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This Archive contains the Updates of Astitva Ek Prem Kahaani for the month of February 2005.


Update 1st February 2005



Posted: 01 February 2005 at 9:02am |


Abhi asks Simran that who told her that she is the other woman in their lives. Why does she have this complex. Why does she think such nonsensical thoughts. She was the one who got he and Neha married, she has forgiven all his faults and inspite of what all he has done, she still lets him meet Astha. He does not understand who has poisoned her mind. Simran says that he wont understand and she cant explain it to him. But this decision was taken taking Neha's health in consideration. And this is right for her. Abhi leaves still perplexed.


Brian enters and asks Simran as to why Musafir was acting in this way. She explains to him that Musafir i.e. Abhimanyu Saxena is her ex-husband.


Abhi's parents are entering Neha's house. Neha is sitting with Poonam and is worried as to where Abhi could have gone to. Poonam tells her not be worried. She says that ever since he found out that Simran is not her doctor, he left the house and has not returned. She hopes that he has not gone to meet Simran. Poonam tells her that both are matured people and can talk things out sensibly. Parents hear all this and now know about Simran not being Neha's doc.


Brian is with Simran. He is telling her that she has seen lots of pain at a young age. But one must flow with the tide and not try and fight it. She says she does not understand. He tells her that what she is doing is not right. She cannot leave Neha in midstream at such a delicate stage. She is a doctor first and must act as a professional. Simran tells him that for the first time after Manas has left, she feels that she can trust someone.


Abhi's house, Abhi's parents Neha, Poonam, Abhi are sitting in a sad state. Father says that so much happened and he is not even aware of it. Mummy says that she will not allow this to happen. She made a big mistake by not letting Simran be Anandi's doc and she will not make the same mistake again. If needed she will fall on Simran's feet. Neha tells them that it is no use. Simran will not agree. But Mummy is leaving the house to go to Simran.


Just then, Simran is shown at the door and she enters the house. She catches hold of Mummy's hand and informs everyone that she will not let her patient go elsewhere and Neha's child will be born at her hospital. She goes to Neha and apologizes and hugs her. Neha is crying. She tells her to stop crying and it is not good for her. She takes leave, Abhi thanks her. She leaves.


Neha is wide awake at night while Abhi is sound asleep. She gets up and looks at the painting that Simran had gifted them on house-warming. She gets a diary out and sits in the living room writing things.


It is morning. Sonu asks Manas that can they go to Astha's house. He tells him that they are going. Just then Ria calls up and enquires whether the tickets and visas are done. He says that everything is here in front of him. She asks him whether they can leave today and he says yes. He puts down the phone and Sonu asks him whether Ria Aunty is also going with them. Manas replies in the affirmative. He asks him why he did not tell him before. Manas says that perhaps he forgot. Sonu says that he will not go to the US. Manas tells Sonu that he will do as Manas says.


Sonu is playing with Astha when Simran comes in and she asks him when did he come. He says that he just arrived. He came to meet them first and will go and meet his mom next before going to US. She asks him why he is so forlorn. He tells her that Ria Aunty is also coming with them and he does not want to go. Simran takes him aside and tells him that his father loves him very much. He must therefore respect his decision and not protest. She gets him to give her a big smile and tells him to go with a happy heart.


Neha and Abhi are sitting on the bed when she complains of aching feet. Abhi presses her feet to relieve the pain. She watches him and feels how lucky she is. She tells him that she could never give his love for her the due it deserved. And she made a mistake in her ideas about Simran. She then asks him whether he wants a boy or girl. He says that he wants a healthy child. She says that she wants a girl child like Simran. And when she had told him that he and Simran were made for each other, it was with her heart. He tells her to concentrate on the child and not think too much.


Neha is watching TV and is sweating. Abhi is writing. She looks too much in pain. She lies down. Abhi gets up immediately and asks her what is wrong. She says that she is lots of pain. He tells her not to move and calls up Simran. Simran is surprised and says that she should not be in pain at this moment. Abhi tells her that the pain is increasing. Simran tells him to bring her to the hospital and she will be there immediately.


Abhi is waiting outside. Simran gives instructions for the anesthetist to be called for operation. Abhi asks her how she is. She tells him that her condition is very critical. Abhi is scared.



Update 2nd February 2005



Posted: 02 February 2005 at 9:14am |


Simran tells Abhi that Neha's situation is very critical. Abhi is standing around worried. Neha's mom and his parents come in. Radha asks Abhi what is wrong. Everything was ok when she left her yesterday. Abhi tells her that there are some complications and they will have to perform a caesarian. But all will be ok. Radha asks to see Neha. Abhi takes her to the door and she sees Simran looking after her and taking her BP etc. She keeps repeating whether Neha will be OK. Abhi tells her not to worry. Abhi's mom also consoles her.


Simran tells the nurse to get some reports. She then comes out and tells Abhi that Neha's condition is getting worse. She is losing a lot of blood. Abhi tells her that he can arrange blood. Simran tells him that blood is least of their problems. They just have to perform the op now and hopefully there will be no more problems. Just then Radha sees her and asks Simran whether she can see Neha. Poonam asks Simran if she can be present in the Op. Th. During the operation. Simran agrees.


Everyone go to meet Neha. She is awake. But in a world of her own. Very weak and not able to talk. She tells Abhi that she wants to talk to him and Simran alone. Simran tells her that she cannot allow her to talk a lot. She asks for just 2 minutes. Everyone else leave after consoling her. She is about to talk to them when suddenly she has a lot of pain. Abhi is asked to leave and Neha is taken to the Op. Th. immediately. The parents outside ask him what happened. He does not tell them anything. Just tells them that things will be fine. But they persist and ask him how this all came about. He tells them that she was watching TV, was a bit restless, maybe was in tension with something, when suddenly she complained of pain. Radha is suddenly speechless.


Neha is in operation theatre and is writhing in pain. Simran asks her to relax and breathe through her mouth. She asks the nurses to get ready for operation.


Outside everyone is waiting in anxiety.


Suddenly they show Neha asleep and Simran by her side. She is smiling and sees the nurse with the kid. She takes the kid out to the grandparents and shows them the kid. Abhi asks her how is Neha. She tells him that she is stable now but has lost a lot of blood. Simran asks the nurse to take her to Dr. Brian for a checkup. Abhi asks to look at his daughter. Simran give her to him. After two minutes he gives her to the nurse, just then Poonam comes rushing out and tells Simran that Neha is sinking and is still hemorrhaging.


Simran goes to Neha. She tells them to call the anesthetist. She tells Neha that all will be ok. Neha tells her not to give her false hope. But she would like to tell her something. She tells her that is it not possible for Simran and Abhi to be together once again. She wants her daughter to call only Simran 'mother'. She wants to see her daughter once. Simran tells her not to talk. Poonam quietly leaves the room. While they are about to give her anesthesia Poonam enters the room with the kid. Simran is upset with her and asks her to take the child away, but Neha pleads with her. And she tells Simran that this is your daughter. Please make her like you. And she dies. Simran keeps calling out to her.


Poonam comes out of the room. She has a wild look in her eyes. Everyone sees her and asks her how is Neha. Poonam does not speak. She has tears in her eyes. She does not look at anyone. Everyone shakes her asking her about Neha's condition. She suddenly breaks down and starts howling. Everyone understands. They have a horrified look on their faces. Abhi looks wildly about him and rushes to where Neha is. Abhi's papa starts weeping. Radha is shattered and leans against a wall.


Simran is standing weeping besides Neha. A nurse covers her up. Abhi comes in then and is looking. Simran looks at him. He has an empty look in his eyes.






Update 3rd February 2005



Posted: 03 February 2005 at 9:01am |


General comment: This is a post Neha's death episode. Imagine all facial expressions of the concerned parties to be very sad, shocked, with plenty of disbelief. And imagine copious tears all around.


Abhi is standing besides Neha's body and Simran is staring at him. He goes and lifts the cover off her face. He looks at her for a minute and moves away as if not able to believe what he is seeing. Simran again covers her face. Outside the entire family is in grief.


Radha has some steely determination in her eyes. She looks up and gets up. She wonders why people are taking this long. She is in denial. She picks up a cigarette and starts smoking. There is a warning on the TV Screen about 'Cigarette smoking being injurious to health'. Abhi's father tells her not to smoke that this is a hospital. She says she knows. He tells her that she is not allowed to smoke. Radha has gone into her own world. She tells him to mind his own business. Abhi is shown walking out slowly. He leans against a wall. Radha is busy smoking. Simran too comes out. Neha's body is being wheeled out. Abhi watches it being taken away. Radha sees the body being wheeled out. She starts clapping. She tells Neha that she has given a wonderful shot and she must get up now. She starts shaking her and collapses on top of Neha. They get a stretcher and put Radha on it. Dr. Brian suddenly comes out and checks on Radha. He asks her to be taken to a room. And tells Simran that he will handle things from here on.


Radha is lying on bed. Poonam is preparing an injection. Brian is about to administer it when Radha gets up and asks him who he is. He tells her that he is a doc. She still thinks that this is all playacting. She tells him that she cannot be injected now. She has to wake Neha up. Neha has to play a lot of roles. Brian tells her that he will take care of Neha but according to the script he is required to inject her. She agrees. He gives her a shot and she goes to sleep.


Simran is sitting besides Radha. Poonam is sitting there too. Rashmi and Pranay enter the room. Simran starts howling in Rashmi's arms. Pranay consoles her and tells her that her grief is natural. Just then Radha wakes up. Simran puts her hand on her forehead and asks her how she is. Radha pulls back and screams at Simran to remove her hand from her forehead. She asks where is Neha. Poonam tells her that they have taken her home. Radha gets up suddenly to go. Simran tries to stop her but Radha shouts at her not to talk to her. She leaves with Pranay and Poonam following her.


In the room Simran bursts out crying and holds herself at fault. Rashmi tries to console her.


In the house people are sitting in white clothes in front of Neha's dead body. The new born child is in Abhi's mom's lap. Abhi is looking at her. Just then Radha comes in with Poonam and Pranay. She is in shock. Poonam is in tears.


