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Arshi FF: Broken Love Last Part

Zaya.Beintehaa Goldie

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Posted: 09 March 2012 at 2:47pm | IP Logged

Broken love Broken Heart



Hey here is a new ff and it going to be about Khushi and Arnav were married but they are spilt up (which I will tell you why later on in the story) it is been 8 year since they have seen each other but there is something hidden from Arnav what will Arnav when he finds out out Khushi secrete. It is all a misunderstanding between them but will Khushi hear him out or not. I hope you like it.  Oh and also there no Shayam in this story and Anjail leg is ok also she is married to someone eles who will come into the story later on





Arnav busy working on his laptop typing away near the poolside. Since the spilt up Arnav doesn't care about anything about any else but his work and Anjail as always. It was already 8.00 and Arnav still busy away on his work.


Down in the kitchen Anjail is busy with cooking with payal and Mami (mami is nice we wish)


Payal: Anjail di I was thinking that should I make halwa for Akash as he like it and I haven't made for days so shall I


Mami: payal go on then why are you asking. And pats her head

Payal: ok mum

Anjail: yeah payal I am going to call Arnav

Payal's smile wiped off her face when she said Arnav payal moved on and started to cook halwa


Anjail carried on up into Arnav room she entered and when straight into the poolside as she knew he would be there like always

She knocks on the glass window

And walks in


Arnav: yes di do you want something

Anjail: what make you think I want something?

Arnav: who else wants to come a see me

Anjail: Arnav stop I can't see you like this come on move on she gone she not coming back

Arnav: di I can't just get over someone just like that we were married I love her di and she left me di how could she just go like that

Anjail: what you did Arnav like she will stay

Arnav: but I never did anything you do know that

Anjail: but what we saw and heard from...

Arnav: Don't you dare say her name in this house Di!!!

Anjail: ok baba I won't. I came here to tell you that Aman called and he said that you got a business trip to Agra and you're staying for a week or 2 as he said I was a big deal

Arnav: ok thanks di

 Anjail: ok chotey look after yourself to out there ok

Arnav: yes di do you think Nani will

Anjail: no I don't think Nani has got around the fact about Khushi going and what happen she still angry even all these years

Arnav: I know di but can you ask her if she needs anything if I go she will just ignore me or go away

Anjail: ok I will

Arnav: thanks di I don't know what I will do without you Akash, payal, mami, mama or even Nani will talk to me and don't even want to look at me I don't know what to do.

Anjail pats Arnav shoulder and leaves


Khushi: where you going come here stop running Maya stop please I can't run that fast give me a break just eat your food

 Maya: no no no I don't like it ma

Khushi: baby stop look Maya look what you're doing

 Khushi getting breathless running after Maya


Maya had big brown eyes, milky skin tone and beautiful brown hair she looks just like her mother but mixed with her father looks to she had his smart talks just like him his anger  and his way to make people agree with her


Maya was running around the big house and Khushi running after her but when Maya was looking back at Khushi she bumped into someone


Maya: opps oh PAPA your back when did you come

Viren: picking Maya up and placing a kiss on her left check yes baby I am back and where is your mum

Maya: there behind as running like a snail

Viren: laughing putting Maya down

Khushi: Maya don't you dare call your mother a snail

Maya: sorry holding her ears

Khushi: it ok you know I can't stay mad at you. Viren when did you come how was the trip

Viren: a minute ago. Yeah it was alright I got the deal. How are you?

Khushi: that good yeah I am fine. Viren you know this Maya has gone even naughtier each day did you get my video I sent you

Viren: yep. You should stop shouting at her this is why she like this Khushi

Khushi: don't you take her side.

Maya: mummy I am sorry please papa tell her to stop being angry boss

Viren: come on Khushi she just a child

Khushi: yeah yeah I know come in I will set the dining table

Viren: ok come


After dinner


Khushi take Maya into her bedroom



Khushi: Maya go and brush your teeth and change into you night clothing and I will choose a book to read ok

Maya: no mummy I want to hear the story about the Rajkumar and the Rajkumeri.

