Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2


Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2
Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2

Arjuhi SS:BTOOMH!! Epilogue/Pg119 (Page 67)

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Originally posted by ishdhvani

Rocking update, AAKHIR PAKADE GAYE DONO, btw ek tha tiger?? Itna unromantic movie dekhne bheja haha, arohi caught arjun staring!! I can imagine her blushing face, hot wali feeling aa rhi he aage k update k liye, waiting 4 the next part

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Originally posted by mysticlover

nice one ana!!! 
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Originally posted by cherry227



hahahahahah i can almost imagine arjun and arohis expressions on getting caught LOL 

im surprised their friends let them off so easily... mujhe laga bohat jyaada sataayenge Wink arohi ki vajah se dono bach gaye Embarrassed 

aryan rocks! he got seperate couple seats for everyone??? Shocked super romantic!!! 

i hope arjun takes some clues and takes things ahead now Blushing 

thanks for the update ana... it was smaller as per ur standards Ouch pls make the next one longer :))) 
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Originally posted by sreeja_rox

Chapter 15

     Pehle hi bol de rahi hu...dont kill me for commenting this lateROFLROFL

Haye yaar the bond of love they share has been showed so beautifully...the first cute lunch date they share was so damn cute...Arjun making Arohi promise that whatever will be the point she needed to tell him right then and thereDay Dreaming

And then the ride back home...Arohi got scared thinking whether she would hurt him in the future or not,which she didnt want to do no matter what!!!!! And suddenly Arjun felt that she is having 2nd thoughts on themShockedDisapprove I can understand the fright he might be having,specially when he has always lost many things he loved the mostCry

But finally he encountered Arohi and she told him the reason and Arjun was right there to assure her...awww how much i love this ArjunDay Dreaming

Oh yes and i loved loved the part where Arohi talked about Ananya...she will be a perfect mom i can bet on thatThumbs Up

Rofl seems like their friends are gonna catch them red handedLOL

Originally posted by sreeja_rox

Chapter 16

Itni choti update????????Disapprove

But i loved it as alwaysHug

The bond of friendship all share was too good...true like all the frnds...getting angry for hiding their relation,demanding an explanation,then listening to the love story and last but not the least asking for a treatLOL

I seriously couldn't stop laughing thinking about the situation when the whole group saw them having a lunch date!!!!!Arjun-Arohi's expression's might have been a million dollar worth!!!ROFL

The movie part was so cute and romanticDay Dreaming

Do update the next part soonSmile
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Originally posted by 143karanika

Winkv v nyc

Originally posted by arjuhi_kmh

WOW What an update. That was so cute. I love the six friends ...they are so cute and supportive (:

And awee I love Arjun so possesive of Arohi and Arohi also understands. Please PM me and add me to your buddy list! Thanks (:
Update Soon
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Part 17

His eyes were looking dangerous. His heart beat was running furiously.  She was just looking like an epitome of beauty and right now, all he  wanted to do was devour her till the end. But is that appropriate?? He  asked himself.

From a week now he was holding back his desires  to take a taste of her luscious lips. They will taste so sweet, so  strawberry coated. BUT Wouldn't doing that will make him looking like an  animal who is just after his prey. Who is looking up to pacify his  physical needs. But he cant deny too that this girl can simply turn him  wild with just a plain simple smile.

Seeing her looking at him  with a frown, he put all those feelings aside once again. His gaze might  have given her an impression of his desires and made her worry so he  smiled hesitantly and took place beside her. "What are you thinking?" he  asked copying her as he too leaned back on his hands supporting them on  the bench.

"i...i..was thinking that...its actually the first  day that we spent together as a ..." she stopped as a blush crept on her  cheeks that increased his heartbeat more but he understood the meaning  of her words and with a grin, leaned close to her ear and whispered  softly. "As a Couple" and Arohi turned her face towards other side,  shying. Arjun get himself close to her while moving a hand up and  making her turn to look at himself. "You don't need to stammer or hide  anything from me Arohi...i love to share these small little feelings  we feel and cherish with ensures that we are in  relationship as one. that we trust eachother to the extent that nothing  can bring a difference between us...haan" He said making her understand  that she don't need to hesitate for anything. Arohi looked intently  in his eyes. they were still the same. dark, smouldering, passionate.

