Jassi Jaissi Koi Nahin - Daily Update


Jassi Jaissi Koi Nahin - Daily Update
Jassi Jaissi Koi Nahin - Daily Update

Jassi Jaissi Koi Nahin Update - 21/4/2005

queenbee Goldie

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Posted: 21 April 2005 at 1:17pm | IP Logged

An exciting episode with some heart-stopping moments between Armaan and Jassi!!Big smile

Last time, we left off where a fire destroyed Jassi's documents at the Equinox restaurant…


Everyone is standing around, stunned, and Armaan is nursing his bruised hand. He stutters "Please forgive me, I am really sorry, Jessica, I..!" Jassi is trying very hard to hide her concern, but she only says, "These are merely papers! They can be made again. But life once lost, can never come back.." Armaan stares at her as her meaning sinks in, and looks down at his hand… He seems to be surprised that she is so anxious about him!Embarrassed



The doorbell rings and Jassi finds a small white envelope addressed to Ms. Jessica Bedi lying outside the door. She picks it up and examines the contents. Out comes a beautiful card – with beautiful wordings! "Every breath you take.. every step you take.. All my eyes want to do is look at you!" She sighs and checks the envelope again and finds – a small videotape! She exclaims, "Videotape?!"

Immediately she goes over to her handycam which just happens to be lying around and inserts the tape. She is shocked to see images of herself in the tape! – Of the time she stepped out from Armaan's car after the lift yesterday, of the time she was walking along the roads. She exclaims, "Is.. Is someone following me!? Has someone sent detectives to follow me around??" She reads in the card, "Who am I? Come tomorrow at Equinox Restaurant, 3 pm, and recognize this lovelorn fool." She looks again at the video, and sees herself getting mobbed by autograph-hunters. She speculates, "WHO can this be!? Is it someone who wants to blackmail me?"

Just then, she receives an SMS on her mobile. She checks to see the recipient and is stunned to see – Raj Sir!? HE has done this?Shocked She places a call to him and he picks it up sitting in his cabin. "Hello! I'm so darn lucky! Here I am, thinking of you, and here you are, calling me! So tell me, when do we meet? When can I lay my eyes on your beautiful face?" Jassi cuts him down to size. "I did not call you to speak rubbish, Mr. Raj!AngryTongue What the heck to you mean by all this?" Raj is surprised, "But what have I done!? I merely sent you a simple message!" Jassi says impatiently, "I am not talking about the SMS. How dare you send me this packet?" Raj asks again what he has done – he only sent the contract… Jassi goes on, "You are following me and.. What?? Contract??" ZonkConfused!!! Raj explains, "I have only sent you a contract and if you don't like a certain clause, we can discuss it at leisure at a restaurant in the evening! What's the problem!?" Jassi asks, "So you've only sent me the contract? Nothing else?" Raj says with a grin, "Ah well.. actually I wanted to pack my heart and send it across to you but the courier company refused to accept it! So – I sent you only a contract! I hope you don't mind.." Jassi is placated. "OK, that's fine then. I'll get the contract evaluated by an expert and contact you." Raj tells her to go ahead by all means but to hurry as Gulmohur is waiting for her with bated breath. Jassi hangs up and says to herself, "Most important of all is my family. I will have to bail them out of trouble one way or another…..



Nandu is walking along a street (near Gulmohur?) and Jassi is following him with the contract file in her hand. She is trying very hard to be inconspicuous. Finally she comes at par with him and bumps hard into him – THWUMP!!Pinch "Owww!" Nandu is surprised to come face to face with Jessica again! She gives him a sweet, awkward smile. He exclaims, "Jessicaji!" She goes, "Nandu!?!? How ARE you!?? And.. how is Bebe?" Nandu responds, "Ah.. Bebe is fine now. But she keeps remembering Jassi!" Jassi asks in mock bewilderment, "Jassi??" Nandu says, "My friend! I did tell you about her. And Auntyji remembers you too. Why don't you come over and meet her sometime? You can see how Bebe is doing too!"