Khushi: ok first go and do what I said

Maya: alright mommy

Khushi smiles and walks to the bed and sit down fixing it for Maya to get in. After a while Maya comes out and jumps into bed.

Khushi also get in and hugs Maya and tells her the story


Khushi: once a upon a time there was a rajkumar and a rajkumeri who loved each other so much but there family didn't like them to get married

Maya: then what did they do ma

Khushi continued to tell Maya the story and when she fell asleep Khushi turned off the light and went asleep herself hugging Maya.


Next day


Arnav: di where is my folder

Anjail: like I am supposed to know where you put your stuff

Arnav: even in 5 years he could still remember the time when he forgot where he put his folder and Khushi always seem to find them he had a little tear coming down his eye but quickly wiped it before Anjail could see it and carried on looking for his folder

Anjail: are you blind Arnav it is right there and you're making me to all the work 

Arnav: sorry di I am getting late for my flight and I am just bit worried I have a feeling something is going to happen today

Anjail: oh then you should hurry up and leave

Arnav: yeah I am going


Down in the living room


Nani: payal could you get me some tea please

Payal: Gi Nani

Payal goes to get tea for Nani but then she saw Arnav.

Seeing Arnav payal mood turned off into a bad mood

Arnav: hey payal

Payal just walked passed him and into the kitchen

Arnav knew this would happen so he just walked into the living room

As he walked into room everyone become silent

Arnav: Nani I am going for a week to Agra

Nani: ok

Arnav: Akash I am going so could you please go to this meeting on Thursday please

Akash: ok

Arnav smiled and walked out the door and into his car and drove off to the airport   





Lady: flight to Agra is now ready to leave the airport so passengers that are going to abroad the flight then please come the the check out area number 2

Thank you


Arnav: walked fast to the airline and got on to the plane


Arnav on the aeroplane


Thinking to himself

 I wonder where she is. How is she? Want is she doing. Who is she with? Is she fine is she still the same girl 5 year ago. I just want to meet her just once





Viren: Khushi I got a busy day today so don't wait for me yeah

Khushi: alright today I am taking Maya to the mall she wants new shoes so in will be there with her ok

Viren: yeah it ok why are you asking?

Khushi: oh just

Maya: let's go

Khushi: ok Maya wait ok bye see you later Viren

Viren: yeah take care kissing Maya on the check and leaving the house.

Khushi also leaves and arrives at the shoe shop and Maya is looking for new shoes she likes.


Arnav arrives to Agra and walks out of the airport but then saw a mall and wanted to get some things for the family wondering when he will get the time to buys stuff. So he walked in and went into the some shops.


Maya: mum these ones

Khushi: you shore

Maya: yes mum there so pretty

Khushi: ok come

Khushi and Maya went to pay the money for the shoes

At the counter how much Khushi asked

The man tells Khushi the price and she pays


Maya: mum I am hungry

Khushi: my baby hungry

Maya: yeah your baby hungry

 Maya and Khushi laughing down to the food shop.


Khushi: Maya stop it

Arnav: turned around feeling that she was here "that can't be Khushi and who is Maya" Arnav eyes were looking for her but could see her and he walked on


That evening Arnav got into his hotel room and went to sleep and Khushi went home and started to clean up while Maya was asleep.


Khushi: oh DM what has my life become too I miss my family so much

Di, payal, NK, Jijaji, Nani, mami, mama, Amma, Babuji and some time she also missed Arnav. How is he? Where is he? What is he doing and is he happy.

But then she remembered what he did

And wanted to forget about him and just move on with her life with Maya. But she couldn't she still loved him.




Arnav couldn't sleep the voice inside his head kept on talking




Khushi: how could you Arnav

Arnav: Khushi I am sorry

Khushi: no Arnav you not I can't believe you did that to me. How much love I gave you and you go and do this

Arnav: no Khushi please don't go

Khushi was packing her clothing into her bag

Khushi: no Arnav I can't stay I don't even want to see your face I hate you.

