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This Archive contains the Updates of Astitva Ek Prem Kahaani for the month of January 2005.


Update 3rd January 2005



Posted: 04 January 2005 at 7:05am |


I would like to begin with highlights of last week.


Abhi leaves for US. While moving to the airport, he gets to know that his flight is delayed by 1 hour. So he uses this opportunity to meet Simran and Astha. He goes there and spends time. Simran then drops him at the airport. Dr. Brian is making some preparations in ACH for New Year without Simran's knowledge. He asks Simran to come to the hospital at 10.30 in the night. Simran goes to Neha's place and gives her kaju, badam etc. Neha's mother is also there. Simran tells Neha that Abhi had come to her house before leaving. Neha gets annoyed and talks to Simran very sarcastically. Simran feels odd and she leaves. After Simran is gone, Radha asks Neha why she did that. and also tells her not to have any doubts about simran. Simran reaches the hospital and finds that the kids are enjoying a magic show. First she reacts strongly to this but when Dr. Brian tells her how much this means to children, she is happy. She too joins the celebrations and new year is celebrated.


Lets move now to yesterday's higlights.


Neha has a dream in which she is calling for Abhi and he is nowhere to be seen. Just then a saree wraps around neha's face and her vision is blocked. She then gets up from sleep. Abhi's mother is there and takes care of her.


Inauguration time for ACH on wheels and a party is being organised. Politicians have also made it to the function. Simran thanks the Neta for coming. Neta asks Simran if they want Government aid . To this, Dr. Brian says he does not need it and they have money to fulfill it.


After the party, Simran asks Dr. Brian why he refused the aid. He says these were the same people who pushed them here and there for approval and that he knows all their tricks.He says they dont need aid and if simran doesnt approve of this, he would leave the job. At this, Simran is surprised.


Neha comes with Abhi's mother for checkup. Simran says that neha and the baby are fine. She then asks neha whether she is taking proper care of her health. Simran tells Neha that Abhi had called yesterdayand he was enquiring about her. Neha's landline and mobile were not accessible by abhi and hence he had told simran to tell neha. Neha is upset at this.


At bed time, neha is crying and thinking about what simran told her. She just tells herself that is abhi had concern for her, he might have called her rather than talking to simran. Abhi has not called neha for the past 4 days. Neha is very upset about this and spends the entire night crying.


There is a door bell at simran's house and shaguna opens it. They are surprised to see Amba Bua, Buaji and Harsh. Simran is excited and calls them in. She asks them why they had not informed her about their arrival.


Just then, Harsh says he is tired and wants to wash. Shaguna takes him. Simran says she will call her father. To this, Bua says we will talk tomorrow as we are tired and walks off. Harsh talks to somebody on his mobile and tells the person to come here as soon as possible and then the decision will be taken. He aslo says he will make arrangements in a hotel.


In the morning, SAurabh, Simran, Bua and Buaji are having coffee. Just then, Saurabh asks Amba what the problem is. Shesays everything was going fine till one day Harsh said he wanted to marry. She says that this marriage cannot last long and that harsh will not be happy. Simran and Saurabh says Harsh is grown up and should be allowed to take his own decision. Amba says she has seen this type of marriage end ans so she does not want it to repeat. She then says that Harsh is in love with a girl who is 8 years elder to him. Simran and Saurabh are shocked.





Update 4th January 2005



Posted: 04 January 2005 at 9:29am |


The episode begins with Saurabh, Amla, Simran and Buaji talking about Harsh's affair with a girl 8 years older to him. Amla says the relationship is unmatched and this cannot happen. She persuades Simran to talk to Harsh. Simran says Harsh ia asleep and she would talk to him later. To this, Amla reacts saying he is sleeping nicely while we all are witout sleep. Just then, Simran gets a call in her mobile. She has to go to the hospital as there is an emergency. She starts to go and amla asks her what about her talk to harsh. She says she will talk to him later.


Simran is going to the hospital in her car. She stops the car and thinks about Amla's words that such a relationship cannot survive. She is upset as she perhaps thinks about her and abhi's case.


Saurabh talks to Harsh and tries to explain to him that it will not work out. He says he should understand as Simrandid the same mistake and she suffered a lot. To this, Harsh says hes grown up and he understands everything. He says to Saurabh that Katherine is a good girl and he will be happy with her. His mother screams. Harsh also gets wild with anger. Just then, Harsh receives a call from Katherine. So he goes out of the room.


Saurabh tries calling Simran at the hospital. She is in the theatre and cannot talk but leaves a message to call back. Harsh then goes out to meet Katherine.


Harsh meets Katherine at a hotel. She is crying and says since your mama is also against it, now there is no chance. T this, Harsh says we knew it would happen. But says Simran is there and he is sure that simran will understand.He says he does not want to go against his parents as he understands his responsibilty as he is their only son. At the same time, he says he cannot live without her and asks her support. She finally agrees and says she will support him and will meet Simran.


Simran comes out of OT and calls her father knowing he had called. Saurabh tells her to come home as bua is anxious. She says her patient is not conscious and she cannot come now.


Abhi calls Neha. Neha asks him how his work is and he says he has finished with it. She asks him when he is returning. Abhi says he will stay for 3-4 days as he wants to roam about to take some snaps. He pleads with Neha not to stop him and she says fine.


Simran comes home. All are waiting for her. Harsh has not yet returned.Amla says he left in the morning and is not to be seen. They called his mobile but he is not picking up. Just then, Harsh comes in. Amla scolds him and asks him where he was. He says he was roaming around and goes to his room to change. Saurabh asks Simran to go and talk to him.


Simran and Harsh talk. Harsh says everything is happening just bcos simran had a bad experience with abhi. He says he was really confident that his parents will fulfilll his wish. First he had a problem bcos she was not an indian. Then he could convince them.. But when the matter of age crept up, he could not convince them. He asks Simran whether she is also against it as she has suffered. Simran says she cannot decide whether Katherine is a perfect match for him as she has not seen her. To this, Harsh says she can meet her tomorrow. But says not to tell anybody.She promises.


Simran is disturbed as she is not able to make a decision rearding Harsh. She SMS's Abhi asking him when he is coming back. Immediately, Abhi calls. He tells her his work is over but wants to stay for 3-4 days as he wants to capture some snaps. She says it would have been nice if he was here. Abhi gets to know that simran is disturbed. He asks her what the problem is. She says she is not able to take a decision and the after effects of their relationship is becoming a reason for that. She says it would be nice if he is here to help her.


She cuts the phon.e Abhi calls again and tells simran he is starting tomorrow and will be there the day after. She is happy but at the same time, tells him sorry. Abhi says its ok and Neha was also felling bad that he is staying back. So its good that he returned.


Abhi calls Neha and tells her that he is coming day after tomorrow. She is happy and says just bcos i asked you you are coming isnt it? She starts to tell about this to Abhi's parents but decides she will give them a surprise after she brings abhi from the airport.


In the morning, Abhi's parents are having tea. Neha comes. Abhi's mother gives her tea . she says she had it when they were sleeping and that she has to go to Poonam's place and will have tea there. Abhi's father asks her to be careful and travel in  a taxi. Neha is happy that Abhi is coming. She is getting dressed when phone rings. Simran has called to ask Neha whether Abhi has come. Neha is shocked. She asks her whethere she knew. Simran says she had a talk with him. He was to come later but just bcos she had some important work to be discussed with Abhi, Abhi decided to come early. She tells neha that once Abhi comes, he should call her and keeps the phone. Neha is annoyed and thinks Abhi is coming early not for her but for Simran. The scene freezes on her.



Update 5th January 2005



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Saurabh is exercising.Amla comes there with tea and says morning exercises are not effective and where did he get this idea from.Saurabh says it is from Radhaji. Then they talk about Neha and Abhi getting married. Buaji tells Saurabh that he might be relaxed now as Abhi is married again and is out of Simran's life. Saurabh says Abhi keeps coming home to see Simran or Astha and he does not like it.


Just then, Simran starts to leave saying she is going to the hospital.Harsh is coming along with her to see her hospital.Simran and Harsh leave. Saurabh says Simran is handling Harsh's issue very intelligently and that she will succeed in persuading him not to marry.


Abhi is coming from the airport in a cab. He calls Neha and asks her why she did not come to the airport. Neha tells she was not feeling well. Abhi says he is coming home.


Simran and Harsh are driving to the hotel when Abhi calls Simran. Simran says she is going to Hotel International. She tells him to go home and then meet her at the hotel. But Abhi says he will directly come over there.


Abhi again calls Neha and tells her he will be coming home later and that he is going to meet Simran as she needs him for some urgent work. Neha keeps the phone down and bursts into tears.


