurabh on bringing Gudiya home. Just then, Simran comes there, so Saurabh hands over the phone to her. Brian says he is very much hounoured as she kept up what he had told her. He says i am touched. He asks for celebreation. Simran says come over, but Brian says this time it will be in his place. Simran then reminds him that he has to attend to hospital work. Brian says from the day he joined, he has not taken leave. Even the clerk demands for 3-4 days off. Please sanction leave today. Simran says ok and says she will come over there. Brian agrees.


At Brian's place, Janet is decorating flowers in the vase when she asks Brian which is Simran's favourite flower? Brian says it is yellow roses. She asks him how does he know? Brian says hospital staff had told him. It seems when Abhi and Simran were in love, Abhi had once decorated the whole hospital with yellow roses. Janet is surprised and says they both had an interesting romance. Brian says not as much interesting as ours. Just then, the bell rings and it is Simran, Gudiya and Shaguna. They come in. Janet takes Gudiya in her hand. Simran is watching it. Brian then gives Gudiya a toy. Gudiya keeps seeing the toy and starts to laugh. Janet sees her laughing and says it is very nice to hold a kid in your lap. Simran says she too will experience this very soon. Shaguna then says i will take gudiya to the garden. She picks her up and tries to place her on her shoulder , when Simran screams at Shaguna and tells her to be careful and not to be over confident. Shaguna feels awkward but does not mind and says sorry i will take care and leaves. Simran gives a plain look. Janet and Brian also remain silent.


At the same time, Sonu and Manas are at Simran's place, but nobody is there at home. Sonu is disappointed. Manas says they are getting late and they have to go meet Urmila. Manas says while coming back, he will try to bring him again.


Simran who is at Brian's place, is quite uncomfortable that Gudiya is outside and she tells them that she will go look what Gudiya is doing. After she goes, Brian says he is seeing lots of positive changes in Simran and it is good. Janet says Simran is becoming very possessive about  Gudiya. Brian says it will help her.


In the jail, Urmila and Sonu meet. They both hug each other and start to cry when Manas tells  Urmila about their migration. Manas gets up and goes away leaving them alone. Sonu says he does not want to go and prefers to stay with Astha. Urmila is crying uncontrollably , but for Sonu's sake, hides her sorrow and tells him that papa must have thought good for him, so he has taken this step. Every father will want his son to grow up well and be educated. So if Papa has some ambitions in store for him, he should not feel bad. They cry hugging each other. Sonu says i will miss you mama. Urmila says he has to accept the situation as she cannot stay with him and papa cannot leave him alone. Sonu asks Urmila when they will meet next. Manas who is standing hears this , comes in and tells Sonu that we will meet and he has arranged with jail authorities so that he can keep talking to mama. Urmila then tells Manas best of luck. Manas also tells Urmila to take care. The police official says time is over. So Manas asks Sonu to come. They both hug each other and cry. Manas takes Sonu . After they go, Urmila bursts into uncontrollable tears.


At Simran's place, Abhi is holding Gudiya in his lap and is playing with her.Simran keeps looking at Abhi when her Phone rings. Its Sonu. He tells her that he had come there this morning and nobody was there. He tells her that they are leaving for US at the 12 o clock flight. He requests her to bring Astha to the airport as he wants to see her. He says he will be waiting for them. Simran hangs up the phone saying yes. She tells Abhi about Manas migrating. Abhi is shocked. She tells Abhi that Sonu wants to see Astha and has asked her to bring her to the airport. Abhi tells her not to go. Simran says Sonu will feel bad if she does not go. Abhi then asks her what she is going to do.


Simran goes to Manas's place . They are actually starting. Sonu hugs Simran and says he does not want to go but bcos of papa he is going. Simran wishes him good luck. Sonu asks why she did not bring AStha? Simran says she has gone out of station with her papa. Simran then gives Sonu a photo in which both Sonu and AStha are there. She tells him to keep the photo with him. Sonu says he will keep it to himself. Manas comes there. Simran says Best of luck to Manas. Manas also wishes her the same. They sit in the taxi and leave. Sonu bids her goodbyr from the car. Simran is standing thinking of the good times she had with Manas and how Manas used to be her strenght in her difficult times. The screen freezes on a thoughtful Simran.



Update 9th March 2005



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Simran is fast asleep. Gudiya is sleeping beside her. Suddenly, a hand comes from nowhere and lifts Gudiya. Simran gets up and sees. It is Abhi's mother in tears holding Astha. Abhi's mother says that she cannot live without Gudiya.So she has come to take her. Simran says no, you cannot do that. Abhi's mother says think of me, what will i do without her? Simran pleads and cries, but Abhi's mother does not listen and just takes Gudiya with her. Simran is in tears and is pleading with folded hands not to take away her astha. All of a sudden, Simran relaises that this was her dream and that Gudiya is still with her and is sleeping.She kisses Gudiya and starts to remember her old days with Astha. A beautiful song plays in the background and they show some scenes. Saurabh happy at finding Simran play with Gudiya, both mother and kid are enjoying each other's company, Neha giving her new born to Simran, Simran taking the kid from Abhi's mother after she realises that she is her Astha, Simran in hospital working with Gudiya being looked after by the nurses at the hospital, Brian and Simran taking care of Gudiya in the hospital, finally these scenes and the music end with Simran in bed with Gudiya, crying thinking about Astha.


At Abhi's place, Abhi's parents are feeling very awkward without Gudiya. Abhi's mother says how are we to live without Gudiya? When she was here, i was so busy with her that i did not get time for anything else. Now, what do we do? Gudiya brought so much happiness to us that we cannot live without her around us.She says we cannot keep going to Simran's place to see Gudiya as Simran will not get that much attached with Gudiya. Abhi's father tells her to call Simran and ask her whether they can come over to see Astha. Abhi's mother agrees and calls her.


At Simran's place, Simran is just arranging her wardrobe when her phone rings. She picks up and gets to know that it is Abhi's mother. Abhi's mother asks her whether they can come to see Gudiya. Simran is a bit upset about this and she says they can come, but Gudiya slept just now as she did not have a proper sleep at night. I would want her to sleep and not be woken, but if you want to come, i can wake her. Abhi's mother at once says if she is sleeping, let it be, we will come some other time. Simran is relieved at hearing her reply. Saurabh notices it. Simran sees Gudiya after keeping the phone. Gudiya is not sleeping. Saurabh asks Simran why she lied that Gudiya is sleeping. Simran is caught in a pathetic situation and she tells him sorry. She tells him that when Abhi's mother expressed her feeling of seeing Gudiya, she got afraid that they might take her Astha from her. She cannot live without Astha. Saurabh is worried at Simran's answer. He sees Simran's restlessness and tells her that if she wants to have a secure relationship with with Gudiya, it will be good if she legally adopted her. Simran is shocked, at the same time, a new hope shows in her face. She asks her father whether they would agree to this. Saurabh says i will talk to Mr. and Mrs. Saxena about this. Simran is happy. She tells him that she has to go to the hospital now, they both will go to their house after she comes back. Saurabh agrees and tells Simran that he would in the meantime, call them and tell them that they will be coming there.


Simran is in the hospital with Brian and Janet. Brian is asking Simran when does she expect everything to get alright? Simran tells him to have patience. She tells him he is behaving like a patient. Simran tells them that Janet has honestly taken her medication and followed her diet. So she is hoping for the best. Janet and Brian look very hopeful and happy.


Simran, Gudiya and Saurabh go to Abhi's place. Abhi and his parents are there. Abhi's mother takes Gudiya in her arms and Simran sits near her. Abhi's father asks Saurabh what the important matter is? Saurabh very hesitantly says that he was just thinking and wanted their suggestion regarding Simran adopting Gudiya legally. Hearing this, Abhi lifts his face in sudden shock but manages himself and says there is nothing to think about this. Actually, this was what Neha wanted. So he has no problem. Abhi's parents look in disbelief. Simran and Saurabh are happy. Saurabh says he will talk to a lawyer and start all formalities to which Abhi agrees. Abhi's mother who is holding Gudiya gives the kid to Simran , symbolically suggesting that it is hers. Simran thanks them for giving her AStha back.Simran and SAurabh leave. Abhi and his parents are totally shaken. Abhi's mother says if Simran legally adopts Gudiya, then there will never be a heir to hold our surname and starts to cry. Abhi is sitting controlling his tears. She says the kid will have Simran's name. Abhi's father consoles her and reminds her that she always felt God did not give Simran happiness. Now he tells her to consider that she has given her life to Simran  and bcos of that kid, Simran will find happiness. Abhi's father then tells Abhi that he knows what he is going thro' and is very proud of him. He says it is not that easy to do what he is doing now. Abhi just gazes at him.


At Simran's place, Gudiya is in the cradle and Saurabh is just moving the cradle. Shaguna comes there and tells SAurabh and Simran that she is going to Ganapati temple to offer coconut on Tuesday. Eventhough, nobody can take AStha's place, this little AStha has brought happiness to their lives. So she wishes to pray. Just then, the door bell rings. Shaguna opens the door and it is Brian.


He comes in. He is very restless to know about the reports of Janet. Simran tells him that the reports have not come and that she will inform him when she gets them. She tells him that he is behaving like a complete patient. Simran then tells him that she has some good news for him. She tells him that she is going to adopt Gudiya legally and that Abhi and his parents have no objection to it. She says she is very happy. On hearing this, Brian goes into a shell and starts thinking. Simran notices this and asks him. Brian asks her whether she does not think she is complicating things even further by adopting Gudiya. He tells her that Gudiay is now very small, but when she gets to understandable age, she will be curious to know about her. If Simran gives her name to Gudiya, she will ask her what relationship exists between Abhi and Simran? If Simran gives her Abhi's name, then Gudiya might ask her when her father is alive, where was the necessity for her, who is not her biological mother to take care of her? He tells Simran that she cannot be telling Gudiya that she was a substitute to her dead daughter and she came to her life to fill her emptiness. Brian says this will not be fair on Gudiya. He continues to say that there is only one solution to this and it is that Simran and Abhi get together again and get married. Simran and SAurabh are shocked to hear this. Simran starts to cry and tells him thatshe cannot marry abhi for this. she had not thought of this and she will return Astha to Abhi. She tells this and goes into the room crying. Brian is sort of sorry for whatever he told , but Saurabh says it is ok.


Simran is holding Gudiya in her arms and is crying. Shaguna is there and is seeing. Simran in tears, is telling Gudiya that what she did was wrong. I thought you are my Astha. But no, You are not my Astha. Now, you are also leaving me and going. But i will not stop you. Shaguna sees this and starts to cry and runs to Saurabh and tells him to stop Bhayi from sending Gudiya back. Shaguna tells Saurabh that Bhayi will breakdown if Gudiya is not there. SAurabh is shattered and keeps his hand on his head and starts to think.


Abhi is sitting in a garden like place and is lost in his own world, when Saurabh comes there. Abhi sees him and asks him what was the reason for him to call him at this place? Saurabh says he wants to talk to him and tells him that there are certain questions which need to be addressed after Simran adopting Gudiya. Saurabh tell s Abhi that once Gudiya grows, she will ask Simran why she is not with her papa and instead she stays with Simran who is not related to her? Abhi says we need not talk about this now. When the right time comes, we can tackle this problem and says this might not be needed at all bcos of Simran's great love for Gudiya. Saurabh says he needs an answer now bcos Simran has already decided that she is not adopting Gudiya. Abhi looks stunned and say that he will talk to her. SAurabh intervenes and tells him that he has thought a lot on this and feels the only solution to this is that Abhi and Simran get married. Abhi is shocked to hear this and the screen freezes on him.



Update 10th March 2005



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The episode begins with Saurabh and Abhi talking in the garden. Abhi is stunned on hearing SAurabh requesting him to marry Simran. Saurabh continues his talk and says that their relationship has always been bitter and not good. He says he is mainly responsibel for this. He also says he did not trust and believe Abhi at all and always thought he was guilty for the sorrow that Simran faced. He then says he is requesting Abhi to forget all that and for a good future, the only option before all was Abhi-Simran's marriage.  Abhi is happy, at the same time, he cannot believe what he is haering. He tells Saurabh that he is not very sure whether he can do what he wants him to do. But he says he is very happy that SAurabh has pardoned him for everything. SAurabh in a very emotional tone, tell Abhi that thia is the first and last time that he is asking a favour from Abhi and that Abhi should agree and requests him not to say no. Saurabh's eyes are really very sorrowful and it tell the entire story. Seeing his face, Abhi gets very emotional and cannot say no. He simply nods his head with full consent. Saurabh is very happy and relieved.


At Simran's house, there is a big gathering. Abhi with Abhi's parents, Brian, Rashmi with Pranay and ofcourse, Saurabh, Shaguna and Simran are there. Simran does not know why all are seated together. Saurabh then tells everybody that as Brian said , he also believes that is the right thing. Brian will always wish good for Simran. He tells everybody that the only soultion before them is Abhi-Simran's marriage. Returning Gudiya to Abhi will not solve all the problems. Marrying Abhi is the only way. Simran is shocked to hear this from her father. She gets up at once and says no. Brian tries to tell her something, but she stops him and says nobody has the right to force her and intervene in her life. She says she can handle her life pretty well. Saurabh scolds Simran for being rude with Brian. Simran does not like to talk about that matter and simply walks in. Saurabh tries to stop her, but Abhi stops him and tells Saurabh to give Simran time. Let her decide what she has to do in future.


