PS Mar 12-16; SR family to the temple!!

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Monday Updates 12th March, Episode 235
pictures by atina

Dhanam shock with SR sudden decision Shocked. She ask why this sudden wedding? SR says ever since he was admitted in hospital, he had some bad feeling. His instinct says something is wrong. Ermm That is why he plan for this sudden marriage. Further, its only the a simple wedding and later as they had plan, they would held a grand reception for Jo.
Dhanam somehow not convinced and ask why did he had to hide this from everyone. SR says he can't be answering everyone's question if they know about this. So he will deal with them in the temple then. Dhanam is silent. SR ask if she trust her husband's decision and Dhanam says yes. He tells her to keep this from everyone at home.

Karthik returns back home .. drunk ShockedShockedShocked He sits at the dining looking drunk when Abi comes there. She is shock and ask why did he do like this. Karthik says what else he could do, everyone in this house has ignored him and he is like a anadhei here Confused
 No one is here to listen his problems or cries.. no one for him to lean at... he feels miserable and that is why he drank. At least he feels that would calm him. Abi ask if this had calm him. Karthik says no.. only poison will calm him Shocked
Abi cries and ask why is he doing and talking like this. Karthik says how else to talk. She is concern about his health only but not his personal life or love life. He is miserable and suffering and unable to decide on his love issue plus he got no support from his family. Kartik polambufy what is wrong with him.. his got education, his knows how to respect women .. then why he is like this?
Abi says marriage will happen but Karthik ask her to stop her advices as there is no actions in this. He don't care what would happen and if he needs he will kill people in order to marry Jo. Karthik says right now his going to go Jo house and demand SR for Jo. Abi says go, not only SR will chase him away, Jo too will chase him away.

Karthik breaks down and cries asking akka will the marriage take place... abi cries and tells Karthik that Reva will make the wedding happen. Karthik feels Reva is not doing anything and his lost his faith on her. If he does not get Jo, what is the purpose of this life? Abi calms him and takes him to room to sleep and rest morning they can talk.

Jo in room, Reva comes and ask why sitting here instead joining the family in front. Jo says she is not in the mood right now. Reva ask her to change her attitude and mood as SR might get worried. Jo ask Reva must she always think about others and not herself for once? Reva takes that wrongly and accuses Jo for not bothering about SR or the family feelings. If they are not important, Jo is free to go now and get married to Karthik. (what is wrong with this Reva...  D'oh)
Jo says Reva is taking this wrongly as for her family is important. She needs their blessing for everything in her life. Reva says if that is what Jo wants, then she needs to sacrifice  certain things in her life. She needs to be happy so that SR would not get worried.

Jo tells Reva she is talking not knowing what is going on. SR has plan suddenly on going to temple tomorrow all of the sudden. She feels that they are planning for sudden marriage for her and Arvind. Reva tells Jo not to worry as they will never do like this besides SR would have inform Jo about the wedding if there is ... Jo says mother knows about her love issue so this is all fishy right now. Reva says ok, if that is true, SR would not hide it from Reva. They would tell her definitely. Jo seem to relax little. Besides Reva says nothing will happen and she is there. She ask Jo to just relax and get ready for temple tomorrow. Nothing is going to happen.  Reva leaves... Jo is stammering in her thoughts... Ouch

Prabu comes and sit beside Karthik. Karthik pats Prabu and says sorry for his behavior yesterday. Prabu says that is not a problem but he is worried about Karthik as his changing so much lately.
Karthik agrees saying his life is getting messy now. Prabu ask him not to worry, his love matter will be fine soon. His love is true and Jo will be his. Karthik believes his love is true, but others are moving all in wrong directions. Jo wedding preparations are going on, at the same time cause of the kaapu thing, his unable to meet her.
Her mobile problem and her land line is not working Ouch He is worried about Jo and he really wants to hear from Jo. He is worried her family member might brainwash her and afraid she will agree to marry Arvind for family sake. Prabu says Jo loves Karthik.

Karthik says yes she loves him, but if her father ask to choose family or Karthik, she will definitely choose family. Karthik is getting worried day after day.  Karthik feels someone at home would have convinced her using her father's health as reason. Karthik admits his unable to eat sleep or do anything as he keeps thinking about all possibilities. Prabu tells Karthk never to give up and keep trying Jo house line. Everything will be fine soon.