Arnav: you don't mean that

Khushi: really I do. I can't stand to even breathe in the same room as you. I need to go

Arnav: when will you come back?  Where are you going?

Khushi: I am not coming back Arnav I am going

Arnav: Khushi Khushi Khushi please don't

Arnav pulling Khushi arm crying

Khushi: don't touch me

Khushi went down and took Nani and mami mama's blessings moves


Nani: Khushi don't go please stay

Khushi: no I can't stay Khushi is crying

Anjail: Khushi please don't leave my chotey

Khushi: sorry di I have to get away and she hugs her and moves to payal

Khushi: crying Jiji look after yourself please and when mini payal and Akash tell her or him that I was and give me a kiss please

Payal: don't Khushi don't go. What about me who will I talk to.

Khushi: Jiji and hugged her

Akash: Khushi please stay for us please don't go like this

Khushi: sorry I cant

Khushi walked out of the house don't even turning back and she was gone




Arnav: KHUSHI Arnav started to cry and wanted her to be with him so much I am sorry Khushi I am so so sorry



Khushi: Arnav why is my heart telling me that Arnav is in pain.

Khushi went into her room and went to sleep



Next day


Viren: Khushi I am going to the office ok bye. Bye my baby and gives Maya a kiss

Khushi: wait wait Viren

Viren: yes Khushi I know feed me then

Khushi: Khushi feed Viren something sweet as he was going to go to an important meeting.

Viren: thank you

Khushi: well that the least I can do right

Viren: ok see you later

Khushi: bye and good luck



 At the office


Arnav: ok so I was thinking that red is a nice colour so I thought we will use that and we will have a green sari to go with it to

What do you think?


At a great idea and I would love to work with your company. My first time in my life I would be able to work with the great Arnav Singh raizada

 Arnav: thank you so shall we finalise the deal

Yes we should. Abhi go and get the papers ok

Abhi: ok sir

Arnav: so it will be a great pleasure to work with you Mr. Viren  Khanna




 Arnav: hey Viren who that cute little girl on your background

Viren: my daughter. Maya


Will Arnav meet Khushi and Maya? Will he know who Maya is? And what relationship do Viren and Khushi have


Thank you for reading and I got many part to give so if you want me to continue please comment and like. for pm just buddy me Wink And if you want to  read my other stories then go to my index's page


Click here: Zaynah Index

Part 1 = Ur looking at it
Part 2 = Page 4
Part 3 = Page 9
Part 4 = Page 13
Part 5 = Page 18
Part 6 = Page 22
Part 7 = page 25
Part 8 = Page 30
Part 9 = Page 35
Part 10 = Page 40
Part 11 = Page 45
Part 12 = Page 49
Last Part = Page 55 = Sad
Zaynah Embarrassed



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-JollyJabeen- IF-Sizzlerz

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R E S : )

Yay im the first one!Party

Oh wow, I just came across this FF and i like the concept!Big smile Oh no, Khushi and Arnav seperated! : ( Im sure there was a biggg misunderstanding!Cry Ooh and new characters, I'd like to see how this story plays out, Please PM me when you update!Big smile

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ToxicRebel IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 09 March 2012 at 3:41pm | IP Logged
Aww I loved it hun!! :D Do continue soon! Would love to read more!

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kriti_atharv IF-Rockerz

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lovd it...thnx 4da pm

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dumas IF-Stunnerz

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awesome start loved the concept can't wait to read more loved it thanks for the pm'

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Prettychoco90 IF-Dazzler

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Awesome updates... Please continues soon Smile

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mayabegum IF-Dazzler

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that was amazing please update soon :)

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Angel13 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 09 March 2012 at 5:45pm | IP Logged
very interesting ff
very curious to know why Khushi left and what is the relatioship between viren and Khushi
thanks for pm.
please do cont.

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