Simran is in her room, very desperate and thoughtful. She sits, stands, loiter,again sits, stands, finally picks up her mobile and calls Abhi. Abhi picks up. Simran tells him she wants to talk to him and asks him come immediately. As soon as she disconnects her mobile, there is a knock on her door. She opens it and it is Abhi. They both just look at each other. Simran asks him to come inside and asks him how come he came so quickly. Abhi says he was waiting down and had not gone home. Abhi very emotionally says how can i go and where can i go ,Simran? Abhi asks her what she wanted to talk. Simran tells him that what people are expecting of them cannot happen all of a sudden and just bcos they are forcing. Lots of bad things have happened between us and this decision is not easy. Abhi says we only can understand what happened between us. Simran says it is so ironic that the same people who were against their marriage are today, wanting them to get united. But what about us? We have to answer the questions before us, says Simran. Abhi agrees and says he too was in the same position when Simran asked him to marry Neha. He says he also thought a lot at that time and there were many questions before him then. He says the same questions are beofre us now and we have to answer. Simran says She feels even though they have become mature with the passage of time, she is is feeling difficult in answering certain critical questions in her life. Abhi says this is bcos they are seeing life as a question papaer that needs to be treated logically. Simran tellsAbhi that she does not want to give Astha a life in which she is crippled withquestions to which there is no answer. Abhi advises her to think from the heart and asks her what her heart says? Simran says she wants every kid to get all the happiness it deserves right form birth. Abhi at once tells her that they both can give AStha a better future if they get united. Simran approves to this and nods her head. Abhi tells her that all are waiting for their decision , we have to go down. Simran agrees.


In the hall, all are patiently waiting for Abhi and Simran. They come down. All are panic-stricken asto what their answer would be. Abhi asks Simran whether she wants to tell. Simran just nods her head indicating Abhi to tell. Abhi says we both agree. There is a hot wave of air being breathed out by all in relief. All are happy. Brian congratulates Abhi. SAurabh hugs Simran. Shaguna distributes some sweet to everybody, at once.(Don't ask me how!!) Abhi's mother says she will go tomorrow and fix the muhurat. Simran tells everybody that she wants a simple marriage in a temple. All agree.


Rashmi andSimran are together. Rashmi asks Simran whether she is happy. Simran says she is not sure. But tells her that one thing is for sure that for Neha, she will do whatever she wanted from her. Simran says she will keep Gudiya happy and will not trouble anybody. Rashmi says she is sure that Gudiya will get the same love as Astha. Simran is disturbed and says she is not sure. She says she has no clue how to react. Neha had once told her that she always loved Abhi. But today, she feels Abhi is a total stranger. She tells Rashmi that she is having the same kind of fears as one would have in arranged marriage. Rashmi says this fear will soon go with time. This is natural. She tells Simran that is has been a known fact now that nobody can take Abhi's place in her life and thatSimran always loved Abhi. Rashmi tells her to be happy as she is marrying the person she loves. Both hug each other.


In the hospital, Simran is with Brian and Janet. Actually Janet is being prepared mentally for artificial inseminization. Simran tells Janet that after implantation, success is not assured. But also says seeing her reports, she is very confident. She then calls and informs the hospital staff to keep the OT ready. Brian and Janet alre sort of tense.


Then the story moves One Month Later.


Janet is in bed at her home. She is very happy. She tells Simran(She looks the old Simran, gorgeous as ever)that she is very happy that she is pregnant. Janet thanks Simran for doing a near impossible thing for them. Simran is also very happy. Brian comes there and tells Simran that hw will drop her. Simran tells Janet to take rest and that she will come to her place for check-ups.


Brian and Simran are in the car. Brian tells Simran that after her marriage got settled, there is a new glow in her face and she looks more charming. Simran thanks him and says all are happy. Seeing everybody's happiness, Abhi and herself are also happy. She says this is very good for Astha's future. Brian gets wild and immediately asks Simran to stop the car. Simran does not understand anything and stops the car. Brian then screams at Simran and tells her that if they don't love each other and are marrying only for AStha's sake, please don't marry. He tells her to take this as a piece of advise bcos they both have faced so much in life that they cannot afford to make another mistake. Simran goes into her own thoughts.


Simran goes to Abhi's house. He asks her whether she had been shopping. Simran says she wanted to talk to him. She asks him whether they are getting married for AStha or bcos they love each other. Abhi with a stunned look, tells Simran that life does not always give ap erson 2 chances . Life has given them a 2nd chance and they should try to make amends. He touches her, sits very close to her and tells her that they were always in love with each other. I don't tell you that you never loved Abhimanyu Joshi or I did not love Neha. Infact, i loved Neha a lot and still love her. But due to the circumstance he was in, he developed a personal feeling towards neha. After marriage too, he was just fulfilling his responsibilities as her husband, but loved only Simran. Saying this, they get even closer. Simran and Abhi get romantic, hug each other and share a very intimate moment.




Update 14th March 2005



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The episode begins with Simran and Abhi in each other's arms, sharing a very intimate moment. Simran tries to move saying she is getting late as Astha will be at home. Abhi then in a very romantic mood, asks Simran what she will do if Astha tells her not to go to the hospital. Simran , too very romantically tells him that she will not go to the hospital and will stay with her daughter. Abhi who is now caressing Simran very romantically asks her what will happen to her hospital then? Simran who is enjoying this moment says she will employ other doctors who will take care of her hospital.  He then asks her what will happen to her patients? Simran then says she will call them home.Amidst all these talks, they both are still sharing intimate moments and then Abhi asks her what if he tells her not to go to the hospital? She smiles and then tries to move away from him. Just then, the door bell rings. Simran and Abhi, quickly move away from each other. They both give a very embarrasing look, Abhi says he will open the door. Simran is just sitting and is feeling very shy. Its Abhi's parents , they have come home after doing loads of shopping. They are very happy to see Simran at home. Simran says she is just leaving when Abhi's mother says she can't go so soon. So Simran sits for a while. Abhi's mother says she is very happy. Abhi's father says let her go, as she has to prepare for tomorrow's marriage. Simran smiles. Abhi's mother says after marriage, it will be her choice to stay whereever she wants. If she wants to be with her father, they have no objection and Abhi will shift there. Abhi too smiles at this. Simran too nods. She thanks Abhi's mother and leaves.


At Simran's place, Simran is combing her hair sitting in front of the mirror. She is dreaming and seems very happy. She has a very pleasant smile on her face. At Abhi's place, Abhi is lying in bed, he too is dreaming, laughing to himself. He is thinking of Simran and calls her. Simran who is dreaming about Abhi, sitting before the mirror, picks up the phone. But Abhi, due to hesitation, does not speak and cuts the phone. He then tries again and when he is about to speak, Saurabh comes to Simran's room. So Simran at once, disconnects the call. Saurabh sits, and asks her whether she did not sleep. Simran says she is not getting sleep. Saurabh says its the same with me. When we have too  much of sorrow, pain does not bring sleep. Now  when they have so much of happiness around, excitement does not bring sleep. Simran agrees to this.All the while when Saurabh is talking to Simran, Simran's phone keeps ringing and she keeps disconnecting, just to get another call, this goes on  and on. Abhi is very disturbed that Simran is not responding. SAurabh asks Simran whether she is happy. Simran nods and says thanks to her father for forgiving Abhi. Saurabh laughs and says he had to do it. The call keeps coming, Saurabh then tells Simran to attend the phone as Abhi is trying very desperatley. Simran blushes and he smiles at her and goes away. Simran then answers the call and tells Abhi that papa was there , so she could not pick up. Abhi says how do i know, can i see from here. Simran says he sohuld have understood that when she kept disconnecting. Abhi agrees and says he should have understood. Then, Abhi asks her what he has to wear tomorrow? Simran tells him to wear the suit which she had got him. The same suit which Abhi had worn for Poonam's case conference. Simran reminds him that he had told her that he would be wearing the suit on his happiest occassion. Abhi smiles at that and asks her what she is going to wear. Simran says she will be wearing the sari that Abhi got her when they had a fight one day when they were together. She sasy she did not find an occassion to wear that till now. Abhi is happy. He wants to talk more when Shaguna comes there and gives Astha to Simran saying she is troubling her a lot and that she is not able to finish work. Simran disconnects the phone, leaving a romantic Abhi wondering and he smiles saying its Gudiya....


At Simran's place, Puaji and Harsh arrive for the marriage. All are excited. Rashmi and Simran along with ASurabh greet them. SAurabh asks where didi and Kath are. Puaji says it is a long flight and that doctors had advised rest. All are worried and ask what the matter is. Puaji says he is going to become a grandfather. All are happy and they congratulate Harsh who is very excited. Saurabh tells Puaji that he has reached his range now as he is going to have a kid at home. Puaji jokingly says he has not grown old, but his son has come of age. They both share a very jolly note.


At Abhi's place, Abhi's mother is a bit tensed about all the arrangements and keeps asking her husband is everything alright? Abhi's father says everything is ok and not to get tensed. Abhi is  going out when they both stop him and tell him that they have bought a Sherwani for him for the occassion. Abhi says he will look like a typical dulha and he wants to wear something else, so he is going to his place to get it. Abhi's parents say they are getting late to go to the temple. Abhi asks them to move , he will come from there. They agree.


At Simran's place, all are seated and are having a pleasant talk. Puaji tells Saurabh that after Simran's marriage, as he will be alone, he is going to take Saurabh with him to London. Simran says it is papa's wish but says she is going to stay here even after marriage. She has spoken to Abhi about it, he has no objections and Abhi's parents also agree to this. Saurabh is happy. Puaji says good that Abhi thinks of all this. He then asks Saurabh whether he will feel ok if Abhi stays here. SAurabh , at once, says he has no problem at all and will do anything for their happiness. All are happy. Rashmi comes there and announces that its already time and Simran has to get ready. Simran goes in with Rashmi.


Abhi is searching all wardrobes in his house for the suit. He takes out a shirt, places it on the bed. Simran takes out the yellow sari. Rashmi asks her when she got it , its so beautiful. Simran says Abhi got it for her. Abhi is washing his face when he gets a call. It is Simran and he says he is getting ready. Simran is ready and she is wearing a very gorgeious yellow sari. She gets a call and it is Brian. Simran tells him to come on time and she will be there. Rashmi brings a case full of  jewellery and picks out one and gives it to Simran. Simran fusses that its very heavy, but Rashmi insists her.So she takes it. Abhi is still searching his wardrobe and takes out a tie. Along with the tie, a diary comes along and it fall to the ground. Abhi looks at it and picks it up. He opens it and gets to know that it is Neha's diary. Simran is completely ready. She is looking amazing in the yellow sari with jewellery and a fantastic hair-do , her hair in a knot. RAshmi tells her she is looking very beautiful. Simran is looking at herself in the mirror. SAurabh is standing before his wife's photo. Simran comes there. Saurabh tells to his wife's photo that their daughter is beginning a new life and she needs her blessings. Simran is very emotional too. SAurabh sees his daughter and tells she is looking very beautiful. He blesses her , he is crying and is very emotional. Simran then touches her mother's phoho and kisses her hand and goes. Saurabh is very happy.


Abhi is sitting on the bed and is reading Neha's diary. These are the things written in the diary by Neha.


I am very happy today that i got my life partner. I had never imagines that i will ever get a person whom I love. I have got all happiness. After marriage, I have got a full family and i am happy to be with them. I am getting to know what a family looks like.


All have arrived at the temple. Simran also comes there. Abhi's mother blesses Simran and tells her that she is looking very beautiful. Abhi's father says Abhi has not yet come.


We again move to Neha's diary readings.

With Abhi in my life, i am very happy. I never ever imagines that i will go to my honey moon. I am very happy with Abhi and i am in my honeymoon. My life got shattered when Abhi got Simran's call . He at once wanted to get back. This changed my life entirely. With one shot, my life cam to a standstill. This incident pushed Abhi away from me. Abhi then starts to recollect the whole incident where he fought with Neha when he decided to go back after Simran's call.


Again, into Neha's diary.

It was not accepatable for me that Abhi is very close with Simran. He is always following Simran like her shadow. I am always living with this pain and fear that i would lose Abhi. Today, i put up a full list of things to be bought for my kid. But Abhi came home with all the things and told me that Simran helped him to buy them. Why Abhi? Why don't you give me the right to buy things on my own for my own kid if not for you? Why are you doing this to me?What relationship do we have between each other? I can't even feel bad at what is happening in our life. Simran lives in my life along with you. I cannot tolerate this. I cannot even tell you about this. If i tell you, i become wrong. When you said i had forgotten what you had done for me and mama, i was shocked. I know that only bcos of you, myself and mama are in this world and are happy. I will never forget that. Abhi keeps remembering all that happened. But it pains when you asked me that. In life,  you never ever state all the things you did and take account of it. You could not understand the pin  i am going thro'. Its hurting. Simran is now not in talking terms with you. You are very hurt over it and you seem to be lost in your own world. But did you ever think that if you behaved in a siilar way with me, i would also be like that, always thinking of you. Why don't you understand me? I love you very much. If i have to describe my life in one word , i will say just this: Mrigatrishna(I think this refers to a lady whose life is caught in air ,in betwen two things).

Abhi is completely shattered after reading this. He is in tears and thinks of all the nice time he had with Neha. He is feeling very guilty. A very emotional song plays in the background(sorry, i was not that fast to get its meaning).


In the temple, all are desperate. Prany is trying to callAbhi  but Abhi is not picking up the phone. Saurabh is unhappy. Brian says he will go to Abhi's house. Simran says Abhi might be caught in traffic, so can't hear the phone. She asks Brian not to go as Abhi will be on his way. She says she will try once. She calls.


Abhi is in tears and is shocked. His phone rings. He turns and sees it, picks it up. It is simran's as her name is flashing on it. Abhi looks at the name appearing in the mobile and continues to cry.




Update 15th March 2005



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I am really confused and I ought to tell you, curious readers that the suspense continues even after the leap. My head is going for a toss after seeing today's episode. I am thinking about umpteen number of possibilities asto what might have happened before the leap.


The episode today begins with a 18 year leap forward.


