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KYPH - Update for 20th April, 2005

chillyflakes Senior Member

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Posted: 20 April 2005 at 10:47am | IP Logged


What an episode! I am now completely torn between my loyalties for Angad & Prithvi! And our guess about the Angad – Mishti connection is proving to be right, but in a totally different angle! Also, Tania is very cute to look at and madly in love with Angad (who isn't), but he treats as a buddy! Also, Prithvi and Mishti's mom made an entrance, she seems to be a complex character, but mostly on the positive side! And the most important thing, there was so much of sizzle, sizzle between Angad and Kripa, and we got to see a glimpse of Angad's softer side today….and also Kripa still holds a candle for Angad, no doubt about that! And finally, after watching today's episode, I can fairly assess what the future storyline is going to be like! Back to the update!


The episode begins with Angad twisting & turning poor Kripa all around him like a pendulum, with that revengeful look in his eyes and then letting go of her arms forcibly, she falls down with great impact and obviously hurts herself very badly! (Poor thing, felt so pitiful for her) Kripa winces in extreme pain, her eyes well up with tears, of both the physical hurt and also of the humiliation, Angad looks down at her and she looks back at him, both of them have a starting session, and then Angad gets a, ''Oops I am so sorry'' look and offers his hand to Kripa to help her get up, he actually apologizes, but with a very patronizing air, as if he intends to let Kripa know that it was deliberate. Kripa keeps looking at him, she looks in enormous pain, Angad then nods his hand as if to insist Kripa on holding it and getting up, just then another hand goes down to Kripa and as a surprised Angad looks sideways, its Prithvi, who first throws an upset look at Angad and then looks at Kripa with sympathy and affection and then in a brilliant sequence, Kripa gives one cold look at Angad and then takes up Prithvi hand and gets up with his support. Angad is taken aback and then gets a slightly jealous look on his face, I think it was more of a snubbed type of look, but it also had a hint of possessiveness! Kripa is wincing in pain, and as she hobbles along with Prithvi's help, who looks miserable after seeing Kripa in such pain (oh, Prithvi is such a doll, who won't love him guys!) takes her to a corner. Just then Angad who keeps staring at Prithvi and Kripa for some time, then tells the choreographer and the rest of his gang, let the rehearsals begin, as soon as he says this, both Prithvi and Kripa get a resentful and hurtful look in their eyes and they turn to look at Angad, who smiles devilishly and says that he can see that Kripa is hurt, she can go home and take rest, the rest of them will continue. Kripa and Angad stare at each other real hard, and then Kripa lets go off Prithvi's arms and tells Angad that she will continue to rehearse along with him. Prithvi looks positively shocked and Angad is completely taken aback and for a moment, his expression softens. Prithvi tries to butt in and tell Kripa that she has hurt herself very badly and that she should not dance, but Kripa tells him that she is ok and she wants to continue. The dance continues with Angad, ever so ruthlessly dances with Kripa, who is dying out of pain, but her self-respect refuses to give up and she completes the session. Prithvi looks miserable at Kripa's state, and Angad is both confused and irritated at the same time at Kripa's response to him. After the session is over, Kripa just throws a glance to Angad as if to indicate that she would not bend infront of him ever, and then picks her bag and walks out with Prithvi, who in his sweet manner takes the bag from her and escorts her to the Outhouse.


Prithvi drops Kripa to her room and asks her if she is alright. Kripa is still thinking of Angad and the way he had so forcibly danced with her and hurt her so badly and then how he had given his hand to help her stand up. Prithvi tells Kripa that she should take rest and get a hot water bottle for herself (awww, how cute can this guy get, chaps!), Kripa is still lost in her own world, she nods and says bye to Prithvi who keeps giving her such cute, lovelorn looks. As Kripa enters her room, she turns back and looks at Prithvi with affection and respect and a smile spreads her face, Prithvi inturn smiles back at her an then the garland scene flashes across his eyes and he kind of blushes and leaves the Outhouse.


Its late at night and Kripa is sitting on her bed and thinking about all that happened at the rehearsals and then she tells herself that why is she thinking of Angad so harshly and why is she losing her temper at him everytime and misunderstanding all his motives. The Butt-slapping scene keeps flashing across her mind, then the dance sequence where he was so rough with her and then the one where he gives his hand to her.

At the same time Angad (looking absolutely dishy) is sitting on his bed and thinking of the same stuff that happened at the rehearsals and then Kripa's eyes keeps flashing before his face and he gets very restless. Angad thinks to himself why is he getting so irritated by Kripa unnecessarily and why is he treating her like this (see, basically he is a good chap!).

Meanwhile, Prithvi is shown in his room and thinking of yet again the same scene and how Kripa had winced in pain and how much it had hurt him.

