Jassi Jaissi Koi Nahin - Daily Update


Jassi Jaissi Koi Nahin - Daily Update
Jassi Jaissi Koi Nahin - Daily Update

Jassi Jaissi Koi Nahin Update - 20/4/2005

queenbee Goldie

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Posted: 20 April 2005 at 1:24pm | IP Logged

This Update is for You, Deli… for your beautiful expression of the love between Photo GalleryHeartArmaan and JassiPhoto GalleryHeart in the Photo Gallery!

Armaan and Jassi are playing Cat and Mouse games... leaving me wondering:

Is this Jassi Jaissi Koi Nahin or the Tom and Jerry ShowEmbarrassedWink??

Last time, we left off when Jassi agreed to work for Gulmohar…


Raj and Mallika are in the boardroom. Raj is saying, "Mallika, my point is that we cannot afford it at this point of time…". Armaan enters and they turn around expectantly, eagerly for the result of his expedition. (Is it just me or did Raj look like he was wearing the orange shirt Armaan had been wearing in the Fanta Episode?Shocked) Raj takes one look at his set face and says, "So you lost too? I should've known.. if I couldn't convince her, how could you…" Armaan says abruptly, "She agreed! Jessica Bedi has agreed to work in Gulmohur!"

Raj looks sheepish while Mallika's face breaks out into a triumphant grin. She is smiling broadly, and says loudly, "Armaan! That is fantastic news! You have defeated Purab at his own game. You have managed to steal his model, his own discovery from under his very nose!" Armaan, stony-faced, says that he is not interested in all that, only in getting something done for Gulmohur. Mallika exclaims ecstatically, "Armaan, you do not know what you have done for Gulmohur! And that too in so little time! Just think, now our collection will be launched, we will get so much publicity! When our collection is a roaring success, our Gulmohur will be Number One again!" Meanwhile, Raj is thinking, "Oh well! If not because of me, if only because of Armaan.. at least Jessica will be here!! Whew!Big smile" Aloud he says, giving Armaan a lopsided grin, "Hey buddy.. Thanks."

Mallika can't get over her good luck and continues making her grand plans. She hands Armaan a catalogue and says that these are the new designs for the launch, which will catapult Gulmohur into glory once again. Armaan is not impressed. He comments ironically, "There was a time when, if Gulmohur signed a model, her career would be made. Now, Gulmohur's own career depends upon a model!! And the bank will not even give us a loan until this model gives us a definite Yes or No!"

Mallika is loathe to see her bubble burst and starts arguing with him. "Armaan….$%$*%$#^%!" He continues, "Now if JASSI had been here.." She turns up her face and looks away at the dreaded "J" word.."she would have prepared and planned everything in advance! Our financial plans, our projections, everything! No one would have dared then to say NO to us!" Mallika gives him a killer look. His point made, Armaan holds up the catalogue and says to her, "I'll have a look at these." When he leaves the room, Mallika stares behind his back, giving a deadly look. "Jassi! Jassi! Jassi!Angry Everytime, the topic veers away and stops at HER!"



Jassi is sitting with all her documents and photographs spread out in front of her. She gazes fondly, sentimentally at her old Jassi photographs with Billu, and then examines her passport which clearly pronounces "Jasmeet Walia". She is absorbed in her activity and doesn't hear Nandini until she is standing close and asks her, bemused, "What are you doing, Jassi?"

Jassi doesn't know how to answer, but finally she gives herself a mental shake-up and replies, "I am disassociating myself from everything that binds me to 'Jassi'". Nandini sits down, confused, "Meaning?" Jassi replies, "Meaning, Nandini Ma'am, this passport, all these documents, they prove that I am Jassi! If they should accidentally fall into the wrong hands, it could blow open my secret or be used to blackmail me or my family!" Nandini asks, "But Jassi?! What will you do with all these??" Jassi tells her that she intends to seal them and put them in a locker, where no one will ever be able to lay hands on them even if they want to.

Nandini still looks unconvinced. Jassi explains, "Now I am going back to Gulmohur, and I wouldn't want my identity to be revealed to anyone." Nandini agrees that that way, no one can ever prove that she is Jassi. Jassi says sadly, "This is both, good and bad, Nandini Ma'am.. that today, I must pretend to be a stranger to my own family!" Jassi's mind runs through the times she masked her identity in front of her family.. by Bebe's side at the hospital, exchanging sweet somethings with Nandu, clasping Amrit's hand tightly in her own.. Nandini breaks her reverie and says brightly, "But Jassi, this will not last forever, right? Once you reach Gulmohur, and find out who tried to frame you, you can shout from the rooftops about who you are! Isn't it!" Jassi looks at her pleadingly, "Until then I need you to be with me, Nandini Ma'am! And Wahe Guruji too!"



