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Love Makes Life Beautiful#7-Ch85-P143updtd

pickle6586 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 09 March 2012 at 5:04am | IP Logged
Hello Everyone,Tongue
This is the new thread or rather the seventh thread.
The link to Thread 1- Part 1- Part 19-
The link to Thread 2- Part 20- Part 29-
Thank you all, for the wonderful comments!!!!

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pickle6586 IF-Dazzler

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Part 81-

Part 82-

Part 83-

Part 84-

Part 85-

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pickle6586 IF-Dazzler

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Hello Everyone,,Tongue
So, I have finally opened the new thread and also giving you an update. I cant believe it is the seventh thread. Big smile
I dunno what I have written in the last six threads and I seriously dunno what you have been reading... LOLShockedROFLROFLROFLROFLROFL
I kept on writing and filling in pages and threads... and my story's still not over... LOL...!!!!
Anyways, no issues, as long as you like it and enjoy it... Wink
Alright, enuf bakwaas now... straight to the update...!!!!

Chapter 75

She smiled at his reply and texted him back, "Love you Maan. Agar zyaada late ho gaya, to so jaana. Don't wait. You would be pretty exhausted".

"Geet, when I know you have to come back ultimately to the mansion, then how can I not stay awake? I will be awake, irrespective of what time you come and how tired I am", he replied.

"Ziddi hain aap", she replied.

"Cant help. I'm not changing either. Cos you love me anyway ;) ", he replied.

"Hmmm, woh to hain", she texted.

"You take care and have loads of fun", he texted her.

"Sure", she said, "I'm leaving the mansion now, so ttyl".

"Yep, bye honey", he said and finally put the phone down to continue his breakfast.

While having breakfast he thought about all the people whom he had to convince or win over to make Geet his wife. He knew he first had to convince Geet's family. And there was no better opportunity than catch them off guard in his mansion, amidst his people. Therefore, he had to talk to Devanshi before she leaves the mansion.

Having thought that, he quietly and peacefully ate his breakfast and walked towards his car, got in and drove to office. As he entered his office, he found Sasha talking to the other interns and even Anurag was present. All of them looked at Maan and wished him, while Sasha did not utter a word. That was their first meet after he had clearly told her to stay off his life and stay away from Geet. Sasha did not even look at Maan. Maan noticed that, but did not say anything; he simply smiled at the others and walked away to the elevator.

Dev came rushing in, and got into the elevator right in time and Maan smirked.

"Ghalti se bhi time pe nahin aaoge na tum?", said Maan, as Dev gasped for breath.

"Kya jaldi hain Bro, aap hain na, sab sambhal ne ke liye", he said and winked.

"Dev, That'." and Dev cut him off, "Haan mujhe pata hain aap kya bolenge. Main mazaak kar rahan tha. Relax", he said, smiling.

Maan smiled and both of them then discussed the meetings when Shreyasi entered the elevator on the fifth floor.

"Good morning gentlemen", she said, smiling.

Both of them smiled and nodded.

"Sir, this might interest you", she said, handing over a card to Maan.

Dev looked at it and giggled, "A lot of interest, Shreyasi", he said and winked. Shreyasi smirked too.

Maan read the material on top and then looked at Shreyasi, "where did you get this from?"

"A couple of minutes back, these cards were in distribution. Guess you and your family would get one too", she said.

"I see", he said and did not say anything. He simply returned the card to Shreyasi and smiled.

The elevator doors opened on the eighth floor and Dev and Shreyasi looked at him in disbelief.

"I see", said Dev imitiating Maan, "That's it you have to say bro?", he said as Maan walked ahead of them, out of the elevator, while Shreyasi and Dev followed.

"Toh aur kya bolu?", he said, entering into the conference room.

Both of them simply followed.

"Bro, react, do you understand what that card means?", asked Dev, who seemed to me more worried than Maan, after seeing the card. "Yeh sab kya hain? Aur aap itna cool hain".