There  breath were mingling with eachother with the closeness, they were  sharing. Her lips trembled feeling the intensity of his gaze on herself  and God knows, she wanted the same. She wanted to feel him right there  on her lips. His hands on her body, making her feel like a woman who  should be devoured. She noticed him holding the bench in a tight grip  and got that he is holding himself back. And God knows, she was not  liking that. So she got closer to him and now there noses were touching  eachother. "Then why are you stopping yourself" she said looking up deep  into his eyes trying to convey her emotions through her eyes and the  next moment she moved forward and placed a small kiss on his lips. Her  lips felt so good. So soft against his hard one's. The small moment  release the man who want her so much right now and before, she can back  off, his hand came to hold her from her nape and pull her close once  again. He turned his body putting one leg up on the bench between  themselves to get into a more comfortable position as his lips were busy  sucking her lower lip. She moaned against his lips as his tounge  probbed her lips asking her to open and tilting her head, she gave him  access. Her hand came up to grip his shirt pulling him closer as other  was still holding the bench tightly underneath. He groaned as there  tounge argued with eachother, determined with there fight to take the  dominance. Atlast Arohi won as Arjun backed off, letting her come  into his mouth. His few kisses from that confrontation night turned her  into a experienced kisser and now all she wanted was to try a few new  things with him. Arjun sigh as her breath got ragged and pulled  himself, to let her breath. He himself needed that too much right now.  He don't remember for how long they were making out. There foreheads  touched with eachother as they let there breath get normal.

"OMG,  I INITIATED THIS KISS" Arohi thought getting her senses back and  tried to pull away felling too embarrassed with herself. Arjun felt the  small jerk in her body and peek through his closed lashes to see her  crimson cheeks. He wanted to laugh at her blushness . she look so cute  and on feeling, her try to move away her face, he hold her tightly in  between in hands, not allowing her to move an inch.

"you just  asked me that why i am stopping myself to show you what i need or  desire, and now you yourself trying to do that" Arjun said with a smirk  as she was feeling too shy to look up. Her hand was still gripping his  shirt tightly. "Arohi, look up at me" he asked but biting her lower  lip, she shook her head softly, saying no. Her action on her lips was  diverting his attention and before he again want to hold those lips, in  between his ones, he moved his eyes away and fixed them stubbornly on  her eyes.. "look up at me" this time it was almost an order. She smiled  but didn't dare look up. "you are mot my boss here" she said teasingly  as his lips too turned into smile. "its good that you realized that" his  answer turn her smile wide too. "but still, i want you to look at me,  please" he requested now and she looked up at him with all the love, she  felt for him, shinning in her eyes. Arjun felt a lump in his throat  seeing that immeasurable trust she have on him and on the basis of  which, she gave herself up to him. He caressed her face pushing the few  hair strands away from her face. "Arohi, with you sometimes, i feel  like loosing my control. I dont want to hurt you in anyway, but then..."  Arohi voice made him stop in between. "Arjun... you dont have  explain...i know this feeling very well...I myself experience the  same...And besides, if we aren't going to feel this for eachother than  for whom" Arohi expressed her desires in the most sophisticated way  and Arjun was floored with her usage of words. "I don't know that what i  feel for you is comparable to anything I ever felt before...its  completely new, raw feelings" He said as he turned to sit straight and  pulled her into a side hug taking a deep breath. Her head rested on his  chest. Her one hand was holding his waist from behind his back while  other was placed in his hand to which he was caressing softly.

The  both look up into the sky, letting the moon, the stars witnessing there  blooming love. Arjun keep caressing her hand and she keep on feeling  the calmness and soothness, his presence was providing. "Arohi" He  called out to her the next moment. "Hhmmm..." she replied feeling so  happy inside. "Will you marry me?" and that out from the blue question  stop her heart-beat. Her smile vanished and a shock expression took over  her face. She quickly looked up at him to confirm that whatever she  heard was not an illusion. That she is just not so consumed up with his  thoughts that she is not hearing the things, she wished to hear from  him. But that side looped smile and expectant eyes fade away all her  doubts.