A kirtan is in progress at the Gurudwara and Armaan enters with his head covered. There is a large congregation and Jassi is sitting with her back to the wall, along with several others... her eyes closed in prayer. Armaan goes straight ahead and reaches the enclosure housing the Guru Granth Sahib, and gives a flowery offering. He stands with his hands folded, praying deeply, eyes closed, and then "matha tekta hai". He takes his position within the seated crop of people, barely 2 feet away from Jassi and ahead of her, so that Jassi can see him but he can't! Jassi opens her eyes and the first thing she sees is the gift from God.. ArmaanEmbarrassed. She is zonked!!

Armaan begins talking to himself, close enough for Jassi to hear every word (above the din!!Confused), "Hei Wahe Guru.. I know that I have made many mistakes. Done many things I should not have done. But I do realize my mistakes. I want to start my life all over again, but there are still mistakes I have not yet had the opportunity to rectify. There are several people to whom I want to apologize, but they are so far from me that I cannot beg their forgiveness even though I want to! And among those people, the first name is – JASSI!" A couple of bombs explode over Jassi's head and she looks at him, stunned!

She makes a move to go to the side wall so that she can see him better – he is still oblivious to her presence and goes on, "I want her to know this – that as many times as I have hurt her, broken her heart, bothered her, I want to ask her forgiveness! Hei Wahe Guru.. I want to change! Jassi also wanted me to become a better person. I am trying hard… so hard. Wahe Guru, please be with me! Please help me!" At his, our heroine's heart starts cryingCry and she blinks to stop her tears. She is completely blown away. She prays, "Wahe Guru, do help and forgive him! I know that whoever asks you something with a pure heart, you will never turn him away! Please fulfill every wish that Armaan Sir has in his heart."

Right that moment, Armaan says deeply, "And if possible, please send Jassi back to me!" Jassi is shell-shocked!! (Now, a heart-stopping scene) .. As if in response to Armaan's prayers, the passport she is holding in her nerveless fingers drops to the ground!! It lies there, Page 1 open and blowing gently in the wind, with the words "Jasmeet Walia" in big letters evident for everyone to see! As Armaan's head is bent down, he notices it immediately and gets distracted. He wonders whether or not to go for it but Jassi covers it with her dupatta just in time. He decides it's not worth the bother and walks away. She picks it up after he leaves and thanks her stars…Saved!!Tongue



Mallika and Aryan are plotting and planning in her cabin. Mallika says determinedly, "Armaan may have brought Jessica into Gulmohur, but controlling her will be MY task." Aryan doesn't look too bothered. He says that it shouldn't be a problem for her as she has worked with many models." Mallika insists, "Aryan, this is different! The moment Jessica steps into Gulmohur we shall have to let her know in no uncertain terms that everything here happens the way WE want it to! None of her starry nakhras are going to work here!" Aryan asks hesitatingly if he should approach Jessica. Mallika snaps at him, "Definitely not, Aryan! This is a very sensitive issue – after all, Gulmohur's future depends on it! But this is one thing we must never let Jessica know!"

Aryan agrees and suggests that she should tell Armaan to look after her the same way that he managed to get her to work here. "And anyway, these days, Armaan is trying to be a 'Good Guy!' Has he developed some kind of a 'Mahatma Complex'??! If you tell him to anything at all for Gulmohur and its people, he will not refuse." Mallika barks down his suggestion, "Not at all! I don't think this will work out! We can't let that Jessica come too close to Armaan." Aryan takes one look at the green monster rearing its head and retreats, "You're right, Mallika! Anyway, I don't have much knowledge about these issues. You go ahead and decide whatever you need to about Jessica and Armaan. I'll make a move!" When Mallika is alone, she thinks, "I must start working on getting Armaan back now…"



Jassi is somewhere behind Armaan and he catches sight of her hastily signing autographs. He is surprised and waits for her to finish. In his mind's eye, he remembers how Jassi would scribble the exact same way when she was in a hurry.. and smiles. (Methinks he was observing that both Jassi and Jessica are left-handed!Big smile) When Jassi is through, she waves a sweet goodbye to her fans and comes to where Armaan is waiting with a cute smile. (A stranger could have been forgiven for thinking they had made a date at the Gurudwara!Tongue)

Jassi asks searchingly, "Hi! Err.. why were you looking at me that way?" Armaan tells her he was remembering someone. Jassi is both blushing and scared. "Who?" Armaan tries to make light of it, "Oh nothing! Actually, she doesn't look like you but I don't know why, just now when I saw you, that.. Oh, forget it!" Jassi then asks him if he frequents the Gurudwara. Armaan answers, "Jessicaji, a person cannot stay away from God for too long. Sometimes to say sorry, sometimes to complain, sometimes to wish for something… You too are such a big personality, yet you're right here like the rest of us…" Jassi says, "Well, all this has been given to me by God! Now if there's just one more thing I could ask for.." Armaan asks, What? Jassi replies, "I wish my car would come to pick me up on time!"

