Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2


Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2
Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2

Arjuhi SS:BTOOMH!! Epilogue/Pg119 (Page 71)

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Posted: 16 November 2012 at 9:41am | IP Logged sweeties...
Such sweet replies...n i m so overwhelmed...
Luved u all for amazing response all know how much ur comments mean to me...

So who is ready for the next part tonight????    Anyone still interedted after this huge almost a month gap...:P

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is this the question to ask that are we interested? now  update asap its a punishment to you for asking such questions
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Part 18

(this part is dedicated to my sheikhu...happy happy birthday madhu...
wish u all the happiness of the world...n welcoming u to our tee group as u just left the teen one...hugsssxxx)

arjun woke up with a beautiful smile the next morning. his feet were having a new jump in them. he was feeling a new power in himself. arohi's acceptance to his proposal just made him a very happy man. all the bad memories of his past seems to be vanishing with a thought of his future with arohi and ananya. he smiled as he remember there kisses from the last night. GOSH!!!!! how he just want to get married super soon. but right then, he got to remember the task in hand. ananya's decision. he has to talk to her.

he freshened up quickly and wore a brown lining pants with a cream color shirt . a dull red striped tie was gracing his neck. he left his coat and bag in the room as he moved towards ananya's room. he entered to see his baby princess sleeping soundly on her bed, wearing her sleeveless frock. her curly hairs were a mess. he smiled as he moved forward and open the curtains to welcome the sun-rays. 'Good Morning" he wished in a chirpy voice that irritate ananya and she rolled in bed to cover her face with the blanket. arjun smiled and move towards her bed. "i said Good Morning ananya" he removed the blanket from her face and she looked at him through her sleepy eyes. "Good Morning Daddy" ananya wished him back while rubbing her eyes with her tiny fists. " baby is still sleepy" arjun removed the blanket and took her in his arms as he took place on her bed. ananya's legs were hanging around his one's. she clutched arjun's shirt in a soft grip and leaned onto his chest to put her head. arjun was speechless for a moment seeing his baby girl snuggling onto him. he wondered how much he had missed. as if a possessive wave run in his body, he pulled her even more closer to himself. his one hand was rubbing her tiny back while other was caressing and soothing her hairs. arjun couldn't resist bending down and kissed her. ananya looked up with twinkling eyes to his father face. she put her hands on his mini stuble and rub it making arjun smile and moving up, she kissed his cheek. arjun looked at her with all the love, he had stored from years. "ananya, i have to ask you something" arjun got her attention as she nodded in response."do you want a mama?" arjun asked with a fear in his heart. his whole life is dependent on the approval of this girl whom he had ignored from so long. "what .is mama like, daddy?" ananya asked with an innocent face. and arjun heart swelled. her baby girl, who was always looking up to get the love of her father, doesn't even know what a mother is. how she is like. ananya's expectant eyes were ready to hear for an answer as arjun shrugged his face and cupping ananya's little face, pushed her tiny hairs back. "mama is one who loves her baby endlessly. she loves her, adores her, helps her whenever needed. she listens to her baby's demands and can do anything to keep a smile on her face. she fights for her baby when anyone irritates her or say something bad to her. and she make sure that her baby girl is safe, even when daddy is not around" arjun explains her in the simplest way while ananya heard him as if hearing a fairy story. "daddy, will she be just like that mama bear who always protect her baby bear and fight for him" ananya asked referring a story book, arjun read to her a few days back. arjun nodded vigorously. ananya thought at it with a deep expression. arjun heart was beating badly inside. what she will say? what if she didn't like the idea of a mother? and he cant blame her. he was the one who put such situation infront of her. if only he hadn't ignored her earlier and would have give her the love she deserved rather than being scared. he was so lost in his thoughts to notice the big bright smile ananya passed his way. but when he didn't look, ananya get hold of his face and turn it towards herself. "daddy, who will be my mama?" she asked with a twinkle in her eyes that tell arjun that she is ready to accept someone as her mother. his heart filled with joy and his eyes with tears as he pulled ananya close to himself and kissed her forehead with so my affection. "daddy" ananya was irritated now as arjun's stubble scratched her nise and as he moved back, she rubbed her nose. "haha" he chuckled. "who will be my mama?" she asked again as arjun looked at her with an amusing look and turned her face as her ear get close to his lips. she was looking so excited and taking that look, arjun closed his eyes and whispered softly. "your arohi aunty" and that light a bulb on ananya's face. "really" she jumped in his lap with excitement. "yes" arjun replied. "yipee yipee ...i will go and tell naina that i also have a mama" naina was her two year old neighbour friend with whom she only play in the nearby park where Bi use to take her twice a week. " can tell everyone...but dont you think you should just go and give a hug to arohi aunty first" arjun wanted arohi to know ananya's decision from her own lips. "not aunty daddy...she is my mama" ananya thought to correct him as she get off from her lap and cheering loudly yipee yipee she get out from the room. arjun sigh with a content look as he leaned back om the bed and look at the way ananya disappeared. she is surly a bundle of joy of his life. his amazing baby.

