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The updates for "Astitva Ek Prem Kahaani" are available in India Forums from the last week of  August 2004. Tihis archive contains Updates from the period of August 2004 to October 2004.


Update 30th August 2004



Posted: 01 September 2004 at 12:48pm |


She calls out to Manas and asks him why is she here. Manas asks her the reason why she was going towards Dahisar and why was she asking for Kavita and her mother. Doctor asks nurse to arrange for sedative and MRI and she is taken there.


At Manu's house, Manu's son Fairaz is jumping around and is scolded by Nagma who is cleaning up the place. Fairaz tells her that since this is his father's house, he can play. She tells her son that maybe his father is not his anymore. Suddenly Manu barges in house with Gauri and shouts at Nagma asking her why she had to come back into his life and spoil everything. Gauri tells them that Manu is upset. She goes into her room and sees a Rakhi lying there and opens a box with lots of Rakhis lying there from the past which she never tied to Manu while he was lost. She goes to Manu to tie him Rakhi, he tells her that he is not worth the Rakhi. She tells him that their bond is greater than all the things he has done and ties the Rakhi.


At the hospital Abhi's cell phone rings, it is his parents enquiring about Simran. Simran's father is cribbing about Abhi's presence to Rashmi. Rashmi tells him that Abhi has not eaten anything, father says that no one has stopped him and it is all a sham. Meanwhile Manas comes out and tells them that some of her brain cells are damaged that cannot be cured with medication and an operation is necessary and such operations are always dangerous. Abhi is flustered. He asks Manas if he can meet her once, Manas has no problems. Alok Nath looks upset. Rashmi consoles him.


Abhi is sitting by Simran's bed. Manu enters the room and puts his hand on Abhi's back. Abhi tells Manu to let him know if he needs anything to be arranged and that he is sitting outside. Simran opens the eyes, sees Manu. He asks her to forgive him. She turns away and asks him to leave. He comes out of the room and asks Abhi to go in and sit with her. Abhi is hesitant but Manu insists. He goes in and sees Simran crying. Tells her she will be fine and not to cry. She falls into an uneasy sleep.


Neha is in her flat and thinking of Abhi that how he is the only one for her.


Simran opens her eyes, sees Abhi and her memory seems to have gone back in time and she asks him to leave. She is having memory lapses. Both Abhi and Manu are standing besides her bed looking strangely at her odd behavior.




Update 31st August 2004



Posted: 01 September 2004 at 12:49pm |



Manu asks Abhi to call the nurse. Simran is crying. Manu asks nurse to give her a sedative. Manu and Abhi leave the room. Abhi asks Manu what is wrong. Manu tells him that it often happens with head injuries and Simran won't remember anything of what she is saying or doing. Abhi is confused and walks away.


Manu's house – His son asks his mother when they will leave and that she has been crying ever since she entered this house. Gauri tells her that she understands how Nagma is feeling and it is not her fault. Nagma tells her that it is since she should not have followed him and should have let bygones be bygones. Gauri asks them to eat food and that she is going to the hospital. Nagma inquires about Simran. Gauri leaves.


Entire Abhi's family is surrounding Simran's bed. Abhi's mom tells her that she will be ok soon. She asks Vivek where is Anandi. Rashmi tells Simran that Anandi will come later and she should rest and asks everyone else to leave.


Abhi's mom tells him to come home and take some rest. He refuses saying that he will not move. That he at least is conscious of the fact what Simran has done for all of them even if they don't. Elsewhere Simran's father is talking to Manu and telling him that the wedding will have to be postponed. Manu tells him that Simran's health is more important than anything else.


Neha's house – The nurse is laughing. Radha comes out wearing an ill-fitting dress thinking it is hers. Neha tells her that this is her dress. Radha is walking around like a model and asks for Abhimanyu to do a photo session. She seems to have had a relapse and again thinks of herself as a film star.


