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NL AK Droolers#22:Colorful Awards celeberations:)

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ArHilicious Droolers #22: Holi & SPA Special

Gossip Girl  SPA Special

Finally SPA results are out and forum is announcing  7th award. I tell u forum is crazy in the love of SaRun so much that they gave themselves 7th award that is best fan awardCoolROFL
 CVs need to take these awards positively by making Snake oops Shayam to make exit from the show as he is awarded as Dushman award. Now GG feel like singing a song hai agar dushman dushman toh zamaana kum nahi kum nahi. Ohhh well even GG also dont know from where it came from.
GG found blooper in the awardsShocked*camera goes left and right 3 times like K shows* Yeah GG found blooper as Manorama got the mazedaar sadasya award whereas she should have been awarded Pakkao saas award for that friday episodeAngryLOL
 White Shirt and Arnav *GG drools*. GG didnt wanted to come out of drooling world but duty calls so Yeah now whole world knows that Arnav is most stylish person on this earth. He is freakingly HOTT!!!
Hows it possible that our SaRun dont get any award so yeah these 2 people who are making us to loose our sleeps, making us to go assylum, to get scolding from the boss in offices and to get flunkedin school and colleges. YES these 2 magical people got 2 awards which they like totally deserve itEmbarrassed BEST JODI whther desi or pardesi but they are BESTBlushing
Gossip Girl wants to deliever her eggs to Manorama for acting like IDIOT saas and wants to deliever her kiss to Arnav for that amazing Smirk.. Till than
Gossip Girl

  • Song of the week: --sunshine--
  • Poem of the week: Cute.Sadaf
  • Summary of the week: Tanthya 
  • Funny scene of the week: the_rain
  • Picture of the Week: DaShIng_GiRl
  • Filler of the Week: cindrella255 
  • Rating of the Week: Princess_Khushi
  • Videomix of the week: Deepali_88
  • Rakshabhandan Scene of the Week:  aquablue17
  • Achari Scene of the Week: --sunshine--
  • Best Character of the Week: shobra
  • Most Irritating Character of the Week: --sunshine--
  • Funny Character of the Week: -Ammie-
  • Video avi of the week, Icon of the week: Minuu
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  • Message to CVs: --sunshine--
  • Siggy of the week, Video siggy of the week: minuu
  • Most Active Thread of the week, Most Active Member of the Week: -Fatz-
  • Blooper of the week: mazkachazka
  • Costume of the Week: --sunshine--
  • Dialogue of the Week: -Ridzii-
  • Joota scene of the week: --sunshine--

Banner and animated logos: Khushix

Winning Siggies: -Fatz-

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Anjali discovers the Jalebies fried  Khushi , Shyam unguardedly replies that Khushi always fries Jalebies when she  is disturbed evoking suspicion in Anjali's and Maami's mind...Arnav drops in and diverts the attention from Shyam's slip...They all troop to watch the marriage DVD of PAYASH..

Manorama gets  mortified on not seeing her pics in the DVD, Throws a tantrum and stalks off to sulk in her bedroom ..Khushi  helplessly watches her sister crying silently ..

Payal tries to win over her MIL by getting her some lunch, which is rebuffed by Manorama ...Khushi comes to the aid of Payal, suggests  that Payal should prepare Manorama's favorite Kheer ..Both Khushi and Payal get ready to prepare Sugarless Kheer [ as Maami is  dieting ] ...Soon the Kheer is on the simmer..Anjali comes in just then, informs Payal to keep some aside for Arnav ..Tells Khushi to give a bowl to Arnav..On enquiry , Anjali reveals that Arnav has indeed come home ...Khushi takes a bowl to Arnav, determined to get to know how she had hurt him...