In Hotel International, Simran is having a talk with Katherine when Abhi comes there. Harsh is introduced to Abhi. Simran then tells Abhi that Harsh is in love with Katherine and that she is elder to him. Abhi is shocked and says History repeats itself.


Neha is crying in bed. Neha calls Simran's hospital to find out whether she is there. But she gets to know that Simran is on leave.So neha feels Abhi is in Simran's house.


In the hotel, Katherine is explaining that she loves Harsh.Abhi asks Kath what if Harsh's parents dont agree. Kath says they are staying together for 18 months now. she will live with the memories of it as she loves Harsh. She says she was married previously but her marriage was a failure. Her husband wanted freedom from her. Simran asks her is Harsh a better husband for her. Kath says it is all trust and they have it for each other.Abhi asks about the age difference. She says Harsh is very mature and he will keep the relationship tight.Harsh then starts crying and says he cannot go against his parents.It is so painful that they dont understand his love.Kath consoles him and says she loves him and cannot see him like that.Harsh says Kath actually learnt to prepare dishes which his parents like in order to win them. She wants to keep his parents as her parents.He says she has done a lot for him.

Simran says she will try her best to do something.


Neha goes to Simran's place and asks Saurabh about Simran. He says she is in the hospital to which Neha replies she is on leave. Just then, Simran,Abhi,Harsh come in.Neha is introduced to Harsh.Neha tells Abhi that she came there to take him.Simran tells that she has talked to Harsh.Saurabhsays it is not right to discuss family affairs before others.Simran says Buaji wanted her advise on this issue.She says that Harsh is mature and history will not repeat.Saurabh gets angry and asks her how is she sure without seeing Kath. Simran says she has seen her.She is mature and they should get married.


Amla gets frustrated and says we should not have come here. Simran instead of helping them is supporting Harsh. Abhi says as far as simran and his relationship went, It was Abhi who was to be blamed. Simran tried very much to save the marriage but it was him who messed up.He aslo says Harsh is very mature. Simran again assures Amla that history will not repeat.She tells everybody that if Abhi and Simran had married today, they would not have any differences as teir maturity levels are equal.Abhi agrees to this.

So finally Simran pleads that Harsh and Kath should get married.


Amla is shocked and she goes into the room follwed by buaji.Saurabh looks at Abhi and then stares at Simran and goes inside. Harsh is very upset and tells Simran i knew they wont agree. He then thanks her and goes inside. Neha asks Abhi why they are standing here. Abhi comes to Simran and starts to tell something when Neha very strongly tells Abhi we will leave. Abhi leaves with Neha and Simran is shown.



Update 6th January 2005



Posted: 07 January 2005 at 2:18am |


First of all, sorry for the late update. I had to leave for some important work. Due to less time and also because i did not see Astitva properly, I am not in  a position to give full details. But i will try as much as i can.


Neha and Abhi come home. Neha is upset and she goes directly to bed. Abhi then goes to her and tries to convince her. She says Simran is very tactful and she put Abhi in front and asked Abhi to convince people that his was a mistake and that Simran was not to be blamed.Abhi tells Neha it is a fact that their marriage broke because of him. Neha then talks about him coming early for Simran. Abhi says Simran looked really tense when he spoke to her and she needed his help.Neha screams at him and they have a fight. Abhi screams at Neha saying she is heartless.


At simran's place, Amla is packing her bags when Harsh comes there and tells his parents that He and Kath will not marry. It was kath who had told him earlier that if his parents would not agree to this marriage, they will not marry. So he says he is not going against their wishes. Saurabh also comes there and hears this. After Harsh is gone, Amla and Saurabh look satisfied with Harsh's decision when Buaji says he is thinking whether they made a mistake. This forces them to think about the issue.


Later, Saurabh calls Simran to the hall. Amla,Harsh and Buaji are there. Saurabh says we have to talk. Buaji says Abhi and Simran put down some facts due to which they were forced to think about Harsh's marriage to Kath and they have deicided to give their permission to it. Simran and Harsh are overjoyed. Amla then talks saying they understood their mistake.Harsh then gets blessings from elders.


Again, Neha is in bed when Abhi comes to talk to her. Abhi says he lost his temper and he is sorry for that.Neha is not convinced.Just then, Abhi gets a call. It is Simran and she gives the news to Abhi that they have made it and Harsh's parents have agreed for the marriage. Abhi says he did not expect this and is thrilled. After he hangs the phone, he tells Neha about it. Neha sarcastically says why wouldnt they agree. After all, Abhi accepted that the mistake was his. She says two people who were unmatched in marriage are putting forward another marriage of the same kind. She says i dont hope the result is the same. Abhi again gets angry.


Simran, Harsh, Harsh's parents and Saurabh go to meet Kath in the hotel. She is thrilled when she hears the news.She gets blessings from all and Simran gives her a hug. She thanks Simran.

Then Kath comes home and has a chat with Shaguna. Harsh then plans to give a treat the next day. He says he will call Abhi and his wife.He calls Abhi and invites him for dinner. Abhi then tells Neha about this and she says she cannot come. Go with the person you came home for.



Update 10th January 2005



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Abhi and Neha have a fight over the issue and Abhi screams at Neha. Abhi's mother hears some sound and knocks at the door. Abhi opens and says his camera fell. Neha is turning the other side. Abhi says the camera fell so he shouted.Neha is sleeping so well that she did not hear even that. Abhi then locks the door and tells Neha he has gone thro all this once and he does not want to go thro it again. He takes the pillow and starts to leave from the room. But he does not and sleeps in the bed itself. Neha is crying.


At simran's place, Kath is making paratha. Amla enters and asks where Kath is. She sees her making parathas and asks her where did she learn from .Kath says Harsh taught her. Amla says Simran's sister wants to talk to her over the phone and she is on line. Kath says Rashmi. Amla asks her how does she know her. Kath says harsh has explained to her his family tree and she knows all relatives. Kath then talks to Rashmi. Shaguna tells Amla that Kath is so nice. Sasurabh, Buaji and Harsh are seated in the dining table. Saurabh says Simran has given Kath her dress today when he sees her in a chudidhar. Harsh saysit is hers and she wears this kind of dress in london too. Harsh also says she even wears she is comfortable. Just then, Amla comes with Arthi plate and gives Kath shagun. Kath seeks her blessings. Buaji asks why so early. Amla says she felt like giving the shagun now and so she gave. Simran also comes there and congragulates Kath. They all sit to have breakfast. Seeing the parathas, Simran scolds Shaguna saying why so heavy a breakfast and tells her father that he is not supposed to have it as he is on diet. He says it is done wonderfully and all are praising Amla when she says it was done by Kath. All look surprised. Saurabh asks her what else she knows to cook. Kath gives out a long list - chole,rajma, paneer ka paratha,curry. Saurabh then asks her to cook Baingan ka bartha and curry for lunch to which Kath agrees.


Neha and Abhi are in their house. Neha asks Abhi why is he not going to office. Abhi says he has put 2 days leave.Neha says he need not put leave for her sake. Abhi changes the topic and tells Neha he is going out and will be back soon. He asks her whether she wants anything. Neha says even if she wants anything to be bought, she will get it and he need not bother.Abhi then asks Neha whether she is coming for Harsh's dinner invite. Neha gets wild and says she is not coming.


In ACH, Dr. Brian is talking to a girl who is a dress designer when Simran enters. Simran on seeing the girl and her pattern book gets surprised. Dr. Brian asks Simran whether she is intersested in giving orders to which Simran says she doesnt do these things at hopital. Then Dr. Brian asks the designer to leave who hugs him and says bye. Simran says she wants to talk to him regarding ACH on Wheels. Brian says call a board meeting. Simran says she will fix it up and then talk. Simran is about to leave when Brian gets a call from a girl. Simran comes back to him and says she has a suggestion for him. She says ask your designer to make 12 dresses of the same pattern so that he can give it to all his girl friends. Dr. Brian says all have different personalities and tells her she is embarassing him. She says never mind and goes.


At neha's place, Poonam is there. Poonam is telling Neha she fights over petty things. She should not have talked rudely to Abhi. Abhi is with her and so she needs to care for him. She asks Neha whether she would react in the same manner if somebody else other than Simran calls him. Poonam tells her Abhi is moved towards astha and so he frequently goes there. When they have a kid of their own, he will stop going there. Neha says she doubts that will happen. Poonam tells Neha talk to aBhi firmly about this or dont have things in mind and keep worrying. Just then, Abhi calls and asks Neha how she is. Abhi then asks again about the invite.Neha says she will come and Abhi is happy. Poonam is also happy and tells Neha it is good for her to spend time with Abhi. Be with him and know the truth.