Precap : Karthik asking Jo if she has lost interest to talk to him Shocked and Karthik accusing jo has changed Ouch Jo unable to answer Confused

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Tuesday, March 13th, Episode 236
update and pictures by atina
Arunachalam is having his breakfast while Sangee sits next to him and blabbers about new saree and new jewells etc. Arnachalam asks her to shut up. Now she tells about her doubt," do you remember what maamaa told in the hospital...when he was sick? he wated to conduct the marriage between Jothi and Arvind there in the hospital itself right? then Arvind'd dad told that...the marriage could be conducted in the I doubt very much that this kula deivam trip tomorrow is for conducting Jothi marriage nu..."
Jothi comes and borrows Arunachalam's cell phone...As usual Sangee asks whom do you want to call now? friends aa? Jothi says yes and was about to dial...but stopped as the landline rings...Jo is happy to see that the landline is finally working...She pickds it up...and it is from karthik...Sangee is watching..Jo...Arunachalam takes his phone from Jo and leaves for work.
KArthik goes on bombarding Jo while Jo is not able to talk at Sangee is watching her...she simple responds by telling..."sollu" " mmm"...etc...
Kaerthik tells," Uff...good it is you who picked upo the fact I was thinking of getting your dad's number from your brother and call you nu...but I know you would not like it...pesu
 Jothi...what is happening...Oh...nee romba maaritteh Jothi...just two days of brain washing be your changed like this Jothi...??? so you have decided to marry Arvind illeh...? caarry on..." He cuts the call...Jothi  helplessly wipes her tears and goes in...
Prakash is getting ready to go to comes Pavitra with so many chargesheets...," what have you done so far about the promises you made to me..when Prabu was a could not do anything at all...but now he is perfectly alright and managing how you are going to get these properties...?? you have to do it fast..."
Prakash gets irritated and tells," aamaa...abiraami is waiting to write and give me a  l the documents ..and I can just present all those properties to you?? podeee...did I bring you back here? no was my mother who pleaded you to come you go to her and ask..."
Pavitra threatens," oh...look here...if I give a complain against you to police telling that I am tortured by dowry will walking up and down to the court houses...remember...I will give you two months time...not six months as you juyst now asked then you need to do aomething and swindle all these properties...if not...I will cut off from you and poi kitteh iruppen...mind it..."
Karthik is in the office..upset and smokes comes Prakash and asks him why does he look so tensed...he starts instigating by telling," I know that youa re upset about Prabu's dad...the way he treats you rught...? I have been facing this problem for all these years...but what can I do? after all I am just an worker here...but you are one of the propritors should go to him and tells him to treat you properly and ask about your rights here..." 
KArthik replies.." no...ithu vereh personal ...parachanai." Prakash forces karthi to tell hum about his problem as he is not a starnger to him...and he wants to help him. Karthik stares at him and asks," you really do not know what is my problem?...ok here it is my love matter is the problem" Prakash is surprised to hear this and insists that KArthik should tell him whao is that girl nu...but KArthik refuses and tells," it is ok...what is the use in telling about the things are not going all that well...but finally some thing is being done and let me see...and if I need your help then I will defenitely discuss this matter with you...but now I dont need your help..."
Uma and PAvitra are discussing about the problems running in the household...Uma tells," I am not sure whether abirami purposaely hid this matter from us or not...but some serious matter is going on about know very well about his phone lover right..? now we all know who is that girl nu...she is none other than Jothi...I wonder why Abirami wants this marriage to take place...? because that SR hates abirami and our whole family...and also I am confused thinking...what is Revathy's opinion about this marriage...
Jothi is engaged to anothe man...but why this Abirami still wants this marriage to go on...? Revathy supporting which of this marriage?" Hearing this Pavitra makes fun of Uma," who cares about this...let Karthik marry Jothi or jothi marries the other man...why should we bother? we are having our own problems to sort out...?"
Uma replies," already this abirami simpky knods her head whatever this Revathy tells...if this girl Jothi also steps in thius house...the situation will turn worse...and our real colours wiwll be known to everyone...after that nothing can go forward as we we need to stop this wedding between Karthik and Jothi...first of all we need to find from Revathy whether she supports this marriage or not...we will not only stop this marriage but also think of the ways how to trouble Revathy too...think of someway to find the truth from Revathy" Pavitra tells that she would try her best...
Arvind and Karthik are n the road on their bikes...crossing each other...both of them stop their bikes...and starts walking towards each other...and murachufy at each other...Arvind breaks the silence.." how are you brother? what to do many unexpected things are happoening right?? Karthik is so irritted and screams," dei...dont act anymore...I never thought you would be such a fraud..daa...kazhattudaa...antha kaappai"
Karthik tries to snatch the kaappu but Arvind moves away and tells,"what is this brother? how can you do this? I dont see you as an all...dont you know that this kappu should not be removed until I thalli kaattify on Jothi's neck? as thamizhan you should know this paa"
Karthik holds Arvind's shirt and scremas," Jothi kazhithuleh nee thaali kattuviyaa daa? kattu viyaadaa?" Arvind pushes Karthik so hard...and KArthik was about to fall but manages and stands...and stares at him...
1. Jothikkum...enaukkum thaandaa kalyaanam...athu entha kombanaalum thadukka mudiyaathudaa...
2. Prakash is some romantic mood standing on the terrace with PAvitra...
3. Karthik and Jo are together ( on the terrace ) Karthik pulls Jothi towards him and hold her face closer to him...
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Updates by nithya
Pictures by atina

