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KYPH - Update for 21st April, 2005

chillyflakes Senior Member

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Posted: 21 April 2005 at 10:17am | IP Logged


Brilliant episode. I think this one was better than the slap one, in some aspects! Kripa completely stole Angad's thunder today, her performance was just superb! And Prithvi, God, its impossible not to fall head over heels in love with him, he is just such a doll! I am warming up to Mishti in a great way and also to Kartik, who's real self is coming out in the open slowly! But the show was dominated by Angad and Kripa's dazzling confrontation scene, in which, hold your breath, Kripa discloses her deep love for Angad, as he listens dumbstruck and believe it or not, actually cries…..it was a gem of an episode, not be missed at any cost! Angad is definitely falling for Kripa and as much as she denies it, Kripa is still so in love with Angad…..gosh, these two have to get-together somehow (though I will feel miserable for Prithvi, he is an angel, he deserves someone great like him!)


Angad pulls Kripa to his side and asks her in a terse and angry voice why the hell is she being so stuck up and not dancing properly, he says that he is touching her only because it is a part of the sequence and not because of anything else. Angad asks her what the hell does she think of herself that she is always acting so pricey in front of him. Kripa is furious at the same time, very upset, she tries to untangle her hand from Angad, but his grip is too strong, Kripa tells him to leave her, he refuses and asks her that she has to give him a reason why is she behaving with him in such a rude manner. Kripa somehow manages to let loose her hands and tells Angad that she does not want to see his face and as a furious Angad looks on, she picks up her bag and walks out. Tania who is overlooking the entire scene is incenced and goes behind Kripa and tells her to keep away from Angad and not try to divert his attention. Kripa initially keep mum but then tells Tania to shut up and says that she is not the least bit interested in Angad and infact she doesn't even want to see his face ever, as soon as this contract is over, she will leave Mumbai forever and never come back. As a shocked Tania listens, Kripa tells her that she not just hates Angad as a Star, she also hates him as a Human being and  that he is a completely disgusting person who turns her off. As Kripa walks away crying and angry, Angad listens to the whole conversation and his face his red with outrage and as a confused Tania tries to stop him, Angad follows Kripa.


Kripa goes into her room and breaks down crying badly as she is not able to come to terms with her emotions for Angad and the reality that faces her today. Just then a mad with rage Angad comes inside her room and confronts her to tell him what the hell is wrong with her and what the hell did she just tell Tania. Kripa tells him that she told Tania that Angad did not affect her in any which way and that she is not interested in him at all. Angad gets an irritated look on his face and tells her that he is not bothered whether she is interested in him or not because he doesn't care one damn for her. But what else did she tell Tania about him. How dare she say that Angad is not a good human being and what right does she have to pass judgement on him. Then in a lovely scene, Angad who is bellowing over Kripa, accidentally throws open a drawer and his pictures and posters fly all over the room. Kripa is frozen where she is, and Angad at first is dumbstruck, then he gets an evil, sarcastic, knowing smile over his face! He insults Kripa in the most vile manner by saying that he thought that Kripa was a girl with tremendous self-respect and that she was different from the others. But now he knows that she was just trying to gain Angad's attention by showing herself to be a different person, she after all turned out to be one of his innumerable fans. Angad tells Kripa, who is just silent as a stone, that if she was so desperate to call for his attention, she had no need to slap him and that too in front of so many people, and that she is a hypocrite and attention seeker. Angad then starts laughing on Kripa and picks up one of his pictures on which Kripa has written ''I love you Angad'' and then tells her cuttingly that he can see through her entire gameplan, this was just a ploy to attract his attention and that is why she came to stay in the Outhouse so that she can run into him more and more.

As Angad finishes his tirade against Kripa, she turns and then has a brilliant dialogues, I am just trying to get the essence of all that she said, but it was a lovely scene, which brought tears to my eyes! Kripa's who's eyes are now overflowing with tears tells Angad that yes she loved him, loved him with all her heart, loved him like she had never loved anyone before. Kripa says that Angad was her first and only love, he was the reason for her smiles, her happiness, her joys, her excitement. He was the beginning of her day and the end of her nights, he was the Sun who brightened her mornings, the moon which lulled her to sleep. Every time a breeze touched Kripa's face, she could feel Angad's breath in it, every time a rain-drop kissed her cheeks, she could feel Angad's touch in it. Every note that Kripa sang, was drenched in the love for Angad, he was the music of her life. Kripa says that Angad was the only human being she loved and worshipped before God and that he was the reason for her living. Kripa says that she spent innumerable days praying to God  that just once she should meet the man whom she has worshipped and adored so much. Angad's views and belief in love made Kripa believe that true love existed in life and that he is the reason that she started believing in love.