Rashmi and Pranay's house – Phone rings and Pranay picks up, it is Neha who tells him that her mom has had another attack. Pranay tells her that he will change the medicines. He tells Rashmi that he has not been able to attend to Radha because of Simran and has missed sessions. Rashmi tells him to take care of them since they have no one else in the city while everyone is there for Simran.


Manu's house – Nagma is leaving the house and Manu stops her telling her that in future she will not leave the house without his permission.


Hospital on Simran's bedside – Simran's father and Rashmi are chatting with her. Simran enquires about Anjali aunty. Both look surprised. Rashmi tells Simran not to think about all these things. Outside Manas, Pranay and Manu are sitting. Simran's father comes out and tells Manas that Simran keeps remembering people who are not in their lives anymore. Manas says that she is having too many memory relapses and the operation must be done at the earliest. Mr. Mathur is very worried.


Manu and Gauri go to meet Simran. Simran sees Manu and is upset and asks Gauri to take him away. Tells Gauri not to call her Bhabhi, that her brother has cheated her.




Update 1st September 2004



Posted: 01 September 2004 at 12:50pm |



Simran is still rambling and having memory lapses. Manas is in the prison with his ex-wife telling her about Simran. She asks him to take care of Simran. Manas tells her that her memory lapses are because of the accident and she may have to go for surgery. Manas tells her that it appears that she was unstable even before the accident that she was driving strangely, totally out of character. He tells her that apparently something happened between her and Manu but neither are talking.


Abhi is sitting and Mr. Mathur comes in with some food and enquires from the nurse about Simran. He sees Abhi and walks up to him and calls out to him. Abhi is napping. Mr. Mathur tells him that he will fall sick and should go home and rest for a while.. They cannot afford another sick person since everyone else is required to look after Simran. Abhi asks if he can meet Simran once before leaving.


He enters the room, Rashmi is there with Simran. Simran enquires about Neha and Radha. Abhi tells her everything is fine. Rashmi tells Simran to tell Abhi to take rest since he has not left the hospital. Simran requests him to go. Abhi leaves and tells her he will be back soon.


Abhi comes to Neha's house. She tells him that they have been trying to reach him. Radha looks normal and asks Abhi about Simran. Abhi tells her that Simran was enquiring about them. Radha starts relating an incident from her past. Abhi and Neha look on. Radha tells Neha to get tea for Abhi. She goes along with Neha to make sandwiches.


Neha comes with tea and finds Abhi asleep. She makes him comfortable, calls up his home and tells his mother that he is asleep. Mother tells her to get Abhi to call her after he awakens.


Nagma tells Farhaz to have b'fast. Manu tells Nagma to generally take care of the house. Gauri gets call from maid telling her that she will not be coming today. Gauri is upset since she will have to stay back and cook. Nagma tells her that she can cook. Gauri takes her to the kitchen to show her around.


Hospital – Simran is thinking about Manu's marriage to Nagma in her sleep. She wakes up having a fit. Her father turns to call the doctor.




Preview 13th September 2004



Posted: 13 September 2004 at 12:06am | Preview of Astitva... Ek Prem Kahani for Monday


Nagma has left manu's house and suddenly the door opens and Gauri stops her. Gauri convinces Nagma not to leave. Saguna and Simran talk of life and betrayal of men in general. Neha convinces Abhi that he should not distances himself from Simran, specially when he can now be a kind of moral support to her. She makes him a call up Simran and tells him to visit her. Gauri tells Manu that he should start working instead of sitting at home. Manu calls Manas, but realises that he is curt with him. Manas asks Manu when he can resume work, but he disconnects the line without answering.



Update 20th September 2004



Posted: 21 September 2004 at 11:03am |


till Arti comes back.. Just to keep track of the story..




Manu tells Abhi that he should look after Simran because she still cares for him. Gauri tells Simran to forgive Manu. Simran says she will try. Gauri tries to settle Naghma and Manu together and suggests that they should share the same room. Manu asks Naghma whether she would want to have someone come over home to coach farhaaz so that he could eventually go to a formal school. However, she tells him that he could also very well decide since Farhaaz was his son too. Radha and Neha go over to Simran's place to thank her for all that she has done for them. Finally, Radha tells Simran that Neha is in love with Abhi and that she should find out what Abhi feels about it since she is her friend. Just then Abhi walks in and Radha discovers that he is Aastha's father. She is shocked.






