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Archive - November 2004 to December 2004

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This Archive contains Updates of Astitva Ek Prem Kahaani from the period of November 2004 to December 2004.


Update 1st November 2004


Posted: 28 October 2004 at 1:34pm |

Not sure to which date it corresponds to actually (but it says for Nov 2nd) on zeeuk.

Abhi is very happy and tells her how he had not supported Simran's pregnancy but this time he will support her. Abhi calls Simran and informs her about neha's pregnancy. She congratulates him. Urmila gets talking to one of the inmates in the prison and tries to get her to talk against the malpractices in the jail she also asks her if she knows of anyone else who has been subjected to such treatment. Thus, she starts a movement of sorts in the jail. Neha calls Simran and asks her whether she will be her doctor. Simran says she would if Neha trusts her. Neha agrees and Simran also says she will be her doctor. Rashmi listens to this and realizes the truth.

Update 2nd November 2004


Posted: 01 November 2004 at 9:12am |

Simran, Neha and Radha (Neha's mom) are in hospital checking on Neha's health. Simran tells Neha to take care of herself. Radha reminds Simran of their pending interview.

Abhi and his parents are eating breakfast. Abhi's mom asks Abhi to look after Neha during her pregnancy. Abhi leaves for work. His mom is reminiscing about the time when Simran was pregnant and how she would have needed support too at such times.

Radha is at Simran's house. She empathises with Simran in talking about how difficult it is to give birth and bring up a child all by herself, since she too had gone through it. Simran says that it is difficult especially since she would have to answer Astha's questions after she grows up. But she would always tell her the truth. Though Astha will always have her father's name, she will only be Simran's responsibility. Simran would never come between Abhi and Neha.

Manas is talking to Urmial in jail. She tells him that she is finding it difficult to extract truth from other inmates. She tells him that after talking to them she feels her pain is nothing. She talks about an inmate called Kusum who has been in jail and whom she is trying to get on her side. She tells him that she will wait for him next week.

Abhi comes into the room and gives a gift to Neha. She finds a lemon dupatta in the packet and asks him how he brought a lemon dupatta for her since it is Dr. Simran's favourite colour. He asks her if he should change it.

Rashmi and Dr. Pranay are at Simran's talking about Astha's b'day. Simran tells them that it is still long to her b'day and they will talk about it later. Simran is feeling sad for herself of how she has coped with bringing up Astha by herself and tells Rashmi that she has no intentions of entering into any relationship again.

Kusum in jail tells Urmila that she is willing to co-operate. Urmila tells her that they need written proof. Kusum is sceptic. Urmila convinces her to try.

Radha comes to meet Neha. Neha suddenly questions her mom about other family members and why no one has ever come to meet them. Radha tells her that her father had his own family and there was never any question of her being close to any of them. His wife refused to give him divorce so that Radha's child would be called illegitimate. Neha realizes that her father is still alive and asks for his whereabouts. Radha tells her that she has no idea. In any case he died for her the day he asked Radha to abort the child. She had lost hope in humanity till she met Simran. Radha tells Neha that Simran did all in her power to unite Abhi and Neha. Neha says that she will always be indebted to her and will never be able to fill that gap in Abhi's life. Abhi is listening to this conversation.

Update 3rd November 2004


Posted: 03 November 2004 at 9:02am |

Poonam tells Neha to be happy if not for herself then for the child. Neha calls up Simran that she is in great pain. Simran tells her to wait and she will be there. Neha falls on floor and faints. Neha is being wheeled on stretcher to the operating room, Abhi is running alongside. Simran asks him to wait outside. His parents come and ask him why he left Neha alone. He says how was he to know that something would happen in such an early stage. Simran comes out and tells Abhi that Neha has had a miscarriage. They are in shock. She tells him to go in and sit by her. She takes the parents to her office. And tells them that Neha is very upset and they should reassure her that such a thing is not abnormal. She needs emotional support.

Abhi is sitting by Neha. Neha is crying over the lost baby. He tells her she is more important and she should not worry. Simran enters with parents sees her report and tells her she is fine other than some weakness and should take her medicines. Neha asks her if she can become a mother again. Simran tells her naturally. There is nothing wrong with her. She and Abhi are young and can plan a second child anytime.

Manas meets Urmila and she tells him she has signed confessions from inmates and has the papers hidden. How could she hand these over to him. He tells her to hold on to them and he will arrange for something.

Manas is in Simran's office. She tells him that they need to get the papers away from Urmila since they are not safe with her. She then tells him about Neha's miscarriage and how it would not be the right moment to ask for Abhi's help.

Neha's mom is with her feeding her. She tells her that she too had had a miscarriage, so Neha should not be upset.

Abhi comes to Simran's room and Manas tells him about Urmila's papers. Abhi is concerned about how to get papers away and Simran tells him to worry about Neha and they will figure out something. Suddenly Abhi tells them that maybe he has a way.

Radha is sitting with Abhi's parents and they again tell her to shift to their house since Neha needs her.

Manas tells Abhi his idea is too risky. Abhi tells them that all will be ok. Simran tells him that they don't want his or Urmila's life to be at risk. Abhi tells them that Urmila has taken a big risk too and they should not disappoint her.

Abhi takes Neha home. She is upset thinking of the pre-miscarriage days. Abhi gives her medicines and consoles her.

Update 4th November 2004


Posted: 04 November 2004 at 9:06am |

Abhi is consoling Neha. She apologizes to Abhi. He tells her it was not her fault. Gets a phone call from Simran. She enquires about Neha and tells him that she has taken permission from the Commissioner to shoot a feature in the Jail. Abhi interrupts her and tells Neha to take her other medicine while he takes the call outside the room. While going out, he takes Simran's name and Neha is shown disturbed. She gets up and removes all photos of babies that had been hung on the wall. Abhi comes back in and finds her asleep. He sees that she has taken her medicines and the photos have been taken down.

Mr. Mathur is playing with Astha. Rashmi too comes in and sends Shaguna away to meet her husband while she takes care of Astha in her absence.

