Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2


Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2
Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2

Arjuhi SS:BTOOMH!! Epilogue/Pg119 (Page 96)

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totally awesome

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update do na... Cry Cry Cry Cry Cry
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why is that sneha back?
she left arjun and ananya! 
don't she dare butt back in!! will kill her! i swear! 
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Part 25

Arjun's eyes froze as well as his heart. Is she really her? What is she doing here?Why she came now?. Many questioned ran through his mind in a flip of a second. He looked at Sneha in a statue mode when Arohi and Ananya giggles bring him back to the world. "Mama...Stop" Ananya was pleading, still giggling as Arohi continue to tickle her. "Oh...So it is your weak point haan" Arohi teased and keep on tickling, just to hear Ananya's musical laughter. As if suddenly she remembered something, she look at Arjun and called for him. "Who is it Arjun?" His back was stopping her view to look at the person who came. When he didn't say anything, she came forward still holding Ananya in her arms and stopped at the instant, she saw Sneha. She remembered her face from the time she saw her first in London and later on, she found some pictures of her in the store. Arohi's hands got a tighter grip of Ananya which made her whined. "Too tight mama" Arohi realized and loosed her grip but pulled her too close to herself and hide her face in the crook of her neck. Sneha saw all that. Her heart filled with love hearing the musical giggle of her baby and her eyes were sharp enough to see the actions, the fear that Arohi had in her eyes, when she saw Sneha. "Arohi, Please take Ananya inside" Arjun somehow managed to say that and before he completed, Arohi was turning on her toes. "What happened Mama? Daddy?" Ananya was questioning sensing the atmosphere quickly turning serious but no one was ready to answer her yet.

"Why are you here?" Arjun questioned as soon as he heard the door click in the back. The giggles and laughter was replaced by silence in a matter of few minutes. "Can..I ...Can I come in?" She wet her lips by moving her tongue over it. Arjun was hesitant for a moment but moved away and let her in. Sneha leave the bag near the door inside as she get in. She looked around and all the memories of her stay here for those 5 years stroke her in the instant. She remembered how Riya use to run here and there from one room to another. "Mummy, I hate coleslaw" She used to complain whenever Sneha would made salad along with dinner. She wiped her sweating palms against her pants. "Here" Arjun motioned towards the sofa and she sat down, not ignorant to notice that the positions of those sofa's were changed. A new carpet was placed between the sofas and few decorative pieces, not expensive but exquisite ones were placed around, giving the living room a fresh look. "So may I repeat...Why are you here?" Arjun sat across her on the 2 seater and looked at her with a sharp look. She put her entangled hands in her lap and was rubbing them. "To see my daughter" She replied weakly. "She is not your daughter anymore..." Arjun almost shouted. "She is mine and now Arohi's daughter...You don't own a right on her". Sneha removed her goggles to show her swollen eyes which were red. Her lips and hands were continuously trembling. "Don't say that Arjun...She is my daughter..." Sneha pleaded but Arjun was determined. "No she is not...Where were all your motherhood feelings when my baby was crying for a mother last three years...I know you have came out from Coma after 7 months of that accident...and you still could have come back yourself rather than sending those signed divorce papers" He needed answers that were haunting him from past few years and he will get them now so that he could live his life peacefully with Arohi and Ananya without feeling any regret. "I didn't know about Ananya till three weeks back" Sneha voice cracked as she said that. Arohi came back into the room with slow hesitant steps. She didn't knew what she should expect out there. She heard Sneha's words and come to a halt. "Huh...Three weeks? You got to know about her fair quickly" He gave a sarcastic laugh. Sneha was quick to feel the presence of a third person in the room and look up at Arohi. "Arjun, we need to talk in PRIVATE" She emphasis on the last word. Her words almost seemed spatting and that angered him more. Arohi too noticed Sneha's tone and was about to turn when Arjun stopped her. "No Arohi, You are going nowhere...This is YOUR home...and you have full rights to be anywhere you want" His gaze quickly shifted to Sneha who was now looking daggers at him but her gaze least effected him in anyway. "And as for your PRIVATE conversation, This is my house, This is my living room and She is MY for me, all this is very PERSONAL & PRIVATE...The only one neither personal or private with me right now is YOU, so you have to decide...If you want to TALK...or you can better leave" His nose flared as these words escaped his mouth. Arohi had seen this side off him in office when some of the worker will not do his work properly or the deadlines are close and still most of the work is left to be done due to the carelessness of the Manager incharge, but still, this possessive Arjun seemed more fearful & angry than that arrogant boss. He kept on standing in his place, looking down at her, waiting patiently for her decision but when for 3 minutes, she didn't say anything else than looking back at him with hollow eyes, Arjun moved away. "Door is that side" He caught hold of Arohi's hand and was about to lead her to the room when Sneha came back to her senses. "No Arjun, Stop..." Arjun stopped hearing her fumbling quick words. "I am sorry for earlier...I need to talk to you" She pleaded helplessly. It was a place where Arjun was the one who has the right to take decisions while she had to just place her appeal and wait for his verdict. The clock has turned his time. Arjun calmed down himself taking deep breaths when Arohi squeezed his hand, providing him strength and support which he badly needed then. Sneha's sudden presence had shook him completely for a moment. Where a reality hit him when he loosed everything in the past, A fear to surrounded him that he might can loose the present he have. His family. His wife. His daughter.

