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About Last Night**THREAD 1**PART 1-15**

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OS Holi 

[4 Part prequel to About Last Night]

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WW About Last Night


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Part 1

It is a truth universally acknowledged that when a man realizes he has made a colossal mistake, he will first try to mend matters without admitting that a mistake was ever made. Arnav Singh Raizada was no different. Even before his eyes opened the morning after Holi, he knew three things, absolutely. He knew that a life without Khushi by his side would be unendurable. He knew that Khushi was as much a victim of Shyam's duplicity as his Di. He knew that he had made a monumental error in judgment and Khushi must never learn of it.

And, by what acumen had he come to these three conclusions? He couldn't say. He was only aware that yesterday when his wife had said, "I know how to stop you from hating me"  what he had heard was, "I want to be with you." And, in that moment he tasted complete contentment for the first time in his life. He had no interest in naming what Khushi meant to him. He simply knew he could not do without her. He didn't know how Shyam had entered her life and what had transpired. Those details would be discovered and Shyam would be handled. 

He rolled to his side and watched Khushi breathe in slumber. He wanted to laugh out loud at the benevolence of such a universe where his locked heart had actually won this fair maiden. But, wait--he didn't believe in fate. What did he believe in? He believed in Khushi. He climbed out of bed careful not to disturb her. Not because she slept but because he could not face her yet. This was all too new for him and this time he would make no errors.


Khushi opened her eyes only after she heard him leave the room and go downstairs. She had been awakened by the sliding of the wardrobe doors as he dressed. Her eyes had popped open and then immediately shut as she recollected fragments from last night. Asleep on the recliner. Carried to his bed. Removal of all her jewellery. Hai, Devi Maiyya. She knew that nothing had happened; yet, why did she suddenly feel well and truly married? She heard the wardrobe slide open again and then felt, or rather sensed, something placed on the bed. Then he was gone. That is when she had opened her eyes and saw that he had placed upon the bed a saree and some jewellery. Was this to be a daily pattern? There wasn't time to think about that now. She had to get dressed and get out of his room before he returned. 

She raced down the stairs and slipped into the kitchen where her Jiji was plating the breakfast dishes.

"Thanks for your help this morning, Khushi," Payal teased her.

Khushi didn't respond to her words. "Kya hai, Khushi?" Payal asked, her voice tinged with concern.

"Kuch nai, Jiji," Khushi replied lightly. "I'll take these into the dining room." 

Khushi knew that once she faced Arnav Singh Raizada at the table, then all her discomfort about waking up in his bed would dissolve and they would return to business-as-usual. 

He had been speaking with Akaash, but when she entered the dining area he paused and followed her with his eyes. All this she sensed, as she could not manage to meet his gaze. She served Naniji first and then him. She realized she was holding her breath as she filled his plate. He looked up at her face but she deftly evaded his eyes and moved on to serve NK. Once everyone had been served, she and Payal joined the family at the table. She slipped into the chair next to her husband and felt his eyes resting on her, once again. But, Khushi was not brave this morning. She gave all her attention to buttering a piece of toast, and when she looked up to respond to a question by Anjali, she felt the additional burden of avoiding Shyam's unwelcome stares. Anjali was forced to repeat her question, and she felt Arnav's eyes on her.

"Are you unwell, Khushi?" he asked. 

"Hum theek hai," she replied, and smiled at Anjali to reassure her as well. But, as the opportunity to escape was presented, she pushed away from the table and said, "just a slight headache. Please excuse me. I'll just get some medicine." It was the wrong plan of action.

Before she knew it, Arnav was on his feet, had her hand in his and said, "come." Her protests were ignored as he led her up the stairs, down the hall and back into the very bedroom she had been so eager to escape half an hour ago. Moreover, he made her sit on the same bed, and when it seemed that he would force her to lie down, she brushed him aside and jumped to her feet.

"Whose benefit is this natak for? I'm perfectly fine. I just need to---"

"Shut up, Khushi and lie down!" he barked.

"I'm fine--"


There was nothing to do but lie down on the bed and allow Dr. Raizada to attend to her. "Take these," he said, uncurling her fist and placing two tablets in her palm. He held the water glass to her mouth as she swallowed. "Take some more water." he insisted. 

She did as she was told. She then shut her eyes so she would not have to meet his, and leaned back on the pillow.

"Sleep" he instructed. 

She stretched out on the bed. He spread the blanket, even tucking it under her chin. It occurred to her that whatever his motive, it was nice to be attended to by him. With her eyes closed, she listened to him work at his laptop, occasionally making calls in a low voice and once or twice she even felt his cool hand examining her forehead and neck for evidence of a fever. She must have fallen asleep at some point because when she woke, he was lying next to her, fast asleep. But, something was not quite right. Something disturbing. She looked down and saw that though there was a large gap between their bodies, they had held hands while sleeping.

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That was really sweet...arnav trying to make it up to her...

batgirl67 Goldie

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i just finished your holi fic and it didnt except my comment but i loved both of your updates!

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very nice!!
Cont soon
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So cute!
Neemsundari Goldie

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That was the best first line I've ever seen on an OS in this forum. Lovely parallel to Jane Austen's line, and it fits ASR so very well.Smile

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Superb, darling! Didn't want it to end.

Won't you give us more soon?

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