Update 21st September 2004



Posted: 21 September 2004 at 11:06am |




Radha is shocked to hear that Simran is Abhi's ex-wife. To Neha's relief, Radha tells Neha that she should stay in Mumbai close to Abhi. Gauri tells Manu that he should not penalize Farhaaz unnecessarily. Manu listens to her and goes to sleep in the same room as Naghma and Farhaaz. Naghma is touched. Manu asks Farhaaz to call him Papa. Simran consults her doctor and decides that she should get back to work. Simran sends Manu a packet of clothes bought for the wedding. Simran helps Neha in finding a job with a newspaper. Manu comes to ACH and finds Simran and Manas there.



Update 23rd September 2004



Posted: 21 September 2004 at 11:08am |



Manu asks Simran to forgive him. However, Simran protests. Manu tells manas that he wants to give up the job but manas asks him to re-think his decision. Abhi also asks Simran to forgive Manu. Manas and Simran are invited for a prestigious doctors' conference in Singapore on "Medical Science and genetics" but Simran refuses to go. Neha thanks Simran for all the help that she has given her in spite of the fact that she is in love with her ex-husband, Abhi. Abhi offers Radha a modeling assignment and she gladly accepts.



Update 28th September 2004



Posted: 28 September 2004 at 11:24pm


Ok, looks like Aarti is not back yet. I think we missed sept 27th episode.




Saurabh asks Simran to accept manu's resignation and Simran agrees. ON the other hand Abhi tells Simran that she shouldn't mix her personal and professional lives and she shouldn't accept Manu's resignation. Simran thanks Abhi for his advice and decides to go to Singapore . Simran goes to Manu's place and tells him that he should go back to ACH as she and manaas were going to Singapore and he was needed at ACH. Rashmi, Pranay and Manas help Simran to pack and leave for Singapore . Abhi reaches just before she is leaving and she tells him that she doesn't want to return, since she is tired and fed up of coping with problems in life. Abhi is shocked.



Update 7th October 2004



Posted: 05 October 2004 at 8:43am |




Manu gets news that WHO has rated ACH as the best hospital for children in Asia . He informs Manas about it. Manu receives calls from reporters for interviews but he refuses saying that they should interview Simran and manas since they were responsible for the success of the hospital. Abhi is also in the same hospital as Simran and Manas. He hears that they are to leave for Mumbai. However, Simran decides to stay back for a few more days since she wanted to relax. Abhi follows Simran around everywhere, without her knowing about it. When Simran refuses dinner, she is sent up khichdi saying that it is good for her since she has had a surgery recently. This raises Simran's suspicions. She stops the waiter. After a while she goes and rings Abhi's doorbell.



Update 11th October 2004



Posted: 06 October 2004 at 8:28am |




Simran is furious with Abhi for coming after her, but Abhi tells her that it was concern for her condition when she left that made him follow her. He asks her to show her around Singapore and she agrees. Simran tells Abhi about neha's call and her concern and he calls her up to tell her that he is in Singapore . Manu's interview is telecast on TV and Farhaaz sees it. Sonu and Saurabh also see it. Pranay and Rashmi also see it and Pranay says that he wants to call manu and congratulate him. Manu gets a call from the health Minister and he offers him a job wherein he will have to be the govt. advisor for govt. hospitals. Manu is touched. Pranay calls him to congratulate him and he maintains that he doesn't deserve it. He breaks down on the phone and sobs inconsolably. Naghma tells Manu that she will return since she is the case of all the turmoil in her loved one's life. Manu holds her by the arms and hugs her telling her that that is not true. In fact he was responsible for ruining her life and he should be punished for the same.