In the hotel, a lady is fighting with the waiter there for a table. The waiter says the table is booked for somebody. Just then, Abhi, Neha, Simran, Kath and Harsh arrive. The lady there is Kiran. Abhi sees her and so does she. Simran also sees her. Kiran then remarks saying Table is for the great photographer and for the greater doctor.Kiran then sits in another table . She is with a person. Abhi and party sit. Neha is noticing Kiran and Kiran is noticing them. Neha asks Abhi who she is and asks him whether she is a model. Abhi says she is Kiran. Neha then realises it. Abhi tells her not to look at Kiran.


Kiran asks the person with whom she is , his photographer. He says it is so and so. Kiran tells she can suggesta name and it is Abhimanyu Saxena and he is there.


Harsh calls all for a dance. Neha says she cant. Harsh tries to force her when Simran says if she is feeling tired dont force her. Harsh and Kath start to dance. Abhi starts to move to the dance floor when Kiran's friend comes and asks him to do a photo shoot for him in which Kiran will be the model. Abhi says tell your model  i am not interested and leaves. Simran and Abhi are dancing. Kiran is dancing near them with that person. She keeps noticing them and Abhi and Simran feel odd.Neha is noticing them dance. They come back and sit. Neha says she does not like this loud atmosphere and she does not like it and feels odd. Just then, Neha says she has to go to the wash room and leaves. Kiran follows Neha and meets her. She introduces herself and tells Neha she is Kiran and Abhi might have told her. Neha says hello and is about to leave. Kiran stops her and asks her name. Neha replies. Kiran says Simran,Kiran and now Neha. Wonderful. Kiran tells when their marriage broke when she realised Abhi's care for Simran, she thought they would marry. She says she is surprised to know that Abhi did not marry Simran. She says she suffered due to Simran's interfernence and now Neha is in the same situation and tells her she pities her.Kiran gives her business card to Neha and says to keep it bcos one day she might need her.She goes. Neha is stunned.



Update 11th January 2005



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Harsh,Amla,Kath and Buaji are leaving for London. Saurabh goes to get the vehicle.Pranay and Rashmi are also there to see them off.Amla tells all of you have to make it to London for Harsh's marriage. They then leave.


At Neha's place, Neha is cutting vegetables when Abhi asks why she is preparing somuch. Neha answers his parents are coming.


(At this point, i had a cable cut. Sorry for the break).


Neha goes to the kitchen saying she does not want food and tells Abhi to make his food himself. Abhi looks at her. Neha goes to the room and is thinking about Kiran's advise to her. She takes her purse and then calls Poonam and asks her to come home. Poonam says she will come.


Neha tells Poonam about Kiran. She tells her that even after divorce, Simran and Abhi meet and it is abnormal.Just then, Radha calls and asks whther Neha and Abhi have settled in their house. She says she wants to meet Abhi and ask him about his work. Neha tells Abhi usually comes early so calls her for dinner. Then Poonam and Neha continue their talk. Poonam says Neha is getting tensed for no reason and its not good for her. Neha says i was foolish not to understand this earlier. This was the same problem Urmila, Kiran faced with Simran.Simran cannot be right all the time. Now i am also having the same problem with her. Manas must have understood Simran's interference in his life and so he moved away from her.


At Manas's place, Sonu is doing homework. Manas is sitting. Sonu says its nice that Manas joined a new hospital as Manas comes home early. Just then, the door bell rings. Sonu opens the door and is excited to see Ria.Manas is also happy to see her. Riya gives Sonu some gifts and he goes inside. Manas asks Riya why she did not call. Riya says she slept due to jet lag. Riya gives a gift to Manas. Manas throws it aside and hugs her. Manas asks her why she did not get photos. Riya says she has brought them and will show it to him if he leaves her. Then she shows photos of Chavi. Manas says she is smart and beautiful. Manas then hugs Riya and Riya and Manas are having a nice moment when Sonu comes there and sees them in each other's arms. He is shocked. He looks blank. Ria tries to change the topic and says we will go out for food. Manas calls Sonu to him but Sonu looks at them with a blank look.


Radha, Neha and Abhi are having dinner. Radha asks Abhi what they have decided for the baby room. Abhi says he will definitely think about colours as Astha first started to identify sound and colours. Neha looks angry. She stops eating. Radh a asks her and she tells she has no mood. Radha tells Neha to eat the sweet she got. Neha says it is in the fridge. Abhi goes to get them. Radha asks Neha what the problem is bcos she can see that both Abhi and Neha dont look ok. Radha asks did something happen between her and Simran. Neha says there is nothing wrong but Radha keeps on asking. Neha gets angry and screams at her mother saying she is in no mood to talk. Abhi hears it. He screams at Neha and asks her whats wrong. He says you have become irritable. Radha also gets upset. Abhi says that he will Drop Radha as it has become late.


Simran and Rashmi are having a talk about Amla not agreeing for Harsh's marriage in the beginning. Rashmi says it was Amla who forced Saurabh to patch up with Simran when Simran married Abhi. Amla also supported Rashmi when she married Pranay who was 8 years old. Rashmi says its surprising that Bua wanted to stop Harsh's marriage. Simran says people become emotional when it comes to their own children. Simran says Bua asked her to convince Harsh not to marry but Simran found it difficult to talk against her marriage. She asksed Abhi's help and Abhi explained everything clearly. Rashmi says papa did not like Abhi's interference. Simran says he first objected but later understood what Abhi wanted to say. Simran says Abhi has changed a lot and for the better. She cajoles Astha saying papa has changed. Papa takes care of Astha gives her chocolates. Rashmi looks on.


Abhi si driving with Radha. She asks Abhi whether there is a problem between them. Abhi says small fights do happen but they sort it out. Understanding each other takes time. There is a differnece between reality and imagination. They are going thro a crucial phase of marriage and says he willl sort it out. Radha advises him to talk to Neha openly. She asks him is the misunderstanding due to somebody. Abhi agrees. Radha says talk to Neha leaving old prejudices behind. Abhi agrees.


Neha is in bed when Abhi comes. He says Radha offered him coffee but he said he will have it with his wife. He goes inside when Neha does something with Abhi's mobile.(I did not get it)

Abhi sees it and Neha says she was adjusting the time. Neha says she is feeling sleepy. Abhi says he wants to talk to her and says they will talk openly about Neha's problema and he will not be biased with the issue and he will listen to what Neha wants to say.Neha says it is of no use.Abhi says they are having a small communication gap and they can sort it out by talking. He asks her where he is wrong.Neha says he is not wrong. It is just that she made a mistake in understanding.

She tells him that she had a talk with Kiran. Kiran could see in that 1 hour Neh's problems.Even after divorce, Neha can see a strong influence of Simran on Abhi. Abhi gets angry. He screams at her saying you are crazy. You remember what i did for simran and you forgot what alll i did for you and your mother. He says she is wrong to have believed what Kiran says and says You are disgusting. The screen then freezes on Neha.



Update 12th January 2005



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Abhi bangs the door and goes. Neha screams at him saying you wanted to hear the truth and you are running away. You are not able to hear it isnt it. Its the same with me. She gets wild and starts throwing pillows. Then she hurriedly searches for Kiran's card. She thinks thank god i have Kiran and i can get the truth from her. She calls Kiran who picks up the phone. She says i am Neha and i want to meet you. Kiran agrees and says they can meet tomorrow as she is free. She asks where. Neha says come to my home. Kiran is surprised at this, but Neha says she does not have any problem.


Sonu is sleeping and Manas puts a bedspread over him and goes out. Riya is there. Manas says Sonu has grown big and bcos he lifted him he is having a sprained back. Riya says i will massage. He sits down and  she starts to massage. Manas says it is relaxing. He asks Riya to stay back.He suggests to her thar she has to keep some clothes at his place for convenience.Riya says she will not stay bcos she felt very conscious when Sonu saw them. She says she fears how he will react. Manas says its high time Sonu understood their relationship and that they will from now on stay together. Manas tells her that he is small and will take it well. Riya advises him to be careful when telling Sonu.


Dr. Brian is treating a child in the hospital. He tries to flirt with the nurse when Simran sees it. She calls him to his cabin. He arrives there. Simran tells him that she saw him behaving bad with a nurse. She warns him and tells him that she will not tolerate unwanted behaviour from him which will make her patients and workers uncomfortable. She says i dont care with what you do outside hospital but here you will have to behave. Just then, Abhi arrives and says he has to talk to Simran. Simran introduces Abhi to Brian as Musafir. Brian says i know him and he recently got an award. He then leaves.Abhi tells Simran he has to talk to her urgently.


