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Tumhari Disha Update for Episode dated 4th April'2005

The promo scene which we all dreaded will be aired this week, and it looks like it will be more worse than we all expected………..grrrrr…….

Anyways here is the update for yest. episode.

Disha comes to where DK is sitting and comes and sits next to him ( in his bed). She tells Dk

Disha :  I will take Mummyji with me today to Aai's house.

DK : Have you gone crazy, you know her condition very well

Disha : But DK, Mummyji is whole day at home all alone, this will be a good change for her.

DK : But………

Disha : Please DK, don't argue, I will take her and take care of her

DK : OK if you insist, but please see that you be with her throughout and take utmost care of her, I am allowing you to take her at your own risk, if anything happens to her you are responsible for it.

Disha : Rest assured DK and you know very well I never let you down and that you can trust me always….saying she goes away.

DK keeps thinking and smiling to himself , I know Disha what you were trying to imply by reminding me of your trust and I know very well that you have never let me down.

 DK is sitting all alone in his house when a man comes with a bouquet of lovely flowers . Dk is surprised to see the fellow and questions him as to who had sent him. The fellow tells that Mr.Gurnani has sent these flowers for Gargi Mam. DK thinks that Gurnani is the same supplier whom I had blacklisted. He tells the fellow ok keep them here. When the man is coming with the bouquet he trips and falls down and out with it falls some bundle of notes with the flowers. DK is aghast on seeing that. He blasts at the fellow as to since when this has been going on. The man tells him that since quite some time Mr. Gurnani has been bribing Gargi with the money and pleads with DK that he is just a delivery boy and is not at all involved in all this and to forgive him. Dk tells that fellow to go away and thinks that so Gargi has been cheating on him in this way and is bent on ruining Kanaka's reputation.

 Aai is happy to see Disha and Sumitra. After the formalities of greeting one another they sit to chit chat when Sukanya comes there. Sumitra tells Aai that your daughter is a gem and so kind hearted and takes great care of me. Sukanya pokes her nose in between and tells that but alas this daughter of ours is really unlucky…her husband is illtreating and misbehaving with her at the drop of a hat. Sumitra is surprised and confused and tells Disha that whom is she talking about beti, does you husband not love you. Disha screams at Kaki and tells her to be within her limits. Even Aai blasts at Sukanya and tells her to go away. Sukanya gets irritated and walks off from there.

 Gargi is shown walking in her usual dancing style and is going upstairs when she sees DK blocking her way. He has the flowers in his hand. Gargi tells Sunny I am surprised you with flowers for me. Dk tells that this has been sent by Gurnani the person whom I had blacklisted. Gargi tells oh that's the reason you are standing here with a black face, but Sunny don't forget I am the owner of Kanaka now and am free to do as I wish. DK tells her that I have brought Kanaka to this position by my sweat and toil and I will not allow anybody to spoil its reputation. You know very well Gurnani has been supplying substandard raw materials and that's why I had black listed him. Gargi tells Dk that you have no right to tell me what is right or wrong and I will do as I wish , to hell with you. DK raises his hand to slap her. Gargi tells him how dare you raise your hand at Gargi, you don't know me, you will have to pay for this….saying she walks off…

 Pori is shown coming to Vedant's room. She is tipsy and in a state of intoxication…yuck... She comes to Vedant and plonks herself on his bed. She has empty glass in her hand and strokes his face with it and comes and sits on his lap.  Gargi who is passing by notices this . Vedant yawns and tells Pori that he is bored and tells her to go away from there. Pori tells him how dare you ignore me, you know I love you and if it was Disha would you behave this way with her. Vedant stands up in a huff. Pori tells him that she is sorry to mentioning Disha's name. Vedant tells you better be before you speak anything about Dish. And he tells her that next time do not ever enter my room in this state and get lost now.. saying he walks off.

Gargi comes there and tells her didn't I tell you to keep away from my Vedant, don't forget the deal b/w us and don't cross your limits. Pori who is really high and actually not in her senses blasts at Gargi that I am a free person and will do whatever I want to. You have no right to tell me whom should I meet and do what with whom, this is my personal life ……Gargi tells her don't you dare talk to me this way…..get lost….saying she walks off. When Gargi is coming out of the room she sees Dk talking on the phone and stops there itself to overhear what Dk is saying.

 Dk is talking to Disha on the other end. DK tells Disha how is Mummy, should I send a car for you'll. Disha tells Dk that tonight Aai told me to stay back and I am thinking I and Mummyji will spend the night here  today. Disha asks him if he is at home and if everything is ok….. Dk is quite for a moment and tells her ya everything's ok but I was just thinking that it is the first time you are away from home after our marriage ( so cute) and I , I miss you Disha, I really miss you. Disha is almost hopping and smiling with happiness on hearing this…. DK tells her but don't worry and take care of Mummy.

Gargi who overheard all this thinks that DK you tried to slap me , now this is the right time for me to get even with you.

Disha is thinking to herself that DK sounded a bit worried , hope things are fine there and hope choti maa is not upto her tricks once again.

 Pori who is in her room is thinking to herself, oh no what did I do, why did I behave this way with Gargi, I was enjoying all the luxury of staying in this palatial bungalow, what did you do Porineeta Ganguly…….oh oh now before this lady Arnold Swazeneger comes I will have to go away….saying she is picking some clothes of hers ……when Gargi knocks on her door. Pori sees her and fakes a smile…..she apologises to Gargi and Gargi tells her its ok, I will forgive you thinking that you are just a kid to me…but tonight there is one more test for you which you have to pass… Pori tells her another test oh no what is it now…Gargi tells her that tonight Dk is all alone at home since Disha is also away and you have to ……..the game plan is shown in mute………………..saying Gargi gives a small camera to Pori and tells her you have to record everything on this. Pori tells Gargi that this is really difficult…….Gargi tells her why is it difficult, you are young, beautiful I know its going to be easy for you… Pori tells ya but……Gargi shouts at her I don't want to listen to your ifs and but's you better do it else there is no need for you stay here…either you have to do it or have to hire someone to do the job……but everything has to be recorded on this….. she tells the job has to be done by hook or crook Pari…….Pori smiles and says Pori not Pari……Gargi says whatever……..and walks off…

Vedant is sitting all alone in his room when Gargi comes there. Eh Vedant what are you doing here sitting whole day at home, don't you get bored….Vedant tells her Mom sometimes you need to be alone to think about ourselves……Gargi tells him are you thinking about yourself or someone else… Vedant tells her comeon Mom……Gargi comes and sits next to him and says you are my son, I know you… I thought why not go out for dinner tonight. Vedant tells her no mom, I am not interested.. Gargi forces him and tells him comeon son we two will go out, you and mama will have good time and have dinner out…Vedant unwillingly agrees….

Gargi and Vedant are about to leave when Gargi gives Vedant the car keys and tells him to go ahead. Pori meets Gargi and both of them wish each other good luck to accomplish the mission…Gargi leaves and Pori makes faces at her and looks at the camera.

 Disha is sitting in her Aai's house and thinking about the words of DK when he told her I will miss you Disha….then she remembers Kaki's words that Disha is abhaagin ladki ( Unlucky girl) and again remembers the Holi scene in which DK applied sindoor on her maang…etc… Disha thinks that has DK really changed completely or is it just my illusion…Now if I don't stay in his house will he change once again…no no I don't think he will become like before…he has really changed now for good…..

 DK is in his room talking to someone. He sits on his bed his back to the camera. A girl is shown entering the room wearing a mini skirt and pink offshoulder top…the camera is fixed on her hand purse. She leaves it on the bed and walks towards Dk and sits next to him, he looks at her ( his side face is shown I am not sure that he is drunk as twinecool says though in the promos he did look dead drunk ) and it looked like he is smiling ( though I am not sure and hope so he was not smiling ) the scene ends………damnnnnnnnnnn………..ggrrrrrrr………



Tumhari Disha Update for Episode dated 5th April'2005

 Hi Friends. Today's episode came as a real relief to all of us. Thanks to Fiza, Sadi, Twinecool I got to read the suspense before actually seeing the episode. This is straight out of the India TV's Sting thing and as twine said they are actually supporting Aman Verma and Shakti Kapoor's cause. And the promos really cheated us and they did not show that much in detail when the episode was actually aired. Anyways here it goes….

 In the morning Disha arrives in her merc. She straightaway to DK's room to meet him. He looks really disturbed. He is wearing a yellow shirt and not the blue one which they showed last night when the tape thing was going on. Disha asks him as to why he is looking so disturbed. She looks really worried and again questions him if he did not sleep well at night and if choti mom created any further problems. Dk gets irritated and tells her Disha nothing happened and I tell you I slept very well and peacefully last night and now don't start behaving like a teacher and questioning me, I am fed up of answering your questions……saying he walks off in a huff. Disha looks worried… Gargi and Pori are watching it from a distance and enjoying themselves.

 Aai is taking rest in her room when Sukanya comes and tells Taai did you read today's newspapers and see the good news. Suhas asks what is there in the papers today? Sukanya tells that Jaawai Babu ( SIL) has got an award. Suhas's face lights up and she tells oh Inder got an award ( how funny…for what will he get an award..maybe for being a cry baby..)..Sukanya tells no no Taai your other SIL got an award. DK. Suhas is happy and tells what is it for. Sukanya tells that its for the best Businessman of the year award… Suhas tells Sukanya I will wish Disha now itself, Sukanya tells her no no, we will go personally and meet them, come get ready. Suhas agrees and before leaving she asks Sukanya the newspaper cutting. Sukanya tells that she does not remember where she kept the papers and tells come let us not waste time and not miss the show on TV when it is aired.

 Dk is still looking disturbed and Disha comes to him and tells him to pour out his problems. Dk tells her that he has set up Kanaka Empire with his sweat and toil and now Gargi is ought to ruin its reputation. Disha tells him don't worry we will try to do something about it. Just then Gargi comes and tells them that in View Tv there is some great news coming for DK and that Aai and Sukanya have come home. Disha is surprised as to how come Aai and Kaki came at this hour, but she is happy nevertheless and both of them go down. Gargi, Suhas, Sukanya, Pori are already there. Disha is happy to see Aai. Aai congratulates Dk and tells him that he gave all of them a pleasant surprise. Dk and Disha both look confused and surprised. Gargi tells that ya DK you did not inform anybody of us, now let us see the surprise in TV itself about your achieving such a big award. Vedant too comes there. All are watching the TV when the newsreader tells that now some news about business tycoon DK ' Business tycoon Dk was caught red handed in his own house'. ( DK apne hi ghar mein ashleel harkathe karte huwe pakde gaye)… they show a lady coming to meet Dk in his bedroom and Dk talking to her and telling her that for gaining something you need to sacrifice a lot and for getting name, fame, money, power I am ready to offer you a movie provided you spend the night with me…etc etc….They don't show close-ups of the two just from a distance…..

 Disha, DK and others are aghast and DK goes and switches off the TV. He tells this is sheer rubbish, complete bullshit, someone is trying to frame me , I have not done anything of this sort..I was not at home in the first place. Disha tells him but DK you told me you were at home last night, do you mean to say it was someone else shown in the TV. Gargi tells Dk you should have thought about Sehgal Khaandaan's dignity and should have atleast thought about Disha , now when she goes out how will she face the world….Pori tells Vedant did you see now what your brother did, the same thing he had done with me too and cheated me.. Aai is furious and tells I am taking Disha with me right now, I don't want her to face all this anymore and want her to cut all ties with you forever, Sukanya also puts some fuel in the fire..Disha tells no Aai I will stay here and not go anywhere, there is a purpose behind my staying here. Vedant tells Dish why, why do you still wanta stay…..Disha does not answer him and just goes away. Dk tells go away, all of you'll I don't need anybody, please go…..

 Dk thinks all that happened and remembers Gargi's words, the TV presenter's words and thinks about how Disha will face the people etc etc. He gets mad thinking all this…

Disha also is in her room and is equally disturbed and thinks that DK had told he was at home last night.. etc etc…she prays to Ganpati Bappa and asks Bappa what and whom should I believe, is somebody out to malign DK's name…..just then Vedant comes there, he tells Dish I can understand what you must be feeling, but I am not at all surprised, he had done the same thing with his brother's GF and now his wife, still why do you want to stay here with a husband like him. Disha tells him Vedant its no use of you telling me all this and please I don't want anybody to sympathise with me… please leave me alone. Please go away from here. I still am confused and don't know whom to believe… Vedant looks surprised and tells her even now you are not convinced after seeing all this… Disha tells that sometimes seeing is not believing, its not the complete truth and they have not even shown DK's face clearly…Vedant tells what about those support sticks etc.Disha tells please Vedant I don't want to talk about all this and pleaaaase leave me alone….

 Pori is in her room and humming a nice old hindi song… mein chali ab khood chedo pyaar ke afsaane…..( wow).. she is also putting some cassette in the tape recorder and fiddling with it. Just then Gargi comes in and tells her bravo Pari, you have done a good job, I came to congratulate you, you have really done the job this time, just look at Dk he is sitting in his room and shut the doors and is really depressed. Pori tells Gargi but I must say your idea of DK's duplicate was rocking and it really worked. Gargi tells he is so much into Disha, Disha all the time and does not think about anybody other than Disha. But I must say that duplicate was a fabulous actor for a moment even I was confused if he is the real DK…..Pori tells I have learnt these tricks from you Gargi aunty … Gargi tells I just gave you the idea but you really trapped him..just then Gargi's mobile rings…she picks it up and talks to the person and tells that ya ya what to do, we are really ashamed of the whole thing and cannot even face the people now, ok where is the kitty today by the way……then she tells Pori ok I am leaving now Pari….Pori tells Pori not Pari…Gargi tells whatever and goes away from there. Pori then takes out the cassette from the tape recorded and tells I too have got little brains Gargi  and you can anytime turn the tables on me… but now that I have got all these talks recorded Lady Arnold you cannot get away from this situation scot-free…..