Radha walks towards the body. She sits down besides it and starts calling out her name and crying. She asks her why did she get upset with her etc. She tells everyone that this was not by daughter but my mother who took such good care of me. On the other side, the child is crying.


Just then Simran enters with Rashmi. Abhi's father tells Radha to stop crying. That she should not say goodbye to Neha with such a heavy heart. Abhi's mother hands the child over to Radha and tells her that if she does not get a hold on herself, who will take care of the child. Radha takes the child in her arms and sits cradling her and crying. Simran sits down too. Simran is remembering Neha's last words to her.


Neha's body is cremated.



Update 7th February 2005



Posted: 07 February 2005 at 11:59am |


Radha is sitting crying besides Neha's body. Simran is sitting and shedding tears.


Simran is back in her own office and still shedding tears. She remembers Neha's words to her about the child.


Brian enters the room. He asks her if she wants to share something or talk something. She says she has lots to say but it is all locked inside her. He asks her to get it out. She tells him that she is feeling very guilty. She thought she will be able to save Neha. But she couldn't. He tells her that everyone knows she intended to save Neha. But sometimes things are out of their hands. She then tells him that they should talk about other things and enquires about Janet. He says that she is fine. She tells him that maybe they should do some more tests. He tells her to stop thinking about work and take some time off. He has arranged for Dr. Revathi to handle things in her absence. She is very grateful and tells him that he has handled things like Manas and she can trust him to the fullest.


Abhi is lying alone in bed and thinking about Neha and he gets up to look at her stuff in the cupboard. Then the phone rings and it is Saurabh from London. He gives his condolences. Tells him to control himself. Abhi is sobbing.


Saurabh comes back and his Sister and brother in law ask him if he managed to talk to Abhi. He says yes. They discuss Abhi's loneliness and perhaps his past was responsible for this state of his life.


Back to Abhi's house. Abhi's parents, Radha, Poonam are there. It is the 13th day. Simran comes in. Radha sees her come in and is upset. Simran enquires about how all are doing. They say fine except for Radha who lost her only daughter. Simran tells Radha not to have too much depression and that it is not good for her. Radha does not reply and asks for the child to be given to her for feeding. She enquires about Abhi and is told that he is closeted in the room. If she could go and talk to him. She is quite happy to do it.


Simran goes to Abhi's room and sits by his side. No words are exchanged. After a couple minutes, Abhi gets up and sits on the sofa. Simran goes to him and calls out to him and tells him to live with the realities of life. She tells him that the op was very difficult. She explains the entire situation to him and how she tried her best. Abhi is still shedding tears. He puts his hand over hers. He then tells her that he is to blame. She tells him that it is not his fault. But now he needs to look after his daughter. She asks him to come outside his room. He declines. She tells him that his parents are very worried and he needs to start living again. He wipes his tears and comes out.


Poonam is holding the child but he does not take her. Abhi is sitting besides Radha. She says that she wants to return to Nasik with the baby. Simran has a very disturbed look in her face. Abhi's mom asks her why she wants to leave them. She says that she has no ties to this city. And she does not have anyone besides Neha's child. She wants to spend the rest of her life taking care of the child.


Poonam asks Simran to speak. Simran says nothing. Poonam asks her that does this mean that she agrees with Radha's decision. Abhi's father tells her that they all must decide. But Poonam says that Simran will not say anything so she will have to do it herself. She tells them that Neha wanted Simran to be her child's mother and for Abhi and Simran to reunite.


Update 8th February 2005



Posted: 08 February 2005 at 12:02pm |


We start where Poonam tells everyone Neha's last wish.


Radha is angry. Abhi's mom asks Poonam when and where did Neha say all this. Poonam tells them that she did that on her deathbed. Abhi's mom says that what are we supposed to do. Everyone is stumped. Radha says that she is going to pack. Poonam asks her whether she is not going to respect Neha's last wish. Radha says that Neha did not have any such wish, had she had any, she would have told her mother. Radha goes away in anger. Poonam hands the child back to Abhi's mom and goes after Radha. Simran leaves.


Rashmi is trying Simran's phone but is not able to reach her. Rashmi tells Pranay that ever since Neha died, Simran is not herself. She is very sad inside. Rashmi is scared for Simran but Pranay tells her not to be scared. Simran will come to terms with the tragedy on her own. He tells Rashmi to go and stay with Simran for a few days to give her company.


Radha opens her cupboard, takes out Neha's photo and talks to it and bursts out crying. Poonam comes to console her.


Abhi's parents going to Abhi's house. They are worried for Radha and don't want her to go back to Nasik. Abhi's mom asks whether Abhi will agree to marry Simran. The father says that it is too soon but they must broach the subject. Sooner things are settled the better.


Radha says to Poonam that she could not do anything for Neha. Even though she was her daughter, she could not give her the mother's care. In fact Neha looked after her. She never complained that she did not get mother's love. Poonam tells Radha to rest. Radha continues to talk about her desire to give all the love to Neha's daughter that she could never give to Neha.


Enter Abhi's parents. They tell Radha that they are here to take her with them. They will not let her stay alone. Radha tells them that she now wants to stay only with Neha's memories. They tell her that her granddaughter is pining for her. And she must also fulfill Neha's last wish. Though Abhi and Simran are not in the mental state to accept the proposal, it is their job to bring them around. This way the daughter will get a full family. After all till when can they look after Neha's daughter.


Radha says that 'I never want to see Neha's daughter unhappy. I will give her all the happiness that she deserves.' Abhi's mom believes that Radha is in agreement with them and says that she will talk to Abhi and tell him her desire.


Abhi's mom and dad are sitting with him besides his daughter. His mom asks him whether he has give a thought to marrying Simran. His father tells him that he knows they are precipitating the whole matter but the child is small and needs a mother. He tells them that he does not want to marry. From now on he will be the child's mother and father. His parents tell him that if he marries Simran, they will be a full family. Both kids will have a home. Abhi says that this will be a compromise and he is not ready for compromising. This is something his heart does not agree to and he will not do anything against his heart.


Rashmi is telling Simran same things i.e. about respecting Neha's last wish. Simran refuses. Says that this will not be correct.


Radha is sitting on the bed remembering Poonam relating Neha's last wish and Abhi's father telling them how they will give the child to Simran after they get them to marry. She has a dangerous glint in her eyes. She gets up and pulls out the story she had been writing on Simran. She tells herself that this was not the story she was wanting to write. She did not know that Neha's death would be part of the story. She burns the story. Poonam comes in and tries to stop her burning the story. She tells her not to blame Simran for Neha's death. But Radha is adamant. She tells her that Neha may be dead, but she left all her grief with Radha and Radha is now burning the grief. She throws the entire book named 'Dr. Simran's biography' in the fire.


Radha goes to Abhi's house. Abhi welcomes her and goes to make coffee for her. His father wonders why she has come without her bags. After all they had invited her to stay with them. Just then Radha picks up the child, cuddles her and walks out of the house. They run after her. She enters the taxi and the taxi drives away. All three of them keep staring after it.




Update 9th February 2005



Posted: 09 February 2005 at 9:08am |


Radha enters the cab and it drives away. Parents follow in another cab to Radha's house.

They bang on the door and Poonam opens. They ask her where Radha is. Poonam says that she must be home. But they enter and find that she is not there and neither is her luggage. They ask Poonam. She says she has no idea, she had gone to sleep but knew that Radha was disturbed. Meanwhile Simran calls. Abhi's mom says that she had called her up. Abhi asks her opinion. Meanwhile Poonam says that it is possible that she has gone to Nasik. They decide to follow her to Nasik. Simran tells them to take Pranay with them considering her state of mind. Simran also decides to accompany them. Abhi tells his parents to stay there since they need someone to be there. He will take Poonam with him.


Abhi, Poonam, Simran and Pranay are going in the car to Nasik. Poonam, Simran and Pranay tell Abhi that Radha will take care of the child as her own daughter and will not hurt her. Then Poonam tells them about Radha's story burning incident. Simran is ultra-disturbed. She asks Pranay what they should do. He tells them that they need to tread slowly.


Radha brings the child to her house. She introduces the house to her grandchild as being the place where her mom grew up. Then the child starts crying. She realizes that she has no food in the house. She goes out to get some milk etc when she sees the car with the 4 persons come in. She immediately closets herself inside the house and refuses to open the door. Outside they hatch a plan to pretend that they are leaving. Pranay starts the car. Radha falls for the plan. She comes out and Abhi, Simran and Poonam barge in. She refuses to give them the child saying that this is her daughter and she wont give her to anyone. Everyone pleads. Then Pranay uses some of his tricks and eventually slaps her. She goes into a trance like state. Poonam takes the child away. They inject her with some substance.


Poonam suggests that they should leave with the child as soon as possible and she will stay back. Pranay says that they should stay back and convince Radha. Simran says that they first need to feed the kid. She tells Abhi to go and get milk and bottles etc and meanwhile they will clean the place up since the atmosphere is not good for the kid.


Radha is in the bed. She wakes up. Simran gives her tea but she refuses. Pranay tells them not to insist. Radha asks about the kid and is told that she has slept. Radha becomes very quiet. Simran leaves the room and Abhi after her. Simran wonders why Radha is not talking to her.


Pranay is sitting besides Radha. She tells him that she brought up Neha all on her own. Pranay says that all of them realize this but Neha must have missed a father's presence and she must allow the kid to have that family feeling.


Pranay comes out and tells everyone that Radha has understood and she is undergoing an internal struggle. Just then Radha comes out. She takes the child from Poonam. Poonam looks as if she is sure Radha will drop the kid any moment. She then takes the kid and gives her to Abhi and tells him to take good care of her. Abhi tells her that he wont be able to do it alone and she too must help him. She has a very angry look in her eyes and pointedly looks at Simran and says that she will never come to Bombay. The city took all her happiness and was responsible for the death of her daughter. Simran pleads with her not to look at her in this way and not to hold her responsible for Neha's death. It was an unfortunate happening. She did what she could do as a doctor. But nothing could be done.