Armaan says smilingly that it looks like the Oopar-wala has heard your wish – please allow me to drop you. Jassi doesn't look too happy to hear this. "YOU'LL drop me??" Armaan says, "Yes! Why?" Jassi fishes for information, "Do you often give lifts to people?" Armaan assures her, "Not at all! Only special people…" Jassi looks like she could cry.. but then he says, "And please don't forget, you are very special to Gulmohur!" Jassi's heart starts singing again and she gives him a 1000-Watt smile!



Jassi asks him if he is going to Gulmohur. He says yes and asks her where she is headed. She tells him she's going to the bank. While Armaan's hands are on the wheel, Jassi thinks to herself, giving him a warm smile, "He is the same from outside, but he has changed inside…" She gets a flashback – to the time when Armaan Sir had given ol' Jassi a lift in his car, how happy they had been then…

Coming back to the present, she gently probes him about his work at Gulmohur and his assistant. Armaan thinks, how can I ever tell her about Jassi? That I have never had any kind of assistant after she left? No one can be like her anyway! She, who took up all my work as her own, who made her own life difficult by making things easier for me..  Jassi asks him, "So do you go to he Gurudwara everyday?" Armaan answers, "I'm one of those people who goes to the Gurudwara only after they have lost everything!"

Just then, Nandu gives him a call on his cell. Armaan takes it, "Yes Nandu, what is it?" Jassi's ears perk up, she is very surprised that Nandu is in touch with Armaan! Armaan says to him, "What? Yes, I'm coming! OK!" He hangs up and explains shortly, 'Oh.. that was a friend. He wants to meet me". Just then, he stops outside a building and exclaims, "And here's your bank!" Jassi is dying to ask him about Nandu but gets out of the car and says Thankyou. Armaan drives away. She is still standing on the street, wondering why Nandu called Armaan, what could it be? She decides to call Nandu but when she opens the box of goodies she is carrying she realizes to her EXTREME horror – her cellphone and her documents have all driven away with ArmaanOuchOuch!!!! "Oh God… If Armaan finds out that I am Jassi, then………… !?!?!?!?" (World war III is happening in the background – bombs exploding everywhere!!!NukeOuchDead)


SOMEWHERE IN MUMBAI – Armaan and Nandu's Meeting Place

Armaan reaches the meeting ground and notices the large white envelope and a cell sitting cosily in the passenger seat next to him. He is puzzled and is just about to go through the contents of the envelope when Nandu knocks on the car window. Armaan gets out and they have a heated discussion. He asks Nandu what was so urgent. Nandu is very bothered and says that Billu & Co. are soon going to be selling off Jassi's home! He passionately says that that house means everything to them, that Jassi was born and raised there. They have nothing else to sell! Jassi will not be able to bear this if she finds out!

Armaan tries to get a grip on the situation. "Nandu! We will not allow this happen. Jassi will come back to the same house, if she does come back." Nandu says that he thinks the same, so… Armaan asks, "So you what??"

At that instant, Billu is shown rummaging frantically through drawers and cupboards looking for something.

Nandu says guiltily, that he stole the deed, and thrusts them into Armaan's face! Armaan is completely shocked. "What??" Nandu defends his actions by saying that there was no other way, that these must be hidden until some alternative means to arrange for money is found! Armaan must never let anyone know he has these! Armaan is doubtful and asks till when he should do this. Nandu says he is trying his hardest to arrange for the money. He walks off, leaving Armaan calling his name and holding a khaki envelope… he goes back into the car.

Just then, Jassi is trying her cell from a PCO. Armaan answers, "Hello?" She says that it's Jessica speaking. He prods her and she reveals that she left some important papers and documents in his car. She asks if he has seen them. He says, "Oh yea! There is one envelope here!" Jassi asks, "That's a very personal envelope! You haven't seen what's inside it, have you?" Armaan replies, "Jessica, I'd thought they were my papers!" Jassi's heart is beating fast, "So you opened them and checked?" Armaan smiles, "Relax, relax! I haven't." Jassi wants to know if she can meet him right away.

Armaan is about to respond when his phone rings and he asks her to wait, and says a Hello to the person at the other end.. who else but Callika! "Yes, Mallika! What? Fine, I'm reaching the restaurant. OK, Bye!" He hangs up and speaks to Jassi, "Jessica, I have to go somewhere on important work and.. in fact, I'm going to Equinox restaurant. If you like, you can come and collect your envelope from there!" They hang up.