 Disha is in her room in tears when Dk comes there.  He tells her that Disha do you believe all this….Disha tells him what am I supposed to make out of all this DK? I saw you on the TV and do you mean to say it was not you? DK tells her I am not bothered if the whole world thinks I am at fault, but not you Disha, if you too believe all this it does matter to me. Disha asks him where were you last night Dk.. Dk is quite…she tells him your silence proves otherwise. Dk tells her I will tell you all that when the time is right.. Disha asks him when will the time come DK…..DK tells very soon….don't you trust me and my words…….saying this he goes away…

 Pori is talking to a guy on the phone and meanwhile writing on the cassette cover DK's name and tells the man well done Kishore, you did a fabulous job. And you will be paid for it too. No no don't you dare come here, else I will be dead… I will tell you when and where I will come to pay you the money…saying again she starts humming the song and throws the cassette which was in her hand. Disha sees the cassette and reading DK's name in it she is intrigued and takes it to her room..

 She overhears the conversation b/w Gargi and Pori and is shocked to hear it. Just then she hears some sound outside and presses some button on the tape recorder ( stupid) and goes near the windows and closes the window and draws the curtains….she comes to hear the cassette again and only first two words she hears and the rest is blank. She tries again and it's the same. She tells oh no what did I do, how could I erase it off. With my own hands I have erased off all proof which would prove that DK was innocent…….oh no……ends on Disha's face…..



Tumhari Disha - 6th April, '05 India episode Update


Today's episode was significant in terms of Dish proving DK as innocent. To know how read on....




DK and family are seated in a hall where a channel 'View TV' is describing a scoop that DK was caught in a sting operation. Everyone is shocked. Aai tells that she will take Dish along with her. DK is trying to convince everyone that he is not the person shown in the sting operation. Dish comes to know that Pori and Gargi were behind the whole thing by the virtue of an audio tape but she accidentally deletes the critical portions of the tape which could have proved DK's innocence.




Dish is thinking in her room as to how could she accidentally delete the contents of the tape. She is now worried as to how she can actually prove DK's innocence. Suddenly she rushes to a room and checks all cupboards, drawers and pulls everything out. She is not able to find out anything and comes out. Just then Pori comes in. It was actually Pori's room that Dish had ransacked. Pori is completely shocked. She remembers that she was speaking with someone over the phone and had kept the cassette of hers and Gargi's conversation over the table. (they show it as flashes of remembrance). She is completely shocked and angry and rushes out of the room.


Here Gargi is having breakfast (ok she was sitting on the dining table chair and having something). Pori rushes out to her and enquires as to how she can even think of coming to her room. Gargi says Pari...Oh Gargi auntie not again....if am your guest it really does not mean that you can come to my room anytime you want and remove my valuables. Now Gargi is becoming slowly angry and asks Pori as to what rubbish she is talking about. Pori continues arguing with Gargi. Gargi now becomes really furious and asks her as to what valuable stuff is she talking about. Now realization dawns on Pori that maybe Gargi is not the culprit and maybe it is someone else. Gargi continues to ask her about what valuable stuff is she talking about. Pori fumbles and mentions that actually her purse is lost. Gargi is sarcastic and says ya your purse is very valuable and it contains crores of rupees and I have taken them. Pori is lost for words and moves away from there.


Dish is in her room and is still worried as to what she can do now. Just then DK enters the room. He tells her that he knows that after yesterday's incident she completely hates him and does not even want to see his face. In fact if she wants she can even move out of his house. But before leaving he just wants to tell her to trust him and he did not do the thing. Before he can continue Dish interrupts him by saying 'Kal tak tho mujhe lagta tha ki tum gunhegaar ho. Lekin aaj mujhe yakin hai ki tum bekasoor ho and aur tumhe fansaya jaa raha hai. Mujhe tum par pura bharosa hai' (Last sentence echoes) (Translation: Till yesterday I was under the impression that you are at fault but now I believe that you are innocent and someone has trapped you. I trust you completely). DK is taken unawares by her statement and is surprised as well as happy (A relieved look on his face that his Dish trusts him).


DK: Lekin tumhe kaise pata hain


(Translation: How do you know ?)


Dish: woh sab baad mein batati hoon. Pehle mujhe tumhe nirdosh

saabit karna hain


(Translation: I will tell you all this later. First I have to prove that you are innocent)


DK: Disha main tumhe yeh bhi batana chahta hoon ki kal raat main kahan tha.


(Translation: Disha, I need to tell you where I was last night)


Dish: Woh sab baad mein baat kaenge DK.


(Translation: We will speak on this later DK)


Saying this she just rushes out. Dk thinks that who can be possibly behind this whole thing. (Oh god DK, can't you see it's all coz of your step mom. I wonder how you created the Kanaka empire when you cannot see through such a simple thing.)


Here Dish comes to the office of 'View TV' (The channel which exposed the sting operation concerning DK). There is an executive who is trying to stop Dish from meeting someone. Disha is angry and tells him as to how they can show such an idiotic thing concerning a businessman like DK without even verifying the facts. She needs to see the video of the expose immediately. The executive says but madam what can we do. This is all the things of high people and I really cannot do anything about it. Dish is insistent and threatens them saying that she will use some other methods if not allowed to examine the video. Then we see that the executive is finally forced to show her the video. In a video room Dish is sitting in front of the TV and there is another guy who is also sitting in front of a TV with some controls. The executive is standing right behind Dish. Dish is looking at the video and asks the person next to her to zoom, close up, right left and so on. The executive says madam 'am telling you that the person in this video is DK sehgal only.' We get to see the promo scenes once again. Finally there is a scene where in the guy in the video is embracing the girl and Disk asks the guy to zoom to near the guy's collar. We see that there is a small purplish tattoo (it looked like a crab to me. I did not clearly notice) behind his neck. Dish is overjoyed and shouts that DK does not have this mark on his neck (Now I really don't know how she knows this. His neck is always covered by a collar. Maybe she noticed it during the night when DK proposed her??!! But then the producers of TD know best). She is outside the room and is talking with someone over the phone (guess to the head of View TV) that she wants an apology from the channel. If they don't broadcast the apology she may even file a defamation suit against them. She also mentions that he is talking with Mrs. Disha Sehgal. She is happy at the end of the conversation.


DK is in his room and thinking to himself. What is happening? Every time I think that am getting closer with Dish and I feel that she is also warming up to me something or the other happens like this. He also thinks as to where he was last night. Flashback: He is speaking with someone in a godown. DK tells the person Make sure that Gurnani does not make the deal with Gargi. and passes on a suitcase (of course should be with money) to the other guy. The other guy promises that whatever he said would be done. DK says that I have built up Kanaka Empire with my sweat and toil over these years and I don't want Persons like Gurnani to come and spoil its reputation. Flashback ends. DK is now kind of confused as to what he has done. He thinks that what if Dish comes to know. Dish had told him to never do any bad deed and here he has done this. He tells to himself emphatically that he can never afford to lose Disha.


Pori meets up with Dish and asks her as to how she can ransack her room. Dish says that she knows that only Pori was behind DK's problem. Pori asks her how she can speak so as she was not the girl in the video. Dish tells her that she may not be the girl but she is the cause of the whole drama. Pori asks her to prove it with evidence.


Gurnani calls up Gargi and says that he cannot give her the promised commission. Gargi says that you know Gurnani that DK had blacklisted you and I have given you the contract purely on the basis of this commission alone and you are refusing. Gurnani however refuses to budge from his position and the conversation ends. Gargi is thoughtful. Gurnani seems to be very afraid. I am sure it must be all DK's handiwork. I will make it sure that this is the last action by DK.


Whole house is sitting in front of TV. (Ved, DK, Dish, Gargi and Pori). View TV shows an apology wherein they say that they are sorry for the expose that the person that they showed was not DK and it was some other person. Gargi and Pori are shocked at the turn of the events. Ved also seems to be surprised. Disha looks on victoriously at all of them. She keeps giving on this 'I got you' looks at Gargi and Pori. Gargi and Pori do not notice her as they are already shocked. DK makes a declaration as to he will make sure that whoever has done this will pay for it. Gargi and Pori exchange uncomfortable glances.


Gargi and Pori meet. Gargi is angry with Pori as to how she botched up the whole plan. Pori replies that till yesterday she was praising her and now today. Gargi replies it was different yesterday. Plan was working while today....I thought that DK would shut himself in his room and would not be able to face the world. But now he is out and is ready to take on anyone. Pori says that all this is only because of Dish. Gargi mentions that I brought you here so that Dish goes out of this house. How much more time do you want. ? Pori mentions that things cannot happen so fast and she will do something about Dish. Gargi - I have already waited enough. Make sure this is your last plan and Dish should go out of the house with this plan of yours. I cannot wait anymore. Pori has a determined look on her face.


DK is sitting in his room when he gets a call. The guy says that the job is done. In case if DK wants he can even show his step mom Gargi her place. DK becomes angry and says that Gargi is my problem. You only do whatever you have been asked to do and nothing more. Dish is just outside his door to meet him. The guy asks DK for the rest of his payment. Dk says that there is no need to come to the house and he will make the payment soon. This is overheard by Dish and she enters the room in a rage. (Everyone is able to overhear everybody's conversations. I am not going to give you a list here but every episode nowadays has an overhearing scene) DK is shocked beyond words to see her in his room.

Disha - when will you ever change yourself? Every time I think that you are now reformed (reformed sounds a bit different as if he has committed some major blunder. The Hindi word that she used was 'sudharoge'. Something like when he will become a better person.) And I trusted you. But then you do something like this. Your whole family is like this. You guys can never be corrected.

Dk- Disha, but please listen to me.

Dish - I don't want to listen to anything


She goes out of the room. DK continues calling out to her and the episode ends on his 'what to do now' type look on his face.


My take on this episode:


I now seriously want the old DK back. He is all the time pining for Dish and doing nothing constructive in terms of getting back his business or starting something new. Ok agreed that he cannot see Kanaka going down but still it is not enough. and another thing is I really can't understand how till now he could not make out that Gargi was behind all this plot of framing him.


Like all the other serials, in this episode also, Disha puts on the detective cap and is ultimately successful in clearing the blame thrust on DK.


This episode had no significant focus on anyone in particular. Gargi had acted well and showed that she was being impatient with the way things are going. DK as usual had shown his state of mind (Dish, Dish and only Dish.) We could also see that he is worried about his empire and I feel that he may manage to get it back from Gargi in few months. Pori has this mysterious tattoo type thing below her neck. I liked Disha today. The way she looked as well her acting.


And another thing that I felt yesterday was that DK and Dish need no one to create problems between them. They create enough misunderstandings between themselves. Communication is something which is not found in their dictionary. Like how you call some relations as Love-Hate relation. I felt that their relation can be called as Trust-Distrust relationship.


Ciao then...today we may see DK convincing Dish about what he had done. Whether she gets convinced or not remains to be seen. And what is Pori's next plan???




Update April 7th

Disha is standing before the window she is thinking that

i am staying in this house for dk's sake but  whenever i think tha the has changed for the better he proves me wrong, and the behavoiur of the members of this house is not proper and they behave very badly there is nothing called humanity in them . For whom should i stay here when no one needs m and  at every step i am insulted. She turns back and looks at sumitra who is sleeping and  tells forgive me maaji I  have go away from this house, she leaves the room and comes out.

In the common area

 porineetha :Good morning miss disha sorry Mrs disha sehagal 

 disha:what's so good in this morning (disgusted tone)

pori:u know what yesterday night dk called me to his room to play a game . he is very very naughty ,even that vedanth is nothing less then dk even he is naughty .I can't understand whom i should  select dk or vedanth will u help me.

Disha:why r u telling me all these things.

pori: you r right ,in this house u have no value being so called wife of dk u r being insulted at every step no one cares for u ,no one listens to u even your husband doesn't love you , I pity you .should i call it as your courage and bravery  or your shamelessness to still continue staying in this house even after undergoing all these things if i or any other woman in your place would have left the house by this time.

GARGI standing in a corner is having fun and giving a evil smile

Gargi also starts saying that i agree with pori on this how much can you tolerate the insults in the hands of dk he doesn't even try to understand you, if any other woman was there in your place she would have left the house by now.

Disha all this time was simply standing with a disgusted and a hurt look on her face just walks out from there.

Gargi and pari laugh.

After Disha leaves the house

Back in sehagal house

 vedanth tries to call disha but she cuts the line, he is upset & worrying about her ,he asks gargi about disha she says i don't know vedanth  enquires whether she told anything because of which disha left the house

 Gargi: why will i ever tell anything to disha i am sitting here quietly. Pori arrives

pori: any problem vedanth

vedanth: where is disha did you do any thing because of which disha has gone out .

pori: why vedanth why will i ever do anything to disha , i am here to get back my  lost love that's You .

vedath gives a dejected look.Gargi who is hearing all these things realises that pari is trying to get closer to vedath and calls"porineetha" pori says "Yes aunty"

DK is searching for disha he asks pori did you see disha , do you know where she has gone

Pori(she acts as if she caughing):am i disha secretary ,right from morning every one is asking me about disha's  whereabouts first it was vedanth and now it is you.

Gargi arrives

gargi: how come disha has not informed you that she is going out ,she goes according to her whims and fancies she doesn't even think that she should inform any one in this house even you .we all love her so much but she treats us like her enemies.

Dk listening to the lecture leaves the place with a tired look.

Gargi and pari are happy that they have done their job now they to just wait and watch for the results.

pori asks gargi whether she will take champagne to celebrate this happy occasion, she goes from there saying that she will open a new bottle. gargi tells to herself that the day pari is out of this house she  will open 2 bottles of champagne (gives a gargi laugh)


In the sitting room the girl's party have come. The girl along with her parents and lots of gift

sukanya, anil, azzuba, ayyi, and gauthum are seated

(Girl was short and fat she appeared quite funny,)

Disha arrives there she sits next to gauthum on the sofa handle, she is introduced as gauthum younger sis.

Girl's dad  asks whether the boy wants to talk to the girl

gauthum says no

anil: our boy is very shy natured person ,somehow after the engagement all these things will go on .

Meanwhile gauthum tries to tell disha to do something that time sukanya asks what's going on between the brother and sis, they say nothing.