Radha looks away.


All four of them go out with the kid. Abhi says that he does not feel like leaving Radha all alone and he should stay back and spend some time with her. Poonam tells him that Radha will never agree to come to Bombay. They should all go. She will stay back. Neha was like her sister and her only family and after her death, she will assume all her responsibilities. All commend her on her brave decision. Simran tells her that she will talk to some hospitals in the town and she is sure to get a job. Abhi tells her that they will keep in touch. They leave.


Poonam goes inside and Radha asks her why did she not go. Poonam tells her that she could not leave her mother behind. Both burst into tears in each other's arms.


Abhi is his house feeding the kid. On the other side Simran is on the bed with her daughter. Simran keeps getting visions of Neha's kid on the bed besides her. She gets up suddenly and is wondering.




Update 10th February 2005



Posted: 10 February 2005 at 10:31pm |


Abhi's parents are worried about Abhi as he does not go for work, does not spend time with his daughter and stays like a recluse in the room. He is in the room with all things they had bought for the new born put in mess in the bed. He just keeps thinking about Neha. Abhi's parents think he cannot be like that and he should try to get over the sorrow as it is 2  months since Neha passed away.


Simran is in the hospital and has come very early. As usual she looks sad. Dr.Brian comes in and asks her why she is so early. He tells her that the hospital can withstand her absence for a day.He asks her how she is and she says she is trying to cope with the situation. She says Neha's last wish keeps haunting her. Brian says its not that Neha wanted Simran to take care of her child. She actually meant Abhi and Simran should marry and then take care of the child. Simran says this cannot happen.


In America, they show the hospital scene where Chavi is in bed, unconscious with oxygen mask over  her face. Ria, Manas and Sonu are there. Ria cries very badly seeing her daughter in such a condition. Manas consoles her and hugs her. Sonu is there and he sees it. He does not react but keeps looking at Chavi.


In London, Harsh and Kath are angry that Simran has said she wont be attending the wedding. Kath calls Simran who is at home. She tells Simran that it is bcos of Abhi and Simran that they are getting together and she wont marry unless they come. Then Harsh takes the phone and tells Di, that he is very angry with her. She says she cannot come there as she is depressed after Neha's death. He says Abhi should also come. Harsh then says he will postpone the wedding and do it only when she comes. Then Simran says she will consider about it. He tells her to convince Abhi also.


She then calls Shaguna and tells her that Harsh is angry and that they have to go to London. She says she wants to take Astha and Shaguna wit her but there will be a problem as Shaguna does not possess a passport. Shaguna says she has one as she had made it with an intention of going to Dubai.


Just then, Abhis parents arrive. They tell Simran that they are not albe to see Abhi in such a state and ask Simran's help to change his mood. Simran then asks them whether she can try convincing him to come to London for the wedding. They say yes.


Simran then goes to Abhi's house . Abhi is in his room holding a photo of Neha. She goes near him and tells him that he has to come over this. Abhi says there is no place where he will not be reminded of Neha. Then Simran asks him about the London trip.First he does not agree but later says he will think about it. She says there is no time for that and asks him to say yes now. He says yes. She is delighted.


In london, Bua and Puaji  are worried about Abhi's coming to London. Amla says Saurabh will not like it. Puaji says he has changed and will not fell it that much bcos he will be seeing Simran and Astha after a long time. Amla says she is terribly worried and knows her brother's reactions.


Saurabh and Puaji are having a morning jog when Puaji wants to tell Saurabh about Abhi's coming but he cannot. They then rush to the house as all are arriving by flight.


Harsh has gone to pick them up. Simran, Abhi, Harsh, Shaguna and Astha are in a car. Shaguna keeps asking what the buildings are as the car passes and Simran keeps answering. Sahguna is os Excited and starts screaming. Abhi looks disturbed and in a momentary action, screams at Shaguna and asks her to stop talking. All are stunned and the driver even stops the car.Simran tells Abhi that she wants to talk to him. Both get down from the car.


In America,Ria tells Simran that its a long time since they have come her and Manas is losing his work leave and that Sonu is losing his classes. She asks them to return. Sonu is sleeping in the room. Ria then tells Manas that she has decided to be here with her daughter. She says she has got used to Manas being wit her , but she cant take the risk of laeving her daughter alone now. Manas looks shocked.


Simran asks Abhi what was the reason in screaming at Shaguna. I know you have felt bad over your reaction but what is the point in feeling after you have shouted at her, asks Simran. He says he is sorry. She then tells her he has to try to come over this. This is what he had told her when she had the accident and when she was going thro a bad phase. She says now she is trying to bring him back to normal but for that she asks Abhi to promise her that he would help her. Abhi then promises holding Simran's hand. Simran is in tears of joy.






Update 14th February 2005



Posted: 14 February 2005 at 10:07am |


The car carrying the visitors from India enters Bhua's house and Simran, Abhi, Shaguna, Aastha and Harsh alight from it. Foofaji and Bhua come rushing out to greet everyone. Foofaji is happy to see Abhi and appreciates him coming all the way to attend the wedding. Saurabh greets Simran and Aastha with a big smile but his face becomes crestfallen when he sees Abhimanyu. Without saying anything to Abhi, he excuses himself and walks off. In the house, Bhua tells Saurabh that Abhi is a guest of Harsh and Catherine and to try and be more sensitive to Abhi's recent loss. Saurabh, as usual, fulminates over Simran bringing him along. Bhua reminds Saurabh that Abhimanyu is Aastha's father. Simran is also upset with Saurabh and threatens to leave with Abhi id he is rude. Saurabh says he knews he has no right to be angry but he cannot forget how he treated Simran and cannot control himself. He walks off. Bhua tells Simran to relax and and that she will make sure Saurabh is not rude to Abhi from now on.




Catherine comes home and everyone rushes to greet her and they're all talking excitedly. Harsh is impatient for Simran to show Catherine the gifts from India. Simran takes out the saris for Catherine one by one.. blue, pink.. and yellow … Abhi is immediately flooded with the memory of the time he, Simran and Neha had gone wedding shopping and Neha had been  reluctant to wear yellow once she knew it was Simran's favorite color. He gives himself a mental shrug. Simran and Catherine are excited about going shopping for the wedding and Harsh asks Abhi along too. Just then Simran gets a call from Dr. Brian on her mobile. She excuses herself and goes to one side. He says he got her message to call and she asks him if he wants anything from the UK for himself and Janet. Dr. Brian says he wants some naughty magazines ... Just then Janet calls Dr. B on the other phone and he talks to both of them simultaneously. There's some confusion but Janet asks him to say 'Hi' to Dr. Simran, while Simran waits while Dr. B is finishing off the conversation with his wife. Janet hangs up but Dr. B says a loud "I love you!" to Simran by mistake.. Simran knows it wasn't for her but she blushes a bright red anyway !!!!



Bhua, Harsh and Catherine encourage Simran and Abhi to go shopping and generally go out and have a good time. Simran tells Shaguna that she had better come along too with Aastha. Shaguna is nearly hitting the ceiling, she's jumping so high (ok ok not really ) and blabbering about all the things she can't wait to see....




We are then treated to sights of the Buckingham Palace, Victoria Terminus, London Bridge and many other hotspots while the group goes sightseeing. They are then shown walking along the waterfront where (hold your breath.. a major twist is about to unfold!!!) a wicked lady dressed in black stares fixedly at little Aastha being wheeled along by Shaguna in her pram…. She looks decidedly evil 



The group is still walking along someplace when Harsh and Catherine get everyone jacket potatoes for lunch. Shaguna is horrified at the thought of eating one … when Harsh tells her he'll take her along for some Balti food she says she won't eat from a balti cos it's kept in the bathroom  … they finally convince her that it's very spicy and tasty and she'll love it!!



Then we are shown Catherine choosing and trying out several pretty dresses for her wedding trousseau. All are having a good time. Abhi spots a lovely yellow dress for Simran but she refuses. His face falls .. she notices and immediately changes her mind and thanks him. Then Simran and Abhi are walking alone together along the riverfront. Simran thanks Abhi for living up to his promise and appreciates his efforts to forget his own pain. Abhi replies that it's easier to forget your own pain when you're surrounded by people who are happy to see you happy. Then there's a scene where Harsh and Catherine are dancing along with some people playing musical instruments on the road.. everyone is in high spirits and cheering them on.



It is night time and Shaguna is left alone for a while on the street with Aastha in her pram. She is transfixed with the goings on in a nail saloon, and is peering fascinated in thru the window of the shop while Aastha is beside her in the pram. The wicked lady in black sees her chance and tries to come closer to Aastha. Suddenly Harsh appears and teases Shaguna, inquires about the rest and walks off again. When Harsh leaves, the wicked lady eyes Aastha again, who is eating a chocolate. She moves stealthily next to the pram and reaches out to grab Aastha but Shaguna turns around just then and sees her. The wicked lady pretends she had bent down to koochie-koo Aastha, mumbles something like 'What a cute baby!' and quickly turns and walks off before Shaguna can see her face.



The next day there's a Ladies Sangeet going on at Bhua's place and there is merrymaking all around.. singing and dancing and clapping.. but Abhi doesn't seem interested in the festivities, he looks a little lost. Shaguna comes over to where someone is applying mehndi on Catherine's hands and tells her in good broken English – Shaguna style! – that your husband will love you very much if your mehndi rang is deep  Simran enquires if Abhi has called home. Abhi shouts over the noise that he had forgotten but will do so now. Abhi calls home and gives the phone to Simran. All this while Saurabh is sitting just behind Simran and glowering at their easy familiarity. Then Simran talks to 'Mummyji' about Gudiya and Saurabh looks on with a dirty face, getting more and more disgusted. Eventually Simran hands over the phone to Abhi citing too much noise and Abhi goes out to speak to his mother.



