Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2
Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2
Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2



Arjuhi SS:BTOOMH!! Epilogue/Pg119 (Page 6)

cherry227 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 15 March 2012 at 4:07am | IP Logged
brilliant start! loved their characters... i sure hope arohi kicks her in-laws ass too LOL 

thanks for the pm and continue soon :)))

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mysticlover IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 15 March 2012 at 5:35am | IP Logged
this was very good dear!

this arohi will kick her in-laws a**!! but wat happnd to arjun? dnt tell me his wife and one kid died becoz of him? or may be he thinks that way?

but update soon!

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sreeja_rox IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 15 March 2012 at 6:43am | IP Logged
luvd d update!!!full of mysteries..arjun is suffering 4rm so mch pains.and Arohi's "baby production factory" dialogue was hilarious.haha.waiting eagerly for d nxt part:)

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florine_20 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 17 March 2012 at 10:34pm | IP Logged
36th in 3 yrs.nt bad mr singhania.goin nw ur mr hotheaded attitude is gonna b ruind by ur nly miss perfect.
whts up with arjuns past.two daughtrs.huu nt bad.seems aroo is cm to brng sunshine in hs dark life.
pls do updat sn. and pm me pls.

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moonkmh IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 18 March 2012 at 10:20pm | IP Logged
Awsome update ana. Love d interview part. Btw arjun is already married,dats a shock for me!!! Cnt wait to knw more abt it.

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Drish27 Senior Member

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Posted: 19 March 2012 at 2:51am | IP Logged
Amazing... Clap
I hope im in ur pm list already.. And if not.. Pls dont forget to add me... Totally waiting to know more... I love both arjun and arohi.. Both strictly professional and still waiting to fall iin love... Yay! LOL
and i like aditi too... Genuine... I am liking the concept...

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..oneOone.. IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 26 March 2012 at 12:44pm | IP Logged
Replying the comments in a bit...
update time now

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..oneOone.. IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 26 March 2012 at 12:54pm | IP Logged
Part Two...

Arohi got up early in the morning. Her mother was up. She can hear her saying hymns. She quickly take out her dress from the closet and rush to have a quick shower. Carefully, buttoning up her thin lined shirt and tucking it in her pants, leaving the hairs open, she put small single beaded earrings, a sleek black 3 inch high heel providing immense grace to her look and after adding a little kohl, she hold her coat and bag and get out. Her mother was also ready to leave for her school. |Morning Mama| she said kissing Smriti cheek and quickly grab an apple while rushing out. Smriti offered her a ride to his office as it was on her way to college and Arohi took a sigh of relief. At-least she dont have to worry about the traffic in the morning.

|Arohi, how many times should i ask you to learn driving...its not so hard beta| Smriti said putting the car in second gear quickly followed by third one after taking a right. |Mama, you know i hate driving...| Arohi said trying to avoid the topic like always |Waise to i know Samar have drivers, you will not have any trouble after marriage but its good to be on your own| Smriti said as always, in her view, trying to make Arohi adjusted to her future life |Stop it ma...I don't wanna hear that Stupid Samar name right on the first day of my office...If it not had been for you and dad...i would never have been still engaged to that looser...but the day, i am paying off there debt, i promise...its over| Smriti look at her sternly |Arohi, that's enough...HE IS going to be your husband and you should respect him| Arohi sigh. Only if her mother know how disgusting and UN-respectful that guy is. Arohi still shiver at the memory of a week back when she received a call from him.


|Hey Arohi are you tonight?| Arohi can understand that he was drunk. She never liked him for a single moment and always avoid talking to him. But still she managed to reply in a controlled voice |I am fine Samar. How are you?| Gritting her teeth, she could only be this tolerant for the man. |Oh I am... GREAT...| He chocked and Arohi felt disgusted |Just...Just had a lovely night with my should come with me some day...the girls here are all hot and ready to mingle with others...I want you to be like them...and ofcourse, when...when you are gonna be my wife, i want you to be like them...those short skirts, those tight tops...God!! i can just imagine you| Arohi's mind got burned up hearing his words. She swear, if the guy would have been present infront of him, she would have given him a classic slap. But his luck, that he wasn't. |Thanks for the offer Samar, but i think the way i am, i am good...I dont wanna change myself for anyone and especially someone such a looser as you| She spill out. Her whole body trembling at the mare thought of his words but Samar was unaffected by his blurt. |Oh don't worry Arohi, I know aunty had taught you good principles and one of them is to obey your husband. I will make sure that you obey my each command...and you will then see how good i am in the bed...What say honey?| and she could hear the giggle of a girl at the background. Arohi throw the phone on the floor in anger. She was burning, boiling. How dare that man think so cheap of her. Rascal.

Flashback Ends

And that day, Arohi again promised herself to pay the money, his parents have spend on her education the first thing after getting her pay. And on that blessed day, she will also relieve herself from this disgusting relation stuck with her. If her father hadn't fixed her with that Samar at the age of 16, she would never have been in that relation. But she cant blame her father too. Samar parents were nice to her father than. And Samar wasn't such a spoil brat at the age of 18. But as time moved on, he changed. and now, Arohi wondered is he the same Samar she knew from last 20 years.