Shaguna comes to the jail to meet her husband, Shankar. He is the same guy who had tried to throw acid on Simran. She tells him about Dr. Manas who comes to visit Urmila in the same jail. She tells him to meet Urmila and look after her. She tells him about Simran and Manas's plan and how Urmila will need help in jail and asks him to render any help that she may need.

Neha comes to meet her mom and finds her mother exercising. She tells her mother to stop exercising. Radha tells her that she needs to do it to digest her mom-in-laws oily food else she too will become like Mr. Mathur and that she has never seen a person as fat as he is. Abhi's mother comes in and feels that they were talking about her. The whole thing becomes a joke.

Shankar tries to talk to Urmila in jail, but is seen by a guard and gets beaten up.

Mr. Mathur is talking to Rashmi and asks her to think of starting a family. She tells him that she has not completed her studies yet. He tells her that a child takes 9-10 months to come and by that time her studies too would be over.

Radha comes in and finds Mr. Mathur and teases him about his paunch and tells him to go for a walk to reduce it. She then asks him to tell he something about the daughter Simran.

Simran calls up Abhi and asks him if he is ready for tomorrow. He says yes. She again reminds him that it is risky. She is also sounding worried and tells him she is worried for Neha and feels that she is being selfish in recruiting Abhi for this job when Neha needs him. Abhi tells her not to worry about Neha and that she is very strong.

Mr. Mathur is relating Simran's childhood stories to Radha. She asks him for photographs of his girls. She asks him if she could take one of them and she is impressed with the photo. Shaguna blurts out that it has been shot by Abhi. Radha starts praising Abhi. Mr. Mathur tells her to go elsewhere if she wants to praise her son-in-law and not do it here. Simran walks in and tells her father not to bring things down to personal levels. He apologises. Radha tells him that she understands and also tells him that all this apart she will continue to tease him and goes on to call him an old man. The atmosphere lightens up.

Abhi is sitting in his bedroom doing some work. Neha asks him what he intends to do tomorrow and if he would like to tell her his schedule tomorrow. He explains everything to her and tells her that getting the documents from Urmila will be pretty tricky. Suddenly Neha has a wild look in her eyes and tells him that she will not allow him to go anywhere.

Update 8th November 2004


Posted: 08 November 2004 at 9:15am |

Neha has a wild look in her eyes. She tells Abhi that she wont let him go anywhere. While first he did not tell her anything and now he has done so only after she asked him. She wont allow him to take such risks and that Simran is only using him for her own ends. Abhi gets angry and tells her that she i.e. Neha had started it by using him for Poonam's case, how is this different. And his aim is not to help Simran but the women who are trampled by society and to try to get them some justice. He tells Neha not to get involved in things if she cannot do it constructively. He storms out of the room.

Abhi's father comes in while Neha is sitting on the bed quietly shedding tears. He tells her that he heard their argument and feels that Neha is wrong. She should be strengthening Abhi's resolve in this task and not weakening him. They too that is Abhi's parents know how risky the project is but they trust their son and see that he has a mission in life and they respect that. He tells Neha to help him.

Simran is sitting with Mr. Mathur who is sarcastically talking about the risk that Abhi is taking. He tells her that he too could have done something. In fact he can still revive the Helpline even though the Jija is not around. Phone rings.

Abhi calls up Simran telling her about Neha's outburst and her stubbornness in not letting him go to the jail tomorrow. She sympathizes with him but tells him that he must respect Neha's feeling and that they will find some other way, Neha comes out and takes the phone from Abhi's hand and tells Simran that she wont come in the way but will help Abhi in getting ready for the project.

Manas calls Abhi while Abhi is getting ready to go for his appointment at the prison. Manas thanks him for the risk he is taking and tells him that if he needs any help he should let him know. Abhi tells him that this is nothing in comparison to the risk Urmila is taking. Manas agrees. Hearing an emotion in his voice, Abhi tells Manas that looks like he still loves Urmila. Manas prevaricates. Abhi tells him that human relationships are very strange. It is only after divorcing Simran that he himself realized the distance in their relationship. Neha is listening to this conversation.

Abhi is in the prison meeting the Jail Superintendent (JS). JS tells him that he wont be allowed to shoot. Abhi shows him the permission, but the JS is adamant. Abhi cajoles him by telling him that he wants to do a feature on the hardworking people like him and how the JS never gets any recognition for his work but only blame if things go wrong. The JS's ego is flattered and he tells Abhi that he may shoot but will have to get everything approved by him before publishing. Abhi is more than willing to accept this condition.

Abhi is shooting picture in the prison with a couple of police officers accompanying him. An officer comes and tells him that the JS is calling him for lunch. He tells him that he would prefer to use the time shooting the place where the prisoners cook food. The accompanying officer tells him that this wont be possible since that section holds the prisoners under life imprisonment and he wont be allowed, he tells him that they will go elsewhere.

Simran enters Manas's room and is very worried. They talk about Abhi's project and hope that things are going as per plan. Neha calls up Simran asking whether Abhi has called up Simran. Simran says no, but that she should not worry as soon as there is any news she will inform her. Manas tells Simran to call up Abhi if she is so worried.

Cut to prison, Abhi enters the restricted area in spite of police telling him not to and starts taking photos. Urmila is sitting making some cane baskets. Abhi goes there and tells Urmila to pose with the baskets, he tells the police accompanying him to clear some other area and sends them there on that pretext. Meanwhile Simran's call comes in and Abhi talks to her as if it was his editor and tells her that he has what he came for and just needs to get the jailer's interview. Urmila tries to put some papers in Abhi's bag, on the second try she succeeds but one of the jail personnel sees her and feels that she was trying to get something out of the bag. The jailer asks her what she was doing. Urmila tells them that she stole nothing, they get heavy handed but Abhi stops them and tells them that he will check his bag and he checks his bag and tells them that nothing is missing. They tell him not to go by the innocent faces of the prisoners.

Simran call Neha and tells her that she has spoken to Abhi and that he gave a cryptic message saying that he is ok.