arohi was standing in her room in front of the dressing. she was ready to go to work. she was wearing a white shirt having faint white lining, which was nicely tucked on her black pants. a black blazer followed on her shirt to give it a more professional look. her hairs were straight and open other than pinning the front one nicely so they don't fall on her face. her lips had a pink gloss. her eyes were bare. small pearl tops were gracing her ears and that's it. she pulled some of her hairs from the back and comb them this task rarely succeded to put her mind away from worries. all her worries from the last night again took a hold on her thoughts and few worry lines appear on her forehead. she was adamant to leave arjun if ananya doesn't approve this relationship. but then, how will she survive. in this small span of time, he has became the center of her world. the magnetic pull they feel for eachother, is beyond words. just in last few days, she made herself believe that she is lucky enough to have happiness in her life and she did have some beautiful memories of them together. "i will cherish them till my exsistance" she promised herself and turn to bed to collect her things.

she was just putting few of her things in her hand bag when two tiny hands took hold of her legs. she look down to see the source and found ananya standing at the back and was looking at her with a tilted head. a mysterious smile was playing on her lips and that made arohi smiled too. "mama" ananya softly whispered still looking at her in awe. arohi's heart did a little jump. her mind straight away refused to register ananya's words. they were So sudden and unexpectable. did she heard right? did ananya just called her mama. but as if her heart already accepted, tears of happiness filled her eyes. her hands came to cover her mouth in awee of the moment. ananya was still not able to know either she is happy or crying. "daddy told me that you are going to be my mama" she liked to clarify. arohi just nodded as she hold her from her arms and pulled her up in a hug. the tiny hands of ananya tightly gripped around her neck. "you will not leave me rigjt?" she asked next. "never...i love you so much" she said in a teary tone and kissed her neck softly. "i love you too" ananya replied casually as she had learned to reply this whenever someone say that they love her. "daddy said you will protect me, play with me, fight for me, love me" arohi broke the hug and kissed her forehead in motherly affection. "i will never let anyone say a word to can trust me on that" arohi said with hopeful eyes as ananya moved forehead and kissed her cheek and later put her head on her shoulder while hugging her tightly. arohi just love this angel. how selfless kids are. they are ready to accept anyone from which they hope for love and she prised to not betray this trust of ananya on herself.

arjun dont know how long he kept on standing in the door, looking at the view infront but his eyes couldn't get enough of this. the two most important girls of his life, standing together, in a hug. noone can say that arohi's emotions are artificial or ananya's love is timely. they have accepted eachother from there heart and that assured him that this is gonna work beautifully. a smile seemed to be fixed on his face that he couldn't wipe off. he took steps to them, tucking his hands in his pockets. ananya saw him nd moved her arms up in aor so he can hold him. arjun just did that and kissed her. "i love you daddy" she again assured him. arjun smiled widely and replied him back. "i love you how about my baby gonna tell this to Bi also" ananya's mischevious eyes shine with the suggestion and she wiggled in his arms to get down. arjun allowed her and she rushed out. arohi, if she was confused before, her all doubts left when she heard ananya's scream. "amaa...i got a mama...i got a mama..." she was singing in a chirpy voice and arohi hands came to cover her mouth. OMG!!!! she haven't told her mother yet and ananya announcing that all before her. she looked at arjun with wide eyes who gave him a side loop smile. and why not. it was his plan. "arjun" arohi whined that made him chuckle. "what?" he asked between his giggle. she looked at him with narrow eyes as if telling whats wrong. "the damage is done..." he said as he pulled her from her waist. "now, just be brave and face it happily" he stretched her lips with the help of his finger to turn it into a smile and she obliged. "now, thats good...come on" arjun put forward his hand for arohi and after a little hesitation, she give in.