Credits to

Wednesday Mar 14th Updates

Episode 237

Arvind - Karthik fight continues.. Karthik says you have cheated us and all set to marry Jo..

He holds Arvind's hand and says First remove the Kappu.. Arvind says I cannot remove it till I tie the thali around Jo's neck.. Don't you know this culture? Karthik holds Arvind's shirt and screams.. do you dare to tie thali.. Arvind pushes him away and screams Yes I will tie thali and Jo will be mine.. AngryAngry Karthik says you need hand to tie and first be alive to tie.. I will remove both.. LOL Both start hitting each other.. Onlookers gather to watch.. Angry One sensible guy separates the duo.. Karthik says you are in a hallucination.. Clap

Jo loves me and will marry me and no one else.. Star Karthik walks away.. Arvind angrily stares..  Angry


Pavithra comes to Reva' room and invites her for an exhibition in the evening.. Reva refuses saying she cannot leave Prabhu alone.

Pavi looks at the painting (Prabhu, Reva and a baby) by Prabhu appreciates it and requests Reva to ask Prabhu to make one painting of her family too.. Reva agrees. Pavi says 2 years since you are married.. Why delaying child birth.. Reva blushingly says in this year you can expect..  EmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed

Pavi slowly asks about Jo's marriage.. Is it love or arranged.. Reva says arranged marriage, groom fixed by my mama.. Pavi says what if she is in love and has agreed for this marriage just to satisfy the elders.. Just cross check with her.. Wink Reva says nothing like that.. If so she would have definitely shared it with me..Shocked She respects her parents and will obey them.. Ouch Pavi gives her best wishes and walks away..


Night time, a sad Jo pacing the terrace.. Recollects her moments with Karthik.. 


Karthik and Jo at the temple, Karthik saying what mistake did I do.. if your father is having issues with my sister why hate me. I am prepared to disown them and live as a vettoda mappilai.. Are you ok with it.. Tongue


Karthik on the phone saying Jo you changed a lot.. Cry


Karthik telling Jo.. We are lovers and should meet everyday.. Jo says not possible.. Karthik says I cannot live without seeing you.. Embarrassed


Karthik says this mutta kannu giving so many reactions.. Did your mother eat many eggs when she was pregnant.. Jo stares and Karthik says don't stare those eyes might fall off.. EmbarrassedEmbarrassed


Karthik asking Jo not to hide her feelings and share it with her beloved one.. Believe me I will take good care of you.. A emotional Jo hugging him and crying.. EmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed


Karthik says for past 2 days you have been brainwashed by people at home and you are all set to cheat me.. I know that people like you don't give importance to your lovers words but listen to your parents words and throw away your love and lover just like that.. CryCry

Jo crying.. Cry

Terrace.. Prakash and Pavi..

Prakash says you have given 2 month time.. Why fight like cat and mouse.. He tries to get romantic with his wife.. Dead She agrees with a petition Dead and Prakash jokingly agrees to abide.. Pavi says I am serious..

She asks him to arrange for 10 lakhs next day to be give her dad for buying a land on her name..ShockedShocked Prakash says I don't have so much money.. Pavi says hook or crook I want it.. Steal and give.. AngryAngryDeadDead If you satisfy my wish I will satisfy yours.. DeadDeadPrakash agrees.. AngryAngryDeadDead


Morning.. Karthik in his office.. Time for he recollecting memories with Jo..