Kiran comes to Neha's place. Neha makes coffee. Neha says she designed her house. Kiran looks at the house and says i also did the same thing. Then they talk for a long time. Neha says i wanted to ask you straight and thanks her for telling her everything straight. Neha says her doubt is now clarified. She tells Kiran why Simran is so important for Abhi. Kiran says nothing has changed. Neha says Simran will never leave Abhi. She has a tight grip around him even after their separation. She says Simran is having a complex and that holds her close to Abhi. Kiran says i was so frustrated with their togetherness that i committed suicide twice.Simran uses Astha to bring Abhi close.Kiran advises Neha to fight it out and dont keep silent. Protest your self respect and dignity she says.


Simran is talking to Abhi. Abhi tells her about what Neha told her and Kiran's influence on Neha.Abhi tells Simran that Neha believes everything what Kiran said and Neha talked against Simran. He says she believes Kiran. I dont know why Neha is behaving like this and i have lost it on her. Simran screams at Abhi and asks him why is he talking like this. If Neha needs an explanation, give her. Abhi says Neha is behaving childish. Simran says Abhi will not lose anything if he explains to Neha. Neha did not go to Kiran but it was Kiran who has come to Neha and told her all wrong things. simran tells Abhi that he should reasssure Neha and give trust to her. Dont complicate matters she says. Simran tells him he has to talk it out with Neha before Kiran does something. Simran says she does not have any problem with Neha and it is the same with Neha. Neha knows every bit of their relationship and it is a clean slate before Neha. Simran says she will believe me.


Kiran leaves Neha's place. After going out, she gives a deadly smile.Abhi's parents see Kiran coming out of the house. Kiran also sees them.They ask her why she is here. She says their daugther in law had called her for some work. They ask what is the matter. Kiran says something personal and walks off.


Abhi's parents go inside and ask Neha why was Kiran here. Neha says she came to see me and i had called her. She says i wanted some doubts to be clarified about Abhi and Simran's relationship. Neha says she does not like their togetherness. In the beginning, they appeared as friends but now its gone beyond. Abhi feels everything is normal but she can see that it is abnormal.Now my doubts are clarified she says.They say its wrong. Abhi's mother tells Neha what will Kiran tell. She herself messed up her life.Neha says she respects Simran. But she does notlike her dominance over Abhi. After marriage is over, she does not understand why they both are still together.She says when Abhi and herslef got married, they were living as three and Simran was always there in Abhi's memory. Abhi's parents try theirlevel best to tell Neha that Abhi loves her and he is changed. They tell her to think properly and not believe a girl like Kiran. They tell her she is having all wrong notions and she has to get over it.


Simran is talking to some nurses in the hospital telling them about the workshop and how important it will be. Just then, she receives a call from Zee News executive that he wants a News Capsulae on ACh Wheels hospital. She says she will give a health report and open it up with the media. He sasy he will fix up dates and inform her.


Abhi comes home. Neha has been thinking a lot and she feels uncomfortable. Abhi says to himself that Simran was right and he has to talk it over calmly with Neha. He starts to move towards Neha when Neha comes there. She is feeling terribly uncomfortable and giddy. She suddenly falls down. Abhi rushes towards her and lifts her and puts her on the sofa. He calls her but she does not respond. Neha is unconscious. Abhi calls Simran who is at home. He tells her that Neha had a falll and is not responding. Simran says she will be right there and tells Abhi to wake Neha. She tells him not to panic. Abhi keeps the phone and calls Neha. But she never responds. Abhi looks perplexed and worried.



Update 13th January 2005



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Neha is unconscious and Abhi is trying his best to bring her back to senses. Just then, Simran arrives with a nurse and a ward boy. Simran asks them to shift Neha carefully to the bedroom.She is moved inside. Simran conducts a thorough check up on Neha. She asks Abhi to go ut. She checks her BP and also examines her. Abhi is standing outside the room. He calls Radha and tells her about Neha. She is worried. Abhi asks her to come immediately and says Simran is here. Simran asks the nurse to get saline water from the ambulance. Neha slowly regains consciousness. Simran tells her thank god there is no bleeding. She asks Neha what happened and from when was she having this weakness. Neha says suddenly she had it and everything before her went black. Simran asks her while falling down, did she injure herself. Neha says no. Simran says i will go out.


She comes out. Abhi asks her . Simran says Neha is completely weak. If this continues, she will have complications during labor. Thats why she had insited that Neha should take proper care of her health and take timely medicines. Abhi scolds himself for goinh to US leaving her alone.Simran tells Abhi that Neha needs complete bed rest. Just then, the nurse comes out and says Neha is calling her. Abhi and Simran go inside. Neha is crying and asks her about her baby. Simran tells her to relax and that the baby is fine. She says she has told Abhi everything and she has to be on complete bed rest and take medicines on time. Just then, Radha comes in. Simran tells Radha that if Neha has any probs with medicines, she can scold her bcos she is her mother. Simran tells the nurse to take care of Neha and check her BP every one hour. She then writes a capsule name and tells Abhi to give it from today. She also tells the nurse that certain blood tests have to be conducted on Neha and she would send the person here. Simran leaves with Abhi. Neha is crying. Radha asks her what the problem is . She tells her not to think. You are brave. Dont fear.


Sonu is sleeping in the back seat of the car. Manas is driving the car with Riya beside him. They have come out of a night show. Riya says Sonu is sleeping so peacefully. Manas says heis tired. Manas says he is also tired and night shows do not suit him. Just bcos Riya insisted, he came. Riya says this jet lag is a pain and i dont get sleep. Manas says if you dont get sleep, why pull me. Riya says she will pull him for sure. Manas then says he will give a solution for that and stops before a drug store. He goes inside and asks for Valium, a sleeping pill. The person says he will not give it without a prescription. Manas says he himslef is a doctor and he will write the prescription. The person does not believe him. Manas then shows his ID and writes the prescription. Simran and Abhi are also in the shop. Abhi sees Manas and says hi. Manas responds . Abhi says they came here to get medicines for Neha. Simran does not talk to him. They leave. Riya sees them get into the car and waves and calls them. They do not stop the car. She asks Manas why they did not stop the car. Manas says even if they had seen you, they would not.Riya is upset and tells Manas that this is not a proper way. Manas says Simran will never understand. She did not expect to see me when she is with Abhi at such a late hour. Manas says that lady will not stop interfering in Abhi's life. They are married and should get space.He says there is no need for her to be with Abhi. I told her this and she grew wild at me. She pinpointed me sayingwhen Urmila is there, what is he doing with Riya? Simran is doing to Neha what Kiran had done to Simran he says. Riya gets angry and says how can you tell this. He says Simran is crossing all limits. Riya starts to cry and says i was right. I am responsible for the split in your friendship. Manas says there is nothing like that. She says i have to talk to Simran. Manas says ther eis no need and she need not worry. Riya asks Manas whether he too thinks their relationship is immoral.Manas says she is single. He is also divorced and single. We love each other . We are not troubling anybody. Then whats wrong. Riya asks is he sure to which he says yes and hugs her. Sonu who is at the back is listening to everything and crying. He then pretends to be asleep.


Neha asks Radha who is sitting with her to go and rest. She also asks the nurse to rest. They go out. Neha begins to cry as she is feeling guilty. Abhi then comes in with the medicines and sits near Neha. He says i am sorry as usual i lost my control. Neha says no i was wrong. I should not have talked to Kiran. I cant even say sorry. I feel so ashamed of myself. He consoles her.


Simran is walking out of the Zee News shoot. The executives there are thanking her for the shoot and says thiswill pave the way for ACH on Wheels to develop. Simran says hope so and starts to leave.


She comes out and standing near her car, calls Abhi. The nurse is checking the temperature of Neha when her call comes. Abhi picksup. She asks how Neha is. He says she is fine. She says she wants to talk to Neha. Neha is given the phone. Simran enquires whether she is feeling ok with the capsule. Neha says yes.cuts the phone.

Just when she is about to sit in the car, a car comes and is parked near her car. Simran is not able to move her car as two wheelers are parked on the other side. So she goes near the other car and asks them to move their car when Kiran comes out of the  car. Both are shocked on seeing each other.



Update 17th January 2005



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Kiran after seeing Simran tries to walk away when Simran calls her. Simran says you are back.You had left Abhi for name, fame and glamour. Why are you coming now to poison Abhi's married life she asks. Kiran says when will you change. I think you can never change. Its very easy to blame others.You are the one who is spoiling Abhi's married life.You are a very smart operator. You married a man 10 years younger, then spoilt my life when i had him. You are the second woman in Abhi's life .You are the intruder, she says and walks off. Simran is shocked and is almost in tears.