A girl is shown calling Astha Hospital. The voice is similar to Simran's voice. But the girl looks very young. The recepitonist at Astha Hospital picks up. The girl asks for Dr. Sidhant Avasthi. The call is transferred to Sidhant. He is a young lad, lean fellow. When he answers, nobody talks. He then asks the receptionist who called just now. The receptionist tells him that it was Dr. Simran. Sidhant says he will call her. He tries, but the mobile is not reachable.


A girl is shown driving a bike, with helmet on the head. She looks like a young girl. She is driving pretty fast. She enters Astha Hospital premises and speeds her vehicle towards a car parked in front and suddenly, she cannot control the speed and hits the back light of the car. The security rushes to the spot and tells her, again you did this didi. The girl still having the helmet on the head, says not to tell anyone about this. The security then calls Siddhant and tells him that someone has hit his car light. He is frustrated and comes out. He sees the car damaged and the backlight broken. He is angry and asks the security who did it? The security says he does not know , but is seeing a bike that is parked at a distance. Siddhant sees this and says oh no, again she has done this, i should definitely complain to Simran Aunty about this. He then rushes to Simran's cabin,  where a lady is sitting in the chair, the chair turned opposite direction to the entrance. So Sidhant can see only the back of the lady. He tells her that Astha has gone very bad and she has again hit his car and broken the light. Just 14 days back, she had done this and now she has damaged his car again. He says aunty, please tell her. The girl gives him a letter and asks him to sign it. He sees it, it is his resignation letter. The lady says if you don't like my Astha, then you better resign the job. Sidhant says Aunty, you cannot do this, suddenly he gets a doubt and goes near the chair to see the lady's face. He turns the chair to his side. A young girl is seated wearing a mask. She removes the mask and says its me, AStha. The girl is wearing jeans and looks really smart. Sidhant says its you, you have not changed at all. She says sorry Sonu. Sidhant tells her not to call him Sonu, she has to call him Sidhant. Then Sidhant tells her that he is going to complain to Aunty about her. Let her come, he says. Astha says mama is not coming today. He says i will call her at her place. Astha says she is not at home, and is busy. Sidhant then asks her where she is. Astha says you forgot, today is Mama and Papa's wedding Anniversary. So mama is in the temple. Sidhant then remembers it. Astha asks Sidhant how much money it will cost him for today's hit on his car? Sidhant gets angry and rushes towards her. She runs around, she tries to run away from him. Siddhant tries to catch her and they have a funny moment there.


The next scene, they show a temple. The priest is performing the puja and Simran is sitting on the floor and praying. She is wearing a blue sari with a sleeveless blouse and looks quite aged. The priest comes to her and gives her the prasad, she then gives a cover to the priest, which the priest keeps under the God's leg and gives it to Simran along with flowers. She accepts it and looks very sad. She then walks out of the temple, looking very lonely and sad.


Next scene shows Abhi's parents. They have grown very old. Abhi's father has become compleately deaf and is operating the tv remote . He has kept maximum volume in the tv , but is saying volume is not coming. Abhi's mother can't take the loud noise and comes there and asks him to wear the machine and takes the remote and reduces the volume. He then wears his hearing aid. The door bell rings and Abhi's father who can now hear, asks her to open the door. She looks angry and tells him that it must be Simran. She opens the door. It is Simran. She seeks Abhi's mother's blessings. She comes to Abhi's father and seeks his blessings too. She sits down. Abhi's father is screaming at her and asking her why she is late. He then asks his wife to give Simran the gift. Abhi's mother gives a cover to Simran. She says thanks. Simran asks Abhi's mother when they are going to Nasik. Abhi's mother says they are going next week. Simran then hands over a packet to Abhi's mother and says this is for Radhaji. Abhi's mother says  nobody can do so much for others. Still, even after 18 years, Radhaji is upset with you. I want to tell her the reality and its bcos of you that she is alive today. Simran tells her not to tell Radhaji anything. Simran says Radhaji is correct and she is not upset with her behaviour. Simran says i am feeling hungry and want to eat. She asks Abhi's mother what she has made. Abhi's mother says everything is ready and gets up. Just then, Abhi's father screams at her saying serve food. Simran calms him odwn and talks loudly to him that mama is serving food. He then asks her how her hospital is. Simran says it going well after Siddhant has come. Hesays AStha will soon become a doctor and help her. Simran says AStha has already failed in the medical entrance once. But she is very confident that she can make it and wants to be a docter like me. Abhi's father asks Simran why not tell the truth to AStha? Simran says AStha is so cheerful and full of life that she does not want to break the news to her now. Abhi's mother intervenes and says when everything is going fine, why tell Astha? Abhi's mother calls them to the table to eat. Abhi's father, without hearing, screams that he wants food. They both laugh at him and Simran takes him to the table.


Next scene is Astha's college. Astha is sitting in the steps with her friends. She is telling her friend that she has gone lean and needs some vitamins and other medicines. Her friend tells AStha not to do this kind of boasting before becoming a doctor. Astha very proudly says she has her mother's genes in her. She has seen her in the hospital , attending patients and she knows everything. Its just that she has to get the degree. Her friends make fun of her. Aastha asks her friends that they have to go to see Shahid's movie. They all start to go. Her friend asks her whether she has taken her mother's permission. She says that her mother does not stop her from doing anything. It is Sidhant who always keeps track of her and wants her to be at home before he comes home.


Simran is in a Tata car showroom and is seeing a Sumo Vista. She sees the entire car and tells the incharge there that she will take the same model but wants a black colour. He says they have no stck now. Simran says she wants it on a particular date and that the car should be in the name of Sidhant Avasthi.


Sidhant is in the hospital checking a patient. He is scolding the man that he has come very late from the village and sohuld have come beofre. He asks the man to show him his X-ray reports. The person takes out the reports and gives. He sees the newspaper and and asks the person to give the paper. He reads the paper and there is the article written by Simran. It has Urmila's photo on it and the heading says Waiting for your return: Dr. Simran.


Simran comes home. Shaguna is sitting worried. Simran asks her what the reason is. Shaguna says Mr. Mathur, he is sitting in your room and is worried as usual. He is not eating. Simran smiles and says once a year, papa fasts. She asks Shaguna where Astha is. Shaugna says don't ask me about baby. She has not time to return , eat and she is responsible for spoiling AStha. Simran smiles ans says she is a kid and it is her young days. Simran enters her room. Her father is sitting seeing an album. The album has photos of Rashmi's wedding. Simran asks him why he is trubling himself? He says she knows the answer, why then ask? SAurabh then lifts his head up. He looks very old. He tells her that she has been lying for the past 18 years. How long? he asks. Simran says her lies have now become life's truth. Shaguna says the food is ready. So they go to the table. SAurabh asks where Astha is. Then he tells her that this girl has no time to do things and he is tired of her.


They are all having dinner when Siddhant comes. He asks her why after 4 years his mother's news has come in the paper. Simran tells him that every 6 months, shr gives this in the paper. He asks her whether she still has hopes of finding her. She says yes and they both hug. He then sits for food. Simran asks him where is AStha? He tells her that when he talked to her, she said she will be home in 1 hour. He calls AStha. Her phone rings and she deos not pick up. He tells Simran thet she speeds with her bike and hit his car again. He says she is a brat. Shaguna laughs at this. Simran too laughs and tells Sidhant that he has taken AStha's responsibility and so he has to worry.


Astha is driving her bike in the road with her friend sitting with her. She is speeding and her friend asks her to go slow. Her phone keeps on ringing. Astha says its Sidhant and she has to rush. She then drops her friens and again speeds. She hits against a car, skids and while falling, hits a lady who is walking on the raod. The lady falls down, her elbow hurt badly. The lady is Urmila. Astha sees her and is shocked.



Update 16th March 2005



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Astha takes Urmila to Astha Nursing Home. Urmila is rushed in a stretcher. AStha is crying. Astha tells Urmila i am sorry Aunty. You will be fine. Urmila who is conscious, tells her that she is fine and not to worry. She has had a small bruise, that's it. A doctor come out hearing the noise. The doector recognises AStha and asks her what the problem is. AStha addresses the doctor as Dr. Thakkar and tells him that the lady had a hit with her bike and she is injured. Astha requests him to treat her immediately.The doctor asks AStha whether she informend Simran. AStha says not yet and looks worried. The doctor tells her that in any case, she has to inform her mother. Dr. Thakkar himslef calls Simran who is at home. Simran picks up the phone and is shocked to hear about the accident. She at once asks whether Astha is fine. Dr. Thakkar tells Simran that AStha is fine. Simran asks him whether anybody else was involved in the accident. He says a lady is hurt and is admitted to the hospital. Simran asks how the lady is. Dr.Thakkar says she is fine and has a small bruise only. Simran says she is coming there and asks whether Astha is there. He tells yes.


Simran then tells Saurabh and Siddhant about the accident. Saurabh gets tensed and asks what happened to AStha. Simran says she is ok but a lady is hurt bcos of her. Siddhant says he will accompany Simran to the hospital. Saurabh says yes.


Simran and Siddhant are going in the car. Simran is tensed. Siddhant asks her not to panic. Dr. THakkar is taking care of the lady, so she should be alright. He tells her not to scold AStha. Simran says he will tell her that, but he will be the first person to scold Astha. Siddhant says he has been with her for 4 years now and knows Simran very well. Simran will first scold AStha, then bcos of that, Simran's mood will be off, he says.Simran says to Siddhant that he shows so much of concern to AStha. He asks Simran when she will tell the truth to AStha? When she knows it, will she be able to bear this? Simran says AStha will bear it, but she is not able to tell her then she will take the help of Siddhant.She tells him that he has been so very mature even from a very small age.  After all, Sid and AStha are great friends, she says. Sid says yes and smiles.


In the hospital, Dr. Thakkar has put a bandage over Urmila's arm. He is asking her about her family. He is telling her to give her address and phone number so that he can contact her house and tell them about the accident. Urmila sighs and says House!!! and stops. Dr. Thakkar does not understand anything. Then he advises the nurse to give her pain killer if needed and tells the nurse that he is in his cabin. The nurse asks the doctor is he not going home? Dr. Thakkar says Dr. Simran is coming and so he is waiting. Urmila at once, asks him did u mention Simran? Why is she coming here,she asks and gets very restless. Dr. Thakkar says this is her hospital and she is coming to see her. Urmila at once says i have to go home and tries to get up. But the doctor and the nurse stop her and make her lie down. But Urmila remains restless.


Astha is standing in the lobby and is very worried. Simran just then comes there with Sid. Astha , at once hugs Simran and before Simran could ask her anything, says mama, i am sorry. Simran then pacifies her. Sid is angry and scolds Astha. Dr. Thakkar comes there. Simran asks him about the lady. He says the lady is fine but is behaving a bit strange as though she knows Simran. Simran says she wants to see her. They all go towards the room. In the room, the nurse is asking Urmila whether she has pain. Urmila when she notices that Simran is coming turns to wards the opposite side. Simran comes there. Urmila who is hiding her face by turning to the other side, is crying silently. Simran calls Urmila. Urmila then very hesitantly turns towards Simran. Simran cannot believe her eyes when she sees Urmila. She sits near her and holds her. Urmila is crying and so too is Simran. Sid is standing there and has a familiar look on his face. Simran hugs Urmila and says thank god, you came back Urmila. Sid at once realises that she is his mother and starts to cry. Simran says i searched for you so much. Where have you been? Then Simran gets up and asks Urmila to recognise Sid. Urmila looks at him with a blank look. Sid is crying. Simran then tells her that it is Sonu. Urmila is very happy and gets very emotional. Sid sits near Urmila and they both hug each other. Sid asks Urmila where she had been? He says he always thought about her. Urmila cannot control her happiness and says she also thought about him . Both mother and son share a moment of joy after so long a time. Simran then tells Sid that now that Urmila has come back, she will not leave us and go. Urmila smiles. Dr. Thakkar is also there. Simran tells him that Urmila will go to her house now and to get the discharge papers ready. Urmila is very happy and so is Sid. Dr. Thakkar says yes and leaves the room. On the way, he tells Astha who is sitting outside that the lady is none other that Dr. Sid's mother. Astha is also happy. She goes inside the room. On seeing Astha, Urmila says thanks to her  and tells her that bcos of her, she has got to see her son today. Astha is surprised at the developments and says mama and sees Simran. Urmila at once, recognises her and asks Simran whether this is AStha. Simran nods. Urmila is happy and calls Astha near her. She comes near her and they both hug. Dr. Thakkar comes in and tells that the discharge papers are ready. So Simran tells they can leave now. Dr. Thakkar brings in a wheel chair for Urmila. But Urmila says she will not need that now as she has got back her family. Simran tells the nurse to take back the wheel chair. Sid helps Urmila to get up and Urmila is slowly helped out of the room by Simran. Sid thanks AStha and tells her that just bcos of her rash driving, he got his mama back. But then tells AStha that she should not continue her rash driving. AStha then tells him to say thanks. Sid says Thanks to Astha and they both laugh. AStha asks him not to scold her and asks him to hold his ears in apology which he does.


They all go home. Shaguna opens the door. As soon as she opens, she does not see Urmila who is standing and instantaneously sees AStha and asks her whether she is alright. Then Shaguna sees the other side and is surprised to see Urmila there. Shaguna is overjoyed and says Urmila Madam. Simran then asks Shaguna whether they can enter. Shaguna then leaves place and is overjoyed. Just then, SAurabh comes running. He too does not notice Urmila, but as soon as he sses AStha, asks her whether she is alright. She hugs him. Saurabh beats her in a joking manner and tells her that she sohuld not touch her bike hereafter. AStha then tells him that Aunty and Sid have told her thanks and now it is his turn. SAurabh does not understand this and sees Simran's side. There he sees Urmila. His eyesight is not proper, so he goes very near her and after a few minutes of seeing, recognises her as Urmila. Urmila then seeks his  blessings. Simran tells Saurabh that Urmila got hit by AStha's bike. Saurabh then turns towards AStha and says thanks. AStha laughs. Shaguna then tells  that she could not believe and thought it was a dream when she saw Urmila. SAurabh says meeting and seperating are part of life. Simran then asks Sid and AStha to take Urmila to her room as she has to rest. They all go in. Simran tells SAurabh that he has to take rest as he would have exerted himself. Simran asks Shaguna whether SAurabh took his tablets. Shaguna at once complains that he did not take the tablet that  Simran had asked him to take. Saurabh says that tablet is very bitter. Simran pats him and says AStha has grown big and now how can she handle him. SAurabh just smiles.