Jo angrily waiting.. Karthik arriving late and acting as if bike got repaired and he has come pushing it in the hot sun.. Wink

He tries to coothci coo by asking her to smile, wipe off his sweat with her duppatta and talk lovey -  dovey.. Embarrassed Jo angrily says I know you are acting.. Karthik tries to defend and Jo starts his bike and catches him red-hand.. LOL Karthik lies again saying your golden leg has repaired my bike with one kick.. LOL Jo wants to leave.. Karthik gives her a yellow rose, then a red rose and some heart shaped chocolates.. Smile

Jo throws away everything.. He pulls out another gift and Bingo.. a cigarette box comes out..LOLLOL  He mazhupufies saying how did kissmiss pazham change into cigarette box.. LOLLOL

Jo says So you have lied that you quit smoking.. Karthik says this is an old pant which I wore..LOLLOL  Jo holds his ears and scolds him for lying and walks away in anger.. Karthik turns her and holds her face close to his.. Embarrassed

Both keep looking at other.. Heart Karthik says are you scared that I will kiss you.. You have asked me not to touch you till we are married.. I am a gentleman.. StarParty

He leaves her.. Both stand apart and blush.. HeartHeartHeart

Karthik walks away to his bike.. Jo walks to him and holds his hand lovingly..  HeartHeartHeartHeart


Screen freezes on angry Karthik..




Prakash says We should make sure that Karthik should not marry Jo at any cost.. Karthik goes hyper and screams Enna Sonna..

Reva tells an angry Karthik are you going to make all people around you as enemies, stand alone and fight.. Leave it to me.. Things will fall in place..

Reva talking to Arvind.. I will make sure that you will marry Jo.

Night time, Karthik jumps into Jo home.. A sleeping SK feels something is wrong..

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Thursday, March15th, Episode 287