Simran is driving the car. She stops it and thinks about Kiran's words. She comes home and is crying heavily sitting in bed when Shaguna comes inside. She notices that Simran is crying. She asks the reason . Simran says she is having a headache and asks her to go. Shaguna realises that something is wrong and calls Rashmi. She tells Rashmi that something is wrong and Simran has been crying since she came home. Rashmi says she will come.


Neha and Abhi are in the bedroom when Radhabrings Abhi's parents. Abhi's mother scolds himasto why he did not inform about the ill health of Neha. Then she asks Neha how she is and tells her husband that she will from hereafter stay with Neha.Neha says i am fine. Simran helped a lot and i did not find it necessary to go to the hospital as she made all arrangements at home.Abhi's mother says she is a good doctor and is always around when she is needed.All go out leaving Neha with Abhi's mother. Abhi's mother says Neha has gone too weak. She asks her what she keep s thinking about and asks her to take care. Neha says she is very sorry for having talked to Kiran. Abhi's mother says dont think about it and she should think about her kid and herself.


Rashmi comes to Simran's place. Simran is lying in her bed and is crying uncontrollably. Rashmi asks what the matter is. Simran tells her that she has never even thought bad for others.Why i am called a intruder in Abhi's life she asks. Rashmi asks her who said this. Simran says Kiran told her this. She weeps asking her why did Kiran tell this.Why is Neha so insecureabout me. I dont understand. She says i am the other woman in Abhi's life. Rashmi asks her to stop crying ,tries to console her but in vain. She goes out and makes a phone call.


Abhi is sitting beside Neha in bed. Abhi says he will not go for work today as he wants to spend time with Neha. He says he will call office and inform. Neha is happy.


In Simran's house, the next day, Pranay is there. Rashmi tells Simran she has to tell whatever she told her to Pranay. It will help her to find a solution to things. Rashmi goes inside leaving them together. Pranay asks Simran why did she feel so bad with what Kiran told her. What hurt her a lot. Simran says From so many years, i was afraid of facing this situation and Kiran asked me only that. Simran and Pranay look at each other. Pranay says i have told you earlier also , that you still love Abhi. Face the fact. Rashmi is inside feeling tensed.


Simran is in her room thinking about Pranay's words Abhi calls her. She cuts the phone.Then Radha comes in. Radha tells Simran that she is very sorry to come to her but she is forced to do it. She tells her about Neha's insecure feelings. She tells Simran that she is not to be blamed and that Neha is childish.She says i know you are hurt but i want you to talk to  Neha and correct her. Simran asks Radha whether Neha told her personally about what she feels to which she says yes. Simran controls her tears and says it is not correct for her to speak to Neha. Sometimes, matters can get worse. But she assures her that Neha is having problems bcos of her and she will take some steps to resolve it. Radha goes.


Shaguna and AStha are palying when Simran comes there. Shaguna asks her is she not going to the hospital. Simran says she is not feeling well and is going to have a nap. Just then, Abhi comes there. Simran says i am busy and have to get ready to go to the hospital. She asks Shaguna where her dress is and tries to avoid Abhi. She tells to Abhi Excuse me and leaves. Abhi is stunned at Simran's reaction and so is Shaguna.




Update 18th January 2005



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Abhi looks stunned at Simran's behaviour. Shaguna says she is busy with hospital work as there is a new doctor.Abhi says i understand and tells Shaguna that he is taking Astha along. Shaguna goes and tells Simran about it. Shaguna then calls Rashmi and tells her that she is not able to understand Simran. She tells her that Abhi had come and narrates everything that happened.


Pranay and Rashmi are in their place. Rashmi says she is tensed about Simran. She asks him whether she can go and stay with Simran as papa is also not there. Pranay answers strangely. Rashmi asks him why he is behaving like this and that Simran needs them. Rashmi says Pranay needs to talk to Simran. Pranay asks her after talking what?? You and your papa always commit this mistake. You always go there to put forward your comments, advices etc and do not allow Smran to react herself. Where is that confident Simran he asks her. He says by being possessive about her we have made her like that. Its wrong. The position Simran is facing is bcos of her. Now she realises it. She has to fight her emotions. Dont try to protect her now. If you do, she will never get up he says.


Abhi is at home. He is thinking about Simran's odd behaviour and says to himself that it was unlike Simran. I dont know what is wrong.


In the hospital, Simran is having a meeting with Dr. Brian. She gives him a file and tells him to go thro it. Just then, a call comes and Simran answers it. It is for Brian from a girl. He tells her he will call later and keeps the phone down. Another call comes and it is again for him. It is from another girl. Simran gets irritated. He then keeps the phone down. The nurse passes out of the room and Brian sees her. Simran gets angry and tells him that he cannot behave like this to her nurses. You dont work but keep talking over the phone she says. You keep flirting with my nurses. Just then, Simran gets a call on her mobile. Its from Abhi. She cuts it and tells Brian that during work, she only works.


Simran is in the hospital when Abhi calls again. He asks her when she is coming home to pick up Astha. Simran says she is busy and asks him to drop Astha. She abruptly keeps the phone down. Neha is sitting there. She tells Abhi that she would call Simran later.


In the hospital, Simran is scolding a patient. She is pregnant and has a 6 month old kid.Simran scolds her. The lady says her mother in law had told her that during breast feed, its unlikely that you will conceive. Simran asks her who the doctor is. She tells her to abort the child as it will be difficult. She says she has to consult her in laws and husband. Simran asks her to bring them here so that she can advise.


Simran gets a call .It is from Abhi's cell. She tells Abhi i cant talk to you. But it is Neha who has called. Simran tells sorry. Neha invites her for dinner when she comes to pick AStha. Simran flatly refuses and tells her that she is busy and cannot make it. She also tells her that Abhi should drop Astha home.Abhi gets to know that Simran has refused by seeing Neha.


Simran is at home lying in bed. She gets thoughts of Abhi calling. She gets upset and does not know what to do. She tells to herself that she should curb it and that she should go away from Abhi. She then takes some medicine and sleeps.


(Then, they show scenes with the background song)In the hospital, Abhi comes. Simran goes out. Abhi looks stunned. Abhi is not able to concentrate on his work. In hospital, Simran is thinking and does not hear to the nurse who is telling something.Abhi comes to meet Asth. Simran is also there. She gives AStha to him and goes inside. Abhi is not eating food at home. Simran is in bed, thinking. Shaguna brings paper but Simran not reacting. Abhi sitting and thinking. Abhi seeiing the photo frame that Simran gave. Abhi is not well and so is Simran. (Here, the background music stops).

Shaguna checks Simran's temperature and tells her that is is 103.Shaguna gets angry at Simran. Simran looks terribly sick.


Abhi is having fever and Neha is checking his temp. She asks him is he angry with her. Tells him to share his thoughts. Abhi then tells Neha that for the past 2 months, Simran has not spoken to him. She does not answer phone calls and openly ignores him. I dont understand he says. If he has made a mistake, then Simran can talk to him. Instead, this is not the way he says. She should tell me straight. I cant handle this anymore. He tells her that Simran should talk to him and if she does not want him to come and meet her, she should tell him. Abhi looks really depressed. Neha is upset. She calls Simran's mobile. Shaguna picks up. She tells Neha that Simran is having high fever from last night and she cant talk. Neha keeps the phone down and is shocked. She thinks to herself that Abhi and Simran are running temp from last night.




Update 19th January 2005



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Abhi's parents come home. They ask Neha how Abhi is. We were worried. Abhi comes there. His mother asks him how he is and asks him to look at his face. He has gone so weak. Yesterday we went to meet Simran, Abhi's father says. She is also not well with fever. She looked very disturbed he says. Abhi says i dont know and i have not met her for the past 2 months. Abhi's parents are shocked to hear this. They ask why is there any problem? Abhi says nothing. Neha looks upset at this.


Sonu is seeing TV when Riya enters silently. She sits near Sonu. Sonu does not react. She asks him to switch off the tv and shows him the game of Chess which she has got for him. She tells we will play. I will teach. Sonu screams and says i dont want to learn . Manas hears it and scolds Sonu who runs away. Riya scolds Manas for being harsh with Sonu. Manas says his behaviour is not proper. Riya then asks Manas did he speak to Sonu. Manas says no. Riya tells him that he has to talk to him very soon. Riya says i will go and you talk and console him. She goes. Manas goes to Sonu's room where he is lying. Manas asks him did he have food. Then Manas asks Sonu who is friend infact best friend was. Sonu says Astha, Simran Aunty, Shaguna and Mama. Manas asks him why not papa. Sonu says papa also. Manas says people get aliking to some people bcos they like their nature and behaviour. In the same way, I like Ria. Sonu at once asks Manas does he love Riya. Manas is shocked to hear this from Sonu and says he likes her. Manas tries to tell something but Sonu stops him and says he knows. He then lies down. Manas is walking when Sonu asks him when they will go to see Mama. Manas says very soon and goes.