Update 12th October 2004



Posted: 07 October 2004 at 8:23am |




Manu tells Naghma that he has made up his mind and that she was all that mattered to him. He goes to Saurabh and asks him to accept his resignation, which Saurabh refused to. All the same, Manu leaves it with him saying that he can no longer work for the hospital. Manu then calls up an army officer and tells him that he is prepared to work for the army, as he once wanted to and finds out whether it is still possible. The officer tells him that he would get back to him. Simran and Abhi are preparing to return to Mumbai and Simran gives him a gift and tells him that he should settle down with neha as she loves him very much and he needs a companion. Abhi is shocked. 



Update 14th October 2004



 Posted: 14 October 2004 at 12:50pm |

From bollyteens


Thanks to pkji


-Neha refuses to marry Abhi because she doesnt want to leave her her mum esp. because she is sick. Abhi offers to move in with them but Neha does not want ABhi to leave his mum and dad either.

-Neha is upset becuase of her decision but feels that she can not be selfish. Poonam tries to console her.

-Abhi rings Simran and tells her that he did propose and that Neha turned him down. Simran is very surprised.

-Abhi's parents overhear him telling Simran this and they all decide to go to Neha's house and convince her. Abhi's parents even agree to have Radha Ji move in with them as well.

-Radha Ji is overjoyed when they ask for Neha's hand. neha says she can not marry Abhi. Abhi's parents ask Radha Ji to live with them as well. Radha refuses and says that she will stay in her own house and they can all visit her everyday. Neha finally agrees. Even Abhi looks happy.

-Poonam goes to see Simran because she has decided to get a proper job. She asks SImran if she can become a nurse. Simran agrees to help her and get her enrolled in a Nursing course. Poonam then tells Simran that the wedding date has been fiixed for Abhi and Neha's wedding. Simran is very surprised at this. She seems very upset once Poonam leaves

-Neha rings SImran to tell her the good news. Simran congratulates them. Abhi speaks to SImran and she congratulates him as well but says she will call him later as she is busy

-Manas come to Simrans cabin and sees that she is deep in thought. She tells him about the wedding. Manas feels that Abhi is being impulsive. He asks Simran if she is happy about what has happened. Simran says that Abhi and Neha will be great together and that she's very happy for them.

-Radha ji comes to Simran's house and tells Saurabh the news. Simran congratulates Radha Ji and Radha ji asks SImran to help with the wedding plans and leaves in a hurry.

-Saurabh apologises to Simran for accusing her of trying to win Abhi back again. Simran hugs Saurabh but is upset as she really does want Abhi back again.

-Shaguna asks Simran the reason for her actions. Simran tells her not to ask her this and cries in her bedroom.

-Abhi rings and asks Simran if she happy. Simran replies that she is and if Abhi is happy. he says that he has fulfilled Simran's wish and wanted to do one the one thing she had ever asked him to do for her. Simran is upset, makes an excuse and hangs up.

-They both seem upset



Update 18th October 2004



Posted: 18 October 2004 at 11:15am |

Neha is at Abhi's home and the family along with Neha's mother are doing post wedding pooja when Abhi's mom makes some funny remarks and Abhi's mood is spoilt. Neha's mom takes leave.


Manas in visiting his wife Urmila in prison. She is bruised and tells him she fell and hurt herself.


Neha's mom returns home and starts crying thinking of Neha. Poonam consoles her.


Simran asks Manas why he did not come to the wedding. He tells her that he went to visit Urmila. Simran tells Manas to convince Urmila to appeal in Supreme Court. Manas is very troubled. He asks Simran how was the wedding. She says good. She tells him it is strange that last time when Abhi married Kiran secretly, she was angry but today she even attended Abhi and Neha's wedding. She does not know what to feel.


Abhi is sitting on the bed and Neha is opening up the presents. Abhi is upset that the room is decorated with flowers. Says he had not asked for any decorations. Neha asks him to cool down and tells him that this is their wedding night. She finds an unnamed gift and Abhi tells him that it is from Simran.