Abhi comes to the men's section where the cane work is going on. They tell him that he can take as many photos here as they want. Shaguna's husband Shankar sees Abhi and while the prison guard goes to comb his hair since Abhi told him that he would take his photos and publish them. Shankar comes towards Abhi and while Abhi is shooting pics he tells him that he knows that Dr. Manas has sent him. He tells him that he know the names of the people who exploit the women and he too is one of them. That he has the names written down. There are twelve of them. He gives a piece of paper to Abhi. Abhi tells him that he will not print his name but Shankar insists that he must since this is the first time he is doing something good. And it is for Dr. Simran whom he reveres. That she is a great person and has done lots for him and Shaguna. Then he tells Abhi that he did wrong by marrying again. He does not know what he has lost in Dr. Simran by marrying someone else. 

Update 9th November 2004


Posted: 09 November 2004 at 9:04am |

Simran and Rashmi are sleeping while Neha calls up asking about the whereabouts of Abhi since he had not returned home. Simran tells her not to worry and that she should be proud of him and support him. Neha says she is but being his wife she has the right to be worried about him.

Simran tells Rashmi that it is strange that Neha being in the same profession as Abhi, still worries so much about him and wants him around while she Simran always gave him all his freedom and tried her level best not to interfere with his professional life. But to Neha apparently Abhi's presence seems more important than his profession. Rashmi tells her that maybe it is more necessary to have this kind of thinking for a successful marriage. Simran says maybe. But is now worried about why has he not reached home. Rashmi goes back to sleep but Simran is wide awake.

They show Abhi in his lab processing the photos.

Simran is still wondering where Abhi is and after a while calls up Neha asking her if Abhi is back. She says no, just then the door opens and Abhi walks in. Neha tells her that Abhi is back, Simran asks to speak to him and asks him where he was all the while that Neha was worried for him. He looks very tired and tells her in an irritated tone that he will talk to her in the morning, that he is very tired right now. Neha has a smile on her face hearing Abhi's indifferent tone to Simran. Simran has hallucinations of Neha and Abhi together.

It is morning, Simran and Rashmi are having morning tea. Rashmi tells Simran that she is looking very disturbed. She says that Abhi did not tell her what happened last night and she is wondering. Rashmi tells her to call him up. Neha picks up the phone and tells her that Abhi is sleeping, suddenly Abhi wakes up and takes the phone. He tells her that he will come to the hospital shortly. He asks Neha to tell his mother to get him some tea. Neha tells her that it wont be possible since her mom has taken them for a jog. Abhi is shocked at this news.

Radha and Abhi's parents are out for a jog. After that she tells them that it is good for them to be out since it gives the kids privacy at home and makes them less dependant. Then she tells them that she would like to shift back to her house.

Simran, Abhi, Manas, lawyer are sitting in Simran's office. Lawyer is impressed with the material that Abhi brought. Abhi relates the incident with Urmila and jailer. Manas asks him that whether this will make things more difficult for Urmila. Abhi tells them that he handled the situation and that Urmila seems to have support of the inmates. He also tells them about meeting Shankar. Lawyer says that there is enough evidence to file case. Abhi says that he will start writing the article. Manas is not happy with the article bit. But lawyer says that it should help the case. Manas still does not look too happy.

In Abhi's house, Abhi is writing article and Neha enters the room. She just looks at him and picks up some writing pad. She talks to herself as if speaking to Abhi and says that I am quite sure you think I am selfish, but I love you too much. And it is not as if I want to hold you back from your work but I just want to keep you out of reach of Dr. Simran. I am so worried for you.

Manas is reading the paper. He sees some article called "Beauty behind Bar" and calls up Abhi. Thanks him for the thought provoking article. Tells him that he is grateful to him since this will help the case. That the article is written very well. Abhi tells him that this is nothing compared to what he has done for Simran. Especially after how even after promising to spend his life with Simran, he just walked out on them one day without a thought to Simran or to his daughter. Neha is listening on without Abhi's knowledge. Neha gives him tea and asks him how long he is going to keep blaming himself for what he did to Dr. Simran. Has he ever thought that the time was wrong the situations were not right. Abhi is in deep thoughts.

Dr. (the same one who looked after Urmila) is in jailer's office. Jailer greets him and asks him to sit. Dr. tells him that looks like he has not read the paper today. He tells him that the entire story about the incidents in his jail have been brought before the world and it is the work of that journalist who came here.

Jailer calls up Abhimanyu's home and Neha picks up the phone. Jailer assuming Abhi is at the other end, starts firing and threatens that he will suffer for what he has done by playing foul with him.

Update 10th November 2004


Posted: 10 November 2004 at 9:05am |

The jail officials try to harm Urmila and other prisoners. Urmila tells the jailer that if Urmila or any of the related women are hurt, it wont be good. The jailer and doctor are talking to each other. Jailer is very angry and talks about killing Urmila and getting a suicide note written. The doctor warns him against it telling him that she is Dr. Manas's wife who is very close to Dr. Simran. And Dr. Simran is too well known and has a high reach. Urmila will make good on her threat if any of the women are harmed. Jailer tells him that this time he has an ace up his sleeve in the form of Advocate Ria Sen as public prosecutor. She has never lost a case. Doctor suddenly remembers Shankar and mentions something about him to the Jailer. Jailer talks about getting him beaten up (missed this part).

Some people are beating up Shankar in jail. Jailer comes in and saves him showing sympathy. Shankar asks him why such a hard hearted person is saving him. He then feigns a heart attack.

Simran is sitting in her house, Shaguna comes in and tells her some people are here from some Archana Trust Suburban organization. They come in and introduce themselves and tell Simran that they have chosen to award her the Zee Astitva award for her extraordinary involvement to social issues. Simran refuses to accept the award since she thinks she is not competent enough. They then ask her to appeal to people on TV to send in entries for other nominees. She agrees.