Abhi is looking at the doll which Simran returned . Neha is nearby serving dinner. Abhi is telling Why Simran? Why are u doing this to me and to yourself. Dont do this. Oh God he says. Neha heard it and is crying.


Simran is at home reading the paper. She looks for the column of Musafir but is surprised that it is not there. Just then, Shaguna brings Astha and Simran takes her and talks to her.


In hospital, Dr. Brian is seeing the dress got by the designer and says the neck is not good. Then he accepts it. She says its price is 8000Rs. Brian gives her the money and kisses her.Simran is looking at all this. Simran asks him isnt the dress costly. She then tells him to get back to work. Simranets a call to which Brian says it must be mine and picks it up. It is for him. He is talking when Simran gets a callon her mobile. Its from Abhi and she cuts it. Brian notices it and asks her what the problem is. She asks him not to interfere in her personal matters. She says we will talk tomorrow and hands over the file.


Neha in her home. A call comes and she picks up. It is Mr. Menon ,Abhi's boss. He asks her how Abhi is. She says he is better. He then tells Neha that Abhi had told that he will operate from home, but he has not written his article for 2 days. He has receives many calls and since it is a daily column , he has to answer others. Neha is surprised to know this and tells him she will talk to Abhi. She then goes to the room where Abhi is eating. He asks who called. Neha says it was Mr. Menon and that he is worried about Musafir's column. She asks him why he did not write. Abhi says he cant write and his mind is not functioning. She tells it is a daily column and they had received calls. Abhi gets wild and screams that ask them to publish tomorrow that Musafir will not be writing from now on and goes. Neha is shocked at his reaction.


In the hospital, Simran has a patient. She tells her everything is fine and that she has to lessen strain. She then reads her name as Jia Pandey and identifies her. She asks her that her husband Shekar is a journalist and his rivals had done wrong to her. Simran then asks her is she worried about that. Jia replies it was a critical phase but she has got over it. Simran then asks what the problem is. Why is she alone and where is her husband. Then Simran realises that Shekar is in jail. Jia tells that he is innocent. Simran tells her she can tell her everything. Jia says Shekar had escaped from jail and when she went to meet him, the police arrived. So everybody including Shekar think that she got him arrested. Jia says it is wrong and she did not do it. She wants to save her husband but nobody listens to her. Simran then advises Jia that in marriage, there are a lot of insecurities, jealousy etc and it is trust and faith that helps. She says you know yourself better and if you think Shekar is innocent, then dont think about others. Listen to your heart and follow your instincts. Everything will fall in place. Jia thanks her and leaves.


Neha comes in. Simran is surprised ot see her. She tells Neha that she did not have any appointment today and checks her diary and says her date is tomorrow. She asks her is there any problem.  Neha keeps looking at her. She says she wants to ask her something. She then asks Simran you andAbhi cannot stay away from each other is it. Even after your divorce and after i married him, you love him and Abhi loves you. Am i right she asks. Simran looks dazzled.




Update 20th January 2005



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Neha is crying. She says to Simran Abhi would never have married her if Simran had not told him to do so. Why did you do this she asks her. You love him so much that on our house warming day, i saw you spoiling my bedsheet. What were you thinking at that time. You could not see Abhi with me isnt it she asks. Now you have gone away from him and you have not spoken to him for 2 months. Will it be possible for you to forget Abhi. You have changed a lot in doing so. You are actually suffering.Abhi was also unwell bcos he missed you. You both love each other. You could have got united. Why did you make Abhi marry me? she asks. Simran sorrowfully says bcos you loved him. Neha says but he did not love me. Even today, he is just carrying on his duties as husband and thats it. He always thinks that he did not do good to you. From heart, he feels for you. Neha says i cannot see him like this bcos i love him very much. She requests Simran not to go away from his life.


She then gets up and starts to go. Simran calls her and goes near her. She asks Neha did you not feel i was coming in between you and Abhi. That i am the second woman in your life. I made you unhappy and i was responsible for your insecurity. Yes, i am ignoring Abhi. I want ot go away from him as well as you. I have experienced a lot of pain in doing so, it was not easy for me. I did this bcos i did not want to see you in pain.I did not want to be in a situation as Kiran was in my life. I did not want to be Kiran in your life. But i was a bit too late in reacting. But i feel its never too late. From today, you will have no problems from me. I am begging you to go away. She starts crying and she asks Neha to go away folding her arms at her. Neha is also speechless and crying. Neha goes away. Simran bursts into tears.


(Again, background music with scenes)Abhi is sitting and thinking. Neha notices him and is crying. Simran in bed is thinking. She gets a text message from Abhi saying i did not know that separation can be like this also. She ignores it and cries.


In jail, Sonu has come with Manas to meet Urmila. Urmila and Sonu hug each other and are very happy to see each other. Urmila asks Sonu why he did not come to meet for a long time. She was afraid that Sonu was not well. Manas says nothing like that. Just then, Manas gets a call. He goes out. Urmila and Sonu are left alone.Sonu asks Urmila whether she would come back before his vacation. Urmila says it will take a longer time. Sonu asks her whether she will stay with them after she comes out. Urmila asks Sonu whether he takes care of Papa. Sonu says Ria aunty is there to take care of him. He then says that Ria aunty loves papa. Urmila says Papa is os very nice that anybody will like him. Sonu says papa said he also loves her. Urmila is shocked.Sonu asks her when papa loves you how can he love ria aunty.


Simran is at home when she gets a call from Central jail. Apolice official says Urmila wants to meet Simran urgently. Simran calls her hospital and informs the receptionist that she will be late. She asks Dr. Brian to take personal care of the US delegates who are expected to come.


Simran goes to jail and meets Urmila. Simran asks whether everything is alright. Urmila says she wanted to talk to her. Urmila asks Simran whether it is Ria-Manas relationship that has borught about a differnce in their friendship. Urmila asks her did you fight with Manas for my sake. Simran says Manas is so very changed. He supported Urmila in everything and gave her hope. Sonu als o thought Mama would come back to him. Urmila says Manas did not give her an assurance like that. But Urmila says she thought they could unite. But then she says i had no right to even think about that. I have done so much wrong to Manas. He has done so much to me.I cant even think that. He is god to me. If i think on those lines, i will be insulting his goodness.Urmila pleads Simran to talk to Manas. Simran says they did not part ways only for this reason. Manas accused her of such a thing. She cries and begins to tell something but goes away. Urmila asks her to tell what the problem was but Simran goes away. Urmila again tells Simran not to misunderstand Manas.


Simran comes to the hospital but she does not see the receptionist there. Just then, a call comes and she answers it. The receptionist comes. Simran asks her where she was. She says she hadgone to Dr.Brian's room to keep the files. Simran asks her why she had to go and where are others. She says they have gone for lunch. Simran gets wild and tells her that she had given orders that lunch should be taken later bcos US delegates are expected. She enquires about her bouquets and also asks where Dr.Brian was. She says he has gone out and would be back early. Simran then asks her whether this happens daily and Brian goes out to meet girls during work hours. The girl says yes. Simran gets angry and tells her to get Brian's address. She would go and meet him.


Simran rings the door bell in Brian's house. Brian opens the door and is surprised to see Simran. He asks her whether everything is ok. Simran says can she come in. He calls her in. Simran says unlike someone, i have work to do. She questions him asto what he is doing at home in work hours.She says she has been tolerating his flirtious character for a long time. She asks him why do you mix personal life with work.My patients and workers suffer dud to his behaviour. Brian tells her that she does not know anything about his personal life. Simran says she does not want to know about his girlfriends.Brian says US delegates were not coming today and so he came home. Brian says come inside and have a look at my girlfriends.

I am serious for the first time he says. Simran says i am amazed at your attitude. Brian says you will be shocked. He takes her inside where there is a girl in wheel chair. She smiles at Simran. Simran is spell bound.Brian goes to the girl and says she is Rabeena, Kareena and so on. The girl says today i am Jannat. He then says you must be getting confused . Let me explain to you. He then introduces her as his wife. I call my wife by different names so that i can have a thought of going to many girls. He tells Simran that by doing so, the shelf life of their love increases. It always remains fresh. Simran is shocked and stands still.