Kripa then says that after meeting Angad, she lost all her dreams, hopes and happiness in just one go. He not just shattered her illusion, he broke her heart into a  thousand pieces and that she will never be able to gather them for the rest of her life. Kripa tells him that the night she heard him telling that love is a commodity for him and he has no value for it, she lost faith not just in him, she lost faith in herself. With Angad's love vanishing from her heart, Kripa lost the zest for life and the hope that she will ever believe in love again. Kripa tells him the reason for her reacting toward Angad negatively was the most natural reaction in the world for anyone who's whole life comes crashing down in one moment. Kripa tells Angad  that she no longer loves Angad nor does she believe in love anymore and that these pictures and posters and Angad himself make no difference to her. The love and respect she had for Angad has gone in a second and that it will never come back.

All the while Angad is shown to go through a gamut of emotions, from a cocky expression, to a shocked one, to a dazed one and then one to realization and regret. His eyes fill with tears as he listens to Kripa tearing her heart open and her pain and anguish reflects in his eyes, as Angad realizes what he has done to Kripa, albeit unknowingly. There is a moment of silence, as Angad looks crestfallen and dazed and walks out of the door, Kripa turns back and tells him to take the pictures along with him as she has no need of them anymore. Angad just walks off, still shaken up completely. Kripa is now left alone in her room and she falls down on the floor shattered by the emotional upheaval that she has just undergone and cries her heart out, while Angad's pictures are strewn all around her!


Prithvi and Mishti are sitting together and Mishti is constantly noticing Prithvi who is completely lost in his thoughts. Suddently Mishti gets a mischievous gleam in her eyes and very causally asks Prithvi that she is thinking of inviting Kripa over for the party that they are having tonight. As if woken up from a slumber, Prithvi immediately responds by saying that it's a brilliant idea (it was so cute, I felt like kissing Prithvi on his cheeks, he is so lovable!). Mishti starts laughing and pulls Prithvi's legs and teases him mercilessly about Kripa, Prithvi though embarrassed tells Mishti to shut up and says that there is no such thing about Kripa. Mishti tells him that she will invite Kripa over to their house, after all she has to get her brother married. Prithvi goes all red and just ignores Mishti's playful jibes! Damini Bose comes over and asks them why are they arguing, Mishti very jovially tells her mother that they have to get Prithvi married soon, as every girl is after his life, Prithvi being one of the most eligible bachelors in town and also the only scion of the biggest event management company in India. Damini smiles affectionately and tells Mishti that they will surely get him married but only after Mishti gets married. The Mother and kids have a great family moment and we come to know that unlike the Khanna's the Bose are a very close knit and loving family bound to each other closely!


Angad is sitting alone in his room, highly disturbed and emotionally strung, Mannan enters and asks him what is wrong with him these days, why is so touchy and lost. Angad does not answer, Mannan tells him that since the day you have come in touch with Kripa Sharma, you seem to be a different person. As soon as her name is announced, Angad gets livid and tells Mannan that why the hell would she affect him in any manner and that he hates her more than anything else. Mannan looks at Angad and tells him that there is a very thin line between love and hatred and at time people get confused over the same and do not realize that they are actually in love and think of it as hatred. Angad gets a are you crazy man type of a look and reacts in a volatile manner and tells Mannan that he doesn't care one damn about Kripa and that he just wants to even out with her once and take revenge for her slap and then the chapter of Kripa Sharma will be over once and for all. Mannan gets a strange look in his eyes as if he has understood what is bothering Angad so much and looks worried for him.

Just then Naina comes in and tells Angad to get ready to go for a party at Damini Bose's house tonight and that it is very important for him to attend it. Angad has a, no I don't want to, kind of bored look and tries to talk himself out of it, but Naina gives a frigid look at Angad and tells him that he knows there is no use arguing with her and that he should be ready on time. Angad gives up and does not say anything, while Naina tells Mannan that its her responsibility to see that Angad attends tonight's party.

Naina and Dilip are getting ready for the party when Dilip asks Naina what is the party about, Naina tells him that their son is going to meet their future wife today. Dilip is surprised and asks her when did she select a girl for Kartik, Naina tells him that she was talking about Mishti and Angad's marriage. Dilip tells her that isn't Kartik elder to Angad and that he should be the one to get married first, Naina very coldly answers that while Kartik might be the elder one, Angad is the more important one. Kartik meanwhile is listening to the whole conversation and his face shows no emotions, just a deep resentment in his eyes. Naina then thinks to herself that she has to somehow get Angad and Mishti married, then Angad can afford to be as careless about his career as much he wants to be, because Damini so rich, that Angad will not have to do one single  thing for the rest of his life.