Manas comes to meet Urmila in jail. He tells her she is hiding her sorrow behind her smile. She says that He tells her that the court case is starting tomorrow. He then asks her whether she is ok after all that has happened. She says yes generally things are fine. They did try to harm them but after she threatened them she does have to hear snide remarks but not much else. She says she is worried about Shankar since she heard that he has been beaten up to get him to speak. Manas tries to meet Shankar in the hospital but is not allowed to.

The doctor and jailer go to meet Riya Sen. They enter her room and she is singing, they complement her on her singing, she is very cut and dried with them. Tells them to talk about the case. They explain about the case to her but try to make themselves look good. Riya Sen sees through them and tells them to be straight with her. Get her the files of all female prisoners supporting Urmila. She then outlines a story whereby she would try to portray Simran as being an aspiring politician taking the route of social service for her political ends with one of the by-products being a reduced sentence for Urmila.

Simran is sitting with Astha, Abhi calls up telling her that he will be there. She tells him that the lawyer is coming today and it would be nice if he was there too. He agrees. Neha comes in and tells him whey does he need to go to court too. He tells her that he would have to go in any case since he would be called by the lawyers. She tells him why does he need to involve himself in this case all the way through. It is the problem of Dr. Simran and Dr. Manas. He says this is not about them but the women who don't have any one to fight for them. Neha is worried. Abhi asks her what is her problem. She tells him that more she is with them, more… She stops. Abhi understands and is disgusted. He tells her to continue. She says there is no point. He insists. When she does not comply, he completes her sentence saying that more closeness will develop between him and Simran. Then he shouts at her asking her why she is so insecure with him and Simran. Does she realize that she thinks more about Simran than he does. He has never hidden anything about his past from her but she insists on dragging it in between them every now and then. And if she had such a big problem with his friendship with Simran, she should not have agreed to marry him. He walks off.

Update 11th November 2004


Posted: 11 November 2004 at 9:04am |

Diwali ki Shubhkamnayen and Eid Mubarak!!!  =========================================================

Abhi, Simran, Lawyer and Manas are sitting in Simran's office discussing the case. Lawyer says that they have appointed Riya Sen, and she is a very competent lawyer and has never lost a case. Lawyer tells Abhi to stay away from the case since his article may be construed to be biased because of his relationship with Simran etc. Simran is very upset and says that they will face it and why should any of this happened. Lawyer says it is his duty to warn them and this can happen. He leaves.

Abhi says that lawyer is right and this can happen. Simran tells him not to worry. Abhi wonders whether they can find another lawyer, Manas tells him not to be silly since the hearing is another 3 days and it wont be possible to find another one. Manas wonders who Riya Sen is.

Rashmi is scolding Pranay for not coming back in time. She reminds him that it is diwali tomorrow. And they had promised Pranay's mother that they will spend diwali in Indore. Pranay tells her to take a flight and come there, he too will join them. Mr. Mathur tells her to take gifts and sweets for her mom in law. Shaguna tells them she will prepare the sweets herself.

Riya Sen calls up the jailer in the middle of the night. She asks him whether Urmila had been tortured in jail. He tells her that it has been a while. She asks him how long, a year… He says no, but nothing has been done recently. She takes him to task. She asks him if there was anyone else. He mentions Shankar. That he was beaten up even though he had only asked them to threaten him. Riya scolds him and tells him that surely he must be in bad shape and they should get him patched up quickly or it will reflect very badly on them. After the call she is back to her cheerful mood and starts singing.

It is morning, and Simran is walking while looking at her mobile. Suddenly Shaguna screams loudly and scares Simran. She jumps and asks what happened. Shaguna tells her that she was going to step on her Rangoli. Simran asks where is father and Rashmi. Shaguna tells her that her father has gone to leave Rashmi at the airport. Simran is sad that because of Urmila's case, she has forgotten everyone else. Just then Mr. Mathur walks in and again Shaguna screams for the same reason. He tells Simran that they have to perform the diwali pooja at three diff places at three diff. Times.

Abhi's parents, Abhi, Neha, Neha's mom etc. are sitting down to diwali pooja. Neha and Abhi take blessings from everyone. Gifts are distributed. His mom gives him something for Astha also and tells him to deliver it.

Neha and Abhi are in their room. Neha is packing up Astha's gift. Abhi closes her eyes and tells Neha not to open them till he says so. He then asks her to open her eyes. She sees a beautiful gold necklace and earrings set. He tells her this is his first gift to her after the wedding and he ties the necklace round her neck while telling her that he hopes that their marriage will shine forever like gold.

Shaguna is decorating the pooja place. Simran tells her to hurry up. Shaguna tells her to help. Abhi and Neha walk in and wish them Happy Diwali and give them the gifts. Neha tells Simran that she has brought a dress for Astha and whether she can put it on for her. Simran looks a bit surprised but says ok. Neha takes Astha away. Simran and Abhi share an intense moment looking at each other. Neha comes back. Mr. Mathur walks in with Manas and his son. He blesses Neha and Abhi with a clipped voice.

Neha and Abhi to take part in the family pooja. There is a scene where Simran is doing the Aarti by herself and passes the thaali to Neha and Abhi. After the round Simran takes the thali and prays that Astha is her only support and she should always be with her and not be taken from her.


Update 15th November 2004


Posted: 15 November 2004 at 9:09am |

Simran and Mr. Mathur are talking to the bua exchanging diwali wishes. She tells Simran to do tika to Saurabh on her behalf. Saurabh tells her how much he misses her and the Jija as they had gotten so used to their being around. She asks Saurabh how Simran is doing. Saurabh tells bua that Simran is holding up very well. Bua tells him to be very supportive towards Simran.

Some Akshay is coming to get the Bhai dooj tika done and he loves paneer. Simran is telling Shaguna to get it by hook and crook.

Simran is doing tika to Saurabh for bhai dooj on behalf of bua. Rashmi is also there. Suddenly Abhi's mom comes in with the small boy Samar (Anandi's son) to get him tika from Astha. She hands over sweets on behalf of Samar. She tells Simran that since Vivek has got a job abroad, there is no certainty when next Samar would get an opportunity to get tika done from Astha. Simran assures her that Astha would send him the Rakhi and bhai dooj tika without fail every year since distance does not diminish the value of relationships and this is a brother-sister relationship.