In the Room, Urmila is sitting in the bed. AStha is complaining to Urmila that Sid always scolds her. Sid at once says she has beocme very bad and they start their usual quarrel. Simran comes in and asks them to stop it. Urmila then tells Simran that when AStha was so small, Sonu used to take care of AStha so well. Urmila then asks Sid when he came from US. Sid says he came 4 years back when Simran Aunty had informed him about her release. Urmila asks how is Manas? Sid says he must be fine and for the past 4 years,he has not met him. Urmila is shocked to hear this. She asks him whether he has left his father. Sid says he has not left him but ever since he finished his studies, he had made up his mind to waork under Simran Aunty, so he came here. Sid says he is in constant touch with his father thro' phone. Simran then tells Urmila that they had come to take her home when she got released. But just bcos they were a bit late, they could not get her. She had gone somewhere. Simran says she searched for Urmila very much. Urmila says she understands it. But says she did not have any whereabouts of Sonu and thought coming to Simran will be a burden . Simran gets angry and asks her whether in friendship, a person can be a burden. Urmila says no and smiles. Urmila then tells AStha that her mother always scolds her when she makes such mistakes and their relationship has become like that. She then tells Astha that when she was about 2 years old, she used to take care of her. She and Shaguna used to take care of her the whole day, but when Simran used to come in the evning, AStha would forget them and rush to Simran. Hearing this, Astha tells her that at that time, she must have been even smaller. Urmila says she was 2 years only. AStha tries to explain to Urmila that if this happened 18 years before, she should have been smaller and she knows her age.When these talks are happening between Urmila and AStha, both Simran and Sid look anxious. They both keep looking at each other. Urmila then says she will show her as she has a photo where Sonu and AStha are together. She goes near her bag and begins to search. Simran at once tells Astha that it is too late and asks her to go and sleep. But AStha says she wants to see the photo. Simran tries to send her  but in vain. Sid tries to tell Urmila that she can show the photo tomorrow but she takes the photo from her bag and shows it to AStha. Both Simran and Sid are very upset. The photo has the real AStha and Sonu togather. AStha sees this and is perplexed. She keeps seeing the photo and thenSimran. Simran is full of guilt and does not know what to do.




Update 17th March 2005



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Thank God, the tension atlast broke and we get to know the truth. A very good episode, a touching one with great acting by Simran and Urmila.


Astha cannot understand what Urmila is talking about. She keeps looking at Simran. Then she says Aunty, this is not me. Urmila says i am not wrong, how can i forget your face?  Astha repeatedly says that this is not my photo. Then she calls Simran and and shows her the photo. Simran does not know what to do, but comes near and sees the photo. After seeing, she tells Urmila that this is not Astha. Urmila is shocked to hear this and tells Simran that she cannot be wrong. Simran says this is not the Astha with whom she played. Simran tells Urmila that she might have forgotten Astha's face. Urmila cannot believe this and looks worried. Sid then says this is not AStha but it is the daughter of the neighbour, Mr. Sharma. Urmila does not believe this, but cannot explain it. Simran at once tells AStha to go and sleep as tomorrow morning if she is late in getting up, Aayi will scold her. Astha then says good bye and goes. Sid says i will also go home. He hugs Urmila and then leaves. AStha, before leaving tells Simran that she knows why she is asking them to leave. Astha says they want to talk many things, isn't it? Simran says yes and asks her to go. She says sorry and then leaves.


Urmila still stands in a shocked manner and tries to explain to Simran that she cannot forget Astha's face and she took this photo of AStha's from Simran's place. Simran then nods her head and says what she is telling is right. Simran continues to say that this is not the Astha that Urmila took care of. This is Abhi and Neha's daughter, Gudiya. Urmila then asks where her Astha is? Simran then starts to cry. In a very depressing tone, she narrates the whole story of they going to London, the marriage taking place, one day AStha getting lost, they complaining to the police, Shaguna identifying the lady, police making a sketch of the suspect, putting it on tv, police getting a lead about the lady, they all going to the house, getting AStha's shoe there, the lady telling that the kid died. Here ends the flashback. Simran begins to cry a lot. Urmila cannot believe what she heard. Simran then tells Urmila that her AStha is no more. Then, Simran starts to narrate the other part of her story. Again, flashbacks start. Abhi's mother giving Gudiya to Simra, Simran refusing to take it, Simran returning Gudiya to Abhi's mother, then Simran realising the importance of Gudiya, taking back Gudiya. Flashback ends.


Simran continues and says that from that day onwards, Gudiya became her Astha. Gudiya herself thinks that she is AStha. Urmila cannot believe all this and asks about Abhi. Urmila says it must have been very difficult for Abhi to take this decision and give his daughter. Simran says the same questions cam e before us and then papa, who always hated Abhi went and asked Abhi to marry me. He actually convinced both of us to think about uniting. Simran then continues to says that their marriage got fixed and the scene of the temple is shown where all are waiting for Abhi but he does not turn up. Here, the flashback starts.


Pranay, Brian and Harsh say they will go and look out for Abhi. Saurabh gets restless and says he again did a mistake by believing this man. How could he ever think that Abhi had changed? Saurabh  says he must not have trusted a man like Abhi who does not know the meaning of responsibility. Puaji tries to console Saurabh. Simran is very tensed and continues to say that there must have been some problem.


Abhi does not turn up. The muhurat for the marriage passes, so all return home. Shaguna opens the door and sees a letter lying in the doorstep. She picks it up. All enter the house. Abhi's parents, SAurabh, Puaji, Rashmi all enter. Shaguna does not show the letter to anyone and gives it to Simran when she enters.Simran sees it. On the envelope is written For Simran. She just takes it and goes inside her room.


Simran starts to read Abhi's letter. This is what Abhi has written. Simran you must be again feeling that i am not worth trusting and i have given you all another opportunity for hating me. But i don't want to tell you lies. So i am writing the truth to you. As i was starting for the temple, I came acrosss Neha's diary. She had written her heart out in the diary. I got to know thro' it that Neha went thro' a lot of suffering and pain bcos of me. The things i could not realise when she was there, I got to know of. She was very fast in realising that we both love each other. So she tried her best to convince you even in her death bed that we should get united. I got to know that Neha lost all happines in lfe bcos of me. I did not keep her happy. If i had known all this, i would have tried my bset to change myself and try to keep her happy. But now that, she is gone, fulfilling her last wish and marrying you will only hurt her. So I think this is not correct. I know that again, I am disappointing you and am leaving you alone with loads of responsibilities. I am again hurting and betraying you. I know i am doing wrong to you but i cannot help this. I am doing such a great sin that at this point in life, i am leaving you. I cannot even ask sorry. So i am leaving this place not to return.


Saurabh is becoming very restless. Harsh, Brian enter and tell everybody that Abhi's house is locked. They ask Abhi's mother where can he be? Just then, Simran comes ther and tells everybody that there is no need to search for Abhi. He is alright. She says he is not able to accept this marriage , so has gone away. All are shocked. SAurabh starts to scream that what not able to accept and gone away. What does he think? Is marriage a child's play? I asked him, actually requested him with folded arms to marry my daughter. I did not force him to agaree. He agreed and then says not accepting. I cannot accpet this childish behaviour of his, this is the limit. Simran tries to console him but Saurabh continues to scream that it was his mistake that he trusted Abhi this time. He has played with my daughter's emotions for the second time. This fellow will keep on betraying my daughter and i have to keep quiet. He will very easily say i have no mood to marry and escape. Simran gets very angry and comes near her father and tells him that what Abhi did was absolutely right. Abhi's father says i don't know why Abhi did this. Abhi's mother says Abhi has committed such an offense that they cannot even ask sorry. She says she will ask him why he did this once he returns. SAurabh who is very upset says let him stand before me, i will show him who i am. He will not live happily. He is going to get the curse of a suffering father. He will not be happy. Simran gets very angry and says What will you do if he comes her? You will only curse him , right. You are already doing only that. If you find happiness by cursing him, do it. But not before me. I feel he did the correct thing. She begins to cry and goes away leaving all in a shocked state.


The flashback ends there. Simran  is standing like a rock after telling everything to Urmila. Urmila says i can understand what Uncle might hve gone thro'. But you Simran, how did u take all this? Simran then smilingly says theere was no other way out. Simran says we decided to marry bcos we did not want to give a question filled atmosphere to gudiya when she grows up. It is also a fact that in the meantime, we both realised that we always loved each other. Saying this, she breaks down, but controls herself. After Abhi left, the same questions stood before me. So I decided that what if I do not get into a relationship with Abhi, having Abhi's name , if it gives a good future for Astha, why not accept it? So from that day onwards, I became Simran Saxena. Urmila is taken aback hearing all this and says so much happened and you never told me anything. She begins to cry. Simran then says i had all my people with me to support me at that stage. But you were all alone in jail and i did not want to trouble you. Urmila then asks whether there was any news from Abhi. Simran gets very emotional, controlling her tears, says no. Its 18 years now since she heard of him. She shows the envelope with the letter and tells from all these years, this is my Abhi. This day, 18 years back, we were supposed to get married. Every year, on this day, I go to the temple, place this letter before God. I pray for Abhi's prosperity and long life. I also pray to God to give me more courage. She breaks down and sits. Urmila comes near her and asks whether Astha knows all this. She says no. Urmila then asks why simran? So much has happened in your life and you have not told her. Why? Simran says i wanted to tell her always but how? Urmila then says I understand. I know it will be very difficult for you and Astha to face facts. But if AStha gets to know this thro' somebody else, what will happen? Then the situation will get more tough to handle, says Urmila. Simran gets to panic and says this is what i also fear and starts to cry. The episode ends here. 




Update 21st March 2005



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The episode starts with Shaguna working in the kitchen. The tea is boiling in the flaask. She is cutting vegeatables when a sound comes from a distant place. She goes near it and finds that alarm is set in a clock. She switches off the alarm... As soon as she switches off the alarm, the tv gets on . She goes and switches off the tv. Just then, she hears another alarm ringing in Astha's bedroom. She goes to Astha's place murmering to herself that this girl sets alarm in all places but she does not get up at all. The whole world will get up but she will not get up. Shaguna reaches AStha's room , switches off the alarm and pats Astha who is still sleeping and asks her to get up. Astha says few more minutes, aayi. Shaguna then asks Astha what she should tell Sid baba, asto when she will get up. Astha at once, gets up and asks her whether Sid has come. Shaguna says yes. Astha tell Shaguna not to tell Sid that she got up now. Ask him to sit, tell him i am getting ready, she says and runs to the bathroom to get ready. Shaguna says to herself that this is the trick to be employed for AStha. She then thinks that Sid baba should come immediately, otherwise if AStha gets to know the truth, she will hit me, she says. Shaguna is watering the plants in the garden when Sid comes. He wishes good morning to her. He asks what Urmila is doing. Shaguna says she has not got up as Simran had given her sedatives. He then enquires about Astha. Shaguna tells don't ask about that girl. She gives me so much trouble. She keeps 6-7 alarms at different places, i have to switch it off and run about. She never gets up. But i have a plan for her everyday. I always tell her that you have come. When she hears this, she actually gets up and runs to the bathroom to bathe. Sid laughs at this. Shaguna says she only listens to you. He then asks where Simran is. Shaguna says Simran has gone with that old Army fellow.


In the garden, Simran is jogging with a man. He introduces himself as Ex Major Shekar Malhotra. He is pestering Simran to jog more. But Simran who is in tracks, says she is tired and cannot continue. She sits down to relax and drinks water. Shekar tells her that if she is with him who is an ex major, she should keep herself fit. He then tells her that he has become a half doctor after going out for morning walks with her. She laughs. He then asks her about an article about twins which has come in the paper. She asks him which paper it has come. He tells him National News. Simran tells him that she was so busy with Urmila that she did not read the paper. He then tells Simran that life is so strange, the person shom Simran was searching so desperately meets her in her own Hospital. Simran laughs and says she has done something good, that is why she got Urmila back . Simran says she is very happy to see Sid and Urmila together. Shekar says in the same way, it will be so nice if Abhi too comes into her life. Simran is upset with this and says she never ever thought about her past and will never ever think of her future. She just gets up and goes leaving Shekar alone.


Simran comes home after her jog. She sees Sid sitting in the lawn, goes near him and sits. He is using his mobile. She then asks him why he is also meddling with the mobile forever? Sid says he is just sms ing his father that Urmila has come back. Simran is happy and says she too wanted to sms Manas, but since he has done it, its ok. Simran says anyway, just bcos of Urmila , Manas and Simran have had lots of misunderstandings. Simran then tells Sid that his father was actually logically right and had told her , her mistakes. But she never tried to understand them. Simran says infact, she wanted to apologise to Manas before he left for US, but never got a chance. Sid says its never too late and tells Simran to talk to him and gives his mobile. Simran just pushes aside hie requests and says you will never know. Sid then asks about Urmila. Simran says she must be sleeping bcos of sedatives. Sid says he will go and see her. He goes to Urmila's room. Urmila is still sleeping. He sits near her and just caresses her forehead and she gets up. She sees Sid and is very happy. Sid asks her how she is and she says that she is fine. Sid tells her that he is going to take her home. He says to their home Urmila looks stunned and cannot speak. Sid says he cannot take her to their old home.  He says when she was out in bail and was staying at Simran's, he was so wanting to bring her home that he cannot explain. He then says after all that, after 18 long years, he is now going to take his mother. Urmila is very touched and they both hug each other. Just then, AStha enters the room in rocket speed, pushes Sid aside and hugs Urmila. Sid then asks who are you to AStha? He then sees her wearing a chudidhar with duppatta says with this duppatta on, if she is going to ride the bike, then he has to inform the traffic police about the occurence of another accident. Astha screams at him. Urmila then asks Sid why he keeps arguing with her. Astha hugs Urmila and tells that she is not taking her bike. Sid then screams at Astha that she has missed her 9.00 lecture asusual.Astha hugs Urmila and then goes near Sid to hug him , but stops seeing Urmila. Astha then leaves. Urmila says she is a sweet child. Sid says she has been spoilt by Simran's love. Sid then tells Urmila that he will talk to Simran about taking her home.