update & picvtures by atina
Jothi calls Reva on her cell phone...and asks for Karthik.Revathi is surprised to know that Jo is talking like this on landline...Jo informsd here," appa and annaa have gone out and amma is at the back...washing clothes...that is why I am talking to you..."Jo asks  sorry to her for bothering Revathy whenever she wants to talk to Karthik. Revathy tells her not to talkt to her as if she is an outsider,..she informs Jo that Karthik is at work.
Jo tells," Revathy I am really scared...tought everyone is here I feel as if I am left alone...I need to talk to KArthik...I tried his cell but it is switched off...can I call his office land line revathy?" Revathy quickly replies," dont do that...he may be in some important meeting.
Jo again tells that...she must talk to karthi as she misses him so much.  " Revathy will you please come here for half an hour when Karthik comes home...since I can not talk to karthik if she calls on landline...everyone will be can you come here please?"
 Revathy refuses and tells," illeh Jothi I can not do that since Pranu is down with fever...I need to take care of him...but I  promise that as soon as karthi comes home...I call on mama's cell phone and give  my phone to that you can talk to him in private..." Jo once agains makes sure that Reva will keep up her promise in this matter and cuts the call. 
Saguni gumbal together...discussing..Pavitra tells that Revathy does not lknow anything about JO'Karthik matter at all. But Uma replies," are not miscalculate about that Revathy..she is an orphan and grew up in that SR's house along with Jothi ...she is too close to how come she will not knwo about Jothi...I am pretty sure there is some politics going on in her mind...and sure she will be more than happy to bring Jothi here to live with her in this house happily..."
Prakash continues," which means Revathy will defenitely talk to abirami about this and will go on with this weedding...( Karthik is climbing up the stairs...hearing this part of the cvonversation) but we should see that this wedding should be stopped...Jothi and Karthik wedding should not happen" Karthiuk storms in..." what did you say...? just now?"
All three are shocked...Uma tells," we are concernedd about Abirami as SR is not in good terms with Abi...if this wedding takes place then Abirami has to lose her name...and also the family maanam will go way upm in the we were just discusting about this..." Karthik is so furious and asks,"stop are angry with me as I refused to marry your sister's you are doing all this behind me...right?"
Prakash intereferes and tells," KArthik you have misunderstood us...we are tryting to support what is right for the family only paa" Karthik replies," ok..ok you all do what so ever you want but I have decvided that Jothi is my podaattee...and none can do anything about it...mind it" Pavitra blabbers," how can you decide that just like that? this is a joint family..everyone together should take such decisions..."Karthik screams," oh all take your stuffs and leave this house immediately as you people do not have share in this house or in any of our properties...ok?"
Prakash screams at him and KArthik does the same to him," enna daa unakku mariyaadai...for this only you came and talked to me like that in the office? so your total idea is to separate us...right? if anyone dares to do that ...vettiduven...mind it!!! dei nee...koodave irunthu kuzhi thondi irukkeh...unnai summa vida koodaathu" Prakask asks him," what can you daa?" KArthik again shgouts," dei get out of this house...take these two with all will learn when you stand on the streets only...poda veliye"
Hearing this commotion Revathi comes there and asks KArthik to cool down. Uma starts," vamma...we are trying to advise him  but avan engalaiye seruppala ask him".. Karthik screms at top oif his voice," Revathy...please ask them to get out of here..."  Uma...veembukku tells," dei prakash come let us go from here...why should we live here intha maanam ketta vaazhkai?" Revathy stops her and Uma again stars," We worked for this family like servants...I brought Prabu as my own son...and this karthik grew in front of me only...ippo enna pechu pesaraan..."
Karthiuk shouts," yei...if you interfere in my matter I can only be like this" Prakash asks him tos top...but KArthi charges on him...and tries to hit him...Revathy drags him towards her and pleads Prakash to take his wife and mom anfd go to their room.
Meantime she drags KArthik with her and come to the hall and asks KArthi why he is behaving like this. KArthik is so angry and tells," you always think that I am wrong...even now YOu are asking about me but not what they kwno what they were talking?they want to stop my wedding with Jothi yaam..."\
Revathy is shocked to hear this.,." how come they know this...I never told them at all" KArthik replies," That Prakash is fraud...he would gather news from anywhere...they are putting drama that they are saving the kudumba maanam and name...but the real reason...Uma aunty is angry with me as I refused to marry that janani...and this Prakash is pazhgi vaangaran ...if I can not marry..then they are thinking that I wilkl marry that janannee never...I might as well kill myself if I can not marry Jothee"
Revathy is shocked to hear these wrods from KArthik. Karthik continues," ithukku nmeleyum porumaiyaa irukka mudiyaadinga...I am not able to meet Jothi and not even able to talk to frustration level keeps increasing as a I have decided to break the news dorectly to her dad...whatever happens let it happen...I can not simple be here without doing anythig..I am scared too"
Revathy quickly tells," dont do like that...if you do you think Jothi will support you and come with she will simply refuse to come with you...mark my words...she will never leave that family and come with you...just go and take rest,,,I am there for you...and IU wull see that everything will go on smooth...ponga" KArthik goes to his room...
Arvind is waiting for someone...Here comes Revaathy. Arvind tells," you are thinking taht wedding is going to take place...but I am scared now...( he tells her about the galatta he had with KArthik yesterday) the way he spoke to me scares me" Revathy reassures to arvind that she will get Jothi to marry him...and also promises to him that Jothi will never get back from her decission of marrying Arvind..." I told you already that Jothy changed her mind just for the sake of  her family...and decided to marry you nu...more over if at all Jothi tell s that she can not marry you as she still loves karthik...will you give in and move away from this marriage?"
 Arvind sadly answers,: aamaanga..." Revathy continues," then what is your problem...unga pakkam oru prachanaiyum confident and get ready for your marriage with will happen..and do not be afraid that Jothi will change her moind can not change her mind taking mama's health condition into consideration...more over he can never come to the place where you both are getting be happy and I will that you will be the one to thaali kattarathu on Jothi's neck" Arvind leaves from there...Reva stands there and looks like a villleee...!!
KArthik is trying to enter Jothi's house...from the backside of the is dark...SR and Danam are in their bed room...KArthik jumps into the house...and hits some thing whick makes so much noise...SR hears this  and gfets up and shouts.." yaar raa athu...dei arunachalam...goa nd see ..." KArthik quixkly moves to one dark corner...
1. Sangee asks Jothi," why cann't you trsut me...I really want to help you" Jothi refuses to beleive her..Sangee again tells," You really are not aware of what is really going on...I really want to help"
2. Karthik tells someone,' I am so frustrated...and please forgive me if at all I hurt you in anyways..nga..."
3. Danam asks SR, what is the avasaram in getting Jothi married
like this?"Sr replies," it is defenitely aasiyam thaan danam"
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FRIDAY UPDATES 16th March,2012
Episode 289