Riya Sen is in the jailer's office. He repeatedly asks her for coffee, she refuses repeatedly and then tells him to go out since she wants to talk to Urmila alone. Urmila walks in jailer walks out.

She tells her that she is Riya Sen the public prosecutor and she will be cross examining her in court. But she needs to know more about her. She then asks her what made her leave Manas for Ashwin. Urmila does not say anything. Riya then asks her to forget it and then asks her that now she says she is being exploited, so by whom, who all are there with her. Urmila is again silent. Riya tells her that she was very forthcoming with the journalist, is it because he was a friend of her ex-husband's? She is becoming very agitated and questions are coming in thick and fast. Urmila quietly tells her that she is looking very restless and that Urmila will answer all her questions but in court in front of a judge and she walks out. Riya looks impressed.

Abhi is in the publisher's office, where he has taken a job. The boss asks him whether he would have taken on the job had it not been his need for an outlet for Musafir's column. Abhi says yes, since he felt that this paper was on the side of truth and worked for bringing society's ills in front of the public.

Abhi is standing in front of Neha and has her hand in his. He talks to her in a serious tone. He tells her that it is because she is with her that he is able to do what he is doing. He has made a l lot of mistakes to get to where he is. He needs a lot of support. Alone he can do nothing. But he needs her support. However, he does not want to do anything by making her unhappy or sad. And this is very important to him. Neha tells him that she understands, she is not upset just worried. Abhi tells her that is ok. She can worry since that is her right but nothing will happen to him. He then tells her that he will be back shortly, he is going to court. Neha looks pensive.

He is going out of the door when his father walks in and tells him how much his column was being appreciated in the park. His father felt so proud of him and wanted to shout out that Musafir is none other than his son. Both hug emotionally, Neha is standing a little way back.

Court is convened. Urmila is shown in the witness box. She gives her testimony about how she was asked to please the officers against a good character certificate and reduced sentence. The lawyer tells the court that this is not an isolated case but has happened to several other females. Riya Sen objects and tells the lawyer that if he has any proof he should put it forth. That these are not innocent females they have been in jail for heinous crimes. The lawyer tells her that it is no reason to exploit them in prison. She tells the court that the only reason this case is before the court is because of Musafir. Brings forth whole lot of relations about Abhi being Simran's ex-husband and Manas being her very good friend. Ultimately she tells the court that the case is baseless.

Case is carried over to next hearing. 

Update 16th November 2004


Posted: 16 November 2004 at 9:13am |

Court is adjourned for the day. Judge leaves. Simran, Abhi and Manas stare at him leaving. Urmila looks back at Manas who is looking disturbed. Riya Sen is looking smug.

Outside the District Metropolitan Court. Manas is very troubled. Simran reassures him. Manas shouts at her telling her that Riya is going to win the case making their personal relations as the issue. Simran tells Abhi, that she cant tell why he is upset, everything will be ok.

Some journalists corner Simran and ask for two minutes of her time.

The jailer is praising Riya to the skies. She tells them that looks like they did not have enough confidence in her. They tell her that they have full confidence. They move away. The jailer tells the doctor that once they have won the case, then Urmila will see his strength and what he can do.

Manas is passing by where Riya is standing and Riya Sen calls out to him and says that "I hope that you are getting another article printed before the next hearing.". Manas gets instigated and stops. He goes towards her and tells her that he had heard a lot about her and her abilities as a lawyer. He had also believed that being a woman she would be able to understand the point of view of the women in jail and what they are going through, but all this is apparently of no consequence to her. She only wants money and along with the corrupt police officers she will be supporting them. The jailer hears his raised voice and so do Simran and Abhi. Before Simran and Abhi can stop Manas the police reach there and shout at him and beat him up black and blue. Riya Sen looks on but looks disturbed.

Jailer tells Riya Sen that that I will not leave him. He must suffer for what he has done. Riya says that Dr. Manas made a very big mistake by beating an on job police officer. This weakens their case further. She then tells the Jailer to cool down and she will do what has to be done.

Riya Sen is on the way back and remembers Manas's words about her wanting to make only money and not being bothered about the bigger picture.

Simran is sitting besides Abhi near a clinic. A Dr. comes in and says that Manas is generally ok, but under sedation and needs to stay in the hospital for 18 hours for observation and can be released only in the morning. A police officer tells her that in any case he will be arrested after being released for beating an on duty police officer. Simran asks whether they can apply for bail. He answers in the affirmative. She tells the police officer to tell Manas on waking up that his son Sonu is with her and he should not worry. She will come in the morning.

Riya Sen is passing by and stops seeing Simran and Abhi. She stops her car and gets down and enquires about Abhi. Simran tells her that he is ok but Riya would know the legalities of the case better being a lawyer. Riya tells her that Simran too has enough legal knowledge to understand. She asks Simran that why, being a well known celebrity, she is supporting this case, is it because she is a personal friend of Manas and Urmila or does she genuinely believe in her case. Simran is shocked to see Riya there and surprised at the question. Simran tells her that irrespective of how close a friend is and if he is wrong, she won't defend him. She and Abhi leave. Riya Sen looks on and contemplates.

Urmila is crying in the prison. Manas is on the hospital bed. He wakes up and is thinking.

Sonu, Manas's son is at the table looking sad. Simran comes in and tells him to go to bed. She lies down besides him and Astha putting them to sleep. And looks worried.

Riya is in her office and wondering whether she is working on the side of right people. Her phone rings and the jailer and doctor are announced in. They praise her to the skies and she cuts them in the middle and tells them she wants to meet the prisoners who had been pointed out by Urmila. The jailer asks her why when they have given her all the files and the details. She asks him why have they suddenly lost confidence in her. The doctor says ok, no problem, he looks at the jailer and tells them there should be no problem but both look shaky. They then ask her if they can do anything else. She tells them that she will let them know once this work is done.