They both go to the dining table where breakfast is served. Sid tells Simran that he is taking Urmila home. Simran says she has got her friend after such a long time and she will like her to be with her for some more days. Just then, Saurabh comes to the table. Then he sees Urmila's bandaged hand, goes to an almirah,picks up a bag and sits in the chair. He then takes out some medicine and tells Urmila that this is actually magical. He asks her to take this daily for three times and says her pain will vanish. He then gives her medicines to take. Simran and Sid look on as Saurabh takes care of Urmila. Sid then leaves for the hospital and says he will come home early in the evening to take Urmila. He leaves. Simran then says Sid wants to take Urmila even after she said no. SAurabh says he has been longing from so many years for this day. Simran agrees to this. Simran then tells Urmila that she will take her to meet Abhi's parents. Saurabh at once gets emotional and says take her, so that they will also get a new hope that they can meet their son if fate desires. Simran becomes emotional on hearing this.


At Abhi's parents' place, Abi's father is telling that they now believe that fate is like something written on a stone and cannot be changed. Their only wish at this age is to see their son. As long as they live, they have only this aspiration, he says. Abhi's mother says they wish good for both AStha and Sid. Just then ,a phone comes. It is from Poonam from Nasik. She tells Abhi's mother that when she was out on duty, Radhaji has gone somewhere. She says she might have come to Mumbai. Abhi's mother is upset and tells Simran. Simran says Radhaji might come here or go to see AStha . Simran says Astha will be in the college at this time, so Radhaji must be coming here only. She then says she will better leave bcos if Radhaji sees Simran here, she will get angry. Simran and Urmila start to leave when Radhji comes there. Simran walks off in a hurry but Radhaji curses her and tells her that she will never be happy bcos she took her kid from her. Simran and Urmila hurriedly go away. Abhi's parents try to calm Radhaji.


Sid brings Urmila to his house. Urmila is seeing a group picture in which she is with Manas and Sonu. She is crying, Sid comes near and hugs her. He tells her that he wants to see his old mother back and not this mother who looks very aged.


Sid is sleeping very peacefully and Urmila is sitting near his head and just caressing his hair. She is thinking and sees herself in the mirror. She then notices her grey hairs.


Its morning and Urmila who has now put a dye on her hair,put a light makeup , good hair-do, in good sari comes before Sid and asks him to get up. Sid opens his eye and is very surprised to see his mother in a new look. He at once gets up and hugs her saying this is what he wanted, now he will never get sepaerated from her. They both hug. Just then, a call comes and is from Simran. Simran tells Sid that Radhaji has gone somewhere and she doubts that she will go and meet AStha. So Simran tells Sid to go to the college and take care of the situation. He agrees.


In the college, Astha is sitting on the stpes and talking with her friends. She is telling them that just bcos of her rash driving, Urmial Aunty was found. But says thank god, nothing serious happened. Radhaji comes there and notices AStha. She calls for her and Astha sees her. Astha gets up and goes to her. Astha addresses her as Dadi bua and asks her what she wants. Astha tells her to go and she will meet her at dadi's place. Radhaji then very emotionally tells her that nobody has told her that she is not her dadi bua. She says i am not your dadi's cousin sister. Just then, Sid enters the college campus and before he couls come near, Radhaji tells Astha that she is her nani and not dadi bua. Astha looks stunned and shocked. Sid is also worried that Radha has told AStha the truth.




Update 22nd March 2005



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The episode begins with Astha getting really surprised at what Radhaji said. Radhaji continues to tell her that nobody told her the truth and that she is her nani. Just then, Sid comes running and tells Radhaji that all are waiting for her at home.. Radhaji tries to tell Astha, but Sid tells AStha that she is getting late for her practicals and she has to go. Astha says but dadi bua wants to tell me something. Sid somehow manages the situation, tells Astha that he will meet her during lunch time and sends Astha to the class. Radhaji is very angry and screams at Sid. Sid tells her that he will bring her to dadi's house and it is a promise. Radhaji says all are the same and she does not believe them. Sid then calls for a taxi. The taxi stops. He asks Radhaji to get in and says he will drop her at dadi's house. Radhaji says she is going back to Nasik and gets into the taxi and goes. Sid looks perplexed and worried.


Abhi's parents place, Simran calls. Abhi's mother picks the phone. Simran tells her that Radhaji has gone back to Nasik and she had gone to Astha's college and tried to tell Astha the truth. Sid fortunately went there and took care of the situation and Astha did not get to know the fact. She then keeps the phone.


In a hotel, Sid and Astha are having lunch. Astha is still worried about Radhaji telling her that she is her nani. Sid then tells her that Radhaji has multiple personality problems and Pranay Uncle is treating her, as she knows. Astha says but it is very strange that she said she is her nani and not dadi bua. Sid says the circumstances are strange and he agrees. But Radhaji is not normal. Astha says dadi bua behaves strangely when she sees mama. Sid says radhaji was so obsessed with Simran and was such a great fan of hers that she behaves like that. Astha says she feels sad when Radhaji hurts her mother. She also says life is so strange as she has never seen her father and never talked about him. For so many years, papa has no contact and he ran away because of some problem. Sid says he was a different kind of person. Astha says just bcos he got enlightenment, he cannot run away from his wife and daughter. She says i have seen mama crying alone in her room. I have seen nanu getting perturbed when somebody talks about papa. Sid then tries to change the topic and asks her why she bunked her practicals? Astha says she bunked it to go to the library and was about to go when Radhaji came. She then tells him to eat the pizza.


Simran at her house, is puffing at her asthma relief inhaler when Saurabh tells her that today they escaped. Simran then tells him that she feels her life is hanging by a sword and she worries when that sword will fall and spoil her life. SAurabh tells her that she is taking too much time in telling Astha the truth. She has grown big enough now to understand the reality. We can help her after she knows the truth. He says if she gets to know from a outsider, she will start hating Simran for not telling her the truth. Simran is worried. Shaguna tells Simran that she cannot even imagine how Astha will feel if she gets to know from somebody else. Just then, AStha makes a big bang at the door, arrives, throws the bag at Shaguna , throws her jacket on the floor and hugs nanu. She then tells she met nani in college. She then imitates Radhaji's voice and repeats the same thing that Radhaji said. She tells them that i am your nani and not dadi bua. Nobody has told her the fact. Saurabh, Shaguna and Simran look very horrified. Suddenly, Astha laughs and says i have become a good actor just like dadi bua. Simran tells her to go and rest.Astha tells Shaguna that she wants something different to eat today and goes in. Shaguna murmers and gathers all the things that Astha has dropped. Saurabh says AStha does not know to keep her things safely. He says to Simran your darling daughter took everything in a funny note today. But if a time comes when she gets to know everything, she will get a shock. He tells when she imitated Radhaji, he felt for a moment that their life is shattered. Simran looks very worried, Shaguna just pats Simran and goes in.


In AStha's room, Astha is just lying down when Simran comes there and asks her whether she has slept. Astha says she is having a headache. Simran then asks her to lie down in her lap and she massages her forehead. Simran then tells Astha that she wants to tell her some important thing. Astha is very sleepy and in half sleep says tell mama. Simran then tells her that dadi bua told her that she was her nani and that was truth. Simran does not see Astha but goes on telling that She is Radhaji's daughter Neha's kid. She begins to says that she is not....and then sees AStha. She sees that AStha is fast asleep. Astha has not heard anything. Simran is upset.


The next day, Simran is jogging with Shekar. She tells him that Astha had slept when she tried to tell her the fact. Simran says papa was also very angry with her bcos she lost a good opportunity to tell Astha. Shekar then tells he also lost an opportunity to tell Simran that he loves her. Simran jokingly looks at him and tells him that in these 7 years of their acquaintance, he has told her 700 times about this. He also laughs.


At Sid's place, a call comes. Urmila picks up. A young man is talking and introduces himself as Victor and is Sid's friend and is in London. He then asks Urmila whether she is Sid's mother. Urmila says yes. Victor tells her that when Sid was in US, he missed her a lot. He asks her about Sid. Urmila says he is bathing, just then Sid comes, so Urmila gives him the phone. Sid is very happy to talk to Victor. They enquire about each other. Then Victor tells Sid that Mr. Anand's new book "Attraction" is launched. Divya wants to get it immediately. Being in London, she is so crazy about this indian philosopher that she wants to read it immediately. Victor says distribution of that book has not begun there and requests Sid to get it for Divya and courier it. Sid says he will do it for Divya and at the same time, they both can also get to know about this Anand. He keeps the phone. Sid then comes to Urmila and asks her whether she has read Anand's books. She says she has heard a lot about him but never read. Sid says that Victor and himself were great friends from chilhood in US. He says his girlfriend Divya wants Anad's new book "Attraction". Urmila says she will get that book and they can courier. Sid says though he joined medicine and Victor got in tv journalism, they are very thick friends. Urmila is happy to hear this and says Friendship is the one which lasts forever. She says once upon a time, his papa and Simran were also friends. She gets really upset and says now there is no hope.


At Simran's place, Simran is working on her laptop. Shaguna asks her whether she is not going to sleep. Simran says she has to finsih the article. Shaguna says she is sleeping in the kitchen. Simran asks her why she is not going home. Shaguna says she feels afraid to sleep alone there. Her man has left her and gone to the village. Just then, the door bell rings. She opens and it is Shankar. Shaguna is angry at him. He comes in and tells Simran that he is taking Shaguna. Shaguna says she is not coming. Simran then asks Shankar that why he did not think of Shaguna? Shankar says his sister was sick in the village. He also had talks to build the hospital. He has harvested in the field he bought for Shaguna. Simran says he is the security in charge in Astha Nursing Home and should have come early. Simran asks Shaguna to go home. She reluctantly goes with Shankar.


Saurabh and Simran are sitting in the lawn when Simran shows Saurabh a t-shirt. Saurabh says it is very nice but he does not wear that. Simran says it is for Astha and is a surprise. Saurabh says AStha has so many clothes and tells Simran not to spend money on her too much and it is a waste. Simran says she earns for AStha and for nobody else. Saurabh reads in the newspaper about a gas stove bursting and two people dying.He asks Shaguna whether she closes the cylinder after work. Shaguna says she does. Saurabh says he will make a surprise check one day. Simran says if Shaguna is caught, she will lose one day's salary. Saurabh then laughingly says then Shaguna will never get any money as she does not close the cyliner at all. Shaguna says this is a good joke and she is going to off the cylinder. Simran then addresses her as Genius and says then who will make breakfast? Simran then tells Shaguna to wake Astha. If she wakes her now, she will get up after atleast 1 hour. Shaguna says AStha has gone to the library long back. Simran says thank god, exam fear has made her get up soon.


A girl with the helmet(think it is AStha)  is driving her bike. In the road, a vendor has placed his shop on the platform and people are wallking on the road. Astha asks the passerby why thet are walking on the road and not on the platform. They says when there is such a huge shop on the platform , how can they walk? Astha goes to the person and asks him why he has kept the shop on the platform. He very rudely says to mind her own business. Astha gets wild , goes a little back, takes a u- turn , moves to the platform on her bike and drives fast on the platform. She destroys the shop of the person and then from the platform, moves to the road in high speed. She cannot control and skids with a heavt fall. She screams and the episode ends.



Update 23rd March 2005



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Astha is in a hospital and her hand is very lightly bruised. No big damamge due to the accident. A nurse is dressing her. Astha asks her who brought her here. The nurse says a group of people borught her here and thank god, she did not have any major injuries. Astha then asks about her bike. The nurse tells the boys were telling that her bike got completely damaged and that this could turn into a police case. AStha gets very worried. She thinks her mama will get so angry with her today. She then calls Sid. Sid is at home. AStha tells him that she met with an accident and is in the hospital. Sid tells her not to act while the college classes are on .He scolds her for calling in the middle of the class. Astha tells him that she is not lying and she is in Verma Surgical Hospital. Sid is worried. He asks her what happened to her? She tells that she is fine but her bike is fully damaged. She also says that it might become a police case. She requests him to come there and not to tell mama about it. Sid tells Urmila about the accident and asks her not to tell Simran.


Sid reaches the hospital. Astha is there , ready to leave with him. He starts scolding her. Astha says when i asked that guy to remove his cart, he insulted me. So i did that. Sid gets angry and scolds her that why should she teach that guy civic sense? Astha says she cannot tolerate wrong things happening before her. She says she cannot close her eyes when such things happen. Sid gets very angry and tells her if this is the case, then pick up a sword, mount a horse and go fighting like Jhansi ki rani. Astha looks very sorry. Just then, Urmila calls Sid and asks him how AStha is. Sid tells her that Astha is fine, but maybe there will be a police case. Astha then tells Sid that her bike is damaged and now how can she face mama? Sid says you don't seem to understand anything. Just then, the guy whose cart Astha blew off, comes to the hospital with the police. Astha sees him and again  goes to fight with him. Sid stops her and again scolds her and tells her to sit here and not leave this bench and go till he comes back. He scolds her again and tells her not to act smart. Astha is very upset. Sid goes to the police and takes the police and the guy along to talk. Astha looks very sad and as Sid said, she sits on the bench. She looks here and there, tries to get up after some time. Then she remembers what Sid told her and tells to herself that Sid will again scold her if she gets up from the bench. She keeps sitting there. Time just passes and a nurse comes and asks her why she is not going. Astha tells her that she cannot move from this place. The nurse does not understand anything and goes. AStha is just thinking to herself where this Sid went. Time just passes andSid never comes back.