After the celebrations, everyone is sitting around and talking. Catherine is amazed at the pampering of the typical lavish and elaborate Indian-style weddings and wishes she could attend the wedding of an Indian couple. Then she innocently says that she knows a couple who is made for each other – Abhi and Simran. Everyone looks like they've been hit by a ton of bricks. Poor Catherine stutters if she said something wrong... Then Shaguna seizes the moment to remind everyone that it was indeed Neha's last wish to see Abhi and Simran get married again. When Saurabh hears this, he turns a peculiar shade of red and purple … and looks like he could strangle someone. Simran and Abhi look on with a pained expression 



Update 15th February 2005



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Yesterday we left off where Saurabh was looking horrified when Shaguna blurted out Neha's dying wish.



Saurabh gets up and with a tense expression, tells Simran that he wants to speak to her alone. Simran looks exasperated. Shaguna is looking apologetic for having opened her mouth and Simran scolds her for doing so. Shaguna says sorry. Bhua asks if this is true. Simran just looks at her. Harsh says that actually, there's nothing wrong in that, because you two still have feelings for each other and care about each other. Simran excuses herself to go but as she is halfway across the room, Abhi tells her he will talk to Saurabh himself. Then he raises his voice and irritatedly tells everyone NEVER to talk about it ever again, ANY of you!!!



Saurabh is waiting and Abhi comes in. Abhi simply says that it is not his or Simran's wish (manshaa) and that they cannot ever think of such a thing. He requests Saurabh not to upset himself. Saurabh is short with him – he tells him that if he has said what he came to say, he can go. When Abhi was about to leave, he asks him to tell Simran that there is no need to come to him. Abhi says 'ji' and goes. We get a close-up of Saurabh looking disturbed and frustrated.



The next day, Harsh, Catherine, Simran and Abhi are having a meal at a nice restaurant. Harsh asks Simran 'why not?' (obviously referring to her and Abhi getting back together). Simran says 'Why?' Harsh says there is nothing wrong with it at all. Harsh and Catherine express a wish to spend more time with Abhi and Simran, and ask them to stay on in London for longer. The marriage is very close and they will be going off on honeymoon soon. Harsh offers to postpone the honeymoon so that they can all be together longer but Simran rubbishes that saying she will feel very guilty. Ultimately they make Abhi-Simran promise that they will still be there when they return from a 3-day honeymoon, so that they can spend more time with them afterwards.



The next scene has Abhi, Simran, Aastha and Shaguna in the car on their way to the wedding. It is morning time. Shaguna is fascinated with the bazaar and stuff and chattering non-stop about what she sees. Shaguna goes on about how pretty baby Aastha is looking, like a li'l 'khargosh' ... Abhi hears this and just laughs out loud putting his head in his hands.. Incorrigible Shaguna!! Next she is amazed to see lots of Indian-style shops and panipuri by the wayside. Simran gleefully tells her that she shud be – this is the 'Little India' of London!



Cut to the wedding venue – a tastefully decorated marriage hall. Catherine arrives dressed in Indian bridal wear, looking pretty and elegant. She walks down the aisle and joins Harsh where the priest chants the shlokaas and the rest, who are all seated, look on with happy faces. Catherine and Harsh exchange garlands and the priest offers Namaskaaram to all the Gods. Then he calls out to the bride's father for doing the Kanyadaan. Catherine looks dejected – there is no one to do the Kanyadaan. There is an awkward silence where everyone looks at everyone else and then surprise, surprise – Abhi speaks up that he will do it (by the way, he's looking quite cute in his headgear ) He gets up and does the needful. Simran gives him a long, appreciative, profoundly grateful look – he acknowledges it quietly with a half-smile. Thus, Harsh and Catherine are married.



It's time for the bidaai and Harsh and Catherine are saying goodbye amidst lots of laughter and merriment. Simran exclaims in mock horror that no one is crying at this bidaai!! Catherine asks her what's a 'bidaai'… Simran explains that a bidaai is like a farewell where everyone cries while bidding goodbye to the bride, and that it's a very emotional moment. Catherine still looks confused. Simran elaborates that since an Indian woman is very attached to her parents, it is a very momentous time for her since she must step into a new life with new people. Catherine says she does not have that kind of bonding with her family. She left home (USA) at eighteen and her family have not had the time to attend her wedding. Simran chides her never to say that again and tells her warmly that we are your family now, and will always be there for you. She asks Harsh to take full care of her to which he readily agrees with a laugh.



We have Harsh and Catherine then coming back home to be greeted with the traditional welcoming ceremony by Bhua. Soon after, they are shown saying their high-spirited goodbye's and zooming off in their car for the honeymoon. Bhua sighs that finally everything is done with.. and Simran teases her that you are now a SAAS . Bhua smiles that she doesn't feel like one and Foofaji teases her about starting to feel like one once she starts sunaoing stuff to her bahu  Bhua then encourages Simran and Abhi to go out and enjoy themselves. They are hesitant as usual but when Bhua asks them to think about Aastha, they smile and go off to get ready. Bhua notices Saurabh making a strained face and asks him what happened. Saurabh asks her why she is forcing the two of them to be together. Bhua just asks him why he is so insecure about Simran to which he has no answer. She gives up.



Simran, Abhi, Shaguna and baby Aastha in a pram are walking along the street. Simran is hungry and Shaguna expresses a wish for spicy food. Simran scolds her for having become so fussy Abhi and Simran go off to get some food leaving instructions to Shaguna not to wander too far, and that they'll be right back. Shaguna says OK but obviously her head is still in the clouds… she is caught up with everything happening around her. At first she stands with the pram but then she notices a man smeared in paint(?? some yucky stuff) walking strangely to attract attention. He positions himself cosily in a trash can with umpteen people staring at him. Shaguna is titillated and goes to have a closer look, leaving the sleeping Aastha further and further behind.. enter yesterday's Wicked Lady … she sees Shaguna has left the pram practically unattended and moves closer and closer....



Abhi and Simran are walking along having giant sandwiches. Something gets stuck on Simran's cheek and Abhi makes quite a show of removing it.. taking his time.. Simran gets embarrassed and tells him to stop.. finally it's off.. whewwww. Abhi says he had wanted to ask Simran something – did Neha really say 'that' as her dying wish? Simran says yes and asks him why. Abhi says just like that.. Simran asks – but why? Abhi says he wonders what was going on through her mind at the time.. it couldn't have been easy for her to have made that decision. He tells Simran to come along.



Then we see Shaguna getting closer and closer to the 'funny man'. Eventually she is right next to him, squealing with delight, dancing around him, as he makes faces and mock scares her in turn. The wicked lady seizes the opportunity. She picks up the sleeping baby in her arms and quietly walks off. Shaguna is in such raptures she walks mindlessly back to the pram and starts wheeling it back, without even checking to see if Aastha is inside. She meets Abhi and Simran coming from the opposite direction and Simran smilingly bends down to give Aastha something to eat and gets a BIG SHOCK  She asks Shaguna where Aastha is. Shaguna replies that she is right here in the pram.. then notices the empty pram and is taken aback. Simran is almost hysterical by now and Abhi looks like he is about to throw up – he is shocked beyond words... Shaguna cries that Aastha was just sleeping in her pram. Simran starts shouting for Aastha and they all start looking for her frantically.. it is just one big confused mess and Simran is crying and Abhi is walking around asking everyone if they have seen his baby girl and Shaguna is also looking everywhere.. the madness goes on and on but they can't find her... Simran comes face to face with Shaguna and gives her a TIGHT slap she is nearly crazed with shock and fear… and cries out in extreme pain.. "Where is my Aastha? Where is my Aastha?" Abhi just holds Simran and she clings on to him.. crying, disbelieving, frozen with fear.. while Shaguna is left nursing her face and looking petrified....


Update 16th February 2005



Posted: 16 February 2005 at 10:14am |


We are still at the scene of the crime. Simran is hysterically searching for Aastha and crying. Shaguna has tears rolling down her face. Simran is holding on to Abhi and shouting that they need to go to the Police immediately. Abhi leaves her and finds a couple of Sardars in the distance and enquires about the location of the nearest Police Station. They tell him to call 999. Abhi dials the number and a police car is shown screaming on its way towards the scene. The policemen tell them to come to the Police Station and bring a photograph of the child. Simran calls Saurabh from the car and through her tears, explains what happened with Aastha. Saurabh is shocked and promises to get a picture of Aastha to the Police Station ASAP. She then rests her head on Abhi's shoulder and starts sobbing  Abhi's eyes are moist.



At the Police Station, the family is rallying around Abhi-Simran. The police sees pictures of Aastha and an order is passed to flash them at all police stations. Simran asks in a broken voice why anyone would do such a thing. The police then want to question the maid. Shaguna gets jittery and Abhi assures her it's only to ask her a few questions. The policeman agrees to let Foofaji accompany Shaguna. A scared Shaguna is led off into a small office where they ask her if anyone was around her at the time of the incident. Foofaji translates. They asks her if she suspects anyone at all. Shaguna denies knowing anything and starts shaking with fear and begging them to let her go – I have not done anything, I don't know anything!! They let her go.



Outside, Saurabh wonders aloud who can be their enemy in a strange place. Bhua tries to be reassuring that the police will try and contact them soon. Abhi says that he wants to go back and search again. Simran insists on coming with him. Bhua asks them to take the car. Once again, Simran and Abhi start on their wild goose chase, showing everyone Aastha's pictures and asking them about her. No one gives them any hope. They are tired and restless and weak from crying and then it's night-time – Simran lays her head on Abhi's shoulder and they start the long journey home with a sinking heart. They are both in their private agonies but manage to give each other silent support.



Harsh and Catherine had returned home when Bhua informed them of the incident on the phone. Harsh is in disbelief. Bhua tells Catherine that Simran-Abhi have gone to search the streets again. At that moment Shaguna starts crying loudly and Bhua asks her, not unkindly - ab kya hoga rone-dhone se? There is a flash on Zee News channel – a missing person's report on Aastha giving details like mother's name and phone number to contact in case of any information. Everyone huddles around the TV and look terribly dispirited.