Manas signs on his bail application. Simran and Abhi are there with the lawyer. The magistrate asks them to submit the papers in the police station. Manas says nothing is going to happen. That they have lost the case already. Simran tells him not to lose hope. Manas is out of the hospital and is shouting at Simran and Abhi that he will do what he thinks best. If they think there is hope they can continue to think so. Simran asks him why he is separating him from them. He says that he does not want Urmila to suffer any longer and he got himself involved in this case thinking that they could do some social justice and all this is because of Abhi. Abhi looks on surprised. Had Abhi not written the article people would not have brought their personal relations in the picture and the case would not have weakened to this extent. Simran tells him that it is not Abhi's fault that the case is weakened but Manas's since he beat up the jailer. Manas says that he does not want to fight the case any longer. Since he is responsible for weakening the case, let that be so. But he cannot stand Urmila being abused and not do anything about it. He walks off.

Abhi tells her he is leaving for home as he is not required here. Simran has tears in her eyes.

(Excuse the spellings today) 

Update 17th November 2004


Posted: 17 November 2004 at 9:05am |

In the jail, Riya Sen meets other female prisoners who complained against the jailer. She is recording their statements. Face shows consternation. She goes to the men's side too and finds no support, finally sees Shankar. The entire conversation is muted. Finally they shake hands.

She then goes into Urmila's cell and greets her. Urmila says nothing. Riya tells her she wants to ask her something. Urmila tells her she knows all about her past, present and perhaps future too, what more does she want. Riya tells her that she knows, but would like to understand her and what happens. Urmila says that it makes no diff. You are with the law and we are prisoners are on the other side. Whatever we say will be misconstrued. Riya puts a hand on her shoulder and tells her that she understands what they are going through. She has met the other female prisoners too and seen the sadness in their eyes. But this time she wants to side with the truth. Urmila should see the situation from her eyes too. It is not unknown for prisoners to blame the jail authorities to get their sentences reduced. So even being a woman she cannot blindly believe statements made by women. But this time she wants to genuinely know the truth and help if she can. Urmila turns around and tells Riya to ask what she wants to know.

Mr. Mathur is talking to Manas. He tells him he is not favouring Simran because he is her father. But why did Manas hit the jailer being such a mature person. Manas tells him that he could not stop himself. Mathur says that these things happen in cases and the judgment has not been pronounced yet. Manas is totally disheartened. Says that he does not know what will happen to Urmila now. Mathur says that Urmila is all alone while he has so many friends. He says that it is because of the many friends he is facing this problem. Had Abhi not written that article, half the problems would not have happened.

Simran tells her father that Manas should not have done this. The reason the case is where it is, is because of the lawyer's incompetence and has nothing to do with Abhi. Mr. Mathur says that as usual Abhi has been impulsive and gotten the article printed. See what happened. Simran tells him not to be biased towards Abhi. He always sees Abhi as that person who married your daughter and left her. He has never seen him as an individual. While that was her past, she has moved on, and he should too. Even Manas would not have said the things he did had the case been in his favour. Then he would have praised Abhi. Simran tells him that Abhi had no ulterior motive in writing the article. And no one has the right to behave like this with Abhi. She and Mr. Mathur have a big argument.

Abhi is in his room sitting on his desk. Neha walks in and apologises for being late since she had to finalise stories for the week. She enquires about the case. He does not say much just that the hearing has been postponed. Neha tells him that this is normal in court hearings. Abhi says that even Manas thinks that my writing the article was detrimental to the case. Neha asks him what happened. He mentions Riya Sen that she said that all articles written by Musafir are bisased because he is Simran's friend and all this is done to reduce . He is getting very angry. Neha calms him down by telling him that often those people hurt us who we expect least to do so. Though Dr. Manas thinks this way, let him, Abhi should not be upset.

Abhi's parents come in. They mention that they never gave them any wedding gift and would have done so earlier except that the mom-in-law was not agreeable. She laughs. Father hands over a set of keys to Neha and tells her that these are keys to their new house. Their new wedding life should start in their new home where they can understand each other and learn to know each other. Neha looks at Abhi, she has tears in her eyes. Abhi tells the parents that he does not know what to say, they have thrust it on them so suddenly. Mom says that she was not agreeable at all, but Pop explained why this should be done. Neha then asks them why they are throwing them out of the house. They should tell her if she has done something wrong. She will not go anywhere. This is her house. She becomes very emotional. Abhi looks at her surprised.

P.S. Astitva completed 2 years and 400 episodes today.

Update 18th November 2004


Posted: 18 November 2004 at 9:00am |

Mummy comes to Neha and asks her why she is crying. Neha reiterates that she wont leave this house. Why another house for them. Father says that he wanted them to live alone together for some time. And this is essential for the success of every newly married life. Mummy says that once they are alone Abhi will care more about coming back on time since right now he is carefree thinking that parents are with Neha. Mummy gives Neha the keys. But Neha says that she is not ready for this yet and gives the keys back to Mummy.

Mummy tells Papa that she knew Neha would not accept it. Papa says that we are lucky to have such a daughter in law else the moment son is married he wants to take the wife away. Now they know how much their children love them. He however says that he is certain that Neha will agree to shift eventually. Mummy says that they had been lucky once earlier too but she could not see it. Papa tells her to stop thinking about the past and berating herself all the time. She needs to move on. Mummy cries that how will they live alone. Papa says that they are not alone, but are together and will live a full life, go for walks etc. Mummy says that looks like Radha is having her effect on you talking of walks. He says that the other day she was also putting a face pack. He says that even though they are in the twilight of their life does not mean they have to live like recluse.

Neha and Abhi are in bed talking about the house shifting. Abhi says no one will force Neha to shift if she does not want to. Neha tells him that she does not want to be branded as the daughter in law who made the son shift out of the house. In any case the parents are getting old and need support. Abhi tells her that they will be around, in any case the suggestion came from the parents.