They are walking along together. Jassi says, "Hmm.. I do wish I could but I'm terribly busy these days. I'm going to get even busier with a new modeling contract I'm about to bag." Nandu is impressed! "Modelling contract! Who with?" Jassi says innocently, "You must have heard the name – Gulmohur!" Nandu is like, "GULMOHUR!!!" Jassi asks him why he is so surprised. He replies, "Oh, just like that! Actually, that's where my best friend Jassi used to work!" Jassi says, "Really! So introduce me to her – I would like to discuss this contract with her!" Nandu says that she is not there, she has gone out for some work. "But I'm still here! And I'm an expert on contracts and agreements!" Jassi pretends amazement, "Really??Tongue" Nandu guffaws and tell her of course, and he has contacts in Gulmohur too!

Jassi tells him to take a look at her contract and hands it to him. He glances at it and says, What is this? The money they are paying you? Jassi asks, "Is it too much?" Nandu answers, "It's way less! You are so popular, you deserve to be getting double of this!" When Jassi pretends helplessness and lack of knowledge, he comes up with a  brilliant idea, "So make me your agent! I'll do such a dealing that you'll have to work less and will get paid double!" Jassi is wide-eyes. "Can you really do that!?" Nandu is affronted, "Don't you trust me??" Jassi says – OK! You are my agent now! You go and speak to them about the money and I won't even come with you. Nandu says, too late, that he was joking, but Jassi is serious. She asks him for a pen and then writes down his name in the agreement, asking him.. "Uh… Nandan?" He replies, "Verma!" He can't believe his luck!

She tells him, "Now I have written your name in this agreement. Now off you go to Gulmohur, and finalize this deal for me!! You get a 15% commission for this!!" Nandu is delighted! "15%!?!?" Jassi says matter-of-factly, "Of course! Now we are working professionally, Nandu! Friendship and all is OK – it will stay as it is. But you do deserve commission for this too." Nandu squeals, "15% of such a HUGE AMOUNT!!!!!" and thinks, "I can do too much with this.. all of Bebe's expenses will be paid for with this!" Aloud he says excitedly, "I'm going right now to finalize your deal! You're gonna be thinking at the end of it all – I'm a magic-worker!!" Jassi is grinning back at him, "I know! Bye!" He bids her thankyou and goodbye and walks away like in a trance.. a few feet away from her he breaks out into an impromptu jig to an infectious Punjabi beat and Jassi laughs and laughs at his antics! Further on, she thinks with a happy smile, "Like always, you are with me again now, Nandu! Now all I want is for my family to be happy again!"



Raj is watching the same video (which Jassi had been watching) in his cabin! His eyes are glued to the handycam. He does not notice Armaan who has just come in and is watching with him. Armaan's face grows darker and darker. Finally, Raj is aware that he not alone and looks at him sheepishly. Armaan says softly, "What is THIS?" Raj mumbles, "video" and Armaan barks at him, "I mean, what the hell does this mean!!!" Armaan is shocked! He asks Raj.. you mean, You..? Raj tries to shrug it off, "Oh yaar, mistakes do keep happening.. and you know how much I love Jessica!" Armaan is angry! "But you can't do something so cheap and lowdown in love!!" Raj confesses that he had thought he would give this tape to Jessica and declare his love for her! That he always wants to see her in front of his eyes.. Armaan shouts that Jessica can lodge a case against them! Raj defends himself, saying he hadn't thought that far… that the brain stops working when one is in love! Armaan is furious!! "Just stop it, Raj.. Just stop it!"

He grabs hold of the tape and tears out the reel, handing the mutilated mess back to Raj. Raj goofily admits, Err.. there is a copy too." Armaan is zapped. Raj confesses that he has sent it. Armaan goes, "WHAT!?! Damn you, Raj!" and bangs his fist on the table. Armaan mutters that he will have to go to her home, and wonders how to do it.. Raj shamefully admits that he had sent a card along with the tape and invited her for lunch. Armaan shouts, "Enough Raj!" and decides that he will be the one to go and speak to Jassi about this incident!