Simran arrives home. She is so drained out with the crying, she can hardly stand. Catherine rushes to support her and leads her to the bedroom. Saurabh gives Abhi a pained look. In the bedroom, Catherine helps Simran to the bed and goes to fetch a glass of water. Simran sits there holding her head in her hands and crying her heart out. Shaguna enters and and puts her head on Simran's knee, crying all the while. It's a very touching scene, where they are both crying, Shaguna pleading silently for forgiveness. When Shaguna puts her hand on Simran's knee, Simran brushes it off and goes over to the window, sobbing loudly. Shaguna, already overburdened with guilt, starts crying harder. Catherine comes in with some water but Simran doesn't accept it. Catherine offers it to Shaguna who starts talking about killing herself for what has happened… Catherine comforts her in her arms and promises her – we WILL find her!


In the living room, the family is discussing the episode. Bhua says Simran is not talking and Shaguna is blaming herself for everything. Saurabh says well, she should, considering she's responsible!! Bhua chides him that Shaguna is feeling every bit as sad as the rest of us, maybe even more because she was the one with Aastha when it happened. Foofaji says Bhua is right, and that they need to be more patient.



Abhi is sitting by himself on a sofa, eyes covered with his hands. Bhua comes in and sits next to him and says that she can understand his pain. She says she has no words even to give comfort, but that he shouldn't lose hope. She tells him Simran is very upset and only you can sambhalo her. Abhi shakes his head and says he cannot sambhalo anyone. He blames it on his own karmon ka phal. Bhua tells him not to blame himself and he shouts, what else should I do? He is crying and says defeatedly, I cannot live without Aastha – I can't do it, nahin hoga. Bhua takes one look at his set face and leaves the room. Once in the living room, she can't stop the tears from rolling down her face. Harsh asks what happened. Bhua sobs that they have been most insensitive and cruel and forgot all about Abhi. After all, he too has lost a daughter but we were too busy comforting Simran to spare a thought for him. Seeing his mother upset, Harsh starts blaming his own stubborn hankering to have Abhi-Simran over for the wedding. He leaves the room looking distressed. Foofaji follows Harsh while Saurabh stays behind to comfort Bhua. Bhua runs off weeping.


Back in Mumbai, Abhi's mother is watching Gudiya's yelling with a distressed face. She has tears in her eyes and Abhi's father is trying his best to reassure her. He chides her for ignoring Gudiya's wails. Abhi's mother insists that he call Abhi for the latest on Aastha. His father is reluctant to do it but gives in to her persistent demand. He tells her with irritation not to keep crying and that there is nothing they can do. Abhi's cell rings and his father asks if there are any developments. Abhi says no. His mother takes the receiver and starts wailing – yeh kya ho gaya? Dad scolds her for bothering Abhi. Abhi asks how Gudiya is and his father replies that she is OK and being taken care of. He asks Abhi to take care of Simran and call on any further news. They hang up. Abhi's mum keeps crying – kya beet rahi hogi mere bachche pe? Husband replies that the police is trying, they will find her. She laments about her bachcha's never ending stream of problems – just when he was getting over Neha, there's another disaster to contend with – God knows what is in his kismet....



Ten days later, we're back at the Police Station. Harsh is asking the officer if there is any news – it's been 10 days now! The officer reassures him that they are on the job and to take it easy. Abhi asks what they should do now and he replies that they will let them know when they have any new information. Harsh says that all airports, railway stations, taxi stands etc. have Aastha's photograph emblazoned on the walls. Simran says simply that she wants Aastha. Saurabh tells her gently that they are trying, that we are all here for you. Simran says – so? I will not go back to India without my daughter. Everyone is surprised to hear this and an agitated Abhi asks how many days they should stay on in the UK. Simran simply says that she doesn't care about the others, she only knows that she is NOT going back without her daughter and walks out. The rest stare after her in disbelief.



Update 17th February 2005



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After a long time, again i have put my hand on the keyboard. Thanks to Queenbee for helping me with her great updates. This update is for you, Queenbee.


Abhi is taking a stroll in the garden in warm sunshade thinking about Astha. Just then, Saurabh comes there. He says we were all being so selfish that they did not see that Abhi was also very sad as Astha is his daughter. I could not judge that you also will be undergoing the same pain and sorrow as Simran.Sorry for not understanding your feelings and sadness. We were so selfish that in Simran's agony, we did not realise your loss.You came here inspite of suffering a huge loss just for our happiness sake. I did not even realise that. I was being very selfish,he says. To this, Abhi says you told me that if a daughter is sad and in pain, that is the biggest worry for a father. So if you were concerned with Simran's sorrow and in that, if you did not see my loss, its ok, he says. Saurabh says i am worried about Simran. You can only help us, he says. Astha is missing and we cannot wait her e indefinitely. He says you have to convince Simran to go back. He also says i am also not in  a mood to go back without astha, but the situation id demanding them to go. He says i tried to tell Simran , but she is very stubborn and says she will not go without Astha. In this juncture, you are the only person who can convince Simran and make her understand. You and Simran are in a same state of loss, so you will understnd her better. Somehow, you have to convince her to go, he says. I am sorry as i am again becoming selfish,he says.


Abhi takes Simran out. There he tells her that they are all returning the same night. Simran is angry at this and says this is why you brought me here. Astha is missing and you want me to go back, how can you be so insensitive she asks. She screams at Abhi. Abhi tries to calm her down but cannot. Then, Abhi screams at Simran saying just bcos you take care of AStha does not mean that your love towards her is more than mine. I am also in the same situation as you are. You just cant compare father's  as well as mother's love. Abhi says i dont know whats going on, this is our testing time. We have to face it. If fate says AStha will come back to us, it will definitely happen. But remember, she's there and alive somewhere. So be strong he says. Simran gets uncontrollable and asks Abhi why he is telling that AStha will not be found at all. Abhi says Bua and puaji are here and if they get any information, they will immediately inform us. We are just 8 hours drive away. So we can come immediately. Abhi tries to calm her down and after a while, Simran  cries clinching to Abhi. Abhi then tells her that she has another Astha to take care of and that is her hospital, her patients. Simran then realises and agrees to go back.Abhi says we will get Astha back one day.(A very emotional scene, this was)


Its night time and all are driving to the airport. All are in a pensive mood and crying. Simran is devastated at the loss of AStha. Its pin drop silence in the van. Simran is thinking about the time they all spent with Astha during London sightseeing.


They reach home. Rashmi and Pranay open the door. Simran is looking very weak and sad. Rashmi also has tears in her eyes and hugs Simran. Pranay looks on. Simran goes inside crying. Seeing Shaguna, Rashmi asks how did this happen when you were around. Shaguna starts to cry and runs inside. Saurabh asks Rashmi to stop commenting. Shaguna runs into the kitchen and bursts into tears. Rashmi comes there and ssays i am sorry, i did not mean to hurt you. Shaguna does not get words to speak but says i am at fault. Its bcos of me that baby is lost. I have given sorrow to my bhayi and hits her forehead with her arms and squats to the floor crying .


At Abhi's place, Gudiya is sleeping. Abhi's mother asks Abhi about Simran. He says she is not doing good. Abhi's mother says Simran was first not prepared to go at all, but when she went this happened. Abhi says he cannot understand whats happeneing. Here, Gudiya is left alone and there AStha is missing. When i am in so much grief and cannot bear AStha's loss, just imagine Simran's condition, he says. He says i dont know how Simran is going to come out of this. Simran had nobody else in her life other than Astha and he also starts to cry.


Simran in her bed, is crying with her face all swollen. She is remembering her good old days with Astha , cajoling Astha etc. Rashmi comes inside and asks her to get up and drink water. Simran takes a pill and tries to swallow it. Rashmi realises that it is a sleeping pill and tells Simran not to take it. She tells her to close her eyes and try to sleep. Simran tells her she has tried doing that, and everytime she closes her eyes, Asth'a face comes before her. Simran starts to cry aloud and says she wants Astha back.She just cannot understand why and where did anybody take Astha. She says she will die without her. She fold her arm at Rashmi and begs her to get back her Astha. Rashmi tries consoling her. Simran tells her that she cant live.


Shaguna is sitting in the kitchen and she is also crying. She is also remembering her time with cutie Astha. She thinks about Simran's genorosity towards Shaguna's husband when he tried to pour acid on Simran and Shaguna was hurt. She then thinks of the moment when Simran slapped her as soon as they found out that Astha was missing. She also thinks about Simran pushing her hand aside when she had sat down near Simran after the episode of AStha's kidnap. She curses herself for losing Astha and she is in total despair. Just then, she sees a bottle of Bugnil( I dont know whether this is a bug killer or something else).


Saurabh is waling restlessly when Rashmi comes there and asks him whether he did not sleep the whole night. He says how can one get sleep. Time is just passing and they have no clue about Astha. He is worried about Simran.Rashmi says Simran was awake for the whole time and has slept now after so much of difficulty. Saurabh says i dont know till how long this will carry on . Rashmi asks him whether he had his tea. He says Shaguna is not to be seen. Rashmi then goes to the kitchen calling for Shaguna and is shocked to see Shaguna lying on the floor. Beside her, is the bottle and bubbles are coming out of Shaguna's mouth. She is unconscious. Rashmi at one calls for her father and Simran. They both come there and are shocked. Simran checks her pulse and asks her father to call the ambulance immediately. All are devastated at seeing Shaguna's plight.




Update 21st February 2005



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The episode begins with Shaguna luying unconscious and froth coming out of her mouth. Simran calls for the ambulance and Shaguna is taken in it to the hospital. In the hodpital, she is rushed in a stretcher. The doctor there examines her. Simran tells the doctor that she has consumed insecticide. The doctor is stunned and immediately tells Simran that this is a police case and that they will not treat her until the police arrive. Simran tells the doctor that Shaguna needs immediate treatment. She will take care of all formalities and promises that she will call the police. Simran requests the doctor to start the treatment in the meantime. The doctor agrees to this as she knows Simran and takes Shaguna in.