The girl's mom gives sukanya a necklace that time she enquires haven't they brought a finger ring to there would be son-in-law.

gauthum gets up from there and goes

In gauthum's room he is upset suhas and azzuba ask him is he not happy with the marriage, if he is not happy then one will force it on him. (gauthum is silent).

Sukanya comes in and asks who is not happy such a good relation with great difficulty we have got it, and azuba the girl is very good she will look after us very well and she tells gauthum if he doesn't agree then he will see her dead bdy .Disha arrives and tells sukanya marriage cannot be forced on anyone sukanya tells disha first look at your self and your house and then advice others.

Disha and gauthum are alone in the room

DISHA: why aren't you agreeing, after marriage every thing  will become alright and I don't find any drawback in the girl

(OMG if I was there in disha's place I would have begged my brother not to proceed)

disha asks gautham :are you in love with anyone

gauthum: answers yes by nodding his head

diha: who is she? Where is she? Introduce her, how is she to look at??????????

Gauthum: when the time comes I will show her to you.But right now letme handle my parents and solve this problem.

PHONE rings ayyi receives the call It is vedanth for disha

Disha comes and receives the call

Ved :Where were you all a through out ? do you know how tensed and worried I was for you .why didn't you inform me that you are gong out. and when will you come back

Disha:it was important so I had come here and every thing is fine here.

(I wished that dk had spoken to disha like this over the phone)

After disconnecting the line vedanth questions himself as to why is he so concerned about disha and why is he getting so worried and upset for her,he asks himself whether is he in love with disha, suddenly he says no it not possible it is not true they show some flash back scenes of ved and disha

Dk in his room is thinking about disha he tells himself that he needs her , disha come back, the house needs you ,maa needs you. I am alone without you, you are the only person who thinks of the welfare of the this house (he is very emotional)

Dk goes to his mom's room sits next to her

DK:get well soon I need your support ,I am alone get well soon

Back in the bhonsle house

Disha is praying to god ganesha

"bappa how much can I tolerate the insults on me, you know every thing, in the house no cares for me gargi pori always create problems for me  ,dk whenever I trust him he breaks it, even though we are husband and wife our relationship is not good. To all I go tell that every thing will become alright after marriage but what about me, I am not happy but to whole world I claim to be happy, I have lost my patience and energy bappa please show me the right path"

Ayyi who overhears it gets upset and goes from there sukanya who listens to this and comments that even though you are  not successful in handling your marriage and your personal life even though your not happy you come and give advises to others .

Disha;who said that  I am not happy  . i am very happy

Sukanya makes a face and goes from there

Suhas calls up dk to meet her

In the restaurant

 suhas  :you were responsible for my husband's death

dk tries to tell something ,suhas stops him

suhas:but now I don't blame you . I am  a mother I can't see my daughters unhappiness and sadness , disha is not happy with you she is very upset and hurt

dk:did disha tell u all these things

suhas:disha will never tell anyone about her pain she will silently suffer but I am a mother I can feel it, even though you are her husband who have never tried to understand her.

From now onwards I will not allow disha to stay with you , i will not send her back to your house



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Update April 11

If we call Thursday's episode as the most boring and let down episode then we can call this one as the sweetest and a beautiful episode

Today's episode began where it ended on Thursday that is in the restaurant

DK who was totally let down and upset by listening o suhas who told him that she will not allow disha to return back to sehagal house. he tries his best to convince suhas by asking her to forget the incidents which took place in the past few days, "trust me they were not in my control ,even I was shocked, please let disha return back don't separate disha from me, she is my wife "

Suhas by now was touched by dk's concern and desperation

Suhas: what do I do whenever I think of disha her innocent face and the difficulties and insults she undergoes in your house comes in front of my eyes. it is of no use of you considering disha as your wife but you have to give her respect and status of a wife in your life and in your house.

DK trying his best to convince suhas ,

DK: whenever I try to go closer to disha one or the other problem come in between us or the situation just goes out of control and again the distance between both of us increases, but trust me I  will see to it that disha will not face any problem and difficulties especially in the hands of the people in my house ,I will always stay beside at every step.

"Please send disha back, please tell her that I need her"

suhas: how can I trust on your statement(she appeared to be touched by dk's behavior)

DK:trust my words,I will never let you down

(At last peace agreement takes place between the mom-in-law and son-in-law)


Suhas was reading something in the dining area then sukanya arrives

Sukanya: thayi what did you, why did get so many sarees

Suhas: well sukanya those sarees have been brought to give to the girl's side, even we have some duties towards them, since they are giving so much to our gauthum,it's just a small gift

Sukanya: all those things are not required do you know how rich they are. all these things don't even bother them, first of all why are you thinking of them they don't need your gifts.

After dada made you the chairman of the company you have started considering yourself as a big leader. Let our gauhtum's marriage take place then even we will become very rich you will have to just be looking at us

Suhas:so for this purpose you getting gautham married to that  girl.

Sukanya:then what(she makes a usual sukanya face and does from there)

Disha enters

Disha:ayyi why do you tolerate all these things if you want you can throw them out ,if not you can go and stay in a better place.

Suhas(smiles):no disha it is easy for me to throw them out I agree with you ,yes I can afford to go and stay in different place , but by doing all these things I am running away from the problems and reality . it will show I am a coward and I am  afraid of them , my intelligence is in staying here and facing all the problems

(All through out it appeared suhas was trying to advice disha ,and in fact asking her to go back to dk and face every difficulty with a brave face)

Disha gets up, suhas asks her where are you going disha says " I am going back to my house" suhas smiles

Disha comes out of the hose she finds the car with the driver waiting for her driver says that dk sir has sent the car to pick her up. Disha feels happy and tells to herself  "he could have come (dk) to take me back"


Vedanth is strolling in the sitting area ,that time pari comes there and asks him as to what he is doing  alone

 pari: don't you think the house is so peaceful without disha, if she is here then there is lots of tension and noise I am sure you are also feeling it

Vedanth: will you shut up and leave me alone.

Pori: how can I, how can I forget you are my first love and how can you forget me,  I am here just for you vedanth

Vedath: you were in the past but you are not in my life now, remember , you are out of my mind remember

Gargi comes there

Sumitra  whois sleeping she could hear dk's voice"maa I need , I need your support get well soon"(what dk told her in the previous episode before going to meet suhas)she also gets the flashback of dk's childhood.

Sumitra comes out the room, looking at her gargi turns her face away

Sumitra: I heard my sunny, has he come, oh! Might be, it was just my dream

Pari says: you are right (gives a evil smile)

Vedanth looks at pari as if to say shut up, he takes sumitra to the room

Gargi is upset and tells to herself what if sumitra gets back her memory? What will happen to me?

Gargi hears

"Yes chhoti maa what will happen to you???????"

gargi looks at the main door disha is standing looking at gargi sarcastically and asks  "what will happen to you"

pori who doesn't notice the arrival of disha comes there with two cups of champagne and gives one to gargi and says: gargi aunty take this, it will bring down your anxiety and tension it will relax you

gargi continues starring at the main door ,pari looks there, disha comes towards them and takes the tumbler from pari's hand and offers it to gargi saying yes you have to take it ,your tension will be down at least for some time

Disha goes to her room, pari says " how come she is back", gargi throws her cup at disha's room door.

Disha is sitting on her bed she is removing her bangles, DK comes near the door looks at he is above to enter the room but changes his mind and is above to go back when disha calls out his name "dk": have you got to say anything, and thanks for sending the car. For Dk this was a unexpected response of disha he is happy and hesitant he looks at disha and says: Remember this is your house you have the right to stay here, never think of leaving this house, I need you,you are the person who thinks of the welfare of this house."

By listening to dk's words disha blushes and just continues to listen to dk

Dk: I always throw my frustrations and anger at you but trust me I really don't blame you for anything but the time is not with me, I am just waiting for mom to become alright, disha you have the strength to face people like gargi and pari and give them back answer in their own language, trust me god has given you the strength to face the problems and come out of them successfully, remember one thing I am always by your side, if you have any problem come to me don't hesitate, "I am with you".

Disha is impressed and happy by dk's behavior and words, dk is above to leave he again comes back and gives disha a camera cell phone and tells her: this for you always keep it with you if you need anything call me up, dk smiles (so sweeeeeeeeet)

When dk is near the door that time disha calls him back "dk smile"

Dk is blushed he gives a pose he keeps his hand on the wall and gives a smile disha takes a snap "dk who is blushed and puts his hand down laughingly as if to say it is enough"(it was such a romantic scene, I wish I could get one snap)

Disha is lying on the bed looking at dk's photo in her mobile and recalls his words and tells thank you for your words  "I am with you"

Disha hears pari's voice from the compound

Disha goes   near the window to see, pari is with a stranger (the man who gave pari a neckace )

Pori: vineeth what are you doing here please go from here, if anyone sees I will be in trouble.

Stranger: I can't stay without you; come with me, all my money is yours. What are you doing here?

 Pari: even I miss you dear, I love you , I am  here to help a friend of mine, as soon as my work is over I will come to you. Now you please go from here, she pushes him from there (what a bitch)


Disha tells to herself now it is my turn just look what I will do

Disha is above to go out then pari enters

Pari; are leaving the house disha go,go,go

Disha: this is my house I will stay here, you are a guest, it is you who will be out and has tosoon leave the house saying this she closes the door on pari's face (pari's face is red)

Next day morning

Disha looking very beautiful is having the pooja thali in her hand comes to dk who is reading the paper

Dk: what is this disha? 

Disha: today s guda pad (some festival) today they make a paste of neem leaves and jaggery an eat it , so now you have to eat it dk

Dk: if you are asking me to eat it I will not say no ( what a understanding sweeeet husband)


It was a mind-blowing scene disha puts the paste in to dk's mouth in a spoon dk is looking at disha and smiling disha is smiling back.

Disha: now tie the gud with me (they tied some thread to a  stick which was covered with flowers and green leaves)

The most romantic scene after the bed room episode

Dk just follows disha instructions they where looking at each other dk's fingers where feeling disha's hand and instead of tying the thread he was caressing her hand, disha was very much aware of it and for the first time she was not embarrassed nor she tried stop him by taking her hand away it was as if she liked it and above all she was smiling at DK who could very well read disha's facial expressions. After tying the thread she takes out her hand from there

Pari goes to gargi who is getting ready to out , pari takes gargi's perfume and tells it is good is it costly ,gargi asks her to keep it back .pari asks gargi some money

Gargi;why money for what?? Until now you have not done a single work properly .I am not giving you anything and listen keep away from vedanth you are not here to become friendly to vedanth


Gargi asks pari to go and see who is it

Pari goes cursing saying that I am a heroine and in this house I am doing a work of a servant what is it god!

Disha is receiving the parcel pari asks her for whom is it?

Disha: for chhoti maa, it written confidential

Pari;give it  to me ,I will give her

Disha: are you sure be, careful if not chhoti ma will not  leave you

Pari: ok


Pari who is now alone opens the parcel and finds her snaps(one taken by disha)and a letter "gargi madam we have done our work we are keeping our eyes on pari here are some photos"

Pari goes wild she shouts gargi aunty and marches in to her room

Gargi:yaaaaaa! Keep your voice down

Disha who is standing in a corner seeing all these things says what pori; you became so week and upset by my very first attack what about future? Now disha will show you people your disha (smiles)





Parineetha shouts gargi aunty, gargi shouts back "keep your voice down no one until now has dared to raise their voice in front of me"

 pari starts crying look what has happened to me I am doing nothing here ,if I was not carried away by your words of doing some good deeds and helping someone then by now I would have met some big directors and producers and  by now  a movie would have  released with my photos on posters. but here you have  put the private detectives behind me??

Gargi: what nonsense I don't know anything, why will I keep detectives to keep an eye on you, what proof have you got against me.

Pari says that she has got some strong evidence that will prove that she is right, pari goes to get the photos from the drawer where she had kept it .

Disha goes to gargi's room when she is alone with a cup of tea and asks why was pari shouting, is every thing all right. gargi asks her has to what is she doing in her room disha replies that she has prepared tea for her.

Gargi:don't try to be smart with me ,go and give it to your mom-in-law

(Disha turns her back towards gargi and smiles)

Pari gets upset by realizing that the photos which she had kept in the drawer is missing she goes back to gargi ,gargi asks for the evidence pari keeps quite. Pari tells to herself "I will not leave anyone"

Gargi: don't use your brain on such baseless things, instead use it in thinking as to how to separate dk from disha and how to spread rumors about vedanth and disha,tonight dk is going to a business party some how you have to go with him there.


Disha is in her room; she tears the letter and the photos and tells, "I will not leave you chhoti maa".

Suddenly she gets up to leave the room she bounces with DK who had just entered her room, they exachnge glances disha shrinks back just to avoid his eyes she turns her back towards him.

DK who is very much evident of disha's reactions and   behavior smiles

DK;today there is a important business party wil you come with me

Listening to this disha towards him smles and nods her head saying yes, dk smiles   back and leaves her room.

(Whenever dk and disha are together they just put the screen on fire ,with the passing episodes they are coming closer)


In sumitra's room

Sumitra is sleeping dk is sitting next to her

Suddenly sumitra in her sleep shouts sunny don't go there, you will fall down saying that she becomes restless and wakes up dk asks what happened to you maa?

Pari comes there dk looks at her,she says hi , she goes near the sumitra and sits

DK: why have you come here?

Pori: aunty I just love to stay near you, will you take anything; I will get you something to eat.

(Sumitra is silent, and just looks at her)

DK:just keep quite and go out of this room these (words have no effect on pari she lends a deaf ear to DK.)

Pari:Do you know aunty your husband was loving you so much. You were his first love

Dk stops her and asks why have come here "I can't understand what you are doing in this house plese go from here and never dare to come back"

Gargi is sitting on the easy-chair in her room


Dish enters with a file in her hand

Disha: here is a file will you please give it to vedanth

Gargi:why don't you go and give to him

Disha:Pari is there how can I go when both are together ,it will not be nice

Listening to this gargi gets wild and marchs towards vedanth's room

In Vedanth's Room


Pori:you know what today dk shouted at me ,I just told majji that she was uncle's first love and it is not easy to forget one'sfirst love, was I wrong in any way.