Jassi is sitting at a table, holding the tape in her hands and thinking, "Let this fellow turn up.. dekh loongi mein bhi!" Just then, Armaan walks into the room with searching eyesTongue. They rest on Jessica's face and Jessica sees him too. She is stunned!! Her brain stops functioning and her heart goes into overdriveEmbarrassed. They lock eyes for an infinite moment, as he slowly comes towards her, knowing what she must be thinking, feeling her silent accusation. She shakes herself out of the trance and thinks, "No! no! It can't be Armaan Sir! He would never do something like this! But then.. why is he here!?!?"Ouch


Armaan sits next to Jassi. She just looks at him. He starts off with, "Jessicaji, I am so sorry. I am here to apologize for all this. I need you to believe that this will never happen again." Jassi asks him, puzzled, "But why did you do all this? I could never have imagined you would stoop so low! I really thought you were a good person!" Armaan stumbles over his wordsEmbarrassed, "That… errr… that.. Raj did this! But you have to believe me – Raj had no bad intentions at all! He is just crazy about your beauty. I have known him since childhood.. he is not a bad person. So.. do you forgive him..? Or.." he gets up and heads towards her knees, "Shall I go down on my knees again like that day?" Jassi is embarrassed, and nearly blushing again "O, no no! No! I've forgiven Raj!" Armaan takes his seat once again. He is back to his old charming, irresistible self. "Thank you, Jessica! Ah well, you may have forgiven Raj, but if we go away without having lunch here, the manager is certainly not going to forgive us! And you don't need to worry – this time I won't offer you orange juice or wine! We'll just have lunch, OK?" Jassi's eyes are dancing and she just can't stop smiling!



Nandu knocks at the door and Mallika calls out in a droll voice, "Come in!" She is astounded to see Nandu. Injecting her voice with as much venom as she can, she pounces on him, "Tum!" Nandu replies, "Yes! Me!" Mallika grates, "Who let YOU come in? Out! Get out! NOW!AngryAngry" Nandu asks sweetly, pointing to the file under his arm, "Will you throw me out even before you've had a chance what's in here?" Mallika asks, "Why? What's so special about that file?" Nandu replies mock-casually, "Oh, nothing special. It's Jessica Bedi's letter. She has appointed me her agent!"

Mallika is taken aback. Nandu goes on, "If you're not interested, no problem!" Mallika says slowly, "You are Jessica Bedi's agent?" Nandu replies – Yes! A cold, calculating look comes into her eyes. Nandu says, "I only handle the work of top models! Jessica Bedi has sent me here to discuss the details of the contract." Mallika asks sarcastically, "So, You will discuss the details of Jessica Bedi's contract?" Nandu replies, as if it's he most obvious thing in the world, "Ya! And if there's something I don't like, I can even cancel this contract! See, it's written here!" and he shows her the relevant page. Mallika takes one look at it and reads between the lines. She invites him to take a seat. Quietly she picks up the phone and orders a cold drink. Then she asks, "So tell me? What details do you wish to discuss?"

Nandu begins his assault. "First and foremost, Jessicaji does not need this contract. It's Gulmohur which needs Jessicaji. So, every decision she makes will be final!" Mallika goes – WHAT?? Nandu makes a move to get up and says, "Oh, if you don't think that's OK, then…!" Mallika hastens to reassure him, "Listen! Please sit. Have a cold drink!" Nandu takes his sweet time sucking from the straw of the Coca Cola bottle. Mallika watches him, her expression a mixture of shock and irritation. She agrees to his clause.

Nandu goes on, "Second thing! Jessicaji will come and go as she pleases. She will come and go with whoever she pleases. You will never ask her any questions!" Mallika protests vehemently, "What do you mean she will come and go with whoever she pleases!??" Nandu says sternly, "I told you na! No Questions!" Mallika says HUH! She thinks, "Just let my collection be launched.. then I will show you and your Jessica!!" Mallika asks if there is anything else. He bites back, "I told you, no questions! OK.. Third, Money."Mallika replies, "Of course! How much does your Jessica Ji expect???"

Nandu drops the final bomb. "Jessicaji wil take Rs. 1 crore for this launch campaign!!" Mallika is open-mouthed!Tongue She protests, "You have gone completely crazy!" Nandu says – and the more you delay, the more her compensation will keep increasing! Mallika tries again, "You're stark raving crazy!" Nandu says – 1 crore, 20 lakhs! Mallika shouts, "Are you aware that our entire publicity campaign budget is Rs. 50 lakhs!?!?" Nandu says – 1 crore, 40 lakhs! Mallika screams in frustration, "FINE!" She takes a deep breath, "1 crore. Done." Nandu coolly says, OK! "And it is also written here that you will give us Rs. 15 lakhs in advance."