Saurabh and Rashmi are moving restlessly in the lobby of the hospital. Saurabh says Shaguna was at fault when Astha was kidnapped. To top it all, she behaved so childish now by trying to commit suicide.  Rashmi tries to console him and asks him to stop saying it. Just then, Simran comes out. Saurabh is asking her about Shaguna when Simran's mobile rings. It is Bua from London. Immediately Simran enquires whether there is any news about Astha. Bua says not yet. Simran is upset and gives the phone to Saurabh and walks off. Bua tells Saurabh that she is helpless and cant find Astha. She is worried about Simran, she says.Just then, Saurabh says there is a new problem as Shaguna tried to commit suicide and is in the hospital and is critical. Bua is shocked to hear this. Bua tells Saurabh that Shaguna was feeling guilty and I understand that. She asks him how she is and tells Saurabh not to scold her. Saurabh says she is unconscious and he doesnt know how she is.


All are seated in the lobby. Rashmi asks Simran how Shaguna is. She says Shaguna is still unconscious. Saurabh tells that it was a saving grace that Rashmi saw Shaguna before it was too late. Rashmi tells Simran that it is very unlike her when she behaves strangely with Shaguna and tells her she should not have done it. Simran just gets up and leaves.


Simran goes to the room where the doctor is there. Shaguna is put on oxygen mask and is still unconscious. The doctor tells Simran that they have removed all poison, but still nothing can be told now. Simran keeps staring at Shaguna in complete sorrow.


Pranay and Rashmi are seated in the lobby. Pranay scolds Rashmi for having talked in that manner to Simran. He tells her that Simran is stressed and it was wrong on part of Rashmi. Rashmi realises her mistake.Pranay asks her to relax and calms her saying Shaguna will be alright. Simran comes out. Abhi and Abhi's father also come there. Abhi asks Simran how Shaguna is. Simran tells him she is still unconscious and critical. Abhi's father starts to tell that they got worried when they found the house door locked. Then Rashmi told them about Shaguna. They all sit down. Rashmi says Shaguna was unable to think after the incident of AStha and so she might have taken this step. If anything happens to her, Simran didi will feel very guilty. SAurabh asks whether her death will make everything alright? Abhi asks Simran whether the police have been informed. Saurabh says they did not inform as Simran knows the doctors here and she would hush it up. Simran says she is going to inform the police as she had promised the doctor that she would call the police and had requested the doctor to start medication. Saurabh tries to tell Simran that they will fall into more problem but Simran is adamant.


Saurabh and Rashmi are standing when the police arrive. An inspector asks Saurabh where is Dr. Simran. Saurabh tells the police that she is inside with the other doctors.  The police asks him who Shaguna is. Saurabh tells him that Shaguna is Simran's maid and more or less like her relative. The police ask the reason for Shaugna's act. Saurabh tells him that they all had gone to London for a family function. There, Simran's daughter Astha got kidnapped. At that time, Shaguna was near the kid. So she might have done this in guilt. The police says he has to meet Shaguna. Saurabh says that she is still unconscious. Then the police says he wants to meet the doctor treating her and goes in.


In Abhi's place, Gudiya is crying in the cradle. Just then, Abhi and his father enter the house. Abhi's father runs towards the kid. Abhi's mother comes there with the feeding bottle and starts to feed the kid. Abhi advises his mother to employ a maid to take care of Gudiya as she is not able to manage. Abhi's mother says she can manage house work ans well as the kid very nicely and that she will not allow her kid to be with a maid. Abhi goes in. Abhi's mother asks her husband about Simran. He tells her that she is stressed out. Abhi's mother says she is worried about Simran.


In London, Bua, Puaji and Harsh are sitting brooding over the occurance. Kath comes in nd gives them tea. Bua tells that after marriage, they have not been able to spend time together. Kath is so very burdened with responsibilities soon after the marriage and she is not able to help her in house hold chores. She is feeling sorry for that. She always gets reminded of Simran and Astha and starts to cry. Pusji consoles her and tells that Kath is a family member now and she will quickly adjust. Kath starts to cry and says she is feeling guilty as she was responsible in calling Simran to London. Puaji consoles her saying it was not her mistake. It was destined to happen that way and so it happened. He feels sorry for Simran and says sorrow keeps coming to Simran in  one or the other form, when she does not harm anybody. Just then, Harsh gets a call on his mobile. It is from the police.


Simran asks Rashmi to go home. Rashmi first hesitates but Simran convinces her to go. Saurabh says he will stay back as Simran will be alsone. Abhi says he will stay back with Simran and asks all of them to leave. Saurabh looks at Abhi and Simran and then goes. They both sit. Simran gets a call on her mobile. It is Harsh. He says he received a call from police and he was going to identify a kid whom the police had found. Simran is excited and is in tears and asks Harsh to go immediately and keep her informed. She then tells Abhi about this. Abhi folds his arms in prayer and asks her to keep her fingers crossed. Simran tells him to pray that it is Astha. She then tries to call Saurabh. Abhi stops her and tells her not to tell anybody till it is confirmed. It will be really disappointing for her father if this is not correct. She says she will tell Shaguna. He says she is unconscious. Simran says who knows this might act as medicine for her and goes inside.


Simran sits beside the unconscious Shaguna and asks her to open her eyes. She tells her that they might get Astha back. She starts to cry. Just then, Abhi enters and calls Simran out. She goes out. Abhi very hesitantly tells Simran that Harsh had called and that it was not their Astha. Simran starts to cry loudly and screams Why? Where is Astha Abhi? She clings to him and screams. Abhi hugs her warmly and asks her to calm down as many people there, know Simran. Simran then conttrols herself and asks Abhi to leave. Abhi says he will not leave her alone. Simran then says she will go and sit with Shaguna.


Simran sits near Shaguna and calls her. Shaguna responds and throws aside her oxygen mask. She is crying. She asks Simran why did she save her. She should have allowed her to die. She asks Simran is she the only person who is sad at the baby's loss. I was mother to the kid. She was always with me. Where did you have time for your kid? If baby is lost, am I responsible for that? Just bcos you are the mother, do you think only you are sad about it? I had a great impression about you. I actually thought you were God. But you turned out to be normal. You odnt have a heart and feelings. She starts to pant and gasps for breath. The ECG starts to show awkward lines and she suddenly collapses with her hand falling on the bed. The ECG shows straight lines and  Simran is shown screaming.



Update 22nd February 2005



Posted: 22 February 2005 at 9:45am |


Simran is shocked to see the blank ECG and calls for Abhi. Abhi comes in and Simran screams and says Shaguna dies bcos of me. Abhi then shows her that Shaguna is alright. Simran sees Shaguna and then realises that it was her dream and that Shaguna was still unconscious with her oxygen mask intact. Simran cries leaning towards Abhi. Abhi hugs her and comforts her. Just then, Shaguna starts to regain consciousness and  calls Bhyi. Simran goes near her. Shaguna says i am sorry. Simran says you need not say that. Shaguna says just bcos of me, baby got lost. Simran asks her to stop talking and says nothing will happen to her. Shaguna, panting for breath, tells Simran that she wants to meet Shankar. Simran says she will bring Shankar.The doctor comes in. Starts to check her BP. Simran goes out with Abhi. Abhi says thank God, Shaguna has regained consciousness. Simran says she asked sorry and then feels bad that she had been harsh to Shaguna. She then tells Abhi that Shaguna wants to meet Shankar. Simran immediately calls the commissioner and tells him that it is Dr. Simran. She tells him that her maid is very critical and is in the hospital. She wants to meet her husband Shankar who is presently in jail. So she wants permission for that. The commissioner says he will grant permission, but asks Simran to hand over an application form to the police authorities requesting about the same. He says i think you are aware of all formalities. Simran agrees to it. She tells Abhi about the application. Abhi says he will go to the police station to hand over the form and will complete all legalities. Simran thanks him profusely. Simran says Shankar should meet Shaguna as soon as possible.


In the police station, Shankar is brought before the jailor. Shankar has black and blue scars on his face. The jailor asks Shankar why he beats up other prisoners. Shankar says that man abused him. The jailor then tells Shankar that his wife is in hospital and she wants to meet him. Shankar does not believe it and again asks about it. The jailor tells him that his wife Shaguna tried to commit suicide and is in a critical state in the hospital. Shankar says this cannot happen as Shaguna is with Dr. Simran. The jailor says Dr. Simran has filled up this requisition form and shows it to him. Shankar is shocked.


Shankar is brought to the hospital. He sees Shaguna. Shaguna starts to cry. Shankar also cries. He slowly comes near her. He is not in a position to speak and asks Simran with hands asto what happened to her. Simran pats him on his back and Simran and Abhi go out leaving Shankar with Shaguna. Shankar holds her hands and starts to cry aloud. He asks her what was the reason behind her act. He says I am bad and am in jail. We have kids and if something happens to you, what will happen to them? You cant leave me, he says. She starts to gasp for breath and her condition starts to deteriorate. Shankar cant believe his eyes and calls for the doctor. The doctor, Simran and Abhi come inside. The doctor asks everyone to go out. Shankar starts to cry aloud. THey all go out. The doctor asks the nurse to check her BP and then puts the oxygen mask over her face. The doctor tells Simran that Shaguna's heart beat is dropping.


In the lobby outside, Shankar is crying uncontrollably. Abhi tries to console him saying that Shaguna will get alright. Doctors are there with her. Shankar again asks Abhi what lead to  Shaguna doing this. Abhi gives a hesitant look and tells him that is not important and she will be alright.


In the room, the doctor is trying to revive Shaguna's heart beat and is timing her heart beat revival machine on Shaguna's chest by counting numbers. The doctor repeats the process for few times and suddenly Shaguna regains her breath and starts to gasp. Simran is happy to see Shaguna's response. The doctor immediately puts Shaguna on oxygen mask and then tells Simran that she is stable now. Simran is relaxed. Simran starts to come out of the room when the police ask her about when to take Shaguna's statement. Simran asks them to wait for sometime. Simran goes out where Abhi and Shankar are seated. They get up when she comes near. Simran tells them that the doctors have revived Shaguna's heart beat and that she is now stable.  Shankar then thanks God in a loud manner. He then asks them the question that why did Shaguna commit suicide? You were with her, so you might be knowing the difficulty of Shaguna, he tells Simran. Abhi and Simran look at each other. Abhi then tells Shankar that this is not the time for them to talk about that. Shaguna is alright and why bother about that now? Shankar says God saved my kids from dying. He then folds his arms, as in prayer, towards Simran and requests her to take care of Shaguna. The police tell Shankar that its time for them to leave. Shankar starts to go, but stops and again folds his hands  and requests Abhi and Simran to bring Shaguna to the jail once she gets alright.