Vedath:why have you come here .

Pari;vedanth you are my first love how can I forget you

Vedah asks her to leave him alone

Pari: today there is grant party will u come with me, let us go together

Vedanth :no

Gargi arrives she is near the door she calls pari

Pari even while going asks vedanth to think about the idea of going tot the party

Gargi asks pari whether she spoke to DK about going with him to the party.

Pari:I am going there now to ask him that

Pari goes from there

Gargi enters vedah's room

Vedath:mom pori is nice girl thanks for bringing her here , I still love her,I am planning to go to the party with her tonight ,now I can marry her .

Gargi;she is unfit to be your wife,I have told this before also

Vedath:what objection have you got now, she is no more an actress

Gargi:don't argue with me She leaves the room


Vedath tells to himself "mom I know what I want once I have lost my love this time I will not leave anyone who comes in way"(I hope he is not referring to disha)

In DK's room

Dk is strolling in the room ,heis talking to someone over his cell

Disha enters with her cell phone dk's asks her what?

Disha has her cell phone and says;ayyi wants to talk to you Dk takes the phone to talk to ayyi

AYYI:thanks dk for everything

Dk:what have I done ,

Ayyi;sorry yesterday I told you a lot

Dk:it's ok

Ayyi:disha is very happy I could realize this from her voice,will you come here with disha for dinner

Dk: sorry it is not possible ,we have an important business party and we have go there and keeps the phone.ayyyi feels bad

Disha gets upset and asks dk "why did you say no? We could have gone there,ayyi would have felt very bad. Business parties will take place, until today we have never been to ayyi's house together.

DK:try to understand this is very important we can go to your ayyi's house some other day, even you handled the business ,you have to understand the situation

Disha: dk you always decide by using your brain and not heart if I was there in your place I would have selected relationships instead of business.

Exactly then Pari enters

Pari:I have to ask you dk, sorry I think I have come at a wrong time, anyways dk I heard that there is a party tonight can I come wth you

DK:I going there with disha , and first of all what will you do there it is a business party not a comedy show or a "hasya kavi samaelan"

Disha(who is angry):I am not coming you can take pari with you,she goes from there

DK:looks at disha and says O.K I will take pari

Pari is very happy


Disha is keeping a blue shirt on the bed

Dk enters and asks disha as to what she is doing

Disah:you will wear this blue shirt for the party


Dash:because I am asking you to wear it

DK :I will wear it on one condition.that is even you will come to the party.

Disha:says no

Disha leaves the room

DK tells to himself "I will see how you will not come"


DK wears the blue shirt

Disha is sitting alone in her room talking to herself "for dk his business meeting is very important then my ayyi's house, even I will not go to the party"


In the sitting room


Pari is practicing the party talk and manners gargi who is looking at her says"pari this is a business party you don't go and address people sir and madam"call them "Mrs singahania and Mrs Chhavi Hussain"

Gargi:remember you are going there with a purpose you have to be with DK and find out why has he gone there?with whom he speaks what?

DK comes there

DK:where is disha

Gagri:disha is shameless she is with vedanth who is her brother-in-law

Pari:instead of coming with you she likes to be with vedanth

Dk:stop your drama tell me where is disha?

The two witches say:she is in vedaanth's room

Dk proceeds towards vedath's room

Suddenly he hears disha voice"DK I am ready let's go!!!!!!!!!!"

DK turns back

Disha comes out of her room she is wearing the same black night  gown no mangasutra (she looks gorgeous)  which DK had given her for the film shoot.

DK stares at her he is very very happy

Gargi and pari the two witches look at each other and then at disha,they are totally taken aback,



Tumhari Disha 13 April - Sanya is back



DK informs Pori that he is planning to take Dish for the business party. Dish refuses so he tells that he will take Pori instead. Gargi indicates to Pori that she needs to keep a tab on what DK is upto. DK comes out all ready and searches for Dish when DIsh says that she is ready. Gargi and Pori are shocked.




Continues from the last scene where gargi and Pori are shocked. Both of them compliment Dish and DIsh moves out with DK. Pori is completely hurt and rambles in her room abt DK. Gargi says that after all DIsh is his wife. Pori says that DK had promised that he will take me and now he has taken Dish. Gargi mentions that you cannot do even one single thing right All my my plans are now under water. You need to go to the party somehow. Pori is afraid that DK might insult her in the party. Gargi says that its her intelligence that she should use and go to the part somehow , not incur DK's wrath and keep an eye on him. Pori agrees.


DK and Dish have reached the party and are proceeding 2wards the party hall. DK is surprised as well as happy.

DK you must be angry that I did not come to ur Aayi's house 2day

DIsh that is ok DK.

DK if u had decided that u r going to come with me why did u not say before ?

Dish I had decided that I will not come with u. I thought that I will take care of mummyji. Then I put myself in ur place. You are trying to start something new. So this party is very imp for u.

DK Meera is there to take care of maa. Sometimes I think that am very selfish. You take care of my mass so well.

Dish Nothing like that DK. I like taking care of maa.

DK Can i tell u something. U look beautiful 2day

(Dish blushes. coyly replies)

Dish thank you


DK offers his hand and Dish also gives her hand and both of them enter the party. DK meets everyone. One guy announces that DK has entered the party. DK and Dish sit in a chair and one old guy meets them. DK introduces him as Mr Mittal who would be financing him and introduces Dish as Mrs Disha Sehgal his wife.


Ved comes to his house bringing a gift. Gargi is surprised and asks him that its not her b'day or festival then how come he has a gift. Ved coolly replies saying sorry mom, this gift is for the most beautiful woman, Disha and asks his mom where she is. gargi replies that she has gone to a party with her husband DK. Ved is momentarily shocked. Gargi continues. DK is such a smart chap. He has taken his wife. Then he also calls up Pori and asks her to come as well. Pati Patni aur woh (husband wife and third person). He knows how to enjoy life while u r just wasting ur money. Ved does not reply to that.


In the part Mittal wants to speak with DK. DK informs Dish that Mittal would be financing his dream and he does not want either Gargi or Ved to know abt it. Dish promises the same. Both of them go over to meet Mittal. Mittal says that his objective is making money and they discuss a few things. Just then Pori and SANYA make an entry. DK also looks at them and is shocked to see them. Pori sends as SMS to Gargi that she has reached the party. Pori and Sanya walk over to DK and Sanya comments on Dish that she has turned from behenji to ultra mod girl. DK asks her to shut up. Mittal looks at them. Pori calls DK for a drink. Dish signals to DK that he should move away from the place. DK does not understand at first and then realizes what Dish is trying to say. He flirts with both f them and moves away from there. Mittal is disgusted by the turn of events. He raises an objection that DK might not be able to build a business now though he had done the same with Kanaka. Dish replies that DK is very sincere and all and moreover its their personal matter. Mittal apologizes and says that he is shocked that DK does all these things in front of his wife and that DK is a flirt. Dish does not know what to say. Here Pori goes over to make a call to Gargi and Gargi tells her to keep an eye on DK. She also asks abt Dish and Pori replies that she is with a oldie. Sanya also comments on the same. Just then one friend of DK comes and asks abt Sanya. DK replies back as he has many women in his life and each of them are there with him for only one eve and he does not bother to remember their names. Sanya becomes angry and resolves in her mind that she will take revenge from DK for this insult and leaves the place in a huff. Pori comes back and drinks. She also says that Dish is an idiot to be with that oldie. DK thinks in his mind that you can never take the place of Dish nor can u do what she is doing right now. DK and Pori drink but DK keeps an eye on goings on. Dktells  Pori that she is beautiful and he cannot say all these things in public. Pori is on a high and is happy.Dish is trying to convince Mittal. She says that Pori is mad and that is why DK is with her or else she will create a scene. Mittal is surprised that a beautiful girl like Pori can be mad. He says to Dish that he enjoyed meeting her and tries to leave. Dish asks for 2 mts and tries to give her presentation in a  paper (shown in mute). But Mittal is not convinced and leaves the place. DK asks for the final outcomes from a distance through his eyes and Dishreplies back in the negative in the same manner. DK is completely sad.


Both of them come back home and Pori is over Dish and is completely drunk. Ved looks at them. DK replies that Pori is drunk. Gargi takes her away. DK wants to speak with Dish. Dish looks at Ved for a sec andmoves away to speak with DK. Ved saysMy My My in sadness (??)...Dish is now sad that Mittal did not give them the finance. DK is also sad that Dish was not able to enjoy the party thanks to Pori he had tpleave her alone to handle Mittal. Dish replies back that she is least bothered abt Pori and its good that she does not listen to their deals. Dish asks DK to meet Mitta again but DK refuses saying that Mittal might not wish. Just then DK gets a call and he is happy. Mittal had called him tomeet him thenext day. He holds Disha's hands and thanks her and says that Mitta would now finance him. Just then Gargi comes out of Pori's room and overhears the last portion of DK's conversation about the deal and wonders about it. Episode ends on her face,

Tumhari Disha dated 14 April, 2005

Funny episode with both Gargi and Pori reduced to catfights literally. Nice DK expressions after a long time...my comments in updates are provided in italics. read on...


DK wants Mittal to finance his project. Pori and Sanya come into the party. In order to divert their attention DK flirts with them. Disha tries to convince Mittal about the project but is unsuccessful. Dejected both DK and Dish go back home. DK receives a call about a meeting with Mittal regarding project and he is overjoyed. Gargi hears the last part and is wondering.


Gargi is absolutely hyper thinking that DK did manage to do some deal. She goes in anger to Pori's room. Pori is sleeping on bed drunk. Gargi splashes water on her face and Pori suddenly gets up all hyper. She is angry and asks Gargi as to what made her do such a thing. Gargi is equally angry and tells Pori that looks like DK did manage to do a deal. Pori laughs it off saying that there is absolutely no chance as DK was the all the while flirting with her and Sanya. And she reaffirms that. Gargi is now reduced to thinking and she then suddenly asks Pori what was Dish doing the same time. Pori laughs idiotically and mentions that she was busy with some oldie. Gargi now thinks and deduces that Dish was in fact discussing the deal and not DK and also tells the same to Pori as well. Pori is now shocked and becomes more or less sober. She also thinks and remembers that Dish was indeed discussing something serious with that oldie. Gargi is now angry.

Dish is in Maaji's room. Btw Disha was in wonderful light blue sari. Maaji is sleeping (she does this always. Hope that the docs are not giving her some sleeping pills). Dish is thinking about the party. She remembers how DK was flirting with Sanya and Pori. He takes them for drinks. Pori and DK drinking with hands locked and so on and kind of gets a bit disturbed. (She looked J and looked like she was also wondering if DK is back to his old ways maybe). Just then DK comes in. (He was in a light orange t shirt and the color suited him). He sits down next to her (separate chair in case u people are wondering). DK asks her what she is thinking. Dish out of her reverie and replies back nothing.

DK - Mostly should be of the party the previous day.

Dish - nothing of that sort DK

DK - After Gargi had taken away my shares (dear DK, it was you who gave her the shares coz of your stupidity) I felt as if a lot of weight was on my shoulders. But now thanks to u that weight is no more. We will now be successful in starting the business.

Dish is now all smiles. DK hold her hands while talking. Ved comes there bringing the gift. He sees DK holding Dish's hands. He thinks back on yesterday's scenes. Ved is replying back to his mom that the gift is for the most beautiful woman Dish. Cut to present. Ved sees them together and leaves the place sadly.

 DK - You are wonderful. You take care of my maa also so well. Just then Maaji starts telling sonny, sonny while sleeping itself. DK and Dish are worried and try to calm her down. She calms down and again starts sleeping peacefully.

DK - I know why you helped me out yesterday. That is because you have developed feelings for me.

Dish still does not want to acknowledge the fact.

Dish .. No DK . Maine jo bhi kiya woh sab apna farz samajhke kiya. (Translation: Whatever I did I did it coz I felt that I was doing my duty).

DK - Tumme ek successful woman hone ke sab kabliyat hain. Bas tumme ek problem hain. tumhari middle class mentality (Translation: You have all the qualities of the making of a successful woman. Well just one problem and that is your middle class mentality)

Dish becomes hyper stands from the place. DK has this amazing expression on his face. If I were to describe it, it would be something like sometimes when u jokingly say something to make your loved one upset so that you can the see/enjoy the person's reactions . It was something like that. I loved the expression on DK's face at that time enjoying Dish's outburst.

Dish - If you think that high class mentality is snatching away someone else's love and making that person yours then am sorry am happy being a middle class mentality girl rather than being high class.

I though that she was referring to hers and Inder's love but I was mistaken. After DK's reply looked like she was referring to Ved Pori and DK triangle.

DK also stands up and says that he was in no way guilty in pori matter. Pori had told that her name was neeta. and that is where I got misled. I know that am not a very good person and all.  But am not so bad that I don't have any feelings itself. Ved has misunderstood whatever he saw that day. Dish tries to butt in replying that Ved was a poor chap and all.  But DK continues saying that he was not guilty and leaves the place. Dish is left wondering.

Ved is in his bedroom. He thinks to himself. I can see that brother is using Dish and showing her one of his tricks. But Dish does not seem to understand that brother is using her. And she is not listening to anything against brother as well. He is thoughtful and has a 'what to do' kind of a look in his face.

Pori receives a call from her boyfriend that someone is trying to threaten him and his family and is going to expose his illicit affair with Pori. Pori is shocked and assumes that it is Gargi and confronts her. Gargi is angry and retorts back saying she cannot do one thing right and contrary imagines all sorts of things. Both of them get into catfight (exchanging words shown in mute with some balle balle song in the background) . Disha is outside the door and thinks to herself. Sorry ladies. you will never get to know who is behind all this. Gargi is trying to pack Pori's things. She cleans her cupboard and puts all things into a suitcase. Pori is after her trying to convince her. gargi is angry that pori had poured water on all her plans. She brings the suitcase out and Pori comes behind pleading. Dish is now seated  on the sofa reading. Gargi stops on her tracks seeing Dish. She now tells Pori to go to her room. Pori is like one time u ask me to get out and other time to go inside. Gargi says that am your auntie. I have this much right. Pori then goes inside. Gargi says to Dish. you need not be so happy. It will not take long for me to throw you out of the house. Dish replies back as maybe. But you cannot do anything to me as I now have DK's support with me completely.