Arjun and Arohi came and sit side by side on the two seater. Arjun didn't left Arohi's hand for a minute, too scared to see her walking away if he let his hold be loose on her. He gulped down his saliva and looked ahead with eagle gaze that held the power to melt everything. Being on verge of loosing anything made him hell arrogant and possessive at this moment. "Shoot" And that was the cue for Sneha. "My dad...He...When I came out from coma, He just told me that you left me in the hospital to die after...after that day...When I asked him about my baby, he said that they baby born dead and that was another reason you leave me. He showed me the divorce papers signed by you saying that you had send them right after a week of that accident" She wiped her tears that would flow whenever she would think about her baby's death. "He convinced me and ask for forgiveness saying that getting me marry to you was the worst decision of his life and he wanted me to leave you and move on with my life..." She looked up at him with a red nose. "I still waited for you Arjun...A month then two...I knew the man I married and spent those years wasn't so harsh...I hoped that someday you will visit the hospital and will get to know about my discharge..You will come to me but when you didn't contacted, I signed those papers thinking that I must not bound you with myself..." She covered her face with her palms and taking deep breath, moved them away along with cleaning her face. "I was lonely but then Rounaq came back in my life..." The name stunned Arjun. Raunaq, as in Ron...His best friend...Is he the same one. Sneha keep on mumbling. "He kept me busy with his useless talks and bring me back to life...Dad repented his mistakes but this time, he agreed with Rounaq's proposal for me and get me married to him. He seemed nice but later on I just got to know that he used me at the first place along with my father and get me married to you so later on with our divorce, you would be liable to pay alimony to me...Which I knew was not so less" She gulped down her saliva and a reality hit me. Rounaq abusing remarks on my face flashed back as he accused me of being selfish and most arrogant friend ever. And there he is proving out to be one himself. "But I think...with the news of Riya, My father back off from asking me to get divorce from you...He was happy for me but Rounaq wasn't at peace and keep on diverting his mind and finally with Riya's death, he got the excuse...My father agreed and let me get married to him later on...He tried to keep me away from any news related to you...But three weeks back, he went to an urgent foreign trip...My mother was escastic to know that my father was nominated as the textile businessman of the year and thats how i get a hold of that magazine that hold your name too and get to know about Ananya..." She explained. Arohi did saw the pain, this mother was going through and her heart went for her but Arjun wasn't an emotional wreck anymore. He has promised to not let anything hurt his family and he was bound to keep it that way. So controlling all his emotions, he looked up at her with blank expression. "So, Now what do you want from me?" He sounded so distant that for a moment, Arohi thought he is not the person she knew. Her Arjun is so friendly with his friends and employees but then she also knew how insecurities sometimes took over one's personality. "Arjun, Please I want some days to spend with Ananya...I want to know my baby...I want to hold onto her memories...Please Arjun" She pleaded crying hysterically. "That you should ask your father Miss. Sneha because he was the one who added that clause that My baby has nothing to do with you or your money" Arjun spat out. Arohi just hold his hand tightly, trying to calm him down but right now, nothing was working. "Please Arjun...Just few days..." Sneha pleaded again. 'No' was just on his lips when Arohi clutched his hand and made him turn at herself nodding. "Let her...She deserves to see Ananya grow up..." Arohi pleaded and Arjun looked at her in disbelieve. But then she was a softy at heart. She would have melted at anyone's tears. And right now, the trust she had in her eyes for him, made him change his decision. He closed his eyes for a moment before opening it and stand up, pulling her up with himself. He looked down at Sneha with a fierce emotions. "10 days...Just 10 days all you have to stay in this house...After that, you are leaving with each of the thing you bring here" He alarmed her with the harshness of his tone. "But just 10 days..." Sneha tried to argue. "A week...Thats all" "But" she again tried to say somthing when he stopped her. "Do you want to leave today Sneha" He almost barked with narrowing eyes. Sneha just nodded her head in a no. "You have just a week...Next week on sunday, I want you to leave this house" Arjun said and pulled Arohi with himself. "Bi, please show her the guest room..." He asked Bi who was coming out from the room and without passing a look, went to his room dragging Arohi at his back. At that time, she was his only solace.