In London, Bua and Puaji are sitting in the garden. Bua is telling him days are passing and there is no information about Astha. She is worried for Simran. Puaji says they get hope when the phone bell rings and again they are disappointed. Hopes get broken quicckly.  Bua says she is worried about Saurabh. Astha was his life, he is now left all alone. Above all, Shaguna committed suicide attempt. Saurabh must be going thro' hell, she says. Puaji tells her to talk to Saurabh and ask him whether they can come there for help.


Bua immediately calls Saurabh. Saurabh at once asks her is there any news from Astha. She says no. Bua asks how is Simran. Saurabh replies she is living somehow. She then asks him about Shaguna. Saurabh says she is now out of danger. Bua then asks him whether they should come there. Saurabh says no. They need to stay there as police are in touch with them. Bua says Harsh is here to take care. Saurabh says i dont deny it. But if you come here, Kath will be left alone. So he asks them to stay there. He says he is not alone as Rashmi and Pranay are with him. He tells her to find Astha as soon as possible. Bua says i will try my best.


In the hospital, Shaguna is sitting in the bed. The nurse gives her juice to drink. Shaguna refuses to take it. Simran comes in and takes the juice from the nurse. She comes near Shaguna and taking the spoon in her hand, asks Shaugna to sit straight. Shaguna at once sits. Simran starts to give her the juice spoon by spoon. Simran is crying and so is Shaguna. She starts to drink it. Simran then asks her you wanted to leave me and go. Even before me, You are AStha's mother. How could you leave me alone? You did not even think who will take care of me. We both have lost our child. If dying will solve the problem,then i too dont have a right to  live, says Simran. Shaguna breaks down and starts to cry. Simran is also filled with tears. A very emotional scene in which they both hug eact other, comforting each other at the loss of the kid.




Update 23rd February 2005



Posted: 23 February 2005 at 9:41am |


Shaguna gets alright and gives the statement to the police. Police then go away. While leaving, they meet Simran. They convey their thanks to Simran. Simran goes near Shaguna. Sahguna says she told them that nobody was responsible for her act. She did it on her own. She says I knew you were angry with me. I will commit that mistake again. Simran reminds Shaguna of her promise that she will not repeat it. She then tells her that the doctors have discharged her and they will be going home. Shaguna is happy. Abhi comes in and tells Simran that all the formalities are over and they can leave. Simran tells Abhi that she will first take Shaguna to Shankar as she had promised him. Abhi agrees.


They then go to the jail. Simran walks holding Shaguna as she is weak. Then Simran tells her they will stay here and asks Shaguna to go and meet Shankar. She asks the lady constable to take care of Shaguna. Shaguna goes near Shankar's cell , Shankar comes there. Both are very happy to see each other. They hold each other's hands and both start to cry. Shankar asks about her and says he got really frightened and did not know what to do. He then asks her why she tried to commit suicide. Shaguna then tells him that Astha is missing and narrateds the whole story about their London trip. Somebody took Astha when Shaguna was with her. Shaguna got distracted for a while and the person fled with Astha. She is feeling very guilty. Its a month and above and there is no news about Astha. Shankar is dumbstruck and tells her that Simran did not tell anything. Simran, inspite of her grief, took care of Shaguna. Shaguna says that is why i am feeling guilty. I can's see Bhyi in this state. Shankar pacifies her and tells her she was not deliberately responsible for it. She was like your daughter also. Shankar tells Shaguna to take care of Simran and advises her not to commit any blunder again. Simran and Abhi are sitting outside. Simran says she is feeling very relieved now. If something had happened to Shaguna, she would have blamed herself for it. Abhi says not to think of such things. He asks her to relax. He says Simran is a mother and she has lost her daughter. Its but natural. Then he corrects himself and says our daughter. He says Shaguna also realises that and si is guilty. You are also feeling guilty bcos Shaguna tried to commit suicide. He tells her to come out of this and ease the situation. He tells that it will be better for Shaguna if they did not talk about Astha before her. Simran agrees to it.


In Simran's house, Shaguna has come. Saurabh asks Shaguna how she is feeling. She says she is fine and then cries and says sorry to him. He says its ok. Rashmi says she will make juice for all. Shaguna tries to get up and says she will do it. Simran stops her and tells her she cannot work till she gets alright. Shaguna says she is embarassed to see all working and she alone, sitting. Simran says after you get well, you can work. Rashmi gets juice for Shaguna. She drinks it very hesitantly and gets tears in her eye. All are crying.Abhi looks on at Shaguna.


Shaguna is lying down on the kitchen floor when Simran comes with food. Shaguna gets up and Simran feeds her. In the living room, Abhi's parents have come. Saurabh, Rashmi and Simran are there. Rashmi gets tea. Abhi's mother asks about Shaguna. Simran says she is ok but still has weakness. Simran is holding a doll of Astha's and is cajoling it. All observe that. Saurabh also looks very sad. He enquires about Gudiya. They say she was sleeping and Abhi is with her. Saurabh looks at Simran and  is in deep thought. He picks up a doll lying in front of him and sees it. He gets emotional and starts to cry, so leaves the place. Simran is also crying. Abhi's parents are also holding back their tears. They say they will come again and leave. After they have left, Simran starts crying and Rashmi consoles her. Shaguna sees this from the other room. Simran tells Rashmi that all are missing Astha but nobody is telling her. All of them think of Astha but nobody is telling me. Shaguna cannot bear Simran crying and she runs in crying.


Shaguna is lying on the floor and thinking. It just strikes her mind that she had been seeing a single lady on many days near Astha. She remembers certain scenes where a lady is always near Astha. Simran is in bed and is thinking of her good old days with Astha, running around her etc. Shaguna, on the other hand continues to tax her mind. She then gets a clear picture that a lady was seen roaming near them and she got very close to Astha and had once said "Cute baby". She remembers that on all days Shaguna had seen the same lady naer them. She immediately rushes towards Simran and tells her that she had seen a single lady on all days they had gone out. She even came near Astha but Shaguna felt the lady liked the kid, so came near her to cajole her. Simran and all are shocked. Saurabh asks Shaguna is she sure. She says yes.


Simran calls Harsh and tells him the latest developments and asks him to tell the police about it and then call. Harsh agress. Simran tells this cannot be a coincidence that Shaguna saw the same lady on several occassions. So it might be possible that she took the kid. So there is a possibility that they might find Astha. All are happy.


In London Police Station ,the officer tells Harsh that this kidnap was not done for ransom as there were no calls  from the kidnapper. Harsh then tells the officer that the maid had seen a lady following them and she might be the suspect. The officer then expresses some hope and tells Harsh to get Simran and Shaguna here as soon as possible. Harsh agrees.


Simran and Co. are waiting desperatley for Harsh's call. The call comes. Harsh says that the offoicer has given a new hope. He has asked them to come over. Simran says she will  come immediately. All are happy and Saurabh says that all will go and there, Shaguna will identify the lady and they will get back their Astha. Rashmi says she will also come this time. Saurabh says all will go. Simran does not like the idea and firmly says no, I will take Abhi with me. Saurabh and Rashmi look at each other. Simran calls Abhi. She then tells him about it. Abhi says after a long time, Shaguna remembered and then says anyway atleast we have got a clue. Simran says she has to go with Shaguna to  London. She asks Abhi whether he can accompany her. Abhi immediately says yes why not and says should this be asked. Simran is relieved and says she will buy the tickets and they will leave as soon as possible. Rashmi and Saurabh show smiling relieved faces as they get to know that Abhi has agreed to accomapny Simran. Simran then prays to God and is filled tears of  joy.




Update 24th February 2005



Posted: 24 February 2005 at 10:00am |


As planned, Simran, Shaguna, Abhi leave for London. They reach London and are travelling in a car along with Harsh who had come to receive them. Harsh says when they came to London for the first time, they were so happy. He did not know that Simran would come again  so soon and that too for this reason. Abhi says atleast when we go back, if we all be happy after getting Astha, that is enough. He says he will hope that happens after Shaguna identifies the lady. Shaguna, all through the journey is pensive and is crying. Simran also is sad. Simran then tells Harsh that she will like to go to the police station first. Harsh agrees.


In the Police station, the Officer tells Shaguna to reveal what she knows. Shaguna tells the Officer that she saw a lady at diiferent occassion and she thought that lady might have been following them. She tells this in Hindi and the Officer is blinking to glory. Simran is upset and so is Shaguna. Abhi then consoles Shaguna and repeats the same in English to the Officer. The Officer then tells Abhi to tell Shaguna not to be worried. He advises Shaguna to be calm and give a clear description of the lady to the sketch artiste. Abhi translates the same thing to Shaguna and tells her that she has to co-operate as this sketch will be helpful in getting Astha back.


The sketch artiste, before his computer, shows different combinations of lips etc to Shaguna and asks her to identify. First they identify the eyes. He saves it. Then move to the lips, face, hair style and nose. Finally he assembles all the selected ones and finally makes the face. They ask Shaguna whether this is correct. She says yes. So they take a prinout of the sketch. Abhi shows the sketch to Shaguna and asks her again whether the sketch matches the lady's description perfectly. Shaguna is confused and says it somehow matches. This makes Simran wild and she screams saying how can you say this? Abhi asks Simran to cool down and he asks Shaguna. Shaguna who is very mush confused, says yes, it matches. Abhi says this photo will be published in all the papers and tv in a few hours and asks Shaguna to confirm which she does.


They are walking out of the police station when Simran screams at Shaguna saying they came all the way just believing that Shaguna could identify the lady. Abhi tries to stop her but she goes on screaming at Shaguna who starts to cry. Abhi tells Simran you cannot speak like this to her, she tried her level best. Simran then realises her mistake and hugs Shaguna. Shaguna says she gave the description correctly. Both cry. Abhi and Harsh look on.