At Simran's place, Simran is working on her computer when  Shaguna comes there. Shaguna tells Simran that Saurabh is not eating his dinner and says he is waiting for Astha. Simran says its time and Astha should have come back from college by now. She asks Shaguna whether AStha told her aobut going somewhere. Shaguna says Astha said she will spend some time in the library. Simran gets very restless about Astha and is gasping for breath due to her asthma problem. She immediately takes her inhaler and starts to inhale. Shaguna consoles her and tells her not to get tense and that AStha might have gone to some movie with her friends after studying in the library. Simran gets more tense and starts to inhale more. Simran tells this girl will one day kill me . She then calls one of AStha's friend Seema and asks her about AStha. Then Simran is very much worried and tells Shaguna that Astha did not even go to college today. She gets more tense.


At Sid's place, Urmila has prepared some special dish for Sid. Sid is very happy to see the dish and says it looks and smells yummy. He then asks her why she takes all the trouble to cook? She can as well instruct the servant to do it. Urmila says she had longed from so long to prepare food for him. She says since he is a doctor , he won't agree, but the best remedy is good nutritious mother's food. He smiles and eats it. He then says its very nice. Urmila says she had been to the book shop and has bought Anand's book. Sid asks her whether he bought a copy for him. She says yes. Just then, Simran calls Sid. She asks him whether he met AStha today. Just then, Sid remembers about Astha and tells Simran not to panic and he knows where AStha is and he will bring her back in  1 hour. He then rushes without telling Urmila anything. Urmila looks worried.


In Verma  Hospital, Astha is still there in the bench and is fast asleep. A guy sees her sleeping and slowly, without making noise, comes near AStha. He observes her very carefully and comes very close to a sleeping AStha. Just then, Astha gets up and is horrifed to see a man near her. Just then, Sid comes there, sees the man getting very close to AStha and he screams. The man runs away and AStha gets up in a hurry and looks very frightened. Sid asks her what she was doing till such late hour. AStha begins to cry, she pushes him and runs. Sid then is driving the car. AStha continues to cry. Sid asks her why on earth did dhe stay there till night? AStha then very angrily says you told me not to move from the bench till you came and now you are scolding me. She starts to cry. Sid gets very surprised and thinks to himself that amzing that she places so much of trust and faith in me. He then tells that he is very sorry. But AStha remains angry.


Urmila is talking over the phone to Simran and she tells Simra everything about the accident. Simran is tense and asks Urmila about AStha. Urmila says Astha is fine and her bike is damaged. Urmila says Sonu wil be on his way home with Astha and tells her not to worry. Shaguna asks Simran ansSimran tells her that papa should not know about this. Just then, the door bell rings. Shaguna opens. Astha and Sid come in. Astha has a drooping head and just stands. Sid is also very ashamed . Simran just looks at both of them. Simran tells AStha that she was waiting all the itme and now it is 10 in the night. Nobody had the courtesy to tell her about the accident. AStha tells Simran that it was not her fault. Simran then scolds Sid and tells him that she did not expect this from him and he was being very irresponsible. Sid tries to tell Simran that AStha had called her for help. Simran gets even wild and scolds him that for him, her trust mattered more. Her friendship was the first priority for him and that he has become such a big man that he cannot even tell the truth to Simran. Simran then scolds AStha and tells her that all the time, they were under the impression that AStha is busy wtudying for her exam in the library and you were there in the hospital for the whole day. She says this is ridiculous. AStha cannot stop her tears and runs inside the room. Sid then tells Simran that AStha had told him. Then when  he was about to take her from the hospital, the vendor came there with the police. Just to avoid more confusion, he ordered AStha not to get up from the bench and be seated there till he comes back. He then says he went to the police station  to finish formalities. Then he got an emergency call from  the hospital , so rushed to the hospital and then to his house. He completely forgot about Astha. Astha did not move from the place bcos i had told her not to. Simran is very surprised to hear this.


Astha is lying in bed and crying. Simran is there and is consoling her. Simran asks her why she did not tell mama. Astha tells she informed Sid. Astha tells she got scared of her , so she did not tell her. Simran is surprised and tells her that if she was really scred of her mama, then she would not have done this at all. Astha says don't say that mama. It was my mistake. Simran tells i feel it was my mistake. All kept telling me not to give so much freedom to Astha, but she felt as she grew up, she needed space and freedom for her mental growth. For her personality development, this was important. But she was wrong. She should have listened to her father who kept on telling that control should be kept. If she was very serious towards AStha, everything wolud have been under control, she says. Simran says till when you will keep on proving your mother wrong? Astha gets very emotional, hugs her and tells her that she was at fault. But she could not tolerate what the guy did. Simran tells her that she too cannot tolerate wrong things, but its not right to get involved in beating. She has not behaved like her daughter and she feels ashamed. AStha says she will from now on, be a good girl and will not take the bike. She will take the car and would drive slowly. She will not give her another opportunity to feel bad. Shr then hugs her mother, Simran is happy too. Simran tells her that nanu does not know anything about it and he has not eaten. Simran says she too is feeling hungry and they all go  to eat. Simran then asks Astha why she kept Sid's words and stayed there for so long? She asksher that she respects his words so much and that Sid left you there. AStha gets angry and says she will never talk to Sid.


At Sid's place, Urmila is scolding Sid. That girl was sitting in that bench for the whole day and you forgot. Is she a stheth to easily forget? So foolish of you. I did not expect this from you. Poor girl, was sitting there without food and you forgot. How can you tell this? That girl respects your words so much ,Aren't you ashamed? ,Urmila scolds Sid and goes away. Sid is very upset. He then calls Astha. AStha is lying in bed, picks up. Sid says he is feeling very bad and says sorry. AStha at once says she is very angry with him and does not want to speak with him and scolds him stupid and keeps the phone. Sid is a worried man and says to himself that AStha is very much upset and he has to do something to cheer her up.

Update 24th March 2005



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Astha is sleeping when Sid comes there and is putting red colour over her upper lip and chin. He has made a design like a clown with red colour. Astha is still sleeping. Astha gets up and sees Sid. She screams and tells him that she is not going to talk to him. Sid screams at her Happy Holi. Astha again says don't speak to me. Sid then says if he cannot speak, then he will tell her in sign language and makes signs to come out and enjoy. Astha does not understand anything and asks him to talk whatever he wants to says. Sid tells today is holi and they can enjoywith Bhang.Astha does not believe this. Sid says you were the person who was telling that i do not know to enjoy life. So today, we will enjoy with Bhang. Astha says she must be dreaming. Sid pinches her and tells her this is reality. Astha then sees colours in Sid's hand. She asks him to whom did he put colours? Sid says come out and you will know.


Astha comes out to the living room where Simran,Shaguna and Urmila are in whites. Simran sees Astha and hugs her saying Happy Holi. When Simran sees AStha's face, she starts laughing. Shaguna too starts laughing. Urmila comes, sees Astha and bursts into laughter. AStha does not understand why they are laughing. Sid is sitting and enjoying the whole happenings. Shaguna then says wait baby, you will know and gets a mirror. Astha sees herself in the mirror and screams at Sid and runs to hit him who also runs for safety. Astha throws a pillow at Sid which hits Saurabh who is coming there. Saurabh then sees Astha. He then puts his specs on and then sees again. He too starts to laugh. Astha then says you too nanu and again runs to hit Sid. Simran tries to stop Astha and she runs away to clean leaving all laughing. Urmila, Simran and Sid get the blessing s of Saurabh. Simran then gives an envelope to Urmila and says this is for you. Urmila opens it and it is the appointing order of Urmila. Urmila cannot believe this and asks why she has made her the COO of Astha hospital. Simran says she has done this with full faith and trust and she knows she can handle this as she has managed PRo job in hospital. Urmila is in tears and says thanks. Sid too is in tears. He just walks outside bcos he cannot control his tears. Astha sees him and goes behind him . He is crying in the lawn when Astha tries to change his mood and asks him where the Bhang is. Sid says Shankar Khakha is preparing it. They then go to the place where Shankar is grinding dryfruits. Shankar then says the Bhang is ready. Astha then screams at Shankar saying bahng, if mama comes to know, you know what will happen. Shankar is frightened. Sid then joins in and says ya, if Aunty comes to know, then he will get scoldings. Then both sart to laugh and Shankar is in a state of shock. Sid then says to Shankar that AStha is also involved in the plan. Shankar says if their drama had continued for still more time, then Shaguna would have become a widow. Astha then scolds him not to tell bad things on a festive occassion. Then Sid asks Shankar if the Bhang is readyand then says to keep two glasses seperate as he does not want Bhang to be mixed. AStha hears this and thinks to herself that Sid, i am sorry , but the plan has changed and you too will be drinking bhang.


In the lawn, all the colours are readily kept and Simran, Shaguna, Urmila, AStha and Sid are there and are putting colours over each other. Just then, Shankar comes there with drink. He has already drunk Bhang and so he blabbers that he has brought Bhang. Sid then manages and tells it is just Thandaai. All start to drink. Shekar also comes and wishes all. Saurabh is also there. All are enjoying and there is a band og boys and girls playing music and songs. All are dancing. Simran is sitting and watching when she notices tow people talking to the security. She then goes near and asks the security what is the problem. He says they are looking for Sid. But i told them nobodt lives here. Haring the sound, Sid too  turns to that side. He is very happy to see  Victor. Victor also sees Sid and they both hug. A young girl is also there. Sid then hugs the girl and calls her Divya. Their faces are all covered with colours. Sid asks Victor how comes they are here. Victor says he has come down to India to take a news report of the famous writer, Mr. Anand.They had been to his house, got this address, so came here. While they were on their way, people threw colours at them and they have become like this. Sid then introduces Victor and Divya to Simran. Simran and Divya shake hands. Just then, Shekar comes there and shakes hands with Victor.At this point, bear in mind that all have drunk Bhang and are not in their complete senses.  He then turns towards Divya and says when he sees a beautiful girl, he usually sees her face and then says a shayri. But in her case, he is not able to see her face,so does not know what to do. Just then, AStha comes there with a water pipe and says she will solve his paroblem and starts to spray water on Divya. In a huge flow of water, Divya cleanses herself and all are eagerly waiting to see her face. Simran is also looking very desperately. Divya's face is now clearly seen. (I must tell you, she is a very pretty girl, just like Simran with a long hair left loose). Then they start playing the music again and all are dancing. Simran is sitting, Divya comes and sits near her. She says in English accent, so this is holi. She enjoyed it. So this day , all relatives meet and it is great fun, isn't it? and says she has met Sid after a long time , she asks. She says she is in London and does not know all this. She says she has heard a lot about Simran. Simran asks where. Divya says in medical journals and she wants to become a gynaec. Simran is happy. Divya says you have to promise me that you will send your extra patients to me. I will definitely give you commission .Astha is observing that Simran and Divya are getting on well together. She comes there and takes Divya for dance. Simran says she will sell her patients to her. Then Urmila sits near Simran. Simran then tells her that her AStha if there, would have been like Divya. Urmila agrees.


By this time, all are getting the nasha of bhang. Simran and Urmila are telling to each other that their voices are echoing. Shaguna and Shankar are also in nasha and Shankar is asking Shaguna why his tune is not coming. Shaguna keeps answering bcos you day drinking , night drinking and i maika going. There, Saurabh and Shekar are together. Saurabh is giving some snacks in Shekar's mouth and asking Shekar bhook kyun lagti hai? There, Divya and Victor are drinking and enjoying. All keep on doing the same thing. Then Simran comes and tells Shaguna that she is feeling hungry. Simran then goes to serve food. Sid and Astha are together. Sid is totally out of control and is feeling very drowsy when Astha comes there and says to him I love you, Sid. But Sid falls unconscious and does not hear that. Then AStha also falls down screaming you Idiot.


After all this, its night time. All are at the dining table. They are still feeling little drowsy. Simran says there was something in that drink as she is still not alright. Urmila also agrees. Just then, Shaguna comes and tell sthat there was Bhang in it and Shankar revealed it to her that Sid did that. Sid says why not only me, AStha is also involved. All start to scold them when  Divya comes there. She is wearing Simran's favourite yellow sari. Simran is shocked to see her in that sari. All are shocked. Simran says why did you wear this sari? Shaguna says this is Simran's favourite sari. Simran says not like that, but this is a very old one. So go and wear a new one, she says. Divya says she is sorry that she wore it. Simran says its ok. Divya says she wore it as her favourite colour is yellow. Simran looks shocked. Saurabh then turns to Divya's side and sees her. AS soon as he sees her, he feels like he is seeing Simran in her younger days. He tries to see her properly, but he feels the same. Actually the girl looks exactly like Simran with long hair left loose. Saurabh then seeing Divya says  Simran. Simran who is seated in the chair answers. He sees Simran and then sees Divya. Simran is also stunned. Saurabh has tears in his eyes and cannot believe what he is seeing. Simran too has the same feelings.