A grand party is hosted by Damini and the Khanna's are enjoying themselves except Angad who looks sulky and lost, with Mannan standing besides him. Prithvi's eyes are constantly looking at the door, and an angelic smile spreads over his face as he sees Kripa entering the Party along with Harshini. As Kripa (looking very pretty in a pink suit) looks around for Mishti, Prithvi walks to her and greets her cheerfully. Prithvi then tells Kripa that he wants to introduce her to his Mother, Damini Bose, Harshini immediately recognizes her name and very excitedly tells Prithvi that she had no idea he was the son of Damini Bose, the big boss of India's biggest event management company and that he is so down to earth and unassuming. Prithvi looks embarrassed as Kripa looks at him with respect and affection and tell him that she is very pleased to know that there are people still left in the world who do not let their power and position influence their thinking and stay grounded to life. (Amazing Prithvi dialogue!) Prithvi smiles at Kripa and tells him that all this money and business belongs to his Mother and that probably the day he is able to make something of his life, he might become a snob too and misuse his position. Kripa looks at Prithvi with great affection and says that such a day will never come and that Prithvi will never change his nature and remain as nice as he is always.

Meanwhile Angad notices Kripa and gets all the more upset, Mannan tells him to keep his cool and not do anything untoward or react to her in front of everyone. Angad who looks very disturbed turns his face from Kripa's and tries to control himself.

Meanwhile Prithvi introduces Kripa and Harshini to Damini who is very pleased to see them and is very warm and cordial toward both of them. Mishti joins her mother and then teases Prithvi with Kripa, who goes all embarrassed and red while Kripa is clueless! Then in a lovely scene, the music begins to play, and Prithvi asks Kripa, May I? Kripa is very reluctant and tries to avoid, but Harshini pushes her towards Prithvi and both of them join the dance floor for a dance.

Meanwhile the Khanna's are chatting up with Damini and Mishti, while Angad's eyes do not seem to leave Prithvi and Kripa at all and he has a strange mix of emotions in his eyes, and a clear hint of jealousy shows in it. Then as if in an impulse, he asks Mishti to join him for a dance, till then he was not even looking at her! Mishti and Angad join the dance floor and Kripa's eyes fall on Angad and her face goes sad. Both the lovely couples continue to dance, Angad keeps staring at Kripa, while Kripa stares back at him, Prithvi keeps looking at Kripa love-struck, while Mishti is cool! Meanwhile (I might be wrong her, do correct me, if so!) Kartik is looking at Mishti! The scene ends on Kripa's sad and heartbroken face and Angad's anguished and confused one staring at each other while dancing with others!


Amazing episode, superb in terms of dialogues and content! Kripa rocked today like no-one else, she really showed her mettle, not just as a formidable character but also as an actress. The way she sears her heart open in front of Angad was just heart-breakingly beautiful, it was one of the best emotional scenes I have viewed in recent memory! The dialogues were beautiful, the way Kripa describes her love for Angad could melt a rock! Angad looked amazing as usual, but today was Kripa's day, as the slap episode was only Angad's! Prithvi's character is so different from the usual third love angle ones, his character has so much innate dignity and maturity, that its impossible not to feel for him. But somehow the person who affects your heart most is Angad, it was really painful to see him cry….brought out his vulnerability so wonderfully! And Kartik, I think he holds a candle for Mishti! So Mannan is the first one to see what is happening to Angad, and realizes that his buddy is falling in love! Loved the dance scene too! The way Angad looks at Kripa and the way she looks back at him and the way Prithvi looks at Kripa was so heart-rendering, so romantic and so touching! Love seems to be in the air, it does!

Rocking episode, all the best scenes seem to be happening in the Outhouse, it seems the place to be!!!

samie IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 21 April 2005 at 10:19am | IP Logged

chilly u r awesome my friend

love samSmile

chweetweety Goldie

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Posted: 21 April 2005 at 10:20am | IP Logged

Thanks a ton for the wonderful update Clap u rock Embarrassed

urmajesty IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 21 April 2005 at 10:35am | IP Logged
Thank U
pallavilumba Newbie

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Posted: 21 April 2005 at 11:00am | IP Logged

thanks for the update chilly...very well written!! i missed the ten minutes thanks to the traffic on the road....all my hopes of seeing KYPH today on time semed to vanish thanks to the traffic!! uggghhhhhhh

Neways any idea repeat episde is weekend ko kab ayyega???

Take Care


Minnie IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 21 April 2005 at 11:08am | IP Logged

Lovely lovely lovely !!!!!!!

    No more words to describe what I feel !!

ejaz fan 609 Senior Member
ejaz fan 609
ejaz fan 609

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Posted: 21 April 2005 at 11:09am | IP Logged
Thanks for the superb updateSmile
kool*kariya* Goldie

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Posted: 21 April 2005 at 11:17am | IP Logged
thanx 4 da update

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