Update 24th January 2005



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Simran apologises for the misunderstanding. Brians wife tells her that it is Brian who should be sorry since he did not tell her about her. Simran asks them how did he happen. Brian tells her that it was because of him. Janet tells him to forget it and not remember the past. Brian says that had he not made that mistake all this would never have happened. Janet used to be so full of life. He recounts an incident when he was trying to put her on a horse and it threw her. She was unconscious for a long time in the hospital. He also learnt then that she was pregnant and had suffered a miscarriage. After a long time the doctors informed him that due to the spinal injury she was completely paralysed waist down and she could never hope to have a child again.


The atmosphere in the house turns very sad. Simran too has tears in her eyes on hearing the tale. Brian is crying and walks out of the room.


Brian continues and tells Simran that the after listening to the report he could not even walk the 10 steps to Janet's hospital room. He went there and apologized to her. She told him that there was no reason to be sorry for a pregnancy of which she did not know anything about. He was shocked to see that even in this condition, she was trying to cheer him up.


Back to present: Janet praises Brian to the skies and says that she never wanted that incident to come in between their relationship. She is very lucky to have him. Had she been a normal wife, he would have exploited her, gotten her to cook, clean and come late. But now she exploits him. Both Brian and Janet are looking deeply into each other's eyes and Simran quietly slips away.


Simran is sitting on her bed thinking about Brian and Janet and she feels that she understands now the pain that is there behind his ever laughing and smiling demeanor. Suddenly she finds Astha with the mobile and sees that she has dialed Abhi's no. She closes the mobile. Abhi is relaxing on the bed with Neha by his side. He gets a missed call and is shocked to see it is Simran. He sends her an SMS asking her whether she really wants to talk to him. She returns his SMS telling him that it was Astha who pressed his no. by mistake. He is disappointed and goes out of the room. Neha sees the SMS.


Simran walks into Brian's room and has a huge grin on her face. Brian is surprised and tells Simran that how is it that she is in his room and not scolding him. She tells him not to tease her and she wanted to apologise for misunderstanding him. He tells her that he is now going to become a boring doctor in her eyes. She will no longer think of him as a flirt. Simran tells him to stop joking around like this because this gives people a wrong impression about him. She then asks him to whether she could have a look at Janet's reports. Brian gives them to her but tells her that he has had all possible opinions from all over the world and there is no hope. Simran still insists and he allows her to take them with her.


Neha is sitting with her in-laws and mother. They are dicussing who will take care of the child and be instrumental in bringin it up. Suddenly they notice that Neha is very quiet. They wonder why she is not cheerful. Her mom asks her if she can get her some juice. Neha barks out a 'no'. They are a little surprised. The in-laws want to leave but Neha asks them to stay a little longer. They call Abhi, he comes out of his room. They tell him to take care of Neha. Neha tells them that he takes very good care of her. They leave.


Neha then tells her mother everything about the relationship between Abhi and Simran. She recounts her meeting with Simran. About Simran telling her that she does not want to come in between Simran and Abhi like Kiran did between Simran and Abhi. Neha is very upset that all this is because of her. Radha suddenly gets up and says that she is going to talk to Simran. Neha stops her and tells her that if she goes, she will see her dead. Radha slaps her for stating such a thing in front of her mother. They have a very tearful exchange and Radha hopes that Neha live very long.



Update 25th January 2005



Posted: 25 January 2005 at 9:21am | IP  Details   


Neha brings her mother tea. Radha tells her that she wanted to talk to Simran so that Neha is not troubled. Neha tells her not to and that Radha was always right about Simran and she was wrong. Now that Neha thinks she is doing the right thing, Radha should let her. Neha says that Abhi is not talking to Simran because of her and is troubled inside. He no longer writes. Then Abhi comes in and sees Neha and Radha talking and tells them that he will come in later. Radha asks him why he does not write any longer. He tells her that he does not feel like it and that this topic is too personal to discuss any longer.


Manas and Ria are eating dinner . Ria calls Sonu to come and eat. He comes out and sees Ria's hand on Manas. He walks slowly and takes his place. Manas tells him that Ria has made his favorite food. Sonu takes a bite and says that he does not like it and that his mom cooked better than this. He refuses to eat anything and walks out. He also tells them that tomorrow he is going to Simran's place. Manas is upset and Ria tells him not to be upset at the child and to go and talk to him. Manas asks Sonu what is wrong and why he does not talk properly with Ria. Sonu tells him that he is missing his mom. Manas tells him that he will take him when he gets time next. And he will also talk to Simran so that Sonu can go there next day. Sonu is happy.


Janet asks Brian whether Simran still thinks of him as a flirtatious doctor. He says no. It has become very boring but he will think of something. She then asks him how many kids Simran has and about her husband. He replies that she has one daughter Astha but is divorced. Janet is sad for her. Brian tells her that this is life. She has everything but no husband.


Ria is talking to Manas about Sonu. She tell him that Sonu has started behaving like this ever since he has come to know about their relationship and that Manas must talk to him patiently and make him understand.


In Abhi's office, Mr. Menon his boss is talking to Neha. He tells her that Abhi must write. He cannot go on giving excuses to people on Abhi's behalf. Neha has to talk to him and make him understand.


Janet is talking to Simran. She tells Simran that she asked Brian not to trouble himself any longer. He should stop sending reports all over the world. If God wanted to give them a child he would have given them one. This is God's will. Simran tells her not to lose heart. She is waiting for the reports and she is very hopeful. She knows how much Janet loves Brian and this is her way of doing something for him. Janet cannot thank Simran enough.


Neha is sitting with Abhi. Tells him that she knows he does not want to talk about this, but he must call up Mr. Menon and tell him whatever he wants to. She cannot keep giving excuses for him. Abhi tells her that he does not want to write and does not feel like it. Neha tells him that he also needs to tell his to the women in America, and to some Divya's parents and other charity organizations. He should tell them that he is a fraud and incapable of keeping his promises. He cannot do anything for them. Abhi listens to this and walks away. He tells her not to interfere and that she does not understand anything. She does not know what he is going through. She calls out to him and says that yes, she does not understand. In fact she has stopped understanding him any longer. Some people have so many layers on their faces that it is difficult to see the right one. He has learnt nothing from life's experiences or from Simran. Simran never let her private life come into the way of professionalism. But now that it is his turn to face life, his real face has come through. He is a total failure. Abhi is stunned to hear this outburst.



Update 26th January 2005



Posted: 26 January 2005 at 9:01am |


"You are so selfish Abhi". Neha tells him. He stops in his tracks and comes back. He tells Neha that he does not know what is happening within him. He is trying to find answers to many questions and something has snapped in him. Neha tells him that he has other responsibilities too. He should complete his article fast and if he needs her help she is ready. He tells her that she has once again stopped him from going astray. She has helped him see his true face. Neha tells him that this means he will again attribute his next award to her. He tells her that for that he needs to write his article first.


Simran comes to Manas's house to leave Sonu. Manas is not at home and the maid is there. The maid leaves. Sonu tells Simran that she too can go if she wants. He is not scared and is often alone when Manas comes late. She tells him that she will stay and wait for Manas. She puts Sonu to bed. Sonu tells her about his insecurities concerning Ria and how he feels that Manas loves Ria more than Sonu. Simran tells him that this is not so and Manas loves his son more than anyone else. Sonu tells her that he does not like Ria. Sonu goes to sleep. Simran sees Manas being driven in by Ria and them hugging.


She goes down to the living room and Manas is surprised to see her. He thanks her for waiting but tells her that it was not necessary. Simran is about to leave but is hesitant. She then tells Manas that she wanted to talk to him about Sonu if it is ok with him. Manas asks her what. She tells him that his and Riya's relationship… Manas tells her that Sonu is aware of it. Simran tells him that she knows, since Sonu told her about it. But Sonu does not like Ria because he feels Manas loves her more than he does Sonu. Manas tells Simran that he knows what to do. He is Sonu's father and has brought him up till now. He will handle it. Simran tells him that he is not able to handle it. Manas tells Simran that he knows they are going through difficult times but he will take care of it and Simran should stop interfering in his life. Simran goes away.


Abhi is writing. Neha is sleeping on her bed. Abhi puts his writing away gets up and comes and lies down next to Neha. He silently thanks her.