Leaving all the thoughts behind, she get out from the car and looked at the office infront. Her dreams are gonna come true from this job. |Best of luck beta| Smriti wished from inside the car, and after getting a sweet smile from her daughter, she left. Arohi was half an hour early. The watch on her wrist still say 7:34. She had good 26 minutes to get accustomed with the office and her place. She get inside only to be received by the door man and the sweepers who were cleaning. Wishing them Morning, she get in and pull over her coat to look complete professional. She got to the first floor straight and look around the empty rows of partitioned wood cabins only to see a man coming out from the cabin and stopped on seeing her. Arohi remembered him. He is the same man who was the victim of her boss anger yesterday. Arohi give him a pleasant smile as he approached her. |Morning...| he said as Arohi replied |Morning to you too...| and he put forward his hand and said |Hi, i am Nitin...The head of IT department| Arohi felt great seeing the man behind those specs. He was completely different from yesterday. Instead of his flowery shirt, now he was wearing a nice light blue shirt with a royal blue tie neatly tied around his neck, Instead of those gelled spikes, now his hairs were falling into there natural position. He was looking handsome in his way. |Arohi...The new secretary| she said shaking hands while on hearing it Nitin sigh. |Oh, God bless you then...You are our new savior| he said with a teasing tone. Arohi smiled. |Hopefully...| and she wish she could escape  Arjun Singhania's anger |Let me show you your place| and they moved around to go to Arjun cabin and Arohi get puzzled |Why are we going inside?| she asked as Nitin open the door and lead her inside. |Because your cabin is right inside your boss cabin| he replied moving towards the left wall and then Arohi noticed the small door inside the cabin. She didn't saw it yesterday and was fool enough to not ask him her place. Nitin open the door and Arohi entered the room. |So this is your room. Here is your chair and desk. The waiting chairs. Your personal rest room and this door lead to the outside corridor. All the visitors and associates are going to come from here| Nitin said opening a door and on the outside, Arohi saw the while railing attached with the pillars. A huge corridor was there and now she know that this little door do show the front of the building. On the door Arjun Singhania was written. |Why he used this door?| Arohi asked Nitin again getting back into the room. |Two reasons, 1st every person has to go to him after his approval that would be get by you and as this is your room, so | Arohi nodded on the valid point. |And secondly, the this our boss love the most is PRIVACY. Whether its his or his staff. He dont like outsiders to interfere or look at the work of his staff. So this door serves that purpose| Nitin explained and look at his watch. |Oh its already 7:50...Get accustomed with your room. You still have nice 10 minutes. I need to rush to get some stuff| Arohi nodded once again |Thank you for your help| She said sweetly. Nitin smiled at this innocent soul |Don't say that and Best of luck| with a smile he left the cabin and Arohi felt relax.

It was a nice start. She thought as she put her bag on the small side table and inspected the room. The red leather chair, extremely comfortable and relaxing. A printer cum scanner was placed at the right corner at the back. The mahogany desk contained an LCD monitor, two set of phones, a pencil holder on the side. Under the desk, A sleek pullover drawer having the wireless keyboard and mouse. The three draws upside down on the left. She pull over a draw and it was containing some papers. The second one was having some crumbled papers on the top. Arohi carefully took out one and read it and started laughing. It was a love letter, written to some Seema, which she thought must be an ex-secretary. Arohi put that into the trash bin that lay beside her feet under the desk. She pulled out the third draw and found some dried mascara and blush-on. |God these i know why they get kicked out| Arohi smiled cleaning the draws and arranging them. She was just done with that when one of the phone rings that startled her. Quickly getting straight, she composed herself and pick up the phone. |Good Morning, Singhania Builders...How may i help you?| She talked in perfect professionalism way. |Ms Arohi, quickly get into my room with my schedule for the day...I want a quick briefing| Hearing Arjun voice, she trembled but gathered enough courage to reply |Yes Sir| she said as she heard the beep sound from other side. Arohi look around for the dairy but was unable. |What should i do now?| She asked herself while keep looking around for the dairy.

Then she noticed a yellow paper having some extension phone numbers, placed under the glass that was protecting the desk. She looked up to find the numbers of some staff members. She spotted Nitin and Aditi name there. Quickly grabbing the phone, she dialed Nitin number |Please pick up the phone| Arohi said almost in tears, praying. On the third ring, Finally he pick up the phone. |Nitin, Arohi here...Where is boss daily schedule dairy| Arohi asked in a go. |Oh sorry, i forget to mention that to you. Just open your computer, there on the front you will see a file TO-Do list. Just print it and get inside| and even before saying thank you, Arohi hand went to the power switch of the computer. To her luck, the computer was pretty fast and it just took seconds to go to the main screen. She quickly located the file and after taking out a quick print, she get up and knocked on the door.

|Come in| Arjun replied hearing the knock as he looked up to read some files on his LCD monitor. His specs were adding charms to his personality and he didn't dare give a look to Arohi as he said |Shoot| and Arohi started. Telling him the whole day routine. Arjun looked away from the screen and signed some of the papers laying on the desk and said |Just call Mr.Malhotra and tell him that the meeting is being canceled...I have to go somewhere and give him time of another day...|...Arohi cancelled his name and said |Ok sir|...she started to turn when arjun again said |Call my driver and tell him to pick me up at Sharp 1:30...| Arohi nodded |Yes Sir, anything else?| She asked. |Yes! you were 4 minute late with my today's update...just make sure this don't happen its your first day, i am letting you go with it...| Arjun replied strictly not looking at the shocked face Arohi and again letting his gaze fixed to the LCD. How rude? Arohi thought. But without a delay she said |I am sorry Sir, It wont happen again...| and she turned to get out. After coming out she argue with herself. |Just 4 minutes, just 4 damn minutes i was late to report, and he keep an eye on that. Its my first day. Atleast he should tell me where his TO-DO list is...How the hell in know that he use to have that on computer rather than a normal diary as my last boss had...| Sighing, she sit down on the chair But Arohi know now that she need to adjust herself without her boss help.

A little background of Arohi and a little of her first day experience...More of the first day fun is coming in the next part


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