Abhi and Neha go to Simran's house. Abhi tells her that did not expect to see her there. Simran asks them what they would like to drink. They refuse. Neha is in her thoughts. Simran asks her what is wrong. Neha says nothing. Simran asks Abhi what he has done to annoy Neha. Abhi tells Simran not to put the blame on him if Neha's mood is spoilt. Simran insists and asks Neha the problem. She explains about the house problem. Abhi goes to see Astha leaving them to talk. Simran urges Neha to accept the house offer. Tells her that their relationship needs space and the good thing is that the parents have offered it themselves. Abhi and Neha are driving back, Abhi asks her even though Simran has said the same thing as his parents, why is she upset. Neha tells him that if everyone is of the same opinion, she will accept but she would like to consult her mom as well. Abhi turns the car to Radha's house.

Abhi's parents are happy that they have reached a decision to shift. Neha says that though they have agreed, they want them to meet every 2 days and talk on phone everyday. Mummy agrees readily. Neha says that she has lost the habit of living alone. Papa says that both houses will belong to all of them. They will come and go as they like. Mummy says that they are only giving them four walls and a roof, but it is Neha who will make it into a home by giving it her touch.

Rashmi and Pranay go to meet Manas. Pranay says he is sure Urmila will get justice in the end. Pranay offers help. Manas refuses saying that he does not need anyone's help, it only creates trouble. Pranay tells him that he hopes that their help wont be needed and they leave. Rashmi is upset with what Manas said. Pranay tells her not to think of it that way. Manas is under tremendous pressure and has a lot of anger for Abhi and Simran. He asks her whether she would think the same had Manas levied allegations against someone else.

Pranay calls Simran and tells her the same thing. She says she understands. Manas comes to the hospital to attend to a patient. Simran is annoyed since she had asked him to stay and rest at home.

Manas is upset with the patient's parents. He shouts at them. The patient's father enquires about Manas's injury. He tells them to mind their business. Just then Abhi comes in. He apologises for anything he may have done. Manas shouts at him too telling him that he is sure Simran sent him. Abhi says he came on his own knowing that Manas is upset. And everyone involved in this case only has Manas's best interest in mind. He tells him to change his attitude or he will alienate everyone and be left all alone. Manas tells him that everyone is ready to read him a sermon. He is not interested. He will fight alone and does not need anyone's help. They should leave him alone and get lost.

Update 22 November 2004


Posted: 22 November 2004 at 9:08am |

Simran's house. Abhi is there. Simran tells Abhi that it is good he met Manas and apologized since he needs lots of support. Abhi tells her that we have to be very patient wth Manas. She tells Abhi that she used to tell Manas that he was more mentally strong than her.

She then asks Abhi that how is he here. He said that just to tell her that they have decided to shift. Even Radha was of the same opinion and Neha has decided to agree to his parents request. Simran tells him that this is good and she is happy to know that it is Mummy who took the first step. She then tells him that she should go and meet Manas.

Manas is thinking of what Abhi told him and thinks that Abhi will not be able to understand his feelings.

Abhi and Neha come to their new house that looks huge with a huge lawn and they are discussing how to furnish the house. She tells him that they need to shop. He tells her that he cannot come with her, he gets bored. She suggests that he could ask Simran to accompany her since her taste is good and she would know what to get where in Bombay.

Riya Sen is talking to doctor and jailer and tells them that till now the case is in their favour but she needs to know lots more. She needs to know whether the allegations laid against them are true since she will have to base her arguments on these facts. The jailer tells her that he does not know much but when there are requests from higher ups they have to be fulfilled. She asks him whether the previous jailer was promoted because of this. The jailer says naturally since promotions are seldom granted for honest work. She then asks the doctor whether any documents are available for the women who were aborted a few months ago. The doc says that nothing can be traced to them since they never keep documents and even the nurses are in their employ. Riya Sen says that now things are ok and there is no problem. She has a strange smile on her face.

Simran goes to meet Manas and tells him that whatever Riya Sen may do but nothing will happen. It is never easy to go against jail officials. Manas tells her that he too has been overreacting. She tells him that they have been through very rough times but have always come through because they believe in themselves. Abhi apologises to her for his rough behaviour against Abhi and Simran. They make up. Simran asks him whether it would be ok to broach this subject with women's forums. That would carry some weight irrespective of what Riya Sen comes up with. She wanted to get his assent lest he accuse them later of taking decisions against his desires. Manas playfully scolds her for getting formal with him and agrees to her suggestion.

Neha is in Abhi's parents house and tells Mummy that she must accompany her to shop for the house. Mummy says that she is busy but she could take Radha for this and then when she goes to buy kitchen stuff, Abhi's mom will come with her. That way they will share responsibility. In any case Radha must be kept busy since she too has been left alone now. And she would enjoy shopping with her daughter and setting up her house.

Simran is attending the women's forum meeting and their president tells her that this forum is to discuss the general problems of women and not that of an individual. Simran tells them that she does not understand. She has proof that lots more women other than Urmila have undergone torture. She shows them the written and signed statements. They tell her that they had formed their opinion based on newspaper reports but now they know the truth and will support her.

Radha and Neha are in Neha's house after shopping. They are discussing the shopping and while talking Radha and Neha get emotional. Radha tells her that she has got all the things she never had in terms of family through Neha.

Shaguna brings coffee for Simran. She looks troubled and tells Simran that she is not being allowed to meet Shankar since long. Simran tells her not to worry and she will ensure that she will be able to meet him.

Manas is home having b'fast and bell rings. It is Riya Sen. She comes to meet Manas. He roughly asks her why she has come. She tells him that she has obviously come to meet him and there was no point in calling him up since she would be the last person he would be wanting to meet. He tells her to come clean. She tells him that she has come to tell them to change their lawyer. He asks her why should they do that. She tells him that they should do it because their case has become very weak. He tells her that their lawyer will handle it in the next hearing. She tells him that she does not think so, he has a contempt of court charge against him and that is serious. Manas asks her whether she is suggesting that they get a clever, foxy lawyer like her whose only aim is to win irrespective of what happens. She tells him 'exactly' that is what "I am saying. I want to fight your case". Manas looks confounded and asks her why. She says "because I don't want you to lose this case and also because of you and what you said the other day, it opened my eyes and I have taken the first step to fighting this case. I have resigned from my post and am no longer the public prosecutor. I want to get justice for you Urmila and all other women". 