Isn't this what a girl really want? That when she and the  person she loves, confessed to eachother and all they are looking up is  a future together, isn't this question she want to hear from him.  Though most of the girls wish for a dine out location where their lover  will express how much she meant to him, and how boring and colorless  life he was living till she didn't enter his life or how much she  hounded his thoughts that now living without her seems impossible. How  he wish to see her in his home. how he want to find him in his home,  waiting for him. How he want to see her face and hear her lovely voice  the first thing in the morning and how he wanted to end his day with her  love. She wasn't getting all that. He didn't say a single line from  this. But inspite of that, this moment seem so perfect.

Seeing  her lost, and those water filled eyes, Arjun once again cupped her face  and started softly in a whispering tone. "I know girl's don't expect  such proposals...they want something exquisite, the memory and the  moment they will cherish forever...But Arohi, i don't want to say  things that I meant for that particular moment or time...Rather I will  like to show my feelings from time to time with you...I don't want to  wait for that perfect moment to proposal because for me, the moment we  are sharing now is perfect and now, when i have you here, I don't want  to loose you for some adequate time..." his fingers caress her cheek  with a flowery touch. She was still lost in his melodious voice and the  romantic lines. These were just PERFECT for her. "You can take your time  to answer...I will be waiting for it..." He said lastly before he  backed off and get up. "I think its late...we should go to sleep...Good  night" He bend down to place a lingering kiss on her forehead and  standing straight, was about to turn when she hold her hand.

"Don't  you want to hear my answer" Arjun looked down to see her looking up.  Her head was tilted and a beautiful smile was placed on her lips. Her  eyes were full of happiness and Arjun knew, he can never forget this  scene ever in his life. With a little force, he helped her get up as she  move closer to him. there body strike with each other and his arms came  around her waist on there own. Arohi took a deep breath and moved  her hands up to knot them around his neck.

"Though this moment, i  wasn't expecting this...but then i know, that nothing could have been  more perfect than were perfect, you are perfect...those lines  you said were perfectly perfect..." She look at his face and moving  forward placed a small kiss on his cheek where his dimple was showing  on. "All i want is you now...I will marry you" Arjun give a happy laugh  with her acceptance and nuzzled her neck. "You made me world's most  happy man today Arohi...and its not merely a line..." Again he was  cut off by her. "I know you mean it..." and they both chuckle at that  feeling so happy to be in eachother arms. They could hear eachother mind  and can read the unexplained words. "I guess this is the part where we  can KISSS eachother" he said against her ear as his cheek rubbed her.  "But we are already done with that part before" Arohi said, trying t  hide her shyness in a shivering voice. "Don't mind a repeat" and saying  so he pulled his face back, rubbing his face skin with her's and placed a  small kiss on her lips. "Thank you" He said against her lips as she  smiled widely.

"But now we have two more important issues to look  up" his voice gain her attention. "What issues??" She asked with a  perplexed face. "First is to tell Bi and Your Mom about us...they have  worked hard to get us together...They deserve to know it first" And  Arohi look at him with a frown on her face. "You mean, they know  about us?" She asked. "No, but they were trying to match-make us..." and  he give a small laugh at the O face she made. "Really?" She was stunned  on the revelation. " do you think we were given so many  chances to be alone even in the home...why were you asked to take care  of me when Bi was supposingly not feeling well...where the other  servants went and why were you alone sent with me to that picnic?" his  questions made her think and her eyes grew wider with each one. "OMG!!!!  I was too wrapped up in my thoughts to notice all stupid of  me" Arohi said covering her mouth with her hands. "Hahaha..." Arjun  smiled and moved his hands. "By the way...which thoughts keep you  occupied?" He said with a smirk in a teasy tone and that blush on her  face completely said that it was about him. She looked away and he  stopped his teasy session. "Ok...i will make sure to hear that out later  on..." he ended with a I-WILL-MAKE-A-NOTE-OF-THAT look "but first the  second and most important issue" he added as she look back at him.  " we are going to make her accept you...?" and that was a  real worry worth matter. "Arjun, I don't want her to force with  anything" Arohi quickly replied that made Arjun heart swell with her  love. "Me either"...He replied. "Especially when i just got her in my  life...I don't want to loose her or you...But we have to tell her  someday, right" Arjun said with a disoriented emotion. "She is just 3  year will she take this, i seriously don't know" Arohi was  worried too. That baby was to adorable and Arohi really don't want to  enter Arjun life while hurting her. "we can hope that she just  understand" Arjun added. "Ok, its better we went to sleep now...we have  to get up early for office...good night" Arjun said and squeezing her  hand in assurance, he nod his head and as she nodded back in approval,  he left for his room.