Gargi now meets up with Pori and asks her to find about the deal and financier from Dish. Pori promises to do it right this time.

Pori comes to Dish's room and sits with her. Dish is surprised to see her. Pori speaks with her about the party and asks her very quietly about the oldie that she was meeting with. Gargi was listening to the conversation and happy that Pori is doing the job leaves the place. Dish also realizes the fact that Pori now knows something about the deal and decides to mislead her. Dish says that the oldie is actually a bid businessman who now wants to make a film. He was asking me if I know any new girl. I thought about u. But he wants to make a social drama and you like only glam movies. Pori is intensely happy (funny scene actually). She replies back that she would be happy to do any film, which would showcase her acting capabilities. Pori then stops and asks Dish as to why she is doing this. She has come to this house as DK's ex . Dish says that she actually likes Pori. and is not bothered about that and she genuinely wants success for Pori. Pori gets convinced and goes on and on about what she will do with the film. She completely forgets the reason why she had come to meet Dish. Just then DK comes in and calls out to Pori. She does not listen at first and then realizes and goes to meet him. Dish is surprised at the happening and thinks back when Pori had come to Kanaka house th1 1st day and DK had met Pori and had asked her to close the door and so on.

Pori now meets Gargi. Gargi asks her about the person. Pori answers her in a non-committal way. Pori says that u know Gargi auntie. Dish is so strict that it is difficult to get anything out of her.  Pori then thinks to herself. If I tell Gargi about the offer she is sure to break it. Gargi then says then do whatever u want but get me the info and purposefully calls her Parineeta (wrong pronunciation of her name) and leaves the place. Pori once again thinks. DK , film or whatever but my 1st aim in coming here is only Ved.

Ved is seated in his bedroom sadly and Pori comes there wearing one of those Dish type saris. Ved is shocked and sees Pori. Pori tells Ved that see now am like Disha. Ved is not happy and replies back please do not ever compare yourself with Dish. You can never be like her. Pori then starts removing her sari. Ved is like what are u doing. Pori says don't worry baba I have worn my jeans and tops. (she had worn the sari over them), Then sits next to him. Dish is just passing by and hears Pori speaking with someone. She thinks that if I record it now then I will get some solid proof against Pori and goes to see who is in there with Pori. Here Pori takes Ved's face in her hands and tells him and that she loves him a lot. Dish is shocked at what is happening. Ved is not exactly happy but just then sees Dish and is shocked for a moment. Dish leaves the place in a huff and Ved runs behind her. Dish says am sorry. But next time onwards I will knock the door and come but you also please lock the door before doing anything of this sort. Ved is now even unhappier as Dish has misunderstood him. Tries to offer more explanations while Dish says that please don't say anything. By the way it is your life and am no one to comment on it. You can do whatever u want. Ved replies back Dish please try to understand nothing happened. Please don't believe whatever u just saw. Just then DK says Yes Disha. Ved is innocent nothing happened there.  That is what even am trying to tell you both. One should not believe just because u saw something. You know what. I asked Pori to go to Ved's room. Both Ved and Dish are shocked at the happening. Episode ends on Dish's shocked-surprised face.

My take on this episode

Both Gargi and Pori are now fighting with each other thanks to Dish. DK was amazing in his scenes yesterday. He now knows that Dish now loves him but is refusing to accept the same. Pori also behaves like a complete idiot and the actress who is portraying the character is doing a good job. I don't understand why Dish was shocked seeing Ved and Pori 2gether. Yesterday it was clearly shown that Dish is J to the core whenever she sees DK speaking with either Sanya/Pori and is having the same feelings as in a typical wifey fashion. I guess next week Ved might realize that brother was not wrong after all. At least he will start thinking that way at least if not fully convinced. And my dear friends thanks for understanding my situation yesterday.


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update of 18th

 It started where it ended on thrusday

Dk ,disha and vedanth are in the sitting area

Dk: pari came to your room vedanth because I asked her to go wearing a saree

Disha: why

DK: in wanted to prove the that what we see need not be true always it might be just half truth, we must always give the other party to tell their stand, This I have learnt from disha

Vedath gets the flash back of the whole incident where he saw dk and pari together

DK:people like pari should never be trusted.


Pari is with a Bengali lady whom she addresses as  "masi ma"

Masi ma tells pari that she (pari) is capable of solving all types of problems, pari says here the situation is totally different "I am  here with a particular motive" my aim is to get back my place in vedanth's life but there is problem one is dk and my past and other is Mrs disha sehagal who is stuck to my throat as a thorn ,if I get rid of these problems then my path is clear because I am vedath's first lov eand vedanth has himself told me that "it is not easy to forget the first love"

IN the sitting area

Disha goes to gargi and tells her "chotti ma": you know what yesterday in your absence .lot of things took place in this house, yesterday when I was passing by vedath's room I heard pari's voice so I opened Vedant's room door. Both Vedant   and pari were in a romantic situation, looking at that, I was embarrassed.

Gargi: how could she dare to enter his room, what's her status she is a cheap person,who has no value.

Disha:I am not complaining but infact I am sure they love each other and we have to get them married. pari is such a sweet and innocent girl a right match to vedath

Gargi: what rubbish, she is unfit to stay in this house or to marry vedath if I want I will throw her out of this house in a second.

Gargi leaves the room, disha gives a sarcastic smile and she removes the hidden tape recorder in which she had recorded the whole conversation

Disha :disha even you are simply too much

In pari's room

Pari is telling her masi maa how she went close to vedath ,and how she told him her feelings and exactly then that stupid disha arrived there and spoilt the whole thing

(gargi standing near the door is listening )

Pari notices gargi :gargi aunty "you!" .pointing at masi maa since I have met her after many days I was  simply……….

Gargi catches pari's hand and twists it "how many times have I told you to keep distance from vedath,but you are not listening ,if this continues it will not be good for you"

(masima, tries to come forward, looking at her gargi asks her not to come forward to protect pari)

gargi leaves the room

masi ma asks pari who is this lady

pari:she isanother  big problem and headache


Vedanth  is having a rose in his hand

He asks himself as to why disha was upset by seeing pari in his room he asks "why"

Vedath starts plucking the petals (she loves me, she loves me not)

He reaches the last petal: my, my "she loves me!"(ved is very happy)

IN Bhonsle house:

Disha is brushing her hair,

 ayyi calls her(disha), disha is in her own world ayyi again calls her

AYYI: is every thing all right disha, what are you thinking

Disha:I am thinking of dk

Ayi: has he stated to misbehave and scold you once again?

Disha :no,no, but in fact dk has become extra caring and loving ,it appears as if he is  totally a different person ,can anyone change so much? How come it is possible? Even that day you spoke to him and called him for dinner, which you have not done before.

Did you tell anything to DK because of which he has changed in his behavior?

Ayyi: not at all, disha you have to trust dk, I have given you lots of sorrow. For which I feel very guilty, I want you to be happy with dk and lead a normal happy family life with dk

Disha: you talk is very convincing

(disha hugs suhas)

In sehagal house

DK is sitting outside he is striking the match sticks and looking at them (it appeared as if he was thinking about something very important)

Disha arrives there; she sits on the chair next to dk

Disha: sorry dk, until today I have never trusted you when ever you tried to convince me about pari incident ii behaved very badly , I can understand why you behave like this it is all because of you past where you did not get father's love and even your mom's because of her condition.Dk I am sorry, I shouldn't have behaved with you like that, always I thought you don't know the value of relationships but I was wrong/

DK appeared to be untouched by disha's words tells her he has not time for all those things, there is something very important to him right now that is his business he gives disha an envelope and says that is the agreementpapers  given by Mr .Mittal, he has given this only because of you disha now you have we to go to pune to finalize the whole thing .

(Disha becomes very upset)

Di sha "before, you tried to talk to me but I was not ready to listen to you but now I want to talk to you but you have no time for it

(disha gives up and is dejected and leaves the place)

Dk is alone and tells to himself: disha if you had understood me then we would have happily stayed as husband and wife without any problem

(They played a hindi song on the background I was not able to follow it)

In the sitting room

Pari is reading a magazine

Disha enters the room slowly in such way that pari will not come to know, she later enters another room, there she puts on the tape in which gari conversation is recorded loudly so that pari will hear it.

Pari listens to it she above to enter the room when disha comes out and asks pari as to what she is doing there?

Pari : what's going on inside and what was gargi telling her

Disha: sorry pari how can I break choti ma's trust

Pari: you keep her trust I will go inside and ask her

Disha stops her and says that she is in a very bad mood and not to go near gargi instead offers to take her to watch "charlie tongi "movie( I don't know the exact name of the movie)Pari listening to disha gets irritated and leaves the room ,(disha is very happy)

IN sumitra's room

Dk is sitting near sumitra's bed who is sleeping, he says "I want to give disha   the full status of a wife in my life, and want have a normal relationship with her, I cannot stay without her, for me thinking of my life without her is impossible, I know I have not trusted her so many times in the past few days, but I don't know why whenever think of disha vedanth's face comes in front of me his smile…"

dk closes his eyes

Vedanth is standing near the door

 vedanth: "brother"

DK: gets up and comes out

Vedath:I am sorry brother, infact what happened yesterday was in one way very good, It has opened my eyes, so I have come here.

Dk: I thought of coming to your room why did you take the trouble.

Vedanth: younger one's always come to the elder ones

Dk smiles

Dk :I wanted to talk to you something very important, I am working on an important project and I am thinking of involving you

Vedath : project

Dk: for that you   have to come with me to pune tomorrow

Vedath: pune(he hesitant)

Dk:why you don't like pune , it near Bombay itself

Vedaht: when are we going?

Dk listening to this hugs vedath

Gargi who is seeing all these things tells: when did this arjun and doryodan become ram and laxman .how come ramayan and mahabharath is getting mixed…they have to always remain as enemies,



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UPDATE 19th  by Sree_20

Gargi is talking to Vedant that he should now help her with her Kanaka business. Vedant says he is not interested. Gargi gets wild at him. She says anyway, Kanaka is at a huge loss. If he does not join her, then she will put a seal to Kanaka business and sit peacefull. She is not affected in anyway. This makes Vedant really upset. Gargi goes away, with Vedant in frustration. Vedant then picks up Gargi's photo and is thinking about Gargi saying she will seal Kanaka. He then in a fit of anger  throws her photo frame. Pori enters and is shocked to see Vedant do this. She then tries to impress Vedant. She hold him very close , holds him by his collar and says she loves him so much. Vedant gets very wild and slaps her. He tells her that he is not in love with her. He then says he is in love with someone else. Pori is shocked. She asks who the girl is. Vedant very coolly says it is Dish. Pori gets a shock of her life.

Pori then goes to Disha's room. She claps her hands and tells Disha that her acting is superb. She is actually trying to grab the attantion of two men. Disha does not get what she is talking about. Then Pori tells her very clearly that Vedant told her that he is in love with Disha. Disha is shocked.

Disha then goes to Vedant's room. She tells him that she considers him as her best friend and confidante. She did not expect this from him. Vedant is worried what Disha has to say. Disha continues to say that Pori told her that you confessed to her that you love me. Disha tells him point blank that she considers him only as a friend. She tells him that she has lost all feelings for love. The word love has gone out of her life. But if , one day, she again starts to love somebody, it will be only her husband, DK. She says i dont know what DK feels about our relationship. But she cannot think of anyone else than him. Vedant is shocked and has tears in his eyes. But he is not facing Disha. So she cannot see his tears. Vedant then wipes his tears, tries to be cheerful and asks  her who said this to her. Disha says you told this to Pori and she told me. Vedant gives a hearty laugh and says Pori said this and you believed it. I told this to Pori for fun as she was always behind me. I wanted to avoid her, he says. Disha asks him is this true? Vedant crosses his fingers, hides his hand in his pant pocket without Disha's knowledge, then says this is true. Disha is happy. She says she believes in him a lot and never to lose friendship in her. He says yes.

Pori goes to Gargi. Gargi is with Sukanya who has come there to invite Gargi for Gautam's engagement. Sukanya sees Pori and is stunned to see such a girl. She invites and leaves.

Pori then thinks of the bad things Gargi was trying to tell about her to Disha. She then tells Gargi that she has understood what she is upto and repeats the words she had told about her to Disha. Pori also says that Vedant slapped her today. Gargi is shocked. She then realises that Disha is very easily poking holes in our relationship and is succeeding. She got the two brothers together, at the same time , she is throwing fire at us so that we start fighting. She tells Pori that its high time they unite and put to an end Disha's plans. Pori agrees.

Disha is packing to go to Pine when she gets a call from Inder. He says that Gautam 's engagement is there. Disha says she cannot come as she is leaving to Pune. Inder tells her that Gautam is not happy with this marriage and they both along with Rano have to stop this. Otherwise, Gautam's fate will also be like theirs. Disha tells him not to think of her. Just then, Rano screams. Inder hears it. Disha also hears it thro' the phone.

In Inder's place, the doctor is there examining Rano in a room. All are tensed outside. Azuba, Suhas, Inder and Inder's father. The doctor comes out. Just then, Disha and Vedant arrive there, THe doctor says that it is just a sprain and she is alright. Inder asks the doctor is everything else ok? The doctor then asks him whether he knows or not. The doctor then says that Rano is pregnant. Inder is happy and so are others. Disha is also happy. THe doctor says Rano should have a test done. She should not strain herself. Disha says they all are there to take care of her, not to worry.

Gargi is having a talk with DK. DK is ready to leave to  PUne. He is enquiring to Gargi about Disha and Vedant. Gargi tells  since both are not there, it is obvious that they both are together somewhere. Just then, they both enter. DK asks Vedant if he is ready. Disha then says DK, i cannot come with  you. DK says ok. He asks Vedant to start. Vedant says he cannot come too. Vedant says he is not joining DK in business for some personal reasons. DK is shocked. He then says just bcos she is not coming, you are also not coming. I know everything.You love each other, and that's the reason. Both are shocked.