Abhi is lying down remembering his first night with Kiran and bursts out laughing, besides him Neha asks what happened and he tells her he was remembering the last time. She asks with Simran, he says no with Kiran. She asks him what happened and he relates that his mother had been thrown out of the house by his father and she landed up at their place. Neha tells him not to think about the past and concentrate on now and tomorrow.



Update 19th October 2004



Posted: 19 October 2004 at 10:04am |


Neha is packing to go on honeymoon, her mom enters. Both are excited and chat with each other. Abhi's mom comes in and they are chatting. Abhi comes in and tells them to hurry up.


Simran is sitting deep in her thoughts. She looks depressed and unwell. Calls hospital and says she may not be able to come but is told she will have to since 2 patients have asked for elective surgery on this particular day.


Abhi and Neha are in the taxi going towards the airport, she is very excited, Abhi looks thoughtful. He interrupts her and asks her whether they can visit Astha before going to airport. She is surprised and tells him they don't have time. He says he had factored it in. She tells him that he need not ask her then. Neha asks the taxi driver to go to a shopping centre to buy something since she cannot go without a gift.


Simran is having breakfast, Abhi and Neha enter. Astha is sitting in Mr. Mathur's lap. He sees Abhi and congratulates him on his third marriage. They meet Astha. Neha gives her a gift. They leave. Mr. Mathur tells Shaguna that this is a new way to get hold of Astha by bringing in a new mom.


Phone from some hospital, policeman calls Manas telling him that his wife is admitted in the hospital. He rushes out.


Abhi's parents visit Neha's mom with dinner. They have a very sentimental meeting.


Manas goes to the hospital to visit Urmila. She is badly hurt. The doctor tells Manas that these things are normal in jails with weak inmates. They get mishandled. Urmila is weeping.


Poonam is sitting with Simran discussing her future job as nurse in the hospital.


Simran gets a call from the dean of Poona Medical college inviting her to a seminar in Khandala in 2 days time. She agrees. Then she remembers that Abhi is there with Neha and refuses the invitation. She is feeling upset with herself.





Part Update 20th October 2004



Posted: 20 October 2004 at 10:20am |



I don't have the full update but just saw snatches of the end. Will try and fill up tomorrow.


Manas is in hospital with Urmila, she is all bruised and refuses to say anything. Simran comes to visit her but the security people would not let her go in. She calls up the minister who had helped her with the Poonam rape case. The minister calls the Police commissioner and she is allowed to go in. Manas leaves them alone. Simran asks Urmila why she did this. Urmila starts crying and after some time says that those people beat her up for two days because she refused. Simran asks her what she means by it. She tells Simran that those people took her out of the cell and wanted to misbehave with her but she resisted so for 2 days she was beaten.


Simran is shocked.




Update 21st October 2004



Posted: 21 October 2004 at 10:15am |


Simran is shocked at Urmila's story of sexual harassment. Urmila tells her that they took her to a guest house to entertain a senior officer and told her that if she did so they would reduce her sentence. She refused and they beat her. Simran is stupefied, tells her that she did not know such things still happened in jails. Urmila tells her that lots of girls commit suicide because of this and she wants to die too. She can't even complain since all are involved. Simran tells her to stay calm.


Simran comes out and the police and the doctor ask her what Urmila said. Simran tells them that she did not say anything. They leave and the police and doc have a quiet laugh. She relates everything to Manas. He wants to complain. But then says no, since they don't know the consequences. Both are wondering what to do. Manas talks of hiring a lawyer.


Simran, Manas & Dr ?? (Rashmi's husband) are with a lawyer and discussing the issue and planning a strategy. Lawyer says that they need Urmila's help for this but she needs to get out of the trauma and needs good care.


Neha and Abhi are having a good time wherever they are. It is a hill station.


Simran is again in hospital next day with Manas. Manas tells her that the matter has reached the Ministry level. Simran tells Urmila not to be scared any longer, they will not let anything further happen to her. Manas tells her to be strong. They tell her that they have spoken to a lawyer. Simran leaves. Manas tell Urmila that he will be with her all through.