They may have sounded selfish, but they  were not. Arohi and Arjun both didn't want to hurt that small baby  with anything. Even Ananya suffered alot along with Arjun. Not getting  the love of her one parent while that other was far away, she was just  got neglected by him. Bi tried to cover up for his ignorance but nothing  could have ever compare to the affection and love, Arjun have to show  to his daughter. Arohi took small steps towards her room, while  playing with her fingers. She closed the door behind herself with a soft  thud and getting onto bed, she pulled quilt over herself while  switching of the side lamp. "If Ananya willn't seem to be pleased with  the idea of me and Arjun together...I will left this home...I don't  want to come between a father and a daughter" Arohi promised herself  as a tear escaped her eye. She herself could resemble with Ananya. When  Ananya got ignored by Arjun, She herself got ignored by her mother many  times. Smriti used to give preference to Samar over her after their  engagement. Only her father was a strong pillar in her life but Ananya  didn't get any love somedays before from her father. Arohi had few  loving memories to cherish always but Ananya still has to create those  with Arjun, and no matter what, no matter how much her heart was crying  with the idea of leaving Arjun, she was stubborn to fulfill her  promise, she made to herself.

On the other hand, the love birds,  Shaina and Aryan were talking on the phone. There engagement date was  fixed and they both were pretty excited. "This was a beautiful day  Aryan, Thank you" Shaina said sweetly, snuggling into her bed with a  dreamy look. "My pleasure baby...the much i enjoyed this day with  you...that much i am happy to see Arjun getting back to life...I am so  happy and thankful to God for bringing Arohi in his life...Can't  still believe that i really saw him smiling and enjoying this day out  with us" Aryan said. "Yeah...Me too..." Shaina agreed. They both have  seen their best friend suffering and now they wished for that happiness.  "Aryan" Shaina call him with a excited voice as she sit in her bed now  almost jumping in excitement with the idea, she just got. "Yeah" Aryan  noticed that chirpiness in her tone and get alert. "I have one fabulous  idea" "What is it?" Aryan asked straightening up himself and his smile  got broader with each word she said. "OMG!!! thats an amazing idea  sweetheart...We definately should look upto it" Aryan agreed. "ok then,  all we need to do is talk to our parents and get them on with us..."  Shaina explained still with a smile. "Why our parents?" Aryan asked with  a confuse expression. "Aryan, don't you think we would look like fools  talking about this to Bi and Arohi's mom...Our parents can handle it  better" Shaina tried to put some sense in his mind. "Though i wouldn't  have minded talking to them on our ownselves, but yeah...i agreed with  you anyhow" Aryan replied. "OK then, see you tomorrow...and we can  discuss this in office" Shaina said bidding bye. "Just need to be  careful that the hitler of our boss don't hear us talking about this  non-professional discussion" Aryan said with a chuckle as Shaina agreed.  "Though he is a hitler boss...but a sweetest friend..." and agreeing to  it, they wished each other good bye and cut the call. Shaina and Aryan  laid i their bed with evil smiles just imagining for the surprise they  were planning for Arjun.

Part Eighteen-------page 72

Ok guys...may be this fic also have 3  more i just want to end this before my trip to  pakistan...but i hopefully will come up a sequel to this story as there  are some ideas that i want to add too...

take care and do comment & HIT LIKE
luv ya

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as aru said that was a perfect proposal from our Mr.Hawt - u cannot expect any mushy mushy proposal from this sadu - superb one ana
now i hope ananya tooo will accept arjuhi's relationship -
what is shainaa and aryan upto - iam sure they are going to fix up something for arjuhi - eagerly waiting to know more
DOHC is about to end with one more update - this is going to end in 2 or 3 more updates - iam cyring
hope u will give us more of new stories as soon as u come back from ur vacation
advanced wishes for u to enjoy ur vacation - will wait for ur next updates ana - pls update DOHC pls pls

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