Mallika is zonked again. She says – 10! He says – 15! She knows she has lost. "OK!" She snatches out her chequebook and quickly scribbles the signing amount, tears it off and hands it to him. Nandu is pleased as punch, and thinks happily, "Auntyji and Uncleji never need to worry about money again – all their problems are over!!"



Armaan and Jassi are laughing merrily, enjoying each other's company. Armaan says to her, "Jessica, you know, you are the second woman in my life who can understand my jokes!" She says, "Really? So who was the first??" Armaan says simply, openly, "Jassi." A ripple of pleasure goes through her but she tries to conceal it. "My assistant!" He looks at her face and asks gently, "I hope you did not mind that I compared you to my assistant! Actually, she was not just an assistant to me. She was much more than that. She was very capable and smart, yet very seedhi-saadhi, bholi-bhali and pyaari! You would have loved to meet her!" Jassi is trying very hard not to show her pleasure. She says, "I should be leaving now."

She has just gotten up when her cell rings. "Hello?" It's Nandu and he is ecstatic! "I've done it, Jessica, I've done it! The contract has been signed and the cheque is in my hands!" Jassi is very pleased to hear this, "Really!" Nandu rattles on, "Ya, that Mallika was acting up like anything with me! But I was not one to back down! I stuck to my guns till she agreed to everything I proposed! Are you happy, Jessicaji?" Jassi is smiling away! She tells him, "I am VERY happy! Errr.. can I talk to you later?"

Nandu hangs up cheerfully and Jassi sits down again next to Armaan. He asks her, What happened, Jessicaji? Any good news? She replies with a twinkle in her eyes, "Yes.. my contract with Gulmohur has been finalized. Armaan says, "Oh! Congratulations!" He looks very happy for her! He holds out his hand, willing her to take it. She just stares at it. He coaxes her, "At least now we can shake hands.. we will be working together!" Jassi gives him her hand reluctantly, and he takes it .. it is a heart-stopping hand-clasping scene, her hand ensconced fully in his! Suddenly, there is a glimpse of Raj who is hiding behind a plant near the entrance of the restaurant, watching the hand-in-hand scene with dismay. He fulminates, "Armaan had gone there to apologize to her, but here I see them laughing and having a gala time! He's trying to hold her hand! Well and good – Armaan … I'll deal with YOU later!Angry"



Billu and Amrit are waking along a corrider ahead of the ICU. Amrit is saying, "Don't worry.. something or the other will happen..!" Nandu comes running up to them and launches himself on Billu, excited as a mad puppy. The Bhangra beat kicks off once again and Nandu is uncontrollable in his excitement. Billu says saucily to Bebe, "Seeeeeee??? Didn't I always tell you, he has the makings of a madman!? And see! He has gone bonkers today!" Amrit tries to cool them down, "He is not mad, he is happy!" Nandu says happily, "Correct, Auntyji! Look at this!" He hands Billu the cheque!!

They gasp and ask him what this is! Nandu says that all their financial problems are solved now – that there is no need to sell the house! Billu asks him from where he has stolen the money. Nandu defends himself – I have not stolen them, but earned them! Jassi is watching the whole scene from behind a strategically placed plant, just a few feet away. Billu is amazed that he is holding a Gulmohur cheque in his hand, and he tells Nandu that he is not an employee of Gulmohur that they will give him or loan him all that money! Nandu says – So what if he is not a model! He is the agent for India's top model Jessica Bedi! Amrit is surprised and asks him, "You mean, Jessica Bedi has given you this money?" Nandu breaks the news that he has just commissioned a Rs. 1 crore contract for Jessica Bedi! That means 15% or 15 lakhs belongs to him! Billu asks, But who is this Jessica Bedi? Amrit replies, "Ji, I have met her! She is a fine girl."