The background score of Kaisa Ye Pyar Hai plays and then the scene freezes Angad and Kripa's face on it and then Prithvi's face comes….basically the screen is frozen to show Angad on one side, Prithvi on the other and Kripa in between, all thinking about each other! (Quite filmy, but very cute nevertheless)


Naina is shown to be in a Party (this woman has nothing else to do) chatting along with some society ladies who ask her about the new girl they are launching along side Angad. Naina very patronizingly says that yes  they have decided to launch a new face with Angad and give chance to newcomers also. One of the lady says that she had heard that the new girl is very talented and isn't Naina worried that she might become a bigger star than Angad, Naina gets a snooty and angry expression on her face and says very proudly that many stars have come and gone, but there has been no one like Angad till date and no one would be ever able to take his position and fame. The other ladies wisely agree with her. Naina is then shown to frantically wait for someone, when one of the ladies ask her whom is she waiting for, Naina says that her old friend, Damini is expected to come back from her World Tour and that she is dying to catch up with her. Just then a woman, with long hair and dressed in White is shown to enter and Naina's face lights up like a thousand bulbs when she sees her. The Camera focuses on her face, its none other than the Jaya Bhattacharya (who plays Payal in KSBKBT) looking very different in a halter neck blouse and a white Saree with lots of weird jewellery and a big red bindi. Both the old friends greet each other affectionately and Naina tells her that she has so much to catch up on with Damini. They both go to a quiet corner and have a conversation, through which we come to know that Damini is a very successful, extremely rich (richer than the Khanna's, I suppose) entrepreneur and a widow. Damini is basically the head of a huge event management conglomerate and arranges all of Angad's shows. Then we come to know that she is also the Mother of Prithvi and Mishti and a very good one at that. Damini comes across to be a dedicated family person unlike Naina and handles both her business and her family very well. Naina then talks about Mishti and Angad's marriage (what about Kartik, was he adopted out of a dustbin, how does she always forget him?) and says that it is her dream to see Mishti as the Bahu of her house. Damini is shown to get very uncomfortable at the mention of this and tries to brush off the topic. Naina mentions to her that even though Angad has had lots of women in his life, he has never fallen in love with anyone and that he deserves a girl who would teach him the value of love and none best than Mishti for that. Damini does not seem to pleased by the idea but offers no opinion on this.


Angad is shown to toss in his bed restlessly, not able to sleep, he switches on the bed-side lamp and looks at the clock, its 2 Am at night. He gets up and searches for his sleeping pills, but finds that the bottle is empty. Angad gets a frustrated look on his face and thinks to himself that he has to get some pills else he won't be able to sleep a wink. He remembers that a bottle of it is kept in the Outhouse and goes to fetch it.

As Angad enter the Outhouse, he see's the door open and then keeps standing where he is as he looks at Kripa, who has her headphones on her ears and is singing the tune of the title track, completely engrossed in her music. Angad keeps staring at her and a lot of screen time is shown with Angad giving her a strange, curious mix of expressions, half enchanted, half fascinated, partly mesmerized and partly irritated. Just then the lights go off and Kripa's eyes open in shock that someone is standing behind her back. BEAUTIFUL SCENE! As Kripa turns back, to her horror its Angad who is looking at her with burning intensity and a mad passion rages in his eyes, it looks as if he is going to gobble her up right away! Kripa is just too stunned to react and keeps looking at him, then Angad lights up his lighter and brings it to Kripa's face, she steps back petrified, he moves towards her, she steps back even further, he keeps moving toward her, not once taking his eyes from her face, she too is looking at him, but while Angad has a passionate, intense look on his face, Kripa is scared out of her wits. Kripa then reaches the far end of the room and Angad gets even closer to her, then he brings the lighter closer to her face and the room goes still with both of them facing each other in close quarters for some moment (I had goose p***les in this particular sequence) and then he lights a candle besides her. Kripa gets her breath back and the lights come back. Kripa suddenly gets very angry and tell him curtly that she knows its his house, but he has no right to barge into anyone's room in the middle of night. Angad completely ignores her and opens the drawer, gets the bottle of sleeping pills and closes the drawer and gives one look at Kripa, who is taken aback slightly, as she looks at the bottle of medicines in Angad's hands. Angad turns and exists towards the door, and in a brilliant Angad scene (I completely loved him for this) tell Kripa, without looking back at her, ''Agar tum nahin chahati ke aadhi raat ko koi tumhare kamre mein aaye, toh apne kamre ka darwaaza band karna sikho.'' As Kripa keeps staring at Angad, stupidified and stunned beyond imagination, Angad goes out shutting the door close with full force.

Meanwhile Anita overlooks Angad with Kripa in the outhouse and in a covert manner tells this to Naina, who brushes it off by saying that Angad would not even care to give a look at a girl like Kripa, and that she is going to get a one in a million girl for Angad, who deserves a guy like him!