As soon as they get in the room, Arjun lean against the closed door and pulled Arohi in a hug who was about to move away. He nuzzled her neck, taking a sigh of relief. He didnt realize he was holding his breqth from so long. Arohi understood him and hugged him back, running her hands up and down. "Its alright Arjun...Its all going to be ok" She whispered and kissed his cheek. "I am so scared Arohi...Am...I cant bare loosing anyone now...No one" He fumbled as tears filled his side. He broke the hug and cupped her face in his hands. "You will not leave me" "Ssshhh Arjun...Shh" Arohi too cupped his face and moving forward placed a kiss on his lips. "I am going no where...How can I go when my love, my life, my happiness is are the gift from my lide...Ananya is my daughter...How can I live away from my husband and daughter" Arjun hugged her once again and she let him. She let him hug her for as long as he wanted and keep on whispering sweet comforting words. The knock on the door pulled them apart and the knock was followed by Ananya's voice. "Daddy, Mama ...lets go na...We have to go out today...You promised" She whined at the other side but her voice was enough to make Arjun put aside all his fears. "You go and fresh up...We have to go out..Ananya shouldnt see you upset... .hmmm" Arjun noded and went to washroom while Arohi opened the door and pulled Ananya up in her arms. "Mama, We are going out na" Ananya asked as Arohi pushed her curly hairs back from her face. "Yes my bacha, daddy promised you...and how can he break his promise" "Lets just have our lunch and then we can go out..." Arohi lead Ananya to the kitchen.

Sneha was till then settled in the guest room. Old memories were coming back to her but then, evrrything had changed. Each ro though had the same furniture that Arjun and Sneha brought together while furnishing there house but now, aArohi's touch had been added to the rooms. In fuestroom, one of the wall was having four beautiful vibrant paintings, arranged in a perfect way and if she could guess it right, two more decoration peices were added in the room. Sneha just sighed while sitting on the bed when she heard Ananya calling out Mama and Daddy. Her heart pinched and she quickly get on her toes to check on her only to see her in Arohi's arms and hearing Ananya say Mama to her. She was jealoused. She envyed Arohi. This was supposed to be her place. It was her right to console her baby and take care of her needs. As Arohi and Ananya got into the kitchen, She followed them. She saw Ananya sitting on the counter and Arohi gave her a cookie saying "You have this, till I warm up the food" Ananya smiled and Arohi put the jar away and turned to take out the dishes from the fridge. Ananya moved a little on tje counter, in order to adjust herself and that was the freaky point for Sneha. She quickly came to Ananya and pulled her in her arms harshly. Ananya shrieked with the sudden moment and the tight grip that Sneha had kept on her, that took Arohi's attention. She was dumbstrucked for a moment. "What happened?" She asked when nothing came to her mind. "Cant you see, settling her on the counter is dangerous...She was just about to fall" Sneha almost barked on Arohi. "Leave me..." Ananya arched her body backwardly and pushed Sneha's shoulders with her tiny hands. But when that didnt work she looked at Arohi and pulled forward her hands as if asking her to hold her. "Mama" She cried for her and Arohi quickly moved forward to get Ananya. Though Sneha hesitate, but seeing Ananya's need for Arohi, she let her go. Arohi quickly engulfed her in the warm cocon of her arms and placed kisses on her face as she was just about to cry. Sneha's tight hold left red marks on her pale soft body. "Act carefully if you want to be her mother...Its easy to be called as one than be one" She taunted. Arohi looked at Sneha with a surprizing baffled look. Instead of taking care of a crying Ananya, she was thinking its time to taunt her. But before she could reply, Arjun's angry voice boomed into the room. "Keep your mouth shut Sneha...If I just allowed to stay here, I could kick you out too. Remember this is my house, this is my family and that surly is my wife and my daughter and I have allowed No one...Simply NO ONE to say a word about them...You understand" His seething voice send shivers down Sneha's spine.His angry hateful glare was so intense that if look could kill, Sneha would just have been dead by his glare. "Leave..." He spatted pointing towards kitchen door. But when Sneha didnt budge and keep on standing at her place in a daze, he said again. "I SAID LEAVE" And she was running out on her feet. Arohi soothingly run her hands through Ananya's hairs. "Baby...Why didnt you call mama when you were about to fall haan" Arohi asked rubbing her tiny back. Ananya wiped her tears with the back of her hand. "I wasnt falling...I just moved a little back mama" And another tear fell from her eyes. Arohi hugged her "Oh my baby" and made her sit on the table beside. She checked the red spots on her tighs and kissed it. "Its hurting?" Ananya nodded in No and smiled a little. "My.Mama kissed it better" Arohi smiled and kissed Ananya's tiny button nose. Arjun witnessed all that scene and just felt proud and satisfied of his choice with Arohi once again. He never doubted Arohi when it came to Ananya. He knew no one was a better mother or could have been a better mother for Ananya than Arohi. And now after hearing Ananya's description, he knew he need to be careful of Sneha. He couldn't let her hurt his family. "Now you go and sit with daddy...I will serve the food in a bit" Arohi put Ananya down on the floor as she ran to Arjun and Arohi started warming up the food. This week was going to be a long one.

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Part Twenty Six------page 103

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i was sooo scared to read the update di!

But seriously after reading it, i fell all over in love with this sweet little family!

The possessiveness, the belonging, the love is just mind boggling di!

I hate Sneha, though i sympathize her, i hate her to the core. She just does not deserve ananya, the most amazing little girl!

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I just hate sneha like helll... Why arjun agreedd...use gharpe kyu rakha..:@ Nd hw dare she ki arohi ko kuch bole... She is dead.. Aww ananya is too cute... I just love her...

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Sneha despite having her own sob story does not evoke anything in me.. I just want her to get done and leave..

Love Arjuhi bonding...

Nice update Ana

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