Khushi accosts him in the lounge, demands to know  how had she hurt him, before Arnav can reply, he catches sight of Anjali looking at them, Not wanting to create a scene and anxious to maintain  the pic of Married bliss, Arnav turns on his charm, goes all romantic on Khushi who is befuddled by the change in him... Khushi is so confounded that she chokes on the Kheer and begins to cough..Arnav's act turns into genuine concern , he hastens to get a glass of water ..A coughing Khushi sees Anjali standing on the landing cottons on to the fact that Arnav was acting to keep Anjali happy , gets disappointed by the duplicity of Arnav, rejects  the glass of water, points out that there is no need to pretend as Anjali is not there... Arnav gives a unreadable look and walks away ...

But Khushi will not take his silence anymore, She is  resolute on  knowing the reason..Khushi goes to the bedroom, secures the door, approaches Arnav who is gardening , peremptorily demands to know the cause, Soon ARHI start bickering with Arnav trying to  neutralize Khushi by using Payal threat , as if on cue both hear Maami's  berating Payal for burning Kheer..Khushi rushes to placate Maami and stand by  Payal. Khushi says the fault is her's..Maami  takes umbrage , begins to taunt both the sisters..Akash has had enough, he supports  Payal and stands by her  which gives  enough boost to Khushi .. who forthwith rushes back to  Arnav, firmly wants to know the reason , When  Arnav pulls up the Payal threat again, Khushi shuts him saying that  Akash  will not let go of Payal and  his threats do not have any power  esp  Now...Khushi threatens to leave the house if Arnav did not come out with the truth ,,Arnav dares her to do so ..

The next day dawns,  Khushi  seeks permission from Nani and Anjali to go to Gupta's .The ladies are puzzled, Khushi hastily explains that Arnav will give them the reason and that they should ask him after she leaves ... Anjali agrees  but is hesitant to send her alone..Shyam who had come there uses this opportunity, promptly says that he will drop Khushi home , Khushi is reluctant but is unable to protest much as this would give raise to suspicion ..She acquiesces silently...Soon Shyam and Khushi are on their way to Gupta's...Shyam tries to take this opportunity to rile against Arnav   which angers Khushi, She coldly informs hm that her marriage means a lot to her and she does not like anyone talking about it..She orders Shyam to  stop the car, walks away , gets into a Auto and leaves...

Khushi goes to Gupta's house, assures them that Arnav will come to fetch her and give them the answers they  seek...

In Shanthivan, Arnav is waylaid by  Maami,Anjali, Naani who question Him  about sending Khushi to Gupta's house, Arnav immediately understand Khushi's  game-plan, thinks furiously says that he sent her to Gupta's to mend the bridges..The Ladies are quite satisfied by this reason, Naani tells Arnav to bring back Khushi by evening and also  to apologize to the Gupta's ...Arnav agrees to do so ..

Arnav goes to Gupta's house, does none of the things that Naani had said, he orders Khushi to be at home by  6 O' Clock ..Khushi refuses to eb cowed down by his intimidatory tactics.. Arnav promises retribution if Khushi dares  to disobey him..Khushi tries to call his bluff..Arnav assures her that he is not bluffing and will separate Akash and Payal if Khushi refused to stick by the marriage contract..Arnav departs leaving a worried  Khushi.. Khushi gets worried , tries to call up Akash  who does not attend to her calls as he is busy in a conference, Unaware of this Khushi begins to panic  rushes to the office where she is stopped by two heft security Guards ..Khushi haughtily replies that she is Khushi Kumari Gupta Singh Raizada and she has every right to enter the office .. A sarcastic Arnav reminds her that  Khushi does not have any right as she herself broke the marriage ..Soon they are engaged in a furious argument, the upshot  of which is Khushi throws a mugful of water on Arnav to cool him down, not to be outdone by his petite wife, Arnav throws a bucketful of water on Khushi drenching her ..Just then Akash comes, Khushi gets very happy on seeing him, extracts a promise from Akash that he will never leave  Payal and will always stand by her... Akash assures her on this front, Khushi leaves the place relieved but is stopped by Arnav who gives  her 2 hours ..Khushi refuses to go home until the truth is told , challenges him to do whatever he wants ..