Armaan enters the restaurant, walking fluidly, and makes his way to where Mallika is waiting for him. He hangs up his coat on the chair and lays the big white envelope on the table. Once seated, he says questioningly, "Mallika.. so tell me, why did you call me so urgently?" Mallika answers with a seductive smile, "I thought we would spend some quality time together.. since we're not going to get too much of it when the preparations for the launch are in full swing!" Armaan says coolly, "You said you wanted to talk about Jessica."

Cut to Jassi – she is walking along on the road, trying to find a taxi, imagining that her worst nightmare is coming true.. that Armaan has opened the envelope and is gaping at her passport and pictures at that very second.. she is walking furiously, perspiring, upset, frightened, "No! This must never be! If Armaan Sir should see all that…ConfusedOuch!!!!" ..

At the restaurant, Armaan asks Mallika to hurry on since he needs to go to the hospital. Mallika says petulantly, "Armaan, you can wait SOME more time, can't you.. for me??" Armaan responds stonily, "Actually, I CAN wait here, but not for you… for Jessica!"

Cut to Jassi again – someone recognizes her and she is getting mobbed, fighting to breathe, trying to scramble out and way from this madness.. finally, she manages to hail a taxi and escapes with a sigh of relief!

Meanwhile, Armaan tells Mallika that Jessica will be reaching here to collect her documents. Mallika sighs, that whatever the reason, the fact is that Armaan is with her at that moment. She tries to ply him with wine but he jumps as if she had just offered him poison. "Mallika, I cannot drink this, I've just returned from the Gurudwara!Embarrassed" Mallika says that sometimes, she cannot understand what on Earth Armaan is talking about!! Armaan is very irritated to hear this and makes a sudden, jerky movement to get rid of the wineglass but it ends up spilling on the envelope!! He is taken aback by what has happened.

The next scene shows Jassi entering the restaurant with a choked look on her face. The envelope is on fire!! (The lighted candle on the table seems to have been somehow responsible for this) Armaan is trying his damnest to put it out… Jassi runs to help him do it, but it's almost a conflagaration!! Mallika just keeps screaming on the side, "Armaan! Armaan! Armaan!". Finally, Armaan douses the hungry flames and blows out on his hand. Jassi asks him with concern, "Are you OK?" Armaan says defeatedly, "Jessica, your documents…!" There are charred bits of paper lying on the table. One document plainly stands out – a piece of paper with the following written on it:

Company: Kohinoor

Owner: Jasmeet Walia

Jassi stares at it in horror… while Armaan nurses his wounded fingers. He does not appear to have seen it… Jassi looks from the document to Armaan, her heart in her throat!!!!



PREVIEW for Tomorrow:

Nandu enters Mallika's cabin, looking very important. Mallika is seething and asks acidly, "Who let you in? Out! Get out! NOW!" Nandu holds his ground and informs her that he will not leave until she sees what he has in his hand. He is holding a file.

Disbelieving, she asks, "Why? What's so special?" Nandu says casually, "No.. nothing special! Just a letter from Jessica Bedi. She has appointed me her agent!"Tongue

loveneha_r Goldie

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Posted: 20 April 2005 at 1:32pm | IP Logged

thanks soooooooo much QB for the superb update!!!

oh damn so i guess he does not come to know Jessica is Jassi!

kdokka Senior Member

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Posted: 20 April 2005 at 1:35pm | IP Logged
Thanks for the update, QB.
rouble Senior Member

Joined: 16 August 2004
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Posted: 20 April 2005 at 1:36pm | IP Logged

thanks a lot for the update queenbee!

OMG.....nandu jessica's agent..........wow........can't wait for Mallika's reactionSmile

Edited by rouble - 20 April 2005 at 2:05pm
Puddles66 Newbie

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Posted: 20 April 2005 at 1:37pm | IP Logged

Thanks... you are a life saver for those who can't watch until late in the US..


Minnie IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 20 April 2005 at 1:39pm | IP Logged

 FANTASTIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What an episode and what an update !!!!

 This one will be a treat to watch.

 I was thinking,even if Jessica wasn't Jassi and some1 entirely different , she still would have fallen hook line and sinker for this new Armaan. What chance does old Jassi have !!Embarrassed

Teddy Senior Member

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Posted: 20 April 2005 at 1:51pm | IP Logged
Wonderful!!!! Thanks a ton!
ummm Senior Member

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Posted: 20 April 2005 at 1:52pm | IP Logged

Wow! Wonderful update QB!!!


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