Continues with Karthik stepping over something and this wakes SR up.. He calls out for Aruna to check. Karthik hides behind something.. .. there walks in Revathi Shocked (iva enna doing here in Jo house Ermm ...) she finds Karthik and gets angry seeing him there. Aruna comes there with torch and Reva immediately tells him everything is fine here and she came out to use the bathroom. Aruna leaves without seeing Karthik there.
Reva scolds him for coming here and this could have ruin the entire wedding plan. Karthik says its been 4 days since he saw Reva and his missing her terribly. This morning he called and Jo never even talk to him properly and that makes him scared that she might have agreed to marry Arvind. Reva knocks some sense into him saying he called landline so probably the family members were around then. Reva ask Karthik to not do stupid things like this. Karthik says he no longer can take it and wants to take Jo and run away. Reva ask if Jo would ever follow him? She will not. Karthik realised that was true too. Reva ask him leave and she will take care of everything. Karthik leaves.
Karthik leaving is seen by Sanggy Ouch who wonders innum ennalam nadakapodho nu ... (yup...nanum adhu taan yosichen LOL feeling bad for Karthik but at the same time can't help thinking his being a fool here at the moment nuConfused)

Sanggy comes to see Jo who is sitting in motta madi. Sanggy ask if Jo is worried about her marriage. She once again reminds Jo that she is the only person who is going to help her at the end. Jo gets annoyed and ask her to just leave. She knows so much about Sanggy but Sanggy ignores Jo and tells her that everyone is cheating her.
They are planning something and even Reva is not going to help her. Reva is cheating her. Jo gets more annoyed. Sanggy says last night Karthik came to see her but Reva had send him back. Jo looks at her and says that Reva made the right move. What would have happen if her anna has seen Karthik. What ever Reva do is always for her good (D'ohjo at times ... if true Reva did for her own good.. then why reva did not inform her about Karthik coming at ngt...Ouch) Sanggy tells finally that the person she is trusting is not going to help her and its going to be Sanggy at the end.. and leaves. Jo is disgusted.

Karthik sees Reva ready with her luggage to go SR house. (Ermm she was in SR house last ngt lae...?? enna confusion melai confusion) She has some sort of guilty smile at Karthik. He tells her that Jo called and said they are all leaving for temple. Reva says yes and she is about to join them too. Karthik says somehow his not feeling good. Feels something going to happen though he has full trust on Reva Ouch
Reva smiles and ask him not to worry anything. Going to the temple is going to be a good opportunity for her to get permission from mama. She is going to talk to SR about Jo Karthik and make SR promise marriage for Jo karthik. Reva says she is worried about Karthik as his taking this way to much and his not even concentrating in work. He seem to loose control over everything and his making everyone worried. He even have started drinking. Reva says all this small matter and if he is unable to handle this frustration, how is he going to handle other things in life?

Karthik says sorry to Reva and he do realised he could not control himself. He hopes everything will change too. Karthik says his even frustration as he has not seen Jo too. Reva says for the next 2 days while she is gone, she is wondering how Karthik is going to be always thinking and he might even fight with people at home. She suggest him to go to the yoga center for 2 days to calm and relax him. Karthik agrees and Reva leaves.

Aruna waiting for everyone when Sanggy comes in with such big bag ShockedShocked aruna ask if they are going for a long tour or going to temple for 2 days? Such big bag nu LOL. She said attai ask her to take all new pudavai adhan she pack everything. Aruna is shock ShockedLOL Reva arrives and ask if they are ready vaa nu.
Aruna says they are ready, all they have to do now is to put 2 wheels for Sanggy bag and they can sit on it and go vaam LOL Reva goes to see Jo while patti comes and gets shock to see such big bag. Patii ask why so many sarees and nakkalfy Sanggy. Patti scolds Aruna too to go and get other things done and not talk vetti here.

Reva ask Jo is she is ready. Jo says she is scared. Scared if they make her get married to Arvind. Reva says why she is thinking like this. They are going to pray as mama was not well before nu. Jo is not convinced and cries that SR wanted marriage at temple but Arvind father said they can arrange for another day nu in temple. So Jo is afraid. reva says nothing will happen like that when she is there. Reva ask Jo not to worry and to trust her and takes her down.

SR ask Dhanam if everything is ready. She once again ask him if this marriage is a must in this way? SR says it is important and what ever he do will be only for his daughter's benefit. Dhanam says she feels sad the marriage is done secretly nu. SR ask her not to worry. Everyone get ready and leaves for temple.