Update 28th March 2005



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The episode starts with Simran searching for her jogging shoes. She finally gets it and sits in the sofa to wear it. Saurabh is there. He asks her why she is late for jogging. Simran says she did not sleep the whole night and then slept only in the early hours. So got up late. Saurabh gets anxious and says then there must be some problem with her health and takes out his medicine bag. Simran immediately says she has had her tea in the morning , so cannot take them. Saurabh then says he will give her the medicines after she comes back. Just then, Astha comes there and kisses Simran. Then says she is off to college. Simrran asks her why she is going so early. Astha says she is going to the library so that she can make notes fro atleast 2 hours and then attend classes. Simran looks very happy, so is Saurabh. Simran then tells her father that AStha habecome so very understanding and good. Saurabh says yes. Then says but Sid and AStha played the prank with Bhange that day. Simran tells her father that he is contradicting his own statement. She tells him that he had always put more faith on Sid. How come he is blaming him? Saurabh says he might have got that habit from AStha, sangat ka asar hoga.... Simran does not like this statement. She says he cannot say this for AStha. AStha is naughty but that does not mean she is bad, she says. SAurabh says he cannot argue with her as she overprotects her daughter for silly things. He says this is not good.He then compares Divya to AStha ans says even though Divya is of the same age, she is so very mature and responsible. Being out of India, she is so very Indian and not like AStha. AStha does not face any problem or struggle. This is going to make her weak. When she gets to know the bitter facts of her life, she will not be able to take it. So he advises Simran to tell AStha everything. Simran is very unhappy and does not like him talk like this. Saurabh tells her that when she is telling AStha the reality, keep Sid with you bcos he can help you, he says. Simran is worried and says she will try to tell AStha. She then goes away saying Urmila has her first day in office today and she will talk to her about this.



At Sid's place, Urmila is bringing tea for all. Sid with Victor and Divya are chatting away to glory. When Divya sees Urmila bringing tea, she tries to help her out. Victor and Divya thank Urmila for forcing them to stay at their place. Victor says if they were in the hotel, then they would have missed Urmila's lovely food. Urmila looks happy. Then Urmila says she forgot to give them something and gets Anand's  book. She gives it to Divya who is very thrilled to have the book in her hand. She then asks Urmila why she gave her three copies. Urmila says one is for her, another for Victor and the the third for her friend, Sia. She then asks why Sia did not come as she had also planned to accompany. Divya says she was to come, but since her grand mother fell ill, she could not make it. She says she would have loved to see Anad bcos she is such a big fan of his. Urmila then asks more about  Divya and Sia's friendship. Divya says she is very close to Sia. Sia is an amateur writer. Very crazy about Anand. She was to accompany Victor for the news report. But now i have to accomapny Victor to meet Anand at Goa. But she says she wants to spend the whole datu today with Simran aunty. She then thanks Sid for getting her the permission to be inside the operation theatre when Simran is delivering a kid. She says it will be amazing to see a kid enter the life. Victor asks Sid to get him also the permission so that he can shoot that. Sid says no it cannot be done.


Simran and Shekar are jogging. Simran says it is enough and as soon as she tells that, Shekar sits in the bench. Simran is very surprised and asks Shekar howcome he agreed to her so easily and sat. Shekar says she is thinking about something and unknowingly ran two rounds extra and she has not done this before. So he asks her what she is thinking about. She says she is thinking about Divya and AStha. She then reminds Shekar about Divya. Simran says when she sees  Divya, she remembers her college days as Divya bears so much of similarity with her. Shekar says then if he wants to see Simran in flashback, then he can go and see Divya. Simran then says no. Shekar jokingly says if she had said yes, he would have run to see Divya. Simran then says Astha gave her a very pleasant surprise, she has gone to the college early to study. Shekar says AStha is getting mature as time passes. This is th way one has to handle the kid. Simran then tells but papa feels AStha will become more responsible and serious if she knows her truth. Shekar then tells Simran it is true and he also feels that. Simran looks worried. She says she fears that Astha will loose her innocence when she comes to know of it. Shekar says she will have to be more brave and tell Astha everything. Simran says i will have to tell.


Urmila is getting ready for her first day of work. She is seeing herslef in the mirror when Sid comes there and says she is now looking like her mother when he was young. Urmila says she is feeling very nervous. Sid consoles her and tells her that she knows Simran for so long a time and he is also there, so no need to worry. Urmila says she is going to work after such a long time. Sid is consoling her when Victor and Divya come there. Divya hugs Urmila and says best of luck. Divya says she will also come to the hospital to witness the operation later. They all wish her luck and she leaves with Sid.


In the hospital, Sid comes with Urmila. Simran is there, she shows a room to Urmila and says this is her cabin. There is a name board on the door which reads Urmila Avasthi. Urmila is very happy. They enter  in , there are few doctors waiting there. Urmila sees the name plate kept on the table which also reads Urmila Avasthi COO... Urmila is very happy. Simran brings her near her chair and asks her to sit. Urmila sits and all clap. Urmila is overcome with emotions. Sid then gives sweets to everyone. Urmila jokingly asks him whether there was any bhang in it.Simran introduces all the doctors to Urmila and Urmila says she will try her best to do a good job.  Then they go for the rounds.


In AStha's college, Astha is telling her friends about the way she put Bhang in everybody's drink and says she enjoyed it. Just then, a boy asks Astha when they will be leaving and reminds all about the film for which he bought tickets. Astha says she will not come and has to make notes. Then she changes her mind and says she will come.


In the hospital, Divya comes in with yellow flowers. Simran asks her where she was after the operation. Divya says she went to get flowers for her. Simran asks her how did she know she likes  yellow flowers? Divya says it is her favourite colour , so bought it. Then they spend time to gether when Victor calls her and asks her to come to Colaba. Divya says she wants to spend time with Simran. Then they both are having food when Simran asks Divya when she is going to marry Victor. Simran says hope she gets married after her studies. Divya says this is what she is telling Victor and Papa. She says her papa has high hopes for her and she needs to fulfil them. Simran is very happy to hear this.


At Simran's  house, Simran is advising AStha why she said so much about college and then went out for games, fun etc. Simran asks her why aStha is getting so confused and is not focussed at all. Simran says take Divya for example. She is so very focussed and mature. She has come with Victor, she can go around Mumbai and enjoy, but knows she wants to become a Gynaec, so spends the whole time woth me trying to learn. AStha gets wild at this and screams at Simran that she does not like being compared with anybody. She hates it and does not like it. Simran looks shocked at her reaction.



Update 29th March 2005



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AStha is screaming at Simran and is asking her why she does not believe here. Just bcos she failed in her medical entrance, she can talk to her like that. If you want to punish me for failing, then you hit me, you have all the right. But you cannot keep comparing me to someone. I will one day show you that i can also become a doctor. I will do it and then you will realise your mistake, she screams. That day you will just take my name and not  Divya's , she says. Simran is very shocked to hear all this from AStha and she starts to gasp for breath. She is having a choked feeling and slowly gets up and searches for her inhaler. Simran is feeling very uncomfortable to breathe. She is struggling for breath, AStha notices this and runs and gets her inhaler and gives it to her. Simran then takes in the vapours and her gasping comes to a control. Astha then goes away from her room, leaving Simran alone who is still not completely recovered from the bout of ASthma. Simran is holding her chest in discomfort. She looks in a bad condition.


At Sid's place, Divya is reading a book when Victor comes there. He tells Divya that he bought her some books when he was there at Colaba but he has packed them. Divya says she will see them in Goa. Just then, Urmila arrives there and asks them whether all arrangements are made for their departure. They say yes and Urmila asks whether they got their clothes from the laundary. Divya says yes. Then Urmila asks them when they are leaving. Victor says tomoorow early morning at about 4.30, their cab will arrive. He wants to reach Gos by night. Urmila rquests them to postpone their trip by some hours. Divya asks the reason and Urmila tells something in her ears. AS soon as Divya hears it, she says i am so sorry, she had forgotten. She then agrees to stay back. Urmila is happy.


Simran is lying in the bed and is still not fully alright. Her phone rings and she gets up with so much of discomfort and picks up the phone. It is Urmila. As soon as Urmila hears Simran's voice, she asks her whether she was sleeping. Simran says no. But Urmila insists her and says there is something wrong and asks her to tell it. Just then, Astha comes into the room and stands near the door. Simran tells Urmila that she had a small argument with AStha and AStha is very upset withher. Urmila says Astha is at times very hot to handle but cools down very quickly. Urmila assures Simran that everything will be alright and not to worry. Urmila then asks Simran does she remember about the plan? Simran says yes. She keeps the phone. Astha then comes in and says mama, i am sorry. Simran still looks dejected. Astha at once runs towards Simran, hugs her and gives a broad smila as though nothing is wrong between them. Then says mama does not have the right to scream at AStha, only AStha has the right to scream at mama and then says sorry. AStha hugs Simran, kisses her. Simran is also very happy, her face blooms suddenly and she kisses AStha and caresses her.


It is night and Sid is sleeping in his room. Slowly they show ihim in closeup. Then suddenly the lights of the room are switched on and Sid gets up. All are there. Simran, Urmila, AStha, Divya and Victor. They all wish him a very happy birthday. Sid is surprised as well as thrilled. He gets up and hugs his mother. He asks her even after so many years, she still remembers his birthday. Urmila says these things can never be forgotten due to passing time. Then Sid hugs  Simran. Then hugs AStha and his friends. Sid asks  Simran where his gift is. Simran says she has given him his mother back, is there a better gift than that? Sid hugs his mother. Astha asks Urmila whether the cake and chips are ready, she did not have any food hoping to eat here. Urmila says everything is ready. They all enjoy together and are eating the snacks. AStha sits near  Sid and feeds him a cake piece. AStha looks very happy. Sid tells Divya and Victor now he knew why they changed their program. Divya says they had forgotten about this , it was Urmila aunty who told them. Divya and Victor talk something to each other and get up. AStha is asking Sid his age, Sid says he cannot tell. AStha is jokingly telling him he is not a girl to refuse to say his age. Just then, Divya calls Sid for a moment. Divya makes a call and then gives it to Sid. They are standing in a corner of the room. Astha is feeling jealous that Sid is with  Divya. Sid answers the phone and gets to know that Sia is on the other line. He is very happy and he enquires about her grand mother and tell her it wouls have been nice if she also was here. Then disconnects the phone. Astha keeps looking at Divya and Sid form a distance. Divya and Victor tell Sid that this was a surprise. All the three are making some jokes, chatting their way away and AStha is getting more and more jealous. Simran notices this. She is upset. Urmila sees Simran worried and asks Simran is the tension between ASthe and her not solved? She then asks why they had an argument. Simran says she was mentioning Divya to Astha and was telling her that Divya was so focussed and mature. Simran says AStha felt bad and thought she was comparing her with Divya and got angry. Urmila says AStha was not wrong in doing that. From her childhood, Astha has got Simran's full attention and when she saw Divya taking some time away from Simran, she was upset. She must have felt insecure bcos Divya and AStha are almost of the same age, Urmila says. Simran says why does  Astha have so much of insecurity, there is no reason at all.Afterall, Divya is here only for 2 days. Urmila says that is the point, why is it that Simran is got so very atteached to Divya in just 2 days. Simran looks more worried and tells Urmila that as she had already told her, she gets reminded of her AStha when she sees  Divya. Urmila says i understand. Even though you want to forget your Astha, it is highly impossible, she says. Now thatDivya reminds you of Astha is very natural. But Urmila says she had a talk with both Victor and Divya about Divya's parents and there is no doubt at all. Urmila advises Simran not to build false hopes. Simran is very upset.


Sid and Urmila are at home. The door bell rings and a man gives Sid a gift box. Sid opens it and finds a car key in it. They then go out and see the black car there. They see a big greeting card there on the car and open it. It is form Simran. Both Sid and Urmila are surprised. Sid says this is such a big gift from Aunty. They both decide to go to her place.


At Simran's, Astha is ready to go to college. Simran is about to leave to the hospital when astha comes there and asks her whether she could drop her at college. Simran asks her why so early. AStha says she has decided not to touch her bike. So if she wants a drop by car, she has to get ready according to Simran's time. Simran is happy. Just then, Urmila and Sid come there. Sid says to Simran when she had said his mother is the biggest gift, then where was the need for the car? Simran asks him whether he  liked it. Urmila says this is a very coslty gift. Simran says this is between her and Sid and dhe cannot interfere. They all start to leave when Sid asks where is Astha going? Then he says if she wants, he can give her a drop in his new car. AStha is very happy and leaves with him.


In the car, AStha is telling Sid that she felt very guilty to have scolded her mother. She says she is definitely going to try very hard this time and pass in the medical entrance. She says she is going to do that and her mama will be proud of her also. Sid says only to make her proud, she is studying? She should have the urge to study, a passion and interest. Sid then says take Divya for example. She is so focussed. She could have enjoyed her time here, but she wanted to learn and become a very successful doctor like your mama, so she was in  the hospital. When AStha hears this, her face suddenly becomes dull and she becomes silent. Sid asks her what the matter is but she does not speak. Her college arrives and he stops the car. She just gets down and closes the door with  a big bang. Sis is upset bcos it is his new car. Astha simply walks away. 


Simran is in the hospital with Urmila when  Divya comes there. Simran says i thought you would have left. Divya says Victor has gone to fetch the taxi and they will be leaving now. Divya says she came to bid goodbye toall. Simran then notices a black bag embroidered with a flower and says this bag is nice. Divya says this was given to her by Sia. Then Divya gives a book to Simran and tells her that she thought about what she should give her but finally thought of giving this book. Simaran sees the book and it is Anand's book Attraction. Divya says sorry to Urmila and says she did not get anything else to give Simran aunty, so please do not feel bad. She says to Urmila that she will manage with Victor's copy. Urmila says no  problem. Then Divya hugs Simran , Urmila and Sid. Divya says to Simran to take care of her health. She says she wants to meet AStha. Simran says AStha will be in the midst of her class now. Divya says it is ok. Sid gets a call from Victor and tells Divya that Victor has arrived with the taxi. Sid says sorry to Divya bcos he cannot come with her till the car to see her off as he has an emergency. Divya says no probs. Sid leaves and so does Divya.