Update 23rd November 2004


Posted: 23 November 2004 at 8:58am |

Manas asks Riya Sen why she resigned since she always likes to win. She says yes, she likes to win, and had she remained the public prosecutor she would have won the case but something inside her would have died.

Manas tells the news to Simran who is overjoyed.

Neha is in her office and is congratulated by her colleagues on the turnabout in the case. Everyone is praising Riya Sen and her inner voice. Someone in her office however taunts Abhi's involvement with Simran and Neha defends Abhi. She becomes thoughtful when she gets a call from Abhi who asks her why she is sounding strange. She tells him she was busy. He tells her he called her since he wanted her to be the first to know that Riya Sen will be fighting on their side. Neha thinks to herself that no matter what she will not misunderstand Simran and will call her immediately and involve her also in her happiness over the new house.

Jailer and doctor are talking about Riya Sen and how she is not responding to their calls. She walks in and they shout at her asking her why she resigned. Does she take them for fools. She says yes, because she took her for a fool. They hid the truth from her. She knew the truth once she talked to the women. The jailer threatens her that should she harm them in any way, they will not leave her. She tells them not to threaten her since she can handle them. They go away.

Dr. Simran calls Riya and tells her that she heard that she is going to fight for them. She thanks her and apologises for any past problems. Riya says that she should thank them for helping her change her path. She says that she would like to meet all of them for planning their future strategy.

Neha enters Simran's room and they talk about the new developments concerning the case. Simran tells her that she too was involved at an emotional level seeing how she supported Abhi. Neha then tells her she wants her help in choosing curtains and carpets for the house. They go shopping.

(My cable goes on the blink) 

Highlights 24th November 2004


Posted: 24 November 2004 at 9:54am |

Got back pretty late from work. So no detailed update.

- Abhi discusses Astha's b'day plans with Simran tells her that he will handle the party arrangements.

- Neha and Abhi have decorated their house, Mummy wants to have puja and house warming party. They plan to have both on the same day, puja in morning and party in evening

- Riya Sen makes herself at home at Manas's place in his absence, is playing with Manas's son. Riya Sen and Manas have a very friendly conversation. He tells her he cant have Urmila back home after her release. He is helping her and that is all.

- Abhi tells Neha to change party/puja date since Astha's b'day date and puja date are clashing. 

Update 25th November 2004


Posted: 25 November 2004 at 9:01am |

Neha is upset with Abhi for the Astha / new house fiasco.She is more upset with him for not sharing news with her and taking all decisions himself. She tells him that she too is her mother in a way and any mother would want to celebrate her daughter's b'day. She suggests combining both parties and have it in their new house.

Abhi and Neha put the proposal to Simran. She says her father won't agree. Neha goes to try her luck with him. She tries to win him over by putting the father-daughter relationship at stake (Simran:Mr. Mathur as Astha:Abhi). He is quite moved. He agrees to come to the b'day party.

Abhi is impressed with Neha. Neha tells him that she will ensure that the father daughter relationship grows.

Neha goes to her office to invite her colleagues and a couple of them taunt her for being able to not only share her husband but also his relationships. She scolds them for having such a low thinking.

Riya is humming a tune in her house and making tea for Manas. He tells her not to murder beautiful songs. She tells him that since there is no romance in her life her frustration comes out in her songs. He tells her he cannot believe there is no romance in her life. She tells him that she has romance in shape of murderers, rapists, thugs etc. Neha and Abhi walk in to invite Riya and invite Manas too. They leave quickly. Manas is surprised to see that these two are inviting people for Astha's b'day.

Riya is having dinner with Manas and praises the food. Manas asks her why she is praising food that she herself has prepared. Riya tells her that she could not take a chance that he would not praise it. She believes in having all the cards up her sleeve. Simran calls up Manas to find Riya there. She hears them having a very friendly exchange and hangs up and wonders at this turn of events.

Some pot breaks in Neha and Abhi's new house. (I am sure it has some major significane, but I for the life of me cant figure out what, maybe it is an ill omen).

Highlights 29th November 2004


Posted: 29 November 2004 at 10:15am |

Update will be very brief, no electricity, project deadline... Life can be tough.

- Manas asks Riya to take Sonu to buy b'day present for Astha while he visits Urmila in jail. He tells Urmila that Sonu is with Riya and quite happy.

- Riya and Sonu come across Mr. Mathur and Rashmi in toy store

- Pooja takes place for new house

-         Evening party Simran comes in, she appreciates the house, then gets Abhi to change all furniture location. Reminisces about her time with Abhi, goes into their bedroom and sits down on the bed and is in general feeling sorry for herself and pulling the bedspread apart when Neha walks in and sees her in this state. 

Update 30th November 2004


Posted: 01 December 2004 at 10:01am |

Simran gives some excuse for the bed sheet and helps Neha to spread it out again. Saurabh, Rashmi and Pranay come for the party and Saurabh praises neha for her well decorated home and also says that it was Neha who had made him come for the party. Rashmi makes the children play games. Neha's colleagues from the office come for the party and sarcastically tell neha that it is great how she has accepted Abhi's ex-wife and daughter and ridicule her. Manas, Sonu and Ria come late and Sonu is upset about it. Simran notices the closeness that Manas and Ria share and is surprised. Manas gives Simran the gift that Urmila has made for Aastha and she is touched. Meanwhile, Poonam also comes and she asks Neha to show her around the house. Neha is very upset about the importance of Aastha's birthday and she tells Poonam that and about all the incidents when Abhi gave more importance to Simran than her. It has affected Neha a lot. Manas is standing outside the room and overhears the whole conversation. HE is shocked.

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