19 April 2005 Tumhari Disha - My comments

First of all, Thanks Sree for posting a detailed preview (you can rather call it as an update). Rather than giving an update once again I thought that I will just add a few points from the episode. (Sree don't mind you did a good job just jotting down whatever I remembered)

Dish also asks Ved to tell Pori that he had lied. When Ved refuses she tells that she does not want the world to mistake their relationship. (world se yaad aaya.it can only bhi apna DK who is capable of all these things and he proved me right at the end of the episode).Ved agrees. He thinks that why should she love DK just because he is her husband. I don't see the logic here and he leaves the place. she thinks to herself that she is not really bothered by defamation but she needs Pori to remain in the house as she is her weapon in her fight with Gargi.

there was one scene where DK is speaking over the phone with someone. He instructs the person that he is coming to Pune with his wife and one more person who happens to be his brother. He then replies back as the person that DK never selects any wrong person and his brother is very capable. Then the phone call ends and he mutters to himself. Am sorry Vedanth, but there was no other way to distance you from Dish.

In the final confrontation scene Ved wanted to speak with DK alone and maybe explain his reasons for not coming to Pune (should be Kanaka) but our DK saab decides that he knows better asks him to give reasons in front of Gargi and Gargi very cutely says am mom to both of u and then DK starts accusing Ved and Dish.

Regarding yesterday's episodes I think Ved's acting overshadowed everyone else.  He was fantastic when he realizes the fact that Dish actually does not love him. DK did not that much of a footage yesterday. I also  realized that DK is very insecure abt Ved and Dish's relationship. and the cause is Dish's closeness with Ved. When everyone overhears everything I was sad that DK did not overhear Dish telling that she can love only her husband DK. Then things would have been easier. DK was in fact happy when Dish refused to go along with him to Pune as I guess he though that Ved would be away from her. in fact DK asks Dish to stay back and take care of mummyji happily. I wonder when he will give the bangles to Dish (promo scene). I guess we will have one more round of 'Am sorry' set of scenes today.

and mink shaadi on the sets of TD !!!??? Is TD gonna end or are they going to show husband wife fights after the shaadi ..(provided your info is correct and they do get married in reel life)..then what happens to the divorce story...OMG am getting confused with all the scoop news, speculations ....I think even Mamta (writer for TD) is now confused...

and last but not the least I was mistaken that DK might sacrifice for Ved well after yesterday's episode am sure that is not gonna happen and I like it...


Update 20th by Sree_20

Pori also comes to the scene. DK tells Disha and Vedant that Pori tried to tell him that you both are in love from morning and i was not believing her. But everything is true. Till this morning, you both had plans to come with me. After you met, you both changed your decisions. So i understand everything now. I do not need anybody. I can manage my business alone, he says and leaves. Disha starts to cry and runs in. Pori and Gargi are happy.

Disha is in the room crying. Vedant comes there to console her. She asks him why he declined to go? Vedant says he declined not bcos she said  no. It is bcos of her goes Gargi will sell KanaKa and put a seal to it. I want to save Kanaka. Disha says sorry and tells why does DK not understand us? Vedant says he will one fine day.

DK is going in the car. He is reminded of the words Gargi and Pori are telling him about Vedant and Disha's love. Flashback is shown where DK does not believe what they say. He says his Disha is so very beautiful that all fall for her. But he wil not believe anything. Then, the flashback ends and DK is thinking Disha, i did not want to believe anything. But still, you made me believe. He says I love you, disha.

Rano is sitting in the bed. Inder comes there and asks her not to get up. Je says she has to be in this bed for another 9 months. Rano says she is just pregnant, not sick. Inder says it is necessary that she take care of her health. Rano blushes. She says after getting pregnant, she fells she loves him more. She asks Inder whether it is the same for him. He hesitantly says yes.

Just then, Inder's father comes there with badam milk. Rano takes it. He also says she has to be here in bed. Rano wants to see Disha. Inder says she will call him here. Rano says she wants to see Disha's happy reaction on hearing her news. Rano says she is very lucky to have got such a family.

Disha is thinking adn is saying when Dk, when will you begin to trust me an understand me? Why do you always suspect me? When will you love me as i do? She then takes out a box in which white and red bangles are there. A flashback is shown. DK is giving Disha this box which has bangles and sindoor. He tells her this is my mother's shagun to a bahu. I should have given it to you long back. She takes it. He asks her to wear it. She hesitates and says she wants him to view relationships as she does. So the day he understands that, she will wear it. DK says you don't love me, so you are not wearing it. But i am a changed man. But Disha does not listen. The flashback ends. Disha is crying thinking of that. She then wears the bangles. Just the, Vedant enters and says you are again doing the same mistake. Why are you loving such a person? He says ya, i remember you saying you will love only DK if you ever do. Disha says bcos he is my husband.

Vedant tries to tell her but she would not listen. She says she is here to see mummyji getting cured. Vedant says then focus on that and not on anything else. He tells her that DK is just her contract pati which is for another month. He asks her when will badi ma get alright and when will you be free? Disha is upset.

DK meets the financer Mittal . He hands over the papers. But DK is very upset about what happened. He is in no mood for discussion. Mittal asks him how is he going to set up this business? DK says he has the knowledge and will to do it. Mittal asks he was to bring his wife and brother. Where are they? DK does not answer. Mittal says if they were here, the meeting would have been fruitful. DK does not liek this. Mittal keeps on asking questions to DK which make him angry. He gets up and says he does not want him to finance him. What sort of questions are you asking? You are treating me as though i own a general stor and you are financing me. Remember wha t i am, he says and walks. Mittal is upset.

Inder calls Disha andasks her to come there bcos Rano wants to meet her. Disha comes to Inder's place and Rano and Disha hug. Suhas is also there. Vedant has come. He advises Rano not to get up from bed, not to lift weight etc. Rano and Disha call him Dr. Vedant. Rano says she is feeling the pain. Suhas says this pain will subside once she has a kid in her hand. That is the best moment for a mother. Disha gets sad.

Disha and Vedant return. Vedant asks her why she was sad. Disha says aayi sais giving birth is the best moment, but i have not even seen my mother. I cannot even ask anybody of those feelings. Then, she consoles hersself and says she has so many people around and why should she bother about what she does not have? Then it strikes her mind that if this is the case, then mummyji will also have the same  feelings whe DK was born. Vedant also likes the idea. They both decide to take Sumitra to her old home.

Pori comes to Gargi and tells her that both Disha and Vedant took Sumitra out. Gargi panics. She calls Vedant. Vedant with Disha and sumitra are on theri way to that house. He cuts the phone. Gargi panics more and runs out. Pori does not get why Gargi is worried about Sumitra getting cured.

They both take Sumitra into the house. The room is fully in red colour, probably Disha has arranged for that. Sumitra keeps looking all over. Disha and Vedant keep asking her what happened that day? Sumittra gets flashes of what happened. She recollects Gargi taking a gun and shooting at somebody. She screams.

Update 21st by Sree_20

This is just a gist, as i missed seeing some scenes.

Sumithra collapses after a loud scream. DK is talking to many people to finance him. He is having a talk with them in a hotel. There are many people sitting and he is discussing matters. Pori tells Gargi to take this situation to her favour and call DK and tell him that Disha and Vedant have taken Sumitra somewhere. Pori calls DK and when she is about to talk, Gargi takes the phone and tells DK that Disha and Vedant are missing from the time he went out. DK is frustrated. He thinks of both of them. He is trying to contiune his meeting  but starts to see Disha  and Vedant in every couple sitting there. He keeps looking at one table to another and orders for wine and drinks lots of it. The people are not impressed with this and they all walk off. DK in the meanwhile, puts him mobile to silent mode.

Disha and Vedant have taken Sumitra to a hospital. Disha is worried and says she made a big mistake. I hope mummyji gets alright. Vedant says he always warned her as this was risky. Disha is upset and wonders how DK will react to this. Vedant tells her that she should call DK and inform him. Disha calls but DK cannot hear as the mobile is silent.

Nurse Meera is taking Sumitra's papers when Gargi sees her. She asks her. Meera says Disha had called and that madam is admitted in the hospital, so Disha wants her papers. Gargi is happy and asks whether Sumitra is dying. Meera says she is very serious. she has to take the medical file to the hospital. Gargi orders her to give her the file , she will take it. Meera gives it and goes. Gargi says to herself that sumitra, you will not get this file and tears it to pieces.

The doctor tells disha that without the file, nothing can be done. Disha starts to cry when Gargi comes there and enquires whether Sumitra is dead. Disha asks her about the file, Gargi says she forgot to get it.
 Disha says no matter, she has already got the papers from the old hospital. Gargi is shocked.she thinks is is better to pack off Vedant from here and asks him to go to Delhi for a meeting. He says no, but Disha asks him to go bcos she does not want an outsider to deal with Kanaka looking at Gargi.

The doctor is talking to Disha that if Sumitra does not regain consciousness in 2 hours, then there is something seriously wrong. Disha is pensive. Gargi and Pori overhear this and are happy. Pori then tells Gargi that she has got to know thro' her sources that DK was drunk during his meeting with financers, as a result , nobody is financing him. Disha hears this. Gargi is excited and says probably, DK was thinking of Disha and Vedant during the meeting. She vows to push DK further down. Disha is upset.

DK comes home drunk and is screaming for Disha. He screams a lot of things and finally falls to the sofa saying he wants olny her.

Disha is praying to God for mummyji's well being. Gargi is praying for her death. Gargi recollects the day when sumitra came to meet dhruv to ask for money  when Sunny had a fall. Sumitra is pleading for money. Gargi intervenes. There is a fight betwen her and Sumitra. Gargi calls Sumitra a keep. Gargi says she wants Sumitra out of her life, so will kill her and fires at her. But Dhruv comes in between. This is a flashback that Gargi remembers. She prays that Sumitra should die.


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My take on Tumhari Disha -21st April, 2005

ok people first things first..nothing happened as predicted (DK seeing the bangles that is).

Though Sree mentions in her preview/update that she may have missed some scenes I think that she just missed the ads in between. good for her. She has provided the complete update. Thanks Sree.

Today I will provide details of certain scenes and then proceed with my comments. Also we discuss the ages of DK, Dish and Ved.


In the hospital

Dish is worried what will DK think when DK comes to know abt state of Sumitra maa. Ved gets a bit irritated and tells Dish that why she is worried abt what brother will think now. Dish then restates that she is actually worried abt Sumitra maa. Dish tries to pass the blame to Ved by saying that he should have stopped her but Ved expertly retorts back by saying that he had warned her before.

DK comes back from Pune

When DK come back he shouts at the top of his voice Disha Disha. There is no one at home. In anger he goes and breaks everything in the room. Then his anger changes to agony. In his agony he speaks with himself. I tried getting the contract today. It is only because of you that I did not get the contract. I kept on thinking of you.I love you so much Disha. But why are you proving to be the cause of my destruction. I don't know why Disha. I can become the pehle wala DK (the early DK) if I can only get your love. (DK please see the bangles amd the ring next week on Dish's hands. Remember you had given it to her. She is giving you the hint. Please undersand it. She will never come out openly with her feelings unlike you and please please don't misunderstand that Ved had given it to her. Hope that you have made some mark on those bangles to prove that you have given them. Let me see). His eyes become moist at this point. I only need your love Disha. He goes and sits in the nearby sofa. He closes his eyes. He is still drunk as well. He mutters to himself (softly this time) I only need your love Disha. With only a little love from your side I can do everything. I love you very much Disha. The scene ends.

When Disha knows about DK's failure with the contract

Disha overhears Pori and Gargi talking and realizes that DK was drinking. She then thinks that I know that am responsible for this situation and to a certan extent Ved also (Thank god she finally realizes this one. Let me hope only hope that she decides to set things right next week by openly expressing her feelings. But I know that am expecting too much. Jingle's post on next week's promo is sure to prove me wrong)...

The final scene.

They show Disha praying for Sumitra maa's recovery while parallely Gargi is praying for Sumitra maata's death. these scenes are being shown one after another (just like the marriage scene) and finally the screen is divided to two with both of them praying and the episode ends.


According to Gargi the shooting incident happened 25 years back and at that time Ved was 1 year old. (in her own words). So that makes Ved 26 years old. DK looked like around 7 years old during his accident. So that makes DK abt 32 years old. If Dish was fresh out of college then she must be in her early twenties so we can assume her to be around 22. So its a 10 year difference between Dk and Dish.


If Gargi killed Dhruv I wonder how she hid the body. How come no one is talking abt it.


Mink, I still saw those bangles in her hands. I think that as Chavi is now newly married she wears those bangles and would have refused to remove them and the TD makers would have incorporated this story line to accomodate the same.

Next week I think that all those scenes will happen whatever I had predicted earlier for 21st Apr episode. (DK shouting, seeing bangles etc etc).

Yesterday DK had a powerful scene in terms of crying for Dish all alone. He started by blaming Dish (I had predicted this one) and finally exclaims his love for Dish. Remarkable change from anger to that of anguish and finally just being a lover. DK did the scene with great aplomb. In the restaurant scene as well where DK imagines Ved and Dish everywhere. It was more like a routine acting for him. He has done this scene innumberable times. (This scene has been shown so many times that I can even predict what lines he will have and his facial expressions as well. It is shown at least once every week and he will start drinking.). Rest of them did not have any scenes worth mentioning as such.

Finally Thanks for all those wonderful comments. Keep them coming.


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APRIL WEEK 4 Updates

Preview /Update 25th by sree_20

Sumithra is getting breathless. Oxygen mask is over her face. Disha is also there in the room with doctors. Disha has placed the Bappa's idol in front of the cot and is praying. She is telling Bappa, make her alright. DK will never forgive me if something happens to her. Please make  my action and confidence right. Let her get alright. But the doctors feel her condition is worsening and says to Disha maybe we cannot save her. Disha continues to pray with folded hands in the room. The  doctors are trying to revive her. Suddenly, a flower from the bappa idol falls down and there is an improvement in Sumitra's health. She gains consciousness. Disha is very happy.