they get out to be greeted by the warm smiles of bi and smriti. the sharp eyes of the both ladies couldn't miss the hand holding scene between the duos. arohi felt the eyes on herself and shying, looked down, pushing her hairs back while arjun grinned like a fool. "mama, daddy" ananya run towards them and hug there legs. smriti and bi approached them. "i am so happy for you" bi said sweetly, caressing there heads. "may God bless your couple and give lots of happiness" smriti said hugging them. the emotional scene was so much so arjun tried to lighten up the mood. "ladies, can we have our breakfast so we can go to work now" bi and smriti smiled and lead them to the table. breakfast indeed was a cheerful event.

arjun and arohi left for work with happy smiles. all the doubts that haunted there night have now left the place. all the now felt was happy and content. the went on with there daily routines and today, for a change, they share there lunch with there friends and shared there happiness with them. all were truly happy for them and wished them luck. night falls, they were back home and after having there dinner, for the first time, they both tuck ananya into her bed who was elated to get so much love. while arohi made her bed and make sure she is covered properly, arjun read her a story in between which, arohi keep on caressing her curly hairs. to arjun, she was looking as much of a child as ananya. her surprising eyes, the sad emotion, the excitement look, changing from time to time as the story took shape, really mesmerize him. thet switch off the light when ananya was off to sleep and after doing a little walk in the vackyard, they were off to there beds.

fews days passed on like this. ananya was getting more attached to arohi along with each single day. arohi has took up some of the responsibilities of ananya like feeding her, taking her on a walk whenever she feels good. they went on shopping too and that turns out to be fun. arjun and arohi get in there first fight and that too over the color of the same dress the choose for ananya. while arjun went for a red one, arohi choosed a yellow one. "yellow"arohi replied while putting the yellow dress in trolley. arjun pulled out the yellow one and put red one inside. "red" he replied when arohi eyed him angrily. "arjun...i said yellow one...put it back" arohi pulled out the red one and throw it in the nearby cloth counters. "no red one...please put that back in trolley" arjun replied with a humph. "no way" arohi crossed her hands over her chest. "mom...daddy...will someone ask me which color i liked?" ananya said trying to get the situation in her hand. "oh..." arohi bit her tongue and so does arjun, as they look down to ananya who was standing inside the trolley, taking a look of all the things around. arjun get the red dress from the counter where arohi throw it as arohi snatched the yellow one from him. " liked red na?!" arjun asked with hopeful eyes. "no, yellow suits her ananya looks like a princess in yellow" arohi said giving a look to arjun and turn to show ananya the yellow dress. ananya look from red to yellow and from yellow to red again and again. more than dresses, she was looking at the faces of her mama and daddy. she didn't want to disappoint anyone so she looked behind and whispered. "purple" she indicated towards a purple dress in the back and arjun and arohi look at it. they both sigh, then smiled perfectly knowing the reason behind ananya's decision and putting there liked dresses on the side rails, they got the purple one and the family went to counter to pay.

they reached home and just entered in the hall when they stop abruptly. infront of them, shaina and aryan were sitting along with there parents as well as bi and smriti. all were having a grin placed on there face that confused arjun and arohi as they look at each other and then back on the front. shaina and aryan rubbed there hands with a wicked grin as they both stand up seeing arohi and arjun approaching them. "namaste aunty, namaste uncle..." arjun wish there parents and arohi's namaste followed his. "whats going on here?" arjun asked next looking at aryan and then at shaina. "is this arohi?" shaina mother asked with wonder and shaina nodded. she got up and went to her to give a kiss. aryan mother too followed her. "actually..." shaina started but stopped. she indicated to aryan who nudged his father, as he was sitting beside him. "yeah...oh...wo beta arjun...your friends want a special gift from you" aryan father started in an affectionate tone. arjun eyed his friends surly knowing that a plan is being cooked here and looked back at aryan's father. "what gift uncle?" all smiled at arjun's question. "beta as you know its there engagement next weekend...well your friends want you and arohi to get engage on the same date as them." aryan's father completed and all look at arjun and arohi who were hugely surprised.

Part Nineteen--------page 75

tada...the end...better give long reviews for my effort to work on mob...God, highly missing my laptop time ...

dont b kanjoos, or next update next month now...

take care

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OMG! Res :P

Happpiiieee Birthday Moon

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I love u di so much. Wl gv u lng wala cmnt soon.

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Ohhooo so u waited to updt fr moon huh ;)
Wil gv u long cmnt ammuuu

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