As the deciding hour approaches, Khushi begins to get  concerned and into a tizzy wondering at the steps Arnav will take.. There is a doorbell ..Khushi answers it...She gets 2 packages one with Buaji's name and the other with  her name on it..Buaji comes  to the door on hearing the bell, Khushi hands her , her package containing the wedding photos.. She gets a phone call from Arnav who bids her to open the envelope carrying her name..Khushi opens it , sees that it is divorce papers  bearing Akash and Payal's name ..Arnav reminds her about going to the house  by 6 or face the consequences...Khushi  is worried , she calls up Akash and sets up a meeting with him in a cafe ...

Khushi rushes to the cafe, sees Akash with a lawyer..misunderstands that the lawyer has come for the divorce  [ while in reality he has come for signing some deal papers] ..Khushi tries to stop  Akash but Akash firmly says that he will always do what his brother wants and no one is bigger than his bro strengthening Arnav's position and weakening Khushi's resolve ...Arnav  plays it quite smoothly, tells Akash to go with the lawyer and handle further matters ...he notes with quiet satisfaction that  Akash has taken his [Arnav's ] phone ...Arnav taunts Khushi ..but a indefatigable Khushi  does not give up so fast, she calls up Akash's phone which is with Arnav..he answers it, Khushi is stymied when she realizes that Arnav has Akash's phone ... She cuts the call, stares at a gloating Arnav with frustrated eyes..when Akash calls up Arnav to inform  about the exchange of the phone..Arnav says he understands and asks him to switch off his phone ... Arnav points out that the clock is ticking for Khushi and if Khushi is not at Shanthivan by 6 then he will be getting Payal's signature too...

Arnav then leaves for home ..Left with no alternatives, Khushi rushes back to Shanthivan and reaches  RM in nick of time ..Khushi is determined to get the papers from Arnav...Khushi follows Arnav into the bedroom, locks the door, admits her defeat and asks for the papers to be handed over..Arnav refuses to hand over the paper [ which is about the deal made in Nainital  but Khushi is fooled into thinking that it is a Divorce papers ]..Khushi sees Arnav putting the papers into a folder..makes a  grab at it, snatches the paper and  tries to make a dash for it, she is hotly pursued by  Arnav ...In the scuffle between this hot heads  [ with a Rabba vey moment thrown in ]  the papers land in the swimming pool ...Khushi is delighted at the turn of this events, feels triumphant that Arnav does not have  THE weapon at his disposal to  keep her corralled, her joy is short lived as Arnav coolly reminds her that he can always get another set of documents , get Akash to sign it ..Arnav walks away giving a smug smile...

Achaari scene of the week, first let me blushh please.Blushing. OMG how I mean seriously how they can get so adorable even when they are fighting. The whole week they were fighting with each other but u knw na that even in fight there is love. So this week all the achaar goes to there fights and and and 


OMG how can we forgot our pool atlast thats the place where we dry our achaar thereROFL We always get all the yummy scenes there. So when Khushi is about to fall and Arnav catches her and our national anthem Rabba Ve strts playing ayee hayee main mar jawan gud khakeLOL 

Well ohhh well get ur shoes ready to throw on the Idiotic and puckish saas bahu story. That is not so funny manoarma nautanki as saas. I mean come on who is interested in her gabbar style acting at that time I really wanted to throw some joote, Like seriously BLAHHH

Hiya Fellow Arhi droolers!

This week was not a great one...many disappointed n I m one of them tooOuch

The entire gabbar act n 101 ways 2 control bahuriya were neither funny nor it entertained ...
V know fillers r necessary  dat too when the leads were practicing for SPA but then v wud b glad it was sensible...not ridiculous ones!

Promos hav raised the expectations...Luking fwd 2 an eventful weekBig smile


Date: 9 March 2012
Day: Friday
Episode: 205
Scene: The Catch Me if you can Game
Reason: The original ArHi magic and humor

Desperate to destroy the signed 'divorce' papers of her sister, Khushi accepts her defeat in front of ASR and asks him to hand her the papers. A smug ASR denies point blank and threatens her that he would use these in the future against her if she dares to go out of line again. Khushi, irritated and frustrated, snatches the paper away and runs, starting the very mature game of 'Catch me if you Can' by the most mature couple of the decade - Arnav and Khushi!