She goes out when Pori comes there. Pori does not know anything about Sumitra. She tries to talk to Disha. Disha says i am upset , please leave me. Pori says Gargi gets a shock everytime she finds that Sumitra is getting alright. There is something fishy about it. Disha is then reminded of Vedant saying the same thing. Disha then tactfully tells Pori that yes, there is something. But she being so close to Gargi, why she does not know the truth behind that? Disha then tells her that if she knows it, then the tables can turn and Gargi can become a puppet in Pori's hands. Pori then thanks Disha, gives a flying kiss to her and says she will find out, she goes. Disha says to herself i will find the truth from you, Pori.

Gargi reaches home. DK is sitting. He keeps getting calls from Disha. He throws his mobile in anger which just misses hitting Gargi's head. Gargi thinks to utilise the situation.

Sumitra opens her eyes and calls for Sunny. She says after so many years, she does not know how he will look. Disha is happy and she tries to call DK. Just then, DK comes there. Disha runs to him and tells him that the day for which he was waiting has arrived. Mummyji has become alright and she has recognised him and called him first. DK is thrilled. He is wanting to thank her when Disha gets a call from Vedant. Disha begins to talk to Vedant who tells her that everything was Gargi's plan and there is no meeting here in Delhi. Seeing them talking, DK again gets frustrated with Disha and moves towards the room. Disha gets upset. She stops talking to Vedant who later disconnects the phone.

DK is proceeding towards the room when Pori comes there. The doctor also comes there. Pori introduces DK to the doctor. The doctor tells DK that Sumitra has regained consciousness. But it will take time for her to adjust to the lfe after sdo many years. So, when he meets her, whatever she says , just agree to it with a smiling face. DK then goes in. Pori follows him. In the room, Sumitra is telling the doctor that it is so many years since she saw her sunny. She is asking where he is. DK enters calling ma. She turns and is very happy. She has tears in her eyes. DK too starts to cry. They hug each other. Sumitra notices the crutches in DK's hand and starts to cry. She says she is responsible for that and tries to fall to his feet. He says i do not want anything else. My ambition in life is fulfilled, now that you are alright. The doctor then tells Sumitra, why cry, see your bahu has also come to see you. At this point, Pori is inside the room. Disha is standing just behind her. Sumitra notices Pori and is coming to wards her. Disha and DK are shocked at this. Pori realises it and then she too makes a move and goes near Sumitra and hugs her. Pori sees Dk and gives a wicked smile. Disha is stunned. So is DK. DK tries to tell his mother the truth but Disha comes there and tells Sumitra that her bahu prayed for her so much. Sumitra asks her who she is. Disha says she is DK's friend. DK is shocked. Disha goes out, sits there and cries bitterly. DK comes there and calls for her. She tries to stop her tears and says Congrats. Your mother has become alright. DKsays she must be sad with what happened inside. He says give me time i will tell mom that you are her bahu. I did not tell her today bcos the doctor had given instructions to agree to whatever she says. Disha says she is not worried for that. She is not that selfish. She is worried bcos DK does not trust her. She again says it is not that myself and Vedant did not come to  Pune bcos we wanted to be together. Rano fell from the stairs , she is pregnant, so i had to take care of her. Vedant too had his own reasons. When she is about to say choti maa, the doctor comes there and takes DK for some formalities.

Disha is upset. She holds a ganapati bappa idol which is placed in the hospital lobby and is crying. She says DK, I need you today. I am alone. I don't have anybody in my life other than you. I want you to be with me at this time. DK, I love you. She says. Twice and is crying bitterly.

April 26th Preview/Update by Sree_20

Pori is with Sumitra taking care of her. Sumitra is telling her that she is very lucky to have got a bahu like her. Pori is in Cloud Nine. Sumitra then gets reminded of Gargi. She wonders where Gargi is, then thinks she must be in jail. She asks Pori who all are here? Pori does not understand what she means and says i am here, DK, sisters, nurses, doctors etc. Sumitra says  ya enough. I don't want anything more as i have got you.

Gargi calls Pori who is in the corridor. Gargi enquires about Sum. Pori tells her that Sum is 200% alright. Gargi asks her whether she is recognising all. Pori says yes. Pori also says we are now coming home. So be ready to welcome us. Gargi is very upset. Pori feels there is something wrong and says "Aagayi oonth pahaadh ke neeche"

DK is talking to the doctor in his cabin. The doctor is telling him that his wife Disha took Sum to their old house and so she got alright. DK thinks to himself, I am getting buried in Disha's favour. Should i reciprocate to her by showing love or should i discard her bcos of Vedant? Just then, Disha comes in. S\DK wants to talk to her, but Disha says its time to take mummyji home and goes.

DK follows Disha and wants to talk to her. Just then, Sum is brought out by Pori. So, DK stops his talk. Pori then calls aji sunte ho, to DK. She asks him to come near and take ma along. He comes near. Sum then tells Disha to go to her house as she is alright now. Disha is sad. DK says  she will come to our house and stay for few days. Sum says why, she can og to her house, does she not have a house? DK says she is searching for a house, so will stay at our place till she gets one. Sum says then, you can stay in our house, beti. Disha is relieved. So is DK.

Gargi is packing her bags to leave the house. She is taking a big suitcasae and wishes that Sum does not come home till she leaves the house. She is carrying the huge suitcase, reaches the door step when the door bell rings. So she again runs in to her room. Meera opens the door. Disha then introduces Meera to Sum and says she took care of her a lot. Sum thanks Meera and tells DK that she does not need her as she is ok. Sum says she has her bahu with her and sees Pori. Meera is shocked. Disha and DK are unable to say a word. They all go in and Meera is standing gazing at what is happening. Pori then realises that Gargi is not to be seen. She goes to her  room. Gargi is sittingin her room, very tensed. She has locked the door from inside. There is a knock on the door, she very hesitantly opens the door and turns her face. She is afraid that it might be SUm. She slowly turns her face, sees Pori there. Pori asks her why she did not come to welcome Sum. Gargi asks her to bolt the door. Pori is suspicious.

DK is thinking in the dark when Disha comes there. She asks him what he is thinking. He says how can you manage all this humiliation? Disha says what? He says Pori took all the credit for what you have done to my mom. Still you are not reacting. Disha says i wanted her to get alright and now i have achieved it, that is enough for me. Disha tells DK that the day when Sum went to his father's place to ask for money, something should have happened. DK says he suspects Gargi. Disha says Gargi is missing and not to be seen after Sum's entry. Both are surprised.

Gargi is talking to a person over the phone. She is asking for her London ticket. He says it is confirmed. She says she is now moving to the airport and will take the tickets on the way. The person reminds her that her flight is tomorrow. Gargi gets angry and tells him if i go to the airport today itself, and wait there, is it a problem for him. She keeps the phone down.

Vedant returns. He meets Sum. He gives a gift wrapped photo frame to her and asks her to see it. She opens it. There is the photo of Sum with DK as a kid and Vedant as a kid. Both are in her lap. A flashback is shown. Dhruv brings Vedant home. Sum takes him and tells DK that this is your brother. Then, Sum takes out her chain and puts it on VEd. Dhruv takes a photo. The flashback ends. Sum recognises Vedant. Ved shows the chain. They both share a happy moment.

Gargi is in her room waiting for an opprtunity to run. But Sum is sitting in the hall. Vedant comes in. She is shocked. Vedant notices that his mom is very tensed. He asks the reason. She starts to tell something but then stops. He is very suspicious seeing her behave funny. Gargi then says she is going out as she has some work pending. Ved asks then who will take care of business here. Gargi is reluctant,but then takes a file from her suitcase and gives it to Ved. She is very hesitant in taking this step, but has to. She tells him that these are the papers and she has made him the power of attorney to the business. Ved says i cannot take this. Pori comes there and is seeing everything. Ved again asks what her problem is. Gargi does not say anything. Ved gets up when Gargi holds his hand and gives the file. Ved accepts it and walks out. Pori is there. Gargi is trying to go out from the main door when Pori says she wants to help her. Sum is there in the hall, so she has opened the back door for her. Gargi goes(don't know from which door) She slowly walks. In the dark, she finds Disha and Sum standing. She is shocked. Sum is red in her face and is angry. Disha too  stands there.

Update April 27th by Sree_20

Gargi tries to run when she finds Sum and Disha in front of her. They both are smiling at her. Gargi then moves forward with her suitcase. She then turns behind and sees that nobody is there. She then turn in front and again sees both of them in front. Gargi thinks she is hallucinating and then runs back to her room. She is worried and asks herself why she is seeing Sum everywhere. Just then, Sum says from behind that just bcos she is guilty, she keeps seeing her. Gargi is shocked to see her. Disha is standing outside the door listening to their talk. She has a recorder in hand and she starts to record their conversation. Sum says she is a culprit. Hearing this, Disha is shocked. Sum then continues to tell Gargi that she was the one who did the sacrifice and let Dhruv marry her. In return, she took away so many years from her life. Sum says you are a killer and you killed Dhruv. Disha is shocked. Gargi then says ya, i did not want to kill Dhruv. Infact i wanted to kill you. But Dhruv came in the way. But no worries, as if he was alive, then he would not have stayed with me. He would have come to you. So, if i could not get Dhruv, you also could not get him. Sum is disgusted with her thoughts and says you are a third rate lady. I will put you behind bars. Gargi says you have been in the mentally sick for so many years. Who will believe her, she says? Just then, Disha comes in. She says whatever you told now has been recorded and that Sum has become completely alright and there is no reason that people will not believe her. Gargi tries to run out. She goes near the door where DK is standing. He looks wild. He screams at her. What kind of a woman are you? Disha and Sum come there. Gargi then screams at the top of her voice that she did not want to kill her husband. How can she kill her own suhaag? Infact, she wanted to kill Sum when he came in the middle.Dk screams at her. You wanted to kill my mom. Pori also comes out. Gargi says tum bhi. All attack her from all corners. Gargi gets very upset. She starts screaming that she will  take care of everyone. Pori says you have humiliated me so much. Today is my day. Gargi says to Disha from the day you entered this house, nothing is going correct. All scream at her but Gargi keeps on screaming. She tells DK you langda, what can you do? She keeps screaming that she is the owner of Kanaka and she will destroy them. DK says what are we waiting for, let us call the police. Suddenly, Gargi stops screaming and starts crying. She begs everyone not to call the police. She is crying very bitterly. Vedant who is in the room hears some sound and comes there. He hides near the screen and hears to everything. DK says i cannot spare my father's killer. You killed my father. Vedant is shocked,has tears in his eyes. Gargi is begging. She says she does not want a pie from Kanaka, She will go away with her son. Sum then stops DK who is calling the police and says we should give her another chance. Gargi is happy. DK and Disha try to tell Sum that she is responsible for everything. Sum says yes, she killed your father. But, now, we have to give her a chance bcos of Vedant. He should not face what you faced without your mother, says Sum to DK. Ved is touched and cries more. Gargi says yes, i will go with my son. She calls in  a very loud voice for Ved. He is crying, takes Gargi's photo which is there , sees it, wipes his tears and  then goes out. He gives Gargi a hand. Gargi runs to him. He then tries to console her. He then asks her why did you kill my father? Gargi is shocked. She says she did not do that, Sum is mad and is saying all rubbish. Gargi tells Ved to push all of them out of the house. Ved says ya, he should do it. Then, picks up the phone and calls the police. He tells the poloce that there is a murderer here, she is Gargi Sehgal. Gargi gets wild. She then sees a knife on the dining table. She pulls sum along with her and picks up the knife. She holds it to Sum's neck and threatens to kill her. She says all of them took Dhruv from her, now they are taking her son away. All are shocked. They try to come near her. But she keeps screaming nobody should come near. AS this is happening, Disha somehow manages to come near Sum, pushes Sum to the sofa and tries to take away the knife from Gargi. In the tussle that happens, Gargi ultimately lands up injuring Disha in the stomach. She takes out the knife and it is stained with blood. All are calling for Disha. Disha is holding her stomach and is falling down. A black and white picture of Disha in pain, falling down is shown.

Tumhari Disha 27th April, 2005 - My Update and comments

Thanks for all those nice replies and comments.

Well I got some requests that I also do the update for this particular episode with my comments. Thanks to sree_20 as I have based my update on her early bird thingy. So here goes my update. My views/comments within the update in italics.


Gargi calls up Pori and comes to know that Sum is now OK. Sum mistakes Pori to be the wife of DK. requests Dish to go to her own house. Dish shocked. But DK salvages the situation by saying that Dish will be staying with them till she finds a suitable house for herself. Gargi decides to escapes and gives her power of attorney to Ved. As she is escaping she is face to face with Sum and Dish.


The episode starts with Gargi (she is in a red and black sari with a sleeveless blouse. Same as yesterday) staring at smiling Dish (in a semi dark blue plain sari with some simple chumki work and yes still wearing those bangles and the ring) and pensive Sum (in some light colored sari) . She is afraid and goes to the other side of the room. There also she faces the same two faces. This goes on for some time. Sum and Dish don't speak anything and Gargi rushes back to her room. She keeps her big suitcase on the bed and thinks to herself. What has happened to me ? why am i thinking that Sum and Dish are there in the hall allways. Am i hallucinating ? Just then the voice is heard of Sum. 
Sum : woh isliye kyunki tum ganehghaar ho. 
(Translation: That is because you are guilty)

Dish is standing outside the door and after overhearing all these things starts recording it (What else can these ppl do. For a change this overhearing was ok. Pity that DK did not overhear Dish confessing her love for DK).

Sum: Maine Dhruv se tumhari shaadi karwayi and tumne hi use maar diya.

(Translation: I made Dhruv marry you and you killed him)

Gargi is ruffled and does not know how to react. But then finally she picks up the pieces and retorts to Sum. (she sounded like someone who is very excited and tense).