Simran and Manas are on way back. They are discussing how to handle this issue. Manas thinks of involving the press. He talks of involving Abhi as he had handled the Poonam issue. He tells Simran to talk to the editor with whom Abhi is working, but it would not be right to disturb Abhi right now since he is on his honeymoon.


Again lots of lovey-dovey Abhi-Neha scenes.


Simran calls Promodji who is a journalist and tells him to bring this jail issue in front of public. Promodji is very willing provided they can talk business. How much is Simran willing to pay for the story. Last time he got 5 lakhs from the opposition for exposing a sitting minister. She hangs up. She calls Manas and relates what happened. Tells him she will call others since they need a committed journalist and not a businessman. Simran is still thinking about disturbing Abhi on his honeymoon.


Simran is sitting and playing with Astha but is in deep thoughts. She calls Abhi but finds his mobile switched off. She calls the room through switch board, Neha and Abhi are frolicking and Abhi leaves the handset off the hook and Simran hears them having fun and has an odd expression on her face.




Update 25th October 2004



Posted: 25 October 2004 at 10:03am |


Abhi calls Simran to check if she had called him up. She says yes but refuses to tell him why. However Abhi can make out from her voice that something is wrong. The only thing she tells him is that they felt the need of Musafir's column but they can talk after their return. Abhi insists that they go back. Neha tells him that they can go after their trip is over in 3-4 days. Abhi gets upset with her for being so selfish. He calls up the operator and tells that they will be checking out in the morning.


Abhi's parents and Neha's mom are eating lunch at their place and talking about Abhi and Neha when they walk in. The parents are surprised and Abhi tells them he had some work and he will be back shortly.


Simran, Manas and lawyer are talking about how to handle media in Urmila's case when Abhi walks in. They are surprised but explain the entire situation to Abhi. They plan a strategy but they say they need some proof to make their case strong.


Abhi's father comes into Neha's room and asks her the reason for coming back early. She gives her mom as the reason. He then asks her who had called them from Bombay. She says Simran had called and Abhi decided to return. But she does not know the reason. She tells him not to tell Abhi that she told him the true reason for return.


Simran and Manas are talking to Urmila and asking her to get names of other officers. She tells them that it is not possible since there are only one or two people in the forefront. Simran tells her to befriend other women and extract information. Simran relates the matter to Abhi. He wants to start writing immediately. She tells him to relax. Manas tells Simran that she was being too selfish in calling him back from his honeymoon early. Even though it was his third, it was Neha's first and it was not fair on Neha. Simran does not look at all repentant.




Part Update 27th October 2004



Posted: 27 October 2004 at 9:59am |


Here is the gist.....


Neha and Abhi are back from their honeymoon. They are looking at their honeymoon

pictures and one of them reminds Abhi of Simran so he goes in to flashback mode.

Then he feels very affectionate about Neha seeing her enthusiasm for the snaps

and strokes her hair. Abhi goes out to meet Simran about Urmila's case. In the

meanwhile Simran's dad arrives at her house and gets a bit upset when Shaguna

informs him that she has gone to meet abhi. Simran coems back tired and there is

an argument between father and daughter about why she should go to abhi when

there are so many other reporters in the city. Simran snaps at him and says that

it is purely professional, a call comes from the hospital and she leaves again

in a bad mood.


Scene shifts to Abhi's house. His parents take good care of Neha and moti bhens

does not allow her dil to do any work in the kitchen. Neha is upset about this.

Poonam coems to meet Neha. They go in the bedroom to talk and Neha mentions

casually that her appetite is not so good and she feels tired most of the time.

Poonam looks excited and drags Neha with her outside.


Abhi returns home and finds that everyone in his house is acting very excited

and happy and making stupid jokes about liking "khatta" thing and all...he

wonders what's wrong and goes inside to ask Neha. She shows a doctor's report

that says her pregnancy test is positive. Abhi is overjoyed and hugs Neha! 


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