Khushi runs around with it, jumps over the bed, grabs the blanket and dislocates it in place, all the time berating Arnav for doing such horrible act. The great Arnav Singh Raizada remains standing and kept throwing verbal warnings, unsure whether to follow her or not. He tries to grab once or twice but she was too fast for him. Finally as Khushi takes refugee to the poolside, he decides that he's to follow her out and get the papers. They end up standing on the either side of the pool where Khushi warns him that he has to swim if he want to come to her. After having his own personal silent What The moment, Arnav points out that he could very well walk to her. In her drama-queen attitude she threatens that she'd jump in the pool which leads to Arnav telling that the pool is only 3 feet deep ( damn, we assumed it's 2 feet! ).

The scene follows a long awaited 'real' Rabba Ve moment as they land up in each others arms as usual. The settings and the background score and performance were combined pretty well, it's an ArHi Funny Scene of the Week after a long time without anyone faking anything.

Dialogue of the Scene: Khushi: Agar apko yeh kagzaat chahiye to apko tayr ke ana padega (If you want the papers, you've to come swimming)...what logic KKGSR!
Performer of the Scene: Both Arnav and Khushi
Message from Me: Keep showering your love to ArHi/SaRun, they deserve all of it and more!

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i thought payaash to make d BC cz payal is a sweet sister. khushi frgot to switch off d burner nd d kheer got burned. payal got tauntings frm her MIL but she didnt even scold khushi! that's so swee t of payal. nd for akash he developed an extra bone nd became a protective husband!LOL

but d point is dat they r nt d bc. thn who else might be d bc! come on its clear frm my font colour. its none other thn...
oh god arnav ur so brainy. u played silly tricks wit khushi nd made her believe dat akash agrees to wateva he says! i loved his gutts nd without any prob he told his family dat khushi went to convince her family. i didnt see any sort of tension in his eyes.LOL nd he went to GH challenged her wife nd went to office. he is nt scared of bua tooLOL kai hai bhai thn who ru scared off! when khushi threw a cup of water on him , he instead of telling ''wat the'' nd taunting her did d same thing as she did. wat a sweet hubby ur arnav. ur a gud example of a perfect husband!!Wink nd barun's acting was so awesme nd it was a treat to watch him all d day!   
that's all see u soon

I guess from last so many weeks Mami has placed bet with the Shayam baabu to win this categorySleepy. I mean this lady is pissing the audience like hell with her not so funny and non-sense talks. Well when she places the competiton to finish some idiotic talks in from of Payal I was seriously like OHHH LADY for once you even picked up your food plate that you are ordering her and WHATEVER so this award goes to you mam. Now I dont wish to see you again in this category.Big smile

Hello hi everyone and a very warm welcome-wa to the funniest character-wa of the week section-wa...Hope u guys enjoyed Ippknd this week...!!

I, like many others managed to find some good moment-wa in the midest of the drag-wa...!! so coming to award-wa i would like to announce that this week the funniest character award goes to none other then our very own hello hi bye bye aka Mano-rama Maa-Miii...! I know i know her comedy is a drag at times but this week i actually found it quite entertaining!
M just loving the "ideal bahu" lessons that she's giving to payaliya...!! Dude more than anything else the fact that payaliya reacts so well to her cracks me up!! i swear its high time that girl grows some back bone and take a stand otherwise i can just see her future and it Does NOT look bright at all!
anyways i wish mami all the best and i hope we get to see a little less of that Kitchen drama next week..
So this is it for now...see u next week folks...!!
I Loved this Dialogue, because it shows Khushi's worry and care for Payal.. It was quite a good scene too 

Kushi -> Payal - Jiji, tum bilkul bhi chinta mat karna, jab tak yeh sankadevi tumhare saath hain na, tumhe kuch nahi ho sakta.