Gargi. Hum to tumhe maarna chaahte the lekin beech mein Dhruv aagaye.  Lekin koi baat nahin. Agar woh zinda bhi hote to woh tumhae saath hi hote. Lekin maine tumhe bhi unse alag kar diya. (and she kind of looked happy with what she has done).

(Translation: I wanted to kill you but dhruv came in between. But no problem. If he was alive he would have come to you. But i separated you as well)

Sum . Tum itni gir jaogi yeh main kabhi soch bhi nahin sakti thi. Maine tho socha tha ki tum ab tab jail mein hogi. Lekin ab tum jail jaogi.

(Translation: I never thought that you will stoop so low. I had thought that you would be in jail by now. But now you will go to jail)

Gargi starts laughing sarcastically.

Gargi - Tum mujhe jail bejogi. Tumhare baat par vishwas kaub karega ? pagal aurat.

(Translation: You will send me to jail. Who will believe you ? mad woman)

Dish is shocked by the confession. Dish makes a grand entry. She says even if no one believes Sum but now I have recorded ur confession. She plays the tape and the part where Gargi says that she killed Dhruv is being played. Gargi is shocked to the core and runs from the place. Just then we see apna DK (DK in a pale red shirt) standing there. Next it is his turn to confront Sum. (I guess he has heard Sum speaking).  He tells her that how dare she kill his father (but for poor Gargi that guy was already loving Sum. Imagine how Gargi would have felt. But no one is thinking abt it. So even I will not discuss abt the same). Gargi tries to escape from the situation. With a slight smile she says arre sonny, tum bhi kiske baaton mein aa gaye. Main apne suhhag kha khoon kaise kar sakti hoon. (Translation: hey sonny, you also are listening to whose words. How can I kill my own husband ?) Then she sees the look on DK's face and says. Main tho Dhruv kha khoon nahin karna chahthi thi. Woh tho main Sum. (Translation:  I did not want to kill Dhruv but then Sum ) Gargi suddenly realizes that she has unwittingly told DK his mom's name and stops there. DK becomes wild and  pounces on her saying how dare she try to kill his mother. Just the Dish and Sum come over there. Gargi sees Dish and becomes angry. She says 'Jab se tumhare manhoos kadam is ghar mein pade hain yeh sab ho raha hain. ' (Translation: Only because of ur ill luck all these are happening ) Just then Pori comes out saying Gargi auntie. Gargi realizes that she has been  attacked by all of them and screams at Pori. Pori says that she has been at the receiving end of Gargi's taunts all this while but today it is her turn. Gargi once again screams at everybody and says that how dare they all accuse her. She specifically shouts at Dish saying you are a servants daughter and she has the guts to accuse her. DK becomes wild and holds her neck and says that he will kill her. With great difficulty Dish separates both of them.

Here Ved seems to be reading something. He hears the commotion outside and after some dilly dallying decides to go check it out. He sees his mom being cornered by everybody but does not do anything and continues to listen.  He has Gargi's foto in his hands.

In the hall, Gargi says that the whole kanaka empire is hers and if she wants she can throw all of them out of the house. She says that u r a langda (Translation: lame)DK and what can you do ? She calls out for Ved and DK keeps on looking at her with a shocked expression. Dish retorts to Gargi saying do u think that Ved will trust you after all that u have done. Ved will hate u the moment he comes to know that u have killed his dad.

Ved is shocked at realizing that his mom had killed his dad. His eyes get moist and he touches Gargi's face in the fotograph.

Gargi continues ranting at them. When she sees that this does not seem to be have the desired effect (of letting her off the hook) she does an amazing volte face and then begs everyone to forgive her. She says to Sum that she has to forgive her. What she did was not intentional. Sum seems to be cooling down now. Gargi sees that and continues her emotional blackmail by mentioning Ved. Says that my poor beta has just now come back from US. He will be all alone without me. Sum seems to be considering her thoughts as well. DK says that I don't understand why we are still wasting our time and talking with this lady. I will call up the police now. Sum stops him saying nahin beta (Translation: no son) we need to give Gargi a chance for Ved. Ved now seems to be understanding the situation. (I was not able to decipher Ved's feelings at this point. He seems to be sad. But also looked like he was deciding on something). Gargi tells Sum that u understand how it is for a son to be without his mom. While she says this she is looking at DK. DK is looking at Gargi with still the same angry expression. DK and Dish intrerrupt Sum. But Sum is resolute that she will give Gargi one more chance so that she turns over into a new leaf. Gargi looks like thank god I have escaped from this situation now.

Just then Ved comes out. Gargi rushes to him, calling out Ved Ved and embraces him. Everyone looks at Ved and Gargi in amazement. Gargi does a volte face yet again (She proves her negativity. Girgit ki tarah rang badalti rehti hain . girgit is chameleon which changes color according to the situation). She says to Ved that see these people are accusing me. You should throw all of them out of the house. Ved is approaching all of them with his mom in tow. Gargi continues that beta now you should take care of Kanaka. Ved has a steely expression in his eyes. In a very low voice he turns over to his mom and asks her softly. 'Why did u kill my dad mom ?' . Gargi is taken aback. But she regains control and says all these ppl are taking nonsense.I did not kill anyone. Throw all these people out of this house. Ved goes away from her (as if in a symbolic shot that he is not with his mom). Ved says that you are right. There is someone who needs to go away from this house. Gargi looks at everyone as if  she has won this round. She thinks that Ved has believed her. But Ved takes out his mobile, calls up someone and says that 'This is Ved Sehgal. There is one person here who is a killer. It is Gargi Sehgal. Please come and arrest her. '

Gargi is zapped. She notices that there is a kitchen knife on the table (with some really nice red apples also. Looked yummy. Given a chance I would have picked up the apple. But never mind). She stealthily moves towards the table takes out the kitchen knife , pulls out Sum and holds the knife close to her neck. Rest all are completely shocked at this sudden violence and call out to Gargi saying not to do anything. Ved also calls  out. Gargi says that 'Yeh itna aasan nahin ki koi mujhe pakad paye lekin main badi aasani se Sum ko maar sakti hoon'. (Translation: It is not easy to catch me but it is easy to kill Sum ).

Everyone tries to put some sense to Gargi but she refuses to listen. (Looks like Gargi has not heard the saying when you wanna shoot , shoot don't talk. In this context it should be killing with knife and not shoot). Just then Jhansi Rani Disha (forgive me for this comparison but as usual rest of the males look like as if they can't do anything and only the heroine can do everything. Contrary to all the film story line where the heroine is the dumb abala nari - bal is strength. Abala is opposite ).  approaches both of them pushes off Sum. Sum falls on a nearby sofa (Thank god not on the ground as if something had happened to Sum DK would be quick start the blame-game with Dish). A small fight ensues between Dish and Gargi with Gargi having the knife. DK and Ved continue to look at them shocked to do anything constructive. In the small fight Gargi's knife hits Dish (presumably on the stomach. That was not shown very clearly) . Ved looks zapped. DK shouts Dishaaaaaaaaa.......and Dish falls down clutching her hands on the stomach. Scene turns black and white for a second on Disha's face and we see the 'Film Farm' ( I think Rupali Ganguly loved the story 'Animal Farm' ) clipping occupying our screen the next second.

My Take on this episode

The whole episode was shot in a single sequence. Chain of events from Gargi trying to escape till Dish being injured. (Dish killed.....next janam -reincarnation of Dish that is like the serial Tum bin jaon  kahaan ????!!!! Old DK now married to Sanya. Sanya taking revenge now and young Dish...wacko me...). All the scene from the promos that rang mentioned yesterday,were shown in yesterday's episode. Let's see if we have any new promo 2day.

The storyline moved forward and contrary to all our expectations Gargi was exposed 2day (or was this whole scene a dream by Gargi/Sum ??!! . I agree with you jingle that even I had this thought. and 2day we may see Gargi escaping to London. Am thinking of all possibilities now). Somehow I felt that it was melodramatic but something was lacking. (intensity maybe.). I felt similiar when I saw 'the night' scene as well when DK proposes to Dish. (SA people now that you have seen this episode why don't u also come out with ur comments).

Acting wise it was Gargi's day. The whole focus was on her and she did the scene with great aplomb. The way she does volte face between the 'spiteful Gargi' and 'Please forgive me' was something to look out for. Her expressions, modulation was just apt. Rest of people just had to react to whatever that she was saying. But I would like to mention Ved. The scene where in he realizes the truth and he cries. It was very natural and not at all forced.

Questions for the day

    Is TD going to end ? (Yes Kewlsarah I also had the same feeling when I saw the episode yesterday. If Gargi is caught what else is left.. ) What will be the next drama on TD if it continues ? (after marriage misunderstanding between DK and Dish ? or misunderstanding regarding the marriage itself. Maybe sometime later I would post a message on my take on future as well)
  • And my usual question Will DK see the bangles 2day at least ? (ok even Sum might notice the ring at 2day atleast and realize the truth)

btw I would be missing the episode today. and am cursing myself for it. If it turns out to be interesting would watch the repeat (someone tell me the exact timings in India. They keep on changing) and maybe post my comments on monday. sree_20 please don't miss providing an update for today. jingle/twine/lata if possible please provide your comments as well.

OK I end my post here at this note. My usual line -  Your comments/brickbats/smileys are welcome.Let all be known. 


Update April 28 by Sree_20

Disha gets hurt in her upper part of the hand. She has a small bruise. Dk and Sum are holding her. Ved asks Gargi ti give him the knife. She is crying. Ved says i have lost my father and now do not want to lose you. So give it to me. She gives the knife. Ved places the knife on a stand there. Gargi is telling him come we both will og somewhere. Suddenly, Ved comes near Gargi and slaps her. Gargi is shocked. Then, the nxet scene has the police putting handcuffs on Gargi. Ved  is standing near her. This takes place out of the house. Nobody else is there. Gargi looks at her son. Ved remembers the words that his mom said that she killed Dhruv. He is very upset. Gargi keeps looking at him when the police take her. But he does not look at her and goes in.

Inside, DK is putting a bandage over Disha's hand. He is asking is it paining. Disha gives a small cry with pain as he is helping her with the bandage and says ya, it is paining. (At this point, my cable went Blank).

Gargi is being taken to the police jeep by the lady constables.While entering the jeep, a car passes and stops. Suhas is in it. Seeing Gargi taken to the police station, Suhas is happy. She smiles. Gargi is even more wild. She stares at her. Suhas says My daughter is durga , not draupadi, she will not be the cause for fight between brothers, she will unite brothers, i had told you this. Now this has happned. It means you fail and my daughter Disha won. Gargi just stares at her and gets into the jeep.

Ved is in his room looking at Gargi's photo. He is upset. Disha comes in. He tells him that he must be worried that his mom is arrested. Ved says he must be the first son in the world who is not upset bcos his mom is in jail. He is upset about another thing. When Ved is saying this, DK comes into the room. But Ved and Disha do not notice this. Ved continues to say that brother thinks i am with Gargi and am involved in all bad things that Gargi did. Yes, i was with her for sometime but bcos i wanted to know what she was upto. Disha says then be bold and tell this to DK. Ved asks her if he tells him , then will he agree? DK hears to everything. Ved then sees DK and stops speaking. DK tells Disha that her mother has come. Disha goes out to meet Suhas. DK and Ved look at each other. DK just oges out leaving Ved worried thatDK does not understand him.

Suhas and Disha are talking. Suhas says she was very happy to see Gargi being arrested. I came her to congratulate you as Sum became alright. But when I saw Gargi's fate, i was really happy. I have to congratulate you for two things now. Your biggest  hurdle in your married life is removed, she says. Just then, Sum comes there calling for bahu. She sees Disha. She asks Disha where Bahu is. Suhas is shocked. Disha looks at her with sadness in her face. Disha introduces Suhas to Sum. Sum says your daughter is very nice. Just then, Pori comes there and says sorry i was away and could not hear you. Its time for your medicines, lets go in mummyji, she says. Suhas looks angrily at Disha. Disha tries to explain to her when she says she will ask the person who is responsible for all this. She goes into DK's room. DK is talking to the police over the phone and tells the police that all charges against Gargi are true and that she should get proper punishment. Seeing Suhas, he disconnects the phone. Suhas asks him you had given me a promise that you would take care of your wife Disha. You said these are words written on a stone. Then where are the words that you wrote on the stone. You married Pori, i will now see to it that I take Disha along with me. DK tries to tell her but she goes away. She then sees Disha and tells her that the problem with her is she is very good and all maKe use of this. Disha then opens her mouth to tell her the fact. But she sees Sum there and stops. Suhas is very angry and just starts to go out of the house. Disha asks her will you not hug me? Suhas turns and hugs her. Disha says she is doing this only for mummy. DK is standing there and watching. He has tears in his eyes. Disha says you go now, i will come to Bhonsle house forever in some days. Suhas asks her pakka to which Disha replies positively. DK is in tears. Disha looks at him after answering.

DK is in his room crying,Disha goes to her room and is crying too. A very nice background song runs. THey dream of the nice times otgether. The song's jist is if this is not love, then what are these feelings? They show clips of Disha nad DK in tears.

Disha is crying when Pori comes there. She tells Disha that she is fed up of acting and is going to tell Sum the truth that Disha is her bahu. Disha stops her and tells her that for some days ,you play this drama , when Sum gets alright, you can go to your place. Pori agrees. Butin mind, she tells to herself that she is not going anywhere, but is going to become the malkin of this house and Ved's wife.

DK is sitting in his room and crying ,thinking about Disha when Sum comes there calling for him. He wipes his tears and gets up. Sum says look, who i have brought. It is Ved. Sum comes in with Ved and tells DK that she want them to be together. Its so many years since she saw them together. She asks them to sit together so that she can see them both in one sight. They both sit on the bed very close. Disha is there, happy to see this. Pori also comes there. Sum starts to cry. DK asks the reason. She says she got reminded of Dhruv and says if he had seen this, he would have been happy. DK and Ved get up and hug her. THey both look at each other, but do not show any emotions towards each other. Sum then calls for bahu. Disha is about to go when she realises as Pori makes a noise. Pori goes forward. DK touches Ved's head. Sum asks them to hug each other. Disha looks worried as Pori goes there and gets all attention.

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