PRECAP : 1. Sanggy asking Reva if there is going to be some kolapadhi in the marriage and Reva answers back in Jo's life nothing like that will happen, only good things nu. 2. Arvind telling Jo that in 12 hours everything is going to change and they are going to be happy Dead 3. Jo asking for Reva and Sanggy says too late. Reva is busy preparing for this weddingOuch

continue with more dragging Sleepy...

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I still doubt that SR arranged for this marriage based on his instincts nu Ermm Something is fishy here. And also ... its still a mystery if Reva is aware of this marriage Ouch

What ever the reasons are.. its very selfish of SR to make this decision Ouch So far, compare to Arunasalam and Reva, Jo had been a very good daughter to him. Both Aruna and Reva gave him reasons to fall sick but not Jo. He cannot do this to her Thumbs Down

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supree Goldie

Anandham Caption Contest Winner
Joined: 11 December 2006
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Posted: 12 March 2012 at 10:52am | IP Logged
Thanks a lot for the super fast well writen update Hopper.  Clap 
Onnumaee puriyalai PS-la
Ennamo nadakkuthu
marmama irukkuthu...
Onnumaee puriyalai, PS-la...   ConfusedConfusedConfusedConfused
Can't understand Reva's plan. SR's activities, the muted phone call conversation, all are so confusing...Confused
But Jo still not opening her mouth to hid dad is unbelievable...ConfusedAngry I kind of feel mad at her at times. She keeps saying that Karthick is the one should do something, but say a BIG NO to every small idea he came up with. Ouch
 If she cares that much about her dad, family she should have talked to him, a long, long while ago...    Letting this matter comeout  in front of everyone, at the wedding hall will definitely hurt / kill SR's feelings Cry more than she letting him know the truth while SR & Jo are at home.
Now, at present, Karthick poured out his feelings to his Akka.
 Abhi, the supposedly a great business woman, why is she asking Reva to do something. She too know that Jo-Arvind wedding it fast approaching, right?! Then how come she is waiting, and far how long she thinks this can wait?! Shocked  She should make an effort and go, meet SR personally, then after a sincere apology, she should open up the matter.
Anyway, this is purely my opinion. Let's wait and see what's in store for us this week. SmileWink
But at last, one thing for sure, intha vishyathai ithukku mela javvu pottaa thangaathu. Cry  
PS Team,... Stop dragging and do something for this matter, in this week atleast...  Big smile

Edited by supree - 12 March 2012 at 10:55am

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atina IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 12 March 2012 at 5:13pm | IP Logged
thanks Ratna for super hot  update...
Sorry that I could not come here ealier to reserve...since I was out of town...just this afternoon only came back...
Talk to you soon...>!!

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atina IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 12 March 2012 at 5:46pm | IP Logged
yes...I agree with supree...that too  much suspense and twists and looks this is aproaching the climax let us wait and  see...
I am [prtetty sure that Reva knows about this wedding plan...
Abi...should step up in this matter and start talking to SR...!!!
or Jo should simply leave the house...against e veryone...

Edited by atina - 13 March 2012 at 8:08am

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nithya.. Channel Moderator

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Posted: 13 March 2012 at 12:10am | IP Logged
Thanks for the updates..

@atina.. I shall do Wed PS updates .. henceforth.. 

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hopper_ocean IF-Veteran Member

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Posted: 13 March 2012 at 3:47am | IP Logged
Originally posted by supree

Onnumaee puriyalai PS-la
Ennamo nadakkuthu
marmama irukkuthu...
Onnumaee puriyalai, PS-la...   Confused

Join in the club supree LOL I for one had been muttifying my head before but now rather decide to take things in flow Wink though at times annoying doubts pop up in my mind OuchLOL

But i rather hope there would not be any dragging in this ... Sleepy  As far im concern, Reva is playing her card by giving everyone the same lame excuse .. SR's health Confused To Jo - appa health is important... to karthik - don't do something that can be dangerous to Mama's health and she even stop Abi from going to meet SR with the same excuse Ouch If Reva betrays Jo.. the reason would not because she wants Jo having a better future.. it would be purely for the reason Reva trying to amend her mistakes through Jo Arvind wedding Ouch

Thanks for the picture atina ...

Edited by hopper_ocean - 13 March 2012 at 3:48am

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atina IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 13 March 2012 at 8:09am | IP Logged
Thanks Nithyaa...Did I ever tell you that you are an angel???

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