Have a great time Guys! Keep Enjoying IPKKND Embarrassed

The best rakshabandan scene of the week was the scenes between Akash and Arnav. Awww it was so cute to see the brothers together. I just loved the way Akash said that Bhai is always right and whatever Bhai says is always in his best interest. Soo cutee!!! I also love the way Akash tried to help Arnav out hahaah. That was just adorable especially Arnav's reaction to the adviceLOL

That's it for this week guys!  
Love you as always =) 

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you know what'd make the pic of the week? Aranav and Khushi/ Barun and Sanaya standing there holding the best jodi award in their hands! ha! but that requires waiting! LOL

so, till then do with this paper flying, wind induced rabba ve.. no questions as to how they bag BOTH the fav jodi and international jodi award! Wink

you surely could not have missed this! Star d-h-a-k  d-h-a-k!!

his expressions are KILLER, if he was not himself! 


FREAK they are making me to go out of the words. I cant say anything more. I just want to drool and drool and lil bit more droolingLOL

Hellla peeps!! This is the bast weekend for all of us!! With Arhi and IPk sweeping most no. of awards we're all in an upbeat mood na??this was so uplifting after Friday's disastrously dished out episode (except the rabba ve ofcourse) in lieu of that ive got a long lst of bloopers this week! Yayyy! Hope its appreciated :D

So lets start with ,the bloopers might not be in order..just have fin reading among the many other obvious bloopers this week ,we had -the pen exchange one, the arhi-old scene clip re-use,the divorce paper blunders which many have pointed out wont waste time and repeat it..:D so posting fresh ones :D


What's this!!!! Mr. Oberoi or whatever this guy from London is is sucha cheater!!!Wink Pehle he comes as a guest to the Raizada's at the time of mooh-dikhayi!! And lo phir se screen space ke liye he comes back as a dignitary to deal with AR group of companies! Hehehehawhaw like WTeeff..CV's /direction team wale log are low on money! Uff get new BG people already! This show's on top! pakde gayi choori LOL

Look for yourself ;)



So as per this scene, the main door seems just few feet away, but the way Khushi runs for her life to save payaliya makes it look like the main door was sooo far from the place where Arnav-payaliya were stationed..but have a look at the snap below ,agar door itna khareeb tha,toh Khushi didn't even have to run so much..hehe she could just shout from the entrance,CV's bhi na,koi kassar nahi chodte to make everything look dramatic!Shocked


And btw!! Which direction was Khushi was running in ? she's running towards the hall na? away from the  main door na(towards Arnav-payal)? but what for a fraction of seconds she's running in the opposite the snaps below!

Hint: note the potted plants at the either side of the main door..hehe

Hope its clear, if not..then pls go ahead and watch the scene only..:)


And what the! The scene was shot from two very different angles.. infact in two different locations..see for yourself..(where as it is supposed to be one scene with same BG)..Duh!!Pinch


Observe the BG wall treatment..


Aur yeh kya? Our Khushi Kumari Gupta Singh Raizada *phew* is already wet before getting splashed??haww :O..check the pic below..ConfusedLOL

Here in the snap, Arnav is about to splash the bucket o water..notice her already wet hair..Smile


And hold on! How come Khushi's saree is still dripping water? Doesn't that water soak into the fabric by the time Khushi reaches home? Or is ASR's office right beside Gupta house..uff em clueless!Ermm


Is it just me or this place looks strikingly familiar to Arnav Singh Raizada's office??*clueless myself* how come ASR's office is his hotel??

 Hint: observe the canteen/food counter in the Bg? Remember where Manju ji used to feed Khushi with jalebi's?(in the office track at the beginning of the show)


Moreover our Director bhi na, he loves making it all filmy for us..lool..have a look Arnav just has a bunch of 2-3 papers and when they're scattered around in the pool or even when they fall off khushi's hand ,they're sooo many! As if a whole 100 sheets bundle of papers flying around them..the most adorable blooper was when the papers keep flying into the air throughout their 5 minute-long Rabba vey! Haha


I guess I found out! This is the pool which is connected from Arnav' bitwa's room! Coz the curtains are also the same, off white color, also the staircase in the BG hints towards it..but the blunder here is ,don't understand how Khushi's not caught sleeping outside yet? and how come no one's heard them fight like lion/ess!Ouch


Body-Double alert!