At home, Bua is telling everyone that if the face matches or not, the police have got a clue and they will do their best. Puaji asks Kath to also sit and eat. Kath notices that Shaguna is not eating and goes to her and asks her whether she did not like the food. Kath tells her she has made Shaguna's style of cooking. Shaguna says she does not want anything and it is only bcos of her that Astha is missing. She cries and runs inside. Simran is sad.


Simran is in her bed sitting, holding a doll of AStha's. Shaguna comes in and tells Simran not to worry as they will find Astha. She says you have brought Astha's clothes while coming. They will definitely find her and she can put Astha the clothes. Simran breaks down and says we always think one thing and the other happens. We think everything is in our hands. But in a moment, we realise that we have nothing in our control. There is a power above us which has something written for us and we have to accept it as our fate. She says she had lots of hope when she came here and starts to cry aloud.


Just then, Harsh calls Simran as the announcement is coming on TV. They all assemble to see the TV. They show Asth'a photo and then the suspect's and tell this girl was missing from Cubbon Park(sorry if i have got this wrong). Simran is standing very worried. Harsh says they will show this every 2 hours, so we will find Astha soon. Abhi goes near Simran and puts her hand on her shoulders. She holds his hand and leans towards him. All see this.


Its night time and Abhi is walking desperately in the garden. Simran comes there. Simran says all are trying to get Astha back, but lot of time has passed by. She asks him what do you feel will we get Astha? Abhi is very depressed and says what difference does this make to what we think? We think something and the other happens. We think we will do this, we will do that. But above us, there is God and he decides what we do. We dance according to his tunes. If he pulls the thread this side, we laugh, and if he pulls it the other side, we cry. He asks Simran to wait and see what God has in store for them. What we think is just crap, he says. Both look at each other. Abhi is really depressed. Simran is stunned and looks at the sky and thinks something.


Its morning. Kath is arranging the breakfast table when Simran comes. She says Good Morning. Kath asks her whther she slept. Kath sits near Simran and tells her she knows what she is going thro'. She says she knows Astha is really precious to Simran. I pray to God that we find AStha soon and safe. Bua and Harsh come there. Simran asks Harsh to call Police station to find out whether they have got any lead. He agrees.  Bua asks Kath whether she has made the list of  groceries and other items to be bought. She says yes. Bua tells Simran that she and Abhi go to the super market as they are just sitting and brooding. Simran agrees.


In the supermarket, Abhi is purchasing things. Simran sees the baby food and stops and holds it. She starts crying. Abhi notices it and without realising that it is baby food, he says we don't want this. Then he notices it  and picks up one and says we will take it for AStha. Simran asks why? Abhi says he is buying two, one for Astha and one for Gudiya. Simran says buy for Gudiya bcos where is Astha, she asks? Abhi holds her and tells her not to lose heart. they will find Astha very soon. Simran asks him is he feeling that. He says yes.


They are walking on the road. Abhi asks Simran whether she talked to her father . Simran says she did not talk but Bua did. Abhi says its wrong on part of her. Simran says she knows what he will ask. They have only one question to ask and she has only one answer to give. Abhi insists that she talks to which she agrees. They are walking and come to the road where Astha was lost. Abhi notices it and keeps glaring at the place. Simran also sees it and runs to the same place where they had lost Astha. She cries and tells Abhi that this is the place where they lost their AStha. They had been away for just 2 minutes and somebody took her. She cries. Abhi holds her in her arms and cries too. A very sad picture of both hugging each other and crying heavily.


Update 28th February 2005



Posted: 28 February 2005 at 9:50am |


The episode starts with Abhi and Simran hugging each other at the place where Astha was lost. Abhi, very depressingly asks Simran who took our daughter? Who wants to take revenge? Why did they take her? Simran says Don't lose heart. I am living bcos of your hope. She requests him not to break down. Abhi says how can I say yes? If all our hopes are lost, how am I going to face you? Simran says nothing like that will happen, they have come to search for Astha. They will get her. God cannot be so cruel to us. Abhi very upset, says yes, i hope so. They both comfort each other. Just then, Simran receives a call on her mobile. It is from Harsh. Harsh says the police have got some clue regarding the lady and the police have called them to the station immediately. Harsh says he is going there. Simran is happy and says they are alos coming there. She then tells Abhi about the suspect's clue. Abhi feels a bit relievedand they both rush to the station.


In the Police Station, the officer says we have received some info regarding the woman in the sketch. Somebody has seen her in a house at Manchester. Harsh says Manchester is too far. The officer says we will have to move now. Simran tells Harsh that Abhi and myself will go and asks him to go home and inform everybody. Harsh insists that he will also come. So they take him along. The officer says we will have to rush. They go in two cars with the police in the first car and Simran, Abhi and Harsh in another.


In India, at Simran's place, Saurabh, Pranay and Rashmi are talking about the 'sketch identified by Shaguna . Pranay says the police will now find Astha. Saurabh says Shaguna was very nervous when she gave the identification of the lady. What if Shaguna had given a wrong  identification? Rashmi says the police will catch up even if they get a very minute clue. She asks her father not to get upset. Saurabh says we all are hoping that we will find Astha and so we are living. I am worried about Simran?How is she managing the police enquiries and all this everyday? I cannot even phone and talk to her.Simran is afraid to talk to me bcos she does not want to tell me. I am afraid to talk to her as i Don't want to hear any bad news. Rashmi consoles him and tells him that they all know that here, we are all anxious. So if they get any information ,they will immediately call us. Pranay asks Rashmi whether she is going to stay here. Rashmi says yes. Saurabh tells Rashmi to go and he will take care. He insists her to go. Pranay then tells Saurabh to feel free and call if there is any problem to which Saurabh agrees. Rashmi and Prany leave. Saurabh is completely shattered and is thinking about the past. He is thinking about the time he had spent with Astha.


The cars in which Simran and the police are there is travelling quickly across the roads. They are speeding in order to reach the place early. Simran is praying. Abhi calls Bua and informs her that they have got some clue regarding the woman and they are going to that place. Harsh is also with them. Bua says they will definitely find Astha. She tells them to call immediately if they get any info. Abhi says yes.


Shaguna is crying and is holding a small Ganapathi carved picture in her hand. She is actually seeing the God and is crying when Bua comes there and tells her about the lady. Bua says somebody who saw the announcement on TV must have seen the lady and have given info. Shaguna is happy, then it strikes her mind that if the sketch identified by me is wrong? Then, she consoles herself and says no that should not happen. Bhayi should get her daughter back. Bhayi has to be happy. We should find Astha and she holding Lord Ganapathi, cries uncontrollably. Bua consoles her. Kath is praying with a cross in her hand. Bua sees this and consoles her too. Both start to cry.


The cars are still zooming on the road.


In India, at Abhi's place, Saurabh and Abhi's parents are talking about the info got regarding the lady. Abhi's father says since they have got the news, time is moving very slowly. It looks like the clock has stopped functioning. Saurabh says since i got this news, my mind stopped working. So i came here to tell you all. Abhi's mother says it was so nice of him to have come here. Abhi's father says we can be of great support to each other. Saurabh says I just hope we need no more support from anybody and all ends well. Abhi's mother says if they get  Astha, she will go to Vaishnodevi bare footed and offer prayers.


The cars are still racing along the roads. Simran calls Bua . Bua asks her whether they have reached the place. Simran tells we have not yet reached and are going , going and going. Simran requests Bua not to tell about this new development to papa. Bua tells she has already told him. Simran asks her whether she called and told. Bua says Saurabh had called after Harsh left. So she told him. Simran says it did not strike to me early to tell you not to inform papa. She says ok and disconnects the phone. Simran tells Abhi that papa knows everything. She did not want to give papa half story. Last time, when the police asked them to idebtify a kid, papa was very happy. Then when they realised that the kid was not Astha, papa's hopes were shattered and he could not bear it. Abhi just then gets a call from his father. Simran tells him not to tell them anything. His father asks Abhi about the info. Abhi says they have not yet got any clue and tries to conceal the information. But his father tells him that after getting info about the lady, what happened? Abhi is surprised and asks his father how does he know? His father tells him that Mathur saab is here and he told them about it. He sasy we are all  praying for AStha and asks him to call them once they get some news. His father tells ABhi that Saurabh saab will be here with them till they get any news.Abhi then tells Simran that they know as her father is in his palce. Simran is upset.


The police reach the house. They all go inside with their guns ready. .The y knock the door, but the door is not locked, so they enter. One of the officer stops Simran and others from entering the house They are standing outside hoping they find Astha inside. The officers search every room. They go to all the rooms, go upstairs.  The entire house is empty. They run to all the rooms. Simran and others are desperate outside. In one room, the officer finds a cup which has been used recently. He finds lipstick mark on the cup. He then calls the other officer thro' intercom and tells him that there is a used cup here and there are marks of a lady's lips on it made by listick. Simran, Abhi and Harsh also enter the house and start serching all the rooms.  They both go to the same room. Simran looks here and there hoping she finds something and all of a sudden, sees AStha's little shoe lying on the floor. She just stares at it. Abhi sees this. Simran picks up the single shoe and starts to cry. She tells Abhi that this is her AStha's. They both cry and are very desperate.


In the streets, the police show the sketch of the lady to all passers- by and the people living nearby. They ask them whether anybody knows this lady. Simran and Abhi also are there. Just then, a lady from the crowd says she has seen a similar lady here some 10 days back. The lady says the girl did not belong to this place.The girl had a kid with her who was some 2 years old.  She was either a Spanish or an Indian. One day, she was going alone on the street when that lady bumped into her. She had got really angry and had screamed at her. She says to that, the lady had replied that her daughter had just died and she was not in her senses. Simran is shcked at hearing this and goes near the lady and asks her to repeat what she had said.  The lady repeats the same thing about the kid's death. Simran is shell shocked and so is Abhi.


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Archive of Astitva Update December 2005

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Update Archive for November posted

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Archive for Astitva Update November 2005

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