In the College library, AStha is sitting with a book .She is actually pretending to be reading, but she is drowsy and keeps drooping her head due to sleep. The librarian notices this and comes to astha and tells her that this is not that easy andshe should relax. She then says go wash your face and then sit. AStha gets up and goes to the wash room, washes her face, dires it with a napkin. Suddenly she hears a girl screaming. She walks towards the sound and is shocked to see a Professor misbehaving with her classmate. AS soon as AStha sees it, The man runs away. AStha aks the girl what the problem is. The girl says the professor had asked her to meet her after the class and had told her that he would be helping her out fro her exams. But hewas misbehaving, and the girl starts to cry. AStha gets really wild and in a momentary outburst of anger, runs to wards the Professor who is running. He sits in his car and starts to go when Astha arrives there and stands before the car. She has a gardener's plogh like thing in her hand and threatens to hit the car. The professor is tensed and is in the car. Astha then hits the glass of the car and breaks it. The professor comes out of the car and threatens her. Shesays this is not as worse as what he was doing. He then pretends that nothing has happened. The girl is also standing there, crying. AStha then slaps the professor. The professor is in full shock and AStha stands with a very angry look. The girl is crying and cannot believe what she saw.



Update 30th March 2005



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Astha slaps the professor and he is shocked. Astha then tries to beat him with the plough abd he protects himself by holding AStha's hand. Astha eventually puts the plough down after a struggle. The professor screams at Astha. He tells her that the girl is lying and that she was screaming that somebody has locked her inside the bathroom and called for help. When he went there, the girl was actually hiding and punced at him and pulled him towards her. She forced herslef on me, he says. The girl starts crying and says this is  wrong. Astha says i know you and you are lying. The professor then threatens Astha that he will see to it that AStha is restricated from the college for misbehaving with him. He then goes away. The girl cries and tells AStha that all he said was wrong. Astha says he is just trying to save himself and not to worry. The girl says she has beat him and what will happen to her. Astha says nothing will happen to her as she is Dr. Simran's daughter.


Just then, Divya calls AStha. Astha is not happy to recieve Divya's call. Divya says she could not meet her before leaving, so thought of  calling her. She says she is on her way to Goa. Divya saysshe will try to meet her on her way back.and wishes AStha best of luck for her studies. Astha is not pleased with her talk.


Divya is talking from a road side restaurant. The waiter says the bill is Rs. 120/ Divya says so much for just this!!! Just then, their cab driver who is also eating comes there and says they are guests and you are making a fraud. The waiter says the omelette was 20 each , 2 omelettes so 40. Then tea is 10 Rs. So all together 120 bcos it was special order. The driver scolds the waiter and says they are guests and if they make a complaint, he will be gone. He asks him to take 60Rs from them. Divya and Victor thank the driver and ask him if he can stay with them at Goa and not return to Mumbai. Victor says he will pay him extra to which he agrees.


Astha comes home and Shaguna asks her  why she is late as it is already night. AStha then imitates Shaguna's voice and then says all are angry bcos she is late. Astha then goes to nanu's room where Simran and Saurabh are there. They have many bags piled up in the cot. Astha asks them what happened? But noone replies. They are all smiling. Then aStha sees the bags and the flight tag on them. Then she asks who has come in flight and then smells the bag and suddenly asks whether mausi has come. She gets very excited and then searches for Mausi. Then she sees two pairs of shoes peeping out from behind the curtain. She then pushes the curtain and there are Rashmi and Pranay standing. Rashmi hugs Astha and says i missed you. ASha also says the same thing. Pranay then hugs her. Rashmi then asks Astha to try all the dresses she has bought. AStha then goes away from the room looking very happy. Simran then asks Rashmi from London, why did they not go to  Australia? Pranay says he told her but Rashmi was feeling very homesick and was missing her children. Rashmi says even though her children were with Aayi and care takers, she missed her children and AStha, so came back. Simran is looking at some  photos they had taken in London. In certain photos, Pranay and Rashmi are standing behind in the same ploace where Simran had lost her Astha. She sees the place in the photo and identifies it. She starts to cry remembering all that happened to her when AStha got lost. Rashmi, Pranay and Saurabh realise it. Just then, AStha calls them as she has put on her dress. Saurabh says now they have to go and see their future Miss World fashion parading and asks Simran to come too.


Victor and Divya are travelling in the cab. Divya is leaning on Victor and they are talking. Divya says Simran told her to first concentrate on studies and not marriage. She then says there is somebody else who is supportive of late marriage. Victor says he loves her very much and he does not want her to leave her personal goals behind for him. He says she is his sweetheart. While they are talking and kissing each other on their foreheads, the driver is silently watching them thro' the mirror.


Its night and Simran is reading the book Attraction. She spends a long time reading. She asks for coffee from Shaguna. She gets a liking towwards the book and is reading and enjoying the book. Then she feels tired. places the book mark and sleeps.


Next day morning, Saurabh and Simran are having morning tea. SAurabh is complaining to Simran that she devotes most of her time to th hospital. He says when night comes, she looks forward to the next morning. Simran says she has to spend some time with him too and wii do it. Simran then says she was talking to Pranay and Rashmi, then was reading Anand's book, so slept late.SAurabh says even though Rashmi and Pranay don't have issues, Rashmi has put her whole mind on her ashram children and on Astha. SAurabh says yes. Simran says Rashmi and Astha are so fond of each other. SAurabh then asks whether this is the Anand who has got an International Award. Simran says yes and says he has expressed and analysed human relationship so well and it is an amazing novel .SAurabh then is reading the paper and is shocked to see the article that Anand has refused to accept the award. Simran also reads it and says this is strange as no one will refuse such a prestiguous award.


Divya and Victor are standing on the road bcos their car tyre has got punctured and the driver is changing it. Divya receives an SMS from Sia that Anand has refused to take the award. Both are very surprised and shocked. Victor says so they have a mission on hand and they will try convincing Anand to accept this award. They then ask the driver whether the work is over . He says yes and that they will reach Goa in 30 minutes.


Simran is on her way to the hospital in her car. She calls Urmila at home and thanks her for getting Divya Anand's book. She got it from Divya and she is loving that book .Urmila says so another fan list is added to Anand. Simran says yes. Urmila says she will meet her at the hospital.


In the College, AStha is talking with her friends about the professor incident. She tells the girl Zarina was in tears. Just then, a staff comes and calls Astha and says the principal is calling her.


Simran gets a call and is shocked to hear the news and asks her driver to move to AStha's college. In the college, AStha is there in the Principal's chamber. Simran ad Professor Kumar are also there. The principal says AStha behaved badly with Kumar and hit him and damaged his car. The professor says she came to him for notes and then started asking about the questions set for exam. The professor says he refused to give the questions to Astha and said he was not the one to set questions. He says AStha then moved towards him, held him and started to misbehave with him. He screamed and tried to save himself. Astha is shocked to hear this and says this is all lies. She heard a girl crying for help and went there. There she saw him msibehaving with the girl. Kumar says this is all wrong. Simran does not how to react. The principal asks AStha for this, she hit the professor and damaged his car? She then tells Simran that her daughter does not have manners or values. Simran says she too is ashamed of the situation, but says she should not decide before asking the girl the truth. The principal agrees and calls for the student named by Astha , much against the pleading from the Professor. The girl arrives. The principal asks the girl whether Kumar misbehaved with her. The girl is in a state of shock and remains silent. The principal asks her again, The girl then says no. AStha and Simran are shocked to hear this. Kuamr has a sigh of relief. Astha moves towards the girl and asks her whay did you say, no? why are you lying? why don't you tell the truth? she pleads at the girl, who is standing with her head down. Simran is shocked to see AStha pleading.



Update 31st March 2005



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Astha is screaming at Zarina and asking her why she is protecting the professor. She keeps screaming and Simran holds Astha's hand and asks her to cool down. The Principla tells Simran that this is enough, now that she herself saw AStha's anger. She says AStha is trying to save herself after doing wrong things. She says i will take action on her. Professor Kumar also says yes. Simran says itrust my daughter completely. I know that AStha gets angry at times, but i also know that AStha does not get angry without a reason. Simran requests the principal to think again before taking the decision. She tells the principal to go to the roots of this case before taking decisions. Simran then says excuse us and goes away with Astha.


After they both go, the professor says now that everything is solved, what does she mean by going to the roots? The principal says we should teach this Simran a lesson and prove to her that we , in our college do not bow to such celebrities. The professor is happy.


Astha and Simran are walking in the corridor. AStha is crying and is repeatedly saying that its very disgusting that Kumar blamed her for nothing. She continues to cry. A student looks at them both. Simran then asks AStha to sit in the car. She spots Zarina walking and says she will meet her and come. Astha says no, don't meet her. But Simran goes. She asks Zarina to stop for a moment. Zarina is looking down in guilt. Simran tells her whatever happened should have put you thro' shock. But you have to face it boldly and not hide anything. You please think bcos this might happen to some other girl tomorrow, if you be silent. You have to be bold and face relaities, she advises her. Zarina does not tell anything. Simran goes.


In the car, both Simran and Astha are silent. Astha notices the anxiety in Simran's face and asks her why she is so silent. Simran says there is nothing like that. AStha asks her that she does not support her, right? Simran is very disturbed at AStha's thoughts and says i completely trust you. AStha says you just pretended to be on my side before the Principal bcos you did not want to put your daughter down before her. Simran says i am a person who will not support wrong things even if i love that person. So i trust you completely and never think on those lines. She hugs AStha and gives her consoling words. Astha looks upset.


Victor and Divya are travelling in the taxi. The driver, Dilip says if they cross the bridge, they will reach Panjim. Both are excited and see the weather and exclaim that this is a very beautiful place. They then see a ship and says they usually have crew party over there and it is fun. The driver keeps noticing every reaction of theirs thro' the mirror. Victor says they will check in and then go to the beach and chill out. They will have fish curry and relax. Divya says we need to start our work asap. We need to set an interview with Anand. Victor says they can do that after enjoying a bit. The dirver keeps watching them.


Saurabh is with Shekar. Saurabh is giving some of his medicines to Shekar and says this is better than allopathy where you are sure to get 4 diseases on taking medicines for one. Shekar does not want to take the medicines but SAurabh forces him and puts the tablets in his mouth. Saurabh is then telling Shekar that today AStha has created another blunder and Simran has gone to her college to set things right. He says the girl has not developed responsibilities. Shekar says it will come with time. When they are talking, Simran and Astha enter. So Saurabh stops his talk. SAurabh seeing AStha, gets up in anger and starts to scream at her. Just bcos of you, Simran had to come to your college and apologise. The last time I went to Simran's college was when she got a gold medal. You are disinterested in studies and do whatever you want. Simran tries to stop him from shouting. But AStha gets very emotional and runs inside. Simran then stops SAurabh and tells him that he has no right to scold AStha without knowing the reality. SAurabh does not calm down. Shekar then consoles SAurabh and asks Simran what the matter is.


Victor and Divya are searching for the Publisher's address in the taxi and Victos says in searching for the address, they have infact seen Goa. They then asks a passer by where is Panjim Church Square. The fellow does not know, so they proceed further. Divya sincidentally spots the landmark and asks the driver to stop. They get down from the car. But Divya tries to get into the car bcos she forgot her bag there. But Victor says no worry, Dilip is there. They then go in to meet the publisher. Dilip sees the bag there and thinks about something. The publisher says if they have some here with a mind to see Anand, they  should forget it as Anand does not reveal his identity to the media. Both are shocked on hearing this. They request the publisher to oblige and fix an interview with him. But the publisher keeps on saying that they themselves don't know where Anand lives. He has not given his identity, photo, address, interview, any sort of ads in tv etc. So he says he cannot help them. He says it is a waste of time if they continue to try further. Both are dejected and walk out. When they come out, they do not see their car. They are shocked and search for few minutes. They then see the car parked in a road and run and ask Dilip why he is here. Then Dilip changes the topic and says he will take them to a beach. They both says they want to go back to the hotel. Dilip tries to take them to the beach. Divya gets angry and says do as we say. Dilip is angry. They then talk about the whole issue in the car and says what kind of a recluse is Anand. He puts so much of new thoughts in his book and does not want to come forward. Again the dirver keeps listening.


They then reach the hotel, get down. Victor tells the driver to rest for sometime. The driver then asks what is the problem. Vicor says they are going back as they are not able to trace Anand.

AStha is in Sid's house and is expalining everything to Sid. Sid is consoling her when Urmila sees it. He is wiping her tears with a hankie and Urmila sees this. He then says you are such a bold girl, you should not cry like this. Just then, Sid receives a call from Victor who expresses his disappointment over not figuring out Anand. Sid is very surprised. Victor says Divya is very upset and they are coming back. Victor asks Divya to speak but Divya refuses bcos  she is upset. Victor asks about Astha and Sid says AStha is having some probs at the college. Sid asks AStha to speak to Divya, but she refuses. After keeping the phone, Victor asks Divya why she did not talk to AStha. Sid here, is asking the same thing to AStha. Just then, Dilip comes there and tells Victor and Divya that he has talked to his friend who knows that Anand comes to a certain place for walking. He will take them there now. They both are bubbling with excitement and Divya tells Victor to have his camera ready. They all go.


In Simran's place, all are sitting to have food. AStha is not there. Simran asks and Urmila says Sid has consoled her and she will be coming. SAurabh then starts his nonsense and says she is not able to handle things intelligently. Just then, AStha comes there and all stop talking. AStha sits and realises that there is silence. She asks why they are not talking. Sid jokingly says when she is around, can anybody else talk? Just then, the door bell rings. Shaguna opens the door and somebody gives her a letter. She hands over the letter to Simran and says this is from Astha's college. All are tensed. Simran opens the letter and is shocked to see the Rustication letter. She then tells everyone that AStha has been removed from college and this is her rustication letter. All are shocked. Astha is in tears.

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