Tired of pointing these out..ufff..CV;s wont budge,probably Sarun were busy with SPA!*sigh* 


Phew done!!! WoW!! Those are so many!took so much time..Big smileLOL

Have a great weekend ahead guys!..that was a huge treat after winning the SPA haha..Party

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Made By - jenny1000
Here is your gift



Made By - 
Here is your gift


Made By - Ankita.M
Here is your gift


Made By - bollywoodcrazed
Here is your gift

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Pride and Beauty

" Our Love is a Fairytale "

When I see your face, my dark dull days turn into bright 
Beautiful enchanting ones, dreaming of fairytale places
Just you and me, nobody there to judge or interfere, 
To lie with you on the soft sands with the beaming sun 

Upon our faces, to swim in the breezes of blue seas,
Every fairytale isn't a valley of roses of hundred years,
Our love is rare because we hate as we love,
My chest still aches the same since the day we fell apart
A stab with every thought of your pain tears me down,
Whenever i close my eyes i imagine your heartbeats
As the dream awaits in my life for you to come and take,
It seemed so real yet faulty my dreams, I felt, would soon die
And eventually I have realize that again, I have to cry in love,
When I look into her eyes I see the truth behind the lies
You makes me alive because you so given so much love
I don't know how its possible the life I could live without you
Sometimes it is confusing I couldn't read your mind
I hope that there is something obvious
That I could somehow find but you, you are so difficult
Somewhat the same as I and I can't find myself to give up
No matter how hard I try , your love touches my soul,
Your tears , love and pain makes me twirl i want you to hold forever
This fairytale is difficult as every other does, but our love conquers all
Forever, I shall be your guiding light, 
And shine through the darkest of your hours.
As forever, I shall always love you.

These verses indicates that the love they shares shines brighter then the,
moon and stars in the sky and for well , every story has ups and downs with a rivers of love pain and that's what makes it a complete journey of Soulmates , how hard they try to stay away the pure essence of love , itself  search the ways to weave the two hearts in the breathe forever and one fine day the fairytale of Arnav-Khushi will find the meadows of daises to stride in pleasantly. Hence , the most crucial stage in their lives is to build trust and resurface everything now in each other where comfort and vibes eventually begins to brim in soul. 

runner UP
 the scorpions bite by --Pari-- 
Here is your gift
cheeseburgers at midnight by nayika 
Here is your gift

runner Up
hate that i love you by -_-harsh42 
Here is your gift
unfriendly neighbours by blah_blah03
Here is your gift
Here is your gift


Here is your gift

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The week was good with ArHi nok jhok's back na? Definetly better than last week. Khushi being strong and she's right. She deserves to know the truth Tongue Rating is 3/5. Though it was really good, this Shyam and mamiji always have to ruin it. Mamiji as always going on with her insults and Shyam more this week. Dead Just by his one scene, he ruined the whole week -__- Khushi's back at RM and the scenes of them throughout the week were a treat. Who all had actually missed their nokjhoks? Tongue  


CVs this week we are so happy that our show got so many awards so first of all Congratulations.

I know every week we people write so many complaints and blah blah to you guys that we want this and that but that is our love for this show. Today I really want to say that we love you guys for giving us ArHi and SaRun and most importantly this show. U guys really deserve round of applause,

Okay now it was butteringLOL to move the story fast and we guys are really expecting dhamaaka on holi so please dont disappoint is and we will always love u people for giving us this wonderful show.Hug

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As soon as we are approaching towards the 25 newsletter we are turning into proud parents. LOL sounds lil bit sentiROFL

But seriously we are approaching 25

Anyhow I am here to wish you guys Happy Holi

to IPKKND team, forum and members for winning so many awards. Really desereved awards now time to celeberate

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