The choreographer is instructing the steps to the Chorus group and then she tells a step to Angad who immediately grasps it. The choreographer then asks Angad where is his partner, for which Angad has no answer and then just makes a wry face, then both of them practice a step, and as Angad dances with the choreographer, and as she falls on his arms, he is completely taken aback, as he sees Kripa instead of the Choreographer and he pulls himself back in amazement and shock at his thoughts! Just then Kripa enters and apologizes for the delay, Angad just gives her a dirty stare while Kripa has no expressions. Both Angad and Kripa began rehearsing the dance sequence and Angad again has the same maddened look in his eyes but tries hard to stop himself from repeating what he did to Kripa yesterday. Just then Naina and Karitk enter and tell Angad that there is a good news and that Tania is back. As poor Kripa looks on surprised and shocked, Naina tells her that she can join the Chorus group and that Angad's regular partner is back from her vacation. Angad is shown to be elated and gives a victorious look at Kripa who, poor thing looks shattered and heart-broken, while Kartik, surprisingly looks feeling bad for Kripa. Just then a girl is shown to enter and in typical Ekta Kapoor style, her legs, eyes, hair is shown is bits and pieces and then finally the gal herself. Tania is very cute to look at, almost childlike, very similar to Kripa but kind of cuter than Kripa who is more on the prettier side! Angad and Tania hug each other very affectionately and Angad gives her a very buddy-buddy type of hug, while Tania looks completely love-struck by him and gives an envious look at Kripa, who poor thing, moves back to the Chorus group. The chorus group is shown to be disgusted and one of them tells Kripa that this is so unfair, why isn't she saying anything, Kripa who obviously is heart broken, holds back her emotion and says that it hardly matters to her if she performs as the main lead or with the chorus, she has signed an agreement, she just wants to complete that and get over with it.

Naina and Kartik are shown to have a conversation where Kartik tries to defend Kripa but in his own way and tells Naina that she should not have done this to Kripa and what will the Media think if they come to know of this. Naina is least bothered and tells Kartik that they will issue a statement that they gave a chance to the new girl, but she was not talented enough to perform with Angad and that is why they put her in the Chorus group. Kartik looks disgusted with Naina but does not say anything.

The dance begins again and Kripa along with the other chorus girls has to do a step with Angad in which he will hold her arm and twist her from one side to his other side, but as soon as Angad gives his hand to Kripa, she is unable to touch his hand, and then the flashes of the slap scene, the butt-slapping scene comes over and over again in front of Kirpa and she is not able to dance with Angad.

Angad first keeps staring at Kripa and then loses his cool and asks her tersely what the hell is the problem with her, does she think, that he wants to touch her deliberately, does she think, that he is making a pass at her, why the hell is she so stuck-up. The episode ends with Angad losing his temper over Kripa, who looks absolutely miserable and pathetic, poor thing!


Another sizzling episode, Angad and Kripa bring the house down with their simmering chemistry! The Outhouse scene, in which Angad lights the candle and walks towards Kripa was just spine-chillingly romantic, just stopped my heart for a moment. Angad looked incredible in this scene, and Kripa's expressions were just bang on! The way Angad's eyes get a mellow look when he thinks of his treatment of Kripa had me going awww, he looks adorable, when he gets this vulnerable expression in his face!

Prithvi is just such a lovable character, and Amit brings immense dignity and serenity to the role! The way he looks at Kripa with pain and longing in his eyes could melt any one, he had lovely expressions in his eyes!

Kartik is going to be a dark horse, there is more to him than meets the eyes!

Excellent episode, thoroughtly entertaining and enjoyable. Loved the scene in which Angad, Kripa and Prithvi are shown together, frozen in the same pane…..it caught the essence of the story so beautifully! Three radically different characters, bond together by destiny, love and friendship!

I just hope that Ekta Kapoor does not turn KYPH into another KTH, because the Angad-Kripa-Prithvi nexus seems to be too close to Sujal-Kashish-Piyush thingy! Infact, if you look at the kind of characters emerging everyday, you can also see parallels to an old English Classic called, ''Wuthering Heights'', in terms of the character connections, will write on this more, sometimelater!

Good night and Sweet Dreams!


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urmajesty IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 20 April 2005 at 10:49am | IP Logged
Thanks Chillyflakes for the update.  You are doing a great job ClapClapClap
nali Groupbie

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Posted: 20 April 2005 at 11:05am | IP Logged

WOW... ur update are great, it's like i am atually watching the show. thanks.



saarahkhann IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 20 April 2005 at 11:05am | IP Logged
thanx for the update chilly
pallavilumba Newbie

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Posted: 20 April 2005 at 11:21am | IP Logged

thanks for the update chilly....could actually visualise the scene and thought i was watching it....cant wait for the vidoes lol!!! aaj to lagta hai 2:30 am tak uthne ke liye apne aap ko motivate karna hi padega!


kool*kariya* Goldie

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Posted: 20 April 2005 at 11:28am | IP Logged

thanx chilly..............luv u sis for your updates and veiws

i need to wait another 1 and half hour to watch it!!!!!!!!!


jprasad IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 20 April 2005 at 11:47am | IP Logged
thanks for the update.  i have just sort of started tuning into the show.  Well, so far it seems interesting and I hate to use this term....a bit logical...but this is an ekta serial...so I am gonna hope for the best!  Tongue
Cherry Groupbie

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Posted: 20 April 2005 at 11:53am | IP Logged
Chilly,your updates are really good.

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