Billu then goes off on a tangent. "I can't accept a cheque from NANDU!" Amrit says, "Arre? But he is not an outsider?" Billu lowers his tone and says, I know he is ours but then he is not a relative, is he? All the while, Nandu is looking more and more put-out!! Amrit shakes her head, "You're the limit! You're the one keeps sending him to buy medicines, or do odd jobs, ferry things from one place to another – do you say all this because he is an outsider???" Billu shouts at her to try and understand! "I know he loves us a lot, but this is about money!" Amrit bows before his vehemence and says OK. She takes the cheque from Billu and hands it over to Nandu, "Look Beta… I know there is a lot you want to do for us, for this house, for Bebe. But we cannot accept this money from you!" Billu supports her, saying they cannot. Jassi is very upset to hear this.

Nandu suddenly erupts into a roaring lion. "CHUP, Uncleji! Ekdum chup! And you don't say a word, Auntyji! You can't bulldoze your opinions onto me every time! I am also a child of this house, and this house will NOT be sold! You will just HAVE to keep this cheque!" He stuffs the cheque into Billu's pocket. Billu cannot object in the face of this roaring lion… who suddenly truns into sweet ol' Nandu again. "Ohho Uncleji.. what has happened to youuuuu?Big smile" Amrit gives him a loving smile and Nandu says in a celebratory mood, "Now give me your aashirwaads.. I have become a kamaoo puttar!!!!!" Amrit blesses him. Billu is too choked with tears to say a word. All three of them embrace tightly.. Billu pats Nandu on his back while Amrit sobs into their shouldersCry. Jassi is very touched and her eyes are wet with tears. She thinks, "Today I have come to know what a blessing it is to give happiness to your own people, even if it is from afar! I always want to see them happy like this – and so I am going back to Gulmohur tomorrow. I need your blessings, Babaji…!"



Jassi arrives in her posh car outside Gulmohur's gate. The moment she sets her eyes on the logo, the memories come flooding back and she is overwhelmed. She alights from the car and slowly walks towards the gate. Her mind is besieged with flashbacks – of reaching there in an auto, of the day she resigned and left, of Amrit and Billu blessing her. She is transfixed.


Over and over again, she remembers walking out of that gate, thinking this will be the last time she ever sets foot into the place. She remembers her agony and her tears. It is a very emotional moment for her! She thinks, "I left here, after having fallen in mine, and everyone else's eyes. I was treated to so many taunts. I was so bruised and beaten that day. But today – today I have been recalled into Gulmohur. This is my victory! And it's all been made possible because of you, Babaji! I will never forget the real reason I am here – this time I am here only so that I can wipe away the muck thrown on me and my family. And I know my family is with me in this. Give me strength, Babaji, to see this through!"

Preview for MONDAY

Outside Gulmohur, Jassi calls Mallika on her cell. "If THIS is the treatment I am going to be subjected to here, I shall have to rethink my contract!"

Mallika is panicked! She blabbers, "No no no! Jessica, listen to me! This mistake will not be repeated, you hear me? Hello? Jessica? Hello-o-o-o?" Mallika stares at her phone - Jessica has hung up mid-way!

She tosses her hair and looks like she's going to enjoy giving Mallika hellEvil Smile

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usa_girl0021 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 21 April 2005 at 1:18pm | IP Logged
thanks for a lovely update queenbeeClap
krangara IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 21 April 2005 at 1:35pm | IP Logged
I thought she only wants to find out who berated her family.....why is she wasting time throwing muck at Mallika? Confused
lotsaattitude Goldie

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Posted: 21 April 2005 at 1:37pm | IP Logged

hiiiiiiiii queeennnnnnn beeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!

thanx a lot for ur awesum update!!!!!! its simply a fab!! i cant wait to watch de episode tomorrw.......dats coz i have rogers here in canada n dey r sort of like one day bhind........we get to watch all dese serials only in de afternoon! so ur updates reallly cheer me up!

thanx a lot once again n keep us updated!!
tisha_bhatia Senior Member

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Posted: 21 April 2005 at 1:38pm | IP Logged
Awesome update. Thanks!
rose85 Senior Member

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Posted: 21 April 2005 at 1:38pm | IP Logged
oh thnx a lot.. wonderful update as usual..btw.. as we can see armman is getting closer and closer to jessica...and jassi is like...EmbarrassedEmbarrassed
Sharara Newbie

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Posted: 21 April 2005 at 1:40pm | IP Logged
 Beautiful update! Thanks Smile
girls_respect Groupbie

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Posted: 21 April 2005 at 1:41pm | IP Logged
Wonderful as always ...

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