Janet is trying to reach some file and is finding it difficult. Brian comes in and helps take down the file. She tells him to put it back. She wants to take it down herself and does. Brian looks at her and tells her that she is looking different. She has tied a knot in her hair after a long time. She tells him that this is because of Dr. Simran. She told her that Janet must act strong. Brian tells her that he has been overprotective and it did not take long for Simran to see this. Suddenly the nurse comes in and tells them that Simran has come to see them. They come out and find Simran in the living room. She gives them some thing. Janet asks her what is it. Simran asks her to see for herself. Janet finds painting stuff inside. Simran tells Brian that his dream will be fulfilled of having the portrait of a Hitler type Simran hanging in the children ward. Brian tells Janet that this was supposed to be a private conversation between them. All laugh. Simran tells Janet to make paintings to hang in the children ward. Janet accepts.


Abhi is going out and Neha asks him where. He says he has to go out and Neha should go with his mother. She asks him where. He tells her that was she not supposed to go to the hospital for a check up. He calls up his mom and tells her to come with lunch and take Neha to the hospital too. He then tells Neha to ask Simran about Astha and whether everything is okay at home. He leaves. Neha wonders whether anyone would tell her anything.


Neha comes in for the check up. Simran tells herself that today she cant make any excuses not to meet Neha. She asks Neha to go lie down for the check up and enquires from Abhi's mom if she will have something to drink. She then goes for the check up and comes back with Neha. The mom asks if everything is ok. Simran says yes but there is a problem with her B.P. She asks Neha if she is eating properly and taking her medicines. She says yes. Simran asks Mummy to leave them for a while. She then tells Neha that both know the situation and it is evident that Simran's presence is having a negative effect on Neha's health and she strongly suggests that Neha change her doctor.



Update 27th January 2005



Posted: 27 January 2005 at 9:10am |


Simran says, "Please try and understand me". Neha asks her whether this is the result of her faults. Simran tells her that no this is not the case, but she is saying this because Neha is going to have a child soon and for that it would be necessary that she is tension free and in good health. Neha says that she does not know any other doctor in this city. Simran suggests a doctor to her and tells her that she will meet her tomorrow and discuss her case. Neha thanks Simran. After coming out she tells her mother in law that Simran told her to eat well and take care of herself.


Janet is painting and Brian comes in an admires her work. He looks tired and Janet asks him to sit and she massages his arms and shoulders. When suddenly Brian holds her hands. Janet understands his needs and pulls away. She starts crying and asks him why is he wasting his life for her. She cannot give him anything. Brian tells her that he is not going anywhere. He loves her.


The bell rings and Brian wipes his eyes and opens the door. It is Simran. She comes in and tells them that she has some good news for them. Janet can conceive through some new therapy that was initiated by some doctor and Simran had sent him their reports and the comments are positive. But Janet will have to undergo some treatments and tests but she will be able to have a baby through artificial insemination.


Simran's house. She is in bed reading Abhi's article. She picks up the mobile and writes an SMS to him but hesitates on pressing the send button and ultimately does not send it. Abhi is thanking people on the phone. Neha is happy to see the response to his article. Mr. Menon calls him and tells him that the response to this article can become basis of a great campaign and it would be good to involve Simran too. He asks him to call Simran. But Abhi asks him to call her himself. Mr. Menon asks him to come to office but at first he prevaricates, then Neha tells him that her mom is coming over. So he agrees.


Brian is sitting with Simran discussing the children's hospital when Janet calls. She asks him where is the salt. He tells her and then tells her not to ask him about other spices or Simran will employ him as a cook. Janet asks to talk to Simran and invites her for dinner to celebrate her new found happiness. Simran accepts.


Abhi is sitting with Mr. Menon and Mr. Menon again asks Abhi to contact Simran. He refuses. He tells him that he does not want to put undue pressure on Simran and Mr. Menon should approach her himself.


Neha tells Radha that Simran is no longer her doctor and that this was Simran's own decision. Radha is worried but Neha assures her that nothing is going to happen to her.


Abhi's mom calls Simran to enquire about Neha. She tells her that Neha's health is failing. Simran tells her that she must take care of her eating and medicines. She then calls Neha and scolds her as to why she has not told everyone of the change in doctors and she must do so immediately. Neha says ok.


The nurse announces in Mr. Menon. She asks to send him in. Abhi also comes in. Simran is surprised to see him. Mr. Menon requests her involvement in the project. She refuses that she would not be able take out time from work. Mr. Menon asks Abhi to try and persuade her. Abhi tells Mr. Menon that it is no use. Simran herself knows the importance of this campaign and if she is refusing she must have genuine reasons. No one can force another to be part of a movement and he walks out. Mr. Menon too thanks Simran and leaves.


Simran tells herself that Abhi knows why she cannot be part of this campaign. He has to take care of his family and she cannot be an interference.



Update 31st January 2005



Posted: 31 January 2005 at 9:09am |


Abhi walks out of the room. Simran is despondent. Brian enters her room and finds her rolling her shoulders. He asks her what is wrong, whether the guys who just left have anything to do with it. She says nothing is wrong. He asks her whether the dinner with Janet is still on. She confirms it. Meanwhile her receptionist calls her to tell her that some Rachna has come. She asks her to be sent in.


Simran apologises to her that she could not come to her office. Rachna tells her that she knows how busy she is and that is why she has come to her office. She wants Simran to help her in choosing the Achievers award. Rachna tells her that she has transferred the entire process of choosing the entries that came via post and e-mail in a CD so that she can see the process for herself while sitting in the office. Simran watches a clip of the CD and both discuss about the no. of achievers there are. Rachna explains that out of all these entries an eminent jury formed of people like Simi Grewal, Birla, Tata etc will choose 5 out of the lot. Rachna tells Simran that she must keep herself free for the day of the award function. Simran does not promise but says she will try.


Simran comes to Brian's home for dinner. Brian opens the door. She enters and asks whether they can go. Brian tells her that they can as soon as Janet comes in. Just then Janet wheels in her chair and both are surprised to see her. She is looking very pretty. They praise her. Brian then goes to get his wallet. Meanwhile Janet presents Simran with a painting. It is a beautiful painting of a creeper. Simran is surprised to see Janet's talent. They go for dinner. While they are eating they see Manas enter the restaurant and ask for the table he has reserved. He then sees the Simran group. He and Brian greet each other and praise each other's work. Brian introduces him to Janet and he and Simran exchange a curt greeting. Brian asks him to join them but Manas says he is waiting for someone and goes to his table. Simran is looking like someone who desperately wants to talk to Manas but is holding back.


Manas gets a call from Ria who is very late and is in no mood to drive an hour and half to come to dinner. So they decide to meet mid-way. Simran is listening in to the conversation. Manas then gets up and goes without any byes.


Neha and Abhi are sitting in bed. Neha is consoling Abhi that it does not matter that Simran is not taking part in their campaign. He can do wonders on his own. Abhi is very upset because he is not able to understand why Simran is behaving the way she is and that is what is upsetting him. He walks out of the room.


Manas is sitting on the steps in Ria's house with his head in her lap. She is asking him to go to his house since Sonu is all alone. He is about to get up when the phone rings. Ria picks up the phone. It is from her daughter's minder in the USA. Ria is upset after hanging up the phone. Manas enquires and is told that Chavi is in the hospital. She has been taking drugs. Manas tells Ria that he will go along with her and they will take Sonu with them too. Ria is happy to have him with her to support her.


In the morning Manas informs Sonu that they are going to the US. But he does not tell him why inspite of his asking. Sonu is happy and he calls up Simran to tell her the news. Simran is happy for Sonu. But after hanging up is wondering aloud why. Brian is in her room and asks her why she is bothered about other people so much. Why does she take everybody's problems on her head. She says that it is strange that he is taking Sonu since it is not even his school hols. Brian tells her that Manas is old enough and there must be some reason why he is going. Simran says yes, it is possible.


Abhi is in his room and a call comes. He picks up the phone. It is from Dr. Revathy's office. Her receptionist tells Abhi to inform Neha that her appt. tomorrow is cancelled since the doc is busy. Abhi confronts Neha (Poonam is sitting there too) on who is Dr. Revathy and what is Neha's relationship with her. Neha tells him that she changed her doc. Abhi is wild. He screams at her and asks her why. Poonam explains to him that it was Simran's decision. Abhi walks out.


Brian is just leaving Simran's office, when Abhi barges in and asks Simran what is she afraid of. Is she afraid of facing him. If she does not want to talk to him, it is ok. But why abandon Neha and the unborn child days before the delivery. Simran tells him that there is a reason. She is the one who suggested that Neha change her doctor. How can a woman trust her life and that of her unborn child's in the hands of a woman who is the other woman in her life. Abhi is taken aback and tells her not to talk nonsense. Simran tells him that it is true and the truth will not change by his shouting. She, Simran, has become the other woman in Neha's life. She is destroying her life by coming in between her husband. Abhi is completely speechless. 



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