"Yes Sir, its high time you act and react", said Shreyasi, while putting the folders and the card on the table. Maan took a seat at the opposite end of the conference table and pushed him chair back a little.

"I thought this piece of information would help you so I came running to give it to you, foregoing a small party that was also being hosted in the cafeteria", she said.

"What party?", asked Dev.

"After seeing this card, everyone wanted a party so that's what's happening", she said, disappointed.

"I'm so sorry Shreyasi. You had to leave the party to give me this piece of information", said Maan, calmly with a slight smile on his face.

"Bro, aap theek to hain?", asked Dev.

"Haan main bilkul theek hoon. Now listen to me. Shreyasi, go and attend the party", he said, calmly.

"Sir but'" and she stopped as she saw him look confidently at her.

"Okay Sir", she said and left after taking all her belongings.

"I don't understand", said Dev, frustrated.

"Dev, get back to work", he said, opening his laptop.

"No, I'm not. Your Geet is getting married to someone else. And the wedding cards are in circulation. And you don't wanna do anything about it? Seriously Bro..? And Shreyasi comes to you to give you this info and you shooed her away too?", said Dev, sitting in the chair next to him.

"Dev, like you've rightly pointed out, Geet is mine and only mine. And this little piece of cheap ink and print is not going to change the truth. And Shreyasi has been sent back to the party for a reason. She knows that and I know for a fact that she is smart enough to understand why I sent her back", he said.

Dev looked at Maan thoughtfully.

"Dev, you okay?", he asked.

"Yeah, I think so. I dint know the wedding was so close", he said.

"Hmmm", said Maan.

"Anyways, since you are so calm, I guess you have something going on in your mind and I would just trust you and your thoughts", said Dev.

"Thanks!", said Maan, sincerely. Adi walked in, with a couple of clients.

"Alright, I'll see you later", said Dev, walking out of the conference hall. Dev walked straight to the elevator and went to the cafeteria. There was a lot of clamor in the cafeteria, with people singing, "Congratulations and Celebrations" etc etc. Dev rolled his eyes, "Oh well, right", he thought and walked in and stood there for a second. He was trying to spot Shreyasi and he successfully did. He walked to her and she was surprised he was there.

"Who's the guy?", he whispered and Shreyasi smiled and said, "The guy to Sasha's right, in a cream color shirt".

"Yeh?", said Dev, with a weird look on his face.

"Haan", she said.

"How did bro let his fellow work right under his nose all this while?", he asked.

"That you have to ask him", she replied.

"Alright, now that I'm anyway here, Lets have some fun", he said and took a glass of juice from the tray on the table beside him. He drank the juice in one gulp and then slightly tapped the glass with a spoon to make some noise to catch attention.

Everyone looked in his direction and he smiled. Dev was more friendly in office, when compared to Maan and people in the office never had issues with Dev being around.They loved being around Dev as he was energetic and lively. He had great sense of humor and ofcourse looks to die for.

"Dev", said Sasha, surprised.

Dev smiled and walked to the centre and said, "Yes Sasha. You dint want me here is it? You look so surprised", he said, smiling.

"No, nothing like that", she said, casually. Anurag moved towards Dev and said, "Thank you Sir for coming here. I was a little hesitant in inviting you and Maan Sir".

"Oh bro is in a meeting, like always, but no issues we'll celebrate", he said, and smiled. The party went on for almost one hour after Dev announced his arrival. Shreyasi then walked to him, while he was in a deep conversation with Anurag.

"Its been more than an hour Sir", she whispered.

"I know", he said, turning to face her, after excusing himself from Anurag.

"I think we should leave", she said.

"Yea yea, ofcourse. Kha liya pee liya, aur dance bhi kiya. Aur kuch bacha nahin hain karne ke liye", he said, giggling.

Shreyasi laughed and turned to look at Anurag who looked very happy. Dev said, "He's planning to meet Geet tonight in Niharika's sangeet".

"I see", she said, both of them walking out of the cafeteria, only to be cornered by Sasha. Both of them stopped talking and looked at her.

"Aap yahan kaise? I'm sure you are not here to celebrate Anurag's happiness", she said, sarcastically.

"Oh what a smart lady", said Dev, "Ofocurse darling. I came here to eat, dance and enjoy. I dunno why Shreyasi is here", he said and winked.

"Do you see how happy he is. But its sad that your brother is going to break his heart, his happiness in one go", said Sasha.

"Sasha ban gayi saint", said Dev and Shreyasi laughed.

Sasha shot him an angry look and Dev continued, "Darling Sasha. I thought you are smart. Dint know you were dumb. When you know his world is going to come crumbling down in one blow or go, then why don't you let him know? Why come and waste our time and ofcourse his time and money?", he said.

Sasha did not answer. "Sasha, he is happy that he's getting married to the girl he loves. But did he ever try finding out if the girl likes him?", asked Dev and Shreyasi, nodded and agreed.

Sasha did not answer. "I know the answer Sasha. He hasn't . Now, when one does not make an effort to find out if the person he is getting married to, is happy with the marriage or not, then a heart break and unhappiness is inevitable", he said.

"And in matters of the heart Sasha, such things at times, are unavoidable, when you don't make an attempt to communicate properly. Who would know it better than you?", said Shreyasi, as though driving the last nail into the coffin.

"As far as my brother is concerned Sasha, he will do what he wants. Having known him all these years, I can tell you that Anurag's marriage will be called off, very peacefully- cos as tough as my brother looks, he loves peace and does not like to disappoint anyone. He has his own style of doing things", said Dev. He then turned to Shreyasi and said, "Let's go".

Both of them walked away and Sasha burst into tears saying, "Yes Shreyasi, I know what a heart break means".

Dev got back home in the evening and narrated the entire incident and conversation to the family. None of them had anything to say. All they could wonder was what was going on in Maan's mind.

Maan, on the other hand, sat in his chamber after a long day of meetings. He looked at the card that was now addressed to him. He put the card back on the table and called Geet.

Geet was surprised he was calling her and she took the call immediately. "When is the rest of your family coming back?", he asked.

"Day after tomorrow", she said, "Just in time for Niharika's wedding"

"Okay", he said, "Just wanted to know that", he said.

"Anything wrong?", she asked.

"No, nothing at all, honey", he said.

"Okay", she said, doubtfully.

After a short pause Maan said, "Do one thing, send the car and driver away, quietly. I'll come to pick you and your grandmom", he said.

Geet almost dropped the phone and said, "Kya? Ab sach mein kuch gadbad hain", she murmured.

"Geet, just do as told. And nothing is wrong. Don't worry", he said.

"But Maan, you coming to pick up grandmom? She is not going to be happy", said Geet, scared of the consequences.

"Geet, Now or never. What's your pick?", he asked, seriously.

"Never is never an option for you Mr. Khurana and I guess we are only left with one option", she said.


Okies, the last precap holds good even now!


That's it for now!


Take care and have loads of fun



NExt Part:

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omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg ...

ye kya ho gaya...

meee first at somya's update...

unbelieveable... omg i m on cloud 9

i m really very very happy...

let me enjoy my first victory first...DancingParty

so now i will read the update and comment...

thanks dear thanks for updating...

love u...

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for new thread

and about update

what did you eat during writing the update dearLOL
many time this thought come in my mind
so today i asked this

way to go girl
bomb giraaya haiOuchOuch
kaha to hum romanceWink Winkke sapne dekh rahe the
or khah aapne sashaCryCry h\ ki aankho se flood la di

and what about our this
supercool heroBig smile
did he ever going to lose his cool
nahiii our mister perfectSmile

and lets see now what he did with dadi hitlerAngryAngry of geet


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thank you for updating...what is running in maan's mind?? awsom part as always...continue soon plss

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wow !! awsome yaar !!! 
i loved it !!! 
maan gonna talk with geet's grand ma ?? am eagerly waiting ...

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Awesome, superb dear but waiting to see maan in action. continue soon dear, dont make us